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Intuit Merchant Services
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Intuit Merchant Services

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Company Overview

Intuit Merchant Services, also known as QuickBooks Payments, is a merchant account provider based in Mountain View, California. Intuit first entered the merchant services industry in order to package credit card processing services with its QuickBooks accounting software. To make this easier, the company established a partnership with Innovative Merchant Solutions. In 2003, Intuit acquired Innovative Merchant Solutions, and in recent years the company has restructured its merchant services division under the QuickBooks Payments brand. In fact, it’s possible that Intuit Merchant Services is no longer a distinct unit within the QuickBooks family of products, but we will continue updating this review until the company officially scraps it.

In spring 2023, Intuit announced that it would be shutting down its QuickBooks Desktop POS by October 3, 2023. The market share of the QuickBooks POS is not massive, but companies that do use it need to find an alternative before that date.

Intuit Merchant Services Payment Processing

Intuit Merchant Services processes all major credit and debit cards for most business types. Their services include ACH and check processing, pay-enabled invoices, mobile payments, scheduled and recurring payments, next-day deposits, bookkeeping, invoice tracking, QuickBooks cash bank accounts, and payment links. They appear to focus exclusively on payments out of a store, though their mobile options may work for in-store payments for small businesses. Intuit announced at the end of February 2023 that they no longer sell their POS product.

Online Payments with Intuit Merchant Services

For businesses that operate online, Intuit Merchant Services offers online payment tools. This includes a payment gateway for processing transactions over the internet, and the ability to set up payment links in invoices sent through QuickBooks.

Mobile Payment Solutions from Intuit Merchant Services

For businesses that need to process transactions on the go, Intuit Merchant Services offers a mobile payment app. This feature allows businesses to accept card payments directly from a smartphone or tablet, providing flexibility for businesses that aren’t tied to a physical location.

Intuit Merchant Services’ Fraud Protection

Understanding the importance of secure transactions, Intuit Merchant Services incorporates measures to prevent fraud. These tools aim to protect businesses from unauthorized transactions and reduce the risk of financial loss.


Intuit Merchant Services offers an invoicing feature that allows businesses to send invoices to their customers and receive payments online. The platform provides customizable invoice templates and allows businesses to set up recurring invoices for their regular customers.

Seamless QuickBooks Integration

The vast majority of merchants learn about Intuit Merchant Services through QuickBooks, a small-business accounting software program developed by the company. Intuit has done a great job of packaging its credit card processing service into QuickBooks. The integration makes it very easy for businesses to seamlessly charge cards and track the sales in essentially one step. In fact, we have found that many clients will accept higher processing rates with Intuit (rather than switch processors) to keep the easy, integrated accounting functionality. Intuit’s primary merchant account product at this time is QuickBooks Payments. The company uses First Data (now Fiserv) as its processor but handles its customer service and operations in-house.

Location & Ownership

The president and CEO of Intuit is Sasan K. Goodarzi. Intuit is located at 2700 Coast Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043.

Intuit Merchant Services Pros and Cons


  • Been in the industry for a long time
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Proactive about resolving issues


  • Complaints about fund-holds
  • Potentially expensive contract
  • Customer service complaints

Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Offers swipe rates of up to 2.4% plus $0.30 and keyed-in rates of 3.5% plus $0.30 with options between…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 250 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Has no rating with the Better Business Bureau as Intuit, Inc. and has received 3,443 complaints and 515  reviews and…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not hire independent sales agents but has received some complaints about its…
Intuit Merchant Services payment processing
Intuit Merchant Services is a QuickBooks brand payment processing company

Intuit Merchant Services Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Recent Lawsuits

Moderate Complaint Total

We are currently able to locate over 250 negative Intuit Merchant Services reviews, many of which characterize the company as a scam or a ripoff. One thing clients should keep in mind is that Intuit is a huge company and that because of this the company will have more complaints than smaller companies. That being said, Intuit Merchant Services has a moderate amount of complaints filed against it. On a positive note, it appears that the company’s overall complaint rate has decreased or held steady for the last few years. If you have your own Intuit Merchant Services review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Client Complaint Details

The majority of complaints center on issues relating to hidden and surprise fees, poor customer service, and sudden account-holds and freezes. One such complaint, found here, mentions that although “at no time since we have done business with Intuit Merchant Services or Intuit Payment Network Services were we aware that there was any type of limit,” the merchant still had a valid $30,000 transaction frozen by the company indefinitely. A large number of similar complaints can be found in the comment section of this review. It appears that Intuit needs to do a much better job of disclosing fees and hold policies during the sales process instead of embedding that information in the merchant account contract, which is apparently confusing to most clients.

Intuit Merchant Services Lawsuits and Fines

We have seen evidence that Intuit, Inc. was fined $11 million in 2014 as part of a scheme to keep employee salary levels suppressed. Intuit also faced major allegations and a class-action suit filed by California’s Santa Clara County in 2019 that the company allegedly duped low-income taxpayers to pay for free tax preparation online. The most recent update came in March 2021, when a judge ruled that a $40-million settlement was not enough for consumers in the class, and then in July 2021, when Intuit attempted to send arbitration for class-action cases against itself to small claims court, which was denied.

Intuit Merchant Services Customer Support Options

Intuit provides phone and email support to all of its users, but the complaints about long waits and ineffective replies have prevented the company from ranking among the top merchant accounts for great customer service.

Intuit Merchant Services Customer Service Options

  • (877) 683-3280 – Toll-Free Customer Support
  • (844) 529-4511 – Sales

Intuit Merchant Services BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

BBB Reports

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 3,400 Complaints

Intuit currently has no rating with the Better Business Bureau and was formerly accredited since 2010 but is no longer accredited. The company has received 3,443 complaints in the past 36 months. Only 1,260 of these 3,443 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 2,183 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response

What Merchants Say

Intuit has also received 515 informal reviews from users, with an average rating of one out of five. One recent review describes problems with difficult customer service and withheld funds:

We trusted them with our merchant service needs. They took our money and held it for a month. Making us send selfies and all sorts of other none senses. Made us beg for our own money. And have the nerve to act like they are doing ** a favor. I am far from happy with this company and doubt that I will ever use them again. Even if there were no more challenges, I wasted too much of my time dealing with them and begging for my own money. Ridiculous

This client might have avoided this issue by working with a top-rated provider for customer service.

A “C” Performance

The BBB‘s profile for Intuit covers the entire company, including its merchant services department. Since Intuit’s payment services are typically integrated with its other products, it seems reasonable to consult the company’s BBB profile as a reflection of its customers’ satisfaction. We have therefore adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C” according to how we would interpret the current volume and content of the complaints.

Intuit Merchant Services Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
Equipment Leasing

Complicated Pricing

Intuit’s costs and fees have always been murky at best. As of this update, the company currently offers four separate pricing schedules depending on when the business was approved for a merchant account through QuickBooks Payments or Intuit. The company also offers an evergreen merchant agreement that applies to all pricing schedules. The rates and fees currently advertised on the QuickBooks Payments website correspond to the company’s most recent pricing schedule.

Point of Sale Pricing

QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments offers clients two plans to choose from, a “Basic” and a “Pro” plan. This option from Intuit Merchant Services is likely the most practical option for businesses as it syncs information into QuickBooks automatically without the manual entry necessary under the company’s other options. The “Basic” plan offers a swiped rate of 2.7% and a keyed-in rate of 3.4% without any monthly charges. The “Pro” plan costs $19.95 each month with a swipe rate of 2.3% plus $0.25 and a 3.2% plus $0.25 for keyed-in transactions. Though Intuit Merchant Services doesn’t charge any early termination fees, the company reserves the right to charge up to $2,500 for canceling accounts due to merchant misconduct.

Intuit’s array of pricing plans is needlessly complicated and frustrating, and numerous business owner complaints have expressed confusion with the rates and fees they are expected to pay. It seems that Intuit’s decisions to phase out its conventional merchant account branch and its mobile app GoPayment, as well as its piecemeal rollout of QuickBooks Payments over the past few years, have left it with a patchwork of contracts that apply to various sectors of its user base.

Reported Intuit Contract Terms

At the time of previous updates, representatives told this reviewer that Intuit has no early termination fee and offers month-to-month contracts. Intuit’s website also makes no mention of a service agreement length. However, there are numerous old reports from businesses stating that they had a two to four-year service agreement with a $295 early termination fee and a PCI Compliance fee of up to $100. Other complaints suggest that the Intuit Merchant Services contract has been structured so that the company does not have a specified termination fee but instead makes a large withdrawal from a client’s bank account at its own discretion upon cancellation, returning the funds after all outstanding debts have been settled.

Month-to-Month Contracts

It seems that Intuit’s current policy across its merchant accounts is to provide month-to-month contracts with no early termination fee. This pricing is competitive with the cheapest merchant accounts available. However, clients are encouraged to determine which set of contract terms will apply to them and to ask about the specific details of those terms. We also encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

QuickBooks Intuit Merchant Services rates

Part of the Intuit rate structure

Intuit Merchant Services Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

Multiple Marketing Channels

Intuit uses various methods for marketing its credit card processing services, including email, direct mail, and telemarketing. Based upon many of Intuit reviews, there is evidence to suggest that the company uses deceptive advertising when it comes to rate and fee quotes. Numerous complainants describe undisclosed fees and confusing pricing structures through Intuit. Many of these complaints are probably the result of the company’s frequent pricing changes over the last few years (more on this in the next section). This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Previous Rate Quotes

In the past, the Intuit website listed misleading rate quotes by only showing the “Qualified” fee tier for swiped and keyed transactions and making no mention of the more expensive “Mid-Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” tiers. Now that the company is primarily selling merchant services under QuickBooks Payments, it does not utilize these types of tiered rate quotes. As a further point in its favor, Intuit does not appear to hire independent outside sales agents. If you suspect that the company is charging you undisclosed fees, you should consider seeking a third-party statement audit.

Intuit Merchant Services Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

Intuit Merchant Services rates as an average credit card processing provider according to our rating system. The company can improve its rating by reducing its complaint count significantly. This can be accomplished by improving its pricing and contract term transparency, reducing or eliminating its early termination fee, and improving its customer service. On the bright side, Intuit does a good job of resolving complaints through the BBB, and most of its customers appear to be satisfied when you take into account the size of the company. If you are looking for an alternative to the QuickBooks accounting environment, you might want to consider using a FreshBooks-integrated merchant account.

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Customer & Employee Reviews

What Others Are Saying About Intuit Merchant Services

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281 Responses

  • Carl

    Intuit QuickBooks Payment Services and specifically their recurring charge modules are the most ridiculous waste of time I have ever experienced in my life. They have issues constantly, cannot explain why they have issues and then defer the problem back to you while stating their system is working fine. Some months they post transactions, some months they don’t and when you call them you get the dumbest people who have every populated the planet. DON’T JUST RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, COMPLETELY STAY AWAY FROM THEM UNLESS YOU WANT TO DRIVE YOUR COMPANY INTO THE GROUND! We are in process, after 8 years of their crap, in changing to a reliable provider. Once again, do not even entertain signing up for their lousy, useless system.

  • Louis

    ***DO NOT USE. The is a fradulat company they held my money for over 10 days. In the end I had to ask them to cancel the transaction so I could find others means to pay. The refused and hung up the phone on me after waiting 2 hours. They have put my business in a hard situation due to the fact that is was a high dollar transaction and equipment. NEVER USE AGAIN. DO NOT USE***

  • c.Bell

    This is a fraudulent payment center. It has been a nightmare for our company and for our clients. The customer service is untrained and disorganized. This company held clients money and refused to repay. They should be under investigation for bad practices

    • Tiffany

      I’m hoping for better results but am going down the same path. The agents are alarmingly ignorant of the service they offer and of the process. In card-not-present transactions they have asked for a copy of the signature and the specific name on the cards used to make payments through their payment portal. It didn’t seem to have occurred to them that one of the reasons someone would agree to use a payment portal would be to prevent providing their details to the merchant. They then went on to tell me that all business transactions us a card in the name of the business named on the invoice and all personal transactions use a card in the name of the person named on the invoice. That’s absurd. I use my personal card to charge hundreds of transactions where the invoice in in the name of the business each year and most other business owners I know are doing the same thing. They then claimed they needed to look into my multi-decade old business to decide if they could process for us. That’s absurd too, what was the application process about and why did we receive a confirmation that we had been “approved”. Unlike some of the people who have posted here I was calm and collected throughout so am hopeful that I may not receive the predatory treatment some of you have. As the conversation went on, and following several transfers and conversations with other individuals it became quite apparent that the agents seem to be making a lot of their responses up as they go along. There’s no consistency and there’s no sense to much of what they are saying. It a few thousand dollars but I am in the fortunate position of being able to wait to see what happens. It’s not looking good, they are already outside the timeline they set for themselves to respond.

      I need to really look into these hacks and the controls in place to prevent unauthorized bank account changes from being made. Surely it can’t be that simple. If it is, the people running this are incompetent. Even the simplest of two factor authentication or confirmation schemes would resolve much of it. On the surface it seems there is tremendous financial reward to Intuit in all of this. The elephant on the couch is that some of the people here seem to think Intuit is making a business out of this. As hard as I find that to believe, there is so much continuity here and elsewhere that a small part of me wonders. I think Intuit should address this in no uncertain terms, explain the security, explain the vulnerability and explain clearly how we can transact business safely using their systems to avoid becoming victims of their very non-standard requirements for complete an unbridled access to our bank accounts. I’d readily accept two factor authentication at every vulnerable point rather than find myself in the mess many hundreds of people and small businesses seem to have been placed in over the past few months. One thing for sure, there is so much continuity in what is going wrong that it seems clear Intuit will be working against you, not with you, and that their focus in on profiting from whatever is going wrong more than it is on preventing it from happening again.

      Maybe it is time to reconsider, and, for those who have not yet taken the leap, to look before you leap. if signups taper off Intuit will be forced to to turn a good idea into a good service or to open the system up to third party partners who can.

      Are you with Intuit? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Dia

    I own a seasonal business (garden center) which operates 4 months a year. I purchased the POS from quickbooks and signed up for their merchant services. HUGE MISTAKE! I requested to suspend our merchant account during the months that our store is closed so I can avoid the monthly $20 maintenance fee. I was assured from Intuit customer service that when we are ready to reopen I should call their customer service department 24 hours in advance to reactivate the account. I notified them a week before our spring opening. Monday, our opening date, we couldn’t process credit cards at all. I called their customer service. After I was placed on hold for about 30 minutes, I was told that my request was pending to reactivate the account and by Wednesday everything should up and running. I was also told that their customer service dept was short handed and that was the best they could do. I was furious. I was supposed to turn down business because intuit was short handed! Ridiculous! I demanded to talk to a supervisor, but nobody was available. After spending over a hour and half on the phone arguing with their customer representative, I was told that he would talk to his supervisor and call me back. Later the same day he called and told me that he had to “pull strings” but my account was running. Yesterday, Mother’s Day, historically the busiest day in our business (we are selling flowers) our credit card processing wasn’t working! We had customer lining up to pay and we couldn’t process their credit cards! The message in our system “invalide signon” The only sales we could process was only cash! We had to manually right on a piece of paper items sold, make a copy of their credit card and call later on for an authorization number in hopes that the transaction will go through. I called their merchant customer service to seek help. Their office is closed on the weekends!!! We had to deal with this mess for over 2 hours. Some customers walked away, when they heard “our system is down please be patient”. Monday I called their customer service to find out why this shut down happened and how to deal with it next time if it happens. After been on hold for over 35 minutes, I was told that they are closed on weekend because a lot of their merchants don’t operate on weekends so there is no need to stay open! Nonsense!!!! How a retail business is closed on weekends? I asked to talk to a supervisor. Guess what? nobody was available. I was placed on hold for another 20 minutes while she was investigating the reason of the “freeze”. She never came back on line. I hanged up more mad than before I called them. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!! Do yourself a favor and find another processor, to avoid stress, lack of response and expensive fees. Their statement is a complete nightmare. I spend over 2 hours to reconcile my bank account against their statement and my money doesn’t get deposited within 24 hours after closing date. THEY ARE A RIPOFF! SAVE YOURSELF AND AVOID THEM WITH ALL MEANS. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EXPERIENCED WITH CREDIT CARDS.

  • Richard Keller

    This is a terrible company. After closing business somehow got charge backs when we were a subscription business so no such thing as a chargeback

    • Eric McNamee


      Unfortunately you are not correct. A person can issue a chargeback on ANY transaction they were charged for regardless of whether it’s a single purchase or a subscription. Doesn’t matter if they signed a yearly agreement either. You do however have the ability to fight the chargeback by providing their chargeback department with any documentation proving that the card holder authorized you to process the transaction. I do agree that Intuit is a terrible company because they don’t tend to disclose the full cost to accept payments.

  • blake Meacham

    Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They have held $774 of my company’s money for over a month now and are not releasing it. After spending nearly an hour on the phone, you finally think you’re getting somewhere, only to get shut down. They always say they are going to help you and never do… they always state they will call you back and never do. Several times after spending nearly 3 HOURS on the phone with someone over there, they realize that they do in fact owe us the $774 and then do nothing about it. Absolutely ridiculous! A horrible company to do payments with.

    • Eric McNamee


      I clicked on your post and it navigated me to your site which is still under construction but I get the jist of your business type. Are they holding $744 because it exceeded your high ticket or was there a customer dispute on the transaction?

  • Sharon

    I am a small business owner who has been using gopayment since 2012 with no problems. Until now! I opened a new Quickbooks online account as my business will be growing this year and my CPA thought it would be helpful. When I set up the account, it automatically assigned a new merchant number and set up another account. I did contact them about this and the customer service agent seemed unconcerned about it, so things went on as normal.

    on 3/27/15 I received a notice from my bank that a $395 charge had been submitted to my account from intuit. When I looked online at the merchant account, I could not see any charges for the month at all so I called customer service. There is always an incredible hold time to speak with anyone at Merchant services ( I have learned in my long untangling process) . Once I got someone on the phone, she took some time to uncover that the account had been closed by Intuit because their bank no longer accepts credit card processing from my type of business. I explained that my other account had not been closed what was the difference? Basically that it was a semantics issue and that I would have to call back and speak to someone in Risk Management and of course they were not in at that moment and she could not have someone contact me.

    I did call Risk Management on Monday and spoke with someone who after a long holding process could not give me answers and needed to do research. I could not continue to hold so she said she would call me back soon. She left a message at the end of the day with no information really, she just confirmed that the $395 was the account closure fee and If I had questions to call back! I did call back and spoke to another individual who was much more helpful and gave me a case number to refer to and said I would be credited the fee. All I needed to do was send an email with proof that I had actually been debited (really, I am wasting this much time on this and how would I know about this process?) Anyway, I immediately sent the email with the copy of my bank account to verify the debit. And she told me I would have to make another call to make sure the correction was processed to yet another department (Did I accidentally call the city or state and forgot?!)

    But there is more!! I did call back the next day to Merchant services department to make sure they were processing the credit They could not read the statement well but after my angry outburst of all the time I had wasted already and why hadn’t someone simply contacted me if they needed another copy, they agreed to process the credit. I received another case number and they said it should happen within 24 hours.

    Yay for the happy ending! Oh but not so, they debited me again!! So now they have almost $800 of my months income (small business remember) and when I call yet again they tell me it shows up as a credit. So I have to send another statement showing the 2 debits and get yet another case number. He assures me if I send the statement right away it should be corrected within 24 hours. I sent the statement immediately making sure to enlarge the print and make it clear. Here I am today, 2 weeks after the first debit, holding yet again for the 6th phone marathon. He told me that the account showed the second debit to only be pending, so that was probably why it had not happened. Why wouldn’t someone have contacted me if they needed more information, this is a recurring theme! After my angry and frustrated rant about this horrible customer service experience and 6 phone calls, he pledged to resolve it for me today. Still holding…….

    • Eric McNamee

      What type of business do you run where they shut you down without notice?

      • Sharon

        I am a licensed professional counselor running a private practice since 2012. They did indicate they had sent an email but I did not receive one and though I asked repeatedly to get a copy of this, I was never supplied one. The reason they gave was that the bank told them they could no longer accept payments from this business type.

        • Eric McNamee

          Hmm, that’s weird because your industry is not any where near close to being on a restricted list or high risk. Are you swiping transactions or keying them in manually?

          • Sharon

            I mostly swipe but do occasionally have to key cards. So the card is present 99% of the time and I am actually swiping it in my office.

    • Woof It Down

      Does anybody know if there is an agency that regulates the credit card industry? I have contacted the NH Attorney Generals Office, The state Banking Commission, etc. and no one really seems to be able to help!

  • Woof It Down

    DO NOT use intuit. They are rip off artists and customer service sucks! Recently a sales clerk made a mistake on a credit card transaction but fixed it right away with customer still present. Intuit automatically debited my checking account $2543.74 and they will not give it back. I have been treated with a total lack of respect. Spent four hours in the phone with them and got no where. They would not negotiate or anything. It seems to me as if they completely ignored my situation and were not receptive at all to anything that I had to say. I just think they were very unfair and did not handle this situation well at all and will most likely be losing my business.

    • Eric McNamee

      Can you explain the scenario a bit more? For a voided transaction you should not have to pay the fees on the initial transaction.

    • Woof It Down

      To the best of my knowledge it was handled as a voided transaction and I still have not gotten a response from Intuit.

      • Eric McNamee

        Did you process the void as a return? Or did you select void as the option? Whether you’re on the Tiered (crappy) or Interchange Plus (not crappy) pricing model the initial “rate and auth fee” aren’t billed. However if the transaction settled then a void was attempted you’ll still get billed the initial transaction charge.

        How large was the transaction where they debited $2543.74 as a fee? That transaction size sounds like it should have gone through a L3 payment gateway if you were billed that much.

      • Woof It Down

        What is an L3 payment gateway? If this did not go through an L3 payment gateway how would that affect my situation?

        • Eric McNamee

          L3 is Level III processing. It’s designed for business to business transactions which are typically high ticket. So a fee of $2,543.74 on a single transaction begs the question of what size transaction that was and how was it processed? If it was a keyed transaction on Tiered pricing then it was either a MQUAL or NQUAL transaction between 2.5% and 3.25% which is Intuit’s average buckets. If you’re on Interchange pricing then I’m assuming the Interchange category was a either a corporate business card or a signature preferred card.

          If you process a transaction using a L3 gateway (which Intuit does not offer) the wholesale charge is considerably lower. If you accept a Visa Corporate card which wholesales at 2.65% & $0.10 for a transaction at $50K the ‘cost’ is $1,325.10. Same transaction though using L3 the rate goes down to 1.45% & $54.00 transaction fee having a cost of $779. On some corporate cards the Interchange can reduce to 0.70% & $58 if it’s a signature series corporate card.

          That’s L3 in a nutshell, but if you’re not B2B and you had a high ticket sales item then Intuit is definitely not the best solution for you. Their fee structure is very costly as you have experienced and charging you a transaction fee on a voided sale should never happen. And I bet you’ll be fighting with them for months to get that money back in your account.

        • Woof It Down

          Just took another $2007.00 out of my checking account and risk management had no idea why! Useless! Stay away from intuit!

  • Rick De Coyte

    Since upgrading to Quickbooks Premier Pro 2015 we have been unable to match credit card deposits which is a big problem. Intuit have known about the problem for several weeks and do not have an answer. It is a know problem, this is from Intuit:
    “Sorry for the late response Xxxx. Yes, we do know about this problem and i’m working on getting a new ETA on resolution from our engineering team. We don’t have a workaround at this time. I’ll keep you posted.”

    I would recommend NOT upgrading, it worked perfectly before the upgrade

    • Eric McNamee

      The latest upgrade has been causing a lot of users to have issues with their batches. It appears that their gateway (which is proprietary) has not been updated with their new API for P2P encryption, but their software side has. Basically they did the programming in reverse to get the upgrade out as quickly as possible from what it looks like.

      Are you using Intuit to process? You should be able to log in and see your batch history.

    • Rick

      Hi; Thanks for the note. Yes, I know there is a workaround but it’s a pain in the #$^& and some of the transactions that are showing as mismatched cannot be recorded without getting an error message so the customers are showing as not having paid. I would have to enter them manually and then still have them showing as mismatched. Before the upgrade I knew exactly what credit card transactions had been paid and who they were matched with now I don’t.
      I would not recommend the upgrade to QuickBooks 2015 to anyone using merchant services.

      • Eric McNamee

        To be honest I’m not sure why businesses even bother using QuickBooks as their payment system. Granted it’s cheap and works (most of the time) but there are far better systems out there that have a direct integration with QuickBooks for bookkeeping purposes. The only time I board a client with QB is when they already have it and refuse to use an alternative.

        On their next update I’d wait at least 30 -45 days before upgrading so they can work out the bugs.

        • Patrick Kuhnlein

          They did the same to me about a year and a half ago to the tune of 10k. I had to refund every transaction and re run the cards under my new service. This is very hard to explain to my customers and lost approx. 2k of the business.

  • chris

    Watch out if you choose to use this service and plan to make money. My wife is a customer of this service, and a successful business owner. just because they are making so much money, this service refused to release over $ 15000 to the business which had already been payed to the business by a client for goods. This ruined the transaction. AMBITIOUS BUSINESS OWNERS WHO PLAN TO MAKE MONEY WATCH OUT!

    • Eric McNamee

      Was the $15K a single transaction or multiple transactions?

  • Nina

    Will never use this service again! A client of mine paid their invoice twice by accident. I got charged DOUBLE the transaction fee AND the reversal fee which I was unaware of (no notification of this charge was given…it is in the small print of the site)—they should have NEVER been able to pay their invoice twice. This is a huge hole in your system and should be fixed so no one else gets stuck paying all these fees for something they have no control over. Customer service was extremely unhelpful and would not do anything for me to refund me any of the fees. Cannot believe a company this big would allow something like this to happen and not make up for it.

  • james shively

    The intuit service that I have been using qb 2014 pro led me to merchant services, I was at the time using my banks merchant service, was told that quick books merchant service would save me on average 300.00 plus a month by a QuickBooks agent for merchant services. so switched from my banks merchant service to Quick books merchant services, first trans went ok, then after that it was all down hill, I have had two transactions withheld maybe three, not really sure why they were from same customer these transactions were both for 876.00 I sent copy of invoices several times, still no response except for case manager is reviewing and will be a couple of days, in the mean time I am without funds, not good for a one man show and have to find other means of subsistence, Thanks a lot for the great service!!!

  • Mary

    As a ProAdvisor I was shocked to find that my clients account had been cancelled WITHOUT NOTICE. When we called into Merchant Service to find out why, we were told that “somenone had called in and cancelled the account”. We told them that was inaccurate that we did not want the account cancelled. From that point, things went down hill! My client processes nearly $25,000/month in recurring payments and has done so for nearly 3 years. Rather than them fixing his account, they put his account into “Fraud Alert” and refused to reopen it. Funny thing was, we were able to get a brand new merchant account opened with them – same business information as the other account with absolutely no problem. We would use this new account, but with nearly 200 recurring payments the amount of time it would take to resetup every account would be inefficient at best. So, I called back in to talk to a Higher up….figuring there must be someone who can help my client run his business. I finally get thru… as soon as I get thru, the guy literally hangs up!! I call back, their excuse was that the call center was “experiencing a lot of dropped calls”. Then when I finally get thru all the B/S… low and behold, the department is “Closed for the Day” – Banking hours in this country are 9:00am to 6:00pm but their Merchant Service “Rentention Department” is 9:00-2:00pm. Some “Retention Dept”. What really gets me furious is that my client needed to call in to authorize me to talk to them (good he should) but apparently ANYONE can call in and cancel your account without your authority – ANYONE for ANY REASON!! When I pointed this out, they turned this on me saying that “We have the right to operate Our business anyway we want”! WOW – some customer service dept. I would fire anyone working for me that said that to one of my customers!

    • BGTS

      I am so glad you posted this.

      I was trying to process my customer’s monthly payments and it would not go through. So I’m checking etc and it appears that without notification nor authorization on my part they just turned if off. I will verify but once I do; while I will hold no grudge I will simply take my business elsewhere since they don’t appear to want it.

  • Mitch

    These guys do not know how to operate a business. My customer made a payment on through the merchant services. Intuit never notified me of the payment, nor did they send the money to my bank account or return it back to the customer. After calling and being disconnected from the customer service 3 times, I was told that the payment that was not made nor was it charged to the customer’s credit card. This is bunch of BS, because the email confirming payment sent by Intuit to the customer, clearly indicated that the payment posted and a confirmation number was given. It seems to me, that Intuit is in the business of stealing money.

    • Eric McNamee


      This would happen regardless of who you process through and no refund would be applied on the initial transaction because it settled overnight so the Interchange was already charged to Intuit who passed that fee to you plus their surcharge. The next day it’s considered an whole new transaction as a return and no Interchange rate is charged on a return/refund.

      The only way to avoid the fee would be to void the transaction prior to settlement. Otherwise no processor would issue a refund on a charge for a settled transaction.

  • Joe

    I recently terminated my relationship with Intuit Merchant Services. Here’s why: I charged a customer for an invoice for 8500.00 and cancelled the transaction the following morning when the customer notified me that they wished to use a different card. Intuit charged me 227.00 twice for the original transaction and the refund. I called and asked if they could refund at least one of the charges and they declined to help. I later called and asked to speak to a manager and was given the excuse that he was on another line but wanted to reiterate that there was nothing they could do. I cancelled my account as a result. Beware of intuit if you have the simple expectation that if you need to refund a customer and not be charged, you cannot do it.

  • Maureen

    In January I took over as the Executive Director for a non profit. I have been trying since then to get them to update our account information. It took at least a month before I could get them to define what information was needed. It is now April and I have faxed them increasing amounts of paper and am still not done. Today I got an email saying they needed the signature of the former ED which was on the material I sent them initially (and have been resending with every fax I send them). I strongly advise anyone looking for a credit card processing/merchant service company to NOT use Intuit GoPayment. Service is exactly what they don’t do.

  • nikki

    they are cheaters, they suddenly stopped our account, never send a letter or any notice, and never give us a reason, after a few days, I found more than $400 is supposed to deposit to my account but didn’t.

    I called them, find out they cancelled my account and we will not be able to reopen again. A few days later after I found out my money is missing, I called again, they said they are going to hold it for 270 days and they have the right don’t give back to us! how come?

    We never get any complain, if they get complain, they supposed to let us know and ask us for approve, but we never even know what happen, and first few times we call, they even didn’t tell our money was hold too……

    They need the most ugly die, how come they open up big company cheat like this?

  • tedhaines

    DO NOT USE INTUIT! They overcharge, hide charges, and intentionally rip you off!

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Ted, can you provide a few examples of your experience?

    • D Keith

      I have had a horrible service from Intuit or Quickbooks in the UK. They offered a deal which I took them up on they invoiced me twice and failed to respond to emails. I am now taking the time and trouble to transfer all my data over to another platform. They just want to steal your money out of your account and ignore requests for credit. A horrible company

  • Jon

    I am dealing with the same thing as so many below. I put a large charge in for a customer of mine (December 30th 2013). Before I put in the charge we called them up to make sure that a charge of this amount was not going to be an issue. They said that they would probably need some additional information but that it would be OK. We took the charge from our customer. They asked me for the information that they said they would need and I gave it all to them. Then they asked for more, gave them all that. They promised me that this time they would clear the funds and if there was any issue they would call me back. They never did call, the money never got to my account. After over 2 weeks of being lied to by them and getting one story after another, I finally on Monday (6 days ago) credited the money back. As of today (6 days later) they still have yet to credit back my customers money. When I call them they have no answer as to when that is going to happen. If I call them 10 times I get 10 different answers. As soon as this credit goes back to my customer I am done. I have lost credibility with my customer at this point. I have never taken credit cards before and now I am going to close my account and never take them again.

  • Rachael Sutton

    Took money from the customers card, then held the transaction for over two month, requested documents that were proptly given to merchant services, then was told they would not process it.

    Meanwhile, had to refund my customer and find a new way to collect a 1200 dollar payment for mechanical/electrical services that were already completed.

    Stated there was not enough history and couldn’t verify invoices even though I sent them? Said they couldn’t open the attachment, yet never told me this when I called daily? Said i would forward the invoices then, the lady was very rude, disrespectful and I will do NO business with this company and will not reccomend them to anyone. Puttin in a complaint with the BBB

  • Jeff Ryan

    Intuit Merchant Services is the most dishonest company I have ever done business with. The add on charges just keep coming. The representatives handle complaints by rolling you into something else and lie and cheat the whole way through.
    My card swiper worked the first time I used it, but not after that so I had to punch in the numbers to get it to work. Mind you I was taking 5 digit payments from a client, so when the added 1% was charged to me for the card reader not working, it adds up quickly. Customer service was not willing to do anything such as refund for the card swipe error, and pretty much told me to get lost. Very rude manager I spoke to. Awful experience!

  • FRAUD - At its finest

    This company not only directly lied to me – they changed the story three times during the same phone call – after I was asked to hold while they checked with a “manager” – We are a small business that offers credit card sales to our customers – if we treated our customers like this we would be sued!! They held our funds- made up deposit drules and amounts – wanted me to refund my sales to the customer even after the customer had the product they paid for – so i am not out product and the money!!! Intuit was the worst business decision I have ever made- they splash and awe with all these great onlines ad’s and info – bottom line – you have to drop through hoops, non existent regulations and still no money in your account!!
    RUN…..RUN ….. Do not give this compnay any of your hard earned money to steal -find any other credit card processor you will be much happier…..the grade….WELL BELOW A “F” in all aspects. And customer service is worse

  • Bob Zeitlinger

    Intuit Merchant Services is very very deceptive in their sales practices. I rarely have to process a credit card payment in my business, but signed up because one customer wanted to pay by credit card. I provided all my information over the phone, and was told — and received an email — that I was approved to receive transactions up to $10,000 each month.

    Intuit only told two lies — not bad, huh — during this process.

    1. I wasn’t really approved. A rep from the Risk Mgt. Department told me the next day (after I processed a charge) that “approved” really means “auto” approved or “pre-approved.” Apparently, to Intuit, this means that the new client has only submitted an application. They actually run the application for approval only when you submit your first transaction. Silly me! How didn’t I know that! What’s worse is that the rep didn’t think this was deceptive. And all they needed to start their “investigation” on my approval is 6-12 months of business bank statements faxed to them, along with the invoice for the transaction and contact information for the company and person who provided the credit card for the transaction. Not much, right?

    2. I wasn’t really approved for $10,000 a month in transactions. I was approved for $10,000 a month — pending the real approval — and no more than $500 in any one transaction. When I told the manager in the Risk Management Department that I wasn’t told about a limit, he said, “Well, did you ask if there was a limit?” You gotta be kidding me.

    The reason I told the client that I would accept the credit card was to speed the transaction process. Now, Intuit tells me that they need to 1. review my bank statements; 2. call the company to verify that the transaction is not fraudulent; and 3. call the company’s bank. And after al this, which could take up to three days, they will hold my transaction for another 2-3 days.

    As you might guess, this was not explained to me by the pleasant sales person when I was told about how simple and easy the service is.

    • Patrick Kuhnlein


      I had the same experience with the “Risk Management Department” to the tune of 10,000.00 that they held for more than 5 weeks. The only way I could get out of it was to refund the customers money and explain to them the situation and have my customers to re-issue the payments. Obviously this did not look good on my company. I would like to see if anyone else would like to file a class action suit against them, as I would jump right on that train!

  • Anonymous

    I believe the early termination fee is a bit scammy and manipulative. I canceled my service after being with IMS for about 4 years. The agent said there would be an early termination fee of $295. I requested a copy of the contract showing the date and signature where I agreed to the ETF. She could not produce it. I then suggested they were being deceptive. After about a 5 minute hold, the agent came back and had mysteriously found that our account had a clause on it that said we would NEVER have to pay an ETF to cancel the account.

    Long story short, either Intuit or the branch at IMS knows about this practice. Most people don’t know what they’re signing up for, and the cancellation fee never stood out to me either. They were very clear about merchant fees, monthly fees, processing delays, etc. But never mentioned monthly minimums nor cancellation fees.

    Dirty play Intuit, dirty play.

  • PAtrick Kuhnlein

    I am experiencing the nightmare we call Intuit Merchant Services. I made the mistake of utilizing this service. After 1 month of running cards through Quickbooks I receive notice that the risk department has now gotten involved with my account. What this means is they are going to hold funds of $10,000.00 dollars for up to 90 days as I am being considered a risk? Now if I put up a security deposit of $3,000 I will be lucky enough to pay 15% on all monthly charges. This is INSANE! Has no one even considered a class action suit? I would be the first one to sign up!

    • Todd

      Did you call them? I had a similar situation and all I needed to do was send them the invoices for my charges. I got funded the next day. Never happened again.

  • James

    Intuit has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. Their sales rep convinced me to switch my account to Intuit Payment Solution and three months later they closed the account because of a $26.00 chargeback. Not only that, they placed a hold on all my funds for 280 days. I have never heard of any company holding funds for that long. The entire deal cost my company about $6,000 worth of business.

  • Jeff

    I do not need to repeat all of the problems addressed by other users, but can verify their experiences.

    I signed up for Intuit Merchant services through Intuit. Intuit is a reputable company, and I still feel that way. The problem is that the actual merchant services are provided by First Data. I have complained plenty to Intuit about this in the hopes that they can partner with a better provider, but I am not holding my breath.

    I had problems right off the start with the pin pad software not functioning properly, and not allowing me to swipe cards, use chip cards, etc. The problem is embarrassing when you have a customer waiting for 15 minutes while we restart software, computer, etc., and then end up entering the card info manually, which means you pay the higher rates. Spent hours on the phone, with multiple entities, Intuit, First Data, united nations call center, etc. Problem never resolved.

    We continue to use the service for a few months, and find out that we are always being charged higher rates than quoted. When I inquire as to the reason, they say because I am processing ‘premium’ cards. Okay, so how do I tell the difference between ‘premium’ and standard cards, their response is “Would it have changed whether you would have accepted the credit card as payment?”. My response is no, but it would have changed who I was using for my merchant services if none of my transactions were being processed at the rate quoted.

    Now for their fee collections. Their (First Data) strategy here is to daze and confuse, so that you have no way to really figure out their fees. A statement with 3 transactions on it is 12 pages long and sent in two different mailings. They charge the monthly flat fees in advance, they charge the processing fees at the time of the transaction, and then they charge the card brand fees in the following month. So, when you get a statement, showing that you have processed this much, and your fees were this, that you are unable to tell, from a single statement, what your actual fees are, since they are spread out over 3 statements.

    Okay, so a few months in, I am fed up with this craziness. I am spending hours to process a few transactions a month. So I phone to cancel, and First Data tells me that I have a three year contract with them. I know this is a lie, so I ask them to send me a copy of this agreement. Guess what, no response. My contract was with Intuit, who advertises that I can cancel whenever I want. I have asked for the $550 that I paid for a pin pad that has never worked, and again no response. I have made complaints with Intuit, who have said they will get back to me, and no response. I sent in my request to cancel, and I was still charged fees for the following months service. I now think that they have gone away, less my refund, since I put a stop payment on their fees with my bank.

  • Keith Wilson

    I was happy with Intuit Merchant Services because they were integrated into my QuickBooks POS and I have used them for about 5 years. It was taking two days to get my money on the cards and it went to three day processing a few months ago and I complained. They said I had always been on a three day delay but it went back to a two day wait after the conversation.

    Now I get an update over the weekend and I am not getting settlements all of sudden. I called and they tell me how great this new 12am batch out is. So I find out the cards go to them automatically when swiped, they batch out automatically at 12:01am and that makes it the next day. So they tell me now that cards swiped on Monday get processed on Tuesday (12:01am), get a batch number on Wednesday, and I could have my money by Friday. They have rocks in their heads if they think I am going to put up with this. Now I have this expensive software and I am locked into using IMS or I will need to manually enter transactions.

    If you don’t care about high fees and a company that plays with your money go ahead. I am a small guy but they have $1,522 of my money this weekend that I should have in my checking account. I may get it next week on Monday or maybe Tuesday, if they don’t need it that is. My wife uses Bank of America and gets her settlements the very next day. Going from a day to a week can be a lot of cash flow for the average business.

  • Howard P.

    Horrible horrible custmer services! Martin manger @ risk management employee I’d number 61024.
    Lacks leadership he’s rude, arrogant and completely unprofessional.
    I’ve been trying to call corporate to complain about this guy, he told me before our conversation got started to find another credit card processing center. Because they can’t handle large amounts!? Are you serious?
    Wow! It was 2 transactions of a total 12k, but the transactions to much to handle for them..
    Not SB friendly at all! Run away from they’re lies of getting paid instantly!

  • Paul

    I am a graphic designer and needed a way to accept key entry payments from my clients. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this service!!!! They hold EVERY transaction as fraud and require more documents than the IRS and when I submitted my documents and tried to get confirmation, it took 45 min on hold (LITERALLY) before I got through. That same day I had another payment and mentioned it to the LIAR REP and she said yes, no more flags will be placed on future transactions. FLAT OUT LIE. I ran the other one and it got flagged. Same deal.




  • Tom

    Very disappointed with Intuit Merchant Services. After several months of using the card reader stopped working. Requested another one, same thing, didn’t work had to key in entries, results in more charge. Monthly fees incurred first $25.00, final bill was $95.00 with no notice from Intuit. Cancelled service and had the worst “customer service” rep EVER born. the monthly fees were in addition to the usual entry fees which were raised because of an inoperable card reader, THEY SENT!!!! THEN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP SAID I HAD THE WHITE READER AND NEEDED A BLACK ONE. Very unprofessional and the left hand steals from you while the right hand is digging into the “fee charges”.

  • Tom

    Made a switch to QuickBooks accounting software as part of our new management system. Found out that credit card payments would integrate with QuickBooks and their transaction fees seemed similar, so made sense. They had the option to rent or purchase a terminal which I needed to be able to accept Interac payments. Made more sense to purchase, and that is what we did.

    The terminal, a KeyCorp K23P, has not worked since new. They sent out a replacement, and it did exactly the same thing. When inserting a chip card, the unit locks up, and not longer works. Can only do a single card swipe, and after that it is locked up. The only way to rectify is to restart the computer, and then get one more chance. This is really convenient for a customer that has to stand around for 20 minutes while we try to get the thing to work. I have phoned many times. They provide you with many toll free numbers for different things, with no explanation of what each one is for. Generally, for tech support, you are transferred to someone with an accent, and their solution is to unplug the device, plug it back in, try it again. Okay that doesn’t work, then uninstall the software, and reinstall it. Okay, that doesn’t work, I will look into it and call you back. Guess what, no call back.

    The credit card processing fees are really confusing, and the way they collect these fees from your bank account is crazy. Most bank account fees are charged by the transaction, and they end up collecting fees over about 5 different transactions instead of a single one. I just noticed that on my May statement, that I am being charged for April’s card brand fees. I guess this is one way to daze and confuse so that you cannot tell from a single statement what your total processing fees are.

    Just phoned today to cancel the credit card processing but keep the ability to take Interac. I was informed that there is no way to remove both Visa and MasterCard, that I must keep one, and that there will be a $250 early cancellation fee for the one card. Okay, so now I am out $550 for a terminal that never worked, and they want $500 to cancel a service that has done nothing but waste my time.

    Bottom line – confusing statements, you will never have transactions that ‘qualify’ for their quoted rates, their hardware does not work, their customer support blows, and their fees for the privilege of wasting your time to try their services is outrageous.

  • Tryntje

    We have used the Intuit merchant service for a very long time (close to 15 years or more), and have generally been satisfied since it works in an integrated manner with Quickbooks.

    However, we will likely be moving our business because Intuit doesn’t stand behind their merchants in a dispute. We had two clients this past year that have created charge backs. Each time we have provided full documentation to Intuit that these people ordered products, had us ship them, and provided us with their credit card information for payment. Both customers then reversed the charges, claiming they “didn’t recognize the merchant”. After refuting their claims with documentation, we received notification that the claim would then go to “mediation” and we would be charged $500 for a mediation fee. Since $500 was more than the original charge, it didn’t make sense for us to proceed, which we are sure is the reason that Intuit has this policy. So the customer gets off scott free with fraud, Intuit gets their money and we get left holding the bag.

    Worthless support of their merchants. We provide absolute proof of fraud and yet Intuit wouldn’t help us. Very disappointing.

  • Jay Phillips

    90 percent of our business runs through Intuit Merchant Services. Our customers charge an average of $2500 per payment for reservation deposits and final balance payments. Intuit’s Risk Deparrtment is now holding all of our charges hostage for over 7 business days now. Many hours on hold trying to find an intelligent person who understands how holding a small business’s cash flow will shut down the business. No money, no employees, rents not getting paid, automatic payments bouncing. They are currently holding about $4400 of cleared payments from last week and another $3500 for a chargeback that we were suppose to be given 10 days to rebut (which we answered with clear documentation in 2 days to prove our case). Once we started getting the feeling that they were quite impossible to please (Intuit) we started rambling to open alternate Merchant Accounts elsewhere. I can only say that they have no concern for their customer. Just hold our funds without even any type of notice or reason until we get in the cue and wait 20 – 30 minutes to speak to someone, who transfers us to someone else, and so on.

    Please be warned! If you own a small business, do not put all your eggs into the Intuit Basket. They are completely unconcerned about the effects of their actions on others. Currently trying to save my business and guessing that the $9000 so dollars from last week will be a loss.

    This is a very similar post to another I read above. They hold the funds, even when there is a positive balance. We have sent in reams of requested bank statements and information they requested, and still do not get a response. Cant get any answers and watching 7 years of hard earned growth be destroyed by negligence on the part of Intuit.

  • Bob

    Just to verify the following is still valid:
    1. Unbelievable hold and wait times. To cancel after 5 months of not using the service it took 1 hour and 40 minutes and 4 different reps. First rep took nearly 50 minutes of hold time.
    2. Two service charges taken out of the bank every month for 5 months, no refund.
    3. Billing solutions(for online and email billing) was charged to a credit card for 5 months at $14.95. Even though it was no longer working.
    4. If you don’t keep upgrading Quickbooks none of this works, that’s why I quit.
    5. Never got any tax info for 2012 even though I paid all the above fees until April 2013.
    6. The fee charges are many and can be 5-10% of you monthly. I was at about $2500-3500 per month and had about $200-300 in total fees. Kind of hard to figure out with 2 monthly fees, plus transaction fees and of course the 14.95 and paying for QB upgrades and support.
    7. I use now and have no complaints. Still cost some money, but I can figure the percent pretty easy.

  • Danny

    I just signed up for the fist time to use the intuit gopayment on a new client of mine that was charging over 31k on his card. Well I called intuit first before making a transaction with my client and explained that the charge amount would be 31k and if they would have an issue with that amount. I was told ” No issues at all you can charge any amount your go to go” I sign the contract, mind you a large contract and of course I call intuit to follow through two days later on the funds and I was told that they could not approve the fund for that amount due to that i don’t have the funds to back it up in case the client wants a refund. “REALLY” Well I’m a small business and how would i carry that amount if I’m trying to make my business grow and you just make it impossible . I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH INTUIT. I will never recommend them to no one at all. Im very luck that my client believed in me and trust in me. I was lucky enough to have found a company who took care of my problem with in 24 hours and the are now enjoying the rate they charge and I still have my contract. intuit I’m so, so disappointed with you. Never again will i call you or use you for anything in the future. For all of you reading this do your home work first.

  • Wade Twamley

    I filed a complaint with the BBB because during a fraud investigation on my bank account I found that Intuit Payment Solutions had been charging me for at least 32 months. I do not own a business. I did not open an account. When you get your bank statement each charge is ussually identifiable and also lists a phone number. Not Intuit charges. I had to have my back give me the name and contact number. After contacting them over and over and over again and sending them the police report and an affidavit they told me that I did open the account and no refund would be given. Their reply to the BBB was an account holders contract which starts out about reviewing monthly statements bla bla bla. I have never gotten anything in the mail. No “welcome to Intuit”, no statements, no communications ever. But they were helpful and nice in the run-around up to the point where I was given to a supervisor in the ‘risk’ department. It has been very frustrating trying to get my almost $1000.00 back from them. They know they have been charging me every month and there has been no other activity on the account. I feel they are extreme internet preditors and liars to the max. I do not know anyone that has an extra thousand dollars to just let some company come and take it. Now my next step is to call the government agency that oversees financial companies and provide all the proof I have with the multiple statements I have made. I will include the names of individuals, dates, times, transaction numbers etc. I will also go to my banking institution and sign the 32 affidavits required (one for each charge) in an attempt to get my money back. I will also contact watchdogs in Calif. and in Washington DC with the same information. Intuit Payment Solutions has made an angry person out of me and I gave the every chance to do the right thing. BBB complaint case #305237.

  • Michael

    Intuit has to be the worst merchant solutions I have ever come across. From the 25min hold times to the late notices if you have a chargeback. if you are a serious company and want to use a merchant company this is not the company to go to. I have a chase account and paymentech is pretty good. Intuit has been nothing but a headache and cost me money overall. I would give their third party merchant company a F

  • Pat

    We switched from B of A merchant services to Intuit about 7 months ago because after “careful analysis” by Intuit merchant services we were told we would definitely save money on processing fees. In fact, they said that there was a flat fee for transactions… which is sort of true…but there are additional charges on top of that fee, plus there are wide variations between the various type of credit cards and the manual or swiped transactions. Bottom line for us, there was NO reduction in the cost of processing. The only benefit is the interaction with our Intuit Point of Sale system that we use in our retail store.

    We have had numerous problems that impact credit card processing if we have P.O.S. software problems. For example, if we are unable to process cc transactions and have to enter them manually after a POS software glitche, we pay the highest rate fees for the transactions although the inability to swipe the cards is not ours. In addition to the additional processing costs, we have spent COUNTLESS hours on the phone between QuickBooks POS support and Merchant Services support tracking down where the source of problems is…and it’s usually at merchant services. The passing of the buck for responsibility back and forth is totally disruptive to the retail environment. Today I spent all day on the phone in 5 different calls. I called merchant services 2x and was told 2x that it was a quick books POS problem. When I got a level-1 support tech, he wasted about an hour of my time trying to figure out the problem, only to have the call dropped, so I had to start all over again…with the same low-level support person. Finally I demanded a knowledgeable level-2 support person who got me back to merchant services where they cleared up a wrong batch number problem and put me back in business. Now we have to pay the added charges for processing all today’s credit card charges manually. They offered to credit my monthly $16.95 charges for 3 months in return for this additional fee. I doubt I’ll live out the 3 months of “credit” as I’m looking into other processors. The integration with QuickBooks POS is not worth the hassle of these terminal issues. Can’t someone come up with a reasonable fee structure for a small retail store? We are averaging over 3% on cc charges! If Square or PayPal would deal with this problem all the little businesses would flock to their door!

  • Joel

    I was with Inuit’s Innovative Merchant Services since 2009. I will admit that I am (was) clueless as to all the ins-and-outs of card processing when the salesman sold me on the service. However I recently had a friend help me pay better attention to where my business’s money goes and I found out that Intuit was taking almost as much as I sold with all of the disguised fees I was paying!

    I will never use Intuit nor will I recommend them to any colleagues due to the way they disguise fees. I closed my account with them and yet they continued to withdrawal money from my business checking account. A $12 customer service fee for calling to inquire about closing my account! A $75 annual fee, a $15 monthly fee for just being an active account, yet I closed my account a month prior! And then the fees for each card swipe were astronomical. Rarely was I charged the low rate I was quoted by the salesman. Somehow 90% of my transactions were not qualified for the low rate or something like that. I gave up and closed the account. But wait, that incurs a $295 cancellation fee! And not only that, looking back at the paperwork… there is no contract period that ever ends… Doesn’t matter if it’s one day or ten years after I signed the contract, the cancellation fee of $295 applies! Period.

    Never again!!

  • Andy

    After our first case of fraud (purported customer using a stolen card) in over 15 years of business, Intuit has frozen our account. We have over $3,000 in charges being withheld by Intuit. They say that they won’t release the funds until the chargeback in question is paid. “Fair enough” I say, “but we can’t pay you back until our funds are released!” The chargeback is almost $5,000. As a very small business, we don’t hold such funds in our account. We need the money that Intuit is withholding in order to pay Intuit.

    [Exacerbating the issue is the fact that before we ran the card in question, I doubted in it’s authenticity and called none other than Intuit to ask their advice. Upon confirming the card information I was told by an Intuit rep, “it’s fine to run this card.” I shared this incident with the fraud dept. (luckily I had my case #). “That (Intuit customer service) guy made a mistake, he should have sent you directly to us,” said Ms. Fraud Dept.]

    I’m fine with the idea that we have to pay this charge-back in full. We lost a few hundred dollars but learned a great lesson. However, despite years of good business, we are being handcuffed by Intuit. I told them that we cannot afford to pay them the almost $5,000 chargeback while they withhold over $3,000 and will not allow any new credit card charges into our account.
    “How are we supposed to pay you the money if you are withholding our money from us?” I asked them.
    “You’ll have to figure that out,” they say.
    “I have been your customer for years and we’ve never had a problem, tell me, where is the CUSTOMER SERVICE in this deal? What are you doing to HELP me?”
    “We are trying to protect ourselves,” they tell me.
    “Protect yourselves from WHAT??? We’ve been your customer for years! Give us our money and we will PAY you!”

    Intuit is playing Big Business tactics with our small business. It’s not a good match.

  • Cathy Nunnally

    I have used Intuit go payments for only a few months, and would NOT recommend them. I have had trouble with the swiper but more inportantly they have charged me for flaws in their Intuit account system, and won’t clear it up. I have been told by the Intuit customer service reps that this was not my fault, and the service charges will be credited to my account, but week after week goes by, and nothing. Now they are trying to charge me more money for insuffient funds….really?

  • Ron

    I generally like Intuit. However I do have a complaint. On October 5, 2012 their credit card processing website was giving me errors stating it’s unable to process charge, please try again later. It finally worked after four tries. It turns out my customers credit card was charged 4 times, even though it said error. When I discovered this I had to credit the card for three of those transactions. I called Intuit customer service and they refused to refund me the fees ($22.78) for these erroneous charges even though it was their fault. PS: I was very nice to them on the phone.

  • Dan Edal

    I have two complaints with Intuit.:

    First, when my business improved and I needed to take some large orders, they refused to process it. They claimed my account was for small transactions. I pleaded with a manager to work with me, but he was rude and just dismissed my request. I was forced to sign up with another merchant services outfit to complete these new transactions.

    Second, when I closed my account, Intuit charged me a $295 cancellation fee even though I had had an account with them for over 7 years.

  • Frank Otto

    Very disappointed with their service. The fine print will rob you blind; and it is difficult to read and comprehend. The fine print is for them to charge you hidden fees with. I even went to the BBB to file a complaint. DO NOT use this service, it will not end good for you. There are better choices for your business.

  • Jessica

    You are charged 3.7% for almost all transactions. Do not use Gopayment! For the first month or so they were fine, but now they have charged our business numerous hidden fees that make no sense, withheld funds repeatedly(if your business grows, and you begin taking more credit cards, you are considered high risk and treated like a criminal), and when we returned an item to the merchant we purchased it from, and had the money refunded to the Intuit card, they took the money from the merchant’s account, but still have not refunded the money into our account. It has been over 2 weeks that we have waited for the return of the $800, and still nothing, and we get a different story with each CS rep we speak to.We have faxed copies of invoices to them repeatedly, done anything they asked to prove the transactios are legitimate, but still have lost over $2,000 over the past month. It makes no sense, it is NOT their money to hold. We are getting a lawyer to handle it, due to the fact that their CS and risk department is an absolute JOKE. Will also be reporting to the BBB (along with nearly 500 others that they have taken advantage of). They are basically thieves.

  • James R. Henry

    Intuit does not have a service contract per this website: .

    I have used & continue to use Intuit’s service, GoPayment & Merchant solutions. The only problem I had was at the beginning when I tried to charge a credit card. Three times the customer had stated there is a sufficient balance on the card, but the card kept declining, and so, for security reason, they froze my account, but only for a little time. It was up within the next business day & all was well. I highly recommend their service. Oh yea, & they do use outside companies to offer their products. Because I like their products & have recommended them to others, I just applied to become a service provider, so that I can offer their service & get credit for doing so.

    They offer a tremendous service & unlike another company I had gone through before, they actually know how to treat customers.

  • Chris

    My letter to Intuit Merchant Services while on the phone attempting to get assistance with repayment for a non working debit system.

    Hello David.
    In the past I have been on the phone for aprox. 10 hours with merchant services since May (apox. 3 months service).
    I have not been able to process debit card transactions since using the system. I have spoken to a number of people over the past few months and am now on the phone with yet another. I have sent back one pin pad as requested by merchant services and have a second one here. I have been on a 3 way call with First Data who were very helpful and actually had to inform the Merchant services representative that the pin pad did actually accept debit as they had informed me at that point that they could not accept debit. I have emailed Jullien who sold me the system and she has informed me she cannot assist with any credit for my monthly pin pad fees.
    I have timed my phone conversation today to give you an idea of the typical time wasted on the phone with the Merchant Service people. It is now 27 minutes and I am again on hold. I am now being put into another conference call with the First Data people and merchant services. Now he is unable to do a 3 way call. It’s been 43 minutes for this to occur.
    The result is, call First Data to get money return on Debit card pin pad fees!!
    Oh my oh my what a morning. I will let you know how this call goes prior to sending this email….after 53 minute in conversation with First data and then a transfer to an intuit English speaking American Intuit person, he has told me Intuit is not able to accept debit transactions!!!! And he discovered I needed to be in touch with the Canadian Intuit branch. I am now on hold waiting to get through to this person in hopes of a 3 way conference……..oh no conference …. sent back to India on hold it is now 63 minutes on the same call.
    I have gotten the run around. Intuit tells me first data is responsible for the refund. First Data says Intuit is responsible for the refund. Now it is 77 minutes and I am on hold again. They say first data will have to give the refund…..oh 87 minutes and the result, transfer to First Data no refund possible.!!! I hung up and called them myself.
    11 minutes in and am on hold as they assist in cancelling the pin pad. Ok after 25 minutes, I have been told I must cancel the entire contract and cannot cancel just the pin pad. Boy talk about misleading the public.
    Total time on phone this time around: 235 minutes (3.9 hours).
    Result: no refund no explanation as to why I cannot process debit cards successfully.
    Intuit really needs to work on this whole system. I love the accounting software but am so disappointed with this experience. I will hang on to the software until I find a suitable replacement.
    Boy moneris was pricey but the service is superior. I think I will go back even if it means a 3 year contract.

    This has been a very disappointing experience.
    I will be posting this letter on the web site as well

  • Bob

    Intuit Merchant Services business practices are at the very least deceitful and grossly unfair to the consumer and worst case-borderline fraudulent. The tiered rate applied to transactions is not cleartly stated and when the Intuit representatives are given the opportunity to clarify-they fail to do so.The fee assessed to my 1st and thankfully only transaction with Intuit Merchant Services was nearly 70% higher than what was prominently displayed in the agreement and discussed with an Intuit representative. Intuit’s transparent attempt to satisfy my complaint by offering to waive some future fees was clearly a pre-calculated and well rehearsed practice to satisfy what I can only imagine is a constant and day to day barrage of consumer complaints. Clearly, entering into a business arrangement with Intuit Merchant Services is a move I regret and have since terminated. Rather than practicing common decency and ethical business, Intuit chooses to test the boundaries of what the majority of the business world recognizes as professional and ethical.
    I guess it should not surprise any of us that the financial/banking sector of our economy is and continues to be an embarassment to our country.

  • Bob

    Where to begin? I do not process a lot of credit cards, so every single transaction was flagged, and then delayed in processing, I get paid faster via snail mail.

    When they force you to make a software upgrade to continue processing credit cards, they also make it impossible to cancel your account. Pure torture. Endless hold times. Transfers to nowhere. So the zombie charges keep on going. Charging me for something I cannot possibly use. Then making it really impractical to cancel. I finally spent an hour today just out of spite

  • HonestGuy

    Intuit has held our money now for 10 days without any written notice.
    They claim that suddently after 10 years with them, that we are high risk, because the dietary supplements that we sell are high risk. I smell the FDA and BIG PHARMA behind this one.

  • Boris

    We switched to Inuit Payment Solutions and Intuit Payment Processing. It was not a good experience at all. As I read other reviews on websites about holding money “hostage”, I was leary, but the Inuit brand kept us proceeding. It was a nightmare to say the least. They held our money hostage for 12 months. thousands and thousands of dollars. no call backs. no customer services. horrible response from their VPs, directors, etc. Finally, after 12 months, they released the money and shorted us. We requested an accounting of our money and, again, no call backs, no response, no service. THIS IS THE WORSE COMPANY. THEIR LEADERSHIP should not be running a company like this. I wish there were more review sites so i can warn others about our terrible mistake to go with Intuit Payment Processing

  • Tina

    I’ve been trying to cancel my account since January (yes, that’s right almost 6 months). I called to find out how to cancel back in January and was given the steps to fax my request. I not only faxed in January, but then had to fax again in march because they didn’t close it and I was charged fees which caused that closing bank account to bounce! After that I closed the bank account since I’m no longer a business and they are still trying to bill me? I called again last week was on hold, bounced around to 3 different people who promised to take care of it. Well, the last person who got on the phone said some who’s handling this collection will call me. Guess what….. Still no phone call! They are horrible!!!

  • rachelle

    This company is full of lies. I got stuck using them because the salon I worked for would not allow another credit card machine to be brought in ny me, and this was the only way I could charge my clients cards, because no one uses checks or cash any more. I called back in January to see if there was a cancelation fee and was told no. Just got off the phone and was treated like scum by their call center after telling them I was forced to leave my former salon and could no longer have access to my account. They also felt that charging me fees for two months ans the protection fee for the next year was acceptable.

    After having to get the bank involved in blocking their access to my checking account and a legal dispute against their fees, they offered to wave their 295.00 terminatiom fee.

    Save yourself some time and get the square up application! It’s great, flat fees, and easy to use. Plus it works everywhere your phone does!

  • Angela

    Do NOT use this service. They are crooks. Quote one rate and apply a MUCH HIGHER rate. Waited on hold for 25 minutes only to find out this information. The customer service representatives KNOW the people are lying to customers because the first thing out of his mouth was “you weren’t explained this, were you?!” They falsely compare rates via online showing they are lower too but don’t buy in – I’ll be looking elsewhere.

  • Chris

    So now i am trying to cancel my account with Innovative merchant sys. On hold for 20 minutes now. Cant log in. Just like when I needed help . I switched Back to Chase Payment Thech awhile ago just so I could get service and get my funds over night for a better price than this JUNK… People beware please before sigining on with this company and i am serious….. They say the will add quick books forget that once The SLEEZBALL that is selling you this GARBAGE hooks you its all done not even a phone call. A Class action Lawsuit needs to be filed against them ASAP.
    Please people DON`T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY…….

  • Anon

    I am an employee of intuit and can clarify the termination fee. Quickbooks merchant services, gopayment and e-commerce all do not have contracts. Point of Sale and Terminal accounts DO have termination fees, and all of that is disclosed on the contract when they sign up for services in a section directly above the signature line, labeled: ‘termination fee’

  • kari

    i had intuit payment solutions and LOVED them. there wasn’t a cancellation fee and I only left when i changed to a new cart that didn’t have ready integration. my new provider transfirst has been a horror show of unadvertised fees. due to this, i signed up for innovative gateway in november and but haven’t gotten it to integrate with the cart.

    i was thinking of cancelling innovative gateway and called intuit today due to the notes above for cancellation or ‘closing fees’. They did tell me that this ‘closing fee’ is only for people who have physical terminals (which i don’t because my biz is 100% online).

  • Frank

    Innovative Merchant Solutions is a total rip off; I cancelled my account and still received charges from them. I refuse to pay for services I do not use. They are charge hidden service fees over $60.00 per month. Very bad experience, do not do business with Innovative Merchant Solutions.

  • Mark Ebbert

    This company holds “employee deposits” for 3 business days before making it available to the employee, even after it is confirmed that the company received good funds. When trying to use card at gas station, Intuit put a 7 day hold on $75.00 even when you didn’t end up using the card for the gas. Refused to release funds even when Intuit stated that they saw that there was no purchase made. In this case, the entire remaining balance of employees funds are on hold. They are floating on Employee money.

  • Brad

    My advice is for small business owners to stay away from Intuit Merchant Services. There are several reasons for this:
    1) They will treat you as a criminal during the sign up process. They think business owners are out to commit credit card fraud and come at all potential customers from this starting pointing. They automatically don’t trust you.
    2) There salespeople are just that, ‘salespeople’. They don’t listen and they know better than you. They automatically have an attitude. They are not customer oriented.
    3) The salesperson takes the order and then it goes to the underwriting department. This is why it takes so much time to get approved because they are checking everything out. They will come back multiple times asking for more and more information. They will insist on bank statements, etc. If you thought getting life insurance was hard just wait until you deal with the underwriting dept at Intuit Merchant Services.
    4) The process of using Intuit Merchant Services in their software is not very good. There are multiple popups that will slow you down. If you have a counter sales operation it will slow you down as you have one screen for Invoices or on account charges and another screen for sales receipts or counter sales where you take credit cards, check, cash etc. You can’t send an Invoice to the Sales receipt and payment process automatically. This is ture for QB Pro, Premier, Enterprise. Intuit POS is better for counter sales.
    5) When you sign up if you tell Intuit Merchant Services your maximum invoice for a day is say $1000, if you try to run through an invoice for more than the amount you specified when you signed up you will automatically catch the attention of their fraud department. It it very likely your charge will not go through. This will then call for may phone calls to MS. They will treat you again like a criminal. They will say ‘you told us $1000’, why are you charging more. It the charge is high enough you may have no recourse and they will not run the charge. You are stuck with no product, and you are out the money. Again you the business owner are the criminal and I gurantee they will treat you as such.

  • Beth

    Stay away from Intuit! They told me my monthly fees would be $10 for my Merchant Service Account, and it’s more in the upper $20’s. Lying salespeople.

    Furthermore, stay away from QB Point of Sale. As tempting as it is to buy it in Sam’s Club, along with the cash drawer and receipt printer like I did, it will take you 8 hours of your time to get any missing parts shipped to you out of India. Secondly, once you download the program and have it sync with Quickbooks, it draws all your Inventory records out of Quickbooks. Then, the basic POS doesn’t work with the Inventory, so you have to upgrade to a more expensive version. It’s either that or spend all the time rebuilding your inventory back up in Quickbooks. Classic bait and switch. then they put the hard sell on additional hardware such as the Pin swiper and other junk, and then they offer three months free financing. I tried to send in three smaller payments over the course of that period so I wouldn’t have a big payment due at the end of the three months (in an effort to avoid interest fees). They sent my payments back!!!

    Back to the Point of Sale program…it SUCKS. It doesn’t close down properly; it tries to restart when you attempt to close it. So you have to go to your task manager to shut the program down, and only by going into Processes and manually shutting down the QBPOSshell.exe. Nice, huh?

    And the Backup feature doesn’t work. To back up your data, you have to manually worm your way through the files to find the data file and copy it to an external drive. After I did that today, QBPOS wouldn’t open up, and in an effort to restore my company data, found out that QBPOS deleted all my files. No more company data. The external drive didn’t have my backup data either. \

    I don’t DARE call for technical support, because they want to sell me a support plan. I’m not giving them another nickel. My only recourse is to share this story on as many public forums as possible until they get the message.

    • Tommy Garcia

      Beth. I just signed up for Intuit’s card reader. I was shocked at the complaints. Can you or anyone tell me if this reader can be returned before it is opened? I’m scared to open it when it gets here. Or am i stuck with it? My number is 208-392-1217.

  • Sue

    I am so glad I visited this website. It gave me so much important information since I was trying to decide which to use: Intuit Merchant Services or Square One. I have been using Quckbooks for 7 years now and wanted the ease of linking my credit card transactions to my Quickbooks software but what a nightmare so many small business owners have dealt with! I will mention this website to all small merchants I know. All of you should be reporting your complaints to the BBB. Seriously, they need to be stopped.

  • Mike

    Sounded good,so far I have a $2400.00 charge that does not show up on my account, A debit card that was closed down due to fraud? and a rude service rep that said i needed to submit more paperwork to activate my account in 5 to 7 business days. and oh yea, she still can’t say if i have any funds in my account. wunderful.

  • RD

    I signed up for their service based on a representation that I could return the credit card readers and that there was no monthly service fee. Well….I just got a call from collections stating that I did not pay my monthly service fee. And the credit card readers that I bought based on specfic representation that I could return them—-well, turns out there is a no return policy with no exceptions. The agent told me that I should sell them on eBay!
    UPDATE – they gave me my money back and canceled the collection. So I’m happy with that. I still think I’d go with Square though…

  • rosa

    This company stings, a lot hidden fees, rates higher than the contract stipulates, they ser up my credit card machine wrong, and i tried several times to talk to a costumer representant (good luck with one, you might wait at least 45 min. For them to answer the phone) After trying several times Finally they were able to help me, i got charged $75.00 annual fee, which doesnt show on the contract, also I got charged $295.00 early termination, even thou i explained that i had sold my business, not before they made sure to take the montly fee out of my account Even thou i let know ahead of time that my business got sold. This company train young people to rip small business off.
    Im abt to start a new business, but of course Im going to make sure that my business partners do not make any type of business with them. Companies like them should not exist poor costumer service, but also rude, and time takers. The worst thing is that they dissapear, but start a new shitty company under new name, but the same tecniques, and bad quality.

  • RD

    I signed up for their service based on a representation that I could return the credit card readers and that there was no monthly service fee. Well….I just got a call from collections stating that I did not pay my monthly service fee. And the credit card readers that I bought based on specfic representation that I could return them—-well, turns out there is a no return policy with no exceptions. The agent told me that I should sell them on eBay!
    My experience with this company is that the two biggest questions I had – card readers and monthly fees on top of credit card fees – turned out the opposite of what I was told.
    For payment processing, I’ve gone with square and I’m happy with it. They have 0 customer service, you can’t even call them. But their stuff works so you don’t need to call them.
    I’m done with Intuit.

  • LEE

    Intuit is AWFUL! I just started looking at my statements. I have Go Payment and it claims it charges 2.7% for swiped credit cards and 3.7% keyed in credit cards. Well, I’ve swiped ALL my credit cards and I’m being charged 3.7%. Intuit is very DISHONEST and is cheating it’s clients. I will seek to charge Intuit in court for this.

  • Tom

    I was shopping for a good merchant servicer. After reading this site I will still be looking.

  • esra baser cafe owner

    i had contart with marchant solution company im totaly regrate they service they keep taking many but i do not have acceses i always have problem with my cafe customer they always need to walk to high street to get cash mony to pay bill i NEVER EVER USE THiS COMPANY AGAİN. 00447730283404 my mobile number

  • Karrie G

    Go Payment is a JOKE! I’ve had funds withheld since January 5th and it’s now the 21st. Called five times now, the last two times they said the funds were released, but I still log into go payment and they still say withheld and nothing has hit my account yet. . . I refuse to use them ever again!!!! It’s not worth the stress.

    Furious Small Business Owner.

  • Gary

    Well, well, well… I just started using Intuit last month. Everything was fine until I added my bank account and completed 3 transactions on the same day. I got a call yesterday about one of the credit cards, THEY CLAIM, was submitted multiple times by different merchants. I looked into my records and found that the credit card they were speaking of belongs to a FRIEND OF MINE FOR 5 YEARS!!!!!! I called him up and told me he has no idea of what they are talking about.

    I immediately called intuit speak to GEORGE, the guy who called me. They sent me to voice mail and I left a message. I woke to find that my account had been shut down. The rep said they get in at 7 PST so i will call back. This is looking like a Big nightmare.

    $1200 bucks gone…

  • Helisa

    Do not use this company for credit card processing, I repeat, do not! I have a small business(salon). Three pushy reps came into my salon while i was working and sold me lies. I asked if I would be under contract and if there was a cancelation fee. They told me no, but never mentioned their “closing fee” that I later found out about. They also told me they had no annual fees…They took $75 out of my account this week. When I called to ask why they could not explain, but offered a refund. I decided to close my account for this reason and the fact that their fees ended up being higher. I asked the customer service representative if I would be charged any fees for closing my account and he said no. The next day $295 was taking out of my account with no notice. I called in about it and they then told me about the “closing fee”. They told me that I could not and would not get it back! I asked again why the $75 was taken out of my account days before and they told me it was for an annual fee! Once again they offered a refund for the $75. Go figure! They lie and mislead you when they send their reps out to present the credit card processing machine offer. They make it sound real good. Be very Aware!!

  • Erica Keich

    Intuit continued charging my business a monthly fee by taking automatic debits out of my account for months after the account had been closed. Contacting Customer Service to resolve this was a nightmare, I was repeatedly put on hold and disconnected. Eventually I had to close my checking account. I will be reporting Intuit to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Caron

    I’m really disappointed and angry with Intuit. I feel ripped off. I recently purchased QuickBooks for Mac 2011 and only began using it in July. After only 5 mos, it developed a file error. Called support in India. Nice guy, but sometimes hard to understand. He advised me to upgrade to 2012 assured me that most of the time errors. Because I am desperate to get this fixed (my business is paralyzed until it is), I agreed. I was charged $200 simply to “upgrade.” Really??? After upgrading, the file error remained. They uploaded the file (and all my client info) to repair. Also, they claim the file error is a “chargeable error.” Meaning, I need to buy a protection plan just to get support to fix an error on a brand new product. I so regret buying QuickBooks for Mac.

    • Hew

      Yep, same problem when I upgraded to QB2011. it imported my data after I finally got it installed, but promptly lost much of the years information. Not to worry, for $25 they can restore the file, just email it to India. After a few days, they say they cannot recover any lost data. Lesson learned, always backup every week. Intuit spends too much time trying to get you to buy more stuff from them when they should make sure the stuff they already have, works!

  • KEO

    Nightmare upon nightmares setting up credit card processing through Intuit. Dozens of hours on the phone, you get told a completely different story depending on who you speak with. Dealing with them was taking so much of my time I finally had to wait until a Saturday to call in and it took over three hours! And all the errors are on their end! Finally to add insult to injury they told us Amex would contact us directly about adding them as an option, never heard from them…no that was wrong, we had to contact Amex ourselves, which we did. Got approved and now Intuit can’t/won’t link Amex to our account, even took the Amex button off our page after Intuit sent a fax saying it was added. My assistant is on the phone with them now, again, as usual….it’s ridiculous!!!

  • F Taylor

    Not only does Innovative Merchant Services charge their $295.00 closing fee, they will charge you $500.00 for the so called “FREE” terminal if you don’t have the box the machine was shipped to you in. LOOK OUT!!!!

  • Txpc

    Warning to all who would use Intuit Merchant Solutions. After being with them for 3 years, I am being charged $295.OO cancellation fee. This was not an early cancellation.

  • Laura

    I would not recommend this company. I have had nothing but issues with them. I have a small business and was looking for a way to process Credit Cards. Intuit seems like the perfect solution. Instead they needed up being more of a headache then helpful. I have had to call their customer service multiple times for issues with my account. I ran credit cards one week and the next I could no longer log into my account. It somehow was disabled however I was never informed. Once reactivated which took over a week, I was able to log in and reprocess my transactions and then the transaction where never deposited into my account. I had to call them again to see what the issue was; the employee on the other line response to me was I don’t know. You’ll have to call back tomorrow. Once calling back again, they were then able to fix my problem when asked if I would have an issue moving forward I was told they couldn’t see into the future. I figured this is what I get for signing up with no monthly fees. But then last month a 12.95 fee hit my bank account no warning. Then this month a 14.95 fee hit my account. Once I figured out it was from Intuit I called customer service yet again to try to figure out why I was being charges and they said they didn’t know why I was being charged all of a sudden but corrected it so I wouldn’t be charge next month. However, they could not refund my account for any of the pervious fees I was charged where I shouldn’t have been. I would not recommend them. Not only do you spend more time on the phone then using your account, it’s a headache you want to avoid.

  • Jackie Nelson

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Do not use Intuit. Worse customer service ever. Long long wait times, they hold your funds and when problems come up, they do not want documents to prove anything.

    Here is my story. I sold cosmetics to a buyer for $1250.00. Intuit processed the payment. After 4-5 business days, this still did not go through. I called them and I was told they needed to verify with the buyer. No problem. I confirmed the buyer’s phone number as they had the phone # as well. Two days later, I was told the funds cleared, it was deposited into my account. I sent the goods to the buyer.

    Buyer receives goods, then she went to the bank and lied that she never authorized the transaction. Bank immediately accept buyer’s complaint and withdrew money from Intuit’s account. Intuit tries to withdraw the money from my account and refused to accept documents/ shipping receipts from me that will prove that the goods were sent to this buyer and that she indeed authorize the transaction.

    I tried several times to have them accept my proof that should have been sent to the buyer’s bank and the bank would have reversed the funds from the buyer to intuit but intuit did not want to deal with it and told me that I had to sue the buyer and they did not want to get involved.

    This was stupid. This only made everything complicated. If they had sent my proof to the bank, the bank would have withdrawn the money from the buyer’s account and deposited it back into intuit’s account and case would have been closed. My proof would have showed that the items were sent to the same address as in the buyer’s bank account.

    After 4 months, intuit decides to send my account to collections., What kind of a company is this? They would not take documents to send to the bank, they try to withdraw the funds from my account twice which would have overdrawn my account and they decide to send my name to collections.

    Do not use this company unless you are willing to deal with this mess

  • Cindy

    I will never use Intuit Credit Card processing services!

    While just checking for more information on their integration with Quick Books Online they took all of my info and started an account for me without my knowledge! I believed I was just collecting info so that I could compare it with other credit card processors. There was no follow up letting me know HOW to use the credit card processing which would have given me the heads up that they were charging me and that I had an account with them. (They do our company payroll and the bank charges we got I assumed were related to that.)

    It was only after I received an email that they were raising the rates (15 months later) that I wondered why I would get that email from them IF I didn’t already have an account with them. I called and closed my account right away but the best they could do for me was give me a 3-month refund.

    I’ll never even consider using Inuit Credit Card Processing again!

  • Tim

    If you are interested in making money, which I am sure you are, stay clear away from this company. They hold your funds without any sort of deposit schedule which makes it nearly impossible to pay your vendors and keep your business intact. Wow I cannot believe these clowns are still in business. They should have been sued a long time ago.

  • Linda Peterson

    Wow. I am just now researching merchant service companies and after reading all of these comments, guess Intuit will not be on my list of choices! Here I thought they might be decent since I do use their accounting products! Perhaps Intuit should pay attention to what’s written here – it definitely has an impact on potential customers!

  • Jeff

    This would actually be an OK company to work with if they didn’t have a dysfunctional non-working customer service department. It’s a complete waste of time to call them over anything (but I have a solution below!). To begin with after waiting for 5 minutes through their never ending phone ads, redundant info and menus you can’t get anyone on the phone in less than a 1/2 hour minimum wait and you can be assured that the first person finally answering will tell you you’ve got the wrong department and then transfer you for another 1/2 hour + wait. One of those messages they give you during that 5 minute initial ad period is that they are experiencing “unusually heavy call volume”. It doesn’t matter what day of the week you call or what time of the day you call it will always be a time of “unusually heavy call volume”. It’s true they do offer a nighttime call number but they only are their to take your call and tell you their is nothing they can do for you no matter what your problem is and to call back during business hours. The couple times I did call and wait them out their CS dept they seemed to be completely clueless and borderline incompetent. I had a couple mis-charges that came from errors on their part and was told they would be refunded on the next statement but that will never happen. If they ever tell you a charge will be refunded rest assured it won’t get refunded and when you do call up after your next statement comes out and you don’t see it and you wait the obligatory hour on the phone they will have no idea what you are talking about. Fortunately I have found a workaround for their non-functional customer service department. Just call what they call their “customer retention department” and they answer the phone right away! Their number is 800-397-0707 (BTW, even finding phone numbers for this company is a major challenge. It once took me over a week to even get the right department to open a new webstore account with them). They will take care of whatever problems you have right away! So the main takeaway which I hope will save people hours of potential frustration and wasted time is don’t even bother with their so-called “customer service” dept., just call their customer retention dept. no matter what the issue may be, it seems to be the only real functioning dept. Other than answering the phone issue they seem to a pretty good processor… at least so far!

    • Jeff Bach

      I had the same experience as some of these people. Who has time to wait through endless phone menues only to find that the live people you get have no answers either. The company seems to exist by keeping the money from their merchants until they run the gammit of excuses and maybe finally release payment after they…. i don’t collect a months worth of interest? It’s beyond me how a company this big can have this poor of service record and remain in business.
      Had I read the reviews before choosing them I would have chosen to pay the higher interest rate my local bank had to offer in leu of some kind of customer service. God forbid I have to call with a question about a customer card transaction. This all came after ….one…thats right …my first transaction with these people. Take some advice…choose another provider

    • Jeff

      As another followup I’ve decided to finally part ways with this company. The final straw was I had two small chargebacks cases opened on me due to a couple late deliveries. I submitted via email my rebuttal packages with all the required paperwork e.g., delivery confirmation etc., which takes a while to compile and scan in to send to their chargeback department. Periodically I would login and check my account on the status of those cases and they were never updated. I tried emailing multiple times asking for status updates for those cases and got ZERO response. I tried calling once or twice but after sitting on hold for almost an hour I concluded it’s pointless and not worth my time. I have no idea what these people are doing. One of my two cases is closed now, they never did their job to represent me in the case and I have no idea what they did with the rebuttal packages I submitted, I can’t get any response out of them. I’m out about $70 due to their incompetence. I have zero confidence that if I ever did receive another chargeback case that they could competently process my rebuttal response. Now I have to file formal complaints with the Attorney General and BBB about their chargeback dept failing to do their jobs. I have no idea what these people are doing but they’ve lost me forever as a customer.

    • Jeff Parks

      These guys are complete lying weasels. Here’s a link to my BBB complaint (they have had 400 complaints filed against the BTW).

      I had a small chargeback. I sent in the rebuttal package showing the merchandise had been delivered. What do I get from Intuit, no update of my case and they become completely unreachable to confirm if they ever received it. They don’t answer the phone, they don’t respond to emails… what is with this company? Then they flat out lie about a submittal deadline which I busted them on with my screenshot. Not only are they incompetent they are just flat-out lying weasels… I encourage everyone who posts here to also follow-up with a BBB complaint. Thanks Intuit for screwing me out of $42.69 plus your $20 chargeback fee.

  • Greg

    Avoid Intuit at all costs. I used ECHO for years and no issues..and then they were absorbed by Intuit. After Intuit Payment Solutions charged me for some contrived fee, I spent weeks trying to get hold of someone. Every phone call to customer service led to a long hold time. No email addresses were available for support either. Finally I found a small textbox on a website to enter my concern. An employee called me and agreed to withdraw the odd fee. But, it appeared on my next bill and everyone I talk with stonewalls me or gives me an obviously prepared sales speed about how “small the fee is” and “it’s a one time fee”–like I’m supposed to thank them for charging me unauthorized amounts.

    Without a doubt their service is horrible, some of the worst service I’ve ever seen, with uncaring people. But I’d go even one step further and classify them as petty criminals.

    I would never consider doing business with these people.

  • H

    I considered Intuit because they were the only ones I found that wouldn’t demand a contract. I now regret my decision since it has been a nightmare dealing with them. As some others mentioned, customer service is a joke .. hold times are way longer than they should be (maybe too many people calling to complain about their service). I had to call every time if I wanted to know the status of my application … only to be told that underwriting didn’t like one thing or another. Not sure who’s at fault (sales or underwriting) but either way is Intuit’s reputation on the line. A full 20 days after applying I called customer service and the person I spoke to (after a very long wait on the line) told me that he found no record of my application. I proceeded to leave a voicemail with my sales contact about withdrawing my application so we could stop wasting each other’s time (mine mainly) … then I sent him an email. Four days later he hasn’t acknowledged either. Not even an apology or any attempt to keep my business. I never got the service, so I’m writing here about the application process. I honestly don’t think they even care about the bad reviews, they are too busy selling their other services … which people complain about all the time. Avoid them if you can.

  • Quentin Lapp

    Intuit has the most pathetic customer service i have ever received from ANYONE! Had a few chargebacks so of course they looked at the account and held some funds… ok i get that. The guy in the risk management dept. that was assigned to my case was a complete joke. He called me once to notify me of the hold, after that, he never answered calls from me or returned voice mails. my funds were then held for another 90 days because i was unresponsive he says. ??????

    so i begin to speak with someone else at risk management to try to get details sorted out. she is speaking to “mike” while i’m on the phone with her. So i ask if i can speak to him directly. she says “no, he’ll just let it go to voicemail, he picked up for me because he saw it was a coworker” What a bunch of BS! He single handedly caused over 1,000 to be held for over 6 months.

    My rating? 0-5 for intuit. For mike and his customer support? -5 out of 5.

  • Sina Aryeh

    This company withheld $10,000 of my money for 290 days because the first month I opened the account I apparently had too many credit card transactions. They said as a precaution they will withhold this large amount, without interest, for 290 days, because they claimed that’s how long a customer had to dispute a charge. Renee Wilson from Risk Managment told me if my account is in good standing and I have no charge-backs for 290 days, she would release the $10,000. Not to mention, she was really rude about holding the money and saying she’s not here to finance my business. Well excuse me Renee but $10,000 is a lot of liquid money for a small business to help it run. Well 290 days passed. They deposited $5,000 back into my account but are now withholding $5000 still for a security deposit. I left 3 messages for Renee but I didn’t get a call back. I spoke to 3 others at Risk Management and they claim that I can only speak to Renee, that no others have access to any other information. I caller her manager Stephan Van Lar and still no response.

  • Colleen

    I have been using Intuit Merchant services for over 3 years now. I have never had problems or issues with their service. In that time, I’ve only personally experienced one down time situation and it was back up within 24 hours. Yes, that was inconvenient, but I survived. Personally, I can’t beat the integration with my Quickbooks and for me, that is the biggest perk! I try to integrate as many things as I can with my quickbooks. Makes life that much easier. I have never had issue with Intuit holding funds or anything like that. Everything has been pretty smooth. No issues.





  • Mari Morrison

    In 2007 I bought Quick Books and saw where I could get my credit card credits posted automatically. So I checked into it on line filling out certain information. I got down to the last part and discovered I would have to change to Innovative Merchant Services as my credit card processor. I knew that I could not do that as my business software was incompatible with anything other than the company we were using (already blackmail there). So I stopped and pursued no further. About a month later I got a paper bill from Intuit. I called and explained it never was set up and could not use. They never even gave me the information to switch over for that matter. They told me it was cancelled. In May, 2011 I am now changing the credit card processor for my business and have found one that is compatible with my software. Everything is changed over smoothly and I notice one charge still occuring on my bill that should not be there. I call thinking this is one thing left from the old processor only to find out it is Intuit. I tell them I have never done business with them and then they remind me of 2007. Wow was I shocked. They have been billing me since 2007 anywhere from $39 to $49 per month. They offered to refund me 3 months. What an insult. I told them I expected it all because they never were my vendor and never set me up to be their vendor. We are fighting it out now. Perhaps I should mention that I am a lawyer as well as a retail merchant. I do plan to sue if I do not get results. I never had a valid contract with Innovative Merchant Services, Intuit or any other name. And, I was never given the means to use the service they claim I could have used. They were rude on the telephone and told me they would kiss my ass if it were not so big. Not a good business!!!

  • David

    Worst company to deal with – avoid them! I signed up for a free gopayment merchant account in January through their gopayment website. Free being advertised as no sign up fee and no monthly fee for service only charges per transaction. Also offered a free iPhone card reader. After sign up I got no confirmation email or anything about how/when I would get the reader. Called them several times and their people (said they) knew nothing about the free offer. Eventually got to a supervisor who acknowledged they had problems with the launch and promised that my account was set up and she was sending out the reader. She called a few days later to check if I got it and it came that day. Then in February I saw a charge on my bank account of $50 that I did not recognize. Called the bank and they refunded because they could not trace the company making the charge. Then I worked out from the reference it was Innovative Merchant Solutions (div of Intuit) making the charge. Called them and they said I signed up for a full price merchant account. When challenged to show proof they backed down and said they changed it to the free account and would refund the erroneous charge. Then I get March bank statement and once again they charged a fee. Called 3/14 and closed account and they said they were refunding the fee and it would show in bank in 7 business days. Now 3/31 and no refund. Called them today and was told the refund wasn’t authorized until 3/29 and will take 14 business days to go through. So they have had my money for 4 weeks so far and probably 6 weeks in the end plus I’ve spent considerable time on phone trying to get my money back dealing with some of the most rude and unconcerned ‘support’ staff I ever experienced. My advice – stay away from Intuit/GoPayment/Innovative Merchant Solutions. I am looking into other solutions like Square to see how they stack up.

    • Ben Ellerd

      A- ! What a crock. I am a QuickBooks Pro Advisor dealing with Innovative Merchant Services every day (and HATING every minute of it). This company has absolutely THE WORST SERVICE AND SUPPORT RECORD OF ANY COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH IN MY 27 YEARS IN THE IT INDUSTRY. If you check their uptime record over the last year, you’ll find that they have had NO LESS THAN 8 UNPLANNED OUTAGES, SOME LASTING SEVERAL DAYS! This isn’t just sour grapes because my performance as a consultant is measured by how well the solutions I recommend and implement WORK. If the solution works, I get KUDOS, but if it doesn’t, I get brought out back and SHOT, and my back is perforated with so many Intuit Merchant Services BULLET HOLES, it’s pathetic. I will NEVER recommend them again, EVER, and I will tell EVERY customer using this service to RUN, DON”T WALK THE OTHER WAY!

      Thinking about bringing your concerns to management at Intuit Merchant Services? GOOD LUCK. I tried to bring them a customer who processes $300,000 in credit card charges PER MONTH, and when I had problems with poor performance and support, I called Jackie, who is a director level manager. She couldn’t have cared less, wound up losing the client, and never even called to ask why. THIS COMPANY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU, ME, OR ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT THEMSELVES. Sure, they make it easy to record credit card deposits in QuickBooks, BUT WHEN YOU CAN’T PROCESS YOUR CREDIT CARD CHARGES BECAUSE THEY ARE DOWN, THEY HAVE INCOMPETENT BOOBS AS SUPPORT REPS, AND THEIR MANAGERS DON’T CARE WHETHER THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY OR NOT, WHAT ARE YOU REALLY GAINING?


      A- … hah!

    • ron

      i use square ( my self and love it. THEY SENT ME LIKE TEN READERS SO I CAN PUT ONE EVERYWHER I NEED. Just ask and they will deliver. Never had any issue but their penny rounding where they win the battle on the rounding but that noting compared to what i am reading on this forum. Good luck to all of you.

  • Randy Norman

    We have a small shuttle business and decided to give the Intuit credit card a try. BAD DECISION!
    I am VERY frustrated with Intuits Merchant Service. I overlooked the charge that was coming out of my checking account on the 3rd of each month. We tried the credit card with Merchant Service and could not get it to work AT ALL. We filled out the form and sent it back to them. The service had two months “free”. We thought that it was all canceled until I checked into it and found that they have been stealing money out of my bank account for 1 year and one month( March 2010 to March 2011) . They started taking $39.95 out of my bank account each mouth. After two hours on the phone they said that they would refund the last three months. I have not seen a penny of the promised return. I am thinking I will get my bank to block the charges and contest the charges for the last couple of months. It sounds like Rob is having problems getting his charges blocked/stooped. I will work on it more soon and follow up with what happens.
    Randy Norman

    • ASAP

      Some story for us. Nothing went right with Intuit/IMS. Several faulty attempts to program our new card-swipe machine, numerous delays in deposit of funds, frequent mismatched & mysteriously vanishing batches, expensive check processing fees, no printed statements. Every call to custumer service involved at least 30 minutes of being repeatedly put on hold by English-challenged reps before reaching anyone the least bit helpful, who would promise to resolve the issue but rarely did. Notified them in writing to cancel service, but they continued to withdraw fees from our bank account for months. When my banker called Intuit to dispute, Intuit rewarded me with an EXTRA withdrawal from my bank account the next day. We finally had to close that bank account.

  • hugh

    Hmmm, when I was pressured into signing up with Intuit (Innovative merchant solutions), it seemed I was going to save money. After I looked at the paperwork, I noticed the Cancellation Fee of $295. Some companies have these to make sure you stay with them for a year or two. Intuit’s cancellation fee NEVER goes away. If you cancel for any reason, ever, you will be charged $295. Since I don’t like companies blackmailing me I canceled immediately and paid them their ransom. I certainly was not going to let them collect fees from me for years and one day have to pay them anyway.

    On top of the QB 2011 loss of data problem I had, Intuit will never get any more of my money. I’m, looking at Peachtree when QB 2011 “expires”.

  • Linda

    We were very unhappy with the Intuit Mearchant Service (e-checks) that we received. We had numerous returned checks charged to our account because of “security” on their checking account. I think that they misrepresent their service as being easy and convenient, which it is not.

    I also called in at one point to ask what I should do about our first returned check. Theirr representative told me to physically deposit it at the bank. I did this, which we were later told by another representative, was the incorrect thing to do. They cleared the check and I cleared it at the bank. Our customer was then charged twice for the same amount, which is now a situation that I have to fix. Even though their representative gave me the wrong advice, I was told their company has no means of fixing the issue.

    From now on, our company will think twice before trying out Intuit’s services.

  • ryan

    Absolutely the worst credit card processing company on planet earth. Held money, customer service sucks and is horrific and my company was absolutely hindered by their processes, which took me weeks to clear up. How did I clear it up? I left them and went elsewhere.

    Do NOT USE THIS COMPANY if you want to run YOUR company smoothly.

  • Brian Hedenberg

    DO NOT USE INTUIT MERCHANT SERVICES OR HOMESTEAD!!!!! First they set up my account wrong, held my sales hostage for over a week, then told me “oops, we set up your account wrong” made me send in all my corporate paperwork and then held my funds another 72 hours. Because they set up my acct wrong the bank rejected the deposit so Intuit charged me over $116 off my first deposit and never told me about any of it. Shady shady shady shady!!!!! Trust me, its more of a headache then what its worth. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! HOMESTEAD IS A JOKE AS WELL.

  • Laura

    Intuit has, on two separate occasiions, withheld payments made by my clients! I believe Intuit is using money belonging to subscribers to feather its own nest. I’ve been told by a “risk management” person that transactions are subject to “review” by staff members to make sure that everything is okay before passing money paid by clients to our firm on to us. If you imagine how much money Intuit is amassing and using – free of interest – while some mope conducts a review of a perfectly legal transaction.

    I’m on the hunt for a different payment service!!!


    I’m furious with the cloak and dagger business approach by INTUIT. I don’t care if they use third party processors. INTUIT has extremely poor customer service. Explicitly, uneducated staff, uneducated superiors, and most likely a policy not to assist merchants with a valid dispute.

    Most important is their lack of respect for their customers. I suspect that their billing practices are unethical and unconstitutional. Either way, I am reporting my poor experience to my local congressman, the BBB, and mainly my lawyer.


    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Kevin,

      Would you mind elaborating on your experience with Intuit Merchant Services in another comment? Not only would it be helpful to other readers, but it could help you resolve the matter.

  • Michelle

    I am a marketing manager for GoPayment, a new product from Intuit that allows merchants to accept credit cards using their mobile phone. We really appreciate all the candid feedback about our services and are working hard to make our pricing as transparent as possible and removing extraneous fees. For example, GoPayment costs $12.95 / month, and discount rates as follows: swiped rate: 1.7%, key-entered: 2.7%, and non-qualified: 3.7%. We charge a $0.30 per transaction and $0.37 per transaction for non qualified transactions. That said, we have no cancellation fees, no set up fees and no monthly minimums. You can look for similar pricing changes/options for our other products in the new year. Thanks again for the candid feedback.

    • Benjamin Ellerd

      What good is a competitive discount rate when your company can’t keep it’s service working and your support sucks?

      Ben Ellerd
      QuickBooks Pro Advisor

    • RON

      thanks to all these people i will definitely not be using Intuit and stick with square ( I had a merchant before and after fees was being charged 12%.


    • Jeff Bach

      You know the day I made my first transaction using my cell phone I was singing the praises of intuit. The transaction went through and I got an email confirmation. I was happy.
      Three days later when I still didn’t have the money in my business account I called and found out that you guys put a 1250.00 a week limit on my deposits and that triggered some kind of a case to be investigated. Get real….your product has great potential but your customer care and service needs some serious attention.
      I plan to travel a lot with my business and really like the portability of the card reader. I guess I just need to find someone that has a real company that puts the money in my bank account in 1 or 2 days like you guys promised.

    • Dawn


      I was reading reviews on your company in hopes I could save some money and get rid of my processors for my business.. Thank god I read the reviews I need my money in my account within a day or two I can’t wait 290 days for my money. Your gonna lose a lot of clients and your business is gonna get sued.. You may want to start looking for a new job.. start one yourself and use your own people see if you can handle everything these people have.. Your company is being looked at by attorneys hopefully they shut it down. Food for thought tho imagine not getting your paycheck and fees being taken out by your employer for something you werent aware of.. No to inuit for me I have a business to run I will keep doin what I am doin

    • mariah

      i just recently started using intuit gooayment i made two transactions in one day from same credit card from a customer of mine for years next day u guys canceled my account said it was fraud even know u contacted customer and cleared up and it was a prepaid card her funds were there now we are having trouble even getting her a refund of her 1200 dollars i dont even care it was my payment im more embarassed my customer has to deal with trying to get her money back any suggestions


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