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Updated 8/12/21: Leaf ceased to offer point of sale products as of October 1, 2015. It does not appear to be an active brand at this time, and we will no longer be updating this profile.

Launched in late 2012, Leaf (leaf.me) is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system for small to medium-sized merchants. Unlike its fellow tablet-based competitors, Leaf produces and sells its own custom Android tablet (dubbed “the LeafPresenter”) on which to operate its software. Leaf is also compatible with most existing processors and does not have a preferred processing relationship with anyone merchant account provider. The company is headquartered at 222 Third St. 4th Floor, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142.

Leaf Standout Features

  • Custom Equipment – The LeafPresenter is designed specifically for brick-and-mortar sales environments, with a built-in swiper, customizable layout, and protective case.
  • Sales Analytics – Leaf merchants can compare daily sales totals, track payment types, see average transaction amounts, and monitor other business-wide sales data in real-time.
  • Employee Tracking – Store owners can track employee hours and production within the Leaf backend.
  • Leaf Appstore – The Leaf Appstore (open to a limited number of developers at this time) provides useful add-ons for Leaf users and can be accessed within the LeafBusiness backend.

Leaf also provides inventory management, customizable menus, detailed individual transaction information, interactive digital receipts, and limited hardware integration.

Leaf Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

There are zero Leaf negative reviews to be found on the usual consumer protection websites. This is largely due to the fact that Leaf is not sold through the iTunes or Android app stores, but it is also an indicator that the majority of the service’s users don’t feel scammed or ripped off. Given the total lack of complaints filed against Leaf, we will assume for the time being that the company provides adequate customer support for its merchants. Leaf offers phone and email support as well as an FAQ/help section on its website.

Leaf Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

The Better Business Bureau does not currently maintain a profile for Leaf. We will therefore not factor a BBB rating into the company’s overall score.

Leaf Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

LeafPresenters cost $250 apiece, and the Leaf POS software costs $50 per month. Merchants are free to cancel their service at any time without penalty, and Leaf does not charge any transaction fees. These terms are very affordable considering that $250 is cheaper than most iPad models and a flat $50 fee is lower than the monthly rates charges by many of Leaf’s competitors. Merchants may also require additional hardware like cash drawers, receipt printers, and internet-enabled devices to access the LeafBusiness dashboard.

In addition to the basic costs of setting up Leaf, merchants will need to open a separate merchant account with a provider of their choosing. This merchant account can be directly integrated with Leaf but is not a part of the actual Leaf service. Leaf is compatible with most credit card processors, so merchants are advised to do their research and negotiate favorable terms through the third-party provider they select (see: “Fee Sweep”). Leaf provides a Payment Apps marketplace for merchant service providers to advertise directly to merchants. Given the vast selection of providers that can be integrated with Leaf, term lengths, early termination fees, PCI compliance fees, monthly fees, and rate structures will vary.

Leaf Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Coming soon.

Our Leaf Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Leaf formerly rated as an excellent cloud POS solution for small and mid-sized businesses.  There are no public complaints to be found from Leaf users, which indicates that the company provides decent customer support by phone and email. However, it is no longer in business and thus merchants should look elsewhere for their POS needs.

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5 Responses

  • Got an e-mail 2 days ago. Leaf going out of business as of Oct. 1. I bet they won’t refund any money spent on equipment. Not even in business for 2 years and have to re-invest in POS equipment….nice!


      We have all kinds of the same issues…and we have had the system less than 6 months and they are going out of business….NO CUSTOMER SERVICE now they have announced no more service after Oct 1. Biggest waste of money!

  • I am reading this review while searching for a pos to replace Leaf. It has so many problems I can’t begin to list them all. Not printing tickets, missing tickets, items disappear after being added to tickets, it freezes a lot, and you have to hard reset it, when you call support, it becomes clear they don’t know anything you don’t already, after 10pm the call center people are rude, unhelpful, and twice have told me they couldn’t help me. I’ve upgraded my internet speed to 2.0 upload and 20 download, more than the reccomended speed, still messes up. I am searching for a replacement for Leaf after a year and a half use. I’ve returned 3 non-working tablets, and been yelled at by customer service twice. It is extremely frustrating to deal with. Here’s the worst part. If it keeps messing up the front end, how can you trust the back end? Sales, employees hours, none of it is trustworthy. Don’t buy this system. I almost forgot. Over 1 year ago Leaf told me they were adding a function to be able to split checks. They haven’t. What restaurant POS doesn’t split checks? Obviously no one who works there has any experience in the industry, because this was the first thing I noticed.

    • Wendi Brennan

      This is currently the pis system at our cafe. Same issues. Wondering if mike or Stuart have any advice for me?

  • I’ve been using Leaf for about 7 months at our restaurant and have had nothing but problems. These guys have some serious networking and reliability issues to work out. The presenters lock up and freeze constantly, kitchen tickets and customer receipts don’t print reliably. We’ve had customers doubled charged and get away with free meals because Leaf refunds their Credit cards automatically occasionally. I’ve been on customer support multiple times to “help” them figure out their issues. I’ve even had them remote into my office computer to set up my entire network and the problems persist. It’s almost unusable with the number of issues that happen. Forget about a busy Friday night dinner rush. I feel bad for my staff that have to deal with all the issues. This is not game time ready even now at the end of 2014. Wait another 2 years before buying and using….. Maybe 3 years.

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