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Phillip Parker is a former merchant services agent turned small business advocate and the author of "Fee Sweep," which teaches merchants how to dramatically lower their processing rates, eliminate junk fees, and avoid fine-print scams. He founded CardPaymentOptions.com to help merchants enact positive change in the credit card processing industry.


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  1. snqrene

    I cannot believe what just happened to me. I have been ripped off so bad by this company I have been charged over 12% in some cases. I had once charge that I was able to track through the 4 pages of numbers. The transaction was for $12.10. there were 4 different charges on that ticket plus the swipe fee. I was flabbergasted!
    I called them today and they kept throwing me onto to hold. I waited and waited and waited ( through 38 ahead of me in 3 calls) and once the guy put me on hold and never came back and when I called the main number the girl put me on hold.
    Grant it I was not a happy customer but I still after hours cannot get my statement on line.
    It is scary and these people belong in JAIL!
    I will pursue this and write to the banking authorities.

  2. Martin

    This company is a total scam and rip off. Whatever they promise are total lies. They offer you low rates to get your business. But, they charge much higher rates and fees that they didn’t disclose. They illegally charge my account for services that they didn’t provide. Customer service is very poor and management doesn’t bother to return your numerous phone calls to explain the reason for charges. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

  3. andimal23

    This company is a complete scam and rip off. I have taken action against them with the Better Business Bureau and have hired an attorney. The promises they make are in deed too good to be true. They promised me they would save my company $75 per month, and that I can be up and running in 24 hours. It took 9 days to get the terminal, which was the wrong one (asked for internet line and they sent one for a phone line). It took another 2 days to get the correct terminal. When I finally got it all setup, we pulled in $1,500+ in credit card sales in 2 days. The money never deposited into our account.

    When I contacted them, I was told that underwriting did not approve me because the billing address was different than the service address on my electric bill statement; something they required upon applying for the account. So I sent a copy of the lease. That wasn’t good enough for them, it needed to be notarized. My landlord lives in Florida, and my business is in Illinois, I’ve never even met the man, so I couldn’t get it notarized. I sent a bank statement with our address, a letter from our gas company showing that service had been established, but these weren’t good enough for them and I don’t understand why.

    What else I don’t understand is why on earth would you send a credit card machine ready to accept charges and not check these things out first? Now they are holding my money and my business hostage, as I can’t order supplies and materials needed to replenish the stock that I sold over the weekend. It’s a never ending battle and now I have to get an attorney involved to obtain my funds, which will end up costing me hundreds, if not thousands (more than what they owe me).

    I would think twice about switching to some fancy named company with all of these promises when they are clearly out to get your money (and keep it).

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