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Axxess Payments

"D" Credit Card Processor Rating
Last Updated: February 12, 2014

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Axxess Payments Overview

Axxess Payments Logo

Axxess Payments Logo

Axxess Payments ( is based in Montreal, Quebec, and appears to have begun operating around 2010. The company primarily markets merchant accounts and credit card processing services provided by Pivotal Payments. Additionally, Axxess Payments offers a variety of other business financial services including gift/loyalty card programs, merchant cash advances, and equipment leasing and sales.

Axxess Payments is a registered ISO/MSP of People’s Trust, Vancouver, Canada.

Axxess Payments Sales & Marketing Tactics | D

Axxess Payments appears to primarily market its services using aggressive telemarketing. Based on merchant feedback, agents often fail to disclose important fees and contract terms in an attempt to rush merchants into the application process, so merchants are encouraged to thoroughly read the company’s contract before signing. The company also displays misleading rate quotes on its homepage by advertising “rates starting at 1.19%” per transaction. You can learn why this kind of rate quote is misleading in “Fee Sweep – How to Get the Merchant Services You Need without Getting Scammed.” If you have worked for Axxess Payments, or currently do so, leave a review in the comment section below to provide further insight into the company’s sales and marketing strategy.

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Axxess Payments Costs & Contract Terms | D

According to the Axxess Payments terms and conditions (available below), the company’s standard agreement is a three-year term that automatically renews for two years and includes an early termination fee of either $300-$650 or Liquidated Damages, depending on a merchant’s monthly sales volume. If a merchant averages under $15,000 in monthly sales, Axxess charges $300, $500, or $650 upon early termination. If a merchant averages over $15,000 in monthly sales, a standard Liquidated Damages fee applies. It is unclear at the time of this review if Axxess charges a PCI Compliance fee, but merchants are reporting other monthly fees that were not disclosed by agents. Merchants should also be cautious of equipment leases, as the terms may be separate from the merchant account agreement.

Click here to see a copy of the standard Axxess Payments terms and conditions
Axxess Payments Terms _ Conditions

Axxess Payments Complaints & Service | D

Axxess Payments has a moderate-to-high number of complaints for a provider of its size time in business, most of which can be found in the comment section of this review. The common themes in the complaints are of merchants reporting misleading sales tactics, omission of important costs and contract terms, expensive and non-cancellable equipment leases, aggressive telemarketing, and poor customer support.

One merchant who posted an Axxess complaint in the comment section of this review was told by the company that his issue would be resolved only if he agreed to remove negative reviews he had posted here and elsewhere. This indicates that Axxess may not consider merchant satisfaction to be a higher priority than manipulating the company’s public image.

Another merchant posted a complaint below regarding an aggressive and rude telemarketing call from an Axxess agent. Incredibly, the agent in question responded with his own complaint, confirming that he called the company to schedule a sales appointment, and, despite the merchant’s clear lack of interest in hearing a sales pitch, insisted on speaking with a supervisor. He then stated that when he was met with continued resistance from the merchant, he threatened to post negative Yelp reviews about the merchant’s business on a monthly basis as an act of retaliation. This account only confirmed the merchant’s negative review and did not reflect positively on Axxess or the agent in any way.

In light of these incidents, merchants should probably regard any positive Axxess reviews with some degree of skepticism.

Axxess Payments BBB Report | C (CPO Adjusted)

Axxess Payments does not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) report even though the company claims to service U.S. merchants as well as Canadian merchants. We have assigned a “C” or “Average” rating to this section based on the Pivotal BBB Report.

Bottom Line

Axxess Payments is suffering from complaints of deceptive sales tactics and marketing, hidden fees, undisclosed contract terms buried in fine print, and predatory equipment leases, which is causing much damage to the company’s reputation. Axxess can improve its rating in this review by improving the areas causing merchant grievances and eliminating future complaints through better service.

Leave your review of Axxess Payments in the comment section below:

Axxess Payments Review

Rated 1.375 Out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2014-03-18 10:38:12

UPDATED: Feb 12, 2014 – There are currently over 90 Axxess Payments complaints available online, many of which accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam… Axxess Payments ( rates as a substandard merchant account provider according to our rating criteria… Learn more in this Axxess Payments review.


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  1. michael

    They work with pivotal and first data for the machine. I only used their service for 2 days and went back to moneris. The sales ANIMAL (yes he is an ANIMAL NOT HUMAN) lied about the rate and a lot of hidden fees! Like all the scammers, they tried to get you to sign right away and my fault too that I trusted him when he left blank some of the fields (the important rate) because he said that he was off that day and his boss asked him to come.
    When I asked him why I changed to you if your rate is more expensive, he just answered: “I DON’T KNOW”
    Cost me almost 3000$ to cancel and return the machine. I had to closed and made new bank account because they kept taking money from my account.

    For someone who wants to terminate the contract. CHANGE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

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    1 / 1 found this review helpful.
  2. Galo

    A telemarketer has been calling me to set up a meeting. When I decline politely, I ‘ve been questioned as if I owe them everything, insisting that they MUST have an appointment!!! I then suggested to give my contact details and they can send me their rate and if something that would interest me, then we can sit down and discuss. Still they would insist that I MUST set an appointment with them. I understand they need to be aggressive but definitely not suppose to be RUDE.

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  3. Edgar Salas

    I received a call from this “broker company” that claims giving me a better option for my credit card payments for my business but I’m pretty sure just another department of axxes and as soon as I told them by monthly sales this guy was all over and he transfer me with another guy who supposed to be his supeevisor and this guy transfer me with another guy who suppsed to be the senior bla bla bla… they just kept with the show and making me look really important asking me for my personal information like date of birth I didn’t give them any of it of course so they asked me for my gst # which I didn’t have on hand so I ask them to call me later and they were so aggressive calling me at least 10 times even tho I blocked their number they finally got me so next week this guy calling me talking to me like he was my brother or my oldest friend really rude asking me how much I’m currently paying for my merchant services, I told him 2.75 % per transaction and this guy was like why that much I can offer you 1.27% and $10 statement fee a month that’s it. I asked him to send me all the information about other fees to read and think about it carefully his email only included that and a QR code of that company website but of course I knew this guy sounds really sketchy so I did my homwork and looked for reviews about their services and I only found complaints and the most interesting website I found was this one. I didn’t have the time to go trought the whole articule but I found what I needed to know their hidden fees. I sent him and email with the link telling him I’m not interested and this guy called me back telling me that this is just someone tublr bla bla bla to jjustify their bad reputation so I asked him about their hidden fees and their contracts and he just kept going and I thinkI hurt his feellings LOL because he started acting all aggresive comparing his business with mine which is about electronics reparis including iphones and he was like : I’m the one who should be sketptical if I take my iphone to you its just gonna void my warranty ” lol at that point I was just having fun with him. I ended up wish him luck with that company and hanging up the phone.
    After I read some reviews of people who got ripped off with hundreds of dollars I feel good I looked up online first and that this website exists

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