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  1. PTK

    So far, I’ve had a great experience with PayJunction. They were very helpful getting our account set up. I was able to speak with a knowledgeable person at every step of the process, including getting help with their API. Their testing environment is very useful, and allows you to try out various scenarios before going live. Our online store will go live Q4 2014, and I’ll report back after that.

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  2. Evelyn Lara

    Payjunction is the BEST company anyone could have to Process Thousands of Dollars a day for their company…I have been with Payjunction for over 4 years now and I have been completely satisfied with their Rates & Customer service over all in all their different Departments…I have spoke to a lot of their diff employees in several diff departments and everyone is very helpful & respectful even when im frustrated about a chargeback that is not their fault it happened and they try their best to be patient and give me all the correct information they can that will help me understand how the process works to solve the issue and get the money back into my acct asap…Their product & Technology is TOP NOTCH And no need to play the rate game with them cause I guarantee you will not find a better rate or customer service in this day and time I have been self employeed for over 30yrs and have done business with several Merchant Companies and none have been this great as Payjunction and trust me you will not find a better company elsewhere…They have always found a way to save me money when I call in for a rate review and I do appreciate everything they have done to help with saving me more money to put into my pocket to help feed my family better!!!!!!! I guess all the people who leave negative reviews are really not intouch with the Payjunction here that im with cause I can promise you one thing they do have good business ethics cause if they didn’t I would not be with them for over 4 years now….Just to let you know a few of the very nice employees they have I have spoke to over the phone that are awesome with their customers are
    1st Kathy Byrd outside rep who helped set my acct up she is the nicest lady and helpful…

    Anthony in Risk management Dept I have spoke to lots of times in the past 4yrs he has always been awesome!!!

    Alene hope I spelled her name right lol helped me recently on 6-14-13 with my rate review she ROCKS she helped save me lots of $$$$ im very happy about that!!

    Jeremy in customer serv really a sweet guy has been very respectful when I was frustrated he put up with me lots of times poor guy still was so nice to an old lady complaining about something that could be fixed so easy lol

    Michael Gomez in Customer care was awesome such a nice guy!!!!!!!

    Sam was so polite and knowledgeable to inform me how some things work in the Technology of the processing a really nice guy to talk with!!!!

    Heidi was awesome AND A REALLY NICE LADY helping me when I had a customer claim a charge back on over 10k it was so frustrating and everyone helped including her get that money back into my acct asap…..she ROCKS!!!!

    Gina Valdivia in 2012 helped me a time or two was such a nice person…

    I want to Thank everyone who works there for all their hard work to make it such a great experience to do business with Payjunction these 4yrs…Cause it takes a team to help make the company successful keep up all the good work im not going anywhere im happy and I LOVE TO DO BUSINESS WITH PAYJUNCTION!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Evelyn,

      In order to authenticate your testimonial, please reply to this comment with your business name and location. Thanks!

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  3. Tricia Tequida

    I have read some of these reviews and they must be talking about a different company than the one I use. I have been with payjunction for only a few months. My service has been excellent customer support outstanding. I call tech support they take the call after 2 rings and I get knowledgable & helpful answers to all of my questions. And the techs speak english and are from the USA.
    I have been with other providers before ( Paypal , Square and Heartland) none have been as good, someone said they arent getting their money in a timely fashion, I find that hard to believe unless that have not set up their account to auto-batch every night. I get my funds in 1-2 days EVERY time.
    I guess only the people who have problems leave comments. My experience has been excellent and I recommend Payjunction to any merchant who wants the flexibility of taking cards on the go( with their phone) or on-line on their website or in the office on the computer.

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  4. J

    there is now misunderstanding about this company they are scam artest we had our account setup with them and at the same time was a reseller and provided them with about 10 high paying leads and then they ripped my account out form under me and closed them all keeping my contacts i didnt think this was the case untill i started calling my customers and they had been calling them telling them i was no longer apart of the company. They costed me alot of money shutting down my credit card services for no reason other than to gain on there end and not have to pay out commissions. Please beg you do not use this company Mike above is a great guy oh hope he moves to another company as this one is going to fall apart.

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    1. Eric Wernicke

      Official Response From PayJunction:
      The “anonymous” post above from “J” is most likely from a person who forged a check. We can confirm that we recently closed an account due to forgery. To be clear, PayJunction cancelled this account because the person forged a bank document; PayJunction is responsible for all risk associated with a merchant account if it is used to perpetrate fraud.

      The bank document was forged to look as if a signed letter from M. Williams from Chase Bank in McDonough Georgia was verifying a checking account. PayJunction has confirmed with the real M. Williams that she did not write this letter, and that the contents of it are incorrect. Upon closer inspection, one can physically see the digital alterations in the letter. With permission, PayJunction has a recorded call with M. Williams attesting to the fact the bank document has been forged.

      PayJunction has a zero tolerance policy for fraud; in addition, it is illegal. We are currently investigating taking legal action against the consumer regarding criminal charges for forgery and civil charges for liable.

      (The consumer’s State) – Georgia Code – Crimes and Offenses – Title 16, Section 16-9-1 (a) A person commits the offense of forgery in the first degree when with intent to defraud he knowingly makes, alters, or possesses any writing in a fictitious name or in such manner that the writing as made or altered purports to have been made by another person, at another time, with different provisions, or by authority of one who did not give such authority and utters or delivers such writing. (b) A person convicted of the offense of forgery in the first degree shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten years.

      We realize anyone can post anything online today. We hope that reviewers understand that we take the security of our systems seriously, and therefore have a zero tolerance policy for fraud. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (800) 601-0230.
      With kindest regards, Eric Wernicke, Co-Owner

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  5. Mechell

    I called payjunction to inquire about their rates and pricing as I was referred to them by Effortlesse. After asking about three questions to a very rude “sales person” named Tom I think his name was, I realized that this was not the place to go. He kept dancing around my questions as if I was incompetent and kept requesting my current merchant provider statements. After he raised his voice at me and spoke to me with the WORST tone of voice I have ever heard, I slammed the phone down and quickly changed my mind about EVER doing business with these people or EFFORTLESSE!! I promise I will tell EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS PERSON I KNOW ABOUT THE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE THESE PEOPLE JUST GAVE TO ME AND I HOPE YOU ALL WILL STAY AWAY FROM THEM COMPLETELY!!!!!

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    1. Ty Henry-Payjunction Reseller

      Apologies, Mechell, if you did not have a good experience. Although I cannot speak down or ill of Tom as he is a Director and thus my superior, please understand our business model. Although certain matters are negotiable, we do not play the “Rate Game”, thus, the race to the bottom. We consider our product technology to be unique and superior, unlike most providers who are providing the EXACT identical service to each other-Terminal processing. Therefore our business model is to provide one set of standard figures for new businesses, but for established merchants, we start with a price match and look for areas to save you money. Understand, asking for a rep from a solid provider to quote you rates without verifying your volume is inviting them to lie to you, quoting the lowest rate blindly. To put another way, would you expect someone to quote you term life insurance without a physical or knowing your age or whether you smoke? Or a bank loan without financials? If I quote you a monthly fee and find out later you do $900 a month in volume, I’m stuck with that quote. We’d rather decline someone’s business than use unethical tactics to earn it. There is a reason for our reputation; we don’t advertise or pay for favorable treatment, and we’re not interested in Square-like “1000 signups per hour.” Each client is assigned TWO dedicated reps who know you by name. You’re considered clients, not accounts, so we are selective. Not every provider’s rate structure is the same. We, for example,don’t charge for PCI-simply processing with us eliminates the need for audits. On the other hand,we will sometimes charge a startup fee based on low volume or risk level of the business type or credit history. If you have an issue with any employee, you may take it up with our president, randy modos, who answers any e-mail personally. He often mans the sales phones. We have other national directors, including mine, Jamie, at extension 1404.

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  6. Staci Williams

    I have the same exact same problem Rose. They have held $3000+ for over a week and I keep getting excuses. They say it is an error on thier end and they are trying to fix it. I have been told twice that the money would be there on two seperate days and it has never shown up. I asked them to wire the money since they have it and they say they can’t. I would not recommend this company to ANYONE. I may change my tune if they get this fixed and follow through but at the moment I am out $3000.00 and the time I have spent on the phone being lied too.

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  7. Rose

    I have a new payjunction account (opened about 10 days ago) & started having transactions placed on my website on 8/10 (Wednesday). I was told deposits take 2 days to receive.. which would be Friday. No deposit. I called (very nice customer service people btw), and they said “No worries.. you’ll receive it Monday”. Monday comes, no deposit! Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve been waiting on a call back all day.. they said they’ve contacted first national bank of Omaha to see what the problem is. This is a BIG problem to me! What was the outcome? Help?

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Rose,

      This is likely happening for two possible reasons: #1 The account number or routing number for your checking account was incorrect on your merchant account application. Or #2, Saturday – Monday is considered one “business day” in the banking industry and deposits made during that time usually do not post to your account until Tuesday, which is considered the next business day. Also, some banks close their Friday business day in the early afternoon (often 3pm). This means that deposits made after the close of the Friday business day get counted on the Saturday – Monday business day and deposited on Tuesday.

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  8. Carla DeFraine

    Pay junction has failed to respond to repeated efforts to:

    a. Change the name of my business despite repeated assurances that the necessary changes would be made.

    b. Process international charges. They remain unprocessed, at considerable cost to me.

    c. Follow up assurances made by their representatives over the phone with promised actions

    Instead, attempts to fix what I had hoped were easily remedied glitches have been met with threats of penalties should I seek more helpful merchant services. I remain hopeful that their service will improve, and will update this site should such improvement occur.

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    1. Mike Winner

      Who is your reseller Carla and when did you get set up??? Sounds like there is some misunderstanding here and maybe you are talking to a merchant partner and not PayJunction direct?? Those issues are all super easily fixed on our end…

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  9. Nick Hutmacher

    Payjunction is a GREAT Company! I own a small transportation company and have been using Payjunction as our merchant company for over 4 years. We process thousands of dollars a day through them and have NEVER had any problems with Payjunction. Many other merchant companies have tried to get our business with great service and lower rate promises but NONE of them have ever been able to beat their rates or service.

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