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  1. Dan

    Beware of the Harbotouch POS sale reps. They made me signed the paper without telling clearly it is a contract and then they will slapped me with fees each month and yearly. Well until i realized after 3 months, I called them to cancel and guess what? A $250 early cancellation fees. Well it was my mistake to sign the contract but they shouldn’t charge if they don’t provide any service to us. In my opinion their sale reps are scam artists and their company don’t give a crab about that. The more people signed the more money for them. So beware of those scam artist.

    1. Curtis Stevens


      Please know all sales reps for Harbortouch are independent contractors and what they promise doesn’t reflect the corporate office or the company as a whole. Since we are not employees for the company, they can’t be liable for what a sales person says. If it helps at all, all terms and fees are on the application the merchant signs. So it isn’t like they are charging made up fees or creating contract terms that weren’t agreed to. Please know sales reps have the ability to waive any merchant processing terms as well, but depends on how they set you up for this to occur.

      Curtis Stevens

      1. Phillip Parker


        In our view a company’s liability isn’t removed just because its sales reps are independent contractors. In fact, the company creates the conditions and policies by which the reps can sell its merchant accounts and processing equipment. Therefore, it is the entity ultimately responsible for the complaints it receives and fails to resolve amicably. I also find it highly unlikely that sales reps can waive *any* terms & conditions of the contract. In actuality they probably have the ability to adjust/waive certain fees and service length commitments, which also likely have the effect of raising or lowering the commission the rep receives on the account. Although it is the responsibility of the merchant to fully read the terms of the merchant account agreement, many are unaware of the pitfalls of failing to read it. Honest reps will reveal important terms prior to signing the account; however, many fail in this regard for fear of losing a sale and instead choose to omit any mention of fees or terms that may cause merchants to balk. Dan’s complaint appears to be an example of such a scenario.

        1. Curtis Stevens


          When I was talking about waiving terms, they can waive the ETF, so essentially it is month to month as there wouldn’t be any ETF. I was basically saying since they are not employees of Harbortouch, they can’t control what promises are made to the merchant as they are not employed by them. If a sales rep tells a merchant there is no contract and they don’t waive the ETF, the corporate office can’t be liable for promises made by a sales rep. if that rep was an actual employee of said company, that would be a different story. As a consumer, every merchant should always get things in writing. Would you ever go buy a car, take a sales person word and not get their promises in writing? Corporate is held more responsibility if that rep is an employee but if they are an outside rep working on their own as an IC, corporate has no control since they are not working at their office.

          Harbortouch only enforces what has been signed by the merchant. Yes, most merchants do not read what they sign like they should. It is important to go through an honest rep that will disclose all the facts to them.

          His complaint was saying all of their reps are scam artists and the corporate office doesn’t care and I would disagree. I have a well established reputation online and I’m sure Harbortouch has many other reps with a lot of satisfied clients. A few bad apples shouldn’t be a representation of the company as a whole. The corporate office does care about doing the right thing and that’s why you will see the CEO making posts all over the web saying to merchants to contact him if needed.

          Curtis Stevens

          1. Phillip Parker


            I’m not implying that Harbortouch doesn’t care about doing the right thing, but to say that they have no liability for what their independently contracted agents promise, or fail to disclose, when selling their services is ludicrous. In fact, numerous merchant services companies have been sued by the FTC because they enforce contractual terms that were misrepresented by their ISAs. When a company enforces contract conditions that were omitted or falsely represented to a merchant by an agent who is approved by the company to market its services, the company is ultimately liable for such actions if it fails to resolve the situation amicably. Our reviews reflect such a philosophy.

          2. Curtis Stevens

            I can’t say in regards to the merchant account but when it comes to the POS system, the merchant signs a sheet at installation where they must check a box stating that they agree to the 5 year term as well as when they sign up. So there is no way for them to not know about the 5 yr term in regards to the POS system.

            In my opinion, people should read what they sign. if they don’t, it is no one’s fault but their own. We must be held responsible for our own actions or lack of. Today, people should know better to read what they sign, we all know that.


  2. Anna

    Harbortouch is an AWFUL merchant service company to work with. They have hidden fees that they either access your account for or they withhold from a deposit. The fee is never on their statements and it is up to you to discover it and call them. Customer service is lousey as well. Employees act as though they hate their job and that the customers are a headache. I am thouroughly disappointed with my experience and urge anyone to use any other merchant service company other than Harbortouch. I would gladly pay a higher fee for a more honest company.

  3. Thomas Atkinson

    Harbortouch and United Bank Card is a very dishonest company. I am sueing them and you can not even have them served in Arizona. They are not listed with the corporation commission in Arizona which is illegal. I had to have them served in Pa. and they did everything they could to avoid being served. They use sales agents that falsify documents and lie. I can’t wait to get this company to court. Don’t use them unless you want to get ripped off.
    Thomas Atkinson
    American Home Water

    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Thomas, can you elaborate on how you believe they were dishonest with you? It may help other merchants who are researching these providers.

  4. Daniel

    We processed with Harbor touch for a couple of years and they always put our money in the bank. However they also took a lot of our money in fees for things that made sense only to them. Their statements and fee structure is complicated and customer service is poor until you cancel your account and then they will offer better rates if only you will stay. On our final statement the total fees added up to 1% more than our first statement from first data. We are very happy with our decision to leave harbor touch.

  5. Micheal bohn

    harbor touch sent in unqualified sales people who made promises about equipment and software and this proved to be only 50 percent true if that high a number. They want you to basically do your own programing and then have any support by phone. the sales person (who said she had not been paid by harbor touch yet on her last three sales) knew i was 69 years old and little experience with pos but claimed we would have boots on the ground the first week. Well I told them to cancel the order. Never recieved any equipment but they try to get money out of my checking account which my bank reversed… Now i recieve bills with threats, they can bring it on. I would love to see them in front of a judge, me their lawyer, and their sales person.

    1. Curtis Stevens

      Initial menu programming is included. Harbortouch then offers unlimited training so you can make future changes yourself. Onsite installation is included as well.

      When a merchant cancels a POS order, they must also cancel the merchant account. Corporate can’t legally close that account without written authorization from the merchant. As a sales rep, I’ve learned this with past accounts by having this come up. The POS order is cancelled but the merchant account isn’t until requested by the merchant, which of course incurs monthly fees until then.

      I would reach out to your sales rep to take care of this. If not, send an email to customer service and request a refund and follow up with them until they do.

      Curtis Stevens

  6. Michael Dammon

    We opened our restaurant in August and had intially decided to use Harbor touch but after having trouble getting our credit card machines and unable to get anyone on the phone about when they were coming we cancelled with them and went with first data ( who are an awsome.proffesional company. So Just to be clear we never recieved our equipment never processed a transaction with harborview. A month into business and our bank statement shows withdrawls to harborview. We call to let them know we are not clients even talk to our bank saying they are not authorized toautomatic withdrawl. It has been 9 months and this week harborview hit our account with five $25 charges a total of $225. We call to remind them againwe are not their clients we have never actually processed a payment with them becaise we never even recieved the equipment promisedand they wanted to offerus a $50 credit! For what??!? We are not even using your services. Its like you just stole $225 from my account and now u want to fix it by offering me credit on services I do not use?? What a fraud. I would strongly advice you pick ANYBODY elseto process with these people are straight thieves!

  7. Curtis Stevens

    Hi Agnes,

    I would also suggest reaching out to your agent, it is in their best interest to ensure you are happy. If you work with tech support, they will always continue to work until your problem is resolved. I find it is better to email the service department on any non-pressing issues. You can email them at service at symbol harbortouch d o tc o m. The other solution may be is you can purchase another retail pos software that they have for a nominal fee. Reach out to your agent for more info.

    Jared’s email is simple. It is his first name J a r e d at symbol harbortouch d o tc o m. I didn’t paste the email in this post to keep scrappers from getting it and filling up their inbox’s with spam.


  8. Agnes Asare

    This is (Aggies Food Mart & More ) We had harbortouch Pos System since 2011. Their Pos is horrible,equipment and customer service is bad. We lost many customers and thousands of dollas due to faulty Pos System. We paid for $127.00 monthly for two Pos system Plus $118.00 quartely, is horrible. For the past 6 weeks both pos system did not work and thy tried to fix but no luck. They finally fixed one and the other pos still broke. We are loosing customers and money everyday and they still go and withdraw money each month from our account.. We told them to come and pick up their Pos system and they said then we have to charge us $4500.00. Then we asked them to come and pick up at lease one pos system but no reply. We need the email address to contact The CEO Issacman but l his email is not good when I write him,it keep on returning back. Can someone give me the real email for the Harbortouch CEO? It is terrible.We made a biggest mistake in our life. We are planning to contact out Business Attorney about this case. Any Advice?
    Agnes & Michael Asare

    1. Diane

      We also made this giant mistake. We have not process 1 sale on this terrible system! I want to send it back but they want us to still pay for it! I also have constantly called them. They were supposed to send a technician out to get ours up and running (at our expense) and they never showed up or even called! I am interested in pursuing legal action but I think there is strength in numbers!

      1. Curtis Stevens

        I would suggest emailing service@harbortouch.com. That email is monitored by senior support supervisors and that would give you a communication trail as well. Your agent is supposed to help get involved as well. Reach out to that person too.

        I have seen Harbortouch go beyond the call of duty with some of my merchants to ensure they are happy. They are not perfect but if you stay on top of them, it will eventually get fixed! They do not take the stance of take it or leave it attitude. I’ve seen them spend too much money fixing issues in the past and do not know if other POS vendors would have done the same.

        Curtis Stevens
        Harbortouch Agent

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