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Updated 11/14/2014: On October 15, 2014, the Attorney General of Minnesota filed a lawsuit against Apex Merchant Group alleging that the company fraudulently altered contract terms and used “bait and switch” tactics to trick merchants into paying higher rates than they had initially agreed to. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief, penalties, and restitution from Apex Merchant Group.

The CEO of Apex Merchant Group, Andrew Frankel, is the brother of Craig Frankel. Craig and Jonathan Frankel formerly served as officers and directors of Certified Merchant Services, which was the subject of an FTC complaint in 2002. In that complaint, Certified Merchant Services was accused of modifying customer contracts, debiting accounts without authorization, misrepresenting the goods and services offered by the company, and failing to disclose various fees. Certified Merchant Services settled that complaint for $23.5 million. According to the Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, Craig Frankel is an investor in Apex Merchant Group.

Apex Merchant Group (apexmg.net) is a merchant account provider based in Plano, Texas, and the company looks to have been established in 2008 or 2009. Apex appears to specialize in serving small to mid-sized businesses and offers several different services including credit card processing, debit card processing, gift & loyalty card programs, electronic check processing, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), merchant cash advances, and processing equipment.

Apex Merchant Group is a reseller of First American Payment Systems contracts, making it a member of the First American ISO network that appears to consist of the following companies: Appstar Financial, Eliot Management Group, Trans Tech Merchant Group, Summit Merchant Solutions, and Certified Payment Processing. Apex Merchant Group is an ISO/MSP of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio. The company’s corporate headquarters is located at 6652 Pinecrest Dr., Suite #400, Plano, Texas 75024.

Apex Merchant Group Sales & Marketing Tactics | D

Apex appears to rely primarily on recruiting and hiring independently contracted agents to market and sell its financial services as well as “appointment setting” via telephone. Based on several reports, many of these agents engage in telemarketing and door-to-door sales. Numerous complaints suggest that agents receive poor training regarding the terms and conditions of Apex’s merchant account agreement and that commissions are tied to the cost of the merchant account. This means that the more expensive the rates and fees are set for the merchant during the setup process, the larger the commission the agent receives.

At minimum, it is apparent that the company has a lack of oversight of its agents as evidenced by the plentiful reports of deceptive sales tactics. Additionally, Apex appears to often enforce predatory agreements even when the merchant claims that an agent lied about its conditions or failed to verbally disclose them.

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Apex Merchant Group Costs & Contract Terms | D

The total cost of an Apex merchant account will likely vary based on a merchant’s business type and the agent setting up the account. Numerous merchants indicate that agents often overprice the rates and fees and that the accounts often end up more expensive than what merchants were quoted. In addition, the company charges an annual PCI Compliance fee of $125.

Apex’s standard contract (available below) includes a three-year service agreement with automatic renewal for one-year terms, an Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $495 or more, a $95 annual fee, and an unlisted monthly minimum fee. These fees are automatically debited from merchants’ attached checking accounts. Merchants who choose to lease equipment may be subject to additional fees and conditions, including non-cancellable leases.

Click here to see a copy of the standard Apex Merchant Group terms and conditions
Apex Merchant Group Terms and Conditions

Apex Merchant Group Complaints & Service | F

We are currently able to locate over 120 Apex Merchant Group complaints, many of which describe the company as a ripoff or a scam. This is a high number of complaints for a provider of its size and time in business, and these complaints come from both former agents and merchant customers. Agents mostly report misleading job opportunities that promise great pay and high-quality appointments set by the company. However, most of these complaints state that the appointments are usually of poor quality and that merchants often do not expect their arrival. Due to this, several agents reported costs in travel that were never recuperated because they were unable to complete sales at their appointments.

Merchant complaints primarily consist of reports of unauthorized debits from checking accounts, deceptive sales tactics by agents, “hidden” fees, poor customer service, difficulty closing accounts, and nondisclosure of important fees, terms, and conditions prior to an agent setting up an account.

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Apex Merchant Group BBB Report | F

As of this review, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is reporting an “F” rating for Apex Merchant Group based on 184 complaints filed in the last 36 months, of which the BBB considers seven to be “serious” in nature. Of the total, 126 are regarding problems with products and services, 32 with advertising and sales issues, and 26 with billing and collection disputes. Apex has resolved 123 of the complaints to the merchant’s satisfaction, while the other complaints were either not resolved, resolved to the merchant’s dissatisfaction, or unable to be substantiated. In this case, we agree with the BBB’s rating.

Bottom Line

Apex Merchant Group rates as a substandard merchant account provider by almost every available metric. The company appears to be to follow an “agent hiring mill” recruiting strategy for marketing its services. This strategy seems to lead to high turnover and a constant stream of rookie agents who appear to receive poor training, are focused on high commissions, and have insufficient oversight from Apex management. Apex can improve its score by removing undesirable terms and conditions from its merchant account agreement and eliminating complaints from its agents and merchant customers.

This review was originally published on 9/27/12 and was last updated on 11/14/14.

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Apex Merchant Group Review

Rated 1 Out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2014-11-14 11:33:59

We are currently able to locate over 300 Apex Merchant Group negative reviews, many of which describe the company as a ripoff or a scam… Apex Merchant Group (apexmg.net) rates as a substandard merchant account provider by almost every available metric… Learn more in this Apex Merchant Group review.


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  1. Nicole

    I’ve been working for this company for 3 years! I knew nothing about sales going into this job, but my team leader guided me and coached me into learning the product and how to help merchants. I still remember him telling me, “It’s all about longevity. Our goal is to work together to help merchants save money and keep a long-term, positive relationship with them for the life of their business.” This has stayed in my head for 3 years and that is my motivation for helping merchants every day. Another positive aspect is how well Apex takes care of their employees. My team leader always makes it clear what my commission will be with each sale and they also pay their employees to ensure the happiness of the merchants. I love the fact that I have several qualified appointments every day and most of the merchants know my name when I arrive. I stay very busy due to the daily referrals I receive from current merchants. This is the best job I’ve ever had and as a single mother, it has allowed me to live a financially free life by simply helping merchants!

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  2. Rick

    This Company Apex Are really a bunch of Rude LIARS and thieves. They told me it was $7.00 per mo. plus 1.65%
    and the first of the month they charged $54.00 so I called them, and they said that their were additional Fees. Then they proceeded to say , well we can discount it to $40.00 per month. I go to my bank and explained I wanted to close my account, so then the bright bank Guy tells me ” Oh you don’t have to do that we can block your account so they can’t take money out of your account for a year, I say well OK. So I check my bank account and to my surprise wow
    I am $900.00 overdrawn and my $247.00 is gone Yeah I told them I wanted to send the machine back and they said I will send you a label so I didn’t want to pay to ship it. when I received the label I sent the machine back, then they tell my bank that I only had 7 days to return it.and charged me 499.00 no way did that machine cost that. now my bank closed my account and reported me to Chex system and now I can’t even open a new bank Acc. Then the guy that Sold me the Machine came by, and said he had no Idea that they did that, and told me that they never got any Commission because he waived the early termination Fee. don’t even think of giving these your business.

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  3. Tim

    Buyer BEWARE, I have a long story, but the short of it my 3 yr agreement is done on Feb 1, 2014 and my company is closed as of Dec. 31,2013. Called APEX to close my merchant account and was told that a $ 495.00 early term fee applied to pay or be turned into collections. I stated: that I did not want to close my account until Feb 1,2014 so that I would not be charged the early term fee. I was told that because I didn’t give APEX 30-90 days written notice that it didn’t matter. I stated: that that was not possible because of the company closure date and the agreement anniversary was too close together. I stated: what does it matter, my company is closing and being dissolved. APEX didn’t care so they are going to send me to collections.I have been a loyal customer with APEX for 3 years sorry to say. I was mis-lead by the salesman or the company when I signed up 3 years ago, no one wants to take blame. I was told since I was already PCI compliant that my yearly fees would be waived, well that wasn’t the case and I lost that argument. Point is, I could go on and on about the company. If you have issues file a complaint with the Dallas Texas based BBB.

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    1 / 1 found this review helpful.
  4. L Perrault

    They are a scam they do not pay the sales people what they say if they pay you at all. I worked for them for a month and got paid 150.00 total for 5 sales. what a scam as it was to be 250.00 for each sale. I sold them all in the first week and than did not work till they paid me which never happened. Anyone going to work for this company is crazy.

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    1. Nicole

      I’ve been with this company for 3 years and I’ve never had any problems getting paid. It’s unfortunate that you misunderstood you would be paid $250 each sale, as the amount of each sale varies depending on many factors. They also make it clear that we are not paid on the account until the merchant sets up their equipment with us. It sounds as if the actual sale was not complete in your case. They’re not perfect, but who is? The important thing is that they treat their customers very well and they are extremely fair. But I can assure you they are not a scam, as they have not only paid me very well, but helped me to learn about this industry by not only providing an immense amount of support, but teaching me how to give merchants a better solution for processing their credit cards.

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  5. Susan

    This company IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED! They have LIED over and OVER AGAIN!!!!! I would NOT recommend anyone to start with this company and I hate to say I am just starting my TWO YEAR CONTACT with them and I already feel this way!!!!! Please BEWARE —– they are complete LIERS!!!!!!

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  6. Laralee Boyd

    First contacted in person by sales rep walking in my door claiming he could save me money. I did agree to try their service because he made a phone call and came back to me with a “quote”. I have vision problems and asked him to read what I was signing to me. He told me several times that there was no contract, no monthly fees, just transaction fees. I asked for a copy of everything that I signed. He told me he had no copies ? I said that I did not want to start the service until I got the paperwork. He said he would bring it when he came back to set up the equipment. He came and set up the equipment by talking to someone on the phone. I used the equipment for a couple of transactions using my telephone. We have no internet service at the store. On June 9, 2013, I noticed a charge on my bank statement for a monthly fee ? I called APEX on June 11, 2013 and spoke with Tony Ortiz and he closed the account but told me that there was a contract cancellation fee of $495. I had received some documents – 8 pages out of 14 ? – on May 17th from a Mr Coleman, but there were pages missing and no “contract” that I could see. I was also forced to close my business checking account to prevent further charges until resolving this matter. I contacted the company sending e-mails to Mr Frankel and Mr Banks and received no response. I also contacted the BBB with a complaint. No statements have ever been received by my business regarding transactions or charges. Today I received a demand letter for payment and a threat of collection, though from First American Payment Systems (same company ?) ! I spoke twice with Ryan at (800) 633-1702. Very condescending, untrained and rude young man. He told me that six transactions were processed for me in May and June and my account was not closed and why should I expect them to do things for me for free ! He also refused to send me copies of so-called transactions… I told him that I was proceeding to litigation because he did not seem able to resolve this problem. He demanded payment…we are at an impasse and I do intend to pursue this matter to my resolve it to my satisfaction.

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    1. SDD

      What ended up happening with your complaint? Did they fix it? This sounded like a pretty horrible situation…

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  7. Kaylee Bond

    I do not recommend them to ANYONE. The lady came in my store and offered me a no contract card-swipe. I asked her several times what the catch was. I was supposed to only be paying her $5.00 a month plus a small percent of each swipe and she totally lied. They billed me $596 and she REFUSED to answer any of my calls. No one from the company would help me and they all said that they had seen where she wrote in the comments section, “no contract – $5.00 monthly” and they refused to acknowledge it. So I was put on a 3 month payment plan. If I was a day late paying, they would call my phone non stop. Then when I made my final payment I didn’t hear from them again. Not even to make sure I knew they got my payment. So not only was I screwed over but my representative was a total jerk. I’m from Pascagoula MS. The woman’s name was Cheri May. I’ll never do business with them again and I’ll never recommend it.

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  8. C & K Convenience Store, LLC

    They give a big show about saving money on processing fees, lock you in to a 3 year contract and then you find out you are paying more than you were before. Don’t do business with them.

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    1. Mihir Patel


      My name is Mihir Patel. I was scammed by the same company so I decided to start a comapny processing credit cards. I have figured out how this industry works and what are the minimum charges etc. If you are interested in saving money I could help you set up your credit card processing.

      Here is how it will work.

      1. you will pay their cancellation fee.
      2. either you have your own terminal or buy one from me at my cost.

      I will set you up with an account that is not contract and you are not satisfied with it you can change it any time you want.


      Mihir Patel

      931 446 7317.

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  9. Tommy

    Apex is a scam and people should beware. If they come knocking run run run. Tim Frirz that came in my office ensured me this was a month to month contract, Witch I found out was not true. That is my fault I should of read the contract. That is there practice they lie to people to get them on board. I do not want to do business with people like that. What happened to HONESTY AND INTEGRITY????

    Tim Frirz, Is a lier person he’s a very hungry money man, Apex merchant is a fate company i has lost money over $ 800.00 in couple days,
    Tim Frirz, might goes to hell someday you tried to eat peoples a lots of money.

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  10. Rich

    We were getting calls from this company EVERY day, even after telling them several times that we were not interested. I asked them to not call us any more and to put us on a “do not call” list. They still called the next day, and the day after, and the day after that.

    Our secretary answered one of their calls and spoke with someone who said they would send info via mail on how they could help us save money on our credit card processing.

    Several days later, out of the blue at 11:55am in walks a salesman for this company.
    Our secretary had to leave, but showed him our cc processing invoices so they could let us know if they could save us money.

    After lunch the salesman returned and proceeded with a high pressure sales pitch even after she told him that she would not commit to anything today. He called someone, a supervisor I suspect, and put him on speakerphone – he proceeded with even higher pressure sales tactics which continued after she repeated she would NOT commit today. The supervisor person on the speakerphone was getting really annoying – to the point where the owner of the company (who had been in the office overhearing everything) got up and screamed at the salesman to “GET OUT! NOW!!!!”

    The salesman slammed his flip phone shut and just about ran for the door!
    I would not recommend these fools to anyone!

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  11. George Geller

    In 4 days they sent me on 12 appointments 9 of them were not there, two were not in the market. I sold the third call and Apex is refusing me my commission because I had to make two calls.

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  12. Anonymous

    I have been exhausted with the field I have been working in for the last 8 years and sales was a big part of this field as well which I very much enjoyed. I did leave my current position to take a break and thought I would try my hand in an “independent” adventure and was contacted by APEX. I went through the training and felt pumped by it!….I mean I was truly excited!….I thought, “WOW, what a great thing! We get to help ‘knowledge’ business owners on how to save money by cutting out the ‘middle men’ – the banks – and help them use this ‘saved’ money to generate more revenue to turn their small business into a big business.” I have only been out there for 2 days and after reading these reviews I feel validated for the negative feelings and red flags i was noticing. I am a very positive and upbeat person and I thought I was maybe not giving APEX a chance but now I realize that my gutt was right. I had owners not know i was coming. I was lied to from owners saying they are not the owners and never heard of APEX and when I did build the trust and comradary with the merchant and got them on the phone with my direct Rep, they quickly turned defensive and handed back the phone to me telling me they do not want to talk to this person because he is yelling at them. I spoke with my family and my father sent me this link and now here I am writing this blog. I feel foolish for not researching them through the BBB and even using 5 hours and 2 days of my time trying to make something work when clearly there were only 3 positive posts in the last 2 years and the rest were negative. I don’t want to hurt any small business or my integrity for that matter. I also believe in Karma and I am not about to pay for the Karma that goes along with these negative reviews. It’s hard enough to be in business with this economy but to be taken advantage of by misguidance and misleads is a terrible energy to have out there. I wish all of you the best and I am very grateful for your information. You have saved me a lot of time, money and guilt for that matter if I ever thought I was responsible for doing someone wrong for lack of information given to me or to the merchant/business. Good luck to you all and may God bless this situation!

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    1. Jennifer

      I signed with Apex Nov. 29.2012. I so regret not doing the research and run for the hills when they came. So sorry to hear so many people have been scammed by them. I am glad to know that i am not crazy and that i am not the only person out there who expected businesses to be ethical and honest. I basically have the same experience everyone here is having. Before i cancel with my existing processor, they told me that the early cancellation fee was going to be over $675. I spoke to the Apex agent who was signing me up about this huge early cancellation fee. He told me that its customary for processors to pay for the full termination fee and that all i had to do was to fax him the invoice and he would take care of it. I’ll send them a check. I reiterated to him that it was over $675. He said, “yeah, yeah, whatever it is, just sent their invoice over.” I believed him. After all, he had been feeding me the “just call me, I’ll take care of everything” and answering every of my calls without delay. I continued the process of terminating my then existing processor and signed up with Apex. But just to be sure, i called the Apex agent (Coleman Clark) to find out if he paid the fee. He didn’t answer the phone. Another man answered. He told me to call customer service. He said, “If Coleman said he’ll do it then it’s done but if you want call customer service they have all the records.” I called the processor I cancel with and they told me the fee was not paid. I called Apex customer service, she told me that the max they would cover up to was $250 and that there is a procedure i had to go through. I informed her of what Coleman the agent had told me. She said, “Coleman may have a different arrangement with you so you need to call him.” I kept calling but as soon as the phone rings, I am switched back to customer service which does not know what to do for me other than tell me to call Coleman. I faxed him at the number where he had received everything i sent but no reply. This went on and on. I emailed Apex online and someone called and left a message telling me the max termination coverage is $300 and that there is a procedure to go through. I called her back and left a message. She didn’t return my call. I ended up writing a letter and emailing it to all the top guys in Apex including the founder, Andy Frankel. He called and spoke to me. But he was defending his people and implying that i was making up the numbers and that i should have read the contract. When i told him that I had many questions for the agent, he answered them but i now realized that he had deviated from what the contract actually read. I requested Mr. Frankel to release me from the contract and to return my machine which he had swapped back to me. I informed him that i would not have sign up with Apex if Apex told me they could not pay the entire termination fee. He said, “Iyou were talking to a saleman who was making a commission.” I said, “yes, your saleman represent your company and therefore what he tells me has to be consistent with the contract. If he gives me the wrong answer when i asked him questions before signing up, then I was misled.” Mr. Frankel said, “‘ll call you back. I have to check on somethings.” He didn’t call back. I emailed him over and over again asking him to follow up. He finally emailed back and said he would call me. He again didn’t call. I wrote again asking he to connect me with someone who can resolve the issue if he has no time. Of course, no response. It’s been over 2 or 3 weeks. I am tired of it. I will terminate with Apex and if they want to sue me, i will just have to trust the justice system. There is no option. They are withdrawing fees out of my account like crazy. If they don’t respond to my communication, how can they expect me to keep the contract? What a mess? I already submitted a complain to the BBB. What else can i do? It’s taken so much of my time dealing with Apex. Time is money. They are costing me too much. I didn’t even write everything that went wrong. It’s too much to write.

      I will call the attorney general on Monday and band together with you guys. Justice has to be served. They can’t be allowed to keep scamming people.

      Good luck everyone!!!!

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      1. Shelia

        Jennifer..I signed up with them and am having the same issues as you with this awful company. What can I do to get this contract canceled and monies refunded? Please help me. I do not know what to do..

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      2. Suki

        I have seen complaints about many problems like the ones we are dealing with, but so far, I haven’t been able to find any comments about what worked in resolving them. Anyone know of a successful resolution?

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  13. HD

    I received a recruiting call from this company, offering me a contractor role that involves going on sales appointments that have been made and confirmed TWICE through their call center. They stated that the leads are warm and that the merchants would be expecting my visit (which is contrary to complaints received by the BBB). I asked a LOT of questions, especially in regards to their commission based pay. I was not given sufficient information and when I asked a question that the recruiter on the phone didn’t know the answer to, I was told that I would get that information during the 5 hour training webinar. She started to get irritated with me for asking all of the questions, but I am 35 years old and have worked for Fortune 100 companies, and only accepted the jobs after multiple interviews and a precise description of how commissions were paid out, but this girl tried to tell me that NO company tells you that information until you get hired?!?!?! Um, NO. So, since the whole thing was fishy, and I did NOT apply for the job, they got my resume from careerbuilder.com, I decided to google the company while I was on the phone, and that is when I found this website with it’s own ratings, as well as the BBB rating of F with 132 complaints in 36 months, for a company that has barely been in business for 5 years. When I brought this issue up with the girl on the phone, she proceeded to attempt to insult my intelligence by telling me that “you have to pay the BBB, and since we don’t pay them anymore, that is why we are rated F and there was even a show on 20/20 about the BBB”, she was obviously trained to have that response to an objection that is based on the BBB rating, which only tells me that they have shady business practices. Unfortunately for her, I am not an idiot who believes everything I hear, especially from a person at a company who is trying to SELL ME on the job… that is a HUGE red flag. To her ignorant response, I replied, “I am sorry, but you are mistaken. The BBB is a non-profit organization that rates businesses solely on feedback they get from customers and employees. Yes, you do have to pay the BBB, as a company, to be listed in their directory and allow them to rate you based on complaints or lack thereof, but you don’t “buy” your score, and you don’t get a score of “F” because you chose to stop paying to be part of the BBB. And now you are trying to make me believe that the BBB is wrong, and that it is THEIR fault that your company is rated “F”? Please don’t insult my intelligence.” She could not answer a lot of my questions, and I am not going to accept a contract with a company and waste 5 hours of my life in a web based training, when I would actually find out how much I am getting paid and on what terms I would be paid, only to find out that in fact, the company does have shady business practices. I mean, if they are going to blame the BBB for their failing score and try to justify/defend themselves by implying that the BBB was somehow vilified on 20/20, making their claims that they got a failing score because they didn’t BUY a passing score, that is a lie, and does not set a good first impression. There is a big difference between F and A. I take the BBB ratings very seriously, and I trust them over this company anyway.

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  14. roselita

    I am right now in the process of trying to cancel my aggreement. The sales rep hid so many things from me when I signed on March 14th2013. I didnt even write the date on the contract and after signing I found out a bunch of hiddens fees, a 36 month agreement etc… I am soo dispapointed and schoked! they even started to take money from my account. Is there a way to file a class action suit against them ? I see a lot of you here have the same problem. I don’t want them to get way with my money!! thay are scmas , liars and when you try to contact them, you can’t reach tejem. they are supposed to call you back within the hour and they NEVER do it.I am so mad right now, I have sent letter after letter. If i have to close my account, ill do it.

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    1. pat

      You will have to close your account to stop them from taking anymore money, thats what I had to do.Today I recieved a letter from them saying I now owe them 495.00 12 days ago the letter said 295.00 unreal, this company is one big SCAM… guess I have to find an attorney today.

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      1. roselita

        I Got OUT!!!!!!!! keep fighting folks! get a lawyer if you have to. I did and I won! cancellation with no fees whatsoever. bye bye APEX!

        Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    2. Terry D

      I am also in battle with Apex. They made so many false promises. One being that they were buying out my lease from my previous processing company. That was over a year ago. Never happened. Just paid off the lease myself before legal action was taken. Will also contact the better business bureau and attorney general.. Anyone interested in a class action suit, I’m game!

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  15. pat

    Wow.. same problems here with this company.. I have a small auto repair shop that I do on the side. I had a credit card machine some years back, not through apex but another co. when the term was up I cancelled the service because there just wasn’t enough usage to justify the cost every month. Someone from this apex merchant group contacted me about credit card processing and I told them that I wasn’t interested because of the fee’s and didn’t have many customers using credit/debit cards at my garage. The rep said our fee’s are very very low because its very competitive now I will send a rep to talk to you.The rep came an hour and a half later than our agreed appointment, said she had car trouble, looked like she just rolled out of bed. She flat out lied, said the monthly fee would be 7 dollars a month and 1.6% per transaction. They were taking on average 47.00 from my account when I questioned it I was told to read my contract, I could not find any of that in it. I started this contract 1-2012 in oct 2012 my checking account was was accidently double charged for something and over drew my account without me knowing for a few days. In that time period apex tried to debit their fee and was denied so they terminated my service and now are charging me a 495.00 early termination fee. I called to explain what had happened and spoke to crystal whitehill who was so rude and would talk over me the entire time, I had to close my account at the bank to keep them from taking money, they alread took 200.00 before I was able close it and now the are demanding the other 295.00 or they are reporting to the credit agency and taking legal action.. I’m at my wits end with these people..

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  16. Mrs Gamez

    Do not sign up with their services. No one answers their customer service line. They promise you the world and charge you more through hidden rates

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  17. Art

    We were contacted in October 2012 by APEX. The representative seemed knowledgeable about the fees and percentatges. I should have done due dilligence and done better research as I usually do. So I guess its my own fault. We are a small independant auto repair shop. We try to keep all of our costs down… we want a low overhead so we can offer the lowest cost repairs possible. So I look at my statement from APEX …I have no issue with the percentages; its all the network access fees and terminal fees. So I called Customer Service to ask what all these additional fees are for. There are PCI fees, terminal access fees, network access fees and another surcharge fee. An average of $16.00 to $39.00 per month…. plus the account fee and the documentation fee…. and Kathleen was not a very pleasant person to deal with. “Its all spelled out in your contract”… well Ma’am, we never got a copy of the signed contract back from the Representative who sold us the program. “Thats impossible Sir, they always leave a copy. They left us a fee sheet that reflects the percentages and some of the monthly fees. I have tried to contact the “representative” that came out here… with his whole “you can call me at any time if you have any questions or concerns”. The cell phone number is no longer working.
    The Rep had touted that they have the monies processed into your account within 48 hours “even on weekends”… and that has proved to be far from the truth. It averages three to five days… and that is if there isn’t a holiday involved. He also stated that if we weren’t satisfied with the service we could terminate at anythine with no penalties. I guess I will know next week if that is true or not.
    We are preparing to drop APEX and go back to Square, we never had a problem with Square and certainly didn’t have the level of fees these guys are charging us. I am preparing to send them a certiried/return receipt letter notifying them of cancelation. Then I will be contacting the Texas State Attorney Generals Office. They aren’t violating the Durbin Amendment… they are just “feeing you to death” in every other way possible.

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  18. Bruce

    Up date. I tried to close my account also. They Merimac /Apex said they closed my account. They are the same people. They made treat to take me to court because I was (3) days late on payment.they wanted $2838.24 to close the acount that I have been trying to close from the beginning when they did disclose the complete contract with me. I have contacted Kevin who is a collection Specialist Merimac Capital.Kevin told me I had two options . One to pay in full $2838.24 or to started paying themonthly fee of $47.60. If I didn’t do this they were going to there own words,
    Notice to you of our intent to accelerate this account for additional review.
    At which time we shall consider taking such legal action as deemed appropriate in order to enforce your contractural obigation to Merimac Capital.
    After the letter from them and talking to Kevin He told me that my contract with Apex Merchant group had been canceled in the Thirth day grace period and there would be no more charges from them. Wrong.
    About two weeks later I recieve a call from Apex Merchant Group stating they wanted $495.00 or they could ajust the monthly charge that I was not to have at all to $20.00 per month.
    I made no aggrement with Apex and I’m waithing to see what they do next.
    I have contacted the Attorney General .
    Marion keep a eye on your bank they will try again.

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    1. Marion Bradley

      Bruce- you are so right! After the first charge of $495.00 came through, and got sent back, the second charge of $495.00 went through about a month later. Since I was out of state at the time, I called my banker who promptly sent it back as well. She also suggested I close out my account when I get back in town. BUT, before I could get back in town (about 6 days later) – Merimac had sent one in for $585.00. So, now I have written a dispute again with my bank, and closed the account. I found out that this company goes by about 10 different names, I know they will be sending me collection/attorney letters next. I have already contacted the BBB here in Ga and in Texas- how do I go about contacing the Attorney General?

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      1. Sherry C

        Please let me know what you guys find out :( I have been dealing with this horrible company for 25 months!!! I was only given a partial contract….how convenient, and am being charged multiple fees that I was never told about. I was specifically told that there would not be any additional fees! I was also told it was a 2 year contract and now find out that it’s a 3 yr. contract…and since the last half of my contract was never given to me…I’m out of luck unless I want to pay $495 fee. This is making me physically sick!!! Please help!!!

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        1. Bruce

          Contact the BBB in Texas Fort Worth.
          1300 Summit Avenue Suite 101
          Fax 817/882/0566
          I filed a complaint with them today 4/4/13
          If eveyone who has a complaint files with them I beleive they will take care of this mess. Merimac Capital is Apex Merchant Group . I have a letter from Kevin who is a collection specialist for them who has been able to tell me one thing and do another. He has now sent me a letter stating that if I start paying Merimac I will not have to pay Apex Merchant Group there was$ 495.00 now it is 576.04and a processing fee off $ 81.04.
          Then if I want to cancel Merimac Capital I need to send Kevin $2910.04. This amout was $2838.24.
          Please everone having this problem call them Let us stand together .
          Kevin has told me that I don’t want to not pay them becasue they will make me come to Texas to court over this. I have never used there service and tried to get out of it the very day they they charged me the second day after I signed the agreemet. And I had not ussed it or seen the sales person who was to go over the contract with me and the processing machine.
          If everyone calls in the next week I thing the BBB will be more then happy to do something. I think if they have more complaints the better. I have paper work to prove they are the same. I als filed with the Attorny General in Texas and Iowa where I live. File it Please. Bruce

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          1. Bruce

            Apex has been Harassing me for over two Months now . There collection person Kevin Hinkle has call and a Gentleman Name David from Legal Intervention Apex Merchant one time Merimac next time . David would call two to four times a day. Now he called and stated that Merimac was going to start legal action.
            I have stopped making payments to them. They have tried to have me pay them three different amounts to pay them off. Also they have not told the truth about all of the companies who are charging fees to close this. I have contacted BBB Attorney general in Texas & Iowa. It seams there may be no way to stop them.
            Keep trying someone has to be looking at this company.

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  19. Marion Bradley

    I live in Middle Georgia, and a sales rep from this company came to my business in order to get me to change from my current company to them. When I told them I was under contract with another company, they stated they would handle it for me if I decided to go with them. Because I was unsure if they could save me money, they offered me a “60 day trial” in their words, “cancel if we do not save you money.” This not only came from the original sales guy, but he was on speakerphone with his supervisor- and I also had another employee listening. to the conversation. When they did NOT save me money, and I called within my “trial period” to cancel- they would NOT allow me to just cancel. After two weeks of run around, they charged my account a $495.00 early cancellation fee. I filed a complaint with my bank, was charged $35.00 to do a stop payment- and got my money back- but I worry that other small business owners will get ripped off by this company, and even though I got my money back, I worry for others. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! My other concern is that since these people are currently “working” the Middle Georgia area but are located in Texas, I really wanted my local BBB to see this, but I am not so sure that this will be shared with them.- here is hoping it will!

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  20. Rose Marie Tronge

    Apex continues to harass our employees by repeatedly calling after we have requested they remove our numbers from their call list. Now they don’t even speak when they call. SOMEONE MUST STOP THEM!!!

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  21. Joyce

    Apex is a scam and people should beware. If they come knocking run run run. Tim Frirz that came in my office ensured me this was a month to month contract, Witch I found out was not true. That is my fault I should of read the contract. That is there practice they lie to people to get them on board. I do not want to do business with people like that. What happened to HONESTY AND INTEGRITY????

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  22. Beat G

    When Apex called me to make me the “offer of employment” I asked the lady about all the bad comments listed on the internet. She assured me that all companies have bad comments and I should not worry about them. As to the BBB rating of “D”, she replied that Apex is not a member of the BBB.
    I had time and nothing to loose, so I agreed to give it a shot. The training session on line was 5 hours and quite professionally done. The Presenter made reference to preset appointments and went in length to explain the process. He repeated this twice: “we are the only company that makes the appointments with the business owners and talk to them at least twice. Once to set the appointment and once to confirm it”. This seemed to be the part that was most important to the presenter.

    The real world with Apex is different. It reminds me of the Capital One commercial where this scruffy guy sits in front of a hut somewhere in Bangladesh and answers the phone about rewards points: “you have points?, this Peggy.” Peggy in this case is Mike, the “partner” that helps you get no business. He opens the phone book, points at a address and send you there, aimlessly, without using a grid or common sense. He expects you to talk with people that clearly have told him they do not want to talk with anyone. Over and over again….

    All Apex had to do is to tell potential agents that cold calling will get results, that’s all. But no, they make up this bogus story about confirmed leads. Shame on you and shame on me for being dumb enough not to believe all the bad comments I red here on this post.

    As it relates to customers or potential buyers: Read the box that your sales person calls standard fees of the industry. Do not let them get away with it. Add them up to see how much you will have to pay per month. As for the lease of the Apex e90, 60 month of $99.00 is a total lease payment of $5940.00. Do not make this mistake. Your bank will likely sell you a new one for $250.00 and if your business is large enough, you will get it for free.

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  23. Valerie Bivens

    I signed up with Apex expecting to pay a $ 5 monthy service charge along with the 1.62 percentage of merchant services. The rep that came to my office door was totally unprepared to discuss the program upon which time she called her manager who got me on the phone and stated those figures. Nothing else about further charges were disclosed at this time. They have charged $99 to my account after less than a month. I called them on this and was told I would recieve a reimbursment within 3 weeks (which have passed). I phoned them today regarding cancellation of my service at which time they said they could do that if I pay $499 for that. I said no, I would not pay that and to take all costs to 0$ and I would stay with them. At that point the Director of Operations: Tony Ortiz hung up the phone. Unbelievable. I have filed a complaint with the BBBureau and will file a complaint with the Attorney General of the state of California.
    If I can recommend NEVER do business with this bogus Apex Merchant Group.

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  24. steve

    I have been getting numerous calls from this company since mid October. I told them to not call me the first 2 times they called, now when I answer the phone I just say “I told you not to call me” and they hang up and continue to call! I would not recommend this company to anyone. They are scammers!

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  25. Kim

    It was so sad for me to see all these negative comments about a great company. I currently work with this company after working with another payment processer for 5 weeks that was really bad and really lied, I am not hear to slander them therefore I would not mention their name but I can tell you I got burned for $800.00 in commissions so I left. The support and managment team to me at APEX is awesome. I went out my first week after really good training and signed up 9 merchants that really liked me and I not only disclosed the minimum fee’s that ALL processors have, you all should know this, All the other fees are clearly printed on the application and were discussed as well. Most processors have a cancellation fee so this should be no surprise to a Merchant. As sales people folks you not only want to earn a Merchants business you want to keep them on board with you for a long time and gain referrals from them. My experience with APEX has been really good. My pay check comes like clock work folks and is direct deposited. If you sign up a Merchant you will not get paid if your accounts do not activate so it is not only important to be pro active on your customers getting installed you need to have good follow up skills. APEX is a great company, just my opinion. All companies are going to have their baggage with different perspectives. My customers like me, they like their services and most importantly they were taken out of a bad situation and put in a good one or they would not have changed. If you cannot save a Merchant money why would anyone lie to them to gain their business? During the review you can clearly see a Merchant is being taken advantage of. I am sorry for all of you who feel you were miss led but my experience is totally different. I had to interject with something good as APEX is a good company.

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