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  1. Brian

    Follow up to my first posting, DAY 117, they dinged my girlfriends business account for $500. That means either her business rent cheque, or one of two of her suppliers cheque will bounce. The repercussions to a two employee cafe will be huge. It will add another couple hundred dollars in bank fees, it will change her account privileges with two of her suppliers.



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  2. Mark

    I have used Anovia for a few months now. I signed up with Anovia through a client who works with ACN. I have owned my own business for 14 years now and have used a few different merchant processors. I was scammed by one (NOT Anovia) but have worked through the others ok.

    Merchant processing is unregulated by the federal government so you have to pay attention and protect yourself any way you can. It is almost always cheaper to buy your own processing terminal. Anovia will allow you to do this. NEVER SIGN A LEASE FOR EQUIPMENT. The rate is negotiable – just negotiate all rates and fees up front. Anovia doesn’t like to budge on contract length, but will consider dropping early termination fees to prices that are more reasonable and lower your risk of signing up. The time between a card being run and money being deposited in your account is somewhat negotiable, depending on industry-rated risk.

    I started my contract knowing it would be a 2 day turn around for deposits. After being with Anovia for over a month, I called in and asked for a 1 day turn around. They didn’t have to but they updated my account to 1 day! This moved Anovia to above average in my mind.

    To date, I haven’t had a single problem with Anovia and their rates are right where they said they would be. I run a small automotive repair business and take Visa, MC, Discover, and American Express.

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  3. debra

    I have been an Anovia customer for less than a year. For the second time, Anovia has overcharged me. They are difficult if not impossible to get ahold of. No one calls me back. I want to cancel the service but they will charge me $420.00.

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    1. Brian

      I am an ACN IBO who tried to switch my girlfriends cafe over to Anovia. The promotion was if they can’t match, you get $100 Visa Gift card. We faxed in all the information and here is what happened.
      1) We were sent numbers and a contract that indicated they would beat the price. Everything was YES YES YES NO problem.
      2) As soon as we opened the the box, we knew there was trouble. They sent an inferior terminal and we immediately called them to let them know. They then proceeded to delay delay delay. I will get back to you BLAH BLAH BLAH.
      3) Finally they agreed that it was inferior, but it wasn`t their fault, they explained everything and it was MY FAULT!
      They also wanted a $500 restocking fee and as soon as we paid, they would ship the new one.
      4) Well its day 116, we have their terminal, they have taken $195.05 in fees out, and we haven`t even connected the equipment. We get no phone call from Anovia or their Merchant service partner First Data.

      My advice, stay away from Anovia and First Data merchant services. Pathetic Customer Service, and you will be their next Hot Potato

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  4. Keth Marshall

    One of my clients refered me to Anovia saying that they have great rates and if i switched to them she would get a monthly referal fee. I sent them my info and got a quote that sounded really good. I have been in business a long time and when something sounds too good to be true, well it usually isn’t true. So I started looking around on the web and found this site.

    From what I have read and the short period of time that Anovia has been in business there is no way that I can take a chance on them.

    Buyer be ware!

    Thanks for the info.

    Keith Marshall

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  5. DD

    After reviewing the ANOVIA PAYMENTS company (ACN), I agreed to have them review my current transactions and find a plan that could work well with my transfer of services. This took awhile to confirm their validity and that their product was a better choice. I requested a specific machine with certain functions. They said they could not use my existing machine since they couldn’t reprogram it and that I had to buy their machine. I had to sign the contract online to start the process. They sent the wrong machine. The rep then said that they could not provide the machine I requested and that I could cancel the contract without penalty since they could not provide what I had requested.

    Weeks and weeks of correspondence followed without the rep sending me a return slip to send the machine back properly. In the mean time, I WAS BILLED for merchant monthly fees for a service that was not turned on (now for three months!). On the second month, I was billed for the MACHINE which I was trying to return, but their rep and the support staff could not determine a method to RMV it back to them. (If I would have cancelled with the merchant service provider, they would have billed me a $$$$ large early cancellation fee….for services they did not provide!)

    FINALLY, after I submitted a form from another merchants service company that would assist them in cancelling the service, (BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE THEIR OWN FORM OR PROCESS IN PLACE), the machine was returned and the amount of the charge for the machine was refunded. At this time, I was still not refunded the monthly service fees nor did I receive written proof of cancellation of the contract. It has been 30 days since then and no response to any more correspondence to refund the remainder or the confirmation of cancellation. Sent another email again. If I call the rep, I only get his voicemail every time.

    Since this issue is still not resolved, I am considering further action. This message was a good place to start. Legal action may follow depending further developments.

    This message should help Anovia Payments, ACN, and Merchant Services know the incompetence in this poorly handled arrangement. They should develop a policy to prevent this from happening and resolve it competently if it does. It may help other businesses to avoid these problems who may be considering changing their service to ACN/ Anovia payments. Maybe soon, I may be refunded the balance and receive proof of cancellation od services.


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  6. James

    I am a business owner and I was an ACN Rep. I signed my Merchant Services with ANOVIA. I have had many problems with them already and want I consider worse than the problems is when you are given the run around when try to get those problems corrected. The signed me up for American Express when I already had an account with AMEX. Turns out the spelled my company name wrong. When I called AMEX, they told me it was an ANOVIA thing. When I called ANOVIA nobody seemed to know how to fix it. So I kept my Current Merchant Service Provider and put all my AMEX through that service until things got fixed with ANOVIA.

    Now, I have been informed that a VISA charge from a government client is being held up and they want documentation from me. I provided them with them with the client info and now they want 3 months of Bank Statements. When I asked the rep from Cynergy Data (Service Provider for ANOVIA) why this was happening. She gave me two answers. The first was that I was set-up incorrectly by ANOVIA to accept 100% MOTO instead of 100% Manual. And the charge was much larger than what my history showed.

    My Conclusion: Stay away the services of ANOVIA, ACN and Cynergy Data.

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  7. Annoyed

    I signed a client up to Anovia through a referral partner and from day one the client had issues. The client was not able to process payments from her clients. It had taken numerous times to get a hold of anybody regarding issue. Once somebody was able to be reached, they first said it was resolved (it wasn’t). This has been going on since 9/13. The client is being charged for services she can not use. Was told they will cancel (it wasn’t) STAY AWAY from ANOVIA and ACN. Nobody calls back because no one knows who to contact to get this resolved. You call or e-mail anovia you don’t get a response. Still having issues and no one is getting back to me or the client. You guys are too generous to give this company a C rating.

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    1. Florence Robinson

      My boss is thinking about changing over to Anovia however I am not so sure about doing this. Have your issues been resolved yet? Would you do it again with this company?

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      1. Annoyed

        NOPE it didn’t get resolved. In fact the client is still being drafted for services she can’t use. She also canceled but they didn’t. I have a feeling I’m not the only one that is going through this. If anybody have any legal suggestions to get this resolved for this client I would really appreciate it.

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  8. Steve

    My company started processing credit cards through Anovia in July and twice now they have held back paying me on approved credit card transactions stating I was a high risk because when I filled out their application it asked for average ticket amount, assuming I except charges from $1000 to $5000 it would average out at $2500. Apparently what they mean is what is the highest amount you want to charge. It makes it extremely hard to control cash flow when this company holds payments of $5000, $4000, & $3100 for 8-24 days while they decide when to allow you to receive your money, all the while asking for more paperwork from you even though they already had this information.

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    1. Florence Robinson

      Your comment worries me. We can not wait days or even weeks for our payments to hit our account. The owner of our company is looking into switching to Anovia. I feel this would be a lot of work plus a mistake but I could be wrong. What is your take on this? Appreciate your comment.

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  9. J M

    This company, still in it’s infancy, already has a high turnover rate. They’ve already fired many Account Executives. They hired me through a temp agency for their concierge team. We were suppsed to prime the leads for the execs. The leads from ACN dried up within a month and all the employees on the concierge team were let go. They’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money, for a suite in one of the nicest parts of DFW but I don’t foresee Anovia making it one year.

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    1. Florence Robinson

      The owner of the company I am working for is thinking of switching to Anovia but your comment worries me. It is a lot of work to switch everything over only to have to switch back. Do you still feel this company will not last? I appreciate any imput.

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      1. Ruby

        Hi, just wondering, how big is your business and how you have had any difficulties so far after switching to anovia?

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