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Gun ImageThe increasing popularity of mobile and online credit card processing solutions has led many firearms dealers to seek out these services for use at gun shows and in their online gun sales. Unfortunately for these merchants, nearly all of the leading mobile and online merchant services providers—including Square, PayPal, Intuit GoPayment, and First Data—are now refusing to process online and mobile firearms transactions. This has resulted in numerous complaints among firearms dealers who have found sudden holds placed on large payments that were processed through entirely legal means.

In response to requests for a list of gun-friendly credit card processors, we have located ten merchant account providers that allow gun dealers and gun shop owners to accept credit card payments for gun and ammunition sales.

Please note that the list below does not constitute an endorsement by, and the order in which these businesses are listed does not imply a ranking of any sort. This article is simply a resource for firearms and weapons dealers who are seeking credit card processors that will process sales for the gun industry.

Payline Data

Payline Data Logo

Payline Data Logo

Headquartered in Chicago, Ilinois, Payline Data ( is a rapidly growing merchant services company that can easily provide processing for face-to-face firearms vendors. Payline specializes in providing card processing for gun and ammo dealers with physical retail locations, but it is also possible for the company to place merchants who sell firearms online. The company likely provides customized pricing for its firearm merchants, which means that the terms of each contract will depend on the merchant’s specific business type, size, and time in business. Our review of Payline Data awards the company an overall rating of “A+,” while the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Payline a score of “A” due to one complaint having been filed in the last three years.

Durango Merchant Services

Durango Merchant Services Logo

Durango Merchant Services Logo

Durango Merchant Services ( offers both traditional credit card processing and offshore payment processing for high risk businesses. The company, which was founded in 1999 and is based in Durango, Colorado, provides credit and debit payments, payment gateways, e-commerce solutions, and eCheck processing services to card-present and card-not-present FFL vendors. Our review of Durango Merchant Services awards the company an “A+” rating at this time and the BBB is currently granting Durango an “A+” grade.

Payment Alliance International

Payment Alliance International Logo

PAI Logo

Payment Alliance International, a Louisville, Kentucky-based company, is a major credit card processor that has received endorsements from the NRA Business Alliance, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Single Action Shooting Society. The company relies on Global Payments for its processing network and appears to utilize several independent resellers to market its services, including Accension Financial Systems ( and Retail Profit Systems ( Our review of Payment Alliance International gives the company an overall rating of “B.”

Electronic Transfer Inc.

Electron Transfer Inc. Logo

ETI Logo

Electronic Transfer Inc. is a merchant account provider based in Spokane, Washington, that offers gun dealers the ability to process card payments online, in-store, or by phone. The company seems to use at least one ISO, ( to resell its services. Electronic Transfer Inc. also markets a proprietary online payment gateway called Fast Charge, which is a service it extends to gun vendors. Our review of Electronic Transfer Inc. awards the company an “A” rating but we do not currently have a review for

Frontline Processing

Frontline Processing Logo

Frontline Logo

Frontline Processing is a credit card processing company that, like Payment Alliance International, appears to rely on Global Payments for its processing network. The company can provide gun dealers with credit card processing for all major cards, website processing, and online check solutions. Our Frontline Processing review has assigned the company a “C+” rating, but the Better Business Bureau has given Frontline Processing an “A+” based on four total complaints in the last 36 months.

BankCard Central

BankCard Central Logo

BCC Logo

BankCard Central, a Kansas City, Missouri-based merchant services provider, allows gun shop owners and firearms dealers who otherwise do not qualify for online credit card payments to accept credit cards via ecommerce. Our review of BankCard Central currently awards the company an “A,” while the Better Business Bureau lists the company as having received accreditation and has given BankCard Central an “A+” based on zero complaints in the last three years.


SignaPay Logo

SignaPay Logo

SignaPay ( is a merchant services provider operating out of Irving, Texas. The company offers merchant accounts to gun shop owners. According to SignaPay’s underwriting guidelines, gun shops are classified as Level 2, or “high risk,” and therefore will be subject to nonstandard contract terms. This classification system is common among processors who supply payment solutions to high risk business types. Our review of SignaPay awards the company a “B” rating at this time, and the Better Business Bureau is updating its files on the company as of this writing.

Merchant Services LTD

Merchant Services LTD Logo

MSL Logo

Merchant Services LTD ( is a merchant account provider based in Miami Beach, Florida. The company offers ecommerce, retail, mobile, MOTO, wireless, and seasonal processing to firearms merchants and also operates sponsorship programs within the firearms community. Merchant Services LTD appears to utilize an ISO called McMillan Merchant Solutions ( to resell its services. We do not currently have a review for Merchant Services LTD, but the Better Business Bureau currently awards the company an “A” rating based on four complaints filed in the last three years.

Shooting Sports Merchant Processing Solutions

Shooting Sports Merchant Processing Solutions Logo


Shooting Sports Merchant Processing Solutions ( offers traditional credit card processing, online processing, POS system integration, and mobile processing for firearms retailers. The company also offers discounts to FFLGuard-approved clients. It is unclear whether Shooting Sports Merchant Processing Solutions is an ISO of another company or not, but the lack of information on the company’s site makes it indicates that it is. We do not currently have a review for Shooting Sports Merchant Processing Solutions, and, as of this article’s publication date, neither does the Better Business Bureau.

eMerchant Broker Logo

eMerchantBroker Logo ( is a merchant account provider that offers online and in-store payment solutions for firearms dealers. eMerchantBroker provides credit card processing and check processing online in addition to multiple online payment gateways, including The company operates out of Los Angeles, California. Our review for awards the company an “A” rating at this time, and the BBB assigns the company an “A-” rating.

If your business offers merchant accounts and payment solutions to firearms dealers, please leave a comment in the comment section below or contact us through our contact page in order to get listed in this article.

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