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  1. dave

    In August 2014 I helped fund a Kickstarter Campaign which after completing required payment via Amazon Payments. Despite having a payment account with them for years and money in the bank my payment failed to go though, my account was put on hold and I was told to prove my identity by the very people who’d declined the payment – Amazon!

    The following weeks spent trying to prove my ID (via a fax FFS!) proved that Amazon are inept, discourteous and one of those monolithic corporate entities that should be brought to it’s knees ASAP.

    Their ineptitude cause embarrasement when my payment had failed to go through initially and caused me to contact the Kickstarter campaign people directly to arrange payment via Paypal. However, at no time during the hoop-jumping did Amazon even attempt to speed the ‘ID proof’ process up at all; instead choosing to slow things down to the point where I threatened to cancel my account entirely. I would have done exactly that but the arbitrary suspension refused me access to that part of the account.

    Finally, after weeks and weeks of deafening silence, my account was quietly reactivated – with no apology, no advisement, no nothing!

    I don’t write bad reviews of company’s because the truth is I’m too busy for that. However, in this case I’ll happily make an exception. Amazon payments is little more than an anagram for ‘incompetence’ and i strongly urge any company who are considering doing business with them to look elsewhere.

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  2. Simone

    Amazon Payments is HORRIBLE! In addition to lying to me to get me to sign my business up, the lost my money and were extremely rude. I was put on hold for over a hour several times, and hung up on mo less than 6 times. It took well over 4 hours of persistence on my part before they began to rectify my issue (which was their fault in the first place). I strongly suggest not working with amazon payments!

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  3. El

    Amazon Payments is ridiculous. I’ve been trying all week to verify my bank account. Their fax number isn’t working, they’re sending me generic responses to my emails that in no way help me (me: I tried faxing the number given and it says the number is down, Amazon Payments: to verify your account fax ID to this number, me: I just told you I tried and that number isn’t working, Amazon Payments: to verify your account fax ID…). In short, the customer service is nonexistent. If this service has an A rating I don’t know how. Obviously my situation isn’t an anomaly because I’m seeing complaints everywhere, in other words, this author did not do much research.

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  4. Richard Hockman

    If you want to loose your money, use this service.
    There is no way to register a scam. Almost fell for a $78K scam using Amazon Simple Pay.
    Wouldn’t use this service to sell S**t.

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  5. Mike D

    This is obviously an advertisement for Amazon Payments, and frankly its very untrue. First problem you have with amazon payments is your customers will see that Amazon logo and think “hmmm, why don’t I just buy this right on Amazon”. Second, they will mess with merchants putting reserves on your account, or better yet in our case, they will let you transact, then hold you money in reserve and then send you an email saying “we cannot verify your information” – if you cannot verify information, why did you allow the account to collect funds from customers in the first place? I am sure Amazon does not need my pennies, so my conclusion is – this service and people involved are absolutely clueless – which is even worse then if it was some type of scam. Don’t even get me started on poorly written API documentation and horrible technical support who know nothing.

    Stick with PayPal, trust me, its going to be around while Amazon Payments after trying their 4th version of the service will inevitably fail.

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Thanks for your review, Mike. I can assure you that our review is not an advertisement of any kind for Amazon Payments. Can you give me specific examples from my review which you believe to be “untrue”? The points that you made in your comment are not mentioned in my review.

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      1. Madan

        I can give you one. I would like to know how you concluded that they have a A rated service. Looks like many have had issues with it. Here is mine:

        So for some reason the Send Money option has been suspended. I sent an email to customer support and forgot about it. I don’t use it often. About a month later I had to use it again. There was no response to email yet, so I called them. The customer specialist said she saw my email, followed by the usual flurry of apologies and she said she would ‘escalate’ it. I should wait for 24 hours and at the maximum 48. I waited for a week. No response.

        So I called them again, this time the specialist said she did not see that I had previously contacted them. But, again apologies, ‘escalate’ it to account specialist. I asked her send me a copy of that email so I would have some record. She said she would do it. Lo and behold, no email from her too.

        Would you call this A-rated service? I wouldn’t.

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  6. Temeka

    Amazon payments is the worst. This past Friday (Sept 13,2013) someone transferred $249.00 to Martin McGrath via Amazon payments. I honestly never heard of Amazon payments and never in my life met a Martin McGrath. I contacted Amazon payments and was basically told there was nothing they can do. I am still fighting with the bank to get my money back. The “customer service” rep told me I must have given someone my password and my account information…he did not believe that I did no such thing. My bank was able to see that the transaction took place over the phone through A REP at Amazon. I am shocked by this rating. PLEASE BE AWARE.

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  7. Mandi

    Thank you for publishing the customer service number for Amazon Payments – I certainly wasn’t able to find it and the link provided is broken. Upon receiving notice from them that I have funds available that are about to be turned over to the state, I am unable to log into my account and the email response I got from the customer service tool was completely unhelpful. Hoping the phone call gets me somewhere. Frustrating.

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  8. Totally Dissatisfied

    I have been working with a nonprofit that was directed to use amazon payments to get they Kickstarter project funds. There is a big gliche in the registration process for amazon payments. It has been 3 weeks and counting and AMAZON has still been able to set up the account. Every week I am told to setup a new account with another email. There is no way to contact them.
    Amazon never really responds to emails. The amazon ‘contact us’ email gets standard auto responses, that are unrelated to the query. They have still not been able to setup the account after multiple re-applications. Some of the reps on the contact us line have said it is a gliche in their system, but they can only send and email to the real customer service and they have given me the customer service email. That is no help because they do not respond.
    Is there somethoing I can do to resolve this? I just need the payments account setup, because the non-profit project to provide irrigation for food crops in an impoverished drought prone area is being held up. I guess Amazon likes to starve poor people.
    I have submitted multiple faxes and they still say they did not get it .
    04/29/13 09:08 AM SEATTLE/(206) 765-3424
    04/28/13 07:52 PM SEATTLE/(206) 765-3424
    04/26/13 11:11 PM SEATTLE/(206) 765-3424
    04/25/13 10:04 AM WCHICAGO/(630) 621-9337
    04/23/13 12:43 PM SEATTLE/(206) 765-3424
    What else can we do? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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  9. Tim

    I have worked with Amazon Simple Pay in the past and have had to inquire several times about their sketchy business practices. In fact if you have a little time on your hands, just do a simple Google search for “Amazon Simple Pay complaints”. I am sure that it will take more than just a little time to peruse the results, much less open and read each one. There is no doubt that complaints about such a large company will fall on deaf ears. After all, who wants to take on Amazon? Who do you go to, and I am just guessing that they will have a swift answer for you when you do inquire and then the case will be closed, so why waste your time right? As part of Amazons customer verification practices, when a seller opens a business account, they must submit a bank account for fund transfers. When a customer enters their bank account information, Amazon makes two small deposits into the account. The two deposit amounts must then be entered into Amazons system so that they can “verify” the bank account before funds can be transferred. In the meantime a seller is allowed to collect funds from their customers for products, services, etc. After a few weeks and after you have accumulated a rather large sum of your customers funds, you will find that you are still awaiting the two small “deposits” into your bank account from Amazon. You will make several attempts to contact Amazon about the deposits and you will receive a response, usually within 2-3 days. The response will undoubtedly be “We were unable to verify the two deposits into you bank account”. This is a scripted answer, as I have found from perusing others complaints from around the world. The sad fact is that Amazon never makes the two small “deposits” into your bank account. This will leave you in quite a predicament for quite a while. You will most likely continue using the credit card processing service as you do not want to disappoint your customers. However those two small “deposits” will never come and you will be unable to withdraw any of your funds. I personally submitted 3 bank accounts, even opening one of them solely for the purpose of collecting my funds from Amazon. The first two bank accounts were completely valid, I have had them for several years without a single problem. However for reasons only known to Amazon, the two small “deposits” that they submitted never found their way into any of my bank accounts. I was forced to cease using their service because I was unable to collect my customers funds from Amazon. I am sure that this is a routine complaint for you guys and if a human ever reads this, it will simply be dismissed as an “isolated case”. I can assure you however that I am not the only one that has experienced this issue. As I stated earlier, please take a few minutes to search the internet for complaints about Amazon Simple Pay. I am sure you will be surprised. Please take the time to investigate this issue in detail. If you do decide to contact Amazon, please do not accept the first response that you receive. Please take the time and initiative to actually investigate Amazon Simple Pay.

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  10. Amazon - the worse company I have ever come across

    I cannot believe your post about Amazon payment is authentic, with all the high marks you have given it.
    Amazon must be the WORSE and most unreliable company I have dealt with to date.

    I tried to sign-up for Amazon payments TWICE and I am getting nowhere with it.

    1. Amazon never responds to my emails. And I mean NEVER. How can a big company like Amazon act like some shady business in the back alley of Mumbai? Just unfathomable.
    2. Their contact form fails numerous time and are not even functioning.
    3. The link they provide in their automated emails how to contact them doesn’t work either.
    4. To verify an account they ask for a fax copy of your ID and a bank statement. I got no response from the fax I issued (and I had to pay $5 for the fax since I don’t own a fax) and the account continued to be unverified.
    5. Meanwhile, my own bank verified the account to access direct debit functionality – so obviously my bank details etc must be accurate or this could never be granted by the bank itself. Still, no verification from Amazon.
    6. I got another automated email that tells me Amazon could not verify the account, again asking for a fax. I resend the information once more at another $5 cost. And what happens? NOTHING.
    7. Three weeks later, going through the same process again and again over a one month period just trying to sign up and get verified I issue a complaint. What happens? Nothing.
    8. After eight (yes, 8) complaints I suddenly get a call from Amazon – and it is from INDIA!
    Amazon has gone and allowed some Indian outsourcing company to get access to my phone number and details to contact me!!!! This must be one of the worse security breeches I have come across.
    Fact is that banks again and again experience security breeches by these outsourcing companies in India, where private information are being sold in India to all sorts of fraud, spam and sales activities.
    Besides, what exactly did this Indian “support” services do to resolve the issue? Nothing. Asking me to submit a third fax for another $5.

    Amazon is shady, dishonest, unprofessional, incompetent and really the worse company you can ever deal with. It’s almost difficult to grasp that this is suppose to be an American company. The entire running of it feels more like a Bangladesh origin company.
    Later I read several reviews of people who have had their direct debit features misused by Amazon, where Amazon had drawn unapproved amounts from their account never to be reimbursed to them. I would NEVER trust this company EVER.

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    1. Mona

      Can’t agree more than what you said here. I personally had the same worst experiences with Amazon Payments. I was just tried to register to open an account with them, filled in all my person information, included my SSN!! Then after a login to the home page of it, a clicking around and I got suspended as my given information not match their database. So I emailed and got a very cold message back from what so call account specialist saying I violated their policy, fault information were given and any related to the account verification question wouldn’t be answer. I have never had any worst customer service and response like this ever! I have opened my bank account with the same information , SSN as given to Amazon Payments. And I had no problems at all. So i called the hotline. The lady said she couldn’t help, all decisions are base on their account specialists. And they wouldn’t tell you which part of my information not clear or not ‘ match’ and refused to tell or accept any more supportive docs. I have no idea why did they even bother to set up such payment thing as they don’t really care or want to have more customers to use it.

      I was so pissed off and headed to open my Paypal account. Paypal could’t verify my information at first but they knew their database wasn’t superb or updated. They have all formats set up and messages to tell me what supportive docs I couldn’t upload to help them to verify my account. I was amazed with their service, all these were just their ready to use. And I am very appreciated with their efficiency work and customer service and always been very polite and helpful.

      Compare to both online payments, Amazon Payments is really so shady and dishonest. I felt like they cheated my personal information and SSN and ran. From what you mentioned here about the outsourcing customer service in India, I am really worried that my identity was gonna be stolen or misused now. Amazon Payments is a company can’t be trusted.

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  11. Dissatisfied EndUser

    I have been working with a nonprofit that was directed to use amazon payments to receive its donations online. There was a gliche in the registration process for amazon payments. It has been approximately one month, and AMAZON has still been able to resolve it after multiple re-applications. They have let us know it is a gliche in their system. It has nothing to do with the intermediary vendor. They still haven’t been able to clear it up and process our tens of thousands of dollars of our donations. NOT COOL.

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