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Best Merchant Account Providers

Find the best credit card processing providers by specialty.

All-Purpose (USA)

Why these providers: The merchant account providers below are the best of the best when it comes to general payment processing. They offer solutions for a wide range of business types and are a great option for almost any merchant. These companies have distinguished themselves from the rest of the field through their transparent marketing, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service. Although any one of these processors is a solid choice, we recommend getting in touch with more than one in order to compare services and pricing.

Mobile Processing (USA)

Why these providers: The mobile processing solutions below are the best options for merchants who are looking for reliable payment processing at a low cost. Each of these smartphone processing services offers a unique combination of features to meet the needs of both small and large businesses. These providers also set themselves apart from their competitors by providing positively-reviewed live customer support for merchants. Be sure to compare a few of these options before signing up!

Rating: Excellent
Rating: Excellent


Why these providers: The e-commerce processing solutions below are ideal both for online stores and for brick-and-mortar businesses that would like to add a web presence. From all-in-one hosting, marketing, and payment processing to a simple online shopping cart, these providers offer service packages for all business types to help you find the right fit. You’ll want to explore each provider’s features and pricing before setting up your new online store.

iPad & Tablet POS

Why these providers: The tablet-based POS providers below offer affordable, customizable solutions for many different business types. These services have received praise for their reliability, support, and ease-of-use, making them excellent point-of-sale options for large and small businesses. Each business has its own unique needs at the point of sale, so it’s best to explore each provider’s features and pricing before signing up for service.

“High-Risk” Processing

Why these providers: The merchant account providers listed below are excellent options for merchants with hard-to-place business types. These processors have the necessary banking relationships to process payments for high risk markets and they regularly work with merchants who have bad credit and offshore processing needs. They also receive positive reviews for their knowledgeable sales teams, fair pricing, and accessible customer support. You can ensure the best deal for your business by getting in touch with a few of these providers before making your decision.

All-Purpose (Canada)

Why these providers: The companies below are great all-around options for most Canadian businesses. These processors are based in Canada and are therefore familiar with the unique challenges faced by Canadian businesses. They also offer fair contract terms and have received positive reviews from merchants. The best way for you to ensure a great deal is to get in touch with more than one of these providers and then compare costs.