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Top iPad POS Systems

UPDATED: Apr 9, 2014 – This is a list of iPad point of sale providers. POS systems for iPad are gaining popularity as a replacement for traditional credit card processing equipment due to their mobility, versatility, and ease of use… Some of these iPad POS providers require business owners to sign up for merchant accounts through preferred processors, while others let merchants keep their current processors… Learn more in this iPad POS system article.

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Charge Anywhere Review

There are no Charge Anywhere reviews that accuse the company of scamming its customers… It’s important to understand that Charge Anywhere (chargeanywhere.com) only supplies a smartphone app that makes accepting mobile payments possible on Android, iPhone and some Blackberry devices. The company does not actually… Learn more in this Charge Anywhere review.

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Just Push Pay Review

There are no negative Just Push Pay reviews to be found on any consumer protection websites, indicating that the mobile processing app is not a ripoff or a scam… Just Push Pay (justpushpay.com) rates as a reliable credit card processing app due to its transparent pricing and low complaint rate… Learn more in this Just Push Pay review.

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Western Union Review

We have found thousands of negative Western Union reviews, most of which have been left by users who were scammed and ripped off through the service… Western Union (westernunion.com) is the oldest electronic bank transfer service in the United States and is a good option for users who need to make international or bank-free cash transfers… Learn more in this Western Union review.

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