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Serving Canadian and American Merchants

Founded in 2015, PandaPay ( & is a merchant account provider that serves most standard-risk business types. The company is a reseller of Elavon‘s Canadian branch, but it is capable of providing merchant services to businesses in Canada and the U.S.

Not To Be Confused With

PandaPay shares its name with a tech startup that offers a donor management system for non-profit payment processing. There does not appear to be any connection between the two companies. The other PandaPay ( currently does not have an active website, and we have found public accusations made against its founder. In fact, it’s possible that may be winding down business operations.

PandaPay Location and Ownership

PandaPay is headquartered at 3333 Boul Cavendish #400, Montréal, QC H4B 2L7, Canada with another location at 349 Four Valley Drive, 2nd Floor, Vaughan ON, L4K 5Z3. Marc Sarrapuchiello is the president of PandaPay.

PandaPay Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: PandaPay appears to offer variable pricing based on each merchant’s business type and processing history.
  • Complaints & Service: PandaPay has received fewer than 10 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: PandaPay currently does not have a profile with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Sales & Marketing: PandaPay appears to hire independent sales agents and has not received some complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With PandaPay

PandaPay Statement Analyzer

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Products & Services Offered

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • POS solutions
  • Inventory management

Types of Businesses Served

  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce

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PandaPay Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Swiped Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-In Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Early Termination Fee Variable
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 48-month (locked)

Month-to-Month Contract

PandaPay does not publicly disclose any information about its standard contract, and there aren’t many merchant complaints that mention specific contract terms through the company. It is likely that PandaPay customizes its pricing according to each merchant’s business type, location, and processing history. The company’s partnership with Elavon also means that it likely does not charge early termination fees in most cases.

Long-Term Leases

One complaint filed against PandaPay states the following with regard to the company’s equipment lease policy:

pay attention …. panda pay shows you how you can save, but, he got me with the machine. I wanted to rent it and he wrote that I was taking the lease purchase. I am taken with them for 4 years. For lying to me and doing what I did not ask, I give 1 star because I am obliged, otherwise it would be 0.

This suggests that PandaPay offers long-term equipment leases as one option for merchants. We recommend purchasing EMV-capable equipment whenever possible in order to avoid the restrictive contract terms and high fees that come with leases.

No Red Flags

We are unable to locate any other merchant complaints that mention excessive charges or unreasonable contract terms from the company. In fact, many available PandaPay reviews praise the competitiveness of the company’s prices and the savings they’ve seen through the company. The overwhelmingly positive consensus among merchants has earned PandaPay an “A” rating in this category for now.

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PandaPay Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A

Low Complaint Total

We are able to locate only a few negative PandaPay reviews at this time, and there is no indication that the company is a ripoff or a scam. As noted above, there are many reviews of the company online, but they are mostly positive. The few negative reviews cite scattered issues such as poor sales encounters, unexpected contract terms, and inadequate customer support.

PandaPay Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against PandaPay. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

PandaPay Customer Support Options

PandaPay offers live phone support to all of its merchants. This just barely satisfies our minimum expectations of the top-rated payment processors for great customer service.

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PandaPay BBB Rating Summary

No Profile Available

The Better Business Bureau does not maintain a profile for PandaPay at this time. We therefore will not factor a BBB rating into this review.

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Inside/Outside Sales Team

PandaPay appears to hire both in-house and independent sales agents to market its services. The use of outside agents is commonly linked to elevated complaint rates, but we are currently able to locate only a few PandaPay complaints that accuse the company of nondisclosure or misrepresentation. In fact, there are a large number of positive testimonials about the company’s honesty and transparency. If you suspect that PandaPay is overcharging you, then you can double-check your monthly bill with a third-party statement audit.

No Deceptive Quotes

PandaPay does not promote any misleading rate quotes or unrealistic guarantees on its website. In combination with the lack of complaints and large number of positive merchant reviews, this is a strong indication that PandaPay is committed to fair dealing and honest sales practices.

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PandaPay Marketing Example

PandaPay Logo

Our Opinion of PandaPay

A Solid Merchant Account Provider

PandaPay rates as a reliable option for most merchants according to our rating criteria. The company has a low complaint total and does not appear to engage in deceptive sales tactics. Our rating may be subject to change depending on merchant feedback, and merchants are still encouraged to scrutinize the terms of any contract they are asked to sign. For now, PandaPay’s contract terms should be compared to those offered by the highest-rated processors on CPO.

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