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UPDATE 2/15/2019: Future Payment Technologies has changed its name to Talus Pay following a trademark dispute. The company has stated that it plans to keep the Talus Pay name and does not intend to create any new DBAs. See our Talus Pay review for up-to-date information about this company.

Future Payment Technologies (futurepaytech.com) is a Dallas, Texas-based merchant account provider that appears to be a newly created DBA of Crescent Processing Company and Park Central Company. All three companies share the same address and sell the services of Crescent Processing Company, so merchants should expect costs and policies to remain consistent across all three. Like its affiliated businesses, the company is headquartered at 12700 Park Central Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75251, and is a registered ISO/MSP of Synovus Bank, Columbus, Georgia. Chad Smith is the CEO of Future Payment Technologies.

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Products & Services Offered

Types of Businesses Served

  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce

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Future Payment Technologies Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee $495
PCI Compliance Fee Unknown
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

According to the company’s public responses to merchant complaints, the standard Future Payment Technologies contract is an automatically renewing agreement of up to four years that includes a $495 early termination fee and a monthly minimum fee that takes effect after a couple of months. Because the company provides its sales agents with smart tablets and encourages them to collect signatures digitally, many merchants complain of never receiving full hard copies of contract terms. Merchants also report confusing cancellation policies that only provide a brief window of time for termination. With the exception of the use of tablets, these terms are consistent with those described in complaints about Crescent Processing and Park Central Company.

An alarming number of merchant complaints describe sudden increases in fees without notification and incomplete provision of paperwork at the point of signing. This may be due to the company’s use of a small (eight pages or so) merchant agreement, which is presented to the merchant at the point of signing, and a much larger (over thirty pages) program guide, which is only provided after a period of time or at a merchant’s request. It appears that many complainants found their unexpected costs embedded within this larger document, so merchants are encouraged to specifically request it. Additionally, we were unable to find any mention of a specific PCI Compliance fee among complainants, but this fee may constitute some portion of the sudden rate increases that have been reported.

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Future Payment Technologies Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 35+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

There are over 35 negative Future Payment Technologies reviews at this time, many of which accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. These complaints allege deceptive sales tactics, nondisclosure of contract terms, poor customer service, expensive fees, and confusing cancellation policies. They have been posted at a consistent rate since we first published this review, which indicates that the issues cited are not being effectively addressed. Merchants should also note that some complaints intended for Future Payment Technologies might instead be filed against Crescent Processing depending on what kind of documentation each merchant receives. It is even possible that Crescent Processing launched the Future Payment Technologies brand as a clean business name under which to continue operating. Given the close association between the two companies, we are factoring Crescent Processing’s complaints into the company’s grade in this section. Merchants who are wary of Crescent Processing should not expect Future Payment Technologies to deliver a product or experience that is significantly different.

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Future Payment Technologies BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 98
Billing & Collection Complaints 70
Advertising & Sales Complaints 54
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

At this time, the former Better Business Bureau profile for Crescent Processing has been redirected to a profile for Future Payment Technologies. The BBB is showing that the company is not an accredited company with the BBB and is awarding an “A” rating despite 223 complaints filed within the last three years. Of these complaints, 98 are related to problems with the product or service, 70 are due to billing and collection disputes, 54 cite advertising or sales problems, and one is due to a delivery failure. The company has resolved 82 of these complaints with BBB assistance, while 163 either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant. Five received no resolution whatsoever. Considering the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we are inclined to adjust the BBB’s grade to a “D” in this case.

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Future Payment Technologies appears to market itself primarily through the use of independent sales agents and resellers. The company also may engage in telemarketing as part of its sales strategy. Although there are only a few public Future Payment Technologies complaints at this time, we have no reason to believe that the company’s practices are an improvement over those used by Crescent Processing. Merchants can therefore expect to experience misleading rate quotes, nondisclosure of contract terms and fees, and deceptive sales practices. One complaint by a former employee of the company describes minimal support and training for sales agents and a lack of qualified leads. Another recent complaint by a merchant describes nondisclosure of terms and misrepresentation of fees.

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Our Opinion of Future Payment Technologies

Future Payment Technologies rates very poorly as a merchant services provider according to our criteria. The company appears to be essentially the same organization as Crescent Processing Company, which has a high complaint rate due to its undisclosed contract terms, expensive fees, poor customer service, and deceptive sales practices. The company can improve its rating by providing adequate agent training, full disclosure, and more competitive rates and fees.

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38 Reviews Leave Your Review for Future Payment Technologies Below

  1. Kitty Barker says:

    DO NOT go with this company!!! They will charge you way more than anyone else in fees. They take big charges from each deposit and then charge you a fee at the end of the month too!

  2. Christine wang says:

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. All they tell people is huge lie. Those people who claim work with company which they are solely independent salesman. Once you sign the contract, they done with you and they will answer you phone call and text. Horrible …….. Horrible company. I supposed saving money instead of it cost me at least 500 more. I don’t review often. I think the bruises owner like me should put this company on their blacklist.

  3. Kris s says:

    Don’t ever ever ever use this company!!! Absolute ripoff. Unreal charges and almost laugh at you when you call with a compliant. I was a ten year customer and was being charged astronomically high rates shut my account down and they actually charged me 48.00 for having the account opened for 10 days! I’m not talking fees for processing anything I’m saying just to have the account opened! Well I have the last laugh no more money from me ever!!! Ps I do over 30000 a month in sales.

  4. carla says:

    I was told that I would be charged $6.95, with 3% on all transactions. Then I found out that it it is over 4% for each transaction, plus a yearly fee, which I was not told about. I had a much better deal with another company and now I’m locked in for two years and the fee just keep adding up. The remove the % from each transaction and then I see more fees withdrawn from by bank account for the same transaction. I would not recommend this company for the card service transactions!

  5. John carlson says:

    I’ve decided this company has NO people skills. Jesse is a condescending pompous, arrogant prick and I will not be connected in any way.

  6. E. ELKIN says:

    I also signed up under pressure sale with this company, but after an hour, decided to cancel the contract (which I never saw). I also signed my name in a tablet. I have left 2 voice mails with the agent that signed me up. Luckily, I requested a statement from his “boss”, which shows details of the rates. I did request cancellation from him also. I am hoping that they will cancel the contract without any problems. As I have not received the machine yet, I am hoping that they will not take fees out of my checking account. However, if I don’t get an answer from either of them in the next day or so, I will go to my bank and close the account. I will also refuse delivery of the credit card machine. Was anyone else in this situation and what was the outcome for you? Thanks in advance.

    1. Brent says:

      What was the outcome with this? I just signed up with a scam company to lease me a credit card machine. That’s not what I was told I was doing. I’m going to refuse delivery and change my bank account number. Not sure if any of that will help but we’ll see. Ugh…..

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  7. Reid Thorup says:

    On Saturday, April 30, 2016 I got a Security Error, contact Service Provider message on my company credit card machine. I called the number listed for Park Central Company and got a recorded message. I pressed the number for technical assistance and the phone call was disconnected. I continued calling back and all options offered gave the same response. When checking the internet I noticed that the bbb has this company listed with a D rating, not the A rating it shows on their website. My credit card machine is down now and I am dead in the water with no hope of getting anything taken care of. I am contacting my bank to dispute your monthly fees as a scam and will report this to the State of Utah Attorney General office. This is no way to treat a loyal customer for nearly 3 years now. You have lost this customer!

  8. Wants Justice says:

    My sales rep was oh so believable. I have zero experience with credit card companies, but the price he quoted me (0.6% + 10 cents) and waive all other fees just seemed too good to be true. He was in my office for hours. I was cleaning up – we had just bought a new building and were still in the process of setting up. I had nothing in writing except I did, thankfully, have a flyer with the rates listed that he quoted. I asked him to get his boss to call me and verify the rates. There was some kind of hulabaloo as to why I could not call the boss myself (I wanted to call him myself so I could know the number.) Anyway, to make a long story short, I have contacted a lawyer. I encourage anyone else who feels ripped off by this scam of a company to do the same. I have contacted Beasley Allen in Montgomery, Alabama. They have lots of experience in dealing with companies like this. It would be nice to get a class action going against this company.

  9. Matthew Hunt says:

    Very unhappy. Long term contract that I am stuck in because of my father who was fooled into signing up. The rates are higher than anywhere else I have seen. It’s always very hard to understand the actual rates being taken out because they vary for each transaction. They also don’t provide very good reports to see the actual fee breakdown.

    If you are a seasonable business then absolutely do not sign up with this company. If the high rates weren’t bad enough you will also be hit with around $45 of merch fees taken out each month if you have no payments to process that month.

    If you want to cancel early that also costs a couple hundred dollars.

    Are you with Future Payment Technologies? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  10. Ray Miller says:

    Stay away from this company. They made the mistake of crediting another company with payments that should have been made to me. In the process of trying to correct their error they multiplied the errors several times over, and I ended up with my customers calling me complaining about double charges on their credit card statements. I lost several customers due their incompetence.

    Their customer service is deplorable — the people who answer the phone have no clue and no authority to resolve any issues. My problems were escalated to a manager, Mr. Robert Blake, who repeatedly failed to return calls, broke promises, and ended up wasting a lot of my time with still no resolution.

    This company also reversed a significant charge without justification, and I was promised by Mr. Blake that he would reinstate my payment if I would only provided the signed authorization slip. It never happened. This company feels that they can just take your payment away with no justification, and make promises they have no intention to keep.

    Stay away from this company. I feel that a credit card processing company is essentially serving the function of a bank. They have to watch your money — not put it in the wrong account, not give it to other people, etc. By that criterion this is a terrible company. Do not trust them with your money.

    Are you with Future Payment Technologies? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  11. Ryanne Hamilton says:

    This company is the biggest scam I have ever come across. I can run down a bullet list of lies and deceit including not funding the accounts as promised but holding your money and continuing to attempt to collect money from your account. Not to mention I was basically tricked into a three year contract that they want over 300.00 to cancel. Before getting involved with this company please look into many others that will tell the truth. Their website even states the money is available in 24 hours and that has yet to happened. I have been with them less than a month and its been a nightmare. I have kept all the emails regarding funding my account and will be using them against them. Instead of funding my account as promised they are billing it while having my funds. This company needs to be investigated on a federal level. They have yet to provide a itemized list of what I am being billed for and are continuing billing me. I have requested a mailing address to send them 5.95 per month until my contract can be broken. I will be forced to close a checking account in order to stop them from billing me.

    Are you with Future Payment Technologies? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  12. Mercant says:

    Stay far away from this company they will steal your money and not respond to your calls. You will come out better with a chance speaking directly to the president of the united States before your get a supervisor from fpt to call you back to resolve your issue

  13. Ryan Dunn says:

    Future Paytech is indeed just Crescent Processing operating under a different name. They have even worse sales tactics now and use electronic tablets to make sure no paperwork is retained. Worst company ever. Terrible beyond belief.

    1. Judy Linville says:

      This Company is awful and should be put out of business. I ultimately had to close my bank account because they continually make UNAUTHORIZED ACH charges against my account, including a 700 charge for not returning equipment when I was actually waiting on the company to provide the shipping information they told me about. There was no notice or prior disclosure. This was after they had already refunded one incorrect charge. Very poor customer service and I would stay far, far away from this Company. Will also note it is huge red flag when a company has to change it’s name!

  14. MARK WICKLINE says:

    These thieves don’t earn 1 Star, A ZERO is much more accurate. I Hate to admit but I worked for this Outfit for 1 day. (08/14/2015) I had 3 so called leads. And I ran 16 (Cold Calls) speaking with Merchants. My 1st lead was a towing company in Nicholasville, KY. 1st Lead didn’t go to well it was (KB Towing) owned by kevin, that was tied in with his Fathers used car lot. I spoke with kevin and he tells me “I will have to wait for his Father”. I sat in my truck and waited around 30mins, his father arrived and I waited probably another 10 mins before I went inside buisness. I introduced myself to his father and told him why I was there I said “I am here to save you money on credit card processing” His father declined, so I called my Boss (LOL) When I was training I was never to use the word BOSS but to refer to him as Customer support team. So I put MR BRANDON on the phone to speak with Father. Phone is handed back to me and he say’s “This is (2 buisness) talk with Kevin”. I could tell that kevins dad was pulling the strings and he was still in the same small office. I opened my Tablet to show Video (LOL) another word I was never to use. So I asked “Can I show you something” Video gets about half way through and they asked me to leave. I am pretty persistant, So I try to show them the different types of terminals and being EMV compliant by Oct 1st 2015 and the repercussions if they are not. That’s when they say “Leave or we will call the police” Well thats good enough for me.I drive down the street a little ways and call my BOSS (LOL) I Tell him what had transpired and he says “Just work the area for potential Buisness and call me back in 45mins” (Which I didn’t. Talking to him every 1/2 hr just meant I would not be speaking with buisness owners) Him being such a GENUIS, should know that is (COUNTER PRODUCTIVE). I worked the area (COLD CALLING) I went to every buisness that was open. I worked 1 whole side of the street, then the opposite side Door to Door. Anyways I did not get a yes from anyone. I talked to owners of 19 buisness from 9:00am to 6:30pm and I thank God I never sold a Merchant anything. I have the World at my fingertips, as most of us do. The (INTERNET) And I partly blame myself for not doing my Homework. I am 45yrs old and I have made an HONEST living my whole life. In reality I am still Employed by Futurepay Tech, I already have appointments in my E-mail for Monday 08/17/2015. To sum it up 08/14/2015 was my 1st and last day. I will not alter my MORALS for anyone. Reading all these Comments makes me feel ashamed, that I could have potentialy STOLE some buisness owners money for my own gain. Futurepay – Crescent or whoever they choose to call theirselves by (REBRANDING) to evade autorities. I am certain there is a special place for all of you. MARK WICKLINE

    1. Elizabeth says:

      What was the name of your boss there?

  15. JM Molina says:

    This was one of the worst experiences I have had with a credit card processor. This was total misrepresentation, I had higher fees, did not reimburse cancelation fee from previous processor – I was told it would be reimbursed to me over a period of time and deducted from processing costs, I was NOT told there was an additional fee if I did not process in excess of $5000 per month, I did not receive my deposits on the next day as promised – weekend or holiday sales at times would take up to 4 days. I called to speak to rep that sold me this in conjunction with another salesperson I met and I was told both employees no longer were employed with Future Payment. I had problems with the terminal they provided, would not transmit at the designated time and would not give me a transmittal report. I canceled after one billing cycle, returned the machine with a note, phoned their CSR number, emailed and snail mailed a cancelation. Future Payment did not cancel my account and I was billed a minimum fee (something like $38) for a number of months. I called Future Payment Systems and I was told they never received a cancelation request from me, but they acknowledged they received their credit card terminal back. After all of this and one cycle of processing, and what I consider deceptive business practices and a breach of contract on their part – they charged me a $295 cancelation fee. THIS WAS THE SECOND WORST PROCESSOR I HAVE HAD – THE FIRST WORST IS APEX MERCHANT SERVICES.

  16. Debbie Clement says:

    I ‘m cancelling my account. I was informed I was in a 3 year contract. Which my agent “Anthony Lee” never informed me. He also told me there was NO PCI fee either which is another lie because it is $9.95 each month. To close this account there will be a $295. 00 fine or fee I refuse to pay this because of the lies and deception
    I agree this is a rip-off company

    1. Autumn Longenberger says:

      I just cancelled my service also and was told there was a 295 fee for it I was never informed of also I have not once received a statement so I have no idea what was being deposited or billed.

  17. Eileen says:

    After signing for and receiving a credit card processing machine from Future Payment Technologies I went to use it. It did not work properly, I called the sales rep. who said to call the company, Elizabeth with Northern Leasing said to call Future Payment Technologies and Maria with Future Payment Technologies said to send it back to THEM and they would replace it. The replacement machine also did not work. They said to send it back to THEM and I did but they never told their partner company Northern Leasing that the equipment was returned to them either the first or the the second time so now Northern Leasing has said they will summon me to court in New York next week if I don’t pay them thousands of dollars more than the machine was ever worth. Bottom line they have both used machines that were sent to me as well as many months of payments I didn’t notice were being taken from my bank account since it was under the name of Northern Leasing and now they want more of my money as well.

    Clearly Northern Leasing is not concerned about losing a lawsuit to the New York attorney general and they are back in business using a front company with the new name of Future Payment Technologies.

  18. Christine says:

    All of the previous reviews are all too recognizable. It is company with horrendous business practices and tons of added on fees after the fact. I am stuck unitl Nov 2015 til my contract ends. I am almost thinking of paying the terrible early termination fee, just to be done with them. Luckily I insisted on only a year contract, not their normal 3 year one. I cannot imagine dealing with them for that long. A year was way to long as it is.

  19. Anne says:

    Just spent almost 2 hours with a Future Pay Tech saleswoman. I felt very pressured by her “pricing specialist” to sign right now! Having had a bad experience with Red Payments, I refused to sign. He tried to belittle me for not being smart enough to want to save lots of money. The reviews I’ve read sound like Red Payments is at it again. Thank goodness I learned a very valuable lesson two years ago.

  20. H H says:

    Future Payment Technology is really bad company. Do not sign up with them They want you to sign a 3 year contract and tag hidden fees on top of your monthly statement making the percentage to be 11 percent not 1.68% as the sales man promise. Do not, do not, do not sign up with this company.

  21. Dung Pham says:

    I am trying to call a lot of time to canceling my account but fails. The man either hang up or refuse to send me a cancellation form. I am so fed up with this company, Future Payment technology. I decided to stop payment at my bank and send the machine back with a letter in it anyway. Good luck to new customers. I wonder why they still there to scam people. They had worst customer services!

  22. Deborah Wead says:

    This company is a rip off. They charge your account for money there is no basis for. Not even connected to them by a land line and they still charge you. It took me 2 emails, several phone calls and a letter before I could cancel ,all over a 6 mos period, all the while they are deducting money from the new owners acct. Then if they don’t get there old, out of date equipment back, they will charge another 700.00. They won’t even use the equipment again. I know because the business next door got their equipment at the same time we got ours and they made them replace theirs because it was out of date. It’s just another way of getting more money out of you. Don’t ever, ever do business with this co.

  23. Eileen Jackson says:

    Eric sold me credit card processing services and had me sign his electronic device. Turns out what he had me sign was a “lease” with a sister company for 2 years for financing of the credit card machine. The first machine didn’t work nor did the second and they never bother to even send me a third. Northern Leasing the sister company is saying they are going to take me to court for breaking the contract when I had no clue I’d signed a contract til they told me.

    Deceptive sales

    Bait with processing fees and then switch with leasing fees on top of them

    Machines didn’t work

    Future Payment haa a BBB rating of “A” because no one has tied the two companies together. The sister company takes the rap and Northern Leasing’s rating is an “F”. I”m trying to get the BBB to tie the two companies together.

  24. Danielle says:

    This company is a scam. I have officially made a complaint with the BBB. Deceptive sales, hidden fees, and non-existent customer service are just some of the complaints.

  25. John Fleming says:

    I needed to finish my statement-
    They use high pressure techniques,bait-and-switch tactics,and have a 17 page “terms and conditions” which doesnt seem to sound like the agreements I was getting signatures on.I am ashamed to have ever had anything to do do with this group

  26. CAMILLE LEWIS says:

    Hidden fees – what a corporate fee – when u paying a monthly statement fee – monthly debit fee – they never mention a corporate fee and it was 98.00 – my average daily total rarely hits 50.00 – and if I been with them 3 months why now – there was no minimum with them. Sad and taken advantage of – another businesses in my area is having the same issue with them. No supervisor will speak to you and they cut you off is they say they are transferring you to a supervisor. Very bad choice for me.

  27. Gus says:

    They came in without an appointment and badgered me for an 90 minutes without leaving till I finally gave in. He quoted 1 1/4 %. And the deductions come out to 2%. Salesman told me to wait and call customer service. I told him it was his job to fix it. He booked the account! What the fuck. I’m supposed to be on the phone all day for nothing getting aggravated ? Fix it Jim !

  28. jackie reynolds says:

    I am an employee of a small business which tried out future payment technologies service and machine. I was immediately turned off by the representative who talked about his family, health issues the right to bear arms and what is wrong with the country. Instead of properly installing the machine or instructing the employees to utilize the machine and system. consequently the machine never worked properly. 1 week later the employees which had to use the system were not able to work with the system. There was never any resolution when the co. was called with an issue. There was never a contract signed or any verbal comments about being penalized if the system did not meet with satisfaction. I am writting this as an employee who was not pleased with the customer service or the system itself. The owner returned the unit and she had 1000.00 withdrawn from her bank account. I find this to be a criminal act. This is a small business. The system and the service were negligent from the beginning. I feel the business should be reimbursed. This company needs to have to face the consequences of misrepresenting a service and a system which is flawed at best. The Better Business Bureau will be contacted as well as the Attorney General’s office of Washington State of fradulant consumer practices department. The small business which I am an employee of is Home Inspirations of Everett Washington.

  29. Jorge lopez says:

    does any one know if they can legally hold $5260.00 for six months?becouse they saing that I did an off line transaction and they afraid that washintog mutual may do backcharges to them,.untl today,my money is not in my account yet

  30. Crescent and Future Payment Technology are both very
    BAD, SCETCHY companies. Contracts are undisclosed, fees continue far after cancellation, and procedures and policies are not communicated. We have been trying to cancel based on poor and unreliable service beginning in July 2013. We are still paying charges and have followed their outlined steps for cancellation and now there policies have changed to not allow us to cancel. I would advise all to stay completely away from these companies.

    1. Valerie says:

      As a follow up to my experience with this company….they deducted their cancellation fee from my bank account as well as another bogus fee, hundreds of dollars I had in that account for the lease payment. I went to my bank and declared unauthorized debits (AHC) from my account and a stop payment request for them. Nothing has been taken out of my account this month so far. My bank credited me the amounts and requested Future Payment to return the fraudulent AHC to them. Talking to the person at Future PayTech I was able to get a waiver for the cancellation fee and a confirmation # for that waiver before they took the money out! They said they ran the AHC and it was a mistake, uh excuse me? Really! A mistake that wiped out my bank account! Crooked company and bad news all the way. Call them constantly and don’t back down! You have to get through the first layer of people and keep insisting. I am planning to post to the BBB soon, I need to calm down about the situation first.

  31. Judy says:

    I currently work as an independent contractor for Future Payment Technologies. I do agree with the one comment by a previous employee; I to wish that the leads were more qualified. I honestly believe in this product & company so it is easy for me to represent them in my area. There are times when I just get one lead a day yet I use that time and that area to take my information to as many businesses as I can. Why would you waste selling time? That’s why we were hired for our ability to make cold calls as well as appointments. I remain happy with my position.

    1. ks says:

      Do you still work there?

  32. Valerie says:

    All of what you say is true. So far this has been an unpleasant adventure. I never really saw the actual contract on the little tablet that was shoved in my face on a very busy day, didn’t get a paper copy till I requested it a few months into this. Have not been able to access my account online since day one! I keep requesting an access code that they never deliver. How can I get my case against them without knowing what the fees are all for? There was no mention of an EFT, I was told by the rep, with a witness, to just send the machine back is all I had to do. This is a tiny grooming shop, we don’t do a ton of business, enough to pay the bills but not enough to cover this garbage. Each month they nail our checking accounts and we don’t have a machine since I sent it back to them. I hope I can resolve this soon.

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