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  1. Sergey

    The sales person (Andrew) went though my current processing statement and said that I do a lot of debit transactions and I will get 0% fee on all debit transactions and 1% on credit transactions. I called ElitePay Global 1 week ago because I my fees were too high and they said that they have 0% debit for all customers.
    3. Andrew showed me that with the new processor I will have savings of approximately $200/month (including the $368 leasing fee). He said that their company is in the business of leasing, so they do not make money on processing and pass along cheap transaction fees to clients like me.
    3. When I received my first fee statement I noticed that the total fee for the month was almost exactly equal to the fee with my previous processor. My business is not seasonal, so the processing amounts and fees differ only slightly during the year. Although the processing fee was the same I was also paying the leasing fee of $399 (after all the taxes, which was not mentioned during contract signing). So, $400+ $200 of promised savings = salesman’s lie of $600 per month.
    4. The fees from the processor are very tricky. They breakdown everything in the statement, besides the non-qualifying transactions (and these are 50% of the total monthly fee. With my old processor (who also used FirstData, a great company) I had no non-qualifying transactions. With ElitePay Global I have the vast majority of my transactions as non-qualified. The rate for non-qualified transactions is 2.99%, even for the debit transactions. They could not explain to me when I called, what exactly constitutes as the non-qualified transaction. Even when a debit pin number is entered, it is still a non-qual in their statement. During the 2 calls I made to ElitePay Global, their response was “I will put your account on review and we will lower your processing fees. You will see a reduction in your next statement.” I have not seen the next statement, but I do not want to wait for obvious reasons.
    5. The contract was singed for 48 months and has both equipment lease and the processor on 1 agreement.
    6. Only after I received my 1st monthly statement I researched the 2 companies and saw the amount of complains and poor BBB rating for the 2 companies.
    7. I wish I had done my research before signing the contract, but the salesman pressured me into signing today. He asked me, what can he do to sign today, and lower the leasing fee from 399 to 368, which ended up being $399.06 after taxes and fees.

  2. Jennifer

    ElitePay is horrible!! We signed up with them for about a year before I just couldn’t take anymore lies. We were suckered into a 450 month lease with first data that the agent said was included in his quote he gave us. lier, it was in no way included. then the funds were not being deposited into our accounts, I would have to call and ask where are funds were. Then having to sign up for their issuance? it just seems like little fees kept popping up here and there. We had enough and left elite, they want 1800.00 for early termination fee. Industry standards are 295. max 500. so Hell no. just another scam from these people. we have our attorney looking into it. I will keep my fingers crossed but who knows..without a lawsuit..these guys will probably get their way.

  3. Justin Gang

    I have been with Elite Pay for 2 months and am very unhappy. 1st I have no way to contact the salesman who signed me up and they wont give me any info to, They also got me into a very expensive lease agreement for equipment that I have since found out they could have used the equipment I already had which was identical to what they sent me. They never gave me a copy of the service agreement and keep telling me they will send it to me but haven’t . Then when I inquired about just paying my cancellation fee and moving on they said on top of the $395 fee there is another $1800 in charges totaling over $2200. I even planed to keep paying equipment lease but use a different processor but still trying to get out of my contract.

    Any advice on how to get out would be appreciated

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Justin,

      You might find this article helpful: How to Get Out of a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  4. sean

    this happend to me aswell . All types of things promised but ALL I HAVE IS CRAZY BILLS .
    then they sent a lesser machine then stated . i wont run debit cards . they are so dishonest !!
    stay away . i would be up to join the hanging party. for real . this is a very bad copany!!!!
    the most screwd thing besides the contract is the time it take for money to get into my account.
    they need to be closed down . they are putting me out of biz, i fell stupid for getting screwed by them.

  5. Tariq

    I have been a customer of ElitePay Global for about a year and recently my terminal took a turn for the worse. I called in to customer service to let them know my issue. They had me run a couple of tests and found out my terminal was messed up, so they sent me out a new one at no cost to me overnight. This makes me very happy to have such good customer service as I signed up all 4 of my locations with them and I know if I have an issue in the future they are on top of it.

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Tariq,

      In order to authenticate your testimonial to other readers, please reply to this comment with your business name and location.

      1. chad

        Phillip, why don’t you have the people leaving negative comments about this company provide their business name and location to authenticate their testimonials? Lol seems kind of biased if you asked me. Never heard of this company just ran across this article.

        1. Phillip Parker

          Chad, you have never heard of this company yet you are reading a review about it and responding to comments? Here is the answer to your questions: Why We Verify Testimonials

  6. Charlene

    I have used ElitePay Global for the past 18 months, based on complete LIES and DECEPTION. They did absolutely nothing they said they were going to do and I have spent thousands of dollars on unnecessary leases. They charged me hundreds of dollars a month for processing, when they said I would be spending less than $50/month. Their lie to me was that they basically process for free and make their money on the lease, which would still be saving me money. Now that I am switching they are claiming I am going to have to pay them $8174 to cancel my contract. This in spite of the fact that they told me I would not be under contract and could cancel at any time. Whatever you do, DON’T believe their lies….it will cost you thousands.

  7. All Digital

    Elite Pay Global and First Data Corporation is a total scam. Sales Person Michelle Chapline came in, sold us on 1% on all credit cards, and 0% on all debit card transactions. She did a written quote using our existing volumes stating the visa fees including a $99 lease of the credit card terminal. The total fee shows less than what we were paying to our existing processor. At this same meeting, they have sent our credit card statements to the “company” for their review.before the agreement was signed. First month billing show $300 more than what we paid to our previous processor. Many phone calls were made and they made no change to the rates that were promised. Then they claimed they have to do a rate review. All the fees included, the so called invalid FID fee $49.95, and many more charges that were not on the original quote.

    This is a total fraudulent transaction. The lease is induced based on having visa card rates of 1% credit and 0% debit. We still have not gotten these rates yet.
    Now we are stuck with a 48 month lease of $99 for a terminal that cost less than $300, and the visa rates higher than what we were paying before.
    Any one knows which federal authority needs to be notified for this company’s scam. We need to stop these people hurting more business.

    1. k

      I did some research, and I would suggest filing complaints with all of the following:
      First Data
      Wells Fargo
      The Better Business Bureau of Nevada (although the company isn’t physically located there anymore – the address shown on statements and business cards is still in Nevada. Better business bureau of Utah, and Illinois (they have physical locations in Utah and Illinois – although they don’t list them anywhere –
      State Attorney General in Utah, Nevada, and Colorado
      Administrator of National Banks
      & the Federal Trade Commission

    2. Tom

      The scammer is Elite Pay Global not First Data. The above action is correct. I would contact the Better Business Bureau in their jurisdiction, State Attorney General in Utah, Nevada and Colorado, and Admin of National Banks and Federal Trade Commission. In addition, First Data Corp. and First Data Global Leasing.

      I would also file suit against them to get out of the lease/contract. Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

  8. Ryan

    If you want to know how they do it. They sale 1% credit 0% debit. The also tell you that they can go below interchange. So what they do is give you that rate for the first 3 months of you contract. Then it jumps up to 2.99% sometimes higher for the rest of the 4 yrs. The buy is the contract. So you have to pay 5 to 10 thousand. So either way they get their money. They don’t let you talk to the agent again is because they make it impossible to get in contact with someone. Their customer service good luck getting them on the phone. When you actually do get them on the phone they tell you they will look into it and then you will never hear from them. They also tell you that 1% 0% will never change for the life of your contract. How is this not miss leading? How can they do this. So what when it catches up to them again you just change your name and start all over doing it again? Companies like these should be stopped. I really don’t know how they feel like they are doing anything other than cheating and stealing money from people that work hard for what they have. Something has to be able to be done.

    1. JC

      Hi Ryan,

      I’m in your same boat too. I’m so naive to believe what the sales rep said. I’m trapped in this 48 mo lease equipment contract $599/mo!!! and processing term. When the sales agent quoted, I should be saving $200-$300 per mo with the equipment factoring in…which is not true. I asked all the questions I have with the sales agent but later I found out the answers doesnt correspond to the contract. I have to ask for a copy of my contract and didn’t get it until half month later. I’ve talked to their VP and he said I couldn’t cancel the contract because it’s noncancellable. I’ve been with them for a year now because I don’t know what to do but just until recently a different processing company stopped by and told me they can offer lower effective rate and told me whatever Elitepay global did to me was fraud with high equipment cost. He told me to send a letter to Elitepay to cancel the contract and send the equipment back to first data. I really don’t know what to do because I don’t trust any sales person. All they want is your money. Please advise what you would do. Thanks

  9. Ryan

    Elite pay global is a scam. They actually had to change their from prime pay global to elite pay not to long ago. Bc of that very reason. They totally mislead you into signing a 4 yr lease. And then to get out of the lease its a ridiculous buy out. That’s how they get you. You are stuck. I’ve actually looked into a law suite against them. I’ve talked to an attorney where you get as many businesses together and go after them together and go after a settlement. So if anyone is interested let me know bc I really have no way to get intouch with any of the other business owners they have ripped off. Because im sure there are a lot and I’m not the only one.

  10. Kumar

    Elite pay global is a scam to cheat businesses talking about 0% on debit cards. Where they get you is the invalid tin and they keep charging $49 everytime they get a rejection and they say it is the irs that is charging them. have updated severzl times on thier website but no use. Please stay away from this company.

  11. Jane

    I am actively being recruited as a sales person, but after reading this it doesn’t sound good. The thing is, they won’t even give me some basic training without even signing a huge long contract which basically spells out I will have to pay them if the customer is unhappy and sues them. Hmmm…strange isn’t it that you can’t get info before you have to sign a contract.

    Thanks everyone for the info.

  12. tmehmood

    Their reps r misleading. They claim to be first data people. they are unethical. I wish there is some federal agency where small buisness can file complain against this processor or sue for the rip off this co is bully. Stay away from them. If any body sue them..contact me too. i will be witness against their unethical bus practices. I tried to contact my state atty gnl in mass. She is anti biz any way. Her office would not do any thing. I hope some federal agency will get in future. In the meantime i will suggest to every biz out there, please save yourself from this scavanger.

    1. Phillip

      Can you give some examples of what happened to you?

  13. Tom Jouras

    Never lease equipment. This company takes advantage of uninformed small business owners and explotes them for their benefit. Leased equipment to a restaurant owner for $349.00 per month for 48 months. Totaling $16,752.00. If the equipment had been purchased, it was less than $300.00. Stay away from this company. Big Rip-Off!!

  14. jeremy

    be careful with the credit card sale person, they close their conscience to make money to cheat honest person, to set up those who has know little English, i was cheated by a sale person name “John Jahant” now living Holland, OH their company’s name is Elite Pay Globle, he made me sign the 4 years non-cancelled leased equipment contract by using a lot lies, I hope this will help the people who did not sign the contract like this

  15. Former ElitePay Global Agent

    I recently quit ElitePay Global as a sales agent. The company lures agents in by offering hotels to travel all around the country and making a ton of money from selling for them. Agents are taught that there are only 3 rates that merchants have to worry about 0% Debit with a pin, 1% Credit, and 1.49% Moto and an “occasional” 2.99% on “non-qualified cards.” Agents are trained and told that the merchants lease equipment for 48 months and in exchange they will receive the rate just mentioned that “are bought down, and cannot change throughout the 48 months” We are told not to leave our phone numbers with merchants because agents are hired to sell and customer service is hired to handle customer service. Come to find out, they don’t want merchants being able to contact them because if they hire someone like myself with morals, they know the truth. There are other fees that are charged monthly even though we show a contract that marks 8 boxes “no” to certain fees. They have 90 days to keep merchants happy, so they set the merchants up with enhanced (bill back) processing. This makes the rates and fees look attractive for the first few months until your 90 days are up for them to receive a possible chargeback from First Data. They are now using Nothern Leasing now because Northern doesn’t do the 90 day process. ElitePay lies to the agents about the funding amounts of a lease and short changes their own employees. The recap sheet they give in an in-house hand-written one, NOT the original from First Data or Northern Leasing. The owners are making pure profit and not sharing the residuals from the processing side with their employees and in addition making a killing off of the leases. You are not left with any paperwork that you sign, and are told that you will be e-mailed the contracts when everything is final. The key thing to look at and research is the DOWNGRADE SURCHARGE of 2.99% I didn’t really know what that was until after I stopped selling for them. In addition, there is a 32 page addendum that I’ve never seen from them, and I’m sure the majority of merchants have never seen as well. If you want to deal with a headache and a company that doesn’t fully disclose and misleads their customers, go with them!

  16. James

    Not certain of other sales reps, but the one I had dealt with in the New York City area made a few misrepresentations. Basically, the rep tries to get you to lease the terminal for 48 months and infers that the cost of it is included in the monthly interchange fee. Its not and has nothing to do with the interchange rates that you will get. Two $500 terminals for $199.00 a month for 48 months = $9,552.00.

    Also, even though they claimed and noted on the contract that the rate is a flat rate for all transactions, its not. Any kind of rewards cards will fall into the “highest risk” cards and those transactions are non-qualified which means I get the highest rate 2.99%. Most cards these days are rewards cards.

  17. K. M.

    I started using Elite Pay Global (with First Data) in Feb 2013 – I have been complaining since I got my first statement March 5. Their rep did an analysis of my statements, said our Moto Rate would be 1.49% and with the lease they would save me $400/month. With the lease (which I didn’t have before) I am paying over 3%, and it is costing me over $1000/month more. Their customer service is awful, they don’t get back to timely ever. The Sales rep isn’t allowed to assist you, once the deal is closed and you have started using the equipment. They suggested I change programs, saying it would save me money, but this did not help either. Their contract provides a guarantee to meet or beat the completion, and they have not fulfilled that guarantee. I went back to my previous processor because I am paying around 2.2% with them – I also have been discouraged with all the extra monthly and annual fees.

  18. f

    ElitePay Global is committing fraud by misrepresenting their abilities and then lying at every turn. They have recently stolen money out of our account, calling it fees for non-processing. However, I never processed with Elite Pay due to their own technical inability. When I asked for detail information about where these fees are in the contract I get no answer. When I am asked to be transferred to the owners I was told to contact their attorney. They would not give me the number of the attorney an then hung up on. I would recommend that anyone having problems with Elite Pay send a complaint to the FTC and the Nevada attorney general so they get on someone’s radar for committing fraud.

  19. Chris

    Was shown how I can save money and when bill finally came it was more then double what they told me , now I have this NON CANCELLATION CONTRACT for the equipment , called to complain about the rate and was told they are going to put it in for a review, still waiting. Called leasing company , Worthless. Elite Pay Global WORTHLESS. DONT SIGN

  20. Steve M.

    Don’t do business with Elite Pay Global, the fee may look good at first, but you will regret it later on. I been with them for 6 month and they keep bringing up new fee every month not listed in the contract, I been charge with new fee for 6 month in a row. First month was extra $10 per month fee, then second month was $150 annual fee, third month was $15 access fee per month, fourth month was additional $15 per month, 5th month $7 per month and 6th month was $30 annual fee. So i’m paying extra $10+15+15+7 so that $47 extra per month plus $150 and $30 in annual fee. I’m sure they will hit me with another monthly fee next month. I’m closing down my account with Elite Pay Global since it costing me more than my existing merchant account with bank of america. Now I’m stuck with a lease with first data after I closed my account. So my advice is not to do business with them, you will regret later on like me. If you must do business with them, I suggest you not sign a lease and buy the credit card machine outright, that way you can get out anytime.

  21. Earl Coffman

    After reviewing my credit card processor charges., I was told about how much money they will save me. All I got was more charges and a lease on a terminal. Not a credible company. Beware

  22. Tom Jouras

    WARNING: Do not do business with this company! I am a First Data independent sales agent and have never seen such poor business practices from a processor like ElitePay Global. I reviewed one of their merchant statements recently and found it very concerning.

    From suspicous rates and fees to inacurrate reporting. In addition, they leased one terminal and one pin pad to a restaurant owner for $370 per month for 48 months. If you do the math, that is $17,760 for the length of the contract. The retail cost of this equipment is only about $400 total.

    Stay away from this processor!! They are not acting in good faith nor are they acting in the best interests of the merchant.

  23. S

    ELITEPAY Global, They told me all lies and pulled me into the contract and now they are saying you signed the contract and if you want to cancel your contract you should pay $22K.
    Its all lies and hook you into NON CANCELLATION CONTRACT. sales rep will never get into contact after we signt he contract. ELITEPAY GLOBAL IS ALL FRAUD. Please dont do any business with these guys.

  24. Robert S.


    How much research have you done on this company, ElitePay Global? When I researched the company, the BBB Name that comes up is: International Payment Services LLC. The numbers listed on the BBB website are all inactive. When going to the company website there are no phone numbers or company address listed for contact info. The company call center and base of operations is actually in Salt Lake City UT (Call Center) and not in Henderson NV. When looking over their merchant contract and calling the CS # listed on it, the CS team said that the company name was PrimePay Global and gave the same number listed on the BBB website for International Payment Services. PrimePay Global is a now defunct company based in Midvale UT. YP.com shows both companies when you type in ElitePay Global and also lists a phone number for ElitePay Global that of course doesn’t work.

    Why was this information about the BBB left out of your article?

    1. Phillip Parker


      The current review for ElitePay Global is what we call a “Preliminary Review.” It covers only the most basic information about the company and any complaints associated with that particular business name. We wait a few months to allow merchants like yourself to leave reviews and feedback about the company before we dig deeper into its business practices, update it into a “Full Review,” and assign a rating. It’s not uncommon for information to change on the BBB website after our review was written, or for a company to change locations.

  25. michael wyatt

    elite pay global’s credit card processing is a sham. they send out salespeople to give unattainable results. salesman does an analysis & shows you savings. they then put you into a contract for the equipment & do not even come close to the numbers that the salesman uses to lure you in. when you contact their customer service they tell you that a manager has adjusted your account and you’ll have to wait till that statsment comesin to see the difference. when that promise turns into a lie they will tell you that they are reviewing your account & never call you back. my suggestion to anyone thinking of doing buisiness with elite pay global is too run from them [ they have no conscience]

  26. Liz

    Elite Pay Global sells its services under false representations! They make it sound so easy and inexpensive but in reality you end up paying 5 times more for merchant fees. Stay away!!!

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Liz, can you elaborate on the how the fees were more than what you were quoted?

  27. Tech Auto

    ElitePay Global uses unethical and misleading sales tactics taking davantage of small businesses. They will cross the business ethics and morals line at every opportunity. Their staff uses illegal bullying tactics to force compliance when IN FACT a business has recourse to get out of a contract – grace period. Avoid this company at all costs. They are beyond unethical.

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Tech Auto,

      Can you provide a first hand account of your experience? Details of what happened to you can be helpful to other merchants. Thanks!

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