CPO Accredited Agent Program

Why Accreditation:

At CPO we believe that one of the core problems with the payments industry is a lack of ethical standards when it comes to the marketing of payment services and products. To address this problem, we have created a pledge and launched the CPO Accredited Agent Program. Agents of the industry who take the CPO Accreditation Pledge swear to uphold the highest ethical standards when marketing and managing their services and accounts. Once an agent is accepted into the program, we create a profile for the agent on the CPO Website where prospective and current customers can leave reviews detailing their experiences. This profile not only helps the agents promote their CPO Agent Accreditation, but also holds them accountable to the pledge.

Benefits of Joining:

Get Endorsed
Establishing credibility is key to success in the merchant services industry. As a CPO Accredited Agent, you are getting an endorsement from one of the biggest and most trusted merchant resources on the Internet.

Gain Referrals
Your agent profile on CPO includes a way to contact you. Merchants will find your profile and will reach out to you.

Gain Trust
Close sales more quickly by showing your CPO Agent Accreditation to prospective merchants. We’ll supply Agent Accreditation badges that you can post on your website, social media profiles, or add to your business cards and marketing materials.

Get an Edge
Marketing and selling merchant services is a highly competitive endeavor and your prospective merchants are often speaking to more than one agent. CPO Accreditation can make the difference on who gets the sale!

Get Access
Get access to exclusive content, newsletters, and resources to help you build your career in the merchant services industry. Take out the guesswork and start making sales!

The Pledge:

I, _____________________________, hereby pledge to abide by the highest standard of ethics and transparency when interacting with my current and prospective merchant customers. I agree to fully understand the services, pricing and contracts that I market to prospective merchants; to promote interchange-plus pricing; to verbally disclose all provisions as they relate to pricing, terms of service, cancellation, and equipment cost; and to never sign merchants into multi-year, non-cancellable agreements or leases without their express knowledge and consent.

I understand that merchants expect openness, honesty, and integrity from me, and I acknowledge that my failure to meet these ethical obligations will result in the loss of my CPO Accreditation.

Join Today!

Fill out the application below and we’ll contact you shortly with the next steps. Please note that applications will only be accepted for individuals persons. Do not submit applications for companies here. If you want to have your company reviewed, please see our contact page.

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