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Note: As of 2023, the only evidence we can find of this company being open is a LinkedIn page. If you have any information about the status of the company, please let us know in the comments below.

Company Overview

Before you continue onto the next sections of this review, it is important to understand that there are two companies in the U.S. that operate under the Card Payment Solutions name. This review is for the Thousand Oaks, California-based company. If you are looking for the South Carolina-based company, see our Card Payment Solutions (South Carolina) review.

Article Summary

Before we dive in, here’s a short summary of what we’ll cover:

  • CardPayment Solutions’ various payment processing services.
  • The company may be out of business.
  • CPS has received a large number of complaints.
  • The company’s contract carries a number of somewhat expensive features and fees.

Location & Ownership

CardPayment Solutions of California began operations in 1999 as a merchant account reselling the contracts of Paysafe (formerly iPayment). The company lists its headquarters at PO Box 3429, Thousand Oaks, California, but we have also seen the address listed as 4213 State Street, 3rd Floor, Santa Barbara, California. It is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Walnut Creek, California. CardPayment Solutions does not list a president or CEO, most likely because it is simply an extension of iPayment.

Table of Contents

CardPayment Solutions Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 35+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits No

Moderate Complaint Total

There are many negative CardPayment Solutions reviews (approximately 35) filed online for a company of its size and time in business. The majority of the complaints report unexpected and higher-than-quoted fees in addition to poor customer service when attempting to resolve these issues. As suggested earlier in this review, these types of complaints are often the result of independent resellers who failed to disclose all of the fees prior to setting up the merchant. These failures may be intentional, or they may be the result of poor training. Either way, readers are strongly encouraged to read and understand their CardPayment merchant account agreement before signing. If you have your own CardPayment Solutions review to make, please do so in the comments below.

CardPayment Solutions Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against CardPayment Solutions. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

CardPayment Solutions Customer Support Options

CardPayment Solutions offers a tech support phone number and a merchant portal for existing clients. These channels fall short of our expectations of top-rated payment processors for great customer service and could be a major factor in the company’s complaint total.

CardPayment Solutions Customer Service Number

  • (805) 696-9621 – Local Office

CardPayment Solutions Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary

BBB Reports 146

Shared Profile With Paysafe

The Better Business Bureau currently lists Card Payment Solutions as a DBA of iPayment, who now, in turn, is owned by Paysafe. For the purposes of this section, we will include information feature on Paysafe’s BBB profile. Paysafe has been an accredited company with the BBB since 2010 and is currently showing an “A+” rating with 124 complaints in the past 36 months. Paysafe has resolved 47 of the 124 complaints while the remaining 77 have been resolved to the dissatisfaction of the clients or are still awaiting a reply.

What Merchants Say

Paysafe has also received 22 informal reviews on its BBB profile, all of which are negative. The most recent review calls the company a scam:

Do not trust this company. It is a truly a scam. Look at all the other reviews from people that are saying the same thing. This company literally took our money (over thousands of dollars) that 2 customers gave us from 2 different invoices we sent them for our services. Paysafe sent us ONE email stating they are closing our account because of “actual processing observed is inconsistent with expected”. The risk management analysis Monica would not even tell me or my husband who OWN our business, the reason why they took and withheld our money. She just kept repeating herself stating that they can’t disclose that information and after 180 days (6 months) there will hopefully be an explanation as in we should get our money back if everything checks out. We literally have never done anything wrong, we just started out at the end of 2020 meaning we didn’t even have employees until 2021. Since then, we have been by the book with everything. This Paysafe is literally a scam company. Do not trust them or SwipeSimple. They are associated with each other. SwipeSimple also withheld so much info from us when they tried to get our services. They didn’t mention that they are a financial institution and a risk department. You will regret it if you use their services, I promise you. Don’t fall into the same trap I did. If I can help at least ONE person or company from getting their money taken, that’s good with me. I usually never write reviews, but I just had to make others aware of Paysafe. This company should be shut down. It almost seems illegal to just take our money without a reason. We will most likely have to get our lawyer involved at this point and take further action. it is a real shame at this point. We are a small business trying to do right in life and make a future especially for our kids and Paysafe just steals our hard earned money. I literally can not believe that Miles who I was dealing with at SwipeSimple withheld all that information from us about Paysafe.

Businesses who find themselves this unsatisfied with their merchant account should take the necessary steps to cancel their account without paying a fee.

An “C” Performance

In light of the low complaint total and resolution ratio of Paysafe, we have lowered the company’s BBB rating to a “C” for the purposes of this review.

CardPayment Solutions Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Key Points

Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 1.00% - $4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

Three-Year Contract

According to a copy of the standard CardPayment Solutions contract, the company’s basic agreement is a 3-year term with an early termination fee ranging from $250 to $350, an application fee of $195, a monthly statement fee of $9.50, a monthly minimum fee of $25, an annual PCI Compliance fee of $79, and a tiered pricing schedule. These rates and fees are consistent with the standard rates charged by iPayment and are slightly more expensive than budget-friendly merchant account pricing.

Long-Term Equipment Leases

There is also some evidence that CardPayment Solutions sales agents are selling long-term, non-cancellable equipment leases with high monthly fees. Businesses are advised to purchase rather than lease equipment whenever possible. Business owners should also be sure to thoroughly read their contracts before signing and to keep in mind that pricing is often negotiable.

CardPayment Solutions Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Likely
Misleading Marketing Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

Incomplete Rate Quotes

We have found only one instance of slightly deceptive rate advertising by the company, with CardPayment Solutions quoting rates “as low as 1.49% + $0.19 per transaction” on its website. No other uses of misleading marketing were found other than client reports of deceptive sales tactics used by some agents of the company, which will be covered in more detail below.

Outside Sales Team

CardPayment Solutions appears to rely heavily on recruiting outside independent agents and resellers to market its services. This marketing practice usually lowers a company’s score because most providers have difficulty maintaining control over the sales practices of their resellers. CardPayment Solutions pays its independent agents on a commission-plus-residual basis, which means that the company’s policies encourage agents to set high fees for clients. Predictably, there are a large number of negative CardPayment Solutions reviews related to its sales staff.

A Typical iPayment Reseller

In light of the client feedback we have found, we have assigned the company a “C” rating. If you suspect that CardPayment Solutions or iPayment have misled you about the rates and fees you will pay, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit.

Our CardPayment Solutions Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

CardPayment Solutions of California seems to be a worse-than-average credit card processing provider. Most of the complaints about this company are typical for the industry because it utilizes tiered pricing and standard contract conditions, but the increasing number is concerning. CardPayment could improve its rating in this review by offering month-to-month contracts with no early termination fee, greatly reducing future complaints, and eliminating its PCI Compliance fee.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did CardPayment Solutions Treat You?

27 Responses

  • Nova's furniture

    Card payment solutions sucks..they have horrible sales reps, they are very dishonest, they are hard to get a hold of unless they are trying to collect money, they take money out of your account unauthorized, and they harass you with phone calls and emails as if they are up to standards… giving them a C-ratings is too generous….

    This post will help: Eliminate Hidden Fees From Your Monthly Bill


  • Garry Grant

    We were one of the first companies that started with them. They have sold and resold their business or have added other companies. No one knows what they are doing. We had one charge back in 22 years, and they did nothing to assist us. Don’t sign with them; they are worthless except for taking your monies. There are better and cheaper solutions. Look elsewhere, we have!

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  • Deanna Kelley

    This is a bad idea. Do not listen to the sales rep he is lying. Look closley at what you are signing, it will say no matter what the sales rep tells you this contract is as printed. No matter what sales rep marks out and pencils in, it says this in the contract. I feel lucky knowing they only got 213.58 of my money after I read so many other reviews where people said they took $800 and up and the companies, like mine, never even used their services. I can’t believe this is legal, but thanks to all the lobbyist and corrupt politicians that help get these laws passed that make it legal for companies like Card Payment Solutions dba ipayment dba iaccess to rob us of our hard earned dollars. Someone please file class action lawsuit I will join in.

  • Karen DiJulio

    I have been with CPS for about 8 years. I am too afraid to quit them! Now they are hitting me up for $179.00 every July for compliancy/enhanced package which they can never explain. They took $50.00 in December for some fees they charge me every month for. They promised twice to give it back but now in September they said there is a monthly and yearly charge! I am not under contract but every month you use them they change the ‘contract’ to include more unexplained fees. Their enhanced protection package for $179.00 a year is for the year BEFORE so when you try to quit they will surcharge you for the future charge. When I joined it was to be free and no contract and he took $150.00 to join and there was an unknown 3 year contract and then the compliancy fees started climbing together with the horror of trying to pass those questionaires! They won’t give you help but will charge 50.00 a month for not solving it yourself. Merchant services – there should be some laws protecting small businesses!

    • Karen DiJulio

      After nine years I finally cancelled! Had to close my business account. My banker said she was quite familiar with others burned by CPS. Our local rep had to leave town leaving many angry merchants behind. The monthly and yearly regulatory fees and compliance fees were bogus she said. I paid them their 179.00 compliance fee in June which they state is for previous year but gives you a certificate for the current year, before I quit to stop any non-compliance fees while I proceeded with quitting. After terminating, they sent me a letter saying I owed them $0.06 and charged me $25.00 for the returned charge. What else will they pull, trying to ruin my credit after they took my earnings for all these years, then keep trying to shake you down – good riddance.

  • The first thing I want to say is keeping away from this company if you do not want to turn yourself into an idiot one. They fool you with low rate per transaction as 1.15%. Does it sound awesome? It does. But after that when you see they withdraw money from your bank account, you will know there tricks. With all the fees, my smallest charge is more than 5%. Then they will apply all kinds of fees and changed that even did not show on the contract and the agent never tell you when explain about the fees and charges. The biggest charge on my bill was about 15%. When I called to cancel the contract and I leant that the agent lied me that the contract has no termination fee. They charge you for that even with the Squre service. I even have a record of the conversation between the agent with me. Everything is not the same as the contract.
    Finally I changed to PayPal Here service. For me, it is a lot better. That charge you just 2.75% for what ever you get. There is not any other stupid fees. You can register by yourselves and cancel it whenever you want with no costs.. They give you a swiper for free even you cancel it but do not have to return.
    Thins about choices.

    Are you with CardPayment Solutions? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Bonnie Keith

      I agree totally. Looking back at all the fee’s taken out of my account. The salesman really was a thief, and no help. When I finally got through to customer service, the woman didn’t help either and would not let me talk to the manager. Had to close the account. They got $800 of money for no transactions. Hard time to cancel. I could go on and on.

  • nancy martindale pauls beachside auto

    Beware of David Maul in brevard county florida, he sihn me up for a lease, which i agreed and 6 months later he wants to sale me a credit card process forv $650..3 days later he said he would sale it to me for $350..i was in a lease i did not buy my first proceesor it was a lease!!!!! hidden fees that was not mention!!!! now Card payment solutions, iis ignoring my request of cancellation,

  • This is a [expletive] scam, I got hooked for five years I don’t know what to do when I have to pay double of what I used to pay , if I Se that mother [expletive] agent I’ll [expletive] him up badly. ..just found out my equipment was leased for 5 years none early cancelation and it’s cost 144.95 per month and there also 150 annual fee what the [expletive], total of this month is 836$…

  • Sheng Zhong

    My nightmare with Cardpayment Solutions started about 6 or 7 years ago. Two agents sign me up in two days for two accounts whith second agent promised me of better rate and to take care of first agent (to cancel that account). I end up with two account with one never used. I can’t cancel the first one without cancelation fee so I let them charged me ever month for more than three years. Then I called them to cancel the first account or I will close both account. The guy promised to cancel it. That is a couple of years ago. I cancel the second account a couple of month ago but noticed I still get letter from them. I opened letter today just find out they have ever canceled my first account. Here is charge of last month for the account never used for 7 years.
    Min discount $15
    Statement fee $5
    IAccess fee $29
    Regulatory fee $4.95
    Additional fee $99
    Internet access $8
    Total charge 161.90
    I have been charged every month like this for the past 7 years for the account I never used. I called them. The guy said they have NO RECORD THAT I CANCELLED THE SERVICE! I am still waiting for their call to cancel the account as I am writing this. I need help to see what action I can take to get at least part of my money back.

  • Rep signed us up for a web terminal which we never used. After being billed over $950 without running a single transaction we called to see if they would waive the $250 cancellation fee and they declined the request. $950+ is not enough markup for sending me 14 sheets of paper. Unfair!

  • stephanie

    BEWARE of signing anything with this company. myself and a co-worker are still being screwed by cardpayment solutions. the rep. flat out lied, you can NEVER get through to customer service, and when you finally do get through to them they will just say” i’m sorry must be a billing error give us 30 to 75 days to get your money back .” I can not wait for my contract to be up, I will take my business else where and close out my banking account so they can’t continue to steal from me.

    • Leanne Richards-Williams

      Hi I am checking out this Card payment solutions company …what is the customer service number that they gave you? Please reply asap to assist me in my investigations. Thank you so much for you help?

    • Bonnie Keith

      Get there cancel form. And CLOSE your account now. They got $800 of my money. All the compliments of this company is so true.

  • Lisa Wetmore

    I have been with Ron Miller of Card payment solutions since 2006. Until recently I had no doubts an had thought at least that I was having a good experience. Unfortunately that experience has tuned into a small business
    Nightmare! I switched credit card companies in February of 2012 from Financial Services to North American Bank Card. For a a couple of months everything seemed fine I have to admit that Ron Miller seemed very competent , confident and trustable.. Around June I called Ron and told him that too much money was coming out of my account, ( I’m a tiny business.) he said he would fix it and made some justification. I called him every month after that and he said he’d investigate and I would get busy and forget until the next month. In September I figured it out that both companies were taking money out my account. I had signed papers for and quit back in February 2011 and I brought I to his attention with facts and figures. Since then he promised me several times in writin the company would pay me he would pay me and that has gone on Oct., Nov., Dec., and January. Once more he still never cancelled me after all this. It’s been incredibly stressful and cost me over 1200$. Watch out for this company an Ronald Miller. I’ve gotten nothing but lies!!

  • Kristine Schlitzer

    We were also lied to about the fees and the cancellation policy. They even took the processing terminal I owned to set it up to work with there system and unknown to me at the time switched it out to a new one and charged me for it. They never returned my terminal which I paid $400.00 for. I hate this company they are rude and greedy and I hope a class action lawsuit comes against them cause I would like to see some justice. I only have 2 months of my contract left. They are the worst!

  • I am a merchant that has used Card Payment Solutions for several years. Then I began checking rates, and realized that I was being severely overcharged. I changed companies in Sept and still cannot get Card Payment solutions to quit charging fees against my checking account. They have acknowledged that the account has been closed but still continue to charge fees.

  • I got into a contrac with Card Payment Solutions two months ago by a persuasive salesman. I took his words of reassurances that I was getting into a contract that I could cancel ANYTIME WITH NO PENALTIES OR CHARGES; he went as far as writing some of his verbal statements on the contract and crossed out some printed statements. To my dismay when I got to read the fine print states that “no matter what the representative said or crossed-out on the contract, did not matter and only the contract would stand’. I have a copy of this contract and waiting for something to go to court (is there a class suit out there? I would love to join.

  • james Dean

    I was an agent with this company. New to the industry I believed what my employer told me. The rates and fees seemed good and very competitive. After a few months I started to get complaints from a few customers, when i addressed the complaints i was told by the corp office they were typos or oversight, and were taken care of. Sad to say I switch hundreds of customers to this company before i found out how crooked they were.
    After i quit them my customers begged me to help them get rid of card payment. So when I did Card payment came after e to sue me for lost fees and damages with a huge legal team. I’m still fighting. I think i owe it to these I signed up with these crooks to help them get away from them. And Card Payment seems to want to make me and other agents pay for helping out their victims.

    Never Never trust card payment. Most of their agents are pawns and do not know the evil they work for.

  • On February 2012, I signed a contract with them, their agent offered me a low rate, $5 monthly statement fee, and no cancelation fee. Now they are applying a higher rate, the statement show additional fees that I was never told, and I have to pay $325 for early cancellation fee. Also, with the statement I received a letter informing me that the rates are going to go higher and additional charges are going to be applied on my next statement. The agent mislead me and was not honest in regards to the fees. Be careful in doing business with them. I wish I would have read this website before signing the contract with them. Please don’t do business with them.

    • Ana –
      Thank you for posting. They have been in my store numerous times and when they could not/would not leave me a copy of the quote so that I could make a spreadsheet and compare, I knew something was not right (red flag). The salesperson is now calling still trying to get me to ‘look’ at it again, and I told her no and quit bothering me I am absolutely not interested in their company. If they were a legit company, they would have no problem leaving me documentation in which to compare.

      • Updest Dhnam

        That’s dumb….Company’s do that because they don’t want you running to your current company to get them to meet or beat the rate you just were given.

  • DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They steal money out of your account. Closed merchant account Sept 2010 and found them taking money out of our checking account 14 months later. When we called – were told a letter was sent stating a new program that we needed to OPT out of. Never received letter and was told account was never closed.

    I have a signed document and confirmed fax that it was closed. Their agent agreed it was an error on their end but it would take a month to get out money back that they stole 14 months after account was closed.

  • Card Payment solutions is a complete scam. It’s the worst company I have ever done business with. They forged my signature on my contract on a place where I didnt sign and then told me to try and prove it. They charge fees on top of fees that were never mentioned at any time prior and lie about what they will charge you then tell you theres nothing they can do. terrible customer service. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!

  • Daniel Scott

    Be careful of these folks, they will promise you the world, give you 100% satisfaction guantatees and low rates. Sign the contract, fees from 10 to 50 start adding on, my 10.00 service was 59.00 before interest. These guys are crooks. Promised next day funding, yea right, then they tell you its extra. I thought I was thorough, even had the salesman in my home, bait and switch is what I call it. NO ETHICS.

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