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  1. Susan Nicole

    On 2/17/2014 my client sent a payment. On 2/18 we received an email that funds were received. On 2/19 we received an email from Intuit that they are holding the funds which should be available in 1-2 days. A little too late Intuit. We scheduled payments to go out to vendors on 2/18 when “funds were received”. Needless to say payments were returned and we were charged $35 per item.

    It is now 2/27. Just got off the phone with Larry, a supervisor at IPN. Risk Management needs further information, my clients phone number. This is after a call on 2/25 when they requested the invoice that was paid.

    I have been promised that the funds would be available either Friday 2/28 or on Monday.

    I do not have high expectations in receiving the money. I think I may have to go back to my client to reverse the charge and just send me a check. Embarrassing!

    This transaction has not only cost us the fees charged by our bank, but our account standing at the bank, how vendors now view us after a payment is returned, the inability in not being able to pay bills or buy materials and supplies and the 2 hours spent on the phone with IPN fulfilling ridiculous requests for information.

    Intuit is reluctant in getting funds to their Merchants and the stall tactics are absurd. If they do this to 1,000 customers with an average of $2500 per day at 1% interest? Sounds a bit illegal to me and should be a candidate for a class action suit. Any lawyers out there interested?

  2. Shaun Anthony

    Beware! I have had a very similar situation to those mentioned above. Add me to the list of unhappy customers! RISK MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT OUT OF CONTROL!
    They do not care about small business. If your company has any idea of how to manage risk then you will determine that doing business with intuit payment network is nothing short of risky business!

  3. Julie

    I have had nothing but headaches with the Intuit Payment Network. I run a consulting group, and the first time my client tried to pay an invoice through the IPN, the payment was rejected because it exceeded the daily limit for my account. Very embarrassing. So I went through the hoops to get the daily limit increased … which takes 3-5 business days … and had the client pay by old-fashioned check that month.

    This month, client tried to pay by IPN again, and although the transaction went through, the IPN Risk Management department sent me an email saying that they are holding my money because of unusual account activity for “probably” a week and may only release it 1-2 business days after that week. The only reason this activity is unusual is because IPN has not let any other transactions through!

    As soon as I get them to stop holding my cash hostage, I am canceling my account.

  4. Stephanie

    The first time using the IPN (Intuit Payment Network), it was flawless. I was a guest then and on my second payment with it, I signed up for an account to make filling in forms go even faster. Well, to my dismay, I get my emailed my invoice from a supplier I work with. I go to pay and guess what? It tells me my account cannot be verified after entering payment information. I try also by logging into the IPN site as a registered user and get the same message that my account cannot be verified. No where on the site is there a “Contact us” or “help” area. I suppose I will be writing a check now.

  5. Wendy H

    I was using Quickbooks online for the past 4 months and was impressed with the convenience of the Payment Network that I signed up for the service. I am a private tutor and have been sending invoices to my students who have paid by both check and credit cards. Yesterday a check for $150 was put on hold and I was notified through an email that the Risk Management Department held up my funds to protect my account and I would have to wait 5 days for it to clear then 1-2 days for the funds to be deposited in my account. The email stated that if I have any questions or concerns I should call the Risk Management Department on 1-877-559-7866. I called to find out what is the problem. I spoke with Shelly Hebert who proceeded to give me reasons that were totally senseless. She said that maybe either the routing number or the account number on the check is not correct so their initial verification failed so they sent it to the bank and the payor’s bank will take 4 days to clear the check. If the check is cleared then they will pay me 1-2 days later.

    When I asked to speak with Risk Management as per my email, she said that Risk management is back office and I cannot speak to them, also they do not have access to the transactions to see the details. Only customer service can see the details of the transaction. This made absolutely no sense to me as in all other businesses it is the other way around. If Risk Management does not have access to my transaction details then what are they really assessing?

    Something seems dishonest and unethical about this company. I tried to find an email or postal address on their website but there is none.

  6. Ian Connor

    We just got locked out (after hours so no support and no warning). Unless you have excellent relationships with your customers and they will jump through hoops to pay you – it is not worth the risk.
    It just makes you look bad when parts of your service fail (which includes accepting payments).
    We were lucky and it was only in testing for us and affected only one client. They were understanding so no real damage was suffered.

  7. CJ

    Although in IPN you can have credit card preferences turned off – unless you go into QuickBooks and turn it off as well then credit cards will be processed and you’ll be nicked those ridiculous processing fees of 3.25%

  8. Jill Athey

    My business opened a Merchant Account with Intuit Merchant Services in 2002. We have used the Intuit Merchant Services to process our customers credit cards. In 2012 we started to utilize Intuit’s Payment Network Services so our customer’s could pay their bills online using either a credit card or direct payment from their bank. We were not notified at the time that there were limits or fine print. It was just an addition to our Merchant Services account. Since 2012 my business was always in good standing with Intuit Merchant Services. Their fees were always paid, there was never an issue. One of our largest customers recently used the Intuit Payment Network Services to pay an invoice in the amount of $30270.00. Our customer used their credit card, the charge/payment was approved and sent from their credit card on Monday March 11th, 2013. On Tuesday March 12th, 2013 my company received an Email to our general business email address info@majorfiberoptics.com from Intuit Risk Management Department requesting documentation to process the payment to our business bank in Bartlett IL. I faxed the required documentation, six months of bank statements and the invoice that was sent to our customer in the amount of $30270.00. On Wednesday, March 13th I sent a reply email to the address that was included in the Risk Management Department email to confirm if Intuit Risk Management had received the required documentation and if the funds were in process of being transferred to our business bank account. On Thursday, March 14th when I did not receive a reply confirmation via email or did not see that the funds had been transferred to our business bank account I called the number listed on the Intuit Risk Management Department to find out what happened. I spoke to a Mary Curtis in the Intuit Risk Management Department and she informed me that she would send me her email address so I could email the required documents to her. I received her email and forwarded all of the required documents to her. Mary Curtis then emailed me back and claimed she only received 2 months of bank statements. I verified that I had sent all six months of bank statements, the invoice that was sent to my customer as well as the initial letter from Intuit Risk Management requesting the documents. I then resent the documents in a new email to both Mary Curtis and to a Nina Gentiles at Intuit Risk Management as Mary Curtis was going to be leaving for the day in 10 minutes after she had sent the email informing me that she only received two months of the bank statements. She also stated she would be in her office at 5:30 a.m. PST on Friday, March 15th. In her email she also requested to send the remaining four statements so she could adjust our account to allow for transactions of this amount. At no time since we have done business with Intuit Merchant Services or Intuit Payment Network Services were we aware that there was any type of limit. After resending the required documents two more times just to make sure they received them, I started receiving notifications that documents for our Case ID 110198424 had been received. I received five of these emails. On Friday, March 15th at 12:47 p.m. CST I received an email from Mary Curtis stating that, according to the documentation that I had sent to her our Merchant account only supported transactions up to $10,000.00 and she requested the contact name and phone number for our customer to verify the transaction with the card issuing bank. Unfortunately, due to a personal emergency, I did not see that email until 7:45 p.m. CST. Along with the email from Mary Curtis that was received in my email account at 12:47 p.m. CST there was another email from Intuit Payment Solutions that was received into my email account at 12:51 p.m. CST notifying my company that Intuit Payment Solutions had closed our Merchant Account. In the attached letter of the email we received from Intuit Payment Services was a notification that Intuit Risk Management had terminated our account due to Security Risk. What Security Risk? The letter also informed us that Intuit Payment Services will hold the funds of $30270.00 in a non-interest bearing account. So basically my understanding is they are taking the money that my customer paid to my company for an invoice, in which we promised our customer product. My company, MAJOR Fiber Optics, Inc. is a small business. We will lose this customer if we cannot provide the product we promised them on time. We will most likely lose our business. Our concern and disbelief is that this is even happening. Our customer paid the invoice with their credit card. I had checked with our customer because we were not seeing the funds appearing in our business bank account. They assured me the amount was debited from their credit card. As a resolution we would like Intuit to either A) transfer the full amount of $30270.00 to our business bank account as this is already paid for from our customer or, B) refund the amount to our customer’s credit card. I am amazed that a company the size of Intuit can actually steal money from a small business like this. We had trusted this company and now are so disenchanted and completely disgusted. There are numerous complaints from other companies who may not feel they can do anything about this. As our business will most likely shut down if this is not resolved, we have everything to lose.

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