Annual $500 Scholarship Award

Annual $500 Scholarship Award:
2015 Applications Are Now Closed, based in Austin, TX, brings together industry professionals and merchants interested in making changes to the merchant credit card processing industry. Bringing awareness of current practices and the need for universal standards in the processing and handling of merchant accounts is one of the steps towards achieving that objective.

This annual scholarship is offered because of’s belief in the value of advanced education that contributes to the betterment of business standards related to the merchant credit card processing industry. Each year we award a $500 scholarship to the student submitting an entry that most closely meets the requirements detailed below.

Eligibility Requirements for the Scholarship

Students must be US or Canadian citizen, a senior in high school or enrolled in a university or college in the United States or Canada. The student’s enrollment status must be in good standing.

There is no entry fee required to apply for the scholarship. employees and their family members are not eligible to apply for this program.

Submission of more than one application per year by the same individual will result in disqualification.

Deadline for Entries

The deadline for all entries is no later than 12 noon Eastern time on August 15th, annually.

Email your completed entry and required documents attached in a Microsoft Word or plain text file to [email protected].

Include a recent photograph that we may use on our Facebook page in the event you are the selected recipient of our scholarship. The following personal information should be provided with the attachment:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address and street address, if different
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Area of study and anticipated date of graduation
  • Name and mailing address of the university or college accepted into or currently attending.

Please verify that everything required is included with your submission. Incomplete entries are automatically disqualified.


A co-payable check will be sent to the university or college of the winning student. Both the scholarship recipient and institution must endorse the check, which will be applied towards the upcoming tuition fee and mandatory books.

Scholarship Entry Requirements

The criteria for entry will be a written essay of 700 words minimum that discusses one of the following topic options:

  • Describe 5 ways that small business owners can be charged for unnecessary credit card processing fees.
  • Describe how small business owners can most efficiently invoice and collect payment from their customers.

Entries will be judged by Judges will evaluate the essay for originality, presentation, and clarity of ideas. The use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation will have bearing on the judging. Plagiarized entries will be automatically disqualified.

Any or all of the submitted essays may be published on the blog. In some cases we will edit them for length and content before adding them to the blog. Your entry is regarded as permission to use your content in its entirety or edited as needed.

Additional Requirements

Describe your career goals as they relate to the business and marketing industry. Write a short statement (100 – 200 words) explaining how your current and proposed curriculum will contribute to your objective.

Compose a synopsis of activities you have attended or taken part in producing that are related to the industry. Include any special interests and experiences that you believe are beneficial to preparing you for this career.

List any clubs and organizations you have belonged to and any office held. Include any employment, paid or unpaid, that relates to business and marketing.

One Final Note

All entries become the property of and will not be returned. The winning student will be announced by August 25th, annually on Facebook page.

Your personal information will be held in confidence. See our privacy policy here.