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All-Purpose (USA)

Why these providers: The merchant account providers below are the best of the best when it comes to general payment processing. They offer solutions for a wide range of business types and are a great option for almost any merchant. These companies have distinguished themselves from the rest of the field through their transparent marketing, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service. Although any one of these processors is a solid choice, we recommend getting in touch with more than one in order to compare services and pricing.

QuickBooks Integration

Why these providers: The providers on this list are capable of integrating their merchant accounts with your existing Intuit QuickBooks accounting software so that your transactions will automatically sync with QuickBooks. This saves you the trouble of manually entering your sales figures into QuickBooks, and it also gives you better pricing than you can get with Intuit’s built-in payment processing option. Each provider has a different method for syncing payments with QuickBooks, so you should be sure to contact a few companies from this list to determine which integration method is the best for your business. Learn more in our list of best merchant accounts for QuickBooks integration.

Rating: Excellent

Mobile Processing (USA)

Why these providers: The mobile processing solutions below are the best options for merchants who are looking for reliable payment processing for a very low initial setup cost. Each of these smartphone processing services offers a unique combination of features to meet the needs of both small and large businesses. These providers also set themselves apart from their competitors by providing positively-reviewed live customer support for merchants. We advise you to contact a few providers from this list to compare features and pricing. You can learn more in our lists of best iPhone credit card processing apps and best Android credit card processing apps.

Rating: Excellent
Rating: Excellent

E-Commerce Providers

Why these providers: These processors are ideal options for merchants who already maintain brick-and-mortar locations but would like to add online payment acceptance. The companies on this list are solid all-purpose processors with strong e-commerce options like virtual terminals, payment gateways, online shopping cart integration, and hosted checkout pages. They may either include these e-commerce services with their standard merchant accounts or charge separately, so it’s best to contact each provider to get full pricing. Learn more in our article on the best merchant account providers for e-commerce.

E-Commerce Platforms

Why these providers: The providers below offer all-in-one online stores for merchants with primarily e-commerce business types. These companies offer services like real-time inventory tracking, marketing solutions, integrated payment processing, online shopping carts, shipping assistance, web hosting, and store themes. Some of them also provide integrated retail processing solutions for merchants with physical locations. It’s recommended that you contact multiple providers in order to secure the lowest rates and best service. Learn more in our article on the best e-commerce platforms.

iPad & Tablet POS

Why these providers: The tablet-based POS providers below offer affordable, customizable solutions for many different business types. These services have received praise for their reliability, support, and ease-of-use, making them excellent point-of-sale options for large and small businesses. Each business has its own unique needs at the point of sale, so it’s best to explore each provider’s features and pricing before signing up for service.

High Volume

Why these providers: High volume businesses typically process either a large number of low-average-ticket transactions (e.g. a grocery store or big box retailer) or a small number of high-average-ticket transactions (e.g. construction suppliers, software providers). Both of these high volume business types have different processing needs, however, and the credit card processors below are able to serve both high volume types equally well. From powerful POS equipment to interchange optimization, these companies offer low-cost payment processing and security solutions designed for large and growing businesses. It is best to contact multiple processors from this list to compare products and pricing, and you can learn more in our list of best merchant accounts for high volume businesses.

“High-Risk” Processing

Why these providers: The merchant account providers listed below are excellent options for merchants with hard-to-place business types. These processors have the necessary banking relationships to process payments for high risk markets and they regularly work with merchants who have bad credit and offshore processing needs. They also receive positive reviews for their knowledgeable sales teams, fair pricing, and accessible customer support. You can ensure the best deal for your business by getting in touch with a few of these providers before making your decision. Learn more in our list of the best high risk merchant account providers.


Why these providers: Certain business types are unable to obtain payment processing through traditional domestic providers due to the risk associated with their industries. The list below features merchant account providers that maintain partnerships with multiple offshore banks in order to place these business types. It is important to note that merchants should expect higher rates when working through an offshore provider due to the risk involved. Learn more in our list of the best offshore merchant account providers.

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer)

Why these providers: The Electronic Benefits Transfer program (also known as SNAP and TANF) has replaced the old food stamp program by providing welfare recipients with a digital account and payment card for spending their funds. Businesses that operate in low-income areas or that sell products that are eligible for purchase with EBT funds can find a quality EBT processor on the list below. The companies on this list offer all-purpose payment processing for very low rates and fees and are also able to supply the necessary equipment for accepting EBT payments. To secure the lowest rates, be sure to contact multiple providers from this list and compare pricing and fees. You can learn more in our list of the best merchant accounts for EBT.

Salesforce Integration

Why these providers: These providers are capable of integrating their merchant accounts with Salesforce’s cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software via plugins in the Salesforce app store. They either supply third-party payment gateways that are compatible with existing plugins, or they have built their own proprietary Salesforce plugins. These companies also have received positive ratings from third-party reviewers and are known to offer low, transparent pricing. In order to get the lowest rates, be sure to contact multiple providers on this list to compare pricing and features. Learn more in our list of best merchant accounts for Salesforce integration.

All-Purpose (Canada)

Why these providers: The companies below are great all-around options for most Canadian businesses. These processors are based in Canada and are therefore familiar with the unique challenges faced by Canadian businesses. They also offer fair contract terms and have received positive reviews from merchants. The best way for you to ensure a great deal is to get in touch with more than one of these providers and then compare costs.