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Last Updated: January 27, 2014

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PayScape Logo

PayScape Advisors ( is a merchant services provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is a reseller of First American Payment Systems contracts. According to a company representative, PayScape was founded in 2004. PayScape offers the usual range of financial services including credit card processing, debit card acceptance, merchant cash advances, gift card programs, payment gateways, equipment sales & leasing, and ATM services. PayScape is a registered ISO/MSP of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio.

PayScape Sales & Marketing Tactics | B-

PayScape appears to primarily utilize telemarketing and email campaigns to market its services. As of this update, it is unclear whether PayScape employs independent sales agents, but the company does appear to have outside sales teams at numerous offices across the country. Generally speaking, in-house sales teams receive higher compensation and more training than independently contracted agents, resulting in fewer merchant complaints. In the case of PayScape, the company’s sales team appears to receive more complaints than is typical of an in-house staff. Multiple complainants cite nondisclosure of contract terms, misrepresentation of rates, and agent unavailability (sometimes due to the agent no longer being employed with PayScape without the merchant’s knowledge). To its credit, the company does not appear to engage in any deceptive advertising strategies in its official marketing materials.

PayScape Costs & Contract Terms | C-

According to a company representative, the standard PayScape contract is a three-year agreement that, if not cancelled after the final 90 days but before the final 30 days of the initial term, will renew for a one-year term. The contract also includes a cancellation fee of $495 ($595 total if the merchant signs up for Secur-Chex check conversion) and an annual PCI compliance fee of $124.75. Both of these fees are higher than the industry average, and many merchants report receiving less competitive transaction rates than they were initially promised. Many complainants also report surprise upon being notified of the high cancellation fee, which indicates that it isn’t typically mentioned at the point of signing. A company representative also stated that merchants may choose between an annual fee or monthly minimum fees depending on a merchant’s size. Merchants are advised to read their contracts carefully and to keep in mind that many contract terms are often negotiable.

PayScape Complaints & Service | B-

We were able to locate roughly 18 negative PayScape reviews on this website and other consumer protection websites. Some of these complaints seem to have been posted by competitors; these have been disregarded for the purposes of our review. Common themes among legitimate complainants include nondisclosure of contract terms, difficulty reaching a representative, hidden fees, and difficulty cancelling service. Approximately half of these reviews received a response or rebuttal from a company representative, and in a handful of these cases, merchants returned to explain that they were satisfied with the company’s reaction. Although this is an encouraging sign, it is our belief that a proactive and available customer service team will address these complaints effectively before they are taken public. In addition, it appears as though most of these complaints were filed in the last 12-24 months. The consistency of these complaints inclines us to award PayScape a “B-” in this category.

PayScape BBB Report | B+ (CPO Adjusted)

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is giving PayScape an “A” rating based on only ten complaints filed within the last 36 months. Of the total complaints, six are regarding problems with products or services, two with billing and collection disputes, and two with advertising or sales issues. Nine of these complaints have been resolved with the assistance of the BBB, and one has not been resolved to the merchant’s satisfaction despite what the BBB deems a good-faith effort by PayScape. Given these figures, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “B+.” For more on why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Bottom Line

According to our rating system, PayScape Advisors rates as a slightly above average merchant account provider. The company has received a fairly consistent pattern of reviews complaining about undesirable and undisclosed contract terms, but PayScape’s responses to these complaints and improvement in its BBB rating have raised its overall score.

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PayScape Advisors Review

Rated 2.9375 Out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2014-01-27 14:08:01

UPDATED: Jan 27, 2014 – There are approximately 28 PayScape Advisors complaints on various websites, some of which describe the company as a ripoff… According to our rating system, PayScape Advisors ( rates as a slightly above average merchant account provider… Learn more in this PayScape Advisors review.

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  1. Lara Sadowski

    I am absolutely livid with this company! I canceled my service in October, not knowing there was a $495.00 cancellation fee. My sales representative did NOT let me know about these fees before I signed the contract; otherwise, I would have never signed on with them. I understand now that the fees were in the contract, but I never knew about them. I also never knew that I was getting into a three year contract. Regardless if this information is stated in a contract,, this information needs to be verbally stated to new clients from the outset. There is such a thing as fairness and good will, and this company does not know the meaning of either.

    I just spoke with Payscape’s local customer service representative, and she would not refund any fees to me – except the $5.00 taken out of my account this month. I realize I canceled two months ago, but I have been stewing about this since then, not knowing if I still had any recourse. Their retention department would not help me in October, but I was hoping that the local office would still consider rectifying my situation now. I am a member of our local county Chamber of Commerce where I met my Payscape representative, and I just assumed (wrongly) that this was a decent company. Unfortunately, I’ve learned differently.

    I hope this information helps someone else. I will be lodging a formal complaint with the BBB today.

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  2. Andrew

    This company lies and puts you into a 3 year agreement when you they tell you it is month to month. I highly do not recommend using this company.

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  3. Alan Ferguson

    I own a small business in Birmingham and have been using Payscape Advisors since 2009. I was contacted by a friend whom I trusted about a new company for which he was working. A well respected banker friend of ours suggested that we talk. I agreed to hear his presentation and signed an agreement which had appealing interest rates. I have noticed that there are now many fees and a PCI compliance fee that make the costs out of line when added to the increase in their credit card fees.. I started shopping around and found their rates were much more than some competitors. I talked with the company representative about terminating the agreement and was informed that I had automatically been renewed and it would cost $495 to cease the service. I was not informed of this renewal and was not told of any narrow window of opportunity to stop using their service. Customer service is nonexistent in this company as it took several hours to reach an employee who could stay close enough to his/her phone to answer it. I had been assured that if there were any problems with this company, my friend would straighten them out. This sounds like the old story of “you should lhave been more careful”, but sometimes things evolve into scams and I think this is a perfect example of a lack of ethics in the business world. My friend no longer works for this company and I can guess why. I have talked to several representatives of this company and they reinforce my opinions as they are well versed in their answers because they have heard this story before. I know right from wrong and pursue issues doggedly. You have not heard the last from me. Bad press does not generate repeat business. Dr Alan Lee Ferguson

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  4. Brandie

    When I signed up with Payscape, I did so because my representative was my previous rep from another company. He went on and on about how much better Payscape was and how much lower their rates were. He told us, “If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with Payscape you can cancel at any time as long as you contact me and I will get you out of our contract.” He told us that his former company had to let us out of our contract as long as we found a company that had lower rates. And that this would not be a problem. So we signed our contract and he told us he would send us a copy of our contract in the mail. (which he never did). He told us as long as we got PCI compliant via their website that we couldn’t be charged a PCI compliance fee. WRONG!!! We were charged each month for that fee. I have never received a monthly statement from them either. I have since notified the company about how I was mislead and they were of no help. To cancel I would be charged $495. So I contacted my agent and he conveniently doesn’t remember saying that he would get me out of my contract if I wasn’t satisfied for any reason. I then found another company with cheaper rates and he wouldn’t honor their price because he said “the PCI compliance fee doesn’t count”. So I’m stuck. Other companies rates could be lower and they don’t charge a PCI compliance fee but Payscape doesn’t consider the PCI compliance fee as part of their rates.

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  5. Valeta Pittman

    I switched from my credit card processing company to Payscape Advisors because the son of a good friend of the company called on my business to sell me on the benefits of using his new company. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. The rates seemed attractive but after just a few months I knew I had made a mistake. Some of my transactions were charged a 3% processing fee even though all information they required was entered into the terminal. Payscape also called a customer of mine to verify that a sell was authentic because it was above my limit. The customer called me to say that they acted in a very unprofessional manner and she was hesitant to share information with them When I called the young man who opened up my account and he told me he no longer worked for the company. I understand I have a three year contract with Payscape. I no longer use them as my credit card processing company and have been paying the monthly fees. Today I got my statement with the $124.75 PCI Fee for an account that I never use. This is unethical to the extreme!!!!! I would never advise a business to use this service.

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    1. Valeta Pittman

      As a follow-up to my previous comment, I spoke with a customer service representative today to vent my frustration with having to pay monthly fees and the $124.75 PCI fee on an inactive account. I was told that to cancel the service there is a $495.00 termination fee. I was unaware of this fee as I never received a copy of the contract and I don’t remember the sales representative informing me of this. My contract expires in Dec. 2014 so now I have a choice of paying the termination fee or accumulating monthly service fees until then. I was informed that it would be cheaper to pay the termination fee and the $124.75 PCI is transferrable to a new account that I might recruit. Are you kidding me? I filled out an online survey with my current provider and the PCI fees have been waived. Please be aware that if you want to cancel your account, Payscape needs a closing letter 90 days prior to your contract expiration or your account will automatically be renewed. To the company’s credit, the customer service representative was very nice but I doubt she will remain in that position very long if she has to deal with many customer complaints such as mine. Thank you for the opportunity to vent my frustration with this situation. I hope I have other opportunities to do so.

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  6. Jackie Martin

    I am head of a small nonprofit in Atlanta. I actually went to PayScape to meet with one of their reps because he said the company was active in giving back to the community and may be able to use their network to help me raise some badly needed funds. I left having signed a contract for card processing services. I did not worry because they were telling me what a good deal I was getting. I already had services with PayPal on my website, but they assured me that their services were less expensive and more user friendly.

    I ended up not using the service very much, but the user fee continued to be taken from my account. A few months later I got a call from a representative from a third party company telling me that I owed them $495 because they had unsuccessfully been able to debit a Visa processing fee from my bank account. A processing fee I was unaware of. I received several more phone calls and many letters requesting payment. After I told the representative that I was not going to pay he said he was going to send a report to the credit bureau and hung up on me.

    A few days ago I had $114 debited from my bank account which caused NSF fees to be added to my account. I have requested a copy of my contract but have not yet received it.

    I went to this company hoping to get help and I now find myself and my organization several hundred dollars in the negative. I fully intend to take action, even if it means going to the local media.

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  7. Jackie Lightfoot

    I know a lot of time people only post when there is a problem. Payscape is a great company. They are very honest and up front with you. My fees were lowered considerable. I am so happy with this company. Please do not hesitate to talk to a rep to see if they can lower your rates. I am so glad I did. This is a top notch company with good values and honest people.

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Jackie,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to verify your testimonial. Thanks!

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      1. Jackie Lightfoot

        Bryce Inn, Smiths Grove KY

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  8. Mary Thompson

    I can confirm the complaints are valid. I am in the proess of filing one with the BBB myself. As a new business we decided we needed a less expensive way to process credit card payments. We had Bank of America, but thought the fees were too high. When the payscape representative contacted us, he promised their fees would be much lower and our funds available to us within 24 – 48hours. This was however not the case in our situation, we were getting funded from 48hours to even 5 days later for American Express payments. We only received our Visa and MasterCard funds 48hours after transaction, all others trickled in much later. This was obviously not a good thing for a new business, a delay in receiving working capital. We decided to go back to BOA which was very good about funding us the next day. We were willing to pay the extra for that convenience. To be honest, we really did not save that much with payscape anyway.
    To cancel the account, Payscape charged us $595. We had no idea on signing, we would have to pay such a huge fine to leave. We are also stuck with the machine we leased from them as no other payment processing companies use these machines of theirs!

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    1. Ciara Ryan

      Hi Mary,
      Please contact me directly and I will personally take care of your concerns and issues. We at Payscape Advisors prides ourselves in the products and services that we offer.

      My number is 404-350-6565, ext. 125 and my email address is [email protected]. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that has been caused.

      Thank you
      Ciara Ryan
      Snr. Operations Manager

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  9. Daniel Moore

    I can confirm the claim that canceling is very difficult. When I spoke to someone in their cancellation department I was told that I only had a one month window once every three years that I could act within to close my account. Upon closing, I would be charged a $495 cancellation fee. This is despite being an online vendor with no payment processing equipment provided to us. We never actually used the service but were forced to register when our online invoicing provider got bought out by them.

    I am still at the beginning of this process and am praying that it can be resolved.

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    1. Ciara Ryan

      Hi Daniel,
      I would love to help you. Please contact me directly so I can take care of your account. Ciara – 404-350-6565 ext. 125.

      Since you are a BillingOrchard client you are not responsible for a cancellation fee.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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  10. Shannon

    Be sure you get a copy of the Merchant Credit Card Processing Terms and Conditions. Your signature will indicate you have read a copy of it, but the sales person will conveniently forget to provide it to you unless you ask. It will include additional charges (for example, the $127 annual compliance fee) that is not on the application. You really need to read the fine print with this company.

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    1. Ciara Ryan

      Hi Shannon,

      If there is anything I can do to help you, please give me a call. I am the customer service manager with Payscape Advisors Please forward me your contact information and I can assist you with any questions or concerns you have.

      Please call me directly at 404-350-6565 ext. 125 or email at [email protected].

      Thank you

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  11. Rachael Lawrence

    Hi Kat,
    I would love to help you. I am the customer service department manager for Payscape Advisors. Please forward me your contact information and I’ll take care of everything immediately. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience.

    Payscape is a merchant processing company founded in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, a wide product offering, and competitive rates. Payscape manages over 7000+ clients and has over 150 sales reps across the country. Please go to our website to learn more at, or feel free to call me at 404-350-6565.

    I hope this info helps both Kat and Please contact me directly at [email protected] if I can be of further assistance.

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  12. KAT


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