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EVO Payments International Overview

Global Processing Solutions

EVO Payments International, also known as EVO Merchant Services, is a U.S.-based merchant account provider that serves merchants domestically, in Canada, and in Europe. Reports show that the company was started as a small ISO in 1989 and has grown into one of the larger non-bank merchant account providers in the United States today, evidenced in part by its acquisition of PowerPay in 2012 and its acquisition of Sterling Payment Technologies in 2017. EVO Payments primarily offers electronic payment processing services and products.

Headquarters and Ownership

The company has various offices located throughout the nation but its North American headquarters is based located at Ten Glenlake Parkway, South Tower, Suite 950 Atlanta, GA. EVO Payments International is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York. The company’s chairman and founder is Ray Sidhom, and its CEO is Jim Kelly.

EVO Payments International Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: EVO Payments International offers a multi-year contract with an early termination fee of up to $500.
  • Complaints & Service: EVO Payments International has received more than 150 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: EVO Payments International has an “A+” rating and has received 177 complaints and 47 reviews in the past 3 years. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2017.
  • Sales & Marketing: EVO Payments International hires independent sales agents and has received a moderate number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With EVO Payments International
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Products & Services Offered

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Credit card terminal leasing
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • EBT processing
  • EMV acceptance
  • Canadian and European processing

Types of Businesses Served

  • Domestic and international retail
  • Domestic and international e-commerce
  • Domestic and international MOTO

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EVO Payments International Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Swiped Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-in Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Virtual Terminal Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Payment Gateway Fee Undisclosed
Early Termination Fee $500
PCI Compliance Fee $120 Per Year
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Month (locked)

Variable Pricing

EVO’s merchant account fees and contract terms appear to vary based on several factors including a merchant’s business type, a merchant’s processing volume, and the agent/sub-ISO setting up the account. Service length agreements and early termination fees may also vary from one account to the next as merchants have reported fees ranging from $250 to $500. EVO appears to charge an annual PCI Compliance fee of approximately $120, which is about as expensive as this fee gets.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, EVO also dedicates a portion of its website that advertises its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. However, pricing on either of those services is not disclosed. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Avoid Equipment Leases

Additionally, several merchants reports mention non-cancellable lease terms for processing equipment that is sold by EVO agents but managed by third-party leasing companies. Taken as a whole, EVO’s contract terms are slightly less competitive than industry averages and do not compare favorably to the cheapest merchant accounts.

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Response from EVO Payments International

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EVO Payments International Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 150+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

Moderate Complaint Volume

EVO Payments International has received a moderate number of public complaints for a credit card processor of its size and time in business, but many of them accuse the company of being a scam or ripoff. The types of negative EVO Payments International reviews fit mostly into four categories: EVO holding deposits or withdrawing large cash reserves suddenly from a merchant’s checking account, complaints of deceptive sales tactics (especially involving equipment leases and mostly attributable to resellers), former employee and agent complaints of deceptive business practices, and poor customer service experiences when attempting to resolve disputes.

Customer Service Issues

One such complaint, found here, claims that “Evo has ignored phone calls, transferred me to the wrong department and has not cooperated with their own sales person Lionel to resolve this situation.” This run-around with customer service- echoed across several other EVO Payments International complaints- precludes the company from qualifying as a top-rated merchant account provider for customer service. Additionally, there are a significant number complaints filed against EVO Canada, which may indicate that EVO’s policies are less favorable to Canadian merchants.

EVO Payments International Lawsuits

In 2017, 2 class action lawsuits against payment processing giants EVO Payments International and EVO Merchant Services (collectively, “EVO”) alleging they maintain a policy of overbilling merchants. No resolution in the case has been achieved yet.

EVO Payments International Customer Support Options

EVO Payments International provides phone and 24/7 email support to all of its users, but does not rate as a top merchant account provider for great customer service.

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EVO Payments International BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 75
Billing & Collection Complaints 83
Advertising & Sales Complaints 1
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 2

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 150 Complaints

The Better Business Bureau has several separate reports listed for EVO Payments International, but the correct one appears to be for an office listed in Melville, New York. It shows an “A+” grade with BBB accreditation since September 2017, and it has received 161 complaints in the last 36 months. 83 complaints were due to product or service disputes, 75 had to do with billing or collection problems, 2 were related to delivery issues, and 1 was due to an advertising or sales issue. 66 of these complaints have been successfully resolved, while the remaining 95 were answered by the company but did not receive a final response from the merchant.

What Merchants Say

In addition to the 161 complaints filed with the BBB against EVO Payments International, there have been 52 informal reviews. Of those reviews, only 3 were positive in tone while 49 were negative. A recent negative review cites frustration with being charged following a cancellation:

TERRIBLE! Signed up for a 60 day trial, cancelled within two weeks due to them charging $.51 for a $.01 test charge. Because this company is the background processor for our previous company (and I didn’t know that), they continued to charge us monthly for “inactivity” on this account. We did not figure out they were continuing to charge our account because the charges looked just like our previous/current merchant services. Once determined we had a second account with essentially the same company, I asked for the second account to once again be cancelled. Sent in PROOF that cancellation was faxed to number provided and equipment sent back. They would not credit the inactivity charges for the past 6 months! Horrible, and find out if EVO is the processor for Merchant Services you choose to go with BEFORE YOU SIGN A CONTRACT!

Merchants should thoroughly review their contact for terms and conditions to avoid situations like these.

“C” Level Performance

In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C.”

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Response from EVO Payments International

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Independent Sales Agents

EVO’s primary marketing and sales strategy appears to follow a common pattern used by most large merchant services providers, which is the recruiting and hiring of independent sales agents around the world. The company also allows other sales organizations, such as Nationwide Payment Solutions, to operate as sub-ISOs under their own business names.

Consistent Sales Complaints

Both of these strategies often result in complaints because the sales tactics of the resellers are difficult to control, and the company’s policies often allow for predatory pricing and terms whether it encourages them or not. It appears that EVO Payments International is suffering from the typical negative merchant reports one would expect with this marketing strategy, including high-pressure sales tactics and insufficient fee disclosure.

No Misleading Quotes

To its credit, the company does not appear to use any deceptive advertising or rate-quoting tactics in its marketing materials. If you suspect that EVO or one of its subsidiaries is charging you undisclosed fees, however, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit.

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EVO Payments International Marketing Example

EVO Payments International Logo

Our Opinion of EVO Payments International

An Average Merchant Account Provider

EVO Payments International rates as an average merchant services provider according to our rating criteria. The company currently does not provide the value offered by top-rated payment processors, but can raise its rating in future updates of this review by improving its policies in the common areas of merchant grievances and eliminating future complaints. Merchants are strongly encouraged to fully read and understand the terms of their EVO merchant account agreement before signing as the terms may vary widely based on the agent and/or sub-ISO setting up the account. Additionally, merchants would be wise to avoid equipment leases as this appears to be a common area of dissatisfaction.

We rely on your feedback about EVO Payments International to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

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180 Reviews Leave Your Review for EVO Payments International Below

  1. Katherine Hollister says:

    I can’t get this company to stop taking money out of my bank account. I don’t have a business and I don’t process credit cars payments. They are a fraud!!.

  2. Basem says:

    I’ve been with them for over 10 years and any disputes I got, I lost. They wouldn’t fight for your business even if you send them the necessary documents including the signed receipts by the cardholder. And when my POS system needed an upgrade last year in April, I’ve been given the run around and being promised to get the necessary upgrades in order to keep my business.
    But now they just told me that I would have to purchase the POS from the other company which by the way offered me way better processing rates.
    I just wish they have said that to me last year instead of keeping me hanging on waiting for them to get me the needed hardware by their sales department , I would’ve gladly switched right there and then and saved my time and thousands of dollars lost on disputes, and could’ve also saved hundreds of dollars spent on their costly credit card processing fees.

  3. Ernst Nieuwoudt says:

    Do not believe for a minute that Evo Payment solutions simplifies you integration. In fact my integration has turned into an experience straight out of hell and I recommend that you avoid them like the plague. Here is the story:
    After at least two false starts(one because the terminal kept on declining a test authorization for no reason, even though my application were told that it was accepted (this took their efficient? Support at least two weeks to fix) and two because the terminal misbehaved when processing a transaction (their supplied sample program worked and my app failed because cunningly their sample app used one out of five Dlls with a different version than supplied to me and it took me a day to locate the problem whilst I am still awaiting their support, who gave a fake response when told about it).
    On to the so called certification, which by the way is a pointless exercise because it teaches you actually nothing about real life situations. First out we did a dummy run of the certification tests where I noticed incorrect responses for certain transactions. I asked my partner to lodge these problems with Evo but after a week of no response from Evo, we went ahead with the processing of the certification.
    After supplying them with the results, it took one support person a week to find nothing wrong and pass it on to their techies. The techies came back and insisted that we redo some tests because the results did not include a transaction reference for two transactions. It would not be wrong to point out here is that the results they were unhappy with is eactly the problems I pointed out. Now I can do this test many times, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with my side. The problem is on their side because I receive a non documented response with no reference from their side. Anybody interested I have the proof.
    There are also many other issues such as one status code(not documented anywhere) saying declined or cancelled and the one they insist on using in their spreadsheet says Approved for the same transaction. Just imagine how many customers lose money because of this. Of course their efficient support? fixed the problem mentioned at start up by changing the terminal software not to show any response now so the terminal says nothing. Any event we have to do all the work. Their supposed support has not even bothered to do one of the tests from their side.
    So after two months it looks like we will never certify unless they sneak a change on their server. There are numerous other issues such as useless documentation and bad business ethics which I will cover tomorrow. All I can recommend is that you never use these guys, for your own sanity’s sake.

  4. ANNE MILLER says:

    I would think twice before using Evo Payments. Long story short, I had been paying $1.75 a month to keep my dormant account open (a service they offered) and didn’t catch sudden new $25 a month charges for three months. When I complained, I was told the fee increase announcement was in their portal and I should have been checking it regularly (even though I was not using the service). My thinking is they should have reached out to (and others with this service to alert us to the change. Needless to say, after much back and forth, they would not budge, let alone meet me half-way. Very poor customer service strategy. I would never use them again.

  5. Pearl says:

    Evo Payments, i am highly dissapointed with your Canadian service.
    It is very unfortunate that the US branch and Canada Branch arent in sync with the information they provide.
    I have only had your service for a month with no issues of chargebacks or rejects.
    I was misinformed by this branch about my processing and who to talk with in regards to my account.
    I am a small business owner who uses out of pocket money to source for capital to grow my business, i am also an international residence.
    They closed my account due to going over limit but the Canadian office advised me to contact them if i was going over the limit which i did.
    I have every conversation recorded via voice i had with all the Evo canada representatives(i have the names of some as well).
    Now they are holding all my small business earnings for 270 days with no valid reason. Each time i call this company they transfer me to the US department who transfer me back.
    It is really hurting and i will advise every small business not to ever use them

  6. Barbara Ann Rogers says:

    What a bunch of liers, scammers and thieves! I was lied to by 3 people. I spoke with 4. I’m sorry I ever did business with this unethical bunch. They just want to sign you up and will lie and say anything to get you to. Then tell you that you should have read all the fine print and actually not have listened to their representatives.

    This post will help: 5 Places Where Processors Hide Fees In Your Merchant Account Contract


  7. Doug says:

    Horrible company with horrible people that will smoke turds in Hell for their actions. Avoid this comapny! They will hold your money hostage and keep info from you too. I hope I get to be in on a class action lawsuit against them one day – there sure are enough complaints to warrant it!

    This post will help: Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  8. Bre says:

    Worst processing experience I’ve ever had.
    Just got off the phone after my 3rd request for a simple form to change bank accounts for deposits.
    Worst customer service I have ever encountered, and I have Comcast.
    These guys are living in 1995. You can’t access any of your information online, you can’t submit changes or anything online. They don’t answer their customer service email, as I’ve probably sent 30+ over the last year and not one has received a response.
    They charge fees that are not disclosed on sign up, and you can’t get ahold of anyone to explain the charges.
    They have multiple websites that they never tell you about. They don’t send out statements. You have to find one of 3 websites in order to access them. It took me almost a month to even get access to my account online so I could see statements. Then it turns out you can only view statements from the last 6 months, and you have to call them to request older statements. Good luck getting anyone to actually do their job and send those.

    At this point, they are holding my deposits hostage as I have requested the form to change accounts multiple times and have yet to hear back.
    I called again requesting and they said they have no previous records of me calling in and acted like I’m making it all up. I don’t think it should be my fault that they have employees that don’t do their job. Regardless of whether or not they have records, I do. I am disgusted with them and I sent an email (which likely won’t be viewed) telling them if I don’t have the form by the end of the day I will be contacting the better business bureau.
    I am now trying to leave a review on every site I can find to save the next person the hassle.

    Go with square or literally ANY OTHER PROCESSOR. With square, at least you can access all of your stuff online (one website, not multiple with different logins). You can submit documents and change your bank account info. Square is actually somewhat modernized.

    If EVO would bring their services into this century, that would be great. They still use fax to have forms submitted. Honestly, it’s easier to file company taxes than it is to get anyone at EVO to do their job.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  9. Cary Goulston says:

    Evo Payments is unprofessional and underhanded.
    They bought out and took over my companies previous credit card company. We were not informed whatsoever. No notice, no letter. Then we ran a credit card from a customer and days later we got a notice from Risk Management or Evo, that the card was above our approved credit line and being held. And that they required documents. This created a real problem for us since our past company had a higher credit limit with us. (we had been with them for many years). Evo had also taken out a large fee out of our account (despite the transaction not being approved and being held). The fee was nearly twice what our former processor had charged us for frees. These are fees taken out without our consent or approval. We cancelled the transaction. After that our next credit card transactions were held and not released to our account with no explanation or alert. We had to call to find out what was going on with cards we ran not going through. After 30 minutes I finally was able to establish what the problem was. The funds were being held. But at least now they are working on getting these released. Needless to say, this could have all been avoided if we had a working relationship and good communication with Evo. It started with the poor business practice of taking over a company, not alerting us to what was going on, and establishing that there were changes to our previous company, and their operations would be different. The lack of communication creates a form of dishonest business practice. Meaning taking out funds that we did not approve of, putting holds on amounts, etc.. This is the kind of thing that creates a bad business reputation and makes me want to get another credit card company. We have already lost thousands in transactions because of the above blunders. It’s common sense to take care of your customers, and that your customers come first.

    This post will help: Why Credit Card Processors Hold Funds


  10. Kimberly says:

    Stay away from EVO! I have been dealing with EVO since February 7, 2019. When the owner of the business passed away I attempted to close the account and obtain a refund. They had also auto renewed their services which is illegal in SC. It is now July, 2019 and I have spoken with more than a dozen people. All asking for different paperwork. I did finally receive a check but it was $174.20 short because of fees! A maintenance fee, an end of the month fee and a reject fee. All on an account that had been closed since the beginning of February! By the way no one could explain the maintenance or end of the month fee. The reject fee was because they tried to take money out of the business account but I stopped the transaction because EVO service had been terminated and they were still trying to obtain payment for their service!! I do understand various fees being charged, even early termination fees but this is not a case of early termination of services because we were unhappy with the service. The service was being terminated because of the death of the owner of the business and the business being closed. What kind of company takes advantage of someone’s death??? Not one I want to deal with.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  11. Rahul B says:

    One of the worst Payment services..In 20 days of service they have charged over $200 in fees when my monthly is $12.50 in fees. Customer service in non existent. E-mails/ Calls no response. Save yourself trouble and do not sign up with this company or Principle Payments.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees In Your Monthly Bill


  12. thomas wilkins says:

    I cancelled my account 2yra ago and noticed they are still billing my company and will not stop. There pain in butt to deal with. This company sucks

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  13. Stacey Fine says:

    i have had a horrible experience with EVO. They told me they would pay with cancellation fee!!! they HAVE NOT!!! I have been fighting with them since 2-28-19 to review my $795.00. I call every week and they give me some lame excuse that I need I different paper signed. I have given them everything they have asked for and spoke with many mangers and still NO money. I have a small business and I this credit card processing is not worth the aggravation. My next step is contacting BBB the news and social media!! I have documented every step and phone call with names!! I wish I could charge them for my time and effort to recover MY money!!!!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  14. Awful experience. I regret ever answering the phone. We signed up thinking it would be a good thing by saving us money. It wasn’t. Transactions were not paid for until days later and even then they were scattered transactions instead of batches that was hard to match up. They missed some, doubled some which meant tons of refunds to do. I spent hours on the phone with these people. The swiping machine didn’t work. Spent three weeks trying to resolve the situation. We cancelled the account after two weeks and went back with our old processor. The bookkeeping is a mess. Don’t do it. Your bookkeeper will not be happy.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Equipment Rental

  15. EVO Payment seems very incompetent. We encountered a Fraud Alert at the beginning of May and it took over 10 days to get it fixed. I spoke to maybe 7 people between customer service and technical support, bouncing from one service to the other, sometimes with them not having a clue of what the problem was or how to fix it. I recently tackled another issue, which has lasted over 5 days now. I am lucky if I get a call back. The different services don’t seem to be interconnected. they send each other emails to communicate and/or don’t respond to their emails.
    It is so discombobulated and so not professional. They could probably write a book with the amount of notes on our accounts, but still can’t fix the issue.

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  16. Host Wavy says:

    Awful customer service. I had signed up with them. it was never clearly stated I’d be charged a monthly maintenance fee. I was getting charged every month this maintenance fee on a service I never ended up using. I had thought it didn’t fully get set up since I never put it through on my website. They had taken 400$ from me total since october. I finally realized what happened and called. They didn’t even entertain a refund.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees From Your Monthly Bill


  17. Jessica P says:

    When switching to EVO I was told there are NO monthly fees, NO fees for no transactions and that there are NO cancellation fees. It’s my own fault for not checking that in the fine print, but all of the above was untrue. I called and complained about the monthly fee and said I wanted to cancel and they nicely removed the fee and told me I would’t pay a fee again, however two months later and I was again being billed monthly fee so I called to cancel was assured there was no cancellation fee that I just needed to return the card swiper (never even used) and send an email/fax stating we were closing account with routing number for machine. It was returned, account was closed, a month later my statement showed a charge for $395. When I called I was told it was a cancellation fee. I can’t dispute it because I can’t prove what I was told on the phone. Don’t trust what you’re told, READ FINE PRINT!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  18. Kat Jones says:

    This company is appalling. I was advised by a web designer Farmigo to get an account with them. Let me tell you, as a business owner, I would never in my life be in business if I pulled the crap this company has pulled. They were gungho to get me all signed up, great service there. As soon as they had my account number and John Hancock hastalavista. I never received my hardware to process payments – reached out to them x2 with NO RESPONCE. Then I started getting $220 charges out of my account. I called and advised them I had never received hardware and that I wanted to close the account. After an hour on the phone the gal said she sent a closing ticket over and my charges would be refunded in a month… WTH. Ok. 30 days later another $220ish debited from my account – called again this time the guy wasn’t so polite – he tried to give me push back – this was 1.5 hr phone call until they refunded all my money and closed my account. GUESS WHAT, Here we are 3 months later and another $230 out of my account AGAIN. Ever single time the customer service person says the previous person didn’t put in the ticket to close the account…. no this last guy sent me an email said respond to it and I’ll reply so you have a time stamp. Do you think he’s replied… NO. Do you think my money has been refunded to my account yet, No. I would STRONGLY suggest you stear way clear of Evo Payments.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  19. Lee May Berome says:

    *** THE WORST ***

    They are all about “HIDDEN FEES”
    When I put a request online for info and Malik Marshall called me, he mentioned to me that there were no monthly fees (only per swipe) those were LIES!!! I was getting charged twice every month for the “swipe” and “online” when I NEVER asked them to open a platform for my online store but they did. I NEVER got reimburse for that.

    DO NOT TRUST OR OPEN AN ACCOUNT with this company, they’re just a bunch of SCAMMER!!!!!

    By the way Ali Shaffiey (Retention Specialist) is rude *AF* – instead of retaining customers he can make everybody make a quick desition to close the account.

    BTW Account that I NEVER used! and couldn’t call before due to a major surgery and after 2 months recovery noticed I was getting charged TWICE on my bank account.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees in Your Monthly Statement


  20. Jack Patel says:

    the company does not honor it’s contract of next day funding even though they charge extra p[er month for that service
    made several calls to the company to fix the problem, but of no avail and they do not respond to any email complaints either
    the local sales person does not want to help either
    it’s terrible service

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  21. willie holdman says:

    Do not use EVO merchant services for your CC transactions if you have a business. I processed 2 Credit cards through them that WENT THROUGH mind you, but then a couple days latter they informed me by email that they would not deposit the funds in my account because it was over the accepted limit unless I provided 6 months worth of bank statements, business license, yada, yada, yada… Basically it was like I was trying to apply for a loan. Keep in mind I have been with them for over 10 yeas as an online merchant processor. I didn’t have time to mess with this so ask them to just reverse the charges and I ran the cards through my other gallery merchant account. They kept my clients funds for over 12 days. Nothing was deposited into my account.
    I have been doing my taxes and come to find out they charged me over $1200.00 in CC fees! Once for the charge and once for the charge back on funds I NEVER RECEIVED!! They tied up the funds for almost 2 weeks but still charged me the CC fees BOTH ways! Stay Away!

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  22. This is the worst merchant service provider I have ever deal with. They give you low maximum transaction amount and when you call to get approve something that is $1 higher,, because customer wants to buy more services, then refuse to allow transaction to go through. Plus, It takes them 5 days to release payments. Stay away from this company. They do not even customer evaluation process- tells you how much management care about their customers. There are plenty OTHER companies with better customer service

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  23. Bill L. says:

    We tried EVO Payments and it was a nightmare from the beginning. Nothing was quite what they promised. The fees they promised were not what we ended up with. They made us have a reserve account for 3 months – which wasn’t that unreasonable – then they switched it to 6 months (that’s when we started to look for a new merchant processor) – then they said indefinitely with the reserve account.

    We no longer do business with EVO. They are holding $8,700.00 of our money. We tried to contact their customer service, their corporate offices – no one gets back to us.

    We have literally done nothing wrong other than switch companies. Fully compliant.

    I have to remind them that they are a PUBLIC company. They are treating us as if they are private company out to scam small businesses.

    We just want our money back immediately and be done with them .

    I would like someone from their corporate offices to contact us today. We plan to contact the Better Business Bureau, the New York States Attorney’s office, and Deutche Bank – who they do business with, and other government entities.

    They are literally holding on to money that DOES NOT belong to them.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  24. Kyle Crupi says:

    Garbage company with deceptive pricing. Was told I would pay $10/month, first bill was $23, pricing went up to $43 a month with no warning. In a total of 5 months I paid $161 and when I talked to retention department, they said they could knock my bill down to 12/month and that they would contact me about getting credit added to my account. A week later, no call so I calleed to cancel my service. If you put in 60 day notice then you don’t have to pay a termination fee. Stay away from evo payment’s international!!!

    From The Editor
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    1. Barry Lind says:

      Same issues here. They lie cheat and steal from you. How are they public? there are endless complaints on the internet

      From The Editor
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  25. Kevin Brown says:

    Beware of these guys ! Slick sales tactics and then send your application to underwriting where if you don’t submit proper paperwork or THEY make a mistake on your application they will “ hold “ your funds until everything is cleared . And that will take 2 more “ business “ days .
    I have had 2 other processors and no issues getting funded next day once I started processing

    From The Editor
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    1. dave says:

      what is the other 2 processor you switched to that fund your account next day?

  26. Renoir says:

    We are an unfortunate victim to a succession of upsetting events by this company. At the Beginning of July, our Company, Eden Life Market, bought over another health food store in Pleasant Valley, NY. The previous owners had Evo Payments as their merchant processors. Since taking over the business we were in possession of all the assets of that previous business. The previous owners were rushing us to change the names and ownership on all the accounts since we had changed the name of the business after our Grand opening. So We called Evo payment, hoping that we could switch the information on the accounts seamlessly. The sales rep told us that would be very simple and easy, and all that We need to do is sign a few documents (this is where everything went wrong). I signed the documents with an understanding that the name on the accounts and the bank account numbers would be changed, and that the payments we processed from the next day moving forward would be deposited to our new accounts. Confused, the deposits kept going through on the old bank account, so I called and made them aware of that issue which another rep told me that it will go through when I receive the new device (that was not explained to us initially, red flag). We got the new device, set it up, and great, the new payments came through on our new bank accounts. 1 month later we kept receiving fees on the old bank account from the former owners account with EVO (something new to me, they still had an account), which placed our account in a negative. I called them to inform them about what had happened and they informed me that this was because half of that month we had processed some payments so that’s the reason we are still being charged (okay). And the fees were showing up different from what they were stating, then we were asked to send a bank statement so they can look into it (we were never contacted). Next month, fees were charged again to the bank account, placing the account into negative again, with bank service fees also. We called, and was told, “the old account was never canceled”. And soon after we had switched to a merchant processor, and surprise, a cancellation fee. How didn’t we see this coming, why wasn’t that stated clearly, we thought we were only switching account information. A 3 YEAR CONTRACT!! and $395 fee for cancellation. We had already planned on changing our POS System to a clover and weren’t trying to attach to anyone. Which is obvious since we switched to another company a little over 2 months after. Long story short, we were never informed we had to write a letter signed before the accounts were “officially closed”, though we called to have our accounts closed. They waited for the fees to accumulate. We wrote them disputing the cancellation fee, to which we never got a reply or a call, until I called them to ask the status. It was rejected, for reason not stated, never communicated (Same as from the beginning, lack of communication) We are honestly considering contacting our lawyer to see what we can do about a lawsuit. This is fraud and misrepresentation in our estimation.

    We would never recommend this company. And as we seek to expand and open other locations, this company is out of consideration. The new company we now use clearly stated the upfront fees, the contract agreement, what we should expect. And they called to clarify some misunderstanding in fees after our first bill and walked us through again.

    From The Editor
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  27. TR says:

    The worst company ever!!! Different customer service reprecentative gives different info, so the issue is not being resolved for weeks. So much of wasted time on the phone and no resolution for weeks!!!!!

    From The Editor
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  28. Yolanda says:

    I do not have an active account with EVO and this company continues debiting my bank account for random charges causing overdraft fees and jeopardizing my life!

    From The Editor
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  29. Dermatology & Laser Center of OK says:

    I have had issues with access to my account, contact and receiving information on my credit card accounts. When I called no one was really in a hurry or concerned about getting the information that I needed. Horrible customer service. Supervisor refused to talk to me.

    From The Editor
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  30. Horrible experience from beginning to end. My company has been processing credit card payments since 2012 with Intuit. We process 1 million annually. We HAVE NOT experienced a single chargeback – perfect record. We process recurring billing for our advertising clients ranging from $500/mo to $25,000/mo. I decided to look for an additional processor in hopes of saving some money on fees. Here are my grievances: 1. Salesperson promised a $10,000 limit per transaction per month. 2. During an audit at the 6-month mark of our relationship accounting found out that one of our recurring payments for $6000 was only being charged $4000 per month. This had been occurring since the beginning of the relationship. Instead of canceling charge or charging full $6,000, EVO Payments charged only $4000. Once contacted about the matter they claimed that I had only been approved for $4000 limit per transaction. 3. I could not go back to my client and ask for $12,000 without looking foolish and/or jeopardizing my relationship. 4. When I complained about the issue, Jennifer from customer service demanded proof of my recurring payment agreement with my client. This is something EVO Payments had never asked for until this point. No matter – I have such authorizations for all clients as per my agreement with Intuit. I sent the copy of the recurring authorization to Jennifer by weeks end at which point she stated the agreement was unsatisfactory and that I must refund client. 5. I could not refund client because EVO had NOT sent ANY of my payments to me this month. Payments were held AS SOON AS I COMPLAINED. I have moved my few clients back to Intuit since. I am grateful/lucky that we had only tested 4 accounts with EVO to test our new merchant partner. In my opinion; this company is SHADY from salespeople to customer service. They will NOT admit to wrongdoing and WILL TRY TO COVER THEIR TRACKS by demanding new procedures from your company once you raise issues to a customer support level. RUN. I am not a vindictive person. This company is quite the opposite.

    From The Editor
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  31. This company is a complete ripoff. They allow fraud on their back end and then expect the store owner to pay for it. They siphon money from your account to cover the fraud that they allowed on their back end. We never even got sales but somehow got fraud on their back side. Then they give you the run you around for months and still never get to the bottom of things. So pissed at this company I am ready to hire a lawyer!!!

    From The Editor
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  32. former customer says:

    AVOID EVO payments worst company ever

    They will drain your bank accounts for no reason.

    Luckily I set up a new account with only $25
    First unauthorized deduction $10
    Next $10
    Next $10 denied
    Next $9 denied
    Next $5 approved
    Next $4 denied

    No reason for deductions other than them trying to drain your accounts with no reason
    Luckily my banks are good and disputed all the unauthorized charges.

    Do not use EVO payments

    From The Editor
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  33. Malki says:

    Worst company – – would never do business.

  34. frank siering says:

    Awful, awful, awful. Random fees, risk dept doesn’t know what fee is for. neither does customer service. stay as far away from these bandits as you can!!!

  35. kathy says:

    We fell into the category of cancellation being “lost” and account “auto-renewing” for 6 years. Yes the charge appeared on our bank statement but went unnoticed as we assumed that charge was from the new provider. This misconception was reinforced as our monthly statements “coincidently” stopped at the time we thought the account was cancelled. They said “Oh, we went green then and if you wanted statements you had to log in on-line”. We were never informed of the “going green” piece of the equation.

    They took $4455 from us for nothing in return…. 100% profit in the pocket. Shameful.

    I won’t even go into how rude and unapologetic “customer service” was when informed of the issue. With all the rest of the options out there……stay away from these guys. Completely unethical business practices.

  36. N B says:

    We signed up with EVO via simplify Commerce…recommended by 1shopping cart. At first, I used them only for a digital download product on our website. To test out deposit times, fees, etc. I decided that we would move all processing to them. I completed the form to request limit increase, and that was approved. In 3 months we have processed almost 70,000. Never had a problem until a client filed a chargeback of $875. We didn’t receive the paperwork, until the day it was due. I did respond, but EVO proceeded to try and debit $875 from our business account, there are other charges too. I was told keep processing as normal. So, stupidly, I did. I ran a 2800 charge and a 275 charge that the froze. I called and wa told it was under review. Received an email on Wednesday that 100% will be released, but the are keeping $2100 in reserve that might be released in a July. …and all future transactions will be charged 10% and held in reserve. Again, i was told process like normal. I have a couple applications out w new processors in the meantime we have bills to pay. I thought, this one time, I’ll process pay the 10% then by the next cycle on the 15th use the new processor. Well now they are holding $10,000. I’m honestly not sure what to do or what recourse I have. I will say the woman that was emailing me was helpful and answered my questions. I’ve also never had an issue with customer service. But they are just doing their jobs and the rules trickle from the top, my business is at a halt because there is no money in our biz account and it’s overdrawn because they keep trying to debit more fees.

  37. Kiara says:

    This comoany should have an F rating and no longer be in business. They owe me thousands and thousands of dollars of which every month I am getting the run around and being told oh you had a rejected fee or oh you a chargeback. I havent donw business with them since September. Its going on 3 months and my funds have yet to be released. Thwy refuse to give me a breakdown of funds but steady decreasing what they owe me. Im in pursuit of filing a lawsuit against this company. Thwy take money out of your account when no transaction has taken place and nothing is ever told up front even when you ask. When you threaten to bring the BBB in or a lawyer they come up with a brand new policy.

    1. david says:

      Just got an email from this company looking for my banking details
      It looked like a scam
      Reading these reviews thank god I have binned it

  38. Leia says:

    Where do I begin with this horrible company? DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT ABSOLUTELY DO NOT do any business with them. They are fraudulent crooks! We signed up for merchant services through Authorize.net and they matched us with another company (who was wonderful by the way), that company was bought out by Evo Payments. We signed absolutely no contract with Evo Payments, but suddenly because they bought the company we were using that means we are automatically bound by their contract? Legally, that is not how this works. We decided to close our online business after a few years for other adventures, and doing so has been a nightmare. I explained to the lady I spoke with in the closures department that we never signed any contract so we don’t owe them any money at all. She proceeded to tell me that we will owe them a $400 early termination fee if we cancelled now, and once again I stated we didn’t sign any paperwork at all about this, we never agreed to this. I mentioned that if a lawyer or judge were to look at this they would lose the case because, as stated, our signatures were never on the paperwork to begin with. Legally, you have to agree with a contract in order for it to be binding. The second the “L” word left my mouth this woman went absolutely INSANE and tried to hang up on me. I told her if she hung up on me we were going to have bigger problems. While continuing to calmly explain my point she began raising her voice again and speaking over me which I would return the attitude until it escalated into a full blown screaming match just so my words would be heard over her psychotic-ness. She proceeded to hang up on me, in which I immediately called backed and calmly but sternly told her to not hang up on me again. After being a complete and total B-word to them, I finally received the information I needed to get away from these scammers. Fast forward now to a month later, I called again to get information to close the account seeing as I got slammed with work and couldn’t do it after the first call. I was removed from the account and only my husband’s name remained and nobody would give me any information on why I was removed and unable to get the information I needed. I calmly explained that I have never had a problem getting this information before and was once again (from a different person mind you) met with attitude and someone speaking over me! I am tired of having to scream at people at this company. I have never in my life had to be such a total B-word to get my stuff taken care of. I’ve worked in customer service majority of my life and if I ever spoke to a customer the way I was spoken to by several different women at Evo Payments customer service, I would have been immediately fired and probably never hired anywhere else again. The fact that they allow this behavior is enough for me to say that nobody should use this company. Back to the conversation, I told the girl that I no longer wish to speak to her and to transfer me to someone else. She told me no, that she would not do that, and I repeated myself. She once again said no, and I asked to speak to her manager in which I was angry, so she just hung up on me. I’m beyond done with this company, cannot wait to be rid of them, and I highly suggest that you find someone else to do business with. Square with squarespace is someone I highly recommend, as long as you are not a high risk merchant (like we were)!

  39. Jeremy Jobe says:

    I have never seen a company so sloppily run. They delayed our application because their underwriter was sick…that was the beginning. Now these morons are trying to say that we need to get a 3 rd party lawyer to review our site and certify that we are good to go. This is an additional $2000+ cost..

    Marti, Gary…both have the customer service skills of an angry badger. I will never do business with these fools, nor will I send anyone else to them.

  40. Alison Bec says:

    EVO is a horrible nighmare of a joke. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years. Once the company fully changed names the company as a whole has diminished. The last year has been nothing but contract issues, fee issues and disputes. I’ve been trying to close my account for 4 months. They have the faxes to show my attempts, but when you call in, agents transfer you to another department and the finger pointing to others in EVO begins. I’m still being charged while they figure out how to close my account. You’re told you can hold for a senior or get transferred to their voicemail. Jackie is the voicemail I get and I’ve left several messages and never a call back. If you have a contract abide by it. Get all agents on the same page as they consistently contradict each other. Stop billing customers when your systems have an issue and you can’t figure it out. EVO is a money hungry company who doesn’t care about their long-time and loyal clients. I woke up and moved on from EVO.

  41. Local says:

    Stay away this company is holding me over $13000 and they dont want to transfer the money to my bank account, please DO NOT SIGNUP for authorize.net they are full of shit as well, they use this company for payments

  42. Angela says:

    Its was a nightmare trying to deal with them. After 2 weeks from my initial signup through authorize.net to accept credit card payments, I was still having problems. I didn’t get a single credit card purchase to go through, customer service kept giving me the run around, I dont think they even knew what the problem was. Long call wait times, I finally switched merchchants. I had a horrible experience with them.

  43. Laurie W. says:

    EVO Payments International is a horrible company. I notified them months ago that I wished to close my merchant account and they told me I had to contact my sales rep (Will Pender). I left him voice mail messages and sent email messages and never heard back from him. I called EVO and left messages for him thru the company and never heard from him (Will Pender). EVO contends that I did not give proper notice to close my account. They sent me a collection letter threatening to “force my cooperation” in settling the matter. I have now contacted an attorney for assistance. STAY AWAY FROM EVO Payments International.

  44. The Door Doctor says:

    Evo Charged $652 to my bank account for a credit card terminal we never received. Customer Service department was rude and refused to take charges off. Also, Evo charged us over $1000 in monthly fees after we canceled service with them.

  45. Tiffany says:

    This company is a scam. Said I was automatically signed up when signing up for authorize.net, but I never used them as a processor. They still charged me under the sneaky name BKCD Processing for 3 years now. Total of $1700. I used the phone number listed in some of the replies below to get to them and man are they mean. I guess they don’t like dealing with people who are upset from being stolen from each day. I finally got to a nice person who said that their superiors would get a total on my account and credit me, but that credits are usually reviewed the 15th of the month? Weird. Anyways I got her extension to be able to call her back directly to hopefully get all my money back. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Never one paper statement or emailed statement to tell me I was getting charged.

  46. Hope says:

    I highly recommend you do not do business with this company. All of the reviews are true….this company will rip you off. We never signed any paperwork and told them we would not be going with them for our credit card processing and they are taking money out of our account on a weekly basis and sent us a machine we didn’t know we were getting. Called Mo the salesmen and he does nothing to help stop this from happening. When the machine came, on the box it didn’t say it was coming from EVO, so of course we opened it thinking it was something we ordered since we order a lot of our parts and since we opened it we had to pay to have it shipped back. If the box would have said EVO payment processing or something we could have refused it and it would not have cost anything to have it returned back to them. Then we had to pay $ 35.00 to put a stop payment on our account to keep them from taking money out of our account. So it cost us big time to not even do business with a company.

    1. Randy says:

      Same deal, cancelled in 2012 and I didn’t realize they were still charging our checking account around 80.00 each month. Didn’t realize until we switched credit card users in April 2017 and were still getting charged that 80.00. Bank didn’t know who was deducting money from our account so we had to pay 35.00 to stop payment. Now I get a debt collector asking for 355.32 from EVO and I FINALLY figured out what’s been going on. Customer rep. said I cancelled in 2012 but they didn’t get a cancellation notice from us ???? Asked rep why we never received a statements and she said they were online ( how would I know that if you never contacted us ) No answer. So to sum things up we payed them around 80.00 every month( amounts varied a couple of $$ every month up or down ) for 5 years for no service or contact from EVO and they still want us to pay 355.32. GOOD LUCK, EVO I’m contacting the better business bureau.

  47. This company is nothing but crooks
    I closed my account and 2 years later they say I still owe them 621.00 They have not sent me a letter in 2 years.
    Plus they over charge

  48. jay says:

    0/5 STARS BE WARNED DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! this company is a scamm i was double charged 98.00 the person i worked with Dakota Ritter said i would not be charged at all i was told i would get is a card reader thats better then square but i was charged 3 months after having it I haven’t even used it. ! Dakota lied saying my account was closed my account was still open. Dakota Ritter also failed to tell me about a quarterly fee and yearly fee totaling $230 that was the $98 i should have reported to my bank because they are thieves. he failed to follow up with me and said he was a manager but found out by associates he is not a manager he is a sales rep. Cancellation process is not easy do not fax send a picture takes years to get your money back!!!

  49. Laszlo Gyulassy says:

    Bad experience with EVO. They were the default MSP for our online pharmacy (though Henry Schein) – when the online pharmacy company sold our website to a competitor, a new MSP had to be used. But EVO continued charging me a monthly fee. After 2-3 months, I called them to inquire about canceling our account with EVO, and were told by a customer service representative to simply fill out and fax back their cancellation form. I don’t remember the wording on the form, but supposedly it says to “refer to section 3 of the original contract” for terms of cancellation – which supposedly says that cancellation results in a $250 charge. The customer service representative failed to mention the $250 charge even though she must have known about it; and she knew I was only paying 1.75/month for account maintenance, and had I let it run down, it would only have cost me a few dollars total. I know I should have read my contract more closely, but the MSP could have mentioned the $250 penalty and my much cheaper alternatives.

  50. Bo Herman says:

    This is the company is doing very bad business. From the beginning I was misled to sign the documents in few minutes. After I read about the paper work carefully. I noticed that there is a monthly charge so I closed the account in the same day, couple of hours. Since then I got charged twice. I spent many many hours and took them few month to get refund. I also paid shipping for sending them back the device which I’ve never used. I thought I did my part to clear up everything with this company. After two years nothing had happened. I even forgot about this company. Last month they randomly charged me $1.75. I spent many hours and even drove to my bank to find out who charged me for what? My bank made many phone calls… I suddenly realized two years ago I dealt with EVO Payments. Of course I spent another full days and plus to talk to them. I am still waiting for the refund. Just called this morning. We will see. $1.75 is no big deal but they are doing bad business and trick people and stealing money from people. No one in the company ever said sorry on their salesperson’s misconduct to rush open an account giving false information. I’m shocked they are still exist.

  51. Cristine Hoffman says:

    Please go anywhere but Evo Payments. They will charge you way more than they say and will make you sign a contract even when they say there is no contact. I wish someone would have told me to avoid this company, so I’m passing along the info.

  52. Brittany says:

    A rep called a couple of weeks ago named Dylan Burnett. He’s been very persistent trying to get us to go with them over our current credit card processor. He called today asking about current credit card statements. I have not provided those due to a delay from my employer. I’ve also reached out to him telling him once once my employer provides it I’d be happy to send it to him. He became belligerent, rude and disrespectful in a matter of seconds telling me that ,”This is how he makes a living and I’m wasting his precious time”. HE CALLED US TO SWITCH!!!!! Not the other way around. I hung up. He actually had the nerve to call back and continue his behavior. I am beyond grateful we will not be transferring our business to them. What a horrible representation for a company! Can’t even imagine what customer service is like once you have a contract.

  53. Probably the worst experience I’ve ever had in business. If Evo was a person I would beat them up. Terrible customer service, unable to process even $100, a sales person who did nothing but lie to me and get me into a five year contract that I can no longer use for equipment, and all around incompetency. When I asked about being baited and switched about equipment the company acted like it was my fault because I was lied to. Salesperson forced installation after hours and would not leave until completed. All the other merchants in the area that she signed up had the same experience and are in the same boat. Was giving an unbelievably low rate and never was allowed to use it because they couldn’t process any of my payments. I was to receive a wireless unit and was forced to have a Wi-Fi unit that I cannot use because there is no wifi in the area that I am in when I’m at festivals without hotspotting using my cell phone. Customer service was no help and when I told them I would go to their office they had no intention of even following up with me. Refused to connect me with a supervisor that could help because there was allegedly no one above them to take it to the next level when discussing the equipment lease that I now have for 5 years that I can no longer use because their system won’t process their credit cards. I’ve spent over $450 to process $100 worth of credit cards. stick with square you’ll be a lot happier.

  54. bhavin says:

    very bad and unprofessional company , since a signed a CONTRACT for card payment terminal they showed them real colour , my card payment terminal not working from last two weeks and every single day i get different answer that either somebody fixing it or someone will ring back but i do not get any reply what so ever , even try to speak to manager but there is none available ever and so unprofessional that they threat to hang up on you .

  55. vito says:

    Do not get involved with Evo, contracts too long, service too slow, and hidden fees begin to appear after 6 months.

  56. I will NEVER ever use or recommend this EVO payments systems again. First they said my contract was 2 years and that an early termination fee $250. Well I cancel after 2 years and ohhh surprise on page 12 section A on tinny letters the contract was 3 years.
    What really trigger me to cancel it was they where retaining 10% of all my sales plus transactions fees and such. After 18 months i contact them to get my money back, call numerous times and fax them the forms to get my money back. They never did. Just simple Evo payments should me EVIL Payments.

    1. In order to be fear I will give you an update on my review of EVO Payments. I was not expecting a call back after I canceled my account.
      EVO payments representative Kathy Bell called me and ask about the situation, I explained to her and and give the details she was able to research. After 2 days my account was credited with my missing money just as she promised. Now I am waiting for a partial refund of my cancellation fee which is fear.

    2. Susan Tague says:

      Has anyone ever considered a class action suit against them? I am going through the same problems with them.

      1. Leia says:

        If someone starts a class action, i’ll be happy to join.

        1. Rachel says:

          EVO has failed to release our funds held in reserve – we have met all of our contractual obligations and complied with every instruction given to receive “our own money” back. I am exhausted from over four months of chasing them…its been over 2 years since our accounts were closed and four plus months after the two years we are still fighting for our money. Count us in

  57. Michael Dunn says:

    This is a rip off company, do not do business with them. We had their merchant services to handle credit card purchases for our business. We closed the business on 1/31/17 and they are still taking money from our account. I have contacted them several times, have completed all the paperwork they requested, and they have assured me no more charges would be made against our checking account, yet they are still taking money from us. They are no better than thieves.

  58. Kelly says:

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY extremely poor customer service I do not know how they are in business I closed my account and four months later they are still charging me I am still trying to have the account closed and a credit issued I have spoken to 5 different people i customer service all the tell you is they have to send an email and call you back you never get a call back and forget about reaching a supervisor or manager they tell you to leave a message and still no call backs if you like getting the runaround EVO is your company

  59. Chris Camelio says:

    Evo Payments is a company to stay away from.
    They have a complete lack of customer service and are unresponsive when there is a problem. There are much better companies out there to do business with. When your operation is hit with fraud you need a processer to be responsive not leave you on un ending hold.

  60. ALEX says:

    UNSATISFIED WITH THEIR SERVICES AT ALL. Terminated my account based on some assumptions that had no sense, terrible experience with Risk department, especially Kim Goodwin who was very rude and no helpful at all when I asked for explanations. If other companies ask to explain yourself and your product, Evo’s risk department just make an assumption and doesn’t request any extra information and can’t even explain their assumptions. Held money in case of chargebacks or returns, but when one arises would say “send them a check”, probably just holding money for their own gain.
    Bad bad customer service and treatment. Find yourself another merchant

  61. Jason Gonzalez says:

    These people take there sweet time with no regards to your business losing potential sales. I switched over to Tranzvia and i was walked through the process step by step never left in the dark. Lets just say i started with evo 1st and a few days later Tranzvia and well they got my account up and going even though evo had a head start. Don’t even waste your time.

  62. Doreen DeStefano says:

    This company is horrible. If they can hold your money up in any way, they will. And they will do it without telling you. And their customer service in nonexistent.

    Here is my horrible experience: First, when they finally got around to updating terminals, they sent me a terminal with another businesses information on it. It was completely programmed for someone else. They refused to send me a properly programmed machine. I had to get on the phone with them for over an hour to reprogram it. Then, they got my merchant ID number wrong. I was not set up for voice authorization. They dropped my healthcare provider designation and I could not take health care savings account cards or do phone transactions.

    Then… the big problem: I made too much money. And they started holding my money. ALL of it. We are talking thousands of dollars here. For 6 weeks. Five days after they decided to do this, I got an email about it. After a week of phone calls and financial gyrations, I managed to get some of the funds released. Then they inform me that they began holding 10% of my sales each month, back in December, for 6 months. This is several thousand dollars each month. Let’s be clear. I’ve been in business for 15 years and never had a charge back. I own my home. I own my office. I have a stellar credit bureau score. No risk here. Just an opportunity for them to take my money.
    If you are thinking about using this company: Don’t do it!

    1. Doreen DeStefano says:

      Update: Someone (forget her name) from this company contacted me about this review. She got my story. Nothing else has happened. I have tried to contact Chris Baily, but he doesn’t return phone calls or emails. They are still holding several thousand dollars of my money in case I have a charge back., which hasn’t happened in the 15 years I’ve been in business. And they refuse to respond. I just don’t understand how this is legal. On the flip side, I had NO problem going to another company for a much better deal and MUCH better customer service.

  63. Darin says:

    Evo Payments has been holding over $17,000 of our customers money for almost 2 months and can not provide a reason for holding it. We have asked them numerous times to refund it to our customers and they have cursed and said do not call back and hang up. Many of our customers have also said that Evo payments curses at them and hangs up. Evo payments has stated that we have a contract with them in which we do not and they refuse to provide us with a copy of it. What this company is doing is illegal and very unprofessional.

  64. Cindy says:

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM….Salesman, Allen Salfran SOLD me EVO Payments even when he knew I used Quickbooks Online and their software is not compatible with it. After, extensive time, energy and cost – THEY WERE DEDUCTING MONEY EVEN THOUGH I COULD NEVER BE SET UP!
    If anyone has the CEO # or email….I would love to have it.

  65. Jose says:

    So I had an active merchant account with Evo Merchant Services for over 3 years with no problems. They never had any issues with me. I paid my fees on time, complied with all their requirements and obeyed every law & guideline that was presented to me. on November 9th, I get an email from someone in the loss prevention department stating that my account needs to be reviewed for a increase because I exceeded my yearly volume. I replied right away with the necessary documents. I submitted my bank statements and didn’t hear from them. I sent an email on November 18th to follow up and this was the reply “I am still working on the volume increase for your merchant account. This process can take up to 7 business days. In the meantime, please continue to process as normal.” I then get a phone call on December 1st that my account will be suspended and I cannot process anymore transactions for the remainder of the year. I think that this is very unprofessional and damaged my business in many ways. How can they tell me that all of a sudden, just like that, I cannot process transactions? This is my third year processing 6 figures and they tell me its because I exceeded my $50,000 yearly limit? Why didn’t someone contact me before? Then they said it was my industry? They should have at least given me a month or so to get setup with another company so that my transactions could still go through. I feel that this company is unethical and should not be allowed to do this. On top of that, they are holding over $1,000 of my transactions on hold. They said I can cancel my account but it will cost a fee and I won’t be able to get my money that is on hold until 30 days after I cancel my account. I advise anyone looking to get setup with this merchant account to stay away!!

    1. Jose says:

      Please withdraw my complaint. This issue has been resolved.


    I worked for a week and two days with these people. I drove my car, used my gas, my phone navigation to find places and worked my tail off to get to these appointments. The team leader was sometimes unavailabkle when I was stuck and thought I would go back and put person back on the phone..NOPE.
    Team lead advised me that he would put in two statements for me to get paid for and he never did and also I was advised that I would get paid $250 for sign on after five days.. not paid yet/ I was also advised if I turn in 5 business cards I would get paid $50 for those five , but I turned in 10 a day. Whoever was setting the appointments never contacts the business owners or schedule the time to see the next person enough to get to the next appointment. Team lead sits behind the desk and get paid hourly while you’re out running around getting no sells and no pay.

  67. Mike says:

    I’ve been a customer of EVO for 2 years generating 6 figures annually. I come back into the office on Monday to see that I didn’t generate any sales over the weekend. I’ve never gone 72 hours without making a sale so I knew something was up.

    I call them only to find out that they canceled my account on Friday evening. There were no emails warning me of a cancellation nor was there an email saying that my account was canceled. Dropped just like that. And their reasoning was because of our website name (which has been the SAME name since day 1!!)

    I’m in a very competitive industry where people can be ruthless. This is the biggest F U I’ve received in my 4 years in business and it’s done by a company that was on “my team” so I thought. Not to mention they do this to me during my BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR – Holiday Season. Proof they don’t give a damn about their customers.

    It’s going to be atleast a week of zero sales before I’m set up with a new company. This is going to kill my Holiday season sales goals. I’m normally a nice person, but I’d spit in the face of whoever decided to think it’s right to drop my company without any notifications of headsup.

    Even if you’re my biggest competitor – I’m telling you to AVOID THIS COMPANY AND THEIR UNETHICAL SHADY TACTICS!

  68. Frank A says:

    The worst customer service EVER.

    I run a toy store online and I signed with e-onlinedata (which later was acquired by EVOPayments) in 2004. Was a customer for 12 years with not even one chargeback or negative transaction.

    Recently I changed the website URL and to avoid confusion for my customers, I asked EVOPayments for a “Merchant Information Change Form” so I can change the descriptor on my Merchant Account.

    Submitted the information 20 days ago and thought nothing of it. Then on Cyber Monday, the busiest day of the year for my business, customers started calling our support line asking why they couldn’t make any purchases.

    Our development spent several hours on the problem until we checked the gateway and found multiple errors and multiple a huge number of transactions that could not go through.

    We finally figured out late at night that our Merchant Account had been deactivated by EVO.

    When I called them, they had no answer other than saying the Risk Analyst had determined that we needed a new account! I finally ended up talking to the Risk Analyst and when I pressed him to say what we had done wrong, he said, and I quote: “You have done nothing wrong. Let’s just say it is time for you to have a new account!”

    I was floored. Needless to say, we lost a lot of business, not to mention the impact on customer trust and loyalty.

    Stay away from these guys. Their rate structure was never something to brag about anyways and customer service is non-existent. They are not your partners, they are just sharks

    Had a processor for twenty years and never a problem. Signed on with them a few years ago and then made the mistake of merging my two merchant accounts. Now they refused to process a a 20K transaction with an existing customer. Never put the money in my account but charged transaction fees and now is refusing to refund the transaction fees and charging me to refund this customer! Costing me money to do nothing! Never heard of anything like this before.

    I have to call my client to tell them I have to refund their money because the credit card company won’t take our money. TERRIBLE COMPANY!
    Buyer beware!

  70. Gianfranco Percovich says:

    They been hold a transaction of $ 7000
    for over 10 days, asking for more information.
    witch we give-it to them.
    After 1 week I call to cancel the transaction and they
    toll me that we need to wait for a period of 7 to 14 days to get the money back into the customer account, the point is they already have the money, they took the money for the customer account, for 10 days and we didn’t see the money yet,
    very bad customer service, never again
    and we are been in the restaurant businesses for over.
    16 years.

  71. Jeff says:

    Garbage service. Never use them. This was my first merchant account and they are a nightmare. Chargeback processing is a joke, and they deny all of your requests for a rebuttal of chargebacks, so customers can scam you. This is a merchant provider that is NOT on your side. Stay away from Evo Payments!

  72. Tim says:

    These guys are so crooked that they make Hillary Clinton look like an Angel. I tried to close an account for 5 months. Only to be told that I had to send letter after letter saying I wanted to terminate the contract. After doing this several times and contacting the rude staff at EVO that only gave me the run a round for month after month, they then changed their story and said that they needed for me to send a photo ID and also sign it. So I did that. Meanwhile they kept taking money from my account even though it was closed for several months. After finally getting it closed they sent me a letter that said I owed for early termination fees. I thought how can that be I have been with this company since 2007. Keep in mind that this is 2016! I refused to send them a dime more, so then they forwarded it to a bill collector. Allen & Associates. After a few letters and phone calls to them they told me that in January of 2016 I signed a new contract. Even though I did not! The asswipe from the agency that is handling the collection told me that they have a signed document from me. I would like to know how this happened because I have not ever signed anything. Period! I told him they must of fabricated this signature. He then laughed at me and said good luck on proving that one. This company will go to no lengths to do anything to collect money in any way they can. Meaning falsifying documents. I am going to contact an attorney and see what course of actions can be taken against the most crooked company on the planet. That’s EVO and Allen & Associates out of Mineola NY that represent EVO. They are both snakes in the grass! So cover your ass!

    1. Susan Tague says:

      Tim, did you ever get anywhere with them? I would love to contact the NY AG to start a class action suit against them. They have been holding my money for five months while saying they are releasing it. I was told by the IRS we can also file for interest on the money they are holding.

  73. Cindy Evans says:

    This is the WORST company! Do not do business with them. They will charge you all sorts of fees due to their own errors and will transfer you until you give up. DO NOT USE THEM.

  74. Catherine says:

    We are having trouble with EVO believing what we have sold in our latest product launch so they are holding on to thousands of dollars in owed funds. No matter what documentation we provide, their customer service still comes back with a “Once I get that information (even more business bank statements than what were already provided) I will review the account and see about a partial release of funds being held since —->>> we typically would hold funds for a period of 30-45 days after a launch when we are notified to see how the spike in volume is handled and you also are processing larger ticket sales.”


  75. Evo payments decided to do an upgrade on my account that duplicated one weeks worth of charges on all of our customers. $25,000 in charges were duplicated and reversed. We have built our business on trust and this problem I’m sure is causing a lot of distrust. Unfortunately, customers are unforgiving especially in competitive markets. I am receiving charge backs on charges that have already been refunded. Evo’s charge back department is telling me that I have to go through the charge back process when these charges backs come through. I have also called their billing department to make sure I’m not being over billed and even then I need authorization from my agent Quantus before that happens. This has been a horrible experience that I’m sure was caused by greed at the executive level of Evo! I do not recommend this company for processing your credit cards. I am currently looking to leave them.

  76. Cynthia A Oglesby says:

    Do NOT use this company! I have had EVO for my credit card processing for over 10 years. Sold the business and TRYING to close out the account. It took one month before I got through to the Cancellation Dept. Sent them a fax to cancel the account. They say it takes ONE MONTH after my fax to cancel and I will get more charges for that month even though I am no longer using the credit card machine. I practically begged them today to just CLOSE the account, but they will not do it before 30 days. Absolutely RIDICULOUS. I bet if I was setting UP an account they would do it immediately.

  77. Nick Piccolo says:

    I highly recommend staying away from this company. Our company was using them for 2 years without an issue. As soon as we started to grow and do more volume, boom they throw you into a high risk situation and hold your money. In our case, $80,000. This is a small business; $80,000 is what we use to pay our bills, buy inventory, and pay our employees. They could care less. Best of all they had zero contact with us. Not a warning, NOTHING. I had to call when our batches were NOT coming through.

    They lie about when they do their reviews, and then give you the worst attitude on the phone. You request to speak to a manager and you get ignored.

    Save yourself and your business time and headaches. Do NOT give them your business.

  78. Drew says:

    I can confirm what others have been saying. I use EVO Payments through Authorize.net. One day EVO Payments stopped transferring funds to our bank account without any notification or other communication whatsoever. This was more than a month ago. No word from them ever since. Support is non-existent, no replies to e-mails Phone staff knows nothing. Looking for an alternative now.

  79. Stay far away from this company. Their customer support is of no help. The only thing they do good is charge outrageous amounts for an account. I was trying to link my eBay account with EVO and Authorize.com and keep getting error messages. So far the 3 way circle points fingers at each other and do nothing to help. Very disappointed with EVO.

  80. Leah says:

    I have used a few different merchant accounts and I have never been interrogated by an underwriter until when I recently opened an account with authorize.net who forwarded my application to evo payments. THEY ARE RUDE AND A SCAM, I have had 4 miscellaneous withdrawals from my account but NO DEPOSITS after 5 business days. I received a random email about a GPS error with my terminal only to call be transferred 3 times and be interrogated by the underwriter about my work history and even linked me to some random individual whom I’ve never heard of and made it clear that she didn’t believe me quite rudely. Five minutes later my account was terminated via email …. when all I did was respond to an email regarding a terminal GPS error.
    Avoid this company at all costs. They do not want your business and will treat you horribly and take your money a few bucks at a time.

  81. Kyle says:

    I NEVER write reviews but this company is horrible. Don’t be naive like I was and be sold by a salesman that nobody gets online to write positive reviews. That might be somewhat true but I have found hundreds of horribly negative reviews and yet to find one great review…. I found out how bad they were and recalled my application. They contacted me saying it had been thrown out and my credit score would not be ran. I also opted out when it requested to run my credit score. Yet they still ran my credit and opened my account and then tried to tell me they could still charge my account and charge a early termination fee.They admitted the application should have not went through and it was their fault but told me they could do nothing for me. I could write all day about how bad and how many hours I have spent on the phone and I NEVER EVEN OPENED AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM. Please do yourself a favor do not use this company.

  82. john lindberg says:

    Avoid this company! After closing my account and waiving fees in writing they continue to take money from my account every month.

    Every month they promise to fix and refund, but have never received a refund and now will have to close my account to prevent future withdrawals.

    Any company that does not honor what it says it will do in writing cannot be trusted. I switched to Heartland and they have been much better. Customer service is great and fees were lower than EVO.

  83. Dan says:

    Evo is a scam. I have used them a few years, then I noticed they had hidden fees that jacked up their rates. When I found out and tried to cancel, it took 5 months and multiple faxes, emails, phone calls, and threats of litigation to cancel our merchant account. We sent their terminal back and faxed their termination form back multiple times as requested. Each time we received a successful fax confirmation from our machine. But magically Evo customer service each time claimed they didn’t receive the fax. I then sent emails which they claim they never received. I used multiple fax numbers and email accounts to send, but it didn’t matter. They just kept denying receipt and kept debiting our bank account each month even though they had our terminal and never processed a transaction for us for months!

  84. c says:

    My name is C—,

    I noticed a charge of $–.– on my bank statement that same up has: BKCD PROCESSING BKCD M DSC

    I looked at the trace – the charge comes from DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO AMERICA – 2015937610, I called them they stated I had to call another number. They stated they were just the bank who handles the payments(I get that).

    So I called the number they provided me – Evo – 800-705-2559, this rude guy picks up named: Salador – he asked for my merchant ID, I don’t know that, I know even know what this company is! He would tell me, I gave him all my current contact information to look me up by, finally he was able to locate a Business name that was in my name, that I had no idea about.

    He stated that he doesn’t handle this type of merchant??? WHAT EVER THAT MEANS?? – He provided me another 1800 number… provided me an merchant ID. then transferred me.

    He connected me to this 3RD NUMBER!!! 888-888-4009, was told to press opt 3, connected me to this lady named: Wayvon… she seems very nice, I advised her I don’t know what this service is, I really don’t care, I just want them to stop charging me, and I want all my money back that they have charged me. She stated that she would have to email me a cancel form(okay…) I filled it out sent it back…. I called her back got the same lady(thankfully). She stated she got it that they have to review it, then they will cancel my account(THAT I NEVER MADE). As well she is going to credit my money that they owe me, point to say they have been charging me sense 2014…. they owe me 1500 dollars!

    At this moment I am more than upset how they got my bank information, and I just want my money back! She told me to wait a few days… IF I DONT DONT HEAR ANYTHING BY FRIDAY! I AM GOING TO BLOW!!!

    1. Scott neven says:

      Just happened to me to,the tune of 3479.10…this company is a piece of crap….

      1. Scott neven says:

        Just talked to Saladar myself….the company refuses to send me my 3 years of my account paperwork….I am putting a file together to send to the NYS attorney general..you all should do the same…..feel free to contact me….

        1. Cori says:

          I have been calling calling calling… I keep getting the run around on how they have canceled my account, but it takes 30 days to get approved refund! They also only process credits on the 15th of the month, I assited to talk to a supervisor, the call agent placed me on hold for 45 minutes!!! They supervisor said that they can follow up with an email to their credit department some BS! I am getting pretty mad… THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! They always try to get me off the phone stating let me follow up with the prev person who you had talked to, we will call you back, I NEVER get a CALL BACK!

        2. Rana A. Colaianni A. Colaianni, CRNP says:

          Do you have an email address for Eileen Mark, VP of Client services (NY office) or anyone in a position of authority at EVO? I am getting nowhere with phoning the reps in customer service and need a “paper” trail of my attempts to resolve ongoing excess charge issues with this horrible company.
          Grateful for any help!

    2. Sarah says:

      This Company FUCKING SUCKS! Total Scam! We put a stop payment on our account and apparently stop payments only last a year so a year later we have over $1000 taken out from EVO for services we haven’t used. How is this company still in business??

  85. Lori Smith says:

    EVO has been taking money from my account for the amount of $199.50 every month. They say it is for verbally agreeing to 411.ca. I did not and would not consent to this. I would like them to refund me and they say I can not be refunded. I would like to see proof or hear the conversation which I agreed!!

    1. Brad says:

      They did this to me too. Same thing 411.ca. I hounded them in Facebook and called incessantly until they refunded me over $2,000. Keep trying.

  86. George Childers says:

    I wrote my local rep and wanted my account cancelled over two months ago. I receive a bill, so I called the CSR at EVO. Would you believe I have to call three times just to cancel my account because my rep did not? To top it off I can only call every 48 hours. I believe this is just an attempt to collect more money for services I no longer wish to use. If you decide to use this company be careful and keep a close eye on them.

  87. Gail Williams says:

    We changed our service to a company that had better fees. For the past six months, we have been charged a minimum fee of $51.90. Every time we contact them, we get a different person and process to officially cancel this account. Beware: they are bad with fees during service and thereafter!

  88. Stephanie Dantuono says:

    Worst company I have ever dealt with! I have 5 users on my terminal, we used their service for 7 1/2 years, decided to switch for better rates with another company. Had to contact my agent to cancel, because the main office in Texas is full of incompetent ‘customer service’ reps who insisted I would be responsible for a cancellation fee, even though my contract states otherwise. My agent promised I wouldn’t have to pay the $250 early termination fee, filled out the necessary form and faxed over to him. One month later, we were still getting charged service fees because the accounts are showing as active according to the Texas office, but tell me my agent is showing as inactive! Contact my agent, again, and he insists he sent over the paperwork and he will take care of it. Two months later, more service fees! Contact my agent’s boss, whom I emailed previously and never got back to me, and he swears they will get it taken care of. So now I will have to follow up with the horrible reps in Texas, yet AGAIN, to see if my account is officially closed. Pretty sure they will charge me that cancellation fee also. I highly recommend steering clear of this company, they will give you nothing but headaches!!

    Are you with EVO? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  89. Sean says:

    Alright so we just started with EvO 6 days ago.

    1. Sales rep tried to stop me from making photocopies of the contract after signing.
    2. My store can’t stand people who use transactions for less than a dollar so we explicitly have in the contract anything under 2$ will notify the customer of a .10 cent surcharge.
    3. We were supposed to have the deposits in at 8pm every night automatically. I had to go to the bank every day until they finally fixed that since we’ve started.
    4. The sales rep told me I had within 30 days to cancel with no termination fee penalty however that is not reflected in the contract.

    This company either seems very new and doesn’t know what it is doing or as someone said is a hit and run kind of company. Nobody should do business with them.

    1. Julio del Carpio says:

      They are not new. They are the biggest crooks in the business. Wait until they take thousands of dollars from your account and takes you months to get it back. They shift the money among their companies and you will have to go from company to company. Read all the negative comments and get out fast.

  90. Trey Carland says:

    I have to echo the negative reviews. I was contacted by Alan [last name] out of the blue. He gave me the hard sale and acted like I was a fool not to switch from my current processor because of all the money he was going to save me. I was assured that their team would take over switching over my website’s payment processing, but they did not deliver. Alan said he would call me each month to go over my statement, but I never heard from him again. I spoke to a few different people about my account over the next few months and never got the right person to set up my payment system. After racking up a bunch of fees for not making my minimum purchase requirement, I finally canceled, which cost me almost $400. I left Alan two messages, which he did not return, and finally got him on the third try. He acted very put out and had someone else call me back to deal with me. I had racked up over $1,000 in fees for a system that I used once, but they would not refund me a dime of it. You would think that a billion dollar company might be able to refund a dissatisfied customer a couple hundred bucks, but I signed a contract so I’m out of luck.

    1. Gail says:

      I just got a call from an Allan Safran, he gave me the same exact sales pitch as you described…so like I thought it must be too good too be too be.just wondering how you racked up all those fees, he said that I could cancel at anytime with no contract.

  91. Carla Mussa says:

    This company is taking money from my checking account on a monthly basis without my permission. They changed the terms of the contract agreement and I am getting billed a ridiculous amount of charges. The end result is that I am paying them more money to them than I am collecting as a merchant. Stay away from this company at all costs. I have reported them to FCC too.

  92. Doug Paschall says:

    I’ve been with Evo merchant for 5+ years and haven’t really had any trouble until we tried to cancel. I started the cancellation 3 weeks ago and still having problems. I did everything they asked to cancel but still nothing. Now I’m waiting on Encoreps to email me confirmation on my cancellation. Of course they said it would only be a few minutes to email it and it’s been 2 hours. I’m so sick of messing with them. Customer service is absolutely awful!

  93. sam kohan says:

    the worst compony in payment processing :
    they promise you 1.3 percent you end up paying over 3 percent, you will receive many calls almost on a weekly bases about advertising with them, google adword through 411.ca or even website design for only 99 dollars per month lie after lie and the funny part is you accept it or not still they charge you then you call back asking for refund, good luck getting it. long story short, do your self and your compony a big favour just don’t work with them.

    ps, they are going to hook you up with a leasing compony for your equipments then you are stuck with them for 5 years you can use the new code of conduct to get rid of them but the lease is payable in full. delinquency on the highest level.
    for more info just send me an email (REDACTED – personal information)

  94. David Landes says:

    Absolute worst customer service, if and when you ever do get to speak to a real human prepare to be then transferred put on hold again and again or just flat out hung up on. They will refuse to answer questions talk down to you refuse to honor signed legal contracts telling you to hire an attorney

    This company needs investigated for fraud by the feds and this needs done yesterday

  95. Ron Phillips says:

    We are a small childrens nonprofit with very little funds. They charged us our monthly fee 4 times in 2 weeks. Then they charged us 4 more times in the next two weeks which generated NSF charges. I asked them why. The response was that I should close the account and they provided a form. No explanation.

    We were still owed $2200 so I didn’t close the account yet. Well they closed it for us but never gave us the $2200. Their “fraud” division called me with lots of questions. .When I answered all of them, then she said they were holding the money until March 30th because the account was “closed”. I responded that I had never closed the account. NO RESPONSE.

    Yesterday we got a 1099 for the money. The money they NEVER gave us. I am now going to the Attorney General in NY and the BBB. Being the director of the organization, this makes me look really bad. These are dishonest and unethical. Stay away from them.

  96. I had similar experiences as many of the above testimonials. They jammed me for over 200.00 in excess fees in the past and I swore after that I would drop them and I did!
    I signed up with my bank and now get next day use of funds for overall less fees. I purchased a new first data machine from an online supplier, quit using evo and once all my past transactions had posted, switched business banking accounts. Evo never got an extra penny out of me for cancellation. People , these are the steps you must take to get away from EVO. Yes it is a hassle to switch accounts but if you don’t you are just throwing good money after bad.

  97. Billy Schilling says:

    Worst processing company I’ve dealt with ever. Takes 5-10 attempts to batch out every night. You call and they tell you it’s your phone line. BS! It’s your end. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

    1. Rick Moses says:


      I can’t stand this company. We have used them for a number of years only because changing was a huge hassle. The hidden fees, the non-responsive customer service and on and on.

      Last December, after not being able to use the service for several months, I had had enough. I couldn’t process a sale, let alone close a batch. I always got the same response. The problem was on my end and for only $$$$$, we can get it straightened out with new equipment and software. No reason why the existing didn’t work.

      It is now 2 months since I’ve sent the termination notice, which they acknowledge receiving. But the account is still open and I’m still getting billed. No one can tell me why the account is still open. In the mean time, they keep taking money. I’m at the point where I’m going to have to close my business account to stop them.

  98. Nancy says:

    I sincerely wonder if when cancelling with EVO, we shouldn’t all change our bank account numbers. It’s ashamed not to trust a company, but as crooked as this one is, it’s almost a must!
    Now, when I saw a post where someone’s contract was up and they waited to cancel until a month later, EVO renewed the contract and is making them wait until another Nov. rolls around to cancel!
    If you contract is up, it is up! Mine was up in Nov. also, This is Dec. so I will call asap to cancel, and see what happens.
    I have not used my credit machine leased to me by them for a year or two (another rip-off from another company they recommend). they continue to charge me the credit card leasing fee, over $30 per month and a credit card processing fee for not charging of over $30 per month!!! Crooks to say the least.. complete SCAM.
    When you prey on people who work very hard, it will come back to you~ Karma.

  99. Claudia says:

    I agree with all the comments above, especially customer service, that are truly rude. We have had Unexpected money come out of our account several times, last being $717.00, for “not returning our machine in ten days, which I was never informed it had to be 10 days, but did ask when I cancelled the address to return it. We had all kinds of “fees” taken out without letting us know, usually around $100.00 Worst company I ever dealt with. Would NOT recommend them to anyone.

  100. Anver says:

    Never ever do business with Evo…ever. I guess the company should have a name called Never Canada. They charge you by debiting your account with false charges which you never signed. They put charges on your contract without you knowing. The most notorious people you ever come across. My advice Never Ever Evo. Be safe.

  101. Bruce says:

    I too was a victim of EVO Canada. In 2012, I cancelled my services with them. Then, in December 2013, my bank account was getting hit with a $199.50 charge on a monthly basis. I got busy with year-end and didn’t catch it until mid-March. Anyway, my bank investigated and said it was EVO Canada.

    I called them up to find out what was going on. They said it was for a 411.ca subscription and I would’ve been called in October and given a two month trial before getting charged. I scratched my head and said, “Huh? I don’t remember that?”

    Luckily, I record business calls for quality assurance purposes and I listened to the conversation I had with the sales rep from EVO. Half way through I said, “EVO Canada? You mean Evil Canada!”

    The rep said that wasn’t a nice thing to say. He says try it out for two months but call back before December. I said, “Yeah. We’ll talk to you later.” and hung up.

    Next thing you know, they’re charging me. They have a thing or two to learn about what is consent and what’s not consent. And that’s not the worst of it! Apparently, according to EVO Canada, my company has given them authority to hand over my bank info for preauthorized debits to any third party.

    So anyone that wants to start a class action suit against EVO, I’m there!

    1. Brad Walker says:

      I have a very similar sounding experience with EVO Canada. Over the course of 2013, I had $2,552 withdrawn from my account. First two months were $226 and then $210 until I finally figured it out and got it cancelled.

      I was taking over finances, and never had any invoices to show for these monthly charges. I finally figured out that the charges were supposedly related to some 411.ca charges. When I call 411.ca, they transfer me to EVO Canada, who tell me that 411.ca is responsible for the charges. I have managed to get EVO Canada to refund three months worth of direct withdrawals. I also got them to send me a fake,post-facto invoice that showed some of the charges, but had some of the amounts wrong, including the calculation of the GST amount.

      I really don’t feel as though EVO Canada has dealt honestly with me in any way. One person called me a liar when I claimed that I was part owner and was responsible for the finances. I have had people tell me that that supervisors no longer want to talk to me. I have been repeatedly promised some type of evidence that there was ever an agreement of some sort, and they have not provided it. 411.ca tells me our account was cancelled in June 2013, even though the direct withdrawals by EVO Canada continued until December.

      Bruce, in your comment, you say that you said “Yeah”. I think that was enough. I got one of the call center guys to basically admit that all you had to do was say “Yes”, in some form, and that would be enough for them to enter into an agreement with you where they could withdraw money directly from your account without ever sending an invoice or transaction confirmation or something to explain what the charges were for. And best of all, that this was perfectly legal. I beg to differ and would like to pursue this further as well.

  102. Tom says:

    I agree that this is the worst of the worst credit card processor. I had a credit card machine installed on an outside vending machine 3-4 years ago. The machine NEVER worked not once, ‘NO SALES’ went through the machine. I attempted to close the account many times and were told that I was under contract until November 2013, and I needed to close it closer to that date. Now, they tell me that my contract automatically renewed in November and to close the account I will have to pay a $395.00 early termination fee or wait until November to try to close it again, meanwhile they are STEALING $36.50 each month out of my checking account. I asked for a waiver from the $395.00 fee due to having a machine that I could not use for the entire time. NO, was the response.
    If the BBB rating is F, I wish the BBB had a rating worse than F for these crooks.

  103. MENESS Towing is our company name. we are a small registered company in QC canada. We have been ripped off by evo since we signed our contract in Sept 2013. Our representative Christine Fortin has never returned our calls since our initial contract meeting. During this meeting, she told us we were signing a 3 year contract for services, and for machine rentals. 1 wireless and one LAN machine. Our wireless machine that cost 60/month did not work for 7 months however we were still charged the whole time.

    When we called to cancel our contract we were told we would be charged for the full three years of service fees (50.month) and we would also be charged 100/month for machine rentals for 5 YEARS!!

    As naive new business owners we trusted her that the whole contract was for 3 years. Now after constant battles we understand that we have actually singed contract with about 3 different companies! First Data that takes our money for rental but will not speak with us directtly – GLOBAL Payments that takes our money for services – who also will not speak with us directly – and EVO. Who will speak with us but are the RUDEST people i have ever encountered.

    Our Rep Christine Fortin also told us that we could cancel our contract for 500$, and that if we no longer needed our machines she would transfer our contract to another new merchant. LIES, LIES, LIES and she still has an active number but will NEVER call us back.

    I guess i need to find a lawyer to get our of this contract. Also, monthly fees are usually 50, but since Dec 3 2013 i have been charged 316$, now i will need to spend a few days on the phone trying to figure our what these “MYSTERY” fees are…

    This is the absolute worst company i have ever dealth with! NEVER do business with them.

    I have filed complaints with them on BBB and they have even lied on those sites and the files have been closed as unresolved because they would not provide information.

    [contact information redacted]

    If anyone has been able to successfully get out of their contract i would like to know. i am ready to send back their machines and see them in court. the stress is just too much to deal with on almost a daily basis.


    1. Julio del Carpio says:

      Be careful. They will take money from your account. They took $ 16,000 from mine. It took me 6 months to recover the money. I was forced to change bank accounts. They operate under different companies. Their excuse was that they needed a reserve fund for my account.

      Can the DA or Federal Gov’t investigate this fraudulent company?

    2. Kathy Kovacs says:

      Did you ever get out of the contract? I am trying to get out of mine. They lied and told me there was no charge for the debit machine…they are charging me 1% of all my sales. I told them I’m cancelling and they’re trying to tell me I have to pay $500 or it goes to collections.

  104. Angela says:

    This company is complete crap. Our sales rep lied to us about EVERYTHING. Everyone is extremely rude and when i complained, I think it may have been a manager or someone i talked to but she basically told me that he was one of the “best” customer service reps they have. Last time i checked good customer service isn’t yelling back and arguing with your customers.

    Half the time our machine doesn’t even work, calling the technical support line is a never ending wait.
    Never ever use this company because now Im suck with a very expensive paper weight

  105. dembis says:

    I have proofs to attach and justify that EVO merchant services AKA Commerce Payment group AKA EVOLUTION BANKCARD have been DISHONEST and BEWARE BECAUSE their sales reps (DANIELLE CIRILLO in my case)
    are VERY misleading and are BIG LIARS. I signed up with them since June 28, 2013. But the rates have been going up constantly. I have been calling to discuss rate hikes in a more reasonable manner because I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE TO POST NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET. But I receive my statement again and I have been taking less and less credit card payments. I was processing about $800 monthly and this month $445. my account was debited $108.34. They are leaving me very little choice.
    And DANIELLE CIRILLO, to get me signed up, told me a series of LIES, including:
    1- “P.P.S. Open a new merchant account with Evolution Bankcard within the next 10 days. We’ll waive all transaction fees for your first week of service.* That way, you pay nothing to start!
    *Up to $50 in fees waived.”
    2- Monthly minimum fee will be waived for me.
    3- The beginning of her email:
    MOST TRANSACTIONS ARE DISCOUNTED AT 1.59% BEFORE ADDITIONAL FEES (higher than average), just to name a few. (proofs attached You will read it around the BOTTOM of the email she sent me. AND I still have a copy of the email From her in my inbox.)
    GUESS WHAT: AGREEMENTS NEVER FULFILLED, When I called customer service and email them the email I received from DAnielle Cirillo, they saw that I was right but STILL THEY NEVER FULFILLED THE AGREEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear DEMBA:
    I still haven’t had the opportunity to help you get set up taking credit cards for your business. I know that as a business owner that you are busy so I am writing to remind you of what you will get with Evolution Bankcard.
    1— Your rates are only 0.25%
    All of the credit card companies say their rates are the lowest. But at Evolution Bankcard, we guarantee it.
    2—You can get started right away.
    We approve 98% of applicants, usually within 24 hours – even those with less-than-perfect credit. That means you can start taking credit card orders within a day or so.
    3—You get a FREE credit card terminal. (value $300.00)
    You get a FREE signature-capture credit card terminal (value: $300) when you open a new merchant account with Evolution Bankcard. Swiping cards with the terminal can actually help lower your transaction costs, as credit card companies reduce their rates for terminal sales.
    4—You get live customer support around the clock.
    Problem with a customer’s credit card order? Evolution Bankcard gives you instant live support any time of the day or night – even on weekends and holidays. Quick resolution of problems keeps your customers satisfied.
    5—You can try our service 100% risk-free.
    You are fully protected by our unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund ALL your monthly fees.
    Ask other credit card processors what kind of guarantee they offer. Or whether they’ll give you a refund if you’re not happy with their service.
    6—You’ll be in good hands.
    We’ve been helping small businesses make more credit card sales at lower cost for nearly a decade. Over 45,000 organizations – including the Better Business Bureau – count on us for reliable, accurate, affordable credit card processing.

    You can also hear some of our more recent testimonials here:

    DEMBA:, you may have specific needs that are different from others, so it might make sense if we had a brief chat over the phone… would you be open to that?
    And if you prefer to give me a call, that’s fine too. Our call together would simply be a question-and-answer conversation to learn more about your situation and your needs.
    You’ll never feel any sales pressure from me — it’s against our philosophy of how we treat people.

    Warmest regards,
    Danielle Cirillo
    Senior Account Executive
    Evolution Bankcard
    P.S. , I urge you to compare our rates, terms, and guarantees with other merchant account providers. You’ll quickly find there’s NO comparison … and that Evolution Bankcard is the smart choice for reducing your credit card processing costs up to 25% or more.
    P.P.S. Open a new merchant account with Evolution Bankcard within the next 10 days. We’ll waive all transaction fees for your first week of service.* That way, you pay nothing to start!
    *Up to $50 in fees waived.

    Evolution BankCard

  106. Devon says:

    EVO is absolutely awful. I terminated my contact and was told my “signature” didn’t match. No one ever called they just kept drafting the bank account. I called the following month AGAIN to find out why they were still drafting money. This time i get 4 more different stories. No one had any real answer they just were scamming to get mote money. I advise every one to stay far away from this scamming company.

  107. Karli says:

    STAY AWAY!!! They will make promise that they will not keep and will be no help when you confront them. At my office, we signed an agreement with EVO. The sale representative couldn’t set up the terminal correctly and never transferred us over to their services. So, our company couldn’t get out of our agreement (which was a 3 year contract) and they were very difficult to resolve the issue. So we ended up having to pay for services each month that we were not receiving! This company will take your money and you will not receive anything in return. No refund was given and the company was very disagreeable to work with. PLEASE, LEARN FROM MY EXPERIENCE AND STAY AWAY!!!

  108. hallie says:

    EVO is absolutely awful. I canceled my contact and was told my “signature” didn’t match. No one ever called they just kept drafting the bank account. I called the following month AGAIN to find out why they were still drafting money. This time i get 2 more different stories. No one had any real answer they just were scamming to get mote money. I advise every one to stay far away from this scamming company.

  109. Demian says:

    I called Evoultion Bankcard earlier today. I couldn’t find them listed here, but according to their own website, they are a subsidiary of Evo Merchant Services.

    I spoke with one of their sales reps, Caroline, who gave me a rundown of their costs and services. She quoted me .25% for check/debit cards and 1.69% for all other credit cards.

    After reading this site and the Fee Sweep download, these prices seemed way too low.I asked her if the 1.69 was a qualified rate and if there was a rate for non-qualified cards. She said, no it was just the one rate.

    I asked her if it was 1.69% + interchange. She said no, it was just 1.69% and something about how they work directly with the credit card companies so that they have the lowest rates.

    I said it seemed to good to be true since it seemed like their rates were below the average interchange. Her response was that she had been doing her job for 13 years, so why don’t I keep telling her how to do it and explain to her how the industry works, in a very snide tone.

    I told her that no matter how low their rates were that I wouldn’t be doing business with her company because of her attitude. I then called back and asked for a manager and got sent to a voice mail system.

  110. traci collins says:

    This company does nothing but lie…our account was closed and they still took money out of our account…we are now seeking legal advice …customer service is the worst…DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  111. Dennis says:

    Having huge problems with this company. They messed up my 1099s with another company and won’t even return my calls. It’s now 3weeks and I call everyday. Julie O Connor were waiting for you to correct this or even call us back.

  112. Matthew Parks says:

    This company has horrible customer service, absolutely the worst! They also charged me $250.00 to cancel my processing agreement with them so that I could take my business elsewhere. Steer clear of this company at all costs!!

  113. Dale K says:

    It seems Evo is becoming notorious for holding funds under the guise of risk management. I understand fraud can and does happen, but there should be better communication and more expeditious ways of handling these instances. Beware, if you make a great extraordinary sale to a customer, they will hold your funds and charge you fees for money you may never recieve. This happened to me in October. I sent through a transaction that was larger than my “normal” amount. Due to the perceived “risk” they never would authorize payment to my bank. After holding the money for over a week, I was able to have my buyer pay cash, which I deposited in my bank, and had Evo cancel the transaction. Evo held that money and the subsequent daily receipts. It took over 10 days to get paid on transactions that had nothing to do with the original “risk” transaction, Sure enough my statement in November showed the fees they charged for the transaction as if I had actually received the money . EVO never sent that money to my bank!! I have been trying since early November to get those fees reimbursed. How can you take fees and charges out of my account when no service was delivered?
    I have called numerous times and their customer service rep, I use that term loosely, promises she has escalated my concerns for a refund to a supervisor. She also has promised to call me back “later that day”. She never does and they just continue to stall. It is like a reverse collection agency. They just keep promising to ‘look into it” and “call back” but never do. They just want you to give up and quit following through. I would not recommend Evo to any merchant. The response and customer service is terrible.

  114. Susan Meszaros says:

    I had $3,000 in refunds, I believe it was a manager who set up with EVO (AKA) MOCA in Western Canada. As my business is a restaurant we do NOT do refunds (think about it).
    Now you have me wondering if this manager was the thief (he also stole from us in other ways) or was it something MOCA did.
    I have tried, and so has my bank, to get information re these refunds – no luck, the H.O. Is in Texas.
    I really don’t understand how this can happen, like a fool I always believed we had some sort of protection via our government – obviously I’m wrong because I have been told by RCMP that I have to prove my case – even though EVA/MOCA refuse to give me information about whose card refunds were issued to.
    I could pay a lawyer to subpoena the information, however this would cost me more than was stolen.
    I did manage to stop any further payments to these thieves, however I am stuck with paying the fees to the machine rental people (separate contract).
    If you learn anything more on this please let me know. I will do the same for any of you out there.
    Sue Meszaros

  115. Amanda says:

    This is the most HORRIBLE credit card company I have ever dealt with. The customer service is HORRIBLE!!
    When you ask to speak to a Manager you get hung up on.

  116. Steve Atwater says:

    i have been using EVO here in southern California for about 2 years now and I am very suprised to find some negative reviews . My Rep is local and I can always count on his good service. he prices me interchange plus and I get easy to read statements with 48 hour deposits, I have reffered my good friends to EVO several times.

    1. Phillip Parker says:

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location to verify your testimonial.

      1. Kasmira says:

        Why aren’t negative reviewers required to leave their business name and location? They can be just as bogus as good reviews.

        1. Phillip Parker says:

          For several reasons:

          1. We already reject nearly 50% of negative reviews because they violate our strict comment rules.
          2. We reject any review that appears to have a bogus email address, seems fake or lacks detail.
          3. We have found that it is far more common for providers to attempt leaving bogus testimonials on their own reviews than leave fake negative reviews on the hundreds of other competitors it has. In fact, we recently caught one provider hiring people of fiverr.com to write fake testimonials on various review sites.
          4. If a merchant is leaving a positive review, there is no reason s/he would not want the free promotion by publishing his/her business information. Other than its not really a merchant.
          5. If a provider is attempting to leave bogus testimonials on our site we want to call it out publicly since it is unethical and merchants should know what type of provider they are dealing with
          6. We have seen providers threaten merchants who leave a negative review and personally identifiable information.
          7. Providers can reply publicly to negative reviews in an attempt to resolve the matter. If the merchant fails to respond, we may delete the review.
    2. Julio del Carpio says:

      I experienced the same problem as Brenda Fraser. EVO took $ 14,000 from my account and left me with lots of hots checks to cover. I was not aware of their intention to do so. They kept blaming their associate company for taking the money as a security measure. It took 3 months for my bank to recover the money from EVO. Stay away from them to avoid lots of headaches. I am filing complaints with the DA’s Office and credit agencies

  117. Brenda Fraser says:

    This company has just withdrawn a large cash amount from my business account within 48 hours of telling me that would not happen I have been told by at least two other processors that their method was highly unusual. They cannot or will not fully explain why and the do not return phone calls they also began withholding my deposits without telling me. In twenty years of business I have never experienced this kind of unfair practices . I also have had to close my checking account , file for fraud against them as we’ll

  118. Julia says:

    I’d advise you all keeping away from EVO Canada. They simply do not deserve any cent you are going to pay for their fees, first of all because of a terrible customer service and 2nd of because of technical issues with their terminal. When you refund a customer and the customer is not getting his funds for more than one month, what the client does? He goes and file for a CHBK. The you call and you prove that the refund has been processed, however because of technical issues at EVO the funds never reach the recipient. Result – you end up with a high CHBK ratio, with a screwed business and at the end they are the ones cancelling the agreement because of a high CHBK ratio. Sounds funny, but this was my experience with them. I’d simply not wish anybody going through what I’ve gone for the time being with them. And my simple recommendation would be – if you want to be safe deal with a merchant account provider directly and NOT with a 3rd party, like EVO.

  119. David Divine says:

    EVO made it very difficult to get out of the three year contract. They did not make it clear how to end their services. The early termination fee was around $600 and you have to cancel in their specified time frame or they restart your contract. After over two years with them, they charged me around $600 to terminate my contract.

  120. OFCC says:

    Do not use EVO, The company is very scandal. I call, email and mailed this company a requests to cancel account. Whereas, the machine doesn’t give clients receipts if they use certain cards and then there is no proof of the transaction. When you call them they say that the money is probably floating around out there somewhere. The representatives aren’t very knowledgable to assists with issues. Also, the representative Deliah is very ignorant and aruge in that they have rights to remove charges from you account after you have cancelled the account; how can you charge someone and they cancel the account before you deduct the charges. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AND A COMPLAINT IS BEING FILED WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AS WELL.

  121. Nancy Goolsby says:

    Honestly, I would like to know how to get out of this ‘contract”, that wasn’t supposed to be a contract…. Or, as the sales rep put it, “easy to get out of”. The same rep that will not return my calls~
    I do not want bad credit, but didn’t know if anyone knows how to work around this and also the lease on the equipment, that is ridiculous!
    I would appreciate any help what-so-ever!

    1. Mayra says:

      Nancy unfortunately all leases are non-cancellable and you cannot cancel because they WILL ruin your credit. If you do not want to ruin your credit keep paying and when you have 90 days or 120 days prior to cancellation send them a notice “certified return -receipt” stating your intentions of returning the equipment when your lease is up. If you dont some of most leasing companies with automatically renew the lease for the original term.

      1. Nancy says:

        thanks Mayra for letting me know~ I should have looked at all the reviews online, but didn’t actually think of it~ The company I was with was cheaper, by the time I went with EVO, this salesperson just wanted a sale, and really cost me a lot more~ As soon as my contract is up~ I will send a letter prior (certified) like you said~ thanks for the info~

  122. Stuart says:

    Phill Mittleman and merchant services are very unethical and very unproffessional. They stole money out of my bank account without warning. I had chargebacks from them without warning or explanation. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Stay away from these thieves !!!!!! I had to close my bank account and open another one to prevent them from continuing to steal from me . Phill stopped returning my phone calls and would constantly lie to me, in the 10 years I did business with them. He would always say ” we are handling it , not to worry someone will call you”, but no one ever did !!!

  123. Bill B. says:

    EVO is the absolute worst credit card processing company, I have ever dealt with. I have a portfolio of nearly 800k monthly credit card processing and it is continuing to grow and should be well over a 1MM by July 2012

    EVO has the worst customer service and the NY Long island I don’t care attitude to go with it. Their fees are ridiculous and their chargeback department does not work hard for the merchant. EVO’s customer followup is non-existent.

    EVO does not have a website functional to manage your account statement online.

    EVO’s main bank is HSBC out of Buffalo.

    I would never ever recommend another business or merchant to use EVO for credit card processing.

    I felt it was my responsibility as a business owner and portfolio manager to share my experiences with EVO.

  124. Ex-EVO says:

    I’m ashamed and embarrassed to convey, that I once worked for those CROOKS AND LIARS.
    I referenced my findings about this company on RIPOFFREPORT.COM, over a year ago.
    Rather than for me to repeat myself, please go to RIPOFFREPORT.COM and read.
    If EVO wants to challenge me on what I have claimed…GO FOR IT! I ‘CAN’ prove E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I’ve made comment on, against EVO/Merchant Services, Inc.

    Save others from this menace. Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors, banker, waitress, pastor, or anyone about this company. I rate them as close to real evil as one can be.

    1. Sheila Paris says:

      WE had similar issues like everyone else, being misled at the time the contract was set up. The biggest issue was the unsubstatiated fees charged for “supposed” return fees. They stole $400 of our money without any documentation of those fees.

      We shut down our website for 45 days, closed our bank account and found another payment processor. EVO is hounding us for early termination and a charge back. We dont dispute the chargeback, however, until the documentation for the return fees is produced, we will pay them NOTHING!!!!

      We will contact you if we pursue litigation with EVO.

      Sheila Paris

  125. I sign up with evo in 2010. I had no problem because I kept my processing low under $3000. I had a major job. I process a large amount and Evo refused to tranfer the funds to my account. They have no charge back and spoke to the credit card holder who happen to be the federal goverment. They told them the charge was correct. We send them all the correct paper work, invoice, copy of the card holder signiture ect. Still Evo refused to deposit the funds in my account. Now the job as being delivery and they are still holding on to the fund say they are trying to prevent a chargeback. The customer as call them and told them they are completely satisfied with our product and service. Futhermore the customer as filed no charge back. This company is a fraud. I would like to warn other merchant to please stay away from Evo they lie in their contract. It is a scam, and a bad nightmare. Anyone with information that could help please let me know. I would hate for these scam artist to get away with stealing from small business.

    1. R A Zafari says:

      I have read your reviews for the Elavon and we are the victim of the same category. The have put hold on a large amount of the sum giving as false reasons about chargebacks. We have joined them since last 2 months and we do not have any chargebacks as well. I want to seek your advice that did you managed to get back your funds . And if so can you advice as accordingly.

  126. Brianna says:

    I too was falsely signed up and lied to. Luckily, after 2 months seeing that they were taking more than my previous company, I unplugged the machine. So, I have been paying the minimum every month for almost 2 years. I am trying to get out of the contact but have been told I have to pay $500. I was told there was no cancellation fees and I do not have a copy of the terms of agreement.

    In fact, the contract I have is 10 pages. It says on the top, 10 pages, so I know the terms were deliberately not sent. From what I’ve read here and at Rip Off Report, this is common.

    I tried to report these guys to the BBB, but since their Canadian head office is in Quebec, I am not able to. I looked into how to file against a company in Quebec but it is not easily done. There are many hoops to jump through.

    Now that I see here that a person can file against them through the US BBB, I just may do that.

    I have sold my company and my account will soon be closed, so they will no longer be able to debit my account. I don’t want this to go to collections, but I will continue fighting as long as I am able.

  127. Sheila Paris says:

    EVO Merchant Services charges fees for returned transactions whithout any documentation provided to the client. When we signed up, we were not told that there would be monthly charges posted our account for their services. We understood the charges would be deducted from the payments before the funds were transferred to our business account. Instead they charge your account for their fees at the end of the month. If no funds are in your account (which we to pay their fees, they assess a return fee. They keep processing their fee for days, amassing $30 per transaction until they run the bill up the client supposedly owes them. We were charged return fees which was deducted from payments before they would release our funds (why not deduct the fee from the payment in the first place). When we requested a copy of the return fee charges, we were told that they would not send any information in the mail or via internet. We have summized that the reason they refuse to do so is because they could be charged with WIRE OR MAIL FRAUD if they did. We are getting out of this contract and would NEVER recommend this service to any company! We are considering a class action lawsuit against them.

  128. Nancy Goolsby says:

    I am in a current contract with EVO (processing Co.) and Logicalease (for the credit card terminal lease). I have been in this lease since Nov. 2010. I was told this was not a contract, and I asked that question up front, and was told it was easy to get out of, as the credit terminal was a lease contract.
    I called the person that sold the products to me, and she never returned my calls. She said she was local, and would take care of everything. She said she would fax my present processing company to cancell my business with them (they were NPC). I had an older terminal, and NPC was charging me $10 extra per month for security purposes, since my terminal didn’t have a pin pad.
    The EVO representative said I would save so much more money that what NPC was charging~ I found out that NPC ever got the fax, and the evo rep didn’t get a confirmation number to prove it. I was charged over several months, and not knowing these fee’s were going through, because it was an account I didn’t have any debits going through after I signed up with EVO, so I didn’t look at the account~ then I started getting overdraft fee’s! IT cost me hundreds of dollars, then I called NPC and they said they never took cancellations by fax, that I had to write a personal letter!
    To say the least, i feel like this was a scam, because she just wanted to get me signed up, and I decided to do the lease of the credit card terminal, because I didn’t have the upfront fee to buy the machine outright at that time~ So in stead of paying $800 upfront, I am paying $29.99 per month (of which $35.45 is being withdrawn every month). So I have already paid $420.00. I called to cancell and they will charge me another $1,156.00 to get out of the logicalease contract and to buy the machine! The contract was for 4 years, and i feel like a fool for letting this older lady (60′s), so I thought i could trust someone a little older~
    IT will also cost me $250 to get out of the EVO lease, that this sales rep told me it was not a contract, but she will not return my calls…. Merchant services said they could possibly get me out of the lease if I go with them, among other companies telling me the same, but I’m afraid they will require a contract to buy me out~ What should i do??? Please help!
    Nancy Goolsby

  129. Jeff Bowen says:

    EVO is a complete scam. They will NEVER return your calls and will give you a run-around when you cancel by saying they never received your cancelation fax and they continue to debit your account for fees and “services”.

    I used their service for 8 months and when I canceled…they continued to draft my account for funds for 4 months before finally stopping after numerous phone calls and an eternity on hold.

    They kept saying someone would call me back and no one ever did. They still owe me for 2 months of drafts and they say, “the accounting department has denied my claim”. But I have never been able to speak with a manager who can make a decision on the matter….it’s always someone who “has to call me back”.


  130. Belkys Santos says:

    During the past few months I have received collection letters from a Collection Agency (Commercial Services Group, Inc.), stating that I owed Evo Merchant Services an early termination fee in the amount of $335.05, for Merchant Account Number [omitted], with Claim File Number C0945731.

    Please be advised that our letter dated July 29, 2011 and addressed to Commercial Services Group, Inc., we explained them that when we were initially approached by Mr. Carlos Galgano, whom is the Sales Rep, assigned to our account I was lied and he misrepresent himself as he told me that if I would start making Credit Cards Transactions with PREWAY (as he never identify himself as working as an independent sales rep for Evo Merchants, as a matter of fact I was under the impression until this day that my Credit Cards payments were been handled by Preway, as this person did not sign and agreement, as he promissed he would return with a certified copy of signed agreement adducing as I expressly told him I needed something to back up his word of No Monthly Fees, No Early Termination Fees, that the only fees would been access would be regular fees at time of customer transactions. When I contacted Preway reps they were very upset that this rep use their name for our business transactions, I told them that more than 4 months ago and because of all the inconveniences arising for all the fees that were been collected into my bank account and for which I had to close my bank accounts with Chase, as he offered me that no fees were going to be withdrawn from my bank, he was even promissing to reimbursement in cash, which I started to feel uncomfortable as I smell something fishing from the way he was handling this situation, I then was told by him that due to all this discrepancies he was going to remove the equipment and that he was going to take care of everything. My surprise was enormous as what I end up receiving was all this collection letter from Commercial Services requesting an early termination fee of $335.05.

    Mr. Galgano, has not even been able to provide a copy of the “Supposed Signed” Agreement, as I am sure I did not received one at time of our first meeting, and when I have tried to talk to him over the phone he is always telling me he would get it as I have been requested by the office of the Attorney General of New Jersey to provide a copy of this contract in order to file a formal complaint against your company.

    I am kindly requesting to have Commercial Services Group Inc., stop their collection procedure letters and to have someone from Evo Merchant Services (for whom I dont even have a telephone number to reach, as the information sheet we were given at our initial meeting with Mr. Galgano is from Preway, so I have not choice than to search the Web where I found this email address.

    If someone can contact me and give me a clue as to wether if we can settle this situation before we file a formal complaint at the New Jersey Attorney General Office, and the Better Business Bureau of I would highly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  131. Marbella Banquet Hall says:

    Beware!!!! This is a rip off company. We contracted with them 3 months ago for credit card processing. The company never made a deposit to our account for credit cards transactions that were approved by them. Instead they debited our account $ 6000 for “credit risk management” without notifying us. They owe us over $ 8000 that they refuse to return. We were writing hot checks without knowing that they never deposited a penny of the credit card transactions but in addition they debited $ 6000 that they never deposited.
    Beware business owners. This is the worse rip off artists you will encounter

    1. Ebben Aley says:

      Could you please send me your contact Info, and who you have been dealing with.

      1. Julio del Carpio says:

        I wrote letters to the Presidents of EVO and Commerce Payment Group
        Account 272800038080. I contacted James at EVO risk management 800-705-2559. He claims that Commerce took the money from our account and Commerce claims that those were orders from Evo Risk Mgmt. I sent them a letter from customer indicating that he does not have any claims from our company and he received his money from his credit card company. Why did EVO took $ 6000 from our account when you never deposited a penny to my account since we retained your services. There is an additional $ 1800 in transactions that were approved by you but you never deposited that money. I was forced to close my bank account because your company keeps debiting my account.

        Julio del Carpio, M. Arch

    2. Mario says:

      Same here EVO is holding 38 000.00 of my money giving excuses on risk management its been since July. They said they would release half on the 19 Sept and as I expected samething. Do not do businees with this coming it looks like they are cash strapped.

  132. Natalya S says:

    Hi. I don’t see how EVO’s grade can drastically change when their sales associates contiue in their ways of shady sales practices, deceptive advertisement, and poor customer service. I dealt with one in particular, Jeff Gates. He puposefully decieved on term limits and fees associated with EVO account. After he was confronted with the issue, he began actively avoiding his client.

    1. Ebben Aley says:

      It didnt drastically change. It was never a F to begin with.

      Who Is Jeff Gates? what office is he from.

      Also are you the customer or are you posting on someones behalf.

    2. Ebben Aley says:

      Natalya Could you please respond to my post about your comment?

  133. Please explain were you are getting your info?

    Evo Merchant services better business rating is A+

    1. Phillip Parker says:

      Hi Ebben,

      Thank you for bringing the updated rating to my attention. I have amended the review to reflect the accurate BBB.org report.

    2. Keith S says:

      This information is from the NYC Better Business Bureau’s website.
      It states as of 2-8-2011 that EVO Merchant Services in not accredited with the BBB and that it has 7 complaints. 4 were closed. The complaints included, billing/collection issues, contract disputes, refund/exchange issues and selling practices.

      This is a quote from the BBB site:
      “..BBB Rating
      Back to Top

      “Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. ”

      Here’s the link: https://web.archive.org/web/20130802022114/http://www.bbb.org:80/new-york-city/business-reviews/credit-card-processing-service/evo-merchant-services-in-new-york-ny-101814

        1. Julio del Carpio says:

          Mr. Parker:
          What credibility are you talking about?
          They took $ 8000 from my account. That money was not theirs because they never deposited a penny on 5 transactions I had with them. Instead they illegally took an additional $ 6000 without our permission.

          1. Ebben Aley says:

            Julio could you send me your contact info, and who you talked with in the risk department.



          2. Annie says:

            I agreed with you,do not use this company,they took your money away without your permission,recently they hold our customers money for up to $20000.Customers told us that the amount was withdraw from their account the same day.

            This post will help: Why Credit Card Processors Hold Funds


      1. Ebben Aley says:

        The address listed is wrong for the New York Office which is why complaints or issues go un answered.

        Evo has over 300,000 Merchants

        I have called the BBB of New York and had to leave a message.

    3. I had used EVO merchant processing up until about a year ago. I was upset with the fees and that it would take between 8 – 10 business days to post a credit to my account. Since I have found less expensive and more timely service to handle my credit accounts.
      About 8 months ago I called to cancel my account and even though I had been a customer for 4 years, my contract had not yet expired. It was easier to just pay the monthly fees on the account until my contract terminated in January 2011.
      I stopped receiving statements when there was not any activity on the account and I never agreed to receive statements electronically. Quite frankly, I forgot about EVO.
      That is until January, when a charge for $120.00 appeared on my bank statement. I contacted EVO regarding the charge and was told that it would be handled once they receive a fax to that effect. I prepared the fax according to what I was told and sent the fax later that day.
      I didn’t expect a expeditious resolution to the situation and regularly checked for my refund. Instead I found that I was charged my $21.00 monthly maintenance fee in February. I called again and discovered they did receive my fax but because the fax was not signed it was ignored. I was not contacted regarding the missing signature.
      I was finally directed to Ms. Sullivan. After relaying the events she told me that none of fees I had paid were refundable.
      I feel that if EVO had continued to provide me with statements even though there was not any activity on the account, I would have realized that I needed to formally cancel the service. To change my statements to online without notice and authorization is a clear act of fraud. For EVO to reject my termination fax and not notify me and then to charge me again I believe clearly reveals the type of company is. To give this company a BBB rating of an F is very generous.

      1. Ebben Aley says:

        David please send me a email with your contact info so I can help you.


        Ebben M Aley
        [email protected]

  134. Ron Tedwater says:

    Great work keep it coming

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