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    Hidden fees – what a corporate fee – when u paying a monthly statement fee – monthly debit fee – they never mention a corporate fee and it was 98.00 – my average daily total rarely hits 50.00 – and if I been with them 3 months why now – there was no minimum with them. Sad and taken advantage of – another businesses in my area is having the same issue with them. No supervisor will speak to you and they cut you off is they say they are transferring you to a supervisor. Very bad choice for me.

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  2. Gus

    They came in without an appointment and badgered me for an 90 minutes without leaving till I finally gave in. He quoted 1 1/4 %. And the deductions come out to 2%. Salesman told me to wait and call customer service. I told him it was his job to fix it. He booked the account! What the fuck. I’m supposed to be on the phone all day for nothing getting aggravated ? Fix it Jim !

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  3. jackie reynolds

    I am an employee of a small business which tried out future payment technologies service and machine. I was immediately turned off by the representative who talked about his family, health issues the right to bear arms and what is wrong with the country. Instead of properly installing the machine or instructing the employees to utilize the machine and system. consequently the machine never worked properly. 1 week later the employees which had to use the system were not able to work with the system. There was never any resolution when the co. was called with an issue. There was never a contract signed or any verbal comments about being penalized if the system did not meet with satisfaction. I am writting this as an employee who was not pleased with the customer service or the system itself. The owner returned the unit and she had 1000.00 withdrawn from her bank account. I find this to be a criminal act. This is a small business. The system and the service were negligent from the beginning. I feel the business should be reimbursed. This company needs to have to face the consequences of misrepresenting a service and a system which is flawed at best. The Better Business Bureau will be contacted as well as the Attorney General’s office of Washington State of fradulant consumer practices department. The small business which I am an employee of is Home Inspirations of Everett Washington.

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  4. Jorge lopez

    does any one know if they can legally hold $5260.00 for six months?becouse they saing that I did an off line transaction and they afraid that washintog mutual may do backcharges to them,.untl today,my money is not in my account yet

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  5. Big Rock Chartera

    Crescent and Future Payment Technology are both very
    BAD, SCETCHY companies. Contracts are undisclosed, fees continue far after cancellation, and procedures and policies are not communicated. We have been trying to cancel based on poor and unreliable service beginning in July 2013. We are still paying charges and have followed their outlined steps for cancellation and now there policies have changed to not allow us to cancel. I would advise all to stay completely away from these companies.

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    1. Valerie

      As a follow up to my experience with this company….they deducted their cancellation fee from my bank account as well as another bogus fee, hundreds of dollars I had in that account for the lease payment. I went to my bank and declared unauthorized debits (AHC) from my account and a stop payment request for them. Nothing has been taken out of my account this month so far. My bank credited me the amounts and requested Future Payment to return the fraudulent AHC to them. Talking to the person at Future PayTech I was able to get a waiver for the cancellation fee and a confirmation # for that waiver before they took the money out! They said they ran the AHC and it was a mistake, uh excuse me? Really! A mistake that wiped out my bank account! Crooked company and bad news all the way. Call them constantly and don’t back down! You have to get through the first layer of people and keep insisting. I am planning to post to the BBB soon, I need to calm down about the situation first.

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  6. Judy

    I currently work as an independent contractor for Future Payment Technologies. I do agree with the one comment by a previous employee; I to wish that the leads were more qualified. I honestly believe in this product & company so it is easy for me to represent them in my area. There are times when I just get one lead a day yet I use that time and that area to take my information to as many businesses as I can. Why would you waste selling time? That’s why we were hired for our ability to make cold calls as well as appointments. I remain happy with my position.

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  7. Valerie

    All of what you say is true. So far this has been an unpleasant adventure. I never really saw the actual contract on the little tablet that was shoved in my face on a very busy day, didn’t get a paper copy till I requested it a few months into this. Have not been able to access my account online since day one! I keep requesting an access code that they never deliver. How can I get my case against them without knowing what the fees are all for? There was no mention of an EFT, I was told by the rep, with a witness, to just send the machine back is all I had to do. This is a tiny grooming shop, we don’t do a ton of business, enough to pay the bills but not enough to cover this garbage. Each month they nail our checking accounts and we don’t have a machine since I sent it back to them. I hope I can resolve this soon.

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