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  1. Kelly

    CPP calls our shop quite regularly asking for our business. It is a complete nuisance and very time-consuming! I have asked that they remove us from their calling list and have started noting dates and times of the calls. I will report them to the FCC next.

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  2. Nikki Nguyen

    This company is a joke. Their sales Reps are rude by calling my business several times a day just asked for the owner and then hang up the phone or cussed out with my associates. Unprofessional and improper traning

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  3. Melodie McBride

    I feel this is a particularly a brutally biased report considering that more than half of the issues were resolved. As far as those issues that weren’t resolved to customer satisfaction, I can personally attest that many companies with more acclaim have not resolved issues to my satisfaction like FedEx not delivering my package upon my specific request when I have not been physically able to be at home to sign for my package. I consider this pretty detestable and unresolved, and disrespectful to the customer when I have a porch and quiet neighbors and know it would be waiting for me when I got home…..oh and I’m sure the cancellation fee for a cell phone company is much larger than Certified Payment Processing, not to mention that every time I talk to people, they always tell me that telephone never makes it to the 2 year agreement and they always are stuck using a refurbished unit til they end their contract…so they don’t have to pay to cancel with a very large fee. Don’t forget Summit has an equipment maintenance program,replacing any unit that does not work during the entire agreement with free printer paper ribbons and manual imprint slips and customize your receipts. Of the clients that I have found using the service honestly, they all said they were saving money. It seems that the biggest cancellation and complaints are coming from folks that are reading negative reviews, panicking, and not openly negotiating with the company and allowing them to make billing corrections or resolve normal issues. Good grief, my local phone company has much worse prorated charges that can kill any budget, and still they don’t even have an F rating. This report is so shameful that it has not even compared other companies complaint ratios. It has chosen only one company to pick on completely out of context. I work for Summit and feel that only non sales people could have so many antagonistic experiences. I have managed to find over 100 new clients who liked what we offer in comparison to their existing service in the last 3 months. My pay reflects good performance. Lowsy reps are weeded out quick in my opinion and cut out company waste. We are still in the top 25 companies in America, tough cut throat competition, and some other companies are rejecting as high as 20% of their applications. Does this mean they are refusing to do business with 20% of American businesses? Summits approval rating is 98%. I guess that means we give more people a chance for credit card service than other providers that deny them. That alone means we take greater risk for the sake of business.

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    1. Ron

      I’m unclear who you actually work for. You’re defending the business practices of Certified Payment Processing but then you say you work for Summit? Other than the fact that you can’t seem to write or spell correctly, you started pointing out your issues with OTHER companies. Everyone knows (except maybe you) that when you want to take the attention off of yourself, you point the finger at others. Your defense of Certified and Summit spells it out clearly what type of company you work for. Nowhere did you state the companies didn’t do what the complaints were about. You just blindly defended them and tried to call out other companies. This afternoon I was approached by a sales rep. When I said no, she called her supervisor, Walter “Trey” Rush, who proceeded to tell me he could get me better rates on my merchant account without doing a credit check and give me a specified time period to respond. The sales rep started filling out an “application” asking for my date of birth, company info, and my social security number. When I wouldn’t give her my social, she called her supervisor again and put the phone on speaker. When I asked why they wanted my social, he said “How am I supposed to give you rates without it”? Any idiot would know the rates were based on a credit check (even though he told me he wouldn’t do one). When I said “That’s it, I’m done”, the rep took the phone off speaker but didn’t have it far enough away from me for me not to hear him say “WHAT A DUMBASS!”. The sales rep apologized for what the supervisor said. I told her “NO, I’m sorry you have to work for a person like that”. This pretty much sums up MY experience with Certified. SO, Melodie McBride, I hope you’re proud of the people you work with. Some of your customers are not.

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  4. joseph murphy

    Certified payment processing keeps calling my cell number and then hanging up when i answer. I hear operators specking in the background. it is a nuisance. they call constantly. how do i stop this?

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