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Square Logo

Unlike most Square reviews (squareup.com & square.com), this Square Up review primarily covers the topics that matter to most merchants and small business owners rather than Square’s technology. Square is often called “Square up” or “Squareup” because of the domain that Square uses for its website; however, the official name for this company is “Square.” For the purposes of this review, the names will be used interchangeably.

Founded in February of 2009 by Jack Dorsey, who is also the founder of Twitter.com, Square has seen tremendous growth in a very short amount of time. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to the fact that Square has ingeniously broken the mold of credit card processing by removing the traditional barriers-to-entry that restricted processing services to actual businesses and brings credit card acceptance to the individual, or essentially anyone and everyone.

Signing up for the company’s payment processing service is simple: iPhone, iPad, and Android users simply fill out a quick form, download the Square app, and then await the arrival of the Square up reader in the mail. They can also purchase the reader at several nationwide retailers. The Square credit card reader plugs into the headphone jack of the phone or tablet, thereby making it a mobile credit card terminal. In fact, Square’s model has been so successful that it has inspired numerous clones from both big name competitors and fledgling startups.

Other Square Services

Since the launch of its card reader and mobile app, Square has rolled out several other payment services for both business and personal use.

Square RegisterSquare Register is a point-of-sale (POS) system that provides extra features not included in the company’s mobile app, including analytics, sales reporting, staff management, and a customizable item library. The service, which is free to download and optimized for the iPad, also allows merchants to set up loyalty programs and send digital receipts.

Shopping cart with a mouseSquare Market is an online store directory for Square merchants. Merchants with an existing Square account can create an online profile for their store within the Square marketplace for free. They may then sell their products through the Square market for the usual rate of 2.75% per transaction.

Square CashSquare Cash is a direct peer-to-peer cash transfer service that is linked to a user’s debit card. Square Cash sends payments via email and smartphone and allows for free transfers of funds between users. The service is not targeted at business owners, but they may use it to make payments outside of a business setting.

merchant cash advanceSquare Capital is a merchant cash advance program that can be activated from the dashboard in the Square Register. Square Capital allows merchants to receive a large upfront cash amount and then pay that total back to Square over time with a fixed percentage of their daily credit card sales.

Square has also recently launched an order-ahead app called Square Order, an online invoicing feature called Square Invoices, an online scheduler called Square Appointments, and an offline processing mode that enables merchants to capture payments even when their internet is down.

Square Sales and Marketing Tactics | A-

Key Points – Sales & Marketing
Uses independent resellers? No
Promotes deceptive rate quotes? No
Discloses all important terms? No

Square differs greatly from traditional credit card processors in terms of how it markets and sells its service. Where most merchant account providers utilize poorly trained outside independent agents who are focused on setting high fees in exchange for big commissions, Square relies mostly on online marketing and partnerships with retailers and cell phone service providers, most notably partnering with Starbucks in 2012. Nearly all of Square’s customers sign up directly through the homepage of the company’s website or by purchasing a reader at a store with a mail-in rebate covering 100% of the cost. Square has also benefited from an enormous amount of online buzz and word-of-mouth promotion.

Square markets its pricing with a straightforward and easy-to-understand message (covered later in this review); however, the company fails to mention anything about its account cancellation and risk mitigation policies in its marketing materials and advertising placements. These policies have been reported to cause significant problems for many merchants, and some have even complained of large financial losses. Due to the importance of these policies, and the fact that Square allows merchants to run transactions that may trigger account cancellation without any prior warning, many merchants have complained of misleading marketing by the company. Hence, we have lowered Square’s grade in this section to a “A-” rating.

Square Marketing Example

Square Costs & Contract Terms | B+

Key Points – Costs & Contract Terms
Swipe rate: 2.75%
Key-in rate: 3.5% + $0.15
Termination fee: None
Monthly minimum: None

The Good

One of the most appealing aspects of Square is that, unlike traditional credit card processors, Square credit card processing has only one fee: the processing fee of the transaction. There are no other fees that are typical of credit card processing, such as activation fees, monthly fees, gateway fees, PCI Compliance fees, downgrade fees, and early termination fees. Square has no additional monthly fees whatsoever as well as no monthly minimum processing fees or requirements.

Square now offers a single pricing option for all merchants: pay a flat rate of 2.75% for swiped transactions and 3.5% + $0.15 per keyed-in transaction. The company formerly offered a plan that included a flat monthly fee of $275 and 0% on swiped transactions up to $250,000 in processing per year, but this plan was discontinuted as of February 2014.

Although the company’s transaction rate is higher than the “Qualified” rate of most traditional merchant accounts, it is comparable to the “Mid-Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” downgrade surcharges that about 80% of most transactions experience with a traditional merchant account anyway. The rate is, however, much more expensive than a competitive Interchange Pass-through rate pricing plan.

The Not-So-Good

Square does not verify the credit history of its customers prior to approving an account, so it sets a few limitations to avoid potential losses to fraud.

Square states that there is no limit to the amount of money that can be accepted per transaction or per month through its service – which is only partially true. Instead of setting processing limitations and denying transactions once a user reaches a limit (a tactic used by most other providers), the company relies on other methods to mitigate potential losses due to fraud. These methods allow merchants to accept an “unlimited” single transaction amount as well as “unlimited” monthly sales volumes, but with a catch.

Until November 2013, Square placed holds on funds of card-not-present sales for 30 days if more than $2,002 was charged within any rolling seven-day period. This meant that if merchants keyed in $2,100 in sales within a seven-day period (either in a single transaction or in multiple transactions), the extra $98 ($2,100 – $2,002 = $98) would be held by Square for 30 days. This policy generated a lot confusion among users because Square did not provide any warning before the $2,002 limit was reached. Square now claims that merchants can process transactions of any type and any size without having to worry about a processing limit, but this claim is not entirely accurate.


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The primary tactic Square currently uses to limit fraud is much less transparent than its previous rolling reserve policy and is the reason for the company’s low score in this section. Square appears to rely on undisclosed algorithmic “risk factors” to place automatic holds on transactions that it deems suspicious. The system appears to flag a high number of legitimate transactions and can cause serious problems for some merchants. Numerous complaints have surfaced that Square has randomly and without explanation, or notification, placed lengthy holds (exceeding 30 days) on their funds – even with swiped transactions. When a transaction is flagged, Square will either contact the merchant to obtain additional information about the merchant or the transaction, or it will simply deactivate the user’s account. This deactivation allows Square to publicly claim that it does not hold its merchants’ funds because the withheld funds technically belong to “deactivated”Square merchants rather than “active” Square merchants.

Square’s policies regarding fund holding and risk mitigation are very murky and make the service quite risky for higher volume merchants. It appears that the company needs to do a much better job of educating merchants about the types of transactions that could result in account deactivation. This includes issuing a warning prior to letting them run transactions that will be held, notifying when transactions have been held, and communicating with the merchant through the hold process.

In most respects, Square has very favorable pricing and contract terms for merchants. It has a simple signup process, no monthly fees or long-term contracts, and easy-to-understand pricing. However, sudden account deactivation can greatly impact a merchant’s operations, so the grade for this section will not quite enter “A” territory until Square improves its risk mitigation system.

Square Customer Service & Complaints | C

Key Points – Complaints & Service
Total complaints: Over 1,300
Live customer support? Active merchants only
Most common complaint: Fund holds

Another area that Square comes up short in this review is in its customer service. For a company that has only been around for a few years, Square is racking up a lot of complaints (over 1,300 in just our comment section below). The majority of the complaints fall into three areas: virtually nonexistent phone support, misunderstanding and nondisclosure of its former $2,002 card-not-present deposit hold policy, and reports of random fund holding or account deactivation exceeding 30 days with no explanation or communication from Square.

The company appears to rely too heavily on customer service provided by email, its support forum, and social media. This is a big drawback for many business owners, especially for those who are not willing to wait for a response through email, Twitter, or other social media channels. The company does have a newly launched customer support phone number (855-700-6000) that operates from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PDT, but merchants must request and receive a code from this webpage in order to actually reach a representative. Phone support codes are only provided to active Square merchants, meaning that any Square user who has had his or her account deactivated will still be unable to reach the company by phone. It is our position that deactivated merchants are the merchants who have the greatest need for phone support, so this customer support line is only a minor step forward for Square.

Regardless of how they contacted the company, merchants are reporting wait times of several days before getting a response from Square. Numerous users have also reported that Square has failed to respond to their support requests entirely. For many reviewers, it seems inexcusable for a financial services company this large to not have readily available live support for all of its users.

Square could greatly improve its rating in this section by allowing all merchants to access its customer support phone line and by better communicating its hold policies.

Square BBB Report | C*

Key Points – BBB Report
Product/service: 663
Billing/collection: 411
Advertising/sales: 41
Guarantee/warranty: 2
Delivery: 51

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is reporting an “A” rating for Square despite 1,168 complaints filed in the last 36 months. This complaint total is up from 812 complaints as of our January 2014 update and 603 complaints as of our July 2013 update, and has skyrocketed from just a few dozen complaints since we first published this review in April of 2011. Surprisingly, the BBB has also raised Square’s grade from a “B+” in July of 2013 to an “A” despite the rising complaint volume.

Of the complaint total, 663 are regarding problems with service, 411 with billing and collection disputes, 51 with delivery problems, 41 with advertising and sales issues, and two due to a guarantee or warranty issue. Additionally, the report goes on to say that there are three types of common complaints: delays in deposit times, long funding holds ranging from 30-90 days, and difficulty reaching any type of customer support or getting issues escalated to a higher-ranking representative. Square has responded by quoting its Terms of Use policies and referring to the help section of its website. The company has successfully resolved 981 complaints, but 187 complainants reported they were not satisfied with the company’s response.

Due to the company’s high complaint count, rapid growth, and short time in business, we have adjusted its rating to a “C” for the purposes of this review. To learn more about about why we adjust BBB ratings for our scoring purposes, please see our Rating Criteria.

Bottom Line

Square Review

Rated 3.2 out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Updated on 2015-01-01

Square is definitely on the right track with providing an easy credit card processing solution with no long-term commitments and no monthly fees. The service is proving to have some major drawbacks for higher volume merchants, though, because of murky fund holding policies and poor customer support. It appears that Square is best suited for individuals who have an occasional need to accept a credit card payment, such as babysitters and flea market vendors. The service does not appear to suit very well merchants that either have a high volume of credit card sales or that sell high-ticket items.

This review was originally published on 4/28/11 and last updated on 1/1/15.

* Denotes CPO-adjusted BBB score

Leave your review of Square in the comment section below:

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  1. Jared

    After using Square for 4 years, they deactivated my account due to “high risk activity”. I made a larger than normal charge and they sent me an email explaining my account was being investigated. After supplying all of the information they asked for in order to make sure I ran a legitimate business, they deactivated my account. After searching through their legal contract, there is no definition of what “high risk” is. If something is high, then logically, there must be a low…and there is no definition of what “low risk” is either.

    They refuse to explain why my account was deactivated, and upon reading their legal contract, there is a sentence stating something along the lines of, “We can deactivate your account for ANY REASON or NO REASON, anytime we want to.”

    I believe they know what they’re doing, and purposely eliminated their customer service sector because of it.

    This is the worst merchant service company I’ve ever dealt with.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    6 / 7 found this review helpful.
  2. Peter

    I don’t understand most of the reviews I’ve seen, to little is mentioned about the type of transactions and the type of business. Square is meant to be used in a face to face business, where the card is present & signature captured. For all others trying to use it for anything else. Please read the disclosures, terms and conditions. Just look at the videos, face to face, signatures, I process thousands of dollars and ask for signature for even the smallest sale $2. The fraud protection provides @ 90 days for customer to dispute payment…. You are not the customer, you are a service provider… your customer is the person being protected. All I can say is, stop trying to use it for something is not intended, “non face to face businesses” “large transactions”

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    3 / 4 found this review helpful.
    1. Wayne

      I tend to agree with Peter (March 20). We’ve used Square for a long time without any issues for amounts sometimes totaling multiple thousands, and always keyed in, and not face to face.
      We’ve always emailed Square ahead of time to tell them we needed to be upgraded so we could run thousands. We got a confirmation and the money was always deposited to our bank the next day.
      If you’re not something like a tarot card reader or a babysitter trying to run thousands you probably won’t have a problem.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    2. Ruth

      Your comment will yield a lot of angry responses but I also have wondered about this. I have been using Square for 2 1/2 years after being gouged by another company who took at least 25% of my charges. I had no issues at all, after I process the payments, the money is in the account the next day. I’m a small business and set it up so my customers have to sign when they charge 25.00 or more. For me, my single charges are never over 200.00 which I think that it is the niche that this company works best for. The only issue I have is that credit card reader will stop working after a couple of months but I just go to Walgreens or Rite Aid and buy another one. For the savings I’m getting, the 10.00 I have to pay doesn’t bother me. When I contacted Square about the reader issue, they told me to just email them the receipt and they would pay me for the new readers, I just never bothered to do it.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      1 / 2 found this review helpful.
    3. Teresa

      I don’t agree at all and in fact I tend to think that this is not from a real square user. I have had the exact same issue that everyone else had here. The biggest problem is that Square does not have ANY customer service. This is unacceptable no matter how good or bad their service is. When you are handling people’s money and thus their livelihood you better be accessible. Can you imagine your bank not having a customer service number and service reps? No, I didn’t think so.

      I have been in business for 26+ years and have had merchant account services through my bank. I paid a very good rate but there was a monthly service fee for the account. I am an independent consultant and designer and many of my customers paid cash. I decided to try square because (though their fees are high) I figured the ease of use would at least compensate for the monthly fee I would be eliminating. I WAS WRONG!!! I can’t even begin to tell you what a nightmare they were. My bank actually warned me about Square! They said they have had many customers do exactly what I did and lived to regret it. Of course, I thought they just were trying to get me to stay with their merchant account.

      Anyway Square ended up trying to keep $7000 AND charge me 3.75% for no reason. Fortunately my bank helped me out and I recovered my money. These people are frauds, I found a lot about this company, much more than what they want you to know. All I can say is good luck because when (not if) they decide to arbitrarily hold your money you will have no recourse. That is of course assuming you are legit because they do have an army of spammers that create posts like yours to counter all of their bad publicity.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      2 / 2 found this review helpful.
    4. Laura

      I am sure Square has tons of “Reputation Repair” folks out there posting positive reviews trying to cover up the thousands of complaints. If Square is a swipe only $200 or less transaction amount niche company then they should limit their transactions to that and NOT accept card not present or higher transaction amounts. Unfortunately they choose to hide the facts until Merchants have built up thousands of dollars in sales and then POW square freezes those funds! For me they froze over $70,000 in funds and held much of it for over a year. I was able to refund some of the transactions and run them through another processor. The balance they would not allow me to refund, they held for over a year. Even after a year I had to send many e-mails and tweets to get my money back. They are indifferent to the fact that these tactics have ruined many businesses, families and lives. Their practices are abhorrent! It is truly my belief that they do this purposely to profit from the interest on funds held.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      4 / 4 found this review helpful.
    5. Sherri

      We started using Square about a 18 months ago at our local non-profit community theater. Our patrons enjoy the convenience of being able to pay with credit card and the ability to purchase tickets online through the Square Marketplace. We’ve never had any issues with Square and our money has always been deposit the next day. I love the reports and the breakdown they give, pinpointing exactly what areas our sales have been. It’s been a perfect match for us.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  3. Windsor

    I have a square and I have had nothing but trouble with it since I got it. Won’t put money into my account are they are freezing it until I try to reach them. The web-site is down more than up to connect them with a problem. They also don’t supply a phone number to contact them with any issues with the product. This is very frustrating to me since I drive a cab and have know time for this nonsense.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  4. Heather

    At first using square was great. That was until there was a chargeback on my account. I spoke to the patient that questioned the charge and he immediately called his bank to cancel the dispute. I have sent several e-mails on the contact page with no response and finding a number to speak to someone is impossible. They have the worst customer service ever! I spoke again with patient and his bank told him that the funds were released a few days after he spoke with them the first time and the dispute was canceled. Yet over a month later square still has not posted the funds back to my account nor responded to any e-mail. I even filled out two of their chargeback dispute forms and faxed it to them a week apart. It says you will receive a confirmation e-mail when it is received. That didn’t happen either. I have tried to get on the web site to cancel and remove my bank account info, and it wont allow me to. So once they have your account info there is no going back. They can take money out of your account at anytime they choose ( mine was three months later) for any reason and all you get is an e-mail saying they took it. I would be very surprised if I ever get it back.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    2 / 2 found this review helpful.
    1. Marilee

      I have had this same problem…chargeback, contacted customer, she reversed it the next week. This was in mid April, but the original transaction happened in mid February. She told me that she had taken care of it, and I waited awhile, thinking that it took two months for chargeback to happen, so it might take a little time for the refund, although Square assured me they were fighting for me. Right. So, I contacted them last week, and got a reply that the case was resolved in favor of the customer and the case was closed. I told them that the money had been released by Discover Card back to them. After several back and forth emails with pretty much the same answer from them, I was told that I would need a copy of the official letter (in PDF or JPG…really??). So, I obtained a copy which clearly states that the amount was once again charged to the customer’s account, converted it to the format requested, and emailed it all back. Today I received the standard reply, that the case was closed in favor of the customer. They keep telling me I need to contact the customer directly, which of course I have…where the hell do they think I got the document? This is the most frustrating thing I have dealt with in quite awhile. I called the company number, which directs you to their website, where they will gladly take care of my needs. This is not a huge amount, but it is now just the principle and I will keep after them. After reading many of these posts I am feeling fortunate that it isn’t more…I can only imagine what a nightmare it is for some of them.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  5. Peggy

    Square will not give you a phone number to talk to a human. This is a problem when they are holding
    YOUR money. What are they hiding ?

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    1 / 1 found this review helpful.
  6. Kim. B.

    My funds usually deposit Monday morning when a transaction is made on the weekends. This time no funds, I sent an email to the customer service support and received a reference number this morning and no reply. I think that was the last time I will ever use the square. Searching online now for another reader that has a live customer service contact number

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    2 / 2 found this review helpful.
  7. Shaun

    I am a personal trainer. I used square 9-15 times a month for the first 2 months I had them then in January I opened my own gym. And started using square more often never having an issue. When we opened the gym the plan was to start auto billing the eft for march. Well the setup didn’t happen in time and I was in a bad spot so on Monday march 3rd I did the monthly gym charges manually so we could have the funds for rent ect. It ended up being 91 transactions so square notified me by email Tuesday of my account being under review and on temporary hold. I then submitted all the paper work they requested. Then I called them Tuesday just before close of business with my passcode and the gentleman was very weird and didn’t seem to want to talk to me. Then on that evening I recieved a call that I was deactivated due to being high risk and my $1716.20 was going to be held for 90 days until they would deposit in my account. I then spent all of Wednesday in between my busy day searching for a phone number. The email system they have wasn’t working. So on Thursday I decided to try the one number I found for them. And when u call in it loops you back to the message after every time it plays. So I started to play the extension game and after each time you press a button that starts to lead to am extension it would give u a pause. Well 2 hours later I got my first working extension and it went to tech support and I blew that extension up until they called me back and refused to help me. After hanging up on me twice. I then started my mission again. And this time I got to a live person name Shawn. Well after going back and forth he helped me. He worked for the IT department. He seemed impressed at how much effort I put in to getting a hold of a person. Within four minutes of hanging up I had a email that my funds were suddenly released. And then this morning march 7th the funds were in my acct. I would say that yes this was extreme but they had MY money and I needed it. I will never speak a positive word of square ever!! I would say if your in the same situation as me play the same angle I did. It worked. Any questions u can email me. Hope I helped someone.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    3 / 3 found this review helpful.
    1. Rob

      Hi Shaun,

      Any chance you can send me the phone number and extension? I have money held for 90 days and need some answers.

      Thanks Rob

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      1. Gary Cairns

        I would also like that number….Thanks Gary

        Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    2. Michele

      Sean, I am having the same problem. What number and extension did you use? Thanks for the help!

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      1 / 1 found this review helpful.
    3. Lozen

      Wow nice going!!! That’s fantastic… I can’t see why something can’t be done about square… They advertise it loads on tv. Too bad they don’t do it like commercials for medication with all the side effects…

      Square we help grow your business: side effects are we are a bunch of theives that take your money in the night and you won’t ever get anyone to help you…. Something like that… Putting it nicely

      Shaun I’m happy for you…. Would you please post the phone number maybe we some of us can get our money back… Thanks for the glimmer of hope.

      Take care Lozen

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    4. Christie

      Help. Square is holding my money hostage.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      1. Christie Mitchell

        Maybe I should have elaborated on my comment. I am a freelance graphic designer. i have a very small company just starting out. I started using square three months ago. I have ran large transactions through and had no issues. All the sudden my account is deactivated as high risk and now im waiting for 5400 dollars. You may be angry with my post but seriously thats what Square is doing. I have found several lawsuits against Square and have shared my experience with the law firm. I personally dont care what the people have to say on here. I am just expressing my opinion of the company. Thank God we live in a country where i can do that!

        The just of this is you are mistaken if you think Square is not a fraud….because eventually it will happen to you. Wait and see( to all the rude comments I have recieved that “Square is wonderful”…well you will retract that statement when you are in my shoes!) I AM BEING HELD HOSTAGE FOR MY MONEY! That is fact. The customer service should be a clear indication on the shady operations of this company. if they had nothing to hide they would have a help line. Thats just common sense business practices. They are thieves plain and simple. I will be very surprised if I ever see my money.

        To all the people in the same boat as me ….I will share my info as I recieve it from the law firm. There is recourse. Unfortuantly it will not be a speedy process. i dont care! I just want MY HARD EARNED MONEY!


        Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

        3 / 3 found this review helpful.
    5. Paul abbott

      Hello Shaun, same situation. Operate a legitimate auto repair shop and second transaction was held. We all need to use the blow em up approach so this doesn’t happen. If they think I/we are high risk, don’t process any more cards, but to without payment isn’t right! Please send me the number and extension so I can get my money deposited. Thanks

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    6. Mine

      it’s been more than 12 months since $3,600 were held from us, and we are not going anywhere with this.

      Can you pls send or post the number that seemed to work? At this point I’ll try out every
      extension – if it takes me 4 hours.

      I read somewhere on twitter that a customer managed to get someone on the phone and
      threatened with the Attorney General. Her funds were released in a jiffy!

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    7. Nicole

      Can I have your email address square has frozen my funds. I need your help

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  8. kevin stricker

    I verified my bank account several months ago but did no transaction now I have transactions and they want me to verify my account again yet its been 10 days and they have yet to make the required deposits and withdraws necessary to verify my account so they are holding my funds and I have left they many many emails with out even 1 response from them. I am not sure when or if I will ever get my $$ I will be contacting any and everyone I can to hopefully have these crooks stopped they are thieves. please do not use these guys they are the worst of the worst they should be in jail easily the worst company I have ever had the unpleasantry to work with.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    1 / 1 found this review helpful.
    1. Kimberly

      I am in the same situation and its bankrupted my travel agency. I’ve been a travel agent for over 20 years and this company destroyed it within 5 months. They withdrew thousands from my account and then deactivated it saying they were holding the funds for 70 days. Then 90 days, then 180 days….I don’t have the funds and it’s been 5 months almost.

      I’ve contacted the Attorney Generals Office in Ohio, Mike DeWine. They gave me a telephone number that redirected me to go to the website to submit my inquiry. As you all may know from your own experience, you’ll receive the same email over and over and over.

      I’ll add that now I am being sued by several people because their trips were lost, my reputation with my vendors that I have worked with for 20 years … Lost, my health lost and much more.

      Class Action Lawsuit is the only way to pull together and go after them. Please please someone email me, I’d feel so much better if I knew I was not the only one. I’m scared, very scared of these suits. I understand 100% why the clients are doing this but I never stole anyones money, square did.

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      3 / 3 found this review helpful.
  9. Joshua g

    I used square to accept a payment back in June of last year. It was for a balance of $3000. After waiting several days to finally receive payment, the money did get deposited into my account. Approximately 3 months later I received an email informing me the money was being taken back out of my account. Apparently the customer was claiming fraud. Square requested any proof I may have had to defend my case. I emailed copies of receipts and signed thank you card from customer. I then received another email informing me, it might take up to 90 days to argue my claim. Now, in February of the next year square sends me a threat email, demanding payment immediately or face collection agencies! Customer service at its best! Loath not having a person to talk to about the matter.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    1 / 1 found this review helpful.
    1. Kimberly

      They have done major damage to me and I’m now going through an investigation with the Attorney General and the local sheriffs department for fraud because my clients funds were involved. I’m looking at jail time over this and I’m a single mother of a 7 year old daughter. My life has been turned upside down because I’ve tried everything known to get Square to give my money back. It’s a no win situation for me unless I want to go into a class action, which I would but I’ve only had 3 people interested. This is the worse thing I have ever been through in my life. No one, AGs office, BBB or the police believe this is happening to us.

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  10. Remini

    I have been a Square user for several years now, and up until a week ago, if asked about my experience with them, I — like Bruce — would have said Square is ‘a dream to work with.’ But as I have recently learned the hard way, Square is a dream to work with . . . until there is problem. Square may have no early termination fees and no monthly minimums, but it also has no customer service . . . as in zip, zero, zilch, nada, none.

    Oh, sure, Square provides the *illusion* of customer service: You can call its misnomered ‘customer service’ phone number and reach a recorded message that refers you to Square’s online ‘help’ center and then hangs up on you . . . or you can go to the aforementioned online ‘help’ center and find a form that allow you to submit your inquiry / request for help, which will get you an automated email response informing you that your request has been received and will be responded to ‘as soon as possible,’ and then you can wait hopefully by your inbox for days on end awaiting help that may or may not ever come . . . or you can attempt to connect to someone via their Twitter support service and experience radio silence there as well.

    In short, you can expend a lot of energy spinning your wheels, and in the meantime, your problem — which started out as a molehill that might have taken 10 minutes to resolve had you had the opportunity to actually TALK to somebody — is now a true mountain of epic proportions because it has not been dealt with in a timely manner.

    What an interesting business model . . . Square has obviously invested tremendous resources on the advertising/marketing end of things, giving short shrift to — if not completely eliminating — its direct interface with its PAYING clients; instead it publishes a plethora of information on its website addressing frequently asked questions and labels that a ‘support’ center that is intended, apparently, to completely supplant actual communication with its customers. News flash: This is not customer service . . . this is a farce. At best. Beyond that, it is a travesty . . . and totally unconscionable and unethical, if not outright illegal. One only has to read some of the stories below to see how Square’s policy to totally insulate itself from its clientele has caused untold grief and financial mayhem in so many people’s lives.

    I am still waiting for a response from Square on my particular issue . . . and to see what my damages will be at the end of the day. But one thing is certain: I am DONE with Square.

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  11. Max Q

    I have used Square for one year collecting payments for over 100,000 USD.
    In the last few days I couldn’t get payments with Amex and this is causing major problems to my business since my customers are not physically present and I just key-in their card’s info
    Square has a non existent customer service. Sent multiple email and called the USELESS phone # I have found on line. Nothing.
    I will give my 4,000 $ in commissions to some other company this year. It is unacceptable such a poor service especially for a device/system mostly used by small businesses like mine.

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    1. Christie Mitchell


      I just recently started using Square my first payment and guess what account deactivated.
      NO FREEKING REAL HUMAN EVER REACHED! JUST STUPID MESSAGE. Also the 90 days to recieve my funds
      JUNE 10th. I read the fine print and it said nothing about holding my $$$. My customers have both been paid.

      We will see if that happens….. Mean while my business is suffering and my account became over drawn thinking I had threatened to sue and ask for court costs and punitive damages. I also reported to BBB and attorney general in my state and California. I believe if we can join together get a facebook going against them we will find so many people with same stories

      If we can get enough people we can get a lawsuit going. That will show their emails ect. I guarentee some atty would jump at this if we have enough people.


      Ive tried hacking their system (no backdoor I can find. not what you know its who you know!) and have an even better hacker friend (hes really good!). We want to see what info we can get…… Dont erase any contact youve had with Square. We will need that if it goes to court. I dont know but you should mark your day for the first payment due and 90 days if you do recieve answer…We can move from there. Sincerely C Mitchell

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  12. Orlena Lawson

    I requested a square account over 6 months ago. I had to submit documents to verify my business and received a card reader in the mail. I did a transaction to test out the machine and everything was fine. I then used the machine February 11, 2014 and the transaction of $550.00 went through. The funds were supposed to be funding on my account the second business day being that the tranaction took place after 5PM. I received an email on the 12th stating that my account was now permanently deactivated and the funds will be held for 90 days. They stated that I have the option to refund the transaction back to my clients account but when I enter the site to reverse the transaction, they lock me out. There is no contact number where you can directly speak with someone and I keep getting responses that someone will contact me shortly. This is an embarassment to my business and has caused me irreparable damages. Thank God my business is not high risk because I am able to contact all my clients to dispute the charges on their account and submit proof and evidence in support of their disputes. This is deceptive business practices on part of square. This is a nightmare.

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  13. Gary Cairns

    I just got my card reader in October. I own an auto repair business. I rarely get asked to take credit cards and deal in checks or cash. I thought Square would fit my business well. I had a customer who did not have the money available to pay me and wanted to put it on his credit card. I swiped the card and it did not work. I then ran his numbers through. The payment was accepted and I got and e-mail saying so. The amount was for $1808.51 and the amount of $1745.06 would be deposited in my account in the next 2 business days. I was very pleased. The next day as I was getting ready to leave for a weeks vacation I received an e-mail stating the my deposit would not be made for at least 90 days and that they considered my business as a high risk and I could no longer use my credit card reader. The bottom paragraph then stated they did not have to tell me why they consider me a risk. I have no phone number to call………….no phone support…….and they even resist my online attempts to reach them…….can this really be legal?

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    3 / 3 found this review helpful.

    I sell in a farmer’s market and have generally had no problems with square until about a month ago when the hardware stopped working. I have experienced all the same customer service problems that many of you report. It seemed just easier to hand enter the the card numbers until I find a better alternative to this company which I will stop using ASAP. My problem this morning is that when I go to the site to login the link doesn’t seem to work as I’m getting a “web page has expired ” page everytime I try to login. Is any bodu else having that problem and can anybody provide a solution?

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    1. TinyT

      Go buy another card reader. They’re $10. They sometimes fail after a lot of use. As for not being able to access the website, I haven’t had any issues, so I can’t help you there.

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  15. Bruce

    We’ve been using Square for two years with only one issue. We have worn out two card swipers. We click on the link on their website and they send us a new one. They charged us $10.00 to replace the first one, second replacement was free. We had to key in card numbers for a couple of days while we waited for our replacement.

    We run a couple thousand dollars in peak months and have never experienced any of the problems listed above. As a matter of fact, Square has been a dream to work with!

    By comparison, we let one of their competitors (Momentum) talk us into switching to their 4-year contract and it’s been a nightmare! They couldn’t get their swiper to work with our Android and sent us a second unit. It didn’t work either. Then they threatened to charge us “up to” $1,925.00 for the non-working unit if we didn’t return it. That $1,925 unit looked just like the $10 unit from Square and served the same function! We returned both of their units and cancelled the contract within our “free look” period. Six weeks later we are trying to get them to close our account and stop drafting punitive fees from our checking account.

    Square doesn’t have an early termination fee, no monthly minimums, we get two Emails for every transaction. The first shows clearly how much was charged and how much will be deposited. The second confirms that the funds have been deposited into our account. We always know how much money they are holding, and they never hold it longer than what we experience at our bank. Our Momentum experience has soured us on the rest of the card processing industry, we’ll stay a Square customer as long as they don’t become like the rest of the industry!

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  16. Manoel Pereira

    I sign up with them in october of 2013, than i have 3 transaction with them with no problems.On february of 2014 i have two more transactions with them that is when the problem begin. They acepeted the the transaction and they do not deposit the money but they did send me a email asking me now for verification of my account.I did send them all the information that they ask me for and then they decided to close my account because I was a high risk to them, wich is fine with me. What I did not liked was for them to not advised this before the transaction. Now I have create more problems in my company plus they are charge me close to $300,00 for refund fees.Make sure you read every thing before you sing up with them.
    Manoel Pereira

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  17. Darreld Starling

    i accepted charges from amex, a shady customer disputed the charges and they stole my money, i have all the documentation and square will not contact me so i can dispute the charge, they just stole my money out of my account. and i am just out or luck. don’t use them first problem and it will be you that looses their money.

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  18. Stephan Tobin

    I accidentally posted a payment from a new client for several thousands instead of a few hundreds. I received an email from square listing the incorrect amount and immediately attempted to contact them via customer support. I emailed the problem and was told that I would get a quick response. I waited several hours and did not get a response. So I got on their website again and found out I could refund the customer but, when I clicked on the Transaction link, I got the spinning ball. I waited awhile, realized I wasn’t going to be connected and finally gave up. I tried that soon after a few more times. Then when I woke up the next morning I got an email from them indicating they had posted the incorrect amount to my checking account. Minus a $618 fee! This should have been $5.63. I again sent them another email demanding an explanation and was again told, on their website, that I would get a reply soon. It’s now 10 hours later and still no reply.
    I intend contacting the BBB with this complaint and will certainly not use their service again. It’s unbelievable to me how they can get away with this. I’d like some ideas, if there any, about how I can get a refund of this fee. Or what other action I can take.

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    1. Ruth

      This is one of my biggest fears so I always double check when I entered the amount to be charged to the customer. I wasn’t aware that they can still charge you the full 2.75% despite the fact that you cancelled the transaction. Did you cancel the transaction right away after you realized the mistake?

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  19. Stuart Scheinman

    This is a warning to anyone and everyone that is using square or considering using square for merchant services. Please be advised that square is holding $12,000 for transactions that were done in the normal course of our daily business. We processed a transaction for $12,000, the client picked up their merchandise and signed for the merchandise. Square has decided to hold this money even though there are no disputes. After numerous calls and emails, all representatives of square state that they can do whatever they want. According to Ellwood, the last representative I have spoken to, they dont consider this stealing, really ?!? I am seriously considering a class action suit against square. Please advise if any other companies have run into this situation.

    Stuart Scheinman
    Managing Director, Movie Star News
    [Phone number redacted]

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    1. Tasha Harris

      I would be interested in this lawsuit! They are holding 17k in our funds!

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  20. Ashley Mallett

    I just started using Square and I HATE IT! I accepted some credit card payments last weekend and the money never came to my account. Finally I figured out that they are saying it’s not a valid bank account which is hogwash! My account accepts debits AND credits so there’s no reason it’s not a valid account. But fine..I’ll play along and put in a different account. Only the problem is it won’t let me edit my account!! It just keeps rerouting me to the same “verification unsuccessful” message but will never take me to add another account. No one responds to the “online support” and there’s no contact numbers listed online. I had to google Square phone numbers just to get some kind of number. However, those numbers just take you to a freakin messsage that says to go back to the online support (newsflash I’ve already tried that!) and then it hangs up on you! So my money is hanging in limbo somewhere and I can’t access it! That’s MY money. My business..My customers and My customer’s payments to ME! I will NEVER use Square to collect payments again..not a single more swipe! I advise anyone who’s even considering it to use another company!

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  21. debra smallwood

    Square is hold your money with no explanation accept to say my account was deemed high risk.I have been waited 3 months for 1800.00. I am not a wealthy person and I need my money. I was informed by square via email that they were gonna hold any funds in my account for 90 days. I have struggled and waited..the 90 days have passed and still the funds have not been deposited into my account.

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  22. Shane

    Customer support is extremely bad. In the past I have received payments the next day. This time they arbitrary decided to held the funds. They are not a reliable company and they have lost my trust as a company that delivers. In the business community I need to rely on a company that delivers what they say they will do and have some kind of live customer service. Going to look for another source for CC merchants

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    1. Shane

      Update: I made a mistake, it turned out that entered the amount as cash, not as a credit card. They never received the payment. My complaint is still no customer service, it took 4hrs and another set of eyes to discover my mistake. When they did response to my original help request it was three days later. I entered in the payment amount again the day I discovered my mistake and received the money the next day. This whole cycle could have been addressed in a short amount of even with a rapid email response. I wouldn’t be eating crow at this time and time wasted.
      I found my bank offers the same service at the same rate. I would pay $10 a month plus a one time $25 devise fee and 24hr live customer help. Considering what I went through, it is an option I am most likely going to do.

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        Shane how did you change it from cash to credit? I put 2 in 5 days ago as other, and need to change it to credit. Still no response from SUPPORT. I figured maybe I could get some help from you or someone could help me

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        1. Shane

          Nothing was ever deposited to my account. They just sent me a receipt saying it was run as cash. It took another pair of eyes to point out my mistake. The client was never charge because it didn’t take. I called the client and they verified nothing was charged to their account. They check with their bank and no transaction had taken place. I had to run the card again, this time I had to manually entered it due time constraint. I had a very understanding client when I explained the situation. I received the money the next day. If you can check to make sure your clients card wasn’t charged. If it wasn’t,run the card again.

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    Does anyone know the procedures to cancel an account with Square Inc.?
    I am unable to do this thru the icon that was downloaded from the app store.

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    1. Doug

      Just stop using them… there is no contract so there is nothing to cancel. If you fear them taking money out of your account… close the account and open a new one..

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  24. Thuan Nguyen

    My Dealings With Square Support. Start From Bottom To Top.

    Unfortunately our return and refund policy are aligned with VISA’s return and refund policy. Which is any return or refund is to be credited back to it’s original form of payment. I’m unable to issue a return or a refund to a customer who’s payment is not in my possession. Simply put, I can’t return something I don’t have. I do not want those funds to be deposited into my account, because those funds do not belong to me, they belong to my customer. So if you are unable to provide me with a reason to relay back to my customer to excuse you from your choice of response, then I will be withdrawing my involvement in this transaction. I will inform my customer it is no longer in my hands and will be providing my customer your company’s name Square Inc, so that this dispute may be resolved directly between the involved parties; my client and Square Inc. My client will be contacting you directly and your failure to respond or resolve this matter may or may not result in law enforcement recovering missing/stolen funds.

    By the way, you should not assume that people will understand your intention to retain funds, or refusal to return funds for the reason of being unable to. It is an unprofessional response, not to mention your failure to provide a viable solution to resolve a problem that’s a direct result of your dysfunction.

    Sent from my iPad

    On Jan 23, 2014, at 10:34 AM, Square Support Team wrote:

    Hi Thuan,

    Thanks for writing back. We are unable to process this refund, and the funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account.

    If you are able, you may refund your customer outside of Square and then receive the funds in 90 days. Alternatively, you may wait 90 days to receive the deposit.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Square Account Services
    Accepting internet and phone orders? Please take a minute to review leading merchant practices when accepting internet and phone orders.

    JAN 23, 2014 | 06:18PM PST
    That’s hilarious. What is square doing hiring high schoolers? Jesus, that’s okay, I’ll give you another chance, here’s a hint: please refer to the original inquiry at the bottom of the e-mail, and for one million dollars… Is that your final answer?

    Whatever your answer is I would like to take a moment to educate you by providing you an example you can relate to. So Olivia, you owe your friend Griffin money, your too busy so you ask your other friend Dawn to help you return the money. Along the way, Dawn decides she has more important things to do and runs her own errands and forgets about returning your money to Griffin for you. Griffin finally calls you and asks when you will paying him back, You tell him not to worry and that Dawn should be arriving shortly to pay him back on your behalf. The next day you meetup with Dawn and she totally forgot to complete your errand. You ask her if she has returned the money to Griffin for you and she replies oh noooo I was unable to because you didn’t give me enough money to pay him back completely so I didn’t meet him up. Then Dawn tops that off with a, you should probably pay him back yourself with your money and walks off minding her own business without returning the money to you. So Olivia, what would you do in this situation? Obviously you can’t pay Griffin back the money that’s in Dawn’s possession can you?

    Ordinary Guy,

    Thanks for writing in. I took a look at your account and see that we were unable to process this refund due to insufficient funds in your linked bank account.

    If you would still like to refund this payment, you must do so via an alternate payment method, such as cash or check. If you issue a refund outside of Square, we recommend providing your customer a receipt and keeping a copy for your records.

    Please let me know if you have additional questions.

    Square Account Services
    Accepting internet and phone orders? Please take a minute to review leading merchant practices when accepting internet and phone orders.


    Thanks for writing in. I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your email to our Support team. A team member will reach out to you shortly.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Square Account Services
    Accepting internet and phone orders? Please take a minute to review leading merchant practices when accepting internet and phone orders.

    JAN 22, 2014 | 02:24AM PST
    Original message
    Hi just to make sure I prevent you from successfully stealing my customers money, I’ve been informed that I must notify you of any situation changes and in the event you do not return my clients money would you please provide some sort of reason my client needs to initiate a chargeback and is unable to recover their funds
    For your reference this is Case #: 2659903

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    1 / 1 found this review helpful.

    I registered two days ago with square. I have had problems trying to set up and swipe cards. I have sent three emails and the only response is that they will contact me shortly. Shortly is two days ago. I really hate doing business with a company that does not have a phone number for you to talk to someone in tech support. I realize that the registration and the square device is free, however, they will be getting a stipend off each transaction, isn’t that enough for them to offer better customer service?

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  26. Jeff

    WOW at the comments. I thought the Square was a solution to the; annual fees, monthly fees, annual compliance forms and delay in deposits. Our single sales range from $65 to $2000. We settled a batch last Wednesday and it was just deposited today(six days, weekend and holiday), however it should have been there in two.
    We are not a fan of any entity having the ability to reach in to our bank and withdraw funds at will. Isn’t that what invoices are for?
    Thanks for the comments: the negative out weighs the positive, our opinion!

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  27. Francisco

    I sell at flea markets and take square
    I have never had a dispute before and I did with square for 400.00 dollars
    square does not take phone calls only emails
    I did all they ask me to do to prove that the person made the purchase I had the receipt which I resend it and the details of the transaction with the signature
    never got any email back, never got my money I regret to this day to use square, is a one way communication company like Ebay
    I did all they ask me through emails to do and I’m still waiting
    I lost the fur coat and the money thanks to square
    don’t trust this company if you use it, do wherever it takes to protect yourself from people wha knows who easy is to make a false claim with square and get away with it

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  28. Jake

    Please im being honest. don’t go with the square they are crooks. They took all this money out of my checking account. Then I got another business and they deactivated me and kept $700.00 If you know anyone that can help me get it back please email me at [email redacted - reply to comment for communication] thanks so much and don’t let them get your money like they did me.

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  29. Timothy

    Square is a joke. Customer service is non existent. The combination of payng them a fee PLUS a 30 day money hold is a ripoff. Their advertising never mentions the money holds or arcane operating policies. I had several sizeable amounts paid on the same day. I would have preferred not using Square but my customer wanted to pay before year end. Square froze my account. Then via email, Square had the nerve to ask for 3 months of my checking account statements and the contracts with my customer. Then they asked me how I knew my customer! (My customer is a $2 billion dollar/year publically traded company!) It is amazing to me that Square wants to be in this business but can’t seem to understand how to make it work or realize who their customer is. Hint: IT’S ME!. I paid them several thousand dollars in fees this year and yet can only communicate via email with someone who has no sense of business or customer service. Ultimately Square refused the transaction and told me to refund the money. Which I am actually fine with because I don’t have to pay them a big transaction fee and watch them sit on my money for a month or more.
    It reminds me of the old adage, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” Square offers them selves as a great innovator in our quest for a paperless e-commerce world. In reality, they are nothing more than a middle man making up their own rules. Who wouldn’t like to be in the business of getting paid to hold someone’s money for 30 days or more. Pay the extra 0.5% to a traditional card processor and at the least, you’ll get your money instantly. Good riddance Square

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  30. Timothy Walter

    Square has no customer service. Yesterday I received a disputed charge email which stated my customer was disputing a charge and if I wished to respond to the dispute provide invoice and tracking, etc. Within one hour of receiving the email I sent invoice, a fedex tracking number where the product had shipped and I also called my customer who apologized for his oversight in not recognizing the charges and filing the dispute and said he would contact the credit card company immediately. This morning I received another email from square stating they were debiting $1100 from my account, and after checking the bank, they did debit the funds. I called my customer and he reassured me he called the credit card company reversing his claim right after we spoke.

    While it is clear I have no rights and while I think I understand why they debited the funds what really makes me mad is the fact that I have been with them for more than a year consistently running credit cards with no claims, and I don’t have a voice, and further, there is no way to talk to anyone. I have sent three emails with 0 responses. I followed their process to include sending the requested documentation as quickly as anyone could, provided detail and did follow up, but nothing. It will be interesting to so just how quickly this mistake is corrected and they refund “my money” back. I’m not going to hold my breath.

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    1. Mike Cornwell

      I found Square phone # here it is 415-375-3176 hope this help my friend has been trying to get his money from them the last 2 Months. The same e-mail would sent him said that they are look at his account , but all fund have been held from his account.
      I think I want be using their service no more.
      Hope this helps dot

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  31. Denny Kainrath

    I am a new business owner opening a restaurant in August of 2013. I use the Square register and I am completely satisfied with everything involved with the system. The reports are nice, the programming easy, and the customer service is quick. For my business which is typically smaller transaction it works great and the money is in my account within a day or 2. I have read all of the complaints and I am truly sorry for your issues but I am being honest when I say that it is a wonderful tool.

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Denny,

      To authenticate your testimonial, please reply with your business name and location. Thank you!

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    2. Doug

      All is good until you have a problem, get a charge back, someone knows you use square and takes advantage of the chargeback procedures that are in Squares favor then your problem is multiplied 10x as you as a merchant are out those dollars and if you ever get to see those dollars again it will be months as Square HAS NO LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE OR ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE IN regards to merchants at all……………..Dont know what you dont get there tough guy but good luck talking to an e mail when an issue does arise and it will sooner or later!

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      1. Bonnie

        You are so right. I had a charge back two days ago. Thursday Square told me about it and Friday the money was out my bank account. $401.98. I call the girl and told her I was on my way to see my lawyer with my receipt and surveillance tape and for everything that goes overdraft in my account she was getting sued for it. She claim she didn’t do it and call the card bank so now i’m waiting to see if Square going to reverse the transaction. But for Square to not even give you a timely notice to hear your side of review proof is bogus. I will not use this service any longer. I rather deal with PayPal, at least I know my money is secure.

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  32. John Mruskovic

    I keyed in a credit card and did not see it in my bank account yet is this normal?
    This is the first time I have keyed a card in.

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi John, How much was the transaction?

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  33. Dean

    We’ve had no problem with square. But when it comes to bookkeeping it has been a huge problem. They end deposits around 6 PM, but when you get the account activity spreadsheets it shows only the activity for the whole day, so it has been a huge headache trying to figure out which transactions go to which deposit.

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  34. Hector

    I am a new business owner who is trying to get his business off the ground and square up card reading system has been a disaster. This is my second time trying this form of payment system and its been a complete unsatisfactory for both. #1, they hold your money for a good amount of time in the start-up, then they said they have to deactivate my account due to it being “High Risk” as they call it. What is the high risk?? They asked for proof of business asking you a whole bunch of questions to legitimize your business and they still label your account as “High Risk”. Then, on top of that, any payment that you have taken with this system you have to refund to your customer which is so unprofessional to your customers. will not recommend this form of payment for any serious business owners or entrepreneurs who are trying to start their business.

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  35. Ruth Steinberger

    Square creates and holds an account for each card user, whether or not they want an account with their card to be created. Unlike other large vendor services like Amazon or Overstock, you cannot delete an account. You are also not aware that you have used a Square vendor until the transaction has taken place, and then you suddenly get an email from them. If you use and travel with a debit card, this means that at any time, if Square is hacked, you will be a hacking victim. I asked them to delete my account, it cannot be deleted and there is no way to unsubscribe from their e-mail list.
    Essentially, Square is a transaction service that creates an account which you cannot delete and have no say over creating until it is a done deal.
    I would be very happy to join in a legal complaint against Square.

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    1. Ruth

      Are you referring to online purchases? Isn’t this the same thing that all retailed do, don’t they save your credit card information? Target just got hacked and the hackers also have all the information including pins which I think it is even worse. With Square, I only process transaction as credit. I think with all retailers even if you delete the account, the credit card information is already in their system. I have used Square for a year now and had no issues. After I created the account and entered all the required information and processed transactions, the amount was in my account the next day.
      I have been lucky so far, I’m a very small business and process small transactions so this is ideal for me. I hope I don’t have any issues in the future.

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  36. veronica

    Square is a fraudulent company. everyone should stay away from them. They have debited my client’s account on December 11, I still haven’t received the funds. It is impossible to reach anyone from this company.

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  37. Seth

    Recently and without notice, Square froze my account and blocked all deposits for approximately three weeks, holding a significant amount of money which I required access to during a period of expansion in my business.

    I attempted to resolve this by contacting Square customer services, but found that only email was available. When I attempted to contact Square customer service by phone, I was re-routed back to the only option Square provides, which is email.

    I contacted a friend at the Department of Justice who advised me that this is a policy issue that they have heard of before. I was advised to file a complaint with the San Francisco Police, Financial Crimes Division as well as contacting an attorney to discuss potential damages.

    After three days with response from Square, I wrote another letter demanding immediate release of my funds, referencing the above advice and my willingness to pursue all measure of legal remedy as well as sharing my story with contacts in major media both locally and beyond. Less than 15 minutes after posting my email, Square funded the entire amount and stated that no-more holds would be placed on my account.

    Without a change in policy that is both published and made clear to customers, and until this company understands that confidence is best bestowed when “risk management” takes at least an equal place to “customer service and satisfaction” they have lost my, and all my professional contacts business. Too bad too, because they have a really slick service and great potential.

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  38. Willliam

    Does anyone know if you can go to your customer and and have them stop payment so there credit card is refunded and they can pay a different way? Square has held $6600.00 for 17 days now and it has left me in financial ruin. I am a remodeling contractor that has used them for about a year for small transactions this was the first big one. After checking there BBB profile and reading comments here I am highly concerned about getting paid. THIS IS SHOCKING! You think you could trust a company that advertises on national TV.WOW!

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    1. teresa

      William, Yes, go right away to your customer hand have them cancel the transaction. This same thing happened to me with a $7000 transaction for flooring. My client cancelled the charges and I went to his bank and signed a letter stating that I was not going to dispute the action. In fact his banker told me that they have had problems with Square customers before. Once the transaction was cancelled, I had to go to my bank and (unfortunately) had to close my business account and reopen with a new account number. This was somewhat of an inconvenience but worth it in the long run. If you don’t do this Square will still keep a large percentage of your transaction even if you cancelled the transaction.

      I try to warn people whenever I can about using Square and in fact I refuse to do business with any merchant that uses Square unless I they will take cash. Please warn as many people as you can and join the effort to not patronize businesses that use Square. We don’t want to hurt the small businesses but a message needs to be sent.

      I would also post your dissatisfaction directly to their Facebook page as they don’t check postings very often. I know that I have saved several people from being scammed by Square by posting to Twitter and Facebook.

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  39. Tonya

    Square is bad for even small businesses. I learned this week that a transaction that had been handled, just like all of my other transactions, had been voided. I guess there is a void transaction X in corner of the screen, that the customer can hit at the point of signing for their purchase, either on purpose or by accident, that voids the transaction. And since I did not know about it, I was not checking me email immediately after each transaction to make sure it went thru. I am not out a lot of money, but for a small business, every dollar counts. Who would create a mobile credit card processing system that allows customers to void the transaction (after it have been “approved” or “authorized”)??? I have to hand them my phone to sign for the purchase. They can void the transaction instead of sign for it? Hand me back my phone, smile and walk away. Are you kidding me?

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    1. j

      This really does not make any sense, as after a customer signs their name, it goes to the reciept prompt. If that didn’t show up, then it should have triggered you about it.

      With that being said. I’ve been using square for nearly two years now, running a small business. I process small ammounts, about 1-300 a week, with an average sale of $20 and I have never had one problem with square depositing money into any of my accounts.

      My only complaint is the reader is terrible at reading old cards, meaning I have to type in the card and pay the extra percentages, but those rates are still lower than I was paying for my old credit services.

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      1. Ruth

        I used to have a lot of problems with the card reader. I bought 3 of them and after a little while they would stop working. I would have to run it 6-10 times to get it read. Recently I purchased one at Rite Aid and have no issues now. The card is read on usually the first try which makes it much easier for me and my customers. Try purchasing a new reader. If you contact square, they will give you the 10.00 back. I’m also a very small business and had no issues in two years. Love the flat fee and the fact that I don’t have to pay the 100.00 + compliance fee every year. I had another company who was robbing me blind.

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        1. Jen

          You know they are getting rid of the flat fee, right? I was a huge supporter of Square until they got so many of us to switch over by luring us in with the flat fee and their new Square Stand. I pre-ordered the stand, and then saw Best Buy selling them before mine was even shipped. Now they are nearly $200 less, just a few months later. Once everyone converted over to Square due to the flat rate monthly pricing, they pulled the plug on it and now we are all kind of stuck paying the per-transaction fee, just like with every other processing company. It’s total crap, and my opinion of them has totally changed. We, like so many other small businesses, will be almost forced to pay thousands of dollars more a year due to this. I never would have bought the system and invested in it only to pay per transaction pricing, which I was already doing. Square is now a company motivated by greed and has no morals. Sad and pathetic.

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  40. Ken Kloss

    I will never use this “service” again. I had a deposit done on the 5th of December and I still don’t have the money. The complete lack of customer service is atrocious. How can you not respond for days. Completely unexceptable.

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  41. Jim Harrison

    very displeased with the service of the square and thier disclosures of limits and no ability to talk to an individual when needed would not recomend this processing company to anyone

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  42. Sam

    In my opinion, Square Up is a fraudulent company allowed to operate legally! I have a customer whose goods I shipped to Germany, he gave me a deposit via Square Up in September 2013. On December 15, I received an email from them that I have 15 days to prove my case to them. First, they deactivated my account so I cannot send them proof and today the 17th two days after receiving their email I noticed a debit in our account. I contacted my bank, on my way to them with all proof and to informed them that I need not order Square Up to debit my account and demanding they cancel the hold on my account. Everyone needs to do this. The bank on the phone told me that they will proceed with this once it is debited. I am on my way there to make sure that they hear it directly from me …. I did not authorized this debit and they need to cancel it NOW!

    I suggest everyone flood the internet to stay away from Square Up.

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  43. Catherine

    I have a small home based business and I think or thought the square would be a perfect way to add a convenient service to my clients. When I tried to download the app onto my smart phone the first thing that comes up is a list of “App Permissions that the user is required to accept in order to install the register on the phone. The list reads like this” APP permissions- Square register needs access to: Microphone (record audio), your location (through your phone’s GPS), Camera (to take pictures and videos), Phone calls (read phone status and identify-this one actually makes some sense), full network access to my Wi-Fi. At the bottom of the list to the left it says “See all”. When that area is tapped another list surfaces with a list of App permissions that actually makes more sense. Still the requirement is that I allow whoever these people are access to my audio settings, system tools (protected storage), affects battery, all of my applications Network communication (of course to receive internet data, view Wi-Fi connection and network connection, and access to all the accounts on my phone (of course so they kind find the account that is registered with them, but I have no intention of allowing them a general access to my accounts that I manage on my phone. I like the idea of this little CC processor but unless someone is willing to clarify these concerns, which means a real person to talk to I think I will wait until something comes along that doesn’t feel quite so shady.

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    1. Doug

      The hardware issue is the least of your worries with this company have you read the posts!? STAY AWAY from square

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    2. Ellery

      Microphone: needed for reader, it’s how the data is transmitted from swiping the card.
      GPS: Needed for location of transaction, if tax is automatically applied, it pulls from this information.
      Camera: Can use the app to take photos/videos of items being sold.
      Phone calls: (no idea)
      Network access: To transmit purchase data.

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    3. anthony

      I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! SQUARE is a HORRIBLE, unforgivable company. They should be removed from the internet immediately and not allowed to do business. The exact same things happened to me that happened here. SUE SQUARE, CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT – LET’S DO IT NOW.

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      1. Karen

        I will tell EVERYONE I KNOW how horrible Square is! I had a customer request what Square calls a “chargeback” in the amount of $602.97. The company didn’t even ask me about it. They chose to deduct the amount from my checking account! Does this mean that if a customer gets a burr up their butt that they can just lie to Square and automatically get a refund? I have tried calling them, filling out Cancel Account requests, e-mail…..you name it! Square is a crooked company and should be removed from all types of business!

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        4 / 4 found this review helpful.
  44. Henry

    I bought the square stand. It’s a junk. There is no customer service. The program is garbage. I have a Bakery Cafe. It’s wasting time and money. I bought it for $299+tax after a month they are selling it for $99. BestBuy ssell it for $79.

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  45. Richard

    I wish I would have found this article before I signed up with Square. Seemed like a cool and hip company at the beginning, but they are truly misleading with their easy signup policy, only to embarrass you with a client when you need to process a bigger transaction.

    I had a merchant account with Elavon for years with my previous company. That worked great for the many transactions we were doing. Having sold that business, I am now an independent consultant and I thought it would be great to use a card merchant service with a pay-per-use model since I do not expect many credit card transactions. I had two transactions around $500, then about two weeks later, I had a client who wanted to pay by credit card for $2800. It was declined on the first try. Tried a second time, same thing. Went into my account and Square suspended my it, no reason other than they are reviewing my account.

    About an hour later, there was a message on my account as I logged in, that I had been permanently deactivated. Wow!

    I tried to inquire, first by phone (not one to be found), then through their support. My inquiry is clearly attached to an autoresponder which points you to the direction of their legal agreement. I went through it, and really, just as the article indicates, they can terminate for any reason whatsoever.

    To me, this is a company that might work for the small transactions, and not the big ones. Lesson learned on my part. Back to working with more traditional gateways.

    My suggestion is to thoroughly check out Square’s reviews, especially the BBB. There are hundreds of complaints scattered about, and these are initially masked by their own search engine positioning, by likely employing good reputation management experts skilled at burying negative reviews on deeper in the search engines. Do check out BBB.

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  46. Juston Smith

    If you process say for a lemonade stand or baked goods sale, by all means, use square. If you’ve got a company, expenses, bills to pay – stay far away from square. I so wish I had done my homework on this company. I hope they go out of business.

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  47. Sherri

    Square does business incorrectly. They dont even have a good phone line customer service help. Everything is through email. They issue refunds on the drop of a dime just to someone that wants their money back.

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  48. William Johnson

    Having used Square since April 2013 in my business, which is golf cart rentals to the public for driving on the island streets and beaches, I can honestly say I’ve got no complaints. All transactions, including refunds, have been handled quickly and efficiently. Yes, I would recommend Square for low volume businesses and transient vendors,sic flea markets etc.

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  49. Vicky

    I’m having problems with the stand not recognizing the iPad. I have to keep taking it in and out and finally, it will connect. I want to know if this is under warranty. Also, our business uses my personal iPad and I take it home every night. So, it is being replaced each day. Can the USB connection get worn out. We only started using it October 1st.

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  50. Stephen

    We may lose our biggest client because we chose Square Up to process our credit cards.

    Don’t do it, or look for someone else before it’s too late for you, and you experience something like this:

    …So our 10-year-old LLC started using Square Up back in April 2013 when we saw their funds delivery turnaround time and easy mobile app access, and everything seemed to be going well at a pace of ~$6,500 per month in transactions, until…

    …one of our clients needed ~$12,000 in equipment yesterday (December 4) to recover from a fire that has shut their business down until this equipment is replaced, and after approving the transactions where they intended to hold the funds could be held for three days even if we decided to reverse the charges, SquareUp sent us a permanent cancellation email with no explanation.

    Even after visiting the help section of their site, which was only a single point of contact in the form of a help request web page, and explaining our situation with a customer that they had been capturing funds from previously, they simply resent their original communication.

    I don’t know how we are going to get out of the horrible situation that they have put us in, but looking completely unprofessional is just the tip of the iceberg with our client.

    Be smart, and find someone else with a smartphone app to process your cc transactions.

    They didn’t pull this trick on us until we had already processed three transactions totaling ~$12,000 and unless you are able to function without an entire day’s number of transactions, plus the time to find another processor, I would strongly recommend anyone who sees all these frustrated people take a warning.

    …it’s definitely not worth the risk.

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    8 / 8 found this review helpful.
  51. Ruth

    I use Square and love it because of the low costs. I haven’t had any charge backs and I’m a low volume service provider. However, it puzzles me that despite all the complaints, they still have a B+ with the Better Business Bureau. I read the complaints and they are the same, account termination and funds being held for 90 days. There is also a huge amount of advertising on their parts these days. Personally I love the service but it is scary to think that they may terminate the account on one issue if a customer does a charge back. I was paying so much money to standard credit card company and those costs were just outrageous. It really wasn’t worth it for to provide credit card option, Square really helped my business. Maybe Square is best for low volume merchants and service providers.

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  52. Keisha

    I run an online business and sometimes take payments from customers through a square reader. Everything was going great until I had a really good day of sales and square decided to “hold my funds for 90 days” without a valid explanation. This email was sent to me on the day that my deposit was supposed to go on my card:
    Hello ——,

    Our Account Services team has concluded a review of your account and has determined it to be high risk. For security purposes, we have elected to deactivate your Square account. From the date of this letter forward, you will not be able to process credit card transactions using Square.

    To learn more about Square’s Seller Agreement and terminations, please visit: Seller Agreement.

    Any funds currently in your account will be held for 90 days before being released to your linked bank account.

    You may also consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking an alternate form of payment. Please note that we refund all the fees too.

    To refund a payment, please log in to the Square Dashboard on a computer at https://squareup.com/login.

    Navigate to your Payments page.
    Click on the payment you would like to refund, then click ‘Issue Refund’ on the left.
    Enter the reason you are refunding the payment, then click ‘Refund this payment.’
    For security reasons, we cannot divulge the reason for your account termination. We apologize for the inconvenience, but our decision is final.

    Thank you for understanding.


    Square Account Services

    This was sent the following day after I asked exactly why my funds wasn’t released:

    Hello ——,

    Thanks for writing in.

    As stated in the email you received regarding the deactivation of your account, the funds will be held 90 days from the date of the deactivation. Since your account was disabled on November 25th, these funds are due to be released February 23, 2014. Typically funds will be shown in your account the following business day after they have been deposited, but keep in mind that each bank’s policies are different so it may take a little longer. You’ll receive an email as soon these funds have been sent to your bank.

    Alternatively, if you do not wish to wait 90 days for your funds to be deposited, you may consider refunding the payments back to the original cards and seeking an alternate form of payment. Please note, all refunds must be issued within 60 days of the date of the transaction.

    To refund a full payment from your Square dashboard:
    1. Login to your Square account at squareup.com/login from a computer.
    2. Navigate to your Payments page.
    3. Click on the payment you’d like to refund, then click “Issue Refund” on the left.
    4. Enter the reason you’re refunding the payment, then click “Refund this payment.”

    Refunds typically take 2 business days to process but can take up to 7 business days. The full purchase amount, including the fees, is always returned to your customer.


    Square Account Services​

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    1. teresa

      Keisha, chances are you will never get your money. Can you refund the money to your customer and get another form of payment? this happened to me as well but what I did was go to the customer and explain the situation. I asked him to cancel the charge with his bank. I also went to his bank and let them know what was happening. Surprise surprise they had other customers that were having problems with Square! Then I went to my bank and explained the situation and had them close my account and reopen a new one! A LOT of hassle but it was the only way to get rid of Square and keep them from going into my bank account. If you don’t do this Square will not only keep your money but if you process a refund through them you will be charged all of the fees! Your best bet is to try and recoup your money through your customer.

      The next thing you should do is warn everyone you know about Square! Good luck!

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  53. lesa

    Square is a rip off!!! I am a small business that is very new. I started using square until I could get an actual merchant account. Square is currently holding over $3000.00 of my heard earned money even after I received an email stating my account would NOT have any limits or holds. In my own ignorance I ran $3000 in sales after being told there would be No holds or limits. Then the next day I received another email telling me that my funds are now be held for a minimum of 90 days. This is crippling my company. I am going to the attorney generals to file a claim. I’m also interested in a class action against square but not sure where to start. If any one else is interested or knows where to begin for a class action please reply below. By the looks of all the comments I’ve read on the Internet I’m sure there’s more than enough people to start one. Let’s stop this fraudulent activity!!! Even if they have any legitimate reason to hold our money, we should at least earn interest on our money!!! This is bs.

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  54. Pamela Xiong

    ENTIRELY my fault for NOT reading the comments and looking for reviews before setting up with the square! They are holding my funds now because they need to verify my business? I’ve sent them everything I have, and they keep asking for the SAME information!! My client’s products have been shipped out, I’ve paid my vendor for the merchandise, but now I have nearly 5,000 that I can’t have access to for no reason. This is BULL.

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  55. Dave

    I have never had an issue with Square until this weekend. I opened an account for a partner who was working in NY, he made sales using the Square system. I received no email receipts, my money was not deposited into my account…perhaps there is something simple that could fix this issue??? I don’t freaking have a clue….I started emailing Square at 10:00am it’s now 6:09pm and the only thing I have received for 4 emails is an auto response. Not a good way to do business…as a matter of fact it sucks! I do business with several other companies who only answer via email and they get back to me right away if there is a problem…or they call me. Square get an F- for the lack of customer support!

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  56. Denise

    Do not use square!!!!!!! Warning,!! I had a customer do a chargeback on a service they received. I got a email from square saying I had 15 days to respond, guess what they toolkit out the next day. I had checks bouncing and returned, fees all over the place. I would not ever use them again!

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    1. Shirley Lessner

      They did the exact same thing to me. I photographed a persons wedding and after they received the photos, they did a chargeback, I was told I had 15 days to respond, I responded immediately and they still took the money out the next day. It was 1160.00. I am looking into every possible way to file a complaint against square (I even had a signed contract and proof the clients had their photos) This was a serious blow. I a changing credit cards companies.

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      1. melanie

        hello everyone-
        I hope that you read this regarding your charge backs, lack of customer service, and serious woes with Square-
        I used them and loved their service until I received a BS chargeback. It was documented- The customer had a personal issue with me- so he said it was a fraud charge. Totally untrue-
        So- I did the same thing when I received the email and they also too the money out the next business day.
        I was so disappointed-
        But there is only ONE way to insure that they are not in your business anymore-
        You HAVE to change your bank account that they have on file-
        They will NEVER delete your account info do you must do this to insure you do not get charged again and again-
        I told my bank about the “UNauthorized charge” I received from Square – and after they investigated the money was returned to my bank. Then- I told them I had to change my bank account – It had to happen to keep their paws out of my money.
        At that point- I swore to never use them again- Only a REAL Credit Card processing company if I ever should need one in the future-
        I hope that you read this – this is the only way- I am certain that this will be the death of the company and I am glad my bank was so great in aiding me with a real investigation- I never heard another word from Square or the customer-
        Best of luck to you all!

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  57. Tom

    Square is a complete disaster and a rip-off. You would think that a guy who has a net worth of over a BILLION dollars would take the time to ensure that his customers can call a real human for assistance with a problem. Apparently Dorsey is too busy reinventing his bank account (and stealing money from me) to take the time to ensure that the people who make this jerk rich are happy.

    I had one experience with Square and it has been totally unpleasant. Not only does no one respond to my email concerns about my issue, they also apparently do not know how to use a telephone as I have sent in my phone number but no one will respond to me.

    NEVER AGAIN with Square. Jack Dorsey and his company are JOKES. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Jack. You are an embarrassment. Hope you choke on my money.

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  58. Kevin

    DO NOT USE SQUARE. I PERSONALLY KNOW SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT HAVE MONEY BEING HELD BY SQUARE. I had been using Square successfully for over a year. Suddenly without cause or explaination they closed my account and informed me that they would be holding my funds for 45 days. These were swiped transactions and were not contested by the card holder. After 45 days I wrote to Square and asked for my money. They informed me that it would now be 180 days until I would get my money. I filed a report with the BBB. Square responded with a cut and paste response. They never addressed why they committed to release the funds after 45 days and then switched to 180 days. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH SQUARE, FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB. You can do it online. It’s easy.

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    1. Angela

      I had a customer give my husband his AX number for a payment while he was headed out of town September 25th. My husband hand put it in the Square up payment app. Against my begging to go meet with him for physical card. I assumed that is why I got targeted for a 30 day hold. I provided all the items asked for to show a true business. I then got a email for a 60 day hold a along with a closed account for HIGH RISK?? I went thru proper procedures for a refund. Email from Square up said 2-7 days. It has been 15! FRAUD! CRIMINAL. After reading this, I’m worried I wont get my money!

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  59. Laura

    I believe that what this company is doing is CRIMINAL and the State Attorney Should definitely investigate. I mean they held over $70,000 of mine some of it for over a year (I refunded what I could but they would not even allow me to refund all). Now they are paying people in INSTALLMENTS? REALLY!!!! How can they still have a B rating with the BBB? Shows you exactly what they are worth!

    Thank you Phillip for giving their victims a forum.

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  60. Simon

    I left a comment 3 months ago. I’ve been trying to get money from square last 8-9 months. They were holdin more than 12K of my money. They told me i am high-risk customer. Because i dont sell cofee or donuts, they put me in high risk. I process yearly over 500k credit card payment and they think i am high risk?? After sending 30 emails to their customer service, they finally said they will release the money but it will take 20 weeks. They are going to deposit 500 every week !!!! Yeahhh!!

    This company do not know the business. They just know the software and use Chase for their processing. I just closed all my accounts with Chase, this shows how much i hate this company.. There should be civil case for this company.. But i forgot when you open an account you were agree that you will not be able part of that kind of action.. They are really smart!! Their holding cost me over $50K.

    I called all the places mentioned in this blog but i couldnt get anywhere. I will call my local News channel to tell my story. Please you all do the same. If they do not how to do business they shouldnt. They should pay for my loss..

    By the way do not go to their office in San Fransisco You can not pass the security, all they tell you is, there are many people comes here for the same reason (asking about their money) and you can not speak to anyone, you have to leave now or we are going to call police for tresspassing !!! As you can see i tries everything.. Please let me know if there is any civil case open against them.. Good Luck and never USE Square or Chase..

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  61. Corporate Greed at its Finest

    Now that all of us small businesses have built Square up to where they are now, they have decided to dump us by taking away the flat-rate monthly plan option! This was the sole reason many of us switched Square in the first place. We got the Square register, stand, printer, ipad, etc. , and were so excited about a company that seemed to finally “get” small businesses, and understand that we were getting killed by traditional credit card processing companies.

    This week, they notified us that starting in February of next year, they would drop the flat-rate option and make everyone go to their “per swipe” plan of 2.75% per transaction (additional fees for keyed-in cards). That will cost my business between and $300 and $400 ADDITIONAL each month (my fees will go back to where they were with my old processor-between $500-$700 per months). Guess corporate greed finally got the best of them, right? Thanks for screwing over small businesses, Square! I touted your company as one of the best, even with your lack of customer service, the program was simple, the design seemed flawless, and the rates could not be beat by anyone in the industry….guess I was wrong! I HATE YOU SQUARE!!

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  62. tim

    square has held nearly $2k undeposited for nearly 4 weeks.. I cannot get any help.. I leave emails, I have tried to call that 888 number.. NOTHING.. Who can this company be reported to? Do we have to spend money to sue to get OUR OWN money deposited? I dont know what to do… Besides never use square again!

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    1. Doug

      If you read the fine print before running your charges you would have found out that they allow you 250 a week until they get to know you. I went through the same thing when I first started with square. I over ran my charges as well but they did pay 30 days after I had run the charges… I also sent a message to them requesting to increase my limit. Presently I am authorized to run 5,000.00 a week. I have been with them almost three years. I dont like their lack of customer service as well and the inability to void a transaction… but presently if I run credit and stay wthin my limit.. I get paid the following day in full as long as the charges are processed before 5pm

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      1. charles

        You actually can void a transaction. You cannot give a partial refund, which can be a problem if you make a mistake and the customer has left the shop when you discover it. Overall., Square is not a bad system. It just has poor customer service.

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        1. Patti Folkerts

          Actually, Charles, you cannot give a full refund. Square would not refund the customer because of their fees. So they refunded a DIFFERENT customer, transaction 6 weeks old with a lesser payment??

          This place is not to be trusted. It treats OUR money as if it were their own.

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        2. Doug

          Charles I disagree with you. I think you have the information backwards. The only thing I can do is a refund 100% percent which is correct if there was a void option then the customers would never be charged. That would allow me to erase the transaction and running the second time and no one would be charged for the initial incorrect transaction. The problem is the return requires somewhere between 3 to 7 business days to go back into the clients account so I usually end up having to give a cash difference on the spot if by accident I hit the wrong keys and over charged my client. it would not seem fair to have to make a client wait for refund when it was not their fault in the first place. And I agree Square has terrible to nonexistant customer service.

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  63. Bob

    It is a terrible company to deal with. They hold my 12,987 for 8 months and after 10s of e-mail with their F – rated customer service they’ve decided to give my money in 20 weeks installments. 8-9 months + 5 months = 13-14 months to get my money. They hurt my business operation so bad, they actually cost me 5 times more than the amount they were holding. I complaint with any authority you can think of, and couldn’t get anywhere. I read their Merchant Agreement may be 10 times and they are so good to cover all the based you can think of.
    I even went to their main office in San Francisco downtown to speak to someone about my account, I got turned down by security downstairs (they also have security upstairs) and threatened with trespassing charges.
    I could never imagine something like this can happen in the United States. They make their branding – advertising so successful look, nobody really wants to believe you or reluctant to help you. I guess we are entering the new era of doing business in this country. Good Luck to you all for your getting money..

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  64. charles tredway

    why does square not work on lg viper by sprint to swipe transactions

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  65. Maxine Anderson

    Is anyone planning on doing a class action Lawsuit against square? If so I want on the list. I do Property management and tried Square for the first time this summer. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! They say they only charge 2.7%. Guess again. Today is Oct. 18,2013. Still waiting for 1,500.00 since July. I went back through my bank statements from Square and they have skimmed so much money from my account. I am missing over 3,000. NEVER use this company!! I also had a charge back from a renter. Square just took 950.00 out of my account with no warning or explanation what so ever. I have tried to contact them several times to no avail. I had a back and worth with one of their employee’s she was so nasty I could not believe it. She than cancelled my account. I was shocked!! I am in the middle of transactions. I waited about a week than decided to run my personal card to see what would happen. It excepted my card. Not only is this company unethical they lack in people skills. They just down right SUCK and don’t use them. The BBB needs to change their rating to a F-.

    I would appreciate any feed back if anyone is going to sue this Unethical company.

    Thank you for letting me vent!

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  66. Catarina Miller

    Sqaure has absolutely turned my business upside down AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!
    My complaint compared to all of yours is very pitty, Im sorry to hear so many good people are getting frauded out of there HARD EARNED CASH!

    I had a chargeback of $350 from my clients AMEX card. I accecpted the dispute and refunded my client.
    2 weeks later she tells me that AMEX contacted square and that square REFUSED to give her money back!
    After sending all of my proof and documents to my client that I accepted the charge back she finnaly understood and told me about this website!!!! After WEEKS of emailing square representative they FINLLY released her money, and 2 days later guess what…? THEY DEACTIVATED MY ACCOUNT WITH THEM!

    For no reason at all expect “High risk activity” …. I run a business…..people return things…want there money back.. IT HAPPENS! Why did my account have to suffer?!!!!! After being with square for 2 years I never had a problem. As SOON as I had a chargeback, they turned there back on me and left with no explanation and now no way to accept credit cards!!!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!

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    1. kathy

      Do not use square or anyone that has a square account. They took $875 out of my account without my permission and filled a claim with my bank. Three months later the merchant is stating I sent a letter to them stating it was ok to deduct the funds from my account, now having to start all over

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  67. robert

    had a great weekend of sales and look in the bank and no money. Then square says we are canceling your account and will refund my $4758.00 in 150-180 days or longer if they feel the need two. If you do business with them and they feel you are a risk with no explanation of what is considered a risk they will hold your money for 5-6 months. Hope you can afford to gamble if you use square you have no one to blame but yourself. Do business with a real company. There is plenty of other companies that offer better rates.

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  68. nikole

    DO NOT USE SQUARE!!!! I don’t care if it does save you money in the long run its not worth it!! i have been with them since January and they were fine no complaints, up until i had an issue with an un authorized charge back from a delusional customer who felt as though the price was too high for a job i completed and charged him for a month before he disputed it, but any-who the customer DROPPED THE DISPUTE and i actually spoke with the customers credit card company personally (via 3-way call with the credit card company, the crazy customer and my self) and they confirmed that the dispute was reversed/dropped as of 10-6 and further more square “has gotten the funds initially disputed credited back to them”. SO with all that said square is and has been holding my money and telling me (via email of course) that they have not received any documentation that the dispute was dropped!!!!!!!!! are you kidding i spoke with the company myself that dropped the dispute I got the conformation why cant they?????? long story short do not use them you may not have an issue for years but when you have one your on your own!!! we are not talking small things people we are talking these people have your money and you cant get ahold of them or even get a straight answer as to what the f*$ck is going on it sounds like a ponzi scheme to me………….seriously

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  69. Jean

    So glad I didn’t go with square. The main reason was that they have no live customer service. Read some horror stories about square. I’m an artist and do art shows full time. Most of my fellow artist are very happy with square, but if there is problems, ur screwed . I went with flagship which is rated number one. There customer service is really good and they helped me get all set up in the beginning. Pay 7.99 a month plus 1.75 percent or 3% if no swiper is used. Will highly recommend them.

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    1. Sharon

      Jean, have you had problems accessing the RoamPay app to process sales? I’m an artist selling at art fairs on weekends, and during peak afternoon periods, it takes FOREVER to log in, and even longer to actually process a sales transaction. Artists using other devices like Square seem to get instantaneous processing, and I have to apologize to my customers for the long wait to get approval and move through the steps of the process. Just wondering if other RoamPay users have had this problem.

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  70. Bud Haas

    My wife has a cleaning business and on weekends sells jewelry, scarves and purses at craft shows. We have used Square for a couple of years now. At first the money did not get deposited and we sent an email. I had not properly linked up our bank account to Square. Once I took care of that little detail, every penny we had coming was deposited into our account. We did two craft shows this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I checked today, Tuesday, and all of the charges made had been deposited. We ran some cards through and keyed some in. All were deposited. The only problem we have ever had is the reader sometimes doesn’t work so well. The original one always worked great but the second one came from Wal Mart and that one sometimes is stubborn. Count us lucky or blessed but Square has been working great for us.

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    1. Ruth

      I have a small business and my charges are usually small so this company has been perfect for me also. Like you, the only issue I have is with the reader. I changed it three times and it is still giving me problems. I have to swipe the card several times but sometimes it works on the first try, it is not very reliable. I haven’t had any issues with the funds being deposited in my account since I signed up with them. I was paying ridiculous fees with another traditional company so this company actually saved me a lot of money. I think they just grew too quickly and can’t handle the large volume retailers or sellers. Hopefully they will get their act together because it can actually save people a lot of money.

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  71. Iesha

    Square has been holding my deposit since April can’t reach a real person and they won’t even respond

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  72. Bryan

    Square has no customer service, if I ran my company like they do I would be out of business. I guess there great if you never have to reach anyone or if there is never a technical clitch but unfortunately I’m dealing with one right now and they have no one to speak to, no one to email basically no one!!

    This company is the worst! hands down the worst! obviously ran by the laziest person and you can be assured that I will not only drop this app for another I will tell every person that will listen my experience

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  73. Dawn Gunn (Dawn's Whimsy

    I Don’t make much money at my business so far, but what little I make square takes it !!!! On 8/16/13 square kept 115.43 (which is in my history account) they said they sent but they never did!!! Today I found out they are only sending me the money I collected Saturday But they kept the money I collected Friday!!! THIS is CHUMP Change compared to the other comments!!!!THEY ARE DETROYING a potentially great business ( SQUARE) OVER CHUMP CHANGE?????

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  74. Marchelle

    I am writing, I need help with a transaction I did on Oct. 3, 2013 $5,389.00 with Square Reader. I processed my Aunt’s Funeral Payment for her burial, as of this day, Oct. 14, 2013 I haven’t received the money for her funeral. I need HELP our family needs closure.

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    1. Robert

      Not clear whether you are a legitimate merchant with a real brick-and-morter location (funeral home) or an individual who wanted to process cards for some other reason. The card agreement prohibits you from processing your own cards. Also, your card processing history means a lot. If this is your first experience and you processed your first card at a $5000 total, you may well wait a while for your funds. Ask yourself, under the same circumstances would you fund such a transaction with your own money?

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  75. William Cooper

    I likewise fell victim to the Square holding or at this point “Taking” $2500 of my money. Back in April 2013 I sold a customer furniture in which he paid with Visa Gift cards. The total was greater than the allottted $2001 (which I was not aware of at the time). As of today 10/14 /2013, greater than 6 months since the transaction, Square has yet to refund the money to my account. Of course there isnt any customer service available to help. I feel robbed, and it seems there is little that can be done about it. It seems implausable that a financial company exists that is able to operate in this manner. If anyone has gotten any help in a similar situation,please, please let me know how you managed to correct this injustice.

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  76. Antoinette

    Contact Telephone Number For Square & Email Address For Their Attorney.

    Daily I receive email from this website since I made my first comment on this forum back on May 22, 2013, about people having problems dealing with Square. Anyway I went back and found a contact number for Square which is (415) 375-3176. Go to this link and you will find their attorney’s name and address and his email address with telephone number: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/87940

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  77. Curtis Frison

    I have been using square for a couple of years now, and just recently my business started booming. So I take deposits over the phone and the customer pays the balance when their carport or garage is finished. I have never had a charge back or returned money.
    Square raised my keyed in amount to $10,003 in a seven day period, but they are still holding money. They are holding $5500, so I can’t order the product for the customer. I have sent square about 10 emails, and says they will get back to me in 1-2 business days its been over a week. No way to call them, they have the worst customer service I have ever had. Don’t use SQUARE it will cause you nothing but grief. I have paid them a lot of money over the years and they don’t care.

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  78. Patti Folkerts


    I just sent them this message through a form generated on their website because there is NO WAY to contact them directly:

    I took a payment by Square. YOU refused it.
    So I tried breaking it down into 2 smaller payments ($2000 and $1695) YOU refused the $2000 payment and accepted the $1695 payment.
    Since YOU REFUSED the full payment from the customer, I requested it to be refunded. YOU REFUSED to refund the payment. INSTEAD you REFUNDED ANOTHER CUSTOMER in the amount of $1100. What on earth??? You EVENTUALLY sent us $564.

    Now since you had refused payments and REFUNDED THE WRONG PERSON, I told the customer to cancel it. Now you are threatening to steal $1695 out of my bank account!! AND THERE IS NO WAY OF CONTACTING YOU!!!! You send me a threatening email with NO REPLY. What kind of shady operation are you running that you can wreak such havoc over one’s finances and be completely unavailable???

    Your representative needs to contact me ASAP. I am reporting you to the Better Business Bureau and the FTC and the FDIC.

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    1. teresa

      Did you see the post with Sqaure’s attorney information? I would also go to their page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/square and let them know what you think. They rarely check it (SURPRISE) and I have posts warning people still up there!

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  79. Connie Burke

    Been using square 2 years with no problems all the sudden 2 days ago no deposits to my account will not respond to my emails. I have a small pet grooming business my biggest transaction 200.00 once in a great while. Someone needs to do something. won’t use anymore can’t be trusted and I use to rave about them.

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  80. Dani

    This company is absolutely horrible. They are holding our money right now and say they can’t verify our bank account which is ridiculous. I called the bank and they say Square hasn’t even tried to verify at all. The only way to contact them is via email and they only reply with form letters saying that we need to give them a different bank account because they cant verify it. I am so sick and tired of dealing with this company. How can a company run like this and not get shut down? They’re basically stealing from people. How am I supposed to get the money that I worked for from this company? So beyond frustrated!!! Don’t give this company business!!

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  81. Jim

    I love Square!!! I process 30-40 credit cards per day in a coffee shop. I always have my money by the next day when the bank opens. I give this review a C- for one big reason. It doesn’t explain how the great POS app for iPad is free and extensive even rivaling those you would pay $1500 for. (to be fair, even Square doesn’t promote this great feature)
    As for customer service, I agree Square customer service is practically nonexistent but then I consider this a small price to pay for all the convenience & cost savings over standard card processors.
    I estimate the “real” fee I was paying after factoring in all the fees for statements, batch, etc., to be 6-7% so I have saved a bundle.
    I process very few “card not present” transactions so can’t comment on this aspect.
    Definitely a great program for small business!

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  82. Scott Harris

    Email response to Square

    Reed, I hope you share this with others at your company.

    I get no less than 3 calls a day from companies asking me if I would take the time to sit down and look at their merchant services programs. They’re all sure they can save me money. For the last year, while spending no less than $2800 in fees with Square, I have told them all I was happy with the program I had.

    Since I have been a Square customer, I have required little assistance processing payments. For the most part, your program works; but when your customers need help, far as I can tell, it SUCKS!!

    After several failed attempts to get help, or even a call, I decided to try something different. Intuit.

    Intuit answered the phone after the second ring and after pushing a button or two, I was talking to a real person. They verified they had phone support and after I explained what was going on with square, they seemed surprised something so simple wasn’t possible to resolve.

    I signed up for service with Intuit in about 5 minutes and after waiting a 24 hour period for American Express to approve and setup my merchant account, I was able to accomplish with Intuit what I couldn’t do with Square….NO assistance even needed. My transaction came back “declined” just as it had with Square, only this time with Intuit, I was able to key in the Manual authorization code American Express had provided.

    Best thing of all; looks like I’m going to save a substantial amount by switching. So thanks. In the end, you really did help me out when I needed it the most.


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  83. Philip Holsworth

    Add me to the unhappy business owners who are more than frustrated with Square’s lack of customer service.

    I was unable to process a $1,470 sale yesterday because Square has added a new feature to their Android app that incests on having me set up categories for my charges. I only do one thing. I don’t need categories! Just let me charge as I have before!

    Think I can talk to someone to get this straightened out? No way. Do you think I’m going to tell a lot of folks about my experience? you bet!

    I signed up for Pay Anywhere today. It was simple and easy. Bye, bye Square.

    Thank you for your great and very informative reviews. They helped a lot!

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    1. jen

      Hello… How did you close square account…

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      1. Robert

        You close your account by contacting your bank and informing them to not allow Square to have any access to your account. If they balk, withdraw all your money first, then close the account. You can’t close your Square account, per se. But when you no longer use Square they will close it for you.

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  84. Denny

    Do not use them. They have no one on one customer service. They do not answer online questions correctly. We had used them for about one year and the best I can say is that we are glad to be rid of them.

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  85. Laurie Spry

    I know what you all are talking about and feel fort all of you. I have been trying for the last week and a half to get square to get my bank account straightened out so the funds thy have pending can bee deposited into my account and they keep telling me to repeat the process and link my bank account(which has been done numerous times). I have sent them e-mail after e-mail account about the funds they are pretty much holding hostage. I have broken down and listed each transaction by date, time and amount of each transaction which was swiped and they still refuse to do anything about it. Their favorite saying is “:It can take anywhere from 3-5 Business days to verify your account.” When asked if they had a phone number they replied they are not set up to take phone calls. Today I found out they lied, they DO HAVE A NUMBER.
    Square is holding $229.00 of mine hostage. Square in my opinion is the WORST company I have EVER had to deal with. I think square should be made to shut their doors so no one else will fall victim to them and their scams.
    I feel Square is one of the biggest scam to ever focus on the market.

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    1. Rick

      Square held my funds the first time I used the service and that was enough for me. I dumped Square over a year ago and my bank had me complete some paperwork actually blocking Square from accessing my account. I switched to Intuit GoPayment and they are great. They have real life customer service that actually knows what they are doing. I have since added PayPal Here as well. I already had a regular merchant account so I can use the Authorize.net virtual terminal but they are a little high with all their fees. In fact, yesterday I signed up with PNC to switch the processing to them and lowered my fees significantly.

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  86. Donna Pfeifer

    So far, I have reported them to:

    Better Business Bureau – Square responded with basically the same email they sent me

    Federal Trade Commission – heard nothing back

    Florida Attorney General – helpful – they recommended the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    California Attorney General – they responded that they don’t care about business problems

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – they forwarded it to, the FTC and are entering Square into their system to process the complaint

    Kim Komando – she recommended them in the first place so I thought she should know

    President Obama – via the email President Obama link – yeah, I know, but it felt good

    For the record, the “for the people” people are NOT for the people

    I don’t really expect anyone to care but my goal is to file two new complaints a week until I get my much needed money deposited into my account.

    Good luck to you all in getting justice.

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    1. Donna P

      I posted on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon. Surprisingly, it was still up this morning. Maybe they don’t monitor it on weekends.

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  87. Teresa

    I had the very same problems 2 years ago and I have been trying to warn people ever since. I tracked down the founder through Twitter and believe me he is a jackass! He doesn’t like negative publicity on his Twitter feed. Richard Branson is also a large investor n Square. I’m sure he might take notice if everybody bombards his Twitter feed as well. Absent of all that, there has to be some way to start a class action suit against Square. Are there any lawyers out there? And at the very least, copy the URL of this forum and post in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and everywhere else you can. It’s the only way to stop this rip off company!!!!

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  88. Kevin James

    DO NOT EVER OPEN A SQUARE ACCOUNT. They are currently holding over 5K of my money. They issued approval codes and then closed my account and are holding the funds. No explanation given. I have been doing business with them for over a year, have never had a chargeback and processed over 30K in transactions. Will not answer emails. Cannot be reached by phone.

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  89. Lynki

    Square card reader is a bunch of rip-off artists. If you are thinking about getting one of these, DON’T! If you have a problem with it, there is no way of talking with anyone at the company to resolve your problem- they permenantly deactivated giving absolutely NO notice, or explaination and the funds would not be released for 180 days (6 months) they would only be refunded to the card on which the purchase was made. Then they wanted a reason WHY- the customer is GONE with the merchandise, so you’re basicly SCREWED out the funds for 6 months while SQUARE has it in a account making interest off it.

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  90. Ruth Garren

    We have a vacation home in Florida. The property manager hasn’t been paying us regularly. He blames Square for holding the funds because he was taking the info over the phone instead of swiping the card. (We have yet to be paid for July and this is Sept. 9). I thought he was committing fraud, but after reading the comments here, I’m thinking it’s Square that’s committing fraud. Needless to say, he is changing credit companies. Too bad he didn’t do it sooner.

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    1. Laura

      Hi Ruth,

      So sorry to hear this but, rest assured, this company is a complete mess. We have a vacation rental management company as well and they held over $50,000. They finally paid us after a full year and hundreds of unanswered calls and e-mails. I even contacted Jack Dempsey, the idiot owner, on his twitter and facebook page. (No answer, of course). I believe they are holding funds for profit……file a complaint with the ftc and attorney general ………they won’t do anything unless the have thousands of complaints.

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    2. Doug

      Report square to the local Better Business Bureau in which its office is, I did this months ago after getting jerked around by square for a few months on a charge back issue that was refunded by Amex but Square never put the money back in my account. The complaint resulted in the refund. Company sucks no customer service and they could care less about their users

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      1. Angela

        I have had this same issue with Square, and more recently they rejected a refund (without any notice to me) that I issued for my 85 year old customer making it look like I am trying to take advantage of her. She is telling me to refund payment but I have not received payment from square they are just holding it and not responding to anything I do. So now I am stuck paying my customer for work that was performed and completed, that she was originally happy with, but Square has single-handedly ruined my business and my relationship with my customer with no explanation as to why. I am furious and will NEVER use them again and I will make every effort to let people know how shady their business practices are. Apparently the founder and investors have no ethics whatsoever. They are ruining lives all to hold money in their account that they did not earn.

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  91. Rose

    We use Square for our processing two days per week in a retail setting, always swiping through the card reader. We have used their service for a few months now and up until 3 weeks ago, had no problems. The charges in this instance appeared on our smartphone, but not on the computer dashboard area. We contacted Square via email several times to notify them of this and got no response. Then the data disappeared from the smartphone and Square is now saying they do not have any record of any charges during that two day period. I have no other backup information; being new at this I didn’t even think of emailing myself the receipts until I saw it in this forum. I can’t imagine they would not do data retrieval – originally they said they would be depositing the funds (they originally could see it) now, since it has disappeared they apparently are not going to do anything. It is in the amount of $1600, all small amounts.
    Any suggestions? We tried calling the phone numbers found in this forum and did not get a live person, only a loop – then they hang up on you. Not good.

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    1. Doug

      Report them to the local BBB i did this after months of getting jerked around by them and finally got the money back in my account. Company sucks no customer service

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  92. melanie

    Here is the worst part-
    They will NOT allow you to remove your current bank account information-
    You have to change your ENTIRE bank account info because they will continue to have that info and there is apparently no limit on a CC dispute by anyone who claims a chargeback- it could happen at any time!!!
    In my case- I have emails and texts confirming the use of the clients card- but after a personal fall out with the client- 3 MONTHS later – he claimed I had committed fraud. Unreal! But I thought it would be easily solved with all of my proof.
    So I sent all this info via the questionnaire. They sent an email back within 8 hours saying they were taking the funds- I could not believe it. I tried to call. LOL- that was a mind blow.

    I am disputing the unauthorized charge from Square with my bank – and in the meantime- since I cannot remove my account off their site-
    which is insane to me..
    I had my checking account closed and opened a new one.
    Worst experience….. when I needed to talk to someone- no one EVER answered.
    So now- I only use check or cash.
    I would never commit fraud- so the fact that it is even on record somewhere that I did- is infuriating to me.

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    1. JJ

      Square was a great invention untill one day I noticed $300 were charged from my account to square.
      I asked us Ok what’s happening here??
      They replied that one of my client bought me a jewelry product weeks ago and wanted to get refunded.
      I then asked them back, what’s wrong with that person? She had my email address. I never once received any email from her and now, ONE month later, she wants a refund without contacting me? How normal is this?
      Her reason was that she forgot that she was allergic to sterling silver….
      It’s like going surfing forgetting you don’t know how to swim….
      I explained everything with proofs to Square services and told me they would contact me in no more than 60 days , time for them to get all the info and take the decision.
      Couple weeks later I sent another email. They told me to wait some more and they’ll contact me.
      I’ve NEVER ever been contacted by them and finally I emailed them and they told me ow well the bank solved the case, she’s being refunded so we cannot do anything anymore. If i want to go further I need to see with the bank….
      In final, Square allowed this person to litteraly steal my $300 piece of jewelry I spent a whole day to make….THank you Square…

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  93. Linda Bardell

    I received a call from a customer, that her CC was tapped 5 times for the one transaction, amounting to $2500 total. I was appalled….since I received none of the $$$$$. Square will not answer my question as to why they continued to charge even one amount, when it did not show up on mine and why they put through any amount to a customer bank. It may be terminology–lack of direct phone support—whatever it is, I would like to know if ALL “Declined” cards transactions are still forwarded to the bank as though they are BonaFide charges. Square is telling me that one of more of the “numbers” was keyed in wrong……If so , why was my customer charged 5 times????? I will print all of the correspondence I have had with Square, and forward it on to my customer…..to clear my name of trying to commit fraud. Bottom Line: as of this date, I have not received any money and my customer needed to DC her CC account and create a new CC account, causing great inconvenience.

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  94. David T.

    I wish I had researched square before I signed up for it. Probably the absolute worse experience of customer service and decision making I have ever seen in my life and I’ve been around for a few years . As a business operator who deals with customers every day, I have now seen the bottom of the barrel by seeing how square handles customers and complaints and makes decisions. All I can say is WHAT A JOKE. Luckily my relationship with square only lasted a month at best, however they’re holding 800.00 of my money until THANKSGIVING !!!!! Now correct me if I’m wrong but don’t merchants accept credit cards because they’re supposed to be safe and fast? Yet square deems it necessary to put a 90 day hold and tell me that I’m a high risk and refuses to tell me how they came about their decision. Just a matter of time before I’m part od a class action suit with them or better yet…..I’ll probably see them on the I team being taken out of their office by the Feds in cuffs. BAD JOB SQUARE.

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  95. William Greenwood

    F rating, for Fraud, Square disputed a $900 sale out of about $3600 submitted from a show in Philadelphia, they held the funds in “My Merch. Acct.” for thirty days and then supposedly returned it to the customer, all of this without any verification. They refused to supply me with any collected data on the sale, so that I could question American Express or my customer. To date I’m out an expensive necklace and $900.
    Square says in one email, dated July 2, they contacted customer and gave him my contact info, as listed on my Square Merchant page. No big surprise , I haven’t heard from him, and don’t know if any of this is true.

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  96. Michael

    I have a limousine service in NYCity.
    It was a job driving a client from midtown Manhattan to LaGuardia airport Marriott hotel, around 11:30 pm.
    Client paid $65 + $9.75 tip Total was $74.75
    Month and half later they send me charge back for $ 72.69, no explanation it all, Why?!!!
    I have a receipt and signature on it, and it was swiped on Iphone app. on a front of a client!
    Most annoying and disturbing part of all, they have NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHAT SO EVER!
    No body to talk to striating this out! NO PHONE NUMBERS TO CALL!!!
    What kind of business they run?
    Services were provided and I don’t get paid for it?!!!
    Working for free?!!!
    Square is total unconfident and worst kind of customer support I ever encounter.
    Stay a way from SQAURE!

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  97. Margie

    Square up has very poor technical support and NO phone number for help. They do it all through email and request security information that can be hacked with the potential of identity theft. I have had my identity ‘thieved’ once this year which makes me skeptical. Also, I cannot log in to my Square account on my computer, which means I can’t access spread sheets. I have to have those for tax records.
    The reader is easy to use which to this point is the only upside I can see.

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  98. Donna Pfeifer

    Here is a copy of the complaint I filed with the BBB. They have since responded with text almost identical to the email they sent me to advise of their action in the first place. In other words, no real response at all.

    Square closed my account with no reason given-funds held for 90 days.

    I first used Square on February 19, 2013, and have been using them since with no charge backs or other issues. As my business is growing steadily, I applied for an increase to the keyed in limit for transactions on August 1, 2013. On August 02, 2013 I was informed that my account had been judged to be “high risk” and my account had been closed. In addition, they were going to hold my transaction of $1060.94 for 90 days.

    I accept that they have the right to terminate for any or no reason as that is in the user agreement. However, I do NOT accept that they can hold my money for 90 days without prior notice. There is nothing in the user agreement that mentions a holding period of 90 days for ANY reason, I have never had a chargeback and this is a repeat customer that has charged with them many times. Their theft of my money which I placed in good faith with them will result in a financial hardship for my relatively new company. It is unacceptable when I have done nothing wrong.

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  99. SD

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SQUARE! I am a small business and have NEVER had a dispute or charge back in 3 years I have been accepting cards. I used to be with Merchant Warehouse… but Square seemed ‘new and cool’… I closed my Merchant account and went with Square. THE WORST… AND ONLY MISTAKE I HAVE MADE WITH MY BUSINESS! They happily take your money after you sign up on their ‘ever-so-sexy’ website… but then it’s like talking to a brick wall! I simply have questions… no disputes… and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get these people to call you or to get in touch with them. IT’S LIKE DEALING WITH SOME COMPANY IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY! Heck… at this point I’d be ecstatic speaking to a human being in a call center in Bangladesh! Their service is DISGUSTING! i AM ABOUT TO CLOSE MY SQUAREUP ACCOUNT AND GO BACK TO Merchant Warehouse. Today is 8/20/2013… I just emailed them. And I’m going to call Merchant Warehouse tomorrow to reopen my account…

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  100. caroline

    These guys are crooks. Becuase you cannot resolve anything through email and speak to a live person I would HIGHLY recommend not using this service!

    VERY UNFAIR Business practices, and another example of big business stepping on top of the little guys to make a buck!

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  101. vitaly

    This company is a scam. We are a small business. Started to try Square a few months ago. They started a chargeback for a legiticate job. We emailed signed bill of lading receipt from customer, spoke with customer who did not authorize it (this happened on a friday afternoon) and monday morning they are trying to charge us back. No customer service, no phone number no business representative we could contact. It’s outrageous system.

    Do NOT use. Rather pay pennies more for better more secure service from other merchant service

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  102. Diane

    After 14 months of using Square I continue to love it and have not had one issue. I own a store and swipe cards everyday it is a blessing to me to only pay 2.75% with no additional fees. I love the way my sales are tracked on the web site. In the past I have used 4 other credit card processors and felt nothing but RIPPED OFF by each one. They all promised a great rate and then add additional fees depending on the credit card, batch fees, statement fee… Square is the only company that doesn’t do this.
    I’m sticking with it.

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    1. Phillip Parker

      Hi Diane,

      In order to authenticate your testimonials, please reply to this comment with your business name and location. Thanks!

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    2. RHONDA

      I suggest that you trust but verify. The manager gets email verification of funds that are held. I know because I have gotten those emails. The property manager should be willing to forward that information showing the dollars amount and payor and when the funds are expected. If he is unwilling to forward that information, I would seek alternative resolution. I have not had funds held since about the 2nd or 3rd transaction. Mine are over 2 to 7000.00. Good luck.

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    3. Ruth

      I have a small business and I have been using Square for a year and had no issues. The average charge at my store is between $10 and 30.00 so I think it is the reason that I had no problems. I think the issues arise when the charges are over 100.00 or more. As a very small business, this company is great because I really couldn’t afford the fees charged by the traditional credit card company. The only complain that I have about this company is that the reader sometimes doesn’t work so you have to swipe the card a few times.

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  103. tam

    Square sounds like a nightmare, with all these complaints and to NEVER to be able to reach a customer service Rep, is ridiculous, I can’t even find a phone number to call.

    Any company that runs without customer support and can not provide customer service by telephone and deals with the most integral part of our business (our finances and funds) should be SHUT DOWN!!

    Everything today is electronic, there is no reason for it to take 3 or more days for funds to hit my account.

    I am switching as soon as I can.


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    1. Wayne

      For the funds to take 3 days to reach your account is strange. We’ve been using Square for well over a year. When we take in a payment (keyed in always) in an afternoon the funds are always in our account the next morning. We take in payments nearly every day and the only issue we’ve had with Square was getting them to raise our daily transaction limit, but that only took an email and it was done.

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  104. Jan Esposito

    I have never done business with any company that does not have customer support. I emailed them and received a response that doesn’t have anything to do with my question. I have never heard of a company where no matter what you do, you can not SPEAK to ANYONE, that is ridiculous. Money was taken out of my account for no reason, the customer did not dispute the charge. Her credit card company has told her a few times that the money was returned to my account but The Square has not put it back in. It is a lot of aggravation for me and my customer. I will be looking for another company.

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  105. Rod David

    Do not use Square! My experience with them is an unmitigated disaster. Square do not even follow its own policies.
    I did not realize that Square placed holds on funds above $2,002 for credit cards that are not swiped and over the course of two months I processed $35,000 of transactions by keying in the credit card numbers of the customers from forms that the customers had filled in and signed. Square notified me that they were going to withhold the funds for 30 days before they would release them. Square then emailed me and required me to fill out more information which I provided including our contracts with customers and the authorization forms that the customer fills out and signs for us to process payment. Square states that for swiped transactions there is no limit and that payment will be provided within 3 days. THIS IS NOT TRUE. 10 days ago I swiped a customers card for payment and square is refusing to deposit the funds to me. Square have requested that I provide them with copies of 3 months of bank statements, a copy of my drivers license and a copy of my passport. Now any intelligent person knows that these key pieces of information allow anyone to easily steal a persons identity so I have refused to provide this information to square however I have provided significant other information. Square is impossible to communicate with intelligently and they have told me that I should refund my customers (even though they have already paid the card transaction to Visa or Amex) and ask them to pay another way. Putting my customers through this would be very damaging to my business’ customer service. So I let the 30 day cycle pass and now square have carte blanche refused to pay me because I wont provide them with the 3 month bank statements, my drivers license and passport. I offered that they speak with my Bank manger and lawyers but they are not interested in assisting their customers, all you get from square is No, No, No.. So square now holds more than $46,000 of my billings to customers which my customers have already paid their credit card providers for and they have refused to release the funds. My only available option is to now sue square which my lawyers have started.
    We are now using another provider for credit card processing services and their customer support is very good; do yourself a favor, if you are considering using Square – DON’T!

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  106. Charles Orlando

    Add me to the list. Without warning, my account was deactivated and funds held with no contact from Square. They started strong, but now they are a joke. Skip them.

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  107. Emily

    FAIL FAIL FAIL. Cutomer service is non-existent. Have spent two weeks thus far simply trying to get MY MONEY. I will be looking at other services to replace Sqaure. So unfortunate since they did liberate many small businesses from big bank robbery.

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  108. Veronica

    Square is a ripoff… They took $435.00 of my money gave me the run around and kept it in the end… I’m an honest seller and work hard for a living… Companies like square haven’t helped their customers like us… They ask for endless proof which I gave them, no customer service, scripted replies only to keep the money in the end. The merchandise gets delivered to the clients I have giving them endless proof of that, they never giver proof to why they keep the money and never give straight answers… How can they get away with this? I’m not the only one they have done this to. My research has shown others with the same issues. What can we do to protect ourselves from this happening again?

    Veronica Ahlfeld/Chicago

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  109. George

    I own highly recognized and successful construction company in Dallas, TX. I learned of square from a customer who uses them in her business and suggested them. My average transaction is $4500. I got approved for a Square reader with minimal information. First off, I had trouble getting the reader to work, testing it on the way to a customer to collect on a $7960 job. I had trouble getting my card to swipe, but finally did for $1. I got to the customer and could not make either of two cards work. I had to collect, so I keyed in the information. I did not see money in my account for 3 days then I got a message from Square saying it could only release $2200 at a time. Bullshit! They accepted my customers money and will not pay me. And for the record, I have run credit cards, swiping them, for 20 years. No phone contact. I demanded a call. They would email 2 days later and say email was most efficient. Bullshit again! They say I need to learn to swipe a card. Hello? I run probably $500K a year on credit cards a year with Paymentech. I was going to pay the $275 a month and save a lot of money that is otherwise deductible on income taxes anyway, but what heck I could use another $3K in the business a year. This was never disclosed upfront by Square, their reader sucks, no customer service and in my book, fraud. I am going to turn them in to the Attorney General which is probably worthless since our country is run by self centered idiots who don’t understand the middle class. Anyway, my company is legit, and has operated without a flaw for years. Square is crap. Do not use them. Once I get my money over 4 months, I will never use them again.

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  110. Amber

    I have only run 2 transactions through Square in the last 2 weeks. I was really excited to be able to offer my clients the credit card option and now after only my second time using the Square, I receive an email Alert telling me the funds are being held and I need to fill out further forms, send proof of business…etc. WHY did they not require this before sending the square and enrolling me as a customer???? It all seems very suspicious! I guess they wouldn’t be able to hold my money or collect fees from me if Square had a selection process in place up front. When I did call the number they provided, I actually did get a live person on the phone, though she was clearly reading and STICKING to the script and was utterly incapable of having a conversation about what was happening to my money. The client signed for the transaction, it’s the same credit card I used the first time and the charged amounts are similar and well under $1,000. The email Alert said that “due to unusual activity…” I asked for examples of “unusual activity” to which her response was to hang up on me. As this is only the second time I’ve used the Square, I’m confused as to how they were able to establish “unusual activity” on my account. After the customer service rep hung up on me, I jumped on line to look into this matter and see if there are other complaints about Square. Obviously there is a large number of people with serious complaints and issues with Square. As soon as I collect these funds, I am moving on and looking to my bank to provide me more reliable financial service. And you can be sure, I will SPREAD THE WORD about the headaches of doing business through Square.

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  111. Sharon Bronaugh

    Square cancelled me for no reason. I am small construction company with one client. My client, The Vice President of Business Development for an international company wanted to pay my invoices on his company credit card. All within the guidelines and procedures of his company. All went smoothly for 4 months, then Square cancelled me due to “high risk”. I had one transaction a week, used the same credit card each time and never had a dispute. What is so “high risk”? I despise this company and the way I was treated.

    Customer service is non-existent. No way to get info except read their published materials. This sucks.

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  112. chuck

    Beware of Square!!!!

    Their system went down late one night, (I am a cab driver) and did not capture a charge even though my phone processed the charge normally. They just ignored my request for reimbursement and refused any communication. Judging from all the comments it can only assume that class actions suits and in process.
    I went to intuit.

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  113. Tadesse

    I tried to install the the Square register app on my Samsung galaxy s4 (Android) phone after I bought the Square reader device from Target store. The installation process prompted me to enter ‘user ID’ in which case it prompted me seemingly an email address suffex (gmail.com – email I never had). But when I tried relogin my real email address – with @sbcglobal.net- comes up. I got confused about what email address I am registered with, but after a long period of retrial and entering my name, residential address and bank account detail the installation of the App seemed right. I right away, as a test to the process, ran a small ballance from my chase credit card to go in to my checking account and similar amount to go from my debit card to same account. Over a period of couple days I started checking if any ballance coming to my checking acount and I have not found any fund comming. I ran a small ballance from my customer two days ago I have not seen that in my checking account. All the test transaction I made from my debit and credit cards are already pending for withdrawal. But no transaction is found in my checking account since my installation of the square app five days ago.

    I just wondered if I am not installed properly as no confirmation in five days and the Square App icon on my Galaxy s4 says ‘Register’ as if some completion is missing. My fellow business owners tell me the icon on their smartphone says ‘Swipe the card’ as seemingly a completed process, but they do not have legitmacy to confirm that for me. I could not find the contact of Square Agents, if there are any, to verify this. A couple emails I got during getting receipt says ‘noreply….’. I called 18886420662 (from this website) only to get answering mashine to give me instruction.

    I decided use Square after my last credit card processing company(which had been good for about seven years) lately deceded to keep all transaction for itself instead of letting me and other business owners cash them. Many of the business owners in this crisis made formal petion againt this company to the appropriate government body but I have not been notified of any formal action been taken against it. following its agressive advertizing,I resorted to using Square without not being sure how it is going to be better my last one.

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  114. Lisa

    I am a medium sized ecommerce business, 10k a month + non-swiped no card present – phone mainly transactions. I used square for about 4 months … I have a medium sized ecommerce business and I take a lot of phone orders. I never had any problems until I hit that magic “weekly” limit and I was placed at high risk. With no reason, no problems at all they closed my account. they are also TERRIBLE about just pulling money from your checking account with not notice at all … any customer breaths an issue for any reason they entire transaction is just pulled from your account … there is no ability to work out any issues. I have tried intuit, same if not worse. I have recently tried phoneswipe and I actually liked that one and have been using it for many months with out any issues really, never had any holds or limits, money was in my account quick. Recently I had a few chargebacks and they have put a money hold on my account, no notice, no warning, just no deposits. I am not sure that any of these “services” are really good at higher volume, higher volume of hand keyed transactions that I can find. IF ANYONE has experience with volume, phone orders (non-swiped) and having any real notice to work out chargebacks with a cc processing company, even if they charge a little more % per transaction I would like to know about it.

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  115. Secure One Technologies

    Square is a scam! Everything looks good at first… the money goes to your bank account pretty fast, they can send unlimited readers what makes easy to work with, since every salesperson can hold one, the app in your smartphone works just fine, etc etc etc….
    BUT, last week one of my customers cancelled an order which was paid in full with AMEX ($2,200). I proceeded to refund his money reversing the transaction thru Square, and the nightmare just started. They took immediately the $2,139.50 fom my bank account, plus they reversed the $59.50 in charges (awesome!!) and then after that they holded two payments, one for $500 and another for $2300. A total of $4,939.50.
    I tried to call customer service, just to realize they don’t have any number to call
    Researched online and found 3 phone numbers… none of them worked, just a recorded menu and hung up on me.
    Searched for the deposit holding policy…nothing
    Finally I had to send an email, just to receive an idiotic answer from somebody who instead of thinking about what I was questioning, was reading a manual and sending supid automatized answers.
    She (Olivia) said that they might hold mi funds up to 14 business days. When I told her that they already had whithdrown the funds from my bank account, she said “thank you for your patience”
    These people are criminals. I’m moving to Intuit now. I dont’t know if it will be a better experience with them. But I swear I won’t use square ever again.
    Oh!, and BBB is also corrupted… they give square A+… And I though we are living in the first world

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  116. Derek Kanady

    Haven’t had any problems with money being deposited in a timely manner but the card reader technology has been very problematic . Have been through three readers in not that many transactions comparatively.

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  117. Lynn

    Square is horrible……Do not use them for credit card services. We are a sole proprietorship and had used the card 4 times…..We did back to back transactions and now they are holding our money and keep requesting more information, like bank statements, purchase orders, and invoices. We get one email stating that all info is good to go and an hour later another requesting more information. When you call the number for verification they talk above your questions and keep telling you that they have to leave the line open for verification questions only. They do not explain the $2002.00 rule and take you in cirlces. You can not get answers and one tells you everything if good for agent review and then another wants more info. I am not sure if a rating is below F but they are not what they are described to be. They have cost us money for our business and now we are going to have to cancel this order and probably lose a company we do business with because of Square. Do not use them.

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  118. Mike

    UNBELIEVABLE…! This company put me at high risk and deactivated my account after I had GOOD transactions with GOOD customers doing GOOD legitimate business. I travelled from Ca to AZ and took a card by key in over the phone for $1615.00 Yesterday I shipped the product at my local FedEx store to a Missionary Reverend in NJ. I have done transactions through Paypal with the reverend in the past and there were NO PROBLEMS. The Rev is now in Nigeria for 6 weeks on a Missions Trip and it is very difficult to contact him. The square company asked me for some “quick” verification which included my receipt, my articles of incorporation as well as my tax return…! All of these items are legitimate on my part and in order and I provided them within a few hours. after all….I wanted my $1615.00. This company deactivated my account with NO explanation other than “high risk” WTH…? !!!! High Risk….? I have been doing legitimate business for over 25 years and 8 years in this existing business. Now they either want me to refund the money to the Reverend who is in Nigeria for the next 6 weeks. Who has NO OTHER WAY TO PAY ME FOR A PRODUCT THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED. or they want me to WAIT 90 DAYS FOR THE RISK TO BE LIFTED SO I CAN COLLECT MY MONEY. This company has thrown a wrench into my existing business and THEY DO NOT LET YOU CONTACT THEM. THIS COMPANY IS A LOAD OF CRAP.

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  119. Michael

    Square is a horrible service to deal with and tbey don’t seem to care about the complaints. Holding your money as if they own it and having no customer service number that works are just two of my complaints. There are better companies out there such as Paypal and more. I was a Square user from the very start and had one of the first readers but no more. I’ll never use them again and never give them a positive review.

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  120. Karen

    I am a new user and sole proprietor of my business. Set up was a nightmare linking with my bank because Square requires a tax ID and Sole proprietorships do not need one. NOW my Square will not swipe credit cards and they have to be hand entered, which, if I read correctly above, cost more? There is virtually NO AVAILABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I am NOT impressed and believe that I will be switching to the INTUIT card reader that my colleagues are telling me is much more reliable with better service. Long story short? NOT IMPRESSED!!

    Robertson Counseling Service
    Karen K. Robertson

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  121. Bill

    I put in the deposit amount they sent to my bank to verify my acount and it said my account i activated and I’m ready to accept payments.. So I did and now have no access to my money and nobody to contact.. It says my account is not linked.. This in my mind is in acceptable.. No live customer service just an automated response to emails.. Once payment is received I have no interest in doing further business wit square.. I would re consider of there was live support..

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  122. Helen Smith

    Its impossible to get these people on the phone and no mailing address, just email. I have a bad problem in that both times businesses have used my credit card, it spits out my daughter’s name and email and she is notified of the process., even though our cards are not connected at all. It seems ridiculous to me that when I have someone swipe MY Visa card – it comes up on their smart phone as my daughter’s name and email, not even my email which I give them.

    This is a horrible situation and I want it stopped!!!!@!!

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  123. Paul Katsimbras

    So an update. 4 months ago I had a charge back. First one,. The customer lied about not getting a part I sent. Sent the proof he got it. 1220.00 4 months of NOTHING form square. Found the CEO on LinkedIn and wrote him. Got a call from Sasha at square. Was told not to worry, that I should have the money back in less than two weeks. That I was in the right. Well…. two weeks later I get an email saying they gave the customer his money back and I was shit out of luck. I am DONE. I am with B of A now and their reader. I want to get a class action suit together. 4 months, they take my money on a legit purchase and I get screwed? NO. Anyone interested in a class action suit. [email protected]. Time to make them pay, or shut them down.

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  124. Camilla Barry

    A follow-up to my earlier experience with Square, in which I noted that police were phoned when I showed up at Square’s offices in person, to get actual customer service. Within a couple of days, Square discontinued my services, siting “High Risk.” I have already discovered that B&B’s are considered low risk by credit card processing companies and I have only had one chargeback. Why do I care that Square disconnected me, when I was going to change companies anyhow? Because it is difficult to get a new service if you have been discontinued from another one for being “high risk.” Will Square get the last laugh? It’s scary playing against the big guys.

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  125. michael

    As a customer of Analytical 360 in Seattle, Wa, whom you cut off because of their involvement in testing cannabis (legal in this state!) I will discontinue the use of my square card reader. I have also posted a notice online with the 20+ retail locations of Seattle area businesses I work with & so far I have changed the minds of close to 300 customers that currently use the square card reader and they will also discontinue the use of their card reader.

    Before kicking a legitimate business to the curb because you don’t like their business structure you might want to consider reprecussions involved in doing so. I am on a campain to take away considerable amounts of business and $ from your business. Thanks for screwing a legal, legitimate, profitable business in the name of corporate America.

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  126. Kristin Robbins

    Ridiculous!!! Even if you call the customer service line they ask you to enter a form # that they claim is at the bottom of your Alert To Action email, but there is no # there so you just get hung up on. They are holding $822.00 of my money because I entered the same credit card # two times in a two week period. Like they can’t imagine a small business owner might have some regular clients that are constantly ordering jobs from you and just might pay you more than once for different orders. I have no idea when they are going to release my money, but after reading some of the other comments something is making me think my money is gone for good.

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  127. Marilynne

    After 13 years in business, I received a charge back notice from Square. I responded immediately that I would dispute the sale. Square refunded customer’s money immediately, before receiving my response.
    According to Square policy, vendor has up to 15 days to respond . Square did not follow their own policy,.
    The only information I received from Square is the date of the transaction, which happened three months ago, the amount, the last 4 digits of customer’s charge card.
    I did not keep a record of the customer’s contact information nor the recipient’s contact information. This transaction was phoned in and likely was the purchase of a gift certificate….as the amount was a round number.
    Did the customer contact me in the ensuing 3 months to discuss the issue? No or it would have been resolved successfully, Perhaps the customer forgot about the transaction, or maybe they don’t recognize the vendor name on their credit card statement or maybe the recipient didn’t get their gift in the mail.
    Meanwhile, my business is out the money because Square refuses to provide information that would allow me to determine the buyer.
    Do I document each and every sale now with complete customer contact information and recipient contact information in case of a future dispute? You bet I do.
    Since anyone can dispute a charge/debit and Square refunds without feedback from merchant, I now keep name, address, phone number, date of transaction, amount of transaction, type of transaction, phone number, and if its a gift for someone, I ALSO document gift recipients’ name, address, phone number, amount of gift ,
    who bought it. Lot’s of documentation for every sale .
    Square customer service has been exceedingly poor, sending me “form letters” with xxxxx’d out phone numbers. What the heck is that?

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    1. camilla barry

      I have had a similar problem and am now researching how to file a small claims action against Square. It has been difficult finding any information about how to serve the company: ie the agent of service. I actually drove directly to their corporate offices at 901 Mission Street and was accosted by security guards who phoned the police to rid me from their lobby. This was to discuss a chargeback I received, with no customer service from Square via email (and as you know, they have no phone number). After I made this visit, Square sent me an email saying they had discontinued my account. I intended to switch service anyhow, but this puts my chargeback in limbo-land.

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    2. L

      Same bad experiences with Square also happened to me 3 days ago. Still no where to have a human being from Square to actually talk to me.

      Square went ahead with a false “charge-back” without hearing the facts. Square did not care about what I have replied, did not bother the evidences and facts I had emailed to counter a false or fraudulent “charge-back”. Square went ahead with “charge-back” right away, and also “close” our account. Square totally dismisses and ignores all clear evidences I have provided and presented to dispute a fraudulent “charge-back”.

      I try to get hold of Square. But no where I can find it’s phone# or fax#, or any real human being’s email. Every time I had to “log in” to our account, write from there. But after I spend all the time to present our case, I still don’t have real reply except an automatic ghost email.

      I called the phone # posted on this article, but the recording asks for some “number” – there is NO SUCH number to be found any where. So the automatic answering system just hung up on you. What a sleazy way to avoid merchants and business owners?!

      Square is enabling consumer fraud, and abusing small businesses!!

      If someone file a class action lawsuit, count me in!


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  128. joseph laforte

    HORRIBLE JUST “F-in” HORRIBLE I am trying to do a large transaction and my account won’t open and I have this persons credit card and I cant get any help to do business. This just an aweful way of doing business. They should have a hotline for businesses trying make transactions.

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  129. Bruce Crossley

    First time I used the card reader it wouldn’t read the card. My customer and I tried several times so he says
    “Push the little dollar sign button” Oh great! a place you can manually enter the cards info.

    So after I get back to the office and go to my account, no money, but a request for a ton of info about my biz.
    Security? ok I’ll give them that but then to go to my Square account and find because it was a manual input,
    I would have to wait 30 days or more for my 6 grand.
    Had I known this I would have waited till a company check could be cut, saving me $300.00 and potentially stealing the rest of the $8,000.00 payment.

    Won’t be using the service ever again.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    1. Jeanette

      I have been reading all these messages, and I too do not know what to do. We have had a landscaping company since 1991, and this is the first time we have had anyone (including banks) hol our money for 30 days. It is causing a great hardship for our business, and five families that were counting on this check. A lawsuit sounds like the only way to get some attention from this so called business. If anyone starts a class action lawsuit please post something, I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m sure the love to target honest people, that work hard to end meet..

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  130. Jason brooks

    Square has held my money even though my limit was raised and it has been over 30 days this is killing my company and they now will not return my emails square does not care about me or my company one bit and to think I have got so many others to join in and use square now this is what I get in the end while they hold 6000 dollars of my companies money now for 37 days this is killing me

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  131. Tammie

    I work in a salon and we decided to try square so that we could save money and do away with the credit card machine from the local bank. I signed up with square, got my device and used it for about 5 transaction. Well I never got 1 penny of my money. I keep emailing them and calling them. All of my result was a run around and now they are saying I don’t even axist. They need a class action lawsuit against these ppl. DO NOT USE SQUARE! THEY ARE BAD BUSINESS. The sad part is that I could not prove I didn’t get my money to my clients, so l had to eat the lost.

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  132. Paul Tully

    The most outragious behavior by a company ever encountered. I gave them my bank account number their process of depositing two small amounts of money and then withdrawing both was successful. My part of the secuirty is to enter the amounts given. I did so over and over again to no avail. Went to my bank had them do it. Entering my account number and rounting number that entered the two small deposits. Still no deposit from Square of an initial business transaction of $1,000.00 dollars and another deposit of $20.00. The money was taken from one account and from my customers credit card and not deposited to my bank account. This is going on three weeks this money has been trapped in the square account. The repsonse (customer service) was to tell me I must have entered the wrong account or rounting numbers. OUTRAGIOUS, TOTALLY OUTRAGIOUS. Square made two small deposits and then withdrew both of them from my account so if my account and routing number was incorrect how were the initial two small deposits and withdrawels successful. What is the solution to getting my money from square? Calling the police? Who polices these situations?

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  133. William Barrows

    Criminals………… without warning are holding $1500 of a $3500 APPROVED AmEx transaction. HOW is it possible the law allows them to keep MY money 30 days just because they said so??? I’m going straight to State Attorneys’ Office

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  134. Johana

    I have been using the square services for a year and didn’t realize that they have $2300.00 of our company’s money withheld. We are trying to contact them through their online support but not been successful in getting answers. i wont recommend them at all. i will be finding out my rights to get our company’s $ back. this is unbelievable hard working small business owners have to worry about this happening to them.

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  135. larry pack

    On the plus side, Square is convenient and easy to use. Use of the mobile phone to take payment is pretty nice.

    BUT, customer service is totally non-existent. There is no one, repeat no one you can get on the phone. If/when there is an issue, all their responses essentially say – read the website, that’s more convenient than talking to us.


    My specific problem? We rent out a beach condo. We take all orders over the phone, so we manually key the credit card numbers. There is no risk because customers have to pay weeks in advance. so if there were a problem with the charge we would know before they arrive. We’ve not had a problem in 12 years. EXCEPT WITH SQUARE – Ifyou do too much buisiness in a short period of time, then Square arbitrarily holds up funds for over 30 days. Huh???? This is the nature of a seasonal rental.

    Next year, we X off the Square.

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  136. Peter Sutherland

    DO NOT use this company! I used the card to sell my puppies and suddenly they decided in order for me to get my $850 (actually $820 after fees) I had to send them my government issued ID, last 3 bank statements, and an invoice of the sale. I was hesitant but they said they will not release my funds if didn’t comply, so I did. They then wrote my an email and said I was deemed “high risk” so they terminated my account and they was going to hold my $820 for sixty days and then I could have it or I could choose to refund the money to the buyer of my puppy, which I did. Now have have to depend on the buyers honesty, or I am out $850. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and the person on the line said that there was no supervisor availble to talk to me.
    This company is a total fraud adn are out to rip people off or hold there money so that they can draw the interest on it. THIS COMPANY IS A LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPENING.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    1. Paul Katsimbras

      Where, in Gods name did you find a phone number for them???? I have a bone to pick with them and have for 3 months now. I would love to have it

      Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

      1. Pete Sutherland

        Here’s the number to them SOBs, won’t do you no good though. I asked to talk to a supervisor and they said there was none. 1-888-642-0662.
        They are unprofessional and very RUDE!

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  137. Stephan Boyer

    I swiped a credit card for a $1,700.00 charge and square software said approved. I never got a receipt emailed to me so I contacted square. They claim the charge registered as a cash sale? They keep no records for any transaction (yea right) and their customer service Sucks and were rude to me. In an email no less.
    This company is only interested in one thing, their cut of your money.
    Thank goodness there are competitors out there that understand what customer service is!
    Running, not walking, away from this company!!

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  138. Pete Sutherland

    These theives will not release my $820.00. unless I provide a bunch of personal information to them, i.e. ID card 3 past bank statement, invoices, ect ect ect. and they claimed to only charge 2.75% per transaction, instead they charged me 3.5%. DO NOT USE THESE RIP OFFS!!!

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  139. dana

    My first use of square has me in a big jamb……. customer said card was charged. They verified with their bank. Square emailed me saying it was declined. Customer expects cabinets delivered tomorrow by my business; however, I have no funds from the transaction. I am afraid to protect my reputation and contracting license I may have to buy this customers cabinets and some day hopefully get a response back from square. I am a small business and without robbing peter to pay paul I can not afford to buy the cabinets.

    I really wish I could get someone on the phone with this company…… this was my first and last transaction with them. I just home it does not cost me $3,000 that it appears it will at this point to try them out.

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  140. Brian Molloy

    I own a Guest House rental small business and at times have lodging payments made with credt cards by my customers. In our lodging agreement signed by our guests it states regardless of the type of payment additional charges will be applied to their credit card for damages, violatons of the agreement or other financial impacting issues. We had guests that paid for 8, at check in there were 10, they paid the difference with a check in, at their departure there were more stacked in the house that requited an additional $250.00 charge that was applied to their credit card. They protested the charge with Square and I was notified that the amount was being deducted from my business bank account until it was resolved. I filled out all of the forms they sent fo me to prove this charge was legitimate. I fillede that out and sent 32 pages of documented correspondence with the person who’s card was charged that beyond question proved the charges valid and their attempt to steal lodging, goods and services from me. I have sent 2 email requests for status of putting my $250.00 back n my account or asking if they needed additional information and I can not get a reply after 3 weeks of waiting.

    The fact that I pay this company to provide a servce to my business and I do not get a responce in email and they have no phone number to call a human to get an answer to my question makes me wonder not only what was I thinking, but more so, why am I still doing business with them.

    An after thought is I want my money back, and I need to find another transaction providor that has a phone number I can cawith questions.

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  141. William Davis

    Square has held and is still holding my $236.00 for almost five months now. They won’t respond to me other than originally telling me that it could be 20-60 days that they hold my money. They are a bunch of crooks!!! Do not use Square unless you just like wasting time trying to get paid for jobs completed months ago instead of being out working and making money as a company should.

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  142. Likeith Robbins

    I feel that square is very unprofessional. There is no customer service to explain their actions. For instance, they asked me to verify myself using my license, invoices, and other items. I answered all the questions truthfully and they don’t explain why they terminated the account. I just started the job and they require you to get paid through square. As a result, I am without pay and there is no one available for me to speak to. I went to the onsite help center and filed a complaint. Instead of a detailed response, I received a similar automated email of the email they previous sent. The number to call just tells you to use the help center, and the circus continues. I think that for this to be a business their should be professionalism and customer service involved, especially when it comes to the finances of people and their families.

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  143. Mike

    What awful customer service. I breed reptiles and sold an animal at an expo in January. Six weeks later, Square said there was a chargeback stating “item received not as described” (when the card holder made the purchase in person). Square took my info, noted that the customer never contacted me directly and could have killed or resold the animal but were well past any health guarantee. A month later, I was told that the rebuttal was refused… I’m out the gecko and the money. The receipt on my phone just gave last four digits, date and time and amount of purchase, and that it was a discover card. I contacted Discover and was told the card was issued through a third party like Walmart so it is not in their system. I asked Square three times (the last time almost two weeks ago) and they have yet to provide any details of their conversation OR the identity of the financial institution so that I may contact them directly. I have filed complaints with the AG for California and Florida, the BBB and spoken with a few other agencies. My loss is in the hundreds, not thousands like some folks here, but on principle this company failed to protect me and I’m without the animal and the money. The fact that they cannot or will not provide the content of thier appeal on the chargeback or the info on the financial institution is shady IMO.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

    1. CPB

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Issuer_Identification_Numbers ——- will help you identify the bank that issued the card if you have the first 6 to 8 numbers of the card.

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  144. Antoniette

    Do not use Square (a/k/a) SquareUp period they are not the actual credit card processing company they wish you to believe Square is an Aggregator. I classify them in the same category as PayPal they’re out to make whatever it takes. Paymentech is the company that processes transactions for Square, and JP Morgan Chase is the company’s acquiring bank (also called a member bank). Go directly to Paymentech and sign up with them here is their link https://www.chasepaymentech.com/ .

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  145. Ray SIMS

    Impossible to reach, tech support non-existent.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  146. Erin

    I got a massage and the charge was done wrong so a refund was processed and the card was run again by my therapist. I got an email from squareup.com stating that a refund was requested and would be processed within 2-7 days. I still haven’t gotten my refund and it has been nearly a month now, and I have gone back and forth with the so called customer service department for square, and have gotten nowhere. I given them every bit of information that they could possibly need to see that it has not been refunded, but they are not helpful at all. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company.

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  147. Robert

    Summary: I came to Square with an 8 year cc processing history which I provided to Square. My transactions are typically less than $200 and very few charge backs. I get my money within about three days. Their email receipts are half ads for their service – which I would not recommend without reservations — and so I always email the receipts to myself, edit their crap out and send it on to the customer.
    Their lack of real-time customer support has cost me a government customer. The problem was theirs, could have been fixed quickly, finally was but not in time to prevent the loss of a customer. HINT: Always ask what merchant code they have applied to your business. The default of “GIFT STORE” will block many cards.
    HINT: Find a bank which will email you each time your account is accessed: When you find a barrage of queries within a few days, time to pull out all the money as it was probably Square compiling data.
    Observation: I have read many of the complaints here, and in Square’s defense cannot blame them for being suspicious of customers who seem to have little English language literacy. Square might worry (I know I would) that perhaps that illiteracy carries over into other aspects of their business as well. I also wonder about the real nature of businesses who process single transactions in the thousands of dollars without card present.
    Chargebacks: Don’t single out Square for not backing you. In business, you must follow the money. The money is from a credit card customer to their bank. The exchange of data is a dust storm to make you think there is impartiality in adjudicating disputes. There is not. The customer will, next to ALWAYS, win and not have to pay. Even if they fail to return merchandise, you have a slim chance, and unless the dollar amount is high, you will find it not profitable to pursue the problem. For potentially problematic cases, I send the customer a contract (via EchoSign) which guarantees collection costs in the event that the sale is not completed in cash within x days. You will need their complete physical address, preferably the employer, perhaps a checking account number — some asset you can attach when you win the small court case by default.

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  148. Tony

    THIEFS, THIEFS, THIEFS. What a RIP OFF service. I started using them to receive payments in a faster manner and when I manually entered a $5,000 transaction I was informed that they were going to hold $3,000 of my money for 30 FRIGGIN DAYS. I would be better off dealing with the MAFIA. Who are they to use MY MONEY for a month for FREE. Try going to a bank and take out a $3,000 loan for 30 days and see what they say. I am contacting my attorney to see if I can have CHARGES AGAINST YOUR COMPANY FOR THEFT of my money. Thanks for helping me out with cash flow

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes   No

  149. Frank Gomez

    SQUARE is horrible
    Simple Solution switch as fast as possible to Intuit or Shopkeep or even Groupon Breadcrums
    They all have 24/7 Support “Real People”
    They all have card readers
    Intuit charges about 1% less then square for every transaction and is only about 3.29% for AMEX transactions

    To who ever is an attorney looking for real stories here you go. I have A Café/Design Center/Concierge/IT Office
    Café uses ShopKeep They have an amazing POS setup with register and printer and cost $50 a month and they have an 800 number for support, real responses to email questions and something that seems impossible for square “Real People”

    I decided to try Square for the Concierge to test it out. No 800 number for when a transaction goes wrong. This means I have to tell my client “um I wont know for 24 hours if your transaction went through so I cant get you that Limo Service”. Also recently I had to do a few large transactions of $10K or more and Square decides to hold my money for 30 days. Now someone tell me why? they aren’t my credit card company and I don’t think technically they are even my merchant there just the software suppliers. I’m sure they use a 3rd party to do the merchant service. But yet they have some type of right in there terms and agreements to hold our money.
    Note this Square: For loss of Business from funds being held and for possibly taking money that doesn’t belong to you and maybe earning interest on it or making a profit from it. I see a large class action lawsuit coming your way. I’m not the only person with this pain in my side called Square as we can see from this great forum!

    For My IT office I used Intuit and they have the same as Shopkeep but no minus the register and printer. But they charge 1% less then Square and have never held any money.

    So my solution for everyone out there:
    Leave Square as fast as possible.
    If you need a POS system go Shopkeep
    If you need mobile transactions go Intuit (GoPayment)
    If you enjoy Headaches, never talking to people and trying to fit a square in a circle go with “Square”

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  150. Luis Gil

    I’ve used square for about a year, I thought everything was fine till I get an email from square saying I was a high risk they’re canceling my account but are holding $1300.00. This morning I come to find out they debit my account $2200.00 they responded by email that they recived notification of a billing inquiry regarding
    A mex transaction assosiated with my account from January. I called my customer and he told me that he did not initiate any charge back with Amex. I need to find out if anyone has any legal leads to attemp to recover any part of my money. Thanks

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