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Company Overview

This PayPal review is intended primarily for small business owners who accept credit card payments on a regular basis and for any new businesses that will need to accept credit cards. Due to this focus, the content of this review will cover the factors that are most important to established business owners who are interested in using PayPal for the purpose of accepting credit card payments from their customers.

Is PayPal Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of merchants have had their payments frozen by PayPal. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

A Titan of E-Commerce

PayPal began as a wholly-owned subsidiary of eBay, where it was heavily used for payments between buyers and sellers of eBay auctions. In mid-2015, PayPal split off from eBay to become its own independent company. The service is one of the most accessible electronic payment methods in the industry because it allows anyone with an email address to sign up to send and receive payments from other individuals. Additionally, PayPal has a merchant services division that allows businesses of all sizes to accept credit card payments.

PayPal Credit Card Processing

PayPal is unlike traditional credit card processors because merchants cannot use PayPal with typical credit card processing equipment. Instead, PayPal offers several other services including shopping cart integration, “buy now” buttons, and donation buttons that are primarily targeted towards merchants with an online presence. The company also offers a virtual terminal with an optional credit card reader that plugs into the USB port of most computers. The virtual terminal allows merchants to enter credit card data themselves.

Paypal Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Paypal utilizes an all-in-one POS solution called Zettle, which provides portable in-person acceptance of chip, swipe, and contactless payments. The company focuses on the small handheld POS for most of their physical payment processing, but they also offer larger register-style POS and scanning equipment for managing inventory. The device can operate off customers’ smartphones and other USB devices. It integrates with an existing PayPal merchant account as well as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. The advertised rate for Zettle is 2.29% + .09$ per transaction, with added costs for additional equipment.

PayPal Requires a Separate Account

One important difference between PayPal and a merchant account supplied by a credit card processor is that business owners must request the transfer of funds from their PayPal accounts to their bank accounts. Typically, most merchant account providers transfer the money to their merchants’ bank accounts as “batches” automatically within 48 hours of the close of a business day. PayPal also offers payments by check and a debit card that can be used for purchases or withdrawing money from an ATM. Merchants who would like to avoid this arrangement are better off using PayPal alternatives instead.

PayPal Business Accounts

Businesses can use PayPal to accept payments online, in-person, or through mobile devices. With a PayPal business account, companies can access a variety of features, such as generating and sending invoices, accepting credit and debit cards, and enabling touch-free payments.

E-commerce Solutions by PayPal

PayPal offers e-commerce solutions to facilitate online businesses. Businesses can integrate PayPal’s payment processing services into their websites or apps, allowing customers to pay securely with just a few clicks.

PayPal Mobile Payments

Recognizing the importance of mobile transactions in today’s digital age, PayPal offers a mobile payment option. Through the PayPal app, users can send and receive payments, check account activity, and even donate to their favorite charities.

PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit is a unique service that allows customers to buy now and pay over time. This feature provides customers with a flexible payment option, while businesses receive payment upfront, reducing their financial risk.

PayPal’s International Money Transfers

PayPal also facilitates international money transfers, enabling users to send money across borders swiftly and securely. This feature is particularly useful for businesses operating in the global marketplace.

Security Measures Implemented by PayPal

PayPal places a significant emphasis on security. Their advanced security measures, including data encryption and fraud prevention tools, help protect users’ personal and financial information.

Location & Ownership

Daniel Schulman is the CEO of PayPal, which is headquartered at 2211 North First Street, San Jose, California 95131.

PayPal Pros and Cons


  • Very well-known
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comparable price to traditional merchant accounts


  • Many complaints
  • High price compared to the best in the industry

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Table of Contents

  • Competitors and Comparisons How does the company square up against…
  • Costs & Contract: Offers a month-to-month contract with no early termination fee and…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received thousands of public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “A” rating with the BBB but has received 33,516 complaints and 0 reviews in the past 3 years in regards to…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not hire independent sales agents and has not received any complaints about its…

PayPal Competitors and Comparisons

PayPal vs Venmo

PayPal and Venmo, while technically the same company, are competing as an alternative option for small businesses to take payments online and in person. Many clients aren’t aware that PayPal actually owns Venmo when making this decision.

It’s also important to note that both PayPal and Venmo were not originally designed to be the primary payment processing service for most merchant accounts. Originally Paypal was the payment backbone for the online auction giant eBay before it split off in 2015. Venmo was created to transfer funds between family, friends, and other trusted individuals. Paypal acquired Venmo as part of its purchase of startup Braintree in 2013 for $800 million.

However, they have seen an uptick in use in recent years from smaller businesses that do not wish to maintain an account with one of the larger payment processors. This shift has been embraced by both brands, and we’ve seen a recent introduction of new products and services aimed at appeasing their growing number of clients who use the services as their primary form of payment service provider. Venmo in particular has changed its platform to begin allowing businesses to create profiles and provide transactions with more transparency and security. There are some key differences between the two brands when it comes to payment processing.

Credit & Debit Processing

While we remind our readers that neither service was initially designed to handle large volumes of transactions, both allow this in one form or another. Both companies offer electronic invoicing services, QR scanning, keyed-in transactions, and account-to-account transfers, but PayPal has a lot more to offer in terms of physical POS systems and virtual terminal options when it comes to taking cards. Venmo does not seem to have some of the consumer protections in place for chargebacks and consumer disputes, as indicated by the numerous warnings to only deal with trusted accounts and individuals.

Venmo allows clients to accept credit card payments but will charge an additional 3%. PayPal charges the same fee outside of account-to-account transfers. Venmo does not have a credit card scanner currently, and transactions must be made through the app. PayPal has several tiers of physical POS systems with card and chip readers depending on your needs, something Venmo can’t currently offer.

Paypal also issues debit cards tied to their accounts, which Venmo plans to offer in the future, according to their site.


Neither brand charges a monthly fee or early termination fee, making them both very attractive to businesses that make few or sparse transactions. While it can be difficult to gauge Venmo and Paypal’s direct cost difference on services Venmo doesn’t offer, we can look at QR-based transaction fees and costs. QR codes are most likely going to be the primary payment method for Venmo users, considering their lack of physical card readers. Venmo charges 1.9% + $0.10 per QR transaction, whereas Paypal is slightly more expensive at 2.29% + $0.09 per transaction. This percent difference comes with a lot of consumer protections on PayPal’s end. PayPal does offer several optional monthly services, such as added fraud protection for additional costs.

Pros & Cons

One of the biggest drawbacks to both services is the inability to automatically transfer funds to your bank. This might be the main distinguishing feature from a normal credit card processing company. While both companies make it easy for users to transfer funds to their bank in a few clicks, there is usually a delay of 1-3 days before the funds are released. PayPal in particular has received large amounts of complaints related to this delay, and it’s also where funds can get frozen for one reason or another.

While Venmo can typically take 1 to 3 business days to transfer money to a bank account for free, the company also has an instant transfer option. It allows merchants and other users to instantaneously transfer funds. However, a 1% fee is attached to these transfers, with a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $10. PayPal offers a similar service for 1% with no fee ceiling. These very small nuances can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of using PayPal versus Venmo.

Both services offer a large amount of flexibility, and that seems to be the main attraction for businesses. While PayPal boasts one of the largest payment networks out there, Venmo can really shine as a low-maintenance and highly mobile payment platform. It’s also more accessible to users, allowing them to simply download the app to pay. While PayPal technically matches all these services on paper, the end-users and mobile market seem to prefer Venmo. We think there’s room for both services depending on a client’s needs; however, it will be interesting to watch the two brands trying to stay off of each other’s toes as Venmo steadily approaches merchant account territory.

We invite our readers to check out our Venmo review for more in-depth information.

PayPal Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Recent Lawsuits

Millions of Users, Thousands of PayPal Complaints

The grade for this section is difficult to assign because of PayPal’s unique position in the credit card processing industry. Unlike traditional merchant accounts, virtually anyone can sign up for a PayPal account, and PayPal has over 100 million users. As one can imagine, there are thousands of negative Paypal reviews. The two types of negative PayPal reviews that are most common among actual business owners are of sudden account freezes that disable the merchant’s ability to accept further transactions and withdraw money, and poor experiences with customer service. If you have your own PayPal review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Moderate Risk of Fund-Holds

Business owners who complain of fund-holds often report difficulty in getting explanations as to why the hold was established. They also state that the money was held for long periods of time. Holds are a common practice in the credit card processing industry and are often used on “high-risk” businesses who would be better served by high-risk processing specialists. Many businesses do not transfer their PayPal funds on a daily basis, so days’ or weeks’ worth of sales can get locked up during an account freeze. However, holds and account freezes are never a problem for most clients, even though there are quite a few reported cases online.

paypal fund holding policy screen capture

PayPal gives this notice when logging on to accounts with held funds.

PayPal Lawsuits

In 2017, PayPal was sued in the matter of Zepeda v. PayPal Inc., a class-action lawsuit that alleged the company had improperly handled disputed transactions, placed holds, reserves or limitations on customers’ accounts without notice, and closed merchant accounts without notice. The company agreed to pay a sum of over $4 million to plaintiffs who were part of the class action.

2021 saw a flurry of legal activity concerning PayPal. It began in February 2021, when the company announced that it was under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

According to Bloomberg, “The SEC is investigating whether the swipe fees paid to the banks that issue PayPal’s debit cards are consistent with Federal Reserve guidelines, the San Jose, California-based company said Thursday in a quarterly regulatory filing. The agency is also investigating how PayPal reports marketing fees earned from its branded-card program. […] Separately, PayPal said it received a civil investigative demand from the CFPB in connection to the marketing and use of PayPal Credit in connection with merchants that provide educational services. The regulator asked PayPal to produce documents, written reports and answers to written questions. The company said it is cooperating.” Following the announcement of this investigation, PayPal Inc. stock dropped significantly. This led to a bevy of class-action suits being announced against the company. With such heavy legal action underway against one of the world’s largest and most well-known payment processors, these cases are sure to set standards for the industry going forward.

PayPal was also sued in June 2021 by World Series of Poker champion Chris Moneymaker in another class-action suit regarding seized funds from fantasy sports leagues.

An ongoing lawsuit regarding fund-holds and frozen accounts was brought against PayPal in 2022.

A further class-action suit was filed against PayPal in 2023 regarding a data break of 35,000 peoples’ accounts.

PayPal Customer Support Options

PayPal offers several options for resolving customer service problems, including a phone helpline. The basic support line is open to all account types and appears to suffer from periodic long wait times and poor service. Businesses can get higher levels of customer support by paying either $159 per month for “13X7 Enhanced” support, or $495 per month for “24X7 Premium” support.

PayPal Customer Service Numbers

  • (888) 221-1161 – Toll Free General Customer Service
  • (402) 935-7733 – Report Unauthorized Transactions
  • (888) 914-8072 – Español
  • (402) 935-2050 – For customers calling from outside the US

Other Support Options

  • Live chat support

PayPal earns a “C” in this section because of the sheer volume of negative PayPal reviews filed online, but the company does a decent job of providing many customer service options and maintaining a small proportion of complaints in comparison to its user base.

PayPal BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

BBB Reports

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

More Than 33,000 Better Business Bureau Complaints

As of this review, PayPal is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an “A” rating despite having 33,516 complaints filed in the last 36 months. This continues a trend of a large uptick in reviews. Only 33,516 of these 11,487 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 22,029 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the client or received no final response.

What Merchants Say

The company had also previously received 2,182 informal PayPal reviews, with the vast majority being negative. Again, this is a massive uptick from the 1,551 when we last reviewed the company. However, all reviews have been removed with no explanation as of this review. One previous review from a client related to held funds and a poor customer service experience:

Worst outcome ever. Have been using ****** for transaction with a distributor of mine. I have had done numerous transactions with him over the last month. At least 4 of the transaction were 4 digits. Even single one of those transactions was flagged and held. Even after the first few cleared no problem. I’m not about to loose my largest clients and probably my business because of this….. the first time I understood. The second I was frustrated, the third I was mad and now I’m just done. And the support staff is of no help. My distributor can not even ca them and tell them to release it. Beyond ridiculous

Clients should review their options for merchant accounts with a history of great customer service to avoid situations like this.

FTC Venmo Settlement

At the time of a previous update, the BBB had posted a note regarding a February 2018 settlement between PayPal and the FTC:

“The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with PayPal, Inc. over allegations that the company told users of its Venmo peer-to-peer payment service that money credited to their Venmo balances could be transferred to external bank accounts without adequately disclosing that the transactions were still subject to review and that funds could be frozen or removed.

In its complaint, the FTC also charges that Venmo misled consumers about the extent to which they could control the privacy of their transactions. In addition, Venmo misrepresented the extent to which consumers’ financial accounts were protected by “bank grade security systems,” and violated the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act’s Safeguards and Privacy Rules, the complaint alleges.”

Although we consider Venmo one of the best mobile apps for sending money, it is clear that it faces some of the same criticisms as its parent company.

A “C” Performance So Far

The BBB justifies its rating by citing the length of time PayPal has been in business, the complaint volume versus PayPal’s size, the company’s response to complaints, the rate of resolution of those complaints, and the fact that the BBB has sufficient background information on PayPal. Based on PayPal’s complaint count, resolution ratio, and size, we are adjusting this section’s rating to a “C” for the purposes of this review.

PayPal Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
Equipment Leasing

PayPal’s Merchant Services

In this section, only PayPal fees, rates, and contract terms associated with accepting credit card payments are being considered. We will not be covering personal accounts in this review, nor will we be assessing PayPal’s value as an eBay payment method.

Basic Client Setup (aka: PayPal Payments Standard)

This account type does not allow business owners to enter credit card data manually using their computers but does allow for customers to buy products by credit card through a businesss’ website. If a client has set up a PayPal Here account, they can accept credit cards directly through the mobile app. For customers looking for an easy way to accept online payments, PayPal offers this basic setup with a few advantages over traditional merchant accounts.

Basic Pricing

PayPal Standard comes with no setup cost, no monthly fee, no time commitment, no PCI Compliance fee, and no cancellation fee. PayPal Payments Standard allows businesses to easily accept payments through their websites using “buy now,” “add to cart,” and “donate” buttons as well as recurring payments from other PayPal users ($10 monthly fee). This account is also compatible with most popular shopping carts. One of the disadvantages is that the customer must leave the merchant’s website and be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction, which can reduce conversion rates and confuse customers. With no monthly fees, PayPal credit card acceptance does come at a higher-than-average processing rate. As of this review, PayPal Payments Standard charges 2.7% plus $0.30 for all domestic in-store transactions, 2.9% plus $0.30 for all domestic online transactions, 4.2% plus $0.30 on all international in-store transactions, and 4.4% plus $0.30 on all international online transactions. Businesses registered as 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations receive a discounted rate from PayPal of 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction domestically and 3.7% plus $0.30 for international transactions.

Transferring from PayPal Merchant Accounts to Bank Accounts

Transfers made to bank accounts from PayPal will be deposited on the next business day. Businesses using PayPal can also transfer their balances to a bank account instantly. Instant transfers do have limits of $50,000 per transaction, $100,000 per day, $250,000 per week, and $500,000 per month. Each instant transfer is subject to a 1% fee which may not exceed $10.

Advanced Merchant Setup (aka: PayPal Payments Advanced)

The next account up from the standard account allows businesses to keep the entire checkout process on their own site. Like PayPal Payments Standard, businesses cannot enter credit card data themselves, but they do get all the same features as the basic setup and can control the user experience throughout the entire online sales process. The PayPal Payments Advanced rates are the same as PayPal Payments Standard, but there is a $5 monthly fee. PayPal also offers additional services for data handling, PCI compliance, and customer support, but these come at extra costs.

Professional Setup (aka: PayPal Payments Pro)

PayPal Payments Pro comes with all of the same features as PayPal Payment Standard and PayPal Payment Advanced but with two extra features. The first feature allows for custom design and self-hosting of the checkout page, which is primarily of interest to high-volume e-commerce retailers and web developers who want full control over the checkout process. Business owners who are interested in this process can also consider using one of the top merchant accounts for web developers.

A Virtual Terminal Option

With the second extra feature of the Pro account, PayPal offers a virtual terminal for businesses that need to enter credit card data themselves for face-to-face transactions and/or mail orders and telephone orders. Business owners who wish to use this service will need to go through an extra application process even if they already have a PayPal account. It takes about 48 hours to find out if you have been approved for a virtual terminal account. Generally speaking, the cost for this service is fairly high in comparison to the best virtual terminals and merchant account providers. In addition to a $30 per month fee, PayPal Payments Pro clients will pay the following fees:

  • 2.9% plus $0.30 per domestic transaction through their websites
  • 3.9 plus a fixed fee per international transaction through their websites
  • 3.1% plus $0.30 per domestic transaction through the virtual terminal
  • 4.4% plus a fixed fee per international transaction through the virtual terminal
  • 3.5% per American Express transaction

Volume discounts may also be available on an individual basis. PayPal also has a “micropayment” fee of 5% + $0.05 for transactions under $10.

Virtual Terminal Swiped vs. Keyed

Even though PayPal’s virtual terminal clients can use an optional credit card reader that plugs into nearly any computer, the processing rates appear to be the same for swiped and keyed transactions through PayPal’s virtual terminal. This is unusual because nearly all other merchant account providers offer lower processing fees for swiping a credit card through a reader.

PayPal Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

Full Pricing Disclosure

PayPal scores well in this section because the company does not use independent sales agents or misleading sales tactics. The company clearly outlines its pricing on its website and does not alter its fees for each individual seller. In many ways, PayPal has become a household name and stands out in a crowded field of e-commerce payment processing options. The company’s policies and pricing are transparent and easily understandable for anyone who takes the time to read them.

PayPal Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

PayPal offers credit card processing and merchant services similar to traditional processors. Numerous PayPal reviews complain of poor customer support and communication regarding the company’s policies. PayPal is a huge company and in some circles has a bad reputation. In spite of this, the company remains one of the best options for easily accepting electronic payments and continues to gain popularity. PayPal is comparable in cost to many traditional merchant account setups but is much more expensive than merchant accounts under the Interchange Pass-through pricing model. Although PayPal has a lot of complaints, most of them are due to the fact that even the most inexperienced and naïve business owners can set up an account in a matter of minutes without understanding of PayPal is truly the best option for them. Overall, PayPal is a solid choice for very small businesses and new ventures who want to accept credit card payments with no commitments. PayPal can also be offered as an additional payment option alongside a normal merchant account and payment gateway setup.

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Customer & Employee Reviews

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1206 Responses

  • John

    New CANADA scam against USA sellers. Sold item to Canada buyer. 8 months later the money exchange company opens claim not even the buyer. Paypal awards 1,000 to them without returning the items. So I am out 2,000 dollars total.Paypal stated its a financial company they can’t do anything an allows this. So much for protecting USA sellers. Was not a ebay sale. Buyer contacted me an brought items from my site.

  • John

    Paypal is dealing in crypto sales and when I started with crypto I gave them all pertinent info that they required to start buying and selling crypto. I’ve also been with Paypal for over 15 years and updated my info before. All of a sudden they froze my account and said they required more private info. I’ve already given them enough info that they required to begin with. They also screwed me out of money I had in crypto. WHen I went to sell they froze my account and have basically stole my original investment plus profits. They will not change their minds

  • Rachel Sinnott

    They were sued in 2017 for same thing. I would like to sue them also.

  • Rachel Sinnott

    Paypal is the worst service I have ever recieved. They do not protect the interest of their customers and are crooks.

  • Michelle Ashley Wilson

    Paypal allows people to scam small businesses and individuals both. I was scammed multiple times on both my business account and my personal account!

  • Gabi

    Pay pal it’s horrible, don’t ever get it . Some how they ménage they statements and always you owe them money . They stoking from us . I hade a dispute claim , after almost 2 hours on the phone with 4,representatives asking me same questions and the last one some Shawn from investigation team disconnected me , and I call back I start Wright down the names from representatives and they told me they solve the problem in my favor I got my next bill and they charge me again , they never solved . And I closed my accounts . I don’t wanna ever deal with them

  • Brian

    I had my card stole and money spent just wondering where it is now


    No PayPal. sucks horrible customer service I bought a basketball hoop for my son to play basketball during the pandemic in March I waited and waited months and months and months I waited years I try to both contact both parties no one ever reach me give me my money or my basketball hoop I’m upset and I want something I don’t care if it’s a pain a basketball hoop it’s the principle my son never got his who he was so excited it is a PayPal or the center of the product cares during the pandemic go figure he tried telling a young boy he take his basketball hoop or let me back for a new one contact the Better Business Bureau and now I’m just awaiting a lawyer I need something done this is not okay

  • S Savage

    I’ve had several complaints what PayPal but the most recent takes the cake. I use the notes section when making any transaction originating from the PayPal app so that I can see at a glance what the transaction was for. On May 1, I told a roommate I would cash a check from him, Since
    His wallet had recently been stolen. It was a friends and family cash transfer from my checking account to another roommates PayPal account. I wrote “cash a check for Charles blank“ in the notes. Well Paypal has been holding nearly $300 of mine since that time. I called them yesterday they claim they had sent me an email on May 2 which they had not, explaining that they needed Charles blanks date of birth. Since Charles blank is not a client of PayPal, I did not feel it was right for me to disclose personal information to a third-party. I explained this to Paypal, and explained that it was just a personal note, but they would not budge. They will not let me cancel the transaction unless I provide this man’s personal information. I don’t want to be a party to A possible fraud,
    In the event his information would be leaked from PayPal and used improperly I could be legally responsible. Meanwhile they still have nearly $300 of my money and they will not let it go. I know California has a lot of protections regarding disclosing personal information of clients and this man is not even a PayPal client. So I sit and wait why it looks like it’s going to be 10 days well Paypal has use of my money and will not return it. This to me seems a scandalous abuse of power.

  • Rob Pashko

    I have done tons of transactions on PayPal for more than two decades – no problems.

    Today, I did one… They sent me an email to confirm an email address as someone paid me. Everything went through as it always does.

    And then, they closed my account forever with no reason, I got an email 2 mins later. My account is locked, permanently. No reason given.

    And after an hour on the phone, they said they don’t have to tell me why, and that it’s permanent. The two “helpers” said they can’t see the reason, and also can’t give one, and can’t tell me who could give me one.

    The end. I’m barred.

    Literally. I bought 2 comic books. Like I have many, many, many times.

    All payments went through. I’ve never been late once. Never owed. Never circumvented any process. Never had shipping problems. Never had an unresolved case. Never had a complaint. Never had a warning. Nothing.

    Banned. No reason given. None apparently coming.


    How is it legal to do business like that?

    I said I was concerned that someone was using my account, or identity theft, or…. what could it possibly be?

    No answer. Our policy is we can shut people down, forever, without a reason.


    An hour. I would have gotten further talking to a tree stump.

  • lou overman

    I have money pending from sales on ebay, and attempted to get this by check. But for over a year a message appears saying transaction cannot be completed now, try later. Either this is total incompetence, or deliberate. I assume the latter. They want you to keep your money in their system or don’t want you to have it at all. After reading complaints about bank transfers being rescinded, I decided it was unsafe to give them my bank account number. They already have my credit card on file and make charges to it. But they won’t credit my card with sales. I hate paypal.

  • Jesus Salazar

    Im trying to get paid. my boss ONLY wants to use PayPal. he can’t seem to figure out why he can’t send me money. everyone else from our company received their money. I called your support team and they looked into my acct and they said everything is good on my end. my boss called as well and he was told the same thing. SO WHY CANT I GET PAID? what do I do?

  • Ron

    I’m one of the so, so many people who had their account locked for no reason by PayPal, and they currently hold my money captive for 180 days.

    This is after they promised, twice, that they will fix the issue (it was first partially limited) and then bam! fully limited without explanation.

    F*** PayPal.

  • Linda moore

    I am having the same problem. They have had my money for 2 weeks,won’t release it and that there is a security question that they keep asking me that I have no clue what they are talking,so I try to transfer the funds to someone else they put a hold on my account for 72 hours has happen 4 times in a row plz count me in on the lawsuit.

  • Posmel

    Just a couple of days ago I finally received my unemployment benefits after waiting 3 months only for PayPal to limit my account. Now they want to hold my money for 6 month after making me homeless becaise the money was to pay my rent. I don’t know what to do but I wish the thousands of us on this post could come together and file a case against PayPal for their fraud. It is wrong to live on people’s money while the real owner of those money get screwed, depressed and even suicidal.

  • Rob s.

    Absolutely terrible service, I’ve used PayPal twice, both times there was zero communication. I couldn’t track my order, no updates. My first order was was nothing like what I ordered, and PayPal was unwilling to help in any way. Second order never came, having my credit union charge back.

  • Jason Ewell

    These people are lying scam artists
    Who don’t take responsibility for their mistakes

  • Alexander Hale

    Despite clearly listing on their website that items purchased from Custom Frame Solutions are covered by the PayPal purchase guarantee, items from Custom Frame Solutions are not covered by their guarantee. If you choose to risk your money with Custom Frame Solutions, which is a complete scam, don’t expect PayPal to help. I just finished going through a dispute with Custom Frame Solutions, where PayPal told me to return the badly made/cut frames to Custom Frame Solutions and after they were delivered, told me that my purchase was not covered by the PayPal Purchase Guarantee. After confronting them on the phone, they eventually issued me a refund, which is the only reason why this is a review and not a formal complaint. However, by advertising that the item was covered by their guarantee while their terms and conditions said that it was not is a clear bait and switch to encourage users to make purchases that are not actually covered by the guarantee in order to drive more sales through their platform. I will be much less likely to use PayPal in the future due to this issue.

  • Bill Grppme

    Never use PayPal. They can destroy your business, seize your accounts, never tell you why….and there is nothing you can do about it. Their User Agreement allows them to skirt the law. They can basically burn your house down, and there is not a damn thing you can do!

  • Rae

    Hi just wanting to let you know that I’ve had a very bad situation with PayPal that out of the blue is holding my payment. They demand item to be received before releasing payment which would possibly still take another 2-3 business days after delivery. This has never happened before & I have never had a bad transaction as seller or buyer. Apparently this is something they do I found out after googling it. I have phoned & apparently it’s in their terms & conditions….. 🧐 The purchaser is very apologetic as neither of us has any mark against us & have never experienced this before. As I said to “Customer Service 🥸” sales work this way, you receive the money then you send. So when you discount an item to receive money sooner than say someone who’ll pay full price next week … umm it just might not work out that way. We will be waiting 21 days! They must be sitting on quite a bit of interest earned every month from other people’s money. I wish there was an alternative 🙁

  • Anna

    Poor service

  • Tyrez

    They are unfair i message them but no answer. I called and they hung up and left me on hold for 2 hours. They don’t want to help me at all. Paypal is unfair and are haters

  • E clarisa A-Nuzzi

    We’re a grieving Hispanic family, my loved ones sent us some money to pay the funeral costs for my child’s funeral and PayPal decided they will not release for at least 72 hrs! My son needed to be put to rest and I had to beg the funeral home for an emergency extension until the money is released! This has put an even additional burden to our family since we have to deal with losing our child and not having the funds to take care of our expenses! This is unfair and inexcusable!

  • Paula lee

    If you have a lawsuit going against them please count me in this isn’t the only issue I have had with them ive had many this is just the most recent.

  • Paula lee

    I am getting very angry with PayPal customer service! I ordered a pool vacuum that I still have not received and because they were provided a tracking number that was wrong as well as the address on it was wrong they denied my dispute without any further inquiry and I have sent them documents from the usps showing them. I have been trying to speak to someone for days now. It is very frustrating and I’m about to lose my politically correct attitude.

  • Melissa

    Don’t use PayPal. They charged my Contracter 2% fees to receive funds I sent to them. Argh! Fees should be listed prior to any transaction. That way I can decide if I want to use PayPal to pay my vendor.

  • Peg Nolz

    I got scammed and PayPal sided with the merchant. Did not receive the product as advertised; dollar store substitute for $46 purchase. Told I had to send it back to China, at a cost of $35, even though it was sent from within US. I am done!

  • Chris Wank

    PayPal does not provide protection against scams. Sadly I was scammed and had no recourse. They need to change their terms and conditions for friends and family transactions as that is how people are being scammed. I would like to be apart of that class action lawsuit.

  • John Culbertson

    PayPal is holding my stimulus money for two pay periods and I need the money today to keep my electric on all they say is so sorry your having this problem. That’s unacceptable!


    Paypal worked great for me at first had it for over a year now & then all of a sudden they choise to do an lock on mine for suspicious deposit which was from IRS FOR THE STIMULUS THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP ME PAY MY BILLS & NOW BECAUSE OF THEM I’M PAYING LATE FEES & SUBJECT TO SHUT OFF. WE CALL & CALL & STAY ON THE PHONE WAITING FOR HOURS WITH STILL NO ANSWER OR HELP! I’M BEYOND PISSED OFF!

  • Miguel

    Is the worst company about backing their customers from scamers, even probably they know the company’s who they do the scam and they let them get away with it.

    Just plain wrong!!!

  • Kevin Amsler

    Never will I do business with Pay Pal. There so called fraud team was absolutely totally lied to me several times. The third person that placed the order on pay pal should have been questioned when order was placed. The fact that my credit card on file with pay was expired, should have been another red flag. Instead you chose not to contact me on this matter, and instead charge my bank account. That was sham!

  • Marcia Williams

    I have had the same email since2012 and paypal is lieing won’t give me a chance to change password since I haven’t used in a while.

  • Shelley

    I absolutely agree that PayPal is the biggest legal scam going!!
    Any chance they get they will take your money, freeze your money, or come up with fraudulent charges on top of the ridiculous fees they’re already charging!! I want to know how to work towards building a better network that will not be corrupt and will take all their business & bury them. What’s going on with a class action suit?

  • Steve

    A corrupt despicable company , worse than the scam companies they support, there is no PayPal protection just a bunch of stupid rules that act in pay pals favour, they have allowed a scam company to take £280 from me

  • Kahmilia Allen

    Hello Paypal has been collecting payments from my bank card unauthorized and now the total is $9000. I would like this refunded immediately, this is unacceptable. Paypal has made over 50 charges back to back, this is fraud and I will report it to the police.

  • Shacorra Burns

    Pay pal is nothing but scammers holding people hard earned money even when you prove who you are…with lots of research and hacking I have broken they firewalls anyone with any money on hold I can hack it for you a release funds.VIDEO COMING SOON

  • Michael D Brown

    I have had my account hacked have had all my federal and state tax refunds stolen then when I call the help center they routed me to some paypal headquarters were I talked to a guy named shawn and shawn and his employees then proceeded to steal another 400$ from me by having me verify my account with another card all I want is my money back I have Bill’s and a family to take care of that’s over 1300$ taken from me

  • Ian

    PayPal is committed to taking you’re money… however if you have a question I can promise you they have no interest in providing the answer. They will not, do not and desire not to provide even the minimum of customer service. But don’t worry there are plenty of scam web sites that will do it for them. Trust in PayPal though not to protect their company or you from these people. Deleting all things related to them and their piss poor service.

  • J R

    Never in my life have I come across a company more crooked then Paypal. How are they allowed to get away with the s#!+ they pull. Ive been selling for almost a year, have about 100 transactions and $75000 in sales. Ive played there verification game 2 or 3 times and they still hold my payments for some fake reasons. First I was a new seller, then a couple customers had some issues but they were resolved and now I am not an established seller. Oh wait, next customer service rep says its not that, after I explained their criteria I met for established seller account, its my uptick in payments into my account that flagged me and put reserve on $24,000. This is the good part. Received payment on Feb 4th and 6th for $8400 and $13350 respectively. Normal 21 day hold for big payments, no problem except out of the kindness of their hearts they release the hold on both payments on the 22nd (early), don’t tell me and it instantly puts reserve on my money for everyone’s protection. How convenient is that for PayPal. They have this hustle down and nothing I can do but bitch on these review sites and stare at my balance on hold. Hey PayPunk, next time you want to do something nice for me, just cash out my account in change and stick everyone of them so fair up your fu#!*%& ass that you start hacking up dollar bills. Careful to choke on them!

  • Bobbie Johnson

    Two times in the last 6 months, someone accessed my PayPal account and transferred money out of my account. The first time, they got $3300. PP paid me back. This time, they transferred $995 the first time before I found out about it; there were 2 more transactions lined up of $499 each! I told them no way – don’t do it but they transferred the money anyway. Now, they are denying my claim – they say there is no way anyone can access my account. And, yet, I don’t have the money! Could it be an inside job??

  • Samuel Otunga

    Aiding and abetting fraud is Paypals main purpose, if you can show them that you delivered something, the cant reason beyod that. can a cherry picker weighing 70Lbs be shipped by USPS in an Enevelope?
    Folks companies like these should and must be known to every unsuspecting shopper and merchant.

  • Kevin

    I have had two bad experiences buying products that I found out were sent directly from China. The one, a robot vacuum, did not come anywhere close to what was advertised. I complained through PayPal channels. Supplies supporting videos. Went through return procedure of sending back to hong kong. Expensive but PayPal was going to reimburse portion of sjipping. Bottom line, no support from PayPal , no reimbursement for shipping. And no refund. Oddly after 5 months got useless robovac returned. 2nd product again found out after fact from China. An outdoor nativity set advertised 3 ft tall made of durable plastic. Ordered end of November got end of January. Set 1 ft tall, made of cheap corrugated plastic that arrived bent and damaged.

    I refuse to order anything that will only accept payment through PayPal. PayPal is a fraud and scammer enabler for inferior products made in China.


  • Miriam Attias

    There are many things wrong with PayPal but like someone else already commented on they are doing business with scamming companies abroad and leave the buyer un-protected. I don’t think there is a person reviewing information it is all automated so their responses and deliberations make no sense. They make decisions, close cases and accounts, keep money and many other unsavory practices and there is no one you can talk to. It is a disgrace and I am hoping soon someone can unveil their corrupt system.

  • Mustapha Fakir

    PayPal is one of the worst money payment company. It is funny that I rather deal with MoneyGram than PayPal. They take your money from the debit card and claim they are using e check to withdraw money and they make you wait 5 to 7 days for the receiver get my payment. When I call customer service they said it’s for my protection. I do not need protection from them. Goodbye PayPal I rather use MoneyGram and pay a small fee to send money in 2 minutes.

  • stephen r simone

    it sucks i have been fraudualent charges i never made told them they threaten to ruin my credit so like a dope i paid 1600 dolaars and told them to shut down the card i never asked for. Then a year later they did it again i paid them and again i told them i sdont want card. and all the purchases wasnt me and also was sent to different address which i dont know. Now im in court for you guessed it 3200 dollars have to pay a lawyer because they sold fictional debt to midland credit services anothewr scam company . When does it end there should be some kind of law this has got to be illigal. i dont know what to do.

  • H Noori

    The worst customer service I’ve ever had. They made an error and took money by mistake, I’m now in an overdraft because of their error, which they don’t care about. They are then telling me I have to wait over ten days while they process a refund (there is no refund as they took the money). Truly awful, not to mention their rude, disdaining staff who just read from scripts and don’t listen to you.

  • Noah

    PayPal froze my first point of sale credit card payment. At first I thought it was because I didn’t have a bank account linked. So I went through that process which can take a couple of days. I confirmed with them I was the account owner. Then every time I tried to transfer my recent payment from my first customer it would say my information was wrong. So after checking all the FAQ I Fahd to submit a report and eventually messages to support. Then they sent me to a resolution checklist. I sent documents about my business for the first two. The third didn’t even apply. I was told it may take 5 days for review. Two days later I got a message asking for more information. All the info they wanted was rediculous. They wanted supplier receipts, more information on how I conduct business and website information and several other things I don’t have. I’m a massage therapist. I don’t have a supplier. I don’t sell items. I sell a service. They wanted my customers information too. I gave them everything that pertains to opening a business bank account and I ended up having to refund my customer and collecting payment through Apple Pay. I will never use PayPal again.

  • Eva

    PAYPAL = SCAM!! Apart from holding money for 2 months so they can accrue interest on funds that do not belong to them, customer services only apply to fake merchants. The non-Existent customer service did not bother to look into my situation and used a fake tracing number not to refund me.

    • Linda Colbert

      I have at least four items that I never received. PayPal sided with the scammers and never received a refund. I don’t see how they continue to scam the public like this . An investigation is needed for this untrustworthy company. So many people have been scammed by PayPal.

  • Tevin Shearin

    The whole company should be false advertisement. I have had multiple issues with this company but I keep giving them a chance. I have purchased a game system online using them. The person never sent the item and when filing a dispute was only able to receive $8 dollars and the agent sound proud when $200 was payed. was told if it was handled directly through paypal account they couldve gotten everything back but since I used a card thru them it would not be possible.

    My second issue was with their integration with facebook to make purchases safer. actually saying you get your product before they get their money. Purchased a $600 dollar phone online was given the confirmation, the transaction, and everything the person never sent the device but kept the money and paypal says they are unable to refund even though this time unlike the other transaction the money was added to my paypal account 1st and then the purchase was made. was told this time that i should’ve made the purchase using my card so I couldve disputed thru the bank.

    My last issue was actually me sending money to a friend that needed gas, we both have a paypal account and her account is linked to her card. we often do this 1 or 2 times a month but for some reason they put a hold on the transaction and customer service said they did not have a reason for the hold even though this is a basic transaction and told me we would have to wait almost a week for it to process. I asked for them to cancel it so I can just find another way to do it. but low and behold the refund button is gone, the cancel button is gone, and they said that they cant cancel the transaction so my money is just floating there in the system for a week.

    Horrible useless company if you cant do what your company purpose is then just shut down. 3rd party prepaid banks/account have more support with money security than this company.

  • Ted Lee

    Wow. Their disputes are B.S. one sided paypal must get kick backs from all this. No longer using paypal. Screw me once thats all u get from me. Horrible customer service. I would definitely not waste ur time. Paypal is Horrible company. They r slowly going down. By paypal.

  • robyn cichra

    I’ve been scammed twice by PayPal. I will NEVER USED THEM AGAIN !!! They support these scammers just because they show a delivery! I never got the merchandize nor would they share what the seller sent them which is rubbish! They won’t speak with you and their people are rude when you actually get a person on the phone! I can’t believe they get away with this crap. Something needs to be done about this!!!! PayPal needs to be held accountable !

  • JD Bubna

    Paypal refuses to send me my money. I have been attempting to get my money out of Paypal for 6 weeks. I tried the transfer to your bank process, the debit card process, the go to Walmart process, I’ve attempted to pay my spouse. None of these have worked. There is a linkage DB issue or just plan bug that results in the “Thanks your all set’ screen popping up anytime I attempt tor transfer money. I have phoned paypal and messaged them no less than 30 times on this issue. The just send me the same instructions that do not work. I’ve repeatedly asked they send me a check. They haven’t. Basically they are stealing my money. What do you do?

  • Mrs.M.Howarth

    Am at my wits end with Paypal. In April 2020 I purchased Samsung A51 but before using I contacted Samsung to ensure it would be guaranteed – their answer was NO. Got onto Paypal and they stupidly informed the supplier that my phone had not been sent. Contacted Paypal immediately – they still kept informing retailer I had not received my phone EVEN AFTER I HAD TOLD PAYPAL THAT UPON RECEIVING PHONE I HAD CONTACTED SAMSUNG BUT IT COULD NOT BE GUARANTEED BY SAMSUNG. How the hell could I report a phone if I hadn’t received it. Paypal told me to go on their customer forum site’which I did. Up to now I am still waiting for my £280 REFUND SINCE LAST APRIL. The other day I received message from Paypal saying my account had been closed due to some queries. I went onto website, tried to get into my account, they did not recognise my details, so I had to go through procedure in waiting for a code .Code arrived, I entered 3 times -nothing happened so I complained – not had a reply (as usual) ON TOP OF ALL THIS a few months ago a query was raised in top right-hand corner of my account page saying somebody was trying to send me money but due to EU regulations Paypal asked me to tick the OK at bottom of message. Ticked the OK – nothing happened. YET AGAIN I AM ON THE LOSING END. How the Hell Paypal operate is a mystery to me as, from my own experience they are totally inefficient when dealing with customers. I have said the same thing to Paypal in my emails to them and also saying that once my account is sorted to my complete satisfaction I will definitely never use Paypal again.

  • Juliet Wingo

    Fraud…… PayPal asked me to send coats back to China…..$6316.30…. it cost me $882…. I sent the coats back they’re in China and PayPal denied my case.

    • Linda Colbert

      The exact same thing happened to me.

  • Michele G.

    PayPal stole my money — twice! My recipient did NOT receive it and PayPal refuses to look into it. They got away with stealing the funds instead.

  • TOM O'Connell

    not usrer friendly- they keep the ball in their court for their purposes

  • gary woods

    pay pal refuses to investigate why I did not receive the item that I paid for, The seller gave a phony tracking number to UPS for a different product and that item was delivered. Pay pal denies my claim because UPS did deliver a parcel to the address with the phony tracking number. PayPal refuses to check with UPS to see if anything was delivered to my address. UPS did not deliver my item that I paid for. I got scammed by the seller and that apparently is ok with PayPal. The item I paid was a specialty product for a wood lathe. A little bit of common sense would dictate the odds of another person wanted the same item.

  • Jes

    PayPal is HORRIBLE at Customer Service. They haven’t replied to 4 of messages sent since December 29, 2020. The also NEVER answer the telephone. It says please continue to hold and they NEVER answer. I’ve waited up to 40 minutes for them to answer.

  • Robert Latham

    Had reservations about using PayPal and my experience proved my fears to be well founded. After payment was made through PayPal the wrong purchase came to my home. Contacting PayPal customer service was clumsy. In the end PayPal denied my request for a return or refund saying my complaint issues time limit expired. I had contacted PayPal on the day the wrong purchase came to my home. After several weeks of waiting on their customer service my complaint was denied. Lesson learned never never use PayPal. My loss was not great but my promise to PayPal is to use every social media platform and customer/consumer service to warn other of this unreliable payment service. If any organization uses only PayPal for payment I will advise that organization that I will not purchase anything through PayPal.

  • Lisa

    I spotted PayPal cheated on my account twice in the last 3 months. First, a merchant refunded back to me but there was no refunded transaction on my account until I called customer service to ask them where my refunded money. Second time, the same thing happened. I check my current balance on my account and saw pending refunded transactions and I checked two days later, I had the same current balance and amount that I paid 120$ was completed and still same current balance. So they didn’t calculate the amount I paid and refunded money I got refunded from stores. Everybody has to be careful because you could be the victims as well. Keep checking their system is a totally thief.

  • Raquel Rodrigues

    I am VERY disappointed in PayPal! I paid for a purchase in July that was intended to be received by mid-August for my brother’s birthday on August 31. Unfortunately I did NOT receive it in time and tried to be patient given the circumstances of Covd-19. I was tracking the purchase and contacted the seller mid-September). They continued promising delivery and finally received a package last week but the contents included was ONLY 1 glass of the 3 items within the product description☹ There was NO decanter or the other glass as per the description of the purchase!
    I have been experiencing difficulties with a product order for over 2 months and requested a refund on an order due to not receiving it in its entirety. I had to provide proof, which I did, and after their investigation, the company agreed to refund me. Paypal followed up to assure I would receive a refund after returning the item.

    I was required to return the item and provide a tracking number BUT at the post office the charge for a tracking number was substantial and would cost me more than the actual refund! So I decided to simply pay to RETURN the item, which was still an additional cost to me! I provided proof of the costs, as well as the returned shipping receipt BUT the lack of a tracking number had them change their decision and I was denied a refund!☹ I did NOT receive an order I PAID for which was stressful! Then I provided sufficient proof of the issue. I was then required to return 1/3 of the product received! I was also required to provide a tracking number BUT that would cost me substantially more than the actual refund! So I decided to simply pay to RETURN the item which was an additional cost to me! BUT this has caused YOU to deny me my claim ☹

    Not only did I lose money for the initial transaction, I have also lost additional funds for the returned shipping costs, all due to a fraudulent order!! How is this supporting their customers??

    I also discovered that the item is no longer available on Amazon, and I expect its due to the supplier’s fraudulent business practices!

  • Joe Mirsky

    I had 2 sales with PayPal on my Shopify site where I’m selling all my remaining inventory from my closed jewelry store at a little over cost/wholesale. The first one for $200 I was able to transfer to my personal bank account. But the second one for $750 wouldn’t go no matter what. Message said couldn’t tell who I was.

    PayPal support is almost impossible to contact, remaining in artificial stupidity mode until you figure out how to send a message. There’s no live chat and phone says everything too busy right now. Finally got a human to reply after 36 hours and she said she had corrected it but it still failed.

    finally tried transferring to my business account which I was the initial account I used set up PayPal, even though I had set up the personal account with PayPal. It sailed right through. I had to keep the business account open long after I closed my store because I am expecting a small tax refund from NJ (been 5 months now) and my bank said I couldn’t deposit it in my personal account (even though they took one for $8.00 after I twisted Big Brother’s arm.)

    I cancelled PayPal with Shopify and set up Amazon Pay instead.

  • Dustin Randall

    ok so over a year now they had my account locked over 4 dollars and 90 cents out standing in my account and never emailed me or phoned me to confirm aka tell me that there was outstanding money or that they even locked the account ….they said they emailed me and i havent ever been emailed about it at all and just found out about it on January 15th 2021 ….So now ive asked for legal department to contact me they say there is none and playing run around games they did email me sayiong theres a tgheres a 4.90 cents credit to my paypal acconmt and still my account locked 10 later and they saying waiting for confirmation from my bank that they recieved a transaction from my bank account. so imagine how many sales ive lost and customers i lost in a year not knowing my account was on lock over 4 dollars and 90 cents….i just thought it was cause of covid 19 and nobody ordering because of not working and or not have much money cause nobody is really able to go to work cause of the lockdowns….

  • April Kapp

    They declined my payment for my job and car for a week then all of a sudden they marked my job as risky for my account. Which caused me to lose my car and job!!! Then they tell me I am to wait 10 days for a refund for their screw up… That’s not going to get my job or my car back!!!! They need to be held accountable for this!!!!

  • Dorothy Rasheed

    I closed my paypal account in October 2020. On 7th January 2021 my credit card statement says paypal paid £2-99 to ebay, when I bought or sold nothing. Are they still free to use my credit card whenever they feel like it. Yesterday I closed my ebay account and cancelled my credit card as I don’t know how much they might take next time.

  • michael miller

    I had 60 dollars sent to me via pay pal tried to transfer the funds to my linked debit card wouldn’t do it. Customer support had me try a few things and now my account is locked up for at least 48 hours. Pay pais a scam as far as I am concerned. A bank that will not let u use you r money. SCAM

  • Shanee Sowell

    Pay pal full of it I use my account to send money to my son that’s it we’ll pay pal say I was $ 35 negative which I don’t understand I had the money in my account I had just got paid that day we’ll pay pal took my last $35 out my account and said it was my fault and will not return it how is it my fault when if I didn’t have the money it let me send money two days later they are full of bull after I talk with the man who was really rude he tell me I can close my account because I’m in the negative how when you just took my last $35 out my bank account

  • Carole Bell

    I’ve been scammed twice this year using PayPal, the most recent 11/25/20. I don’t have and do not want a PayPal account because of their practice of enabling these scams to occur. The most recent was to buy my 10 year old grandson a Boss Loop Station for his guitar. He sent me the link “ and paid by credit card, the purchase immediately reverted to PayPal who sent an acknowledgement of the purchase. I immediately realized another scam phoned PayPal waited an hour on the phone to cancel the purchase to be told they’s paid the provider so I logged a dispute. In turn PayPal gave me a USPS tracking number which when arrived was a very small envelope containing a very small plastic green car. More one hour wait phone calls to PayPal, more useless scripted conversations the claim was upgraded to did not receive item ordered. Now I find my claim has been denied, phoned PayPal yet again, spoke to Brad in Disputed Claims to be told they had refunded my monies on 12/16/20, my bank had the money so it was not their problem. I read the letter from PayPal denying my claim which was dated 12/16/20 but he just continued along the same line. I’d like to start a Class Action law suit against PayPal, any takers?

    • doris kearns

      I’m with you, go for it. looks like it is a paypal employee running a scam, tried to same me didn’t get it done, still trying. Paypall should find those employee

  • Amanda Stephens

    Customer service is terrible also they are no help I can’t get anyone on the phone all I get is a recording saying sorry we can’t help you at this time and no help on line either no reply from the message center. And the hold my money I go through hell to get my own money from my account.

  • Beauty Forever Florida

    My 2 PayPal accounts were frozen for 180 days and today I find out the 6K they took for “violation the Use Policy”. It’s bs. We are a licensed small company and don’t have any disputes. I am going to see my business attorney. We need to get together to sue PayPal for stealing money from us!

    • Mj

      same problem that is too long and I can no longer do business with them. With that why do they have to hold it for 5 months long. No one is replying on my case. The agent said they will check my account but up to now, no messages from them. It’s frustrating.

  • Michael Bisiker

    i sold 3 items on ebay last weekend, the seller asked a return as he had ordered the wrong item. i refunded £2.50 he paid thinking it ws good customer service. PayPal immediately put a hold on a £220 sale i made, restricted my account and tells me i have lost seller trust and have to earn it back. we are in the middle of lockdown here struggling to earn a living and they just block my money for no reason, customer service is about as helpful a chocolate fireguard. this is the worst company to deal with, how can you use a merchant you can’t trust to get your money from, they don’t care about there customers and are unwilling to help at all. i give a refund of £2.50 they withhold £220 after taking there fee. i am now looking to cut PAYPAL from any transactions. they have had thousands from me, then they go mental over me issuing a refund to my customer ?????

  • Mary Kamuck

    Paypal wants me to pay for items already returned to seller (have USPS receipt) sent me to collections

  • Claudies Hardin

    PayPal has locked and finally cancelled my account 3 times within the last 45 days and it’s trying to take my money in my account. I’ve broken no rules. I just use it to keep my money safe. When in the end, I was giving it to the crooks all along.

  • Ruth Mangalwadi

    I will never again use PayPal for buying anything … useless customer service …my bank US Bank finally helped me. After 2 months of waiting for a $109 refund – I finally got my bank to help me. Never again PAYPAL

    • Rudy Gutierrez

      December 31, 2020 I received my $600 Stimulus Direct Deposit from IRS, on my Green Dot Bank – Walmart Money Card. Keep in mind I never keep money in the active part of the card, I always have it stashed or saved in the hidden part of the card to avoid any unauthorized fraud to my card. I had $150 stashed hidden. So January 1, 2021 I go to check my Walmart Money Card Visa and Notice there’s a $489.00 Deposit, that when I see the IRS Stimulus $600 Deposit. I was wondering why it’s only $489 then I see “PayPal/7Eleven” took $100 & $6 on the 31st of December. I try to get a hold of Paypal, that was Impossible. So I went to my PayPal account to see if there’s anything showing me something to explain this Bullshit. But there wasn’t. But I had the Walmart Money Card info on my Paypal account then I remembered a week early someone accidentally sent me $60 and wanted a refund. I didn’t refunded the money cause I didn’t know if it was a scam, but eventually I refunded the money. I don’t know if it has anything to do with that. There’s more but I have an Appointment I have to be at. Greendot Bank is investigating the issue.

  • renee kelly

    Paypal stole 18k from my business said that I had broken an aup rule that I knew nothing about – I sell fireworks – consumer – which I am legally permitted in the state of Missouri – there is Not one thing that states they will not do business with me – seeing how after 3 years had no problem of it – not one – but i am trying to pay my own bills my account frozen and stole 18k and with no regard nor care say that they acted in good faith – too whom? your self? lying thieves.

    • Nikita

      Hi I’m having the same problem they are currently holding 80k my account is limited and under review for the past 2 weeks every time I call they hang up when I text on the resolution centre they just keep saying it will take 72hrs, have you heard anything back from them ?

      • Billy

        They have 110,000k of my money and I’m scared they will say and take it all for damages what’s going on and how hasn’t PayPal been Sued

        • lou

          Actually, they have been sued, multiple times. So evidently they just see it as the cost of doing business, and do not change anything about their business practices after losing such cases for amounts in the millions. However, class action lawsuits mainly benefit the attorneys, not the customers who are complaining. They are all like that.

    • Karen Kollmer

      Did same to me. In fact, they held it less than 180 days. Dec 29 2 months before release, they transferred my held funds to PayPal. Said it was for damages incurred for being a risk to the user agreement thing. Wtf? Risk, damages???

      • Billy

        Did you ever get your money out of there ?

  • Leah v. Mealone


    Is absolutely the worst company in the world. I transferred $500.00 into an account, a new account I setup for a new business. My money is now gone, PayPal took it claiming “Questionable Use” of the account. ? Transferring money IN to a PayPal account and trying to use the Debit Card they sent me. Wow, PayPal, you have garnered the Worst most Corrupt Company on the Planet Award. Warning, Do NOT use PayPal. They randomly take hold, and keep large sums of money. If you use PayPal after reading this, you will have been warned and there is no pathway to recoup your stolen funds. #PayPalStealsMoney #Thieves #CorruptCompany #CancelPayPal

    • Noah

      I agree 100%

    • Frances Coyle

      Count me in for class action lawsuit

    • Andi Ellis

      I had the exact same situation . I kept records of every phone call ,every lie ,times, screen shots anything and everything to prove my case. When this lawsuit kicks off I have bunches for whoever proves they are on our side. Obviously illegal I have pretty much accepted I won’t see my money for a long time. However I had another company do this 8 yrs ago and they are bigger than PayPal. I kept no info and randomly I started getting checks with interest for yrs. Beyond that every employee who lies on phone knowingly will get there’s one way or another. Carma is very real and they will have to answer for what they did to everyday people struggling during COVID. Weather it’s this year or when they are old and think about we’re they are going. Justify it in there heads but deep down they know they are going to pay.

    • Danah

      They are despicable! I’m having problems with them now. You can’t even talk to anyone who you can understand. Why are we allowing these companies to do this to us? I’m going to report then to the attorney generals office and let everyone I know, know how they are taking money and keeping it for 21 days when I’ve been a customer for 4 years and saying that they are just securing my account but I’ve answered every security question they had. It’s funny how the system will tell you that they’re sorry but try again later when I try to transfer my money out of my account. But when you click on add money, the app generated a code …I hope their stock market crashes. But in the meantime we all should report then to the ftc and bbb

      • JL Blocker

        I’ve just finished reporting them to the FTC for FOIA and arbitrary clause abuse or misrepresentation of said services. This scum company takes payments for goods I’ve paid my hard earned money for and “holds” said payments because of protection of consumer or account. I call BS! They ask for ID verification i give it to them. Passed. Money hits account. Fails. Verification of ID again; verification of bank again; Pass, pass. Try to transfer funds; fail, verification needed. This FinTech piranha is sadly mistaken thinking they can’t be touched. Comptroller of the Treasury says differently! Good luck, PayPal!

      • lou

        It does no good to report it to the BBB. They already have thousands of complaints. I filed one and they sent me this ridiculous long answer from Paypal that didn’t even pertain to the complaint. And they want personal financial information, like a bank account number. Why would I give that to them?

        They say you can get your sales amount as a check but when you try it, for over a year there has been a message pop up saying “transaction cannot be completed now, try later.” In other words, getting a check is impossible and they intend that so they can keep the money. They will accept charges I make and use my credit card on file, but they will not credit the card for sales! I hate paypal. They are gyppo artists. No wonder Ebay is phasing them out.

    • Sheldon Katz

      You do not keep any money in paypal. when you have money in your account immediately transfer it out to your bank account. If you purchase items or sell items place a credit card on your paypal account to make payments.

  • Alex

    Bought a factory sealed $800 iPad in May from eBay clone Swappa, I assumed it was a no-risk transaction with the manufacturer’s warranty. When it stopped working, I took it to the Apple store and was told that it was used previously activated item. I naivily assumed that since I’m at no fault here, such a reputable company would figure something out. Instead the showed me the middle finger twice, closed the dispute, and when I tried to report fraud, they refered me the help section.

    While other banks defer payments, car dealerships extend leases, these scavengers are riding a Covid wave and picking up crumbs from Amazon. Hopefully not for long, but in the meantime please make sure that you some secondary bank account if you have to use paypal, or use credit cards due to obvious volnurabilites, as they don’t mask your email and personal information.

  • Helen Horseman

    Locked out no way to talk to anyone I am so Frustrated

  • Dave

    A trio of three individuals hacked my PayPal account and used it to transfer funds between themselves and a credit card they took out in my name. I’m not sure what they were up to. The result was the credit card receiving about $5000, and the trio came up short the same amount. The net of the + and – transactions resulted in a +$12.09 balance.

    I blocked my paying account from PayPal and lost nothing. I also sold nor purchased anything using PayPal. The related transaction records had no shipping info. I’ve tried to clear this up with PayPal’s resolution process, but got nowhere. Yet PayPal calculated my account owing over $7K, and send a collector after me.

    I bundled up my PayPal account records with an Excel summary of the nearly neutral fund movements. The collector said they will send this back to PayPal and I wouldn’t be hearing from them again.

    …once PayPal unlocks my account I will cancel it. They can keep the $12.09 and the $40 I paid to block them.


  • Carl

    Chris is a manager at PayPal. His employee ID number is 1630577. He is rude, unhelpful, degrading, and only cares about the business aspect of customer service. Don’t be in customer service if you don’t care about the customers.

  • Homayoun Norouzi

    I was a day worker in a takeaway. one day the takeaway’s owner ask me: can you put my old oven in Ebay and I accepted and I did. after a long time a buyer paid for oven and before delivery he change his mind and ask for refund.
    Ebay and PayPal charged me.
    I speak with ebay and eBay waived the fees but PayPal don’t want to payback my money. PayPal said it’s transaction fee but there was not transactions The money was all the time by paypal not in my account. can you believe that?
    What can I do?
    I will go to police center tomorrow

  • Julius Covington, Sr.

    Is there someone to contact on illegal business practices that PayPal is doing?
    On Dec. 7, 2020, I received a package from Paypal, which was there credit card swipe device for businesses to use to accept credit card payments on the go. I did not request it at all.
    On Dec. 10, 2020, I get a letter from Synchrony Bank (who issues PayPal credit accounts) that my request was not approved because “We Were Unable To Verify Your Identity.”

    I did not apply for a business credit account from PayPal, and since they have been hounding me with both letters and emails all year to open an account, and sent me the device without my requesting it, I can only assume that someone at PayPal put that credit request in without my consent or knowledge, and I would think that is illegal and definitely unethical.

    If they did it to me, I’m certain they are doing it to others, and that would be grounds for a class action lawsuit.

    Over the years I have seen (and experienced) PayPal doing some pretty underhanded things, but this is my limit! They are affecting my credit report when doing that kind of crap.

  • Letmesee toys

    PayPal is bad ! I was charged 1ver one hundred bucks on a Bogus RUKU support .. I filed a complain on PayPal and they did not even get to the bottom of it . All PayPal did was close the case … No wonder these guys have so so many complaints …

  • Charles Pearson

    Warning this will be long and I apologize. BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!!! I also apologize because even though it is long it does not totally capture the emotions that surround the situations talked about and neither does it have the exact details as it’s extremely hard to express all of the consequences of what happened so if anyone could please help me figure out how to properly convey exactly what it is I’m trying to get across. Thank you for you time and consideration in reading this.Thank you for sharing your story with me and Im so sorry you have had to go through all that crap. I honestly empathise with you although you lost way more money than us. We (my fiance and I) had a business account with paypal for 6 years and really had no big problems untill the end of the sixth year. When we started we didn’t make all that much but decided to use paypal because we could send invoices allowing us to accept credit and debit cards instead of checks when people didn’t have cash on hand as checks were so unreliable and bounced frequently. At the beginning of our spring season of year 5 we really started to make some decent money and by the following year we were really doing well with many repeat customers and had put a lot of work in order to have a really good name around town and on neighborhood websites causing many people to call needing work done and had great trust due to awesome reviews, it was amazing. We made more money than we ever have made at any previous point in life. Now it might not seem like a lot to most people but with me being a disabled veteran and my fiancee having several health issues with no insurance or income we were living in a very small fixed income from the VA every month. So we were relying on the various odd jobs we could get for extra money and after 5 years of hard work we had really started scratching out a good name and living for ourselves. We cleared over $36,000 in just PayPal invoices that year not including non-paypal payments and the following year after 10 months, at which point what I’m about to tell you happened, we had we had made $86,000 just in PayPal invoices. I mean an insane amount unimaginable to people like us. However even though we had made more money that we had ever seen, my fiance had some serious setbacks with her Crohn’s Disease and required several surgeries and treatments/prescriptions spending it as quick as we got it unfortunately but even so we felt blessed that we had made it as it was needed Thank God! But I digress lol sorry I’ll get back to the point…. Around August or September I took out a $1000 working capital loan from Paypal and within 2 months of paying 15% of each invoice it was less than $150 away from being paid off and since due to early snow in October business had slowed down greatly so we were looking forward to getting another loan in order to get through the slow down. Unfortunately unbeknownst to us and completely out of nowhere PayPal was about to almost destroy our entire life. I know it sounds dramatic and exaggerated but when you live like us (and so many others) where every penny counts and every job we got was dependant upon the good word’s of others. Also the simple truth was and still is that you can have hundreds of positive reviews and yet all it takes is 1 single negative review online to completely break you when you live in a place that never lacks for people needing work. Where Craigslist and Nextdoor are responsible for a large percent of job leeds, in fact those last two years we only had to place one post on “Nextdoor” and we received so many job offers that we ended up being able to pass several opportunities on to other’s that were not yet quite as blessed as we were at the time. So now after all that set-up I’ll try getting to the point with the hope’s that you will not be let down after the very long and extremely dramatic build-up. Well one night in late October we were hired for a job and had given our PayPal information in order to receive our deposit for materials and equipment. After receiving a message from the customer stating that the deposit had been paid we, as we normally would do, logged unto PayPal in order to confirm the payment and send a receipt. To our complete surprise and horror out PayPal account was just over -$3,000 in the negative when in actuality it should have been a little bit over $2500 as we had security deposits and money for materials for 4 contracts we had just signed that day sent to us. Well of course we tried to stay calm and not freak out thinking that of course there must be some mistake as in 6 years we had never had 1 single problem with PayPal and had never had any kind of dispute or refund of any kind besides us personally and manually refunding a deposit for someone unable to have the work done after all. Never once were we asked to return money because we were unable to fulfil a contract or someone was unhappy with our work. In fact up untill that point we had not even had a negative comment amongst over 100 positive comments on “Nextdoor” where like I said earlier was the website/app that we used for networking to get jobs. So the only reason we had ever refunded any money on PayPal was because, even though our contracts specifically stated that all deposits were non-refundable, we totally understood Financial difficulties and couldn’t bring ourselves to keep someone’s hard earned money just because they ran into one issue or another and couldn’t move forward with the work. In our mind’s we figured that if they were in an unfortunate position and couldn’t pay for the contract then it would be more than wrong keeping the money put down in good faith for a job we never even ended up doing. Understand that it was not easy doing that especially knowing how important that money(both the deposit and the balance for completing the job) was to us. Now it was not a common occurrence for that to happen so a small number of those instances we had already purchased materials specific to their job’s and were unable to get back what was spent putting us in a situation where we simply lost that money. On top of that we had a reputation for finding out when a person or family really needed to have the work done and were in no possible position to do it themselves nor were they able to pay for it. In which case we would usually go and complete the job at no expense to them. So we could not figure any possible reason for our account to be missing close to $5000. After calling and waiting on hold for over an hour we were made aware that a customer that we had worked for multiple times over the year’s with no problems, issues, and mistakes, and actually hadn’t even heard from for several months, maybe even closer to a year, had disputed every single payment he had ever sent to us through PayPal. Now PayPal instead of reviewing our perfect account or recognizing what was apparently a mistake or an attempt at obvious fraud decided to remove all of the money he had sent, several times, using several different payment methods, over multiple years, even with positive comments from this person on the receipts when he paid them, immediately from my account. I tried everything I could to get PayPal to explain how they could allow that to happen and all they would tell was that I needed to call the customer to resolve it because there was nothing they could do because he had claimed that he had never authorized the payments. They even admitted to us that based on everything they could see there was no way for the invoices to be paid without his authority since he used several different credit and debit cards, authorized payments directly from his bank accounts, he used payment links, and even opened up a PayPal credit account using that to make payments. Not to mention the period of times the payments had been beeing made because obviously if there was unauthorized payments being made why would he continue to make thousands of dollars more worth of payments over 2 years to someone then wait 2 years before disputing then all with a time span of 5 minutes. When I called he denied being the one that filed the disputes yet PayPal said only he could have but not to worry because its obvious that the charges and payments were made by him from his ip address so the money would be returned to me. Well not only dis that never happen other money continued to be taken from the account by Paypal. They claimed that the disputes he filed would be rejected within 10 days And id have my money back but that also never happened. In the mean time I had lost over $3000 of other peoples money and had no way to purchase the materials needed to complete their jobs. At first there was some understanding due to our positive reputation however as time passed and the the things PayPal assured me would happen never happened the understanding turned into anger and disappointment. We did our best to make things right with the customers however we were not able to make all of them happy and as soon as word got out our reputation was ruined and more and more repeat customers started canceling jobs untill it got to the point that we couldn’t even respond to someone with work needing done without someone, most of which we didn’t even know or had never worked for posting and telling people not to hire us because they heard that we had stolen money from people or that we would take peoples money and not do the work which was total crap since they didn’t even know the situation. It got to the point that now we are lucky to get any jobs period it went from at least one job every day to maybe 1 job every few weeks. All the while Paypal keeps calling trying to collect the negative balance they claim we owe them and them either closing or limiting every paypal account related to us both business and personal so that any money that comes into the accounts they will hold for 180 days then after that time they never return it but take it towards the negative balance. They allowed someone to commit fraud and instead of accepting their mistake of taking our money without proof or justification and giving it back to the person that committed the fraud before they investigated the dispute. This person has even admitted that he was wrong and claims that he filed the disputes while he was under the influence of “bad medication” by mistake. Paypal knows all that information yet since they already returned the money to him and can’t get it back from him are continuing to aggressively harass us even though they themselves have admitted that he obviously filed those disputed claims under fraudulent circumstances yet they just keeping saying to us that there is nothing that they can do. Which makes no sense to me because they are worth billions of dollars. Paypal ruined our life by ruining a business that we worked our a$$es off to build for 6 years and they ruined it in less than 5 minutes by allowing those disputes to go through and refunding that money instantly before investigating. They say that they didn’t refund him the money but instead just took it from us untill it’s investigated yet that was 2 years ago and he has told us that not only did they refund the money to him but they did it as soon as if filed the disputes. He said that after he filed the first one and saw the money in his account he decided to file the rest and got the same results. He also claims that he didn’t think that they took the money from our account but that it came from PayPal. You might wonder why I don’t go after him for it and maybe I should but I don’t see the point because I would never be able to get it from him because now he is living off social security disability and honestly PayPal is the one who allowed it to go through so they should be responsible. Honestly it’s total crap because it was thousands of dollars refunded to him instantly when I once disputed $12.86 and It took me 45 days to get that returned to me. The point is that last year we were doing pretty well, not as good as most other’s but also much better than many other’s. Our bills were payed, my fiance was able to pay for all her doctors appointments, pay for her prescriptions and supplies, we were comfortable and happy, we were able to have all of what we needed and even once in a while some things we wanted, We didn’t have a lot but we finally had what we needed. Now we have next to nothing, our bills are all over due, we are going to food bank’s for food, our car rarely works, we have to beg borrow and “steal” just to make sure we can get all needed medication and to all doctor’s appointments, we live in fear of completely failing at any moment. We understand that everyone has problems and We are all responsible for ourselves however and me complaining about this helps in no way but when I hear how PayPal has done wrong so many people and then think of what they have caused for us I just hope that if enough of us get together then at the very least if nothing else we could stop it from happening to anyone else.
    I know this was very long and I’m sorry I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I know it probably didn’t have to go into so much detail but I had hoped that by going into so much detail you could be able to get a good feel for the kind if people we are and know that we are not just people that are blaming paypal for our bad luck or laziness but instead it could be seen that paypal truly has done us more than wrong and their actions have affected both our physical and mental health not to mention our financial health. I don’t know what to do on my own to fight them but can’t stand the feeling of what my life has become and how hard we worked to get where we were just to have it all taken away because a multi-billion dollar company refuses to accept responsibility for making va mistake in handling ours and many others accounts and situations. Sorry again for writing this book. I hope more people step forward so that maybe together we can cause a change.
    P.S. I also received a check from a class action lawsuit for a very small amount of approximately $13 a few years ago before the above mentioned situations however when the sent it to me it was expired. So it was a pointless gesture as the refused to reissue it stating that it was my fault for waiting to cash it. How is it my fault when I tried cashing it the day I received it in the mail. TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL TO THE PEOPLE WHO WITHOUT THERE WOULD BE NO SUCCESSFUL PAYPAL. THEY STEAL OUR MONEY AND RUIN LIVES WITH THERE IRRESPONSIBLE PRACTICES AND THEN BLAME IT ON THE USERS. I FEEL SO HELPLESS KNOWING THAT I (AND SO MANY OTHERS EVEN WORSE THAN ME) HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY SCREWED OVER AND HAVE NO WAY STOP IT FROM HAPPENING. IT’S SICKENING YET CONTINUES TO HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE DAY. IF THIS WAS BEING DONE BY A PERSON OR LOCAL BUSINESSES THEY WOULD BE ARRESTED YET SINCE IT’S A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY IT’S OKAY??? AND BECAUSE I AM “POOR” I HAVE NO WAY TO DEFEND NOR PROTECT MYSELF. PLEASE HELP US THAT CAN’T HELP OURSELVES.

    • Blazeaglory

      Find a lawyer. If you can’t afford one keep looking and hopefully one will work pro bono due to your story. Or save for the initial visit but definitely find a GOOD HONEST lawyer who is familiar with PayPal and their dishonest tactics that are borderline THEFT and FRAUD!

      I wish you the best of luck but don’t let PayPal get away with this! Continue to fight on until either you’re done or PayPal is bankrupt! God speed my friend

    • Barb

      Sorry to hear what happened! But PayPal is right, only the person sending you money can file a complaint. When your customer wasn’t happy with PayPal’s decision, they probably filed with their credit card company, who in turn took the funds back from PayPal. It happens, however PayPal can’t be expected to give you money your customer’s credit card company took back. That is why the 180 days hold, that is how long someone has to file a charge back with their credit card company.
      PayPal fights charge backs for their customers all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what evidence PayPal sends the credit card company, they still side with their customer. Even though your customer said they didn’t file a complaint, they absolutely did.

  • Beverly Ward

    On July 9, 2020 I purchased a king-sized comforter set but only received a small pillowcase. The envelope had a fake tracking number and there was no way to contact the seller because the email address was also fake. This was a merchant in China. I filed a claim with PayPal but to no avail. After waiting many months for the claim to be resolved and after sending PayPal a copy of the products sent and a copy of the envelope which contained the fake tracking number. PayPal sided with the fake company saying I had provided them a wrong tracking number. They did not refund my money and closed the case. I also contacted my bank who refused to help because they said this was an authorized transaction but if this transaction had been on a debit or credit card they could have done something. Just lost my $24.98. PayPal is not an honest company and has no customer service. Seems like PayPal sides with scammers rather than their consumers. This is not right. Something needs to be done to make PayPal helps it customers like their clause indicates they are supposed to. I would like to know who I could report PayPal’s unethical practices to?

    • Carole Bell

      Me too just been scammed for the 2nd time in 2020, in both cases I did not make the purchase through PayPal because of what they are, but in each case it reverted to PayPal. The tracking number given which contained in my case a very small green plastic car was USPS a government agency so I reported the fraud to the FDC and have a complaint number, I also reported to the BBB who had hundreds of complaints about this particular seller and yet PayPal continue to enable them. Now PayPal after of advising me my claim had been denied now claim they refunded my money and my bank has it. I wish I knew how to start a Class Action law suit against PayPal.


    I ordered Lysol spray in 19 oz cans from a company that sold in bulk. National Everything. Might as well post their name here too…what a crooked outfit saying they are run by veterans. Yeah, my foot. They charged my paypal account upon placing the order and then took two months to ship. THEN they sent me some crap they bottled liquid with their name on it and had the nerve to write “Lysol” on the packing slip. I contacted THEM. I contacted PAYPAL. That was back when I received the junk. I heard nothing from the seller. Then I called paypal a few time. The last they said was I would get my refund if they did not hear from the seller by Nov 14th ish. Well, here we on on November 5 and payal is now contacting them YET AGAIN and saying I “might” hear from them by mid December…no more than 90 days. What nerve. Paypal is not standing by me at all. Clearly, I sent them photos of what arrived…bottles of liquid junk not cans of Spray Lysol. What the hell are they waiting for??? This bus stops at ripoff reports next. I have given them fair warning on their dispute chat telling them I will report them. Do a google search and ripoff reports come up on the first page of the search. What dopes. National Everything Wholesale here is an email address for them too [REDACTED] Unsung heroes my eye. They will be named in the ripoff report too. As far as I am concerned, they are co conspirators with payal. Nothing that has happened over the past few months has shown me any different!

  • Kim T

    I have been using paypal to purchase for many years. recently have a dispute due to a product being incorrect. unable to actually talk to a person regarding the case. Using the contact us feature is a joke. no one answers. no one follows through. the company i purchased from states on their website they offer free returns (i have sent the link to the webpage to paypal) i am being told i have to send the item back for a refund but i have not received a shipping label and there is no way to respond to the disputes. i was charged over $60 and there is no sign of me getting my money back. the company i purchased from is telling me to send the items back to china but the return address on the box is in illinois. I am very disappointed with paypal and will be deleting my account. they are not trust worthy and do not follow through like there terms agree they will. They are not investigating this company even though i have given them the site. i sent them an email asking how i can upload picture and video documentation of what i received as to what i offered. i have never received a reply. Very disappointed and i do not recommend anyone use their services EVER!

  • aaa321

    This is the online message posted on Paypal website:
    Banned from PayPal, But Each Credit Card Never Used on PayPal Becomes Unusable on eBay
    I am wondering if anyone has heard of this as a recent problem on eBay. “Using a different payment method” is ineffectual advice here as I cannot use PayPal anymore, and each credit card I successfully use becomes unusable on eBay a few days after using the card, so there is no point in trying any more cards.

    (1) I am entering the credit card information correctly. eBay accepts it as valid when I click “Done.” It is when I click “Confirm and Pay” that the error message occurs. Multiple eBay representatives have confirmed that the failures are not due to incorrect card information or being declined by my bank.
    (2) Trying a different credit card does not work as it just becomes unusable on eBay within a few days.
    (3) None of my credit cards were ever used or registered on PayPal. I only used my bank checking account on PayPal, although it is true the two cards I have used are from the same bank. But PayPal says the cards are OK to use on eBay.
    (4) Clearing cache/cookies does not work.
    (5) Using a different device does not work.
    (6) Using different browsers, all in private mode, did not work.
    (7) Unlinking PayPal from my eBay account did not work.
    (8) My bank says there are no blocks or merchant-specific restrictions on my card. In fact, the bank is not seeing eBay attempting to charge my card at all when the failures occur, either at the bank end or the Visa end, so the card is being stopped within eBay—I suspect by PayPal.
    (9) I occasionally buy out-of print items on eBay when neither Amazon nor any third-party seller on Amazon has the item available, so saying “just use Amazon” does not solve my problem.

    PayPal dropped me as a user with no specific explanation as to what I did wrong on September 24, 2019. I looked through the recent payment history I could see and the only purchases were a recurring Hulu payment (which I have now changed), the purchase of two DC Comics action figures on eBay, and the purchase of a book on eBay. All seemed innocuous. Messages sent within the PayPal system and emails to the aup email address were simply answered with automated boilerplate responses. I called PayPal to ask why I was dropped. All the representative could do was open a ticket. This resulted in an email from someone at PayPal saying “Appeal denied,” even though I had not asked for an appeal. The email could not be replied to. So neither phone calls, messages, or emails were effective in trying to find out what I did wrong. I sent many subsequent emails, worded very politely, to the aup email address apologizing for whatever I did wrong and asking for reconsideration. I did not receive a reply from any of them.

    So I switched to using a credit card on eBay. The card was never used or even registered with PayPal.

    I successfully bought three Hallmark ornaments on eBay with the card, all within about a fifteen-minute period.

    Several days later, I tried to buy something else (credit cards were an accepted payment method) and got the error message:

    “We can’t process your payment. Try again, or select a different payment method to check out.”

    There is plenty of available credit on the card — over $4000, and I was trying to buy an item costing $8. Afterwards I used the card to order pizza, buy groceries, buy on Amazon, etc. The bank said there were no blocks on my card.

    I called eBay customer service. The representative cleared all my saved payment methods and still when I reentered my card, I got the same error message. The representative had me try clearing cookies and cache. It still did not work. She had me try from another device. That did not work either. She recommended having the seller send me an invoice.

    The card failed with the same message when trying to pay the invoice. I spoke to an eBay supervisor this time. He had me unlink my PayPal account. That made no difference. He asked me to check with my bank to make sure there was no merchant-specific block on eBay.

    So again I called my bank. No merchant-specific block on eBay. Again the bank said the purchases that failed on eBay did not appear in their system as having even been attempted to be charged to the card by eBay.

    I called eBay again and spoke with another supervisor who was very friendly and helpful. She had me try another card, which I had been reluctant to do, as if PayPal was blocking the first card, I did not want the second card getting added to their block list. But I agreed to try another card—this time my bank check card, which is also a Visa. The purchase was successful—a board game—and the supervisor said she was glad she could resolve the problem. I said it might not be resolved if that card also started failing. She did acknowledge that she thought she saw some messages in the system that my first card was failing due to PayPal. So she set up a conference call between Paypal, herself, and me for the next day.

    During the conference call the next day, the PayPal representative said they were not blocking the first credit card, especially since it was never used or put on my PayPal account—he confirmed that. He said they were not allowed to block my cards. So after he got off the call, the eBay supervisor said there was not much more that she could do, and I agreed to wait and see what happened with the second card I was now using.

    Today I tried to buy another Hallmark Christmas ornament, for which credit cards were an accepted payment method, with the second card, and now it is failing too:

    “We can’t process your payment. Try again, or select a different payment method to check out.”

    I called eBay tonight and spoke to a supervisor and he checked with other agents and said they had been getting lots of calls about problems with credit cards and PayPal since September 20—perhaps not coincidentally, just four days before PayPal dropped me as a user.

    I don’t have a lot of confidence that what the PayPal representative told the eBay supervisor and me during the conference call, that PayPal is not doing, is actually what they are not doing. I have successfully used my first credit card on Amazon, at local stores, and on other web sites since it became unusable on eBay. I have also used the second card—the Visa debit card—successfully elsewhere since it became unusable on eBay. The failure of each card on eBay occurred within a few days after successfully using it on eBay.

    My eBay account is obviously known to PayPal, and I suspect PayPal algorithms are detecting that within a few days after I use the card successfully on eBay, and PayPal is adding the credit card to some kind of block list. Or they may be using my mailing and billing address to detect me as one of their personae non gratae. During the conference call, the PayPal representative said a guest PayPal account is created when I pay on eBay with a credit card, so it is essentially anonymous. But surely my eBay account name and email address, and my mailing/billing address, is entered in that transaction, so PayPal has access to it. If that is the case, even creating a new eBay account would not help, as I am not going to enter a false mailing address. Even if I were dishonest, I would not do it, as I am disabled and homebound—I am only getting out of the house about once every 10 days. I need to have items delivered to where I live.

    I am not expecting anyone in these forums to necessarily have a solution. I am just wondering if someone here has heard of these types of incidents, or if they know if my PayPal suspicions are correct, or if they know if, now that I am persona non grata with PayPal, PayPal is legally allowed not to honor my credit cards on eBay. All the eBay representatives and supervisors I have talked to say my eBay account is in good standing, which is confirmed by the successful purchases I am able to make before each credit card becomes unusable.

    My response:
    Exactly the same problem, paypal wankers found a way to block you from buying on ebay. Have had to change several credit cards , but it is the same story: even though I have nothing to do with these brain dead morons, and pay by CREDIT CARD (NOTHING TO DO WITH PAYPAL WANKERS), they are blocking the card. So what happens here is that these paypal wankers are deciding who can and can’t use ebay! I have brought it to ebay’s attantion to no avail. Paypal is cancer that needs to be eliminated from this world. How are these pissheads are still in business is beyond me.
    Here is a suggestion to all of you, who don’t want anything to do with paypal wankers ,but still want the items for sale to appear in search results: Create/use email address with no paypal account linked to it, and use it as your paypal address on ebay. Then when you sell something and the buyer tries to pay, ask them to pay differently ie bank transfer , revolute etc . Say you have an issue with your paypal account at the moment Might work. Best thing about it is that it riles paypal wankers , they have to refund the payment back to the buyer! Loving it!

    The sooner ebay drops these Trumpian paypal wankers from ebay the better! Maybe the paypal wankers will make paypal great again ,but I doubt it!

  • Greg Ewan

    Yes, they did the same thing to me. I got scammed $6000 when a scumbag Chinese company sold me a fake item. It didn’t work and looked nothing like the one advertised on their website. I gave PayPal all the evidence they needed that proved it was a fake (video’s & photo’s) and they still rejected my claim. I’m considering legal action against them for Breach of Contract regarding their Buyer Protection Policy clause for not honouring it. I’ll defiantly win the case. I’m in the right and have all the evidence that proves it. They were negligent in their handling of my case and probably hundreds more like mine. Also PayPal are also using Covid-19 to their advantage by not letting customers contact them by phone or talk when they have an issue. It’s disgusting behaviour. If I settle out of court I’ll have to sign a Non-disclosure agreement with No admission of guilt from PayPal. Personally, I’d rather go to court and expose them but I know that’s not gonna happen. I don’t have to settle but I probably will.

    • Lindsey

      I was negative $3,000 dollars in my PayPal account one day as well as negative in my bank account due to someone hacking my entire life. The bank verified it and everything and PayPal still sent it to collections. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

  • Wendell Smith

    A month ago someone committed fraud on my debit card. I caught it and My bank refunded me the money. Paypay got an alert and wouldn’t allow me to send money to my bank or clients. They allowed my clients to pay into my paypay (I mean why not, I can’t access it!) This should be an easy fix. This has gone on for weeks. The website is so user unfriendly it’s incredible! I do not believe all the 5 star ratings. Those are robot hired phone banks to dilute the actual one star ratings. It’s obvious.

  • Susan Williams

    I hate them at this time. I used to like them. Impossible to contact them. They don’t answer phone-they say to use their help center. I have left numerous messages there w no results. They have been holding my money for over 30 days and I can’t get them to release it.

    • Noah

      I refunded my money to the customer and hopefully they get the refund. I contacted the customer and they are willing to repay. But I’m hoping the refund works

  • Kenny Franklin

    My Company had closed due to COVID-19 and upcoming election worries (Company Board and Owner in their 70’s/ 80’s). Part of my severance was salary, inventory, and the full rights to the company retail and Ebay accounts. Called both and they told me what to do to convert/change ownership including integrating PayPal for Credit Card processing and PayPal payments. When interacting with PayPal (Alec Dirks) and others, I was totally upfront for the reasons and the switching of accounts. I was walked through all the steps including setting up the payment center with Yahoo Small Business. Within 27 hours, I received and email from PayPal that I was reported for trying to defraud PayPal and they “limited” my account and that I would have to retrieve my money within 6 months (Thank goodness for zero balance). I emailed back and they said all decisions are final and no recourse. They did not offer reasons or any way to present my testimony to “resolve” the case and have NOT answered any further emails……. I am 60 years old, have an outstanding credit score (786), have no dishonest bone in my body, and have never had this happen to me in my life. I thought I was going to reopen my store today (19 October 2020) and am now wandering around trying to decode/decipher other Merchant Services and losing money. I would not recommend PayPal based on instantly becoming one of the members of the past “Occupy” demonstrations in 2011.

    • Weston Atlantic

      I used PayPal for the last 15 years, I just find out how disgusting is their service and undemocratic fascist way if dealing with dispute. I purchased a new was machine, it turn out to be faulty. I co!planned straight away.Eventualy the seller wrote to me two emails that he would come to recollect the machine.However paypal will only maybe refund my money if I post the washing machine to the seller and I must provide the tracking number otherwise I have no case to peruse.
      I find this appalling, rotten and unjust.

  • steven

    Horrible for resolving problems , communications , are the worse with dealing in fraud situations
    They don’t want to help , all they want is the money yo owe them even though you have nothing to do with the error , Refunds chargeback are not possible as a seller , I am not a seller and I woke one morning to find my account negative 500.00 and they refuse to help me except for the magic words call the buyer and have them call their bank , problem the buyer doesn’t have a credit card account with the bank that started the charge back , this is a circle that not going anywhere and All I am told from PayPal we can’t help you

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Online payment systems analysts are warning about PayPal’s lack of security controls and compliance policies regarding the use of the PayPal logo and payment system for purchases online through third party webpages.

    Both the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are receiving hundreds of complaints from United States users for the use of the PayPal logo and payment system in fraudulent webpages.

    The complaints have increased significantly since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The mobility restrictions issued by some states in the US market have forced consumers to go to the internet to purchase basic goods online.

    The complaints claim that the PayPal logo and payment system are consistently used in fraudulent websites because the San Jose-based company has not implemented any measures to vet sellers or websites, and often sides with the fraudulent sellers when denying disputes.

    PayPal offered users a purchase insurance that protected them from fraudulent purchases. However, the complaints against PayPal claim that PayPal’s insurance places on the buyer the burden of proofing that the seller webpage is fraudulent. The protection that many PayPal users expect when using PayPal to complete transactions online is in fact non-existent when the users are burden with the impossible task of documenting proof of fraud, complaints claim.

  • Roland

    I have 2 bad experience with PayPal.
    I wonder how to start a class-action lawsuit for improperly handled disputed transactions.

    • michael miller

      count me in

      • Emily

        Paypal overdraft my account snd now in getting -$218 to my card

        • Barb

          PayPal only takes money from the account YOU tell it to. Go to you account preferences and change your preferred payment method to your credit card and that won’t happen. Before completing your payment, it also shows you exactly what account the money is coming from.

          • Rachel Sinnott

            Bull….paypal are crooks and charged me for something I never recieved.

            • Latifa

              yes, yes, and YES. Paypal STILLS money.
              Check with your credit card company if it’s still time to file a dispute.

            • chris

              Don’t forget to go to your local courthouse and file a private prosecution for relevant law violations. Moving the proceeds of crime is usually legislated. Interfering your enjoyment of your property, eg your money for another. For me they would not even look at the evidence and thats why I’m taking them to court, criminal negligence possibly. I also complained to the regulators and wont stop until paypal screams. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so bitch and moan.

      • Rob

        Count me in.

      • Latifa

        that what paypal does. They take the money and you never see your merchandise nor your money. If you paid with a credit card, start the dispute with them.
        Paypal still money from customers.

    • April Kapp

      Count me in as well

    • Raquel Rodrigues

      I have also experienced issues with PayPal and posted my experience. I also know other people who have similar stories where PayPal chooses to support fraudulent suppliers over there own customers!!

      • Luis A. Galaviz-Morales

        I had $2,232 deposited to my PayPal and tell me why I can’t withdraw, send, receive, link or unlink any cards or bank accounts, I can’t transfer any money, or EVEN buy anything online! They’ve been giving me the run-around and I was even on the phone for 4.5 hours just so the bitch could pick up the phone and hang up on me! IDK what to do anymore? Any suggestions? I’ve EVEN told them to close my account and to mail me my funds in a check and you know what their response was? “We can’t bypass the system and it won’t allow us to close your account” WTF?

        • Fernando

          The first time I had a big amount of money deposited into my account , they froze it as well. Saying it was unusual for me to have that much money in my account.
          What it comes down to is the hold your money as long as they possibly can to collect interest on it . You may think they can’t make much off your money. But when they’re doing to thousands of people at the same time. That adds up to millions in their account. That’s why it’s a slap on the wrist when the paid 4 million to a lawsuit 3 years ago.

          • Barb

            PayPal does not put your funds in an interest baring account. The user agreement states that your funds can be frozen to ensure you don’t have any buyers file complaints against you.

        • Edgar Helbig

          Same thing they did to me! Frigging rip off is what they are!

        • Screw PayPal

          I’m in the same boat you are, we would literally have to make this a 10 Billion dollar or more lawsuit , have to shoot for enough money to dig into everybody’s profit for anybody to take anybody seriously, but everybody fears big companies like PayPal so it’ll never happen , companies like PayPal are above the law and there’s nothing anybody can do … Welcome to America money will always overpower everything…

          • PayPal SUCKS

            @YES!! count me in as well, and over 500 of my friends and clanmates from the gaming world. PayPal and all their IDIOT RULES, Scams, Lies, and Corrupt Bullshit should be “cast out” “burned to the ground” “never to return” but only after they get all our MONEY BACK!! Then taken to court, suied for 100 Million (at least) and fined even more!
            “The System”!! This is what the bitch said to me,…Our system can not be altered and the reviews over money will be done within 72 hours. You F#@ing usless bitches should be held accountable for all of these good people that they “f@#ked
            over” and managed to basically rob them of their money. I would love to see them go down in flames by loosing every single customer they had then humiliated in a public forum or National T.V.
            I’m done with these effen idiots and I’m currently looking into ways to sue the ass off them, or get the word out to everyone that they are “bugus” “ruthless” and downright ignorant to almost everyone who needs help!!

            F.U. PayPal and i hope the ones who are responsible for setting up your dick head company and the computer program that you supposidly can not alter or change.. get hit by a bus the next time you go out!!
            I’ve read over 100 comments today and not 1 is positive, they are all bad and so like i said ….. Go “F” yourself PayPal, i hate all the big shots who run your f#@king company and make others suffer!!

      • Lamite

        I really want to file a lawsuit against PayPal. They are canning working with the supplier to take your money. Denied my dispute without any reasons.

      • Leticia Treviño

        Awful and incompetent customer service, 2 calls that have resolved nothing on my issue, the last one on hold for 2 hours and 20 minutes that got me nowhere only being passed along to the next incompetent person , and I’m still unable to get into my account. One word NIGHTMARE

      • m s

        samething here,siding with a fraud and wont even try to fix it,want me to do somethign illegal to prove my case,no way.all they have to do is make one phone call and they wont do it,so iam out big money.not right but then what can u do

    • Kathy Graham

      I would join in an instant. 2/5/2021. PayPal has my money but will not release them to me.

    • Nancy Hudson

      My husband and I are in. They will take money out of your account if people lie and say that they sent the money by mistake

    • Tevin Shearin

      add me too

    • Jason

      Please let me know if you do this. They have stolen $75 from me. It has been a year and they simply ignore any and all requests I send to enquire about this.

      • Rob

        Discriminatory business practices are illegal, are they not? How can they be accuser, judge, jury and executioner, before you even know you’re on trial? And it limits your ability to transact commerce as well as damages your reputation – with NO CAUSE.

  • K Ant

    Paypal allowed two unauthorized transactions on my sons account from 2 vendors who do not exist. They stole 1200.00 out of his account. When he called them, they would not answer the phone. He emailed them and they closed his case without investigating anything. He then had to call the bank and they are filing charges. This company is awful!!! One charge was and then another Dominic Aragon. That person is deceased! Their system is not secure at all! Their customer service is not place your money with this company!!!!!

  • Sherrie Nivens

    Today is my lucky day my situation is cleared up, everybody loves everybody, I can sell on ebay and use my paypal, hugs and kisses

  • Sherrie Nivens

    I have been a clientof paypal for 25years but since the employees are located in the orient, I had a seller who waslatein returning an item back to me so ebay approved to cancel the return since it was verylate then I contacted paypal to let them know, they put all the money I had in the paypal account on hold and asking me for more money, paypal contacted the seller who is of oriental decent in canada and let her know to return the item, a day after ebay canceled her return, I have never seen so much prejudice and unethical service in the 25 years I have been with paypal and ebay,now they will not let use there service, since there is a balance due on my paypal, is there anything I can do to save my good standing with these companies,

  • JB

    I’ve had my Paypal account for ages. Somehow, and for no reason I cannot get in my account.
    There’s absolutely no help to do so. I have done the 2 step verification with google and gave
    my home tel. # so they can’t text me. I asked to be emailed the code. I got it and put it in
    and they said it’s the wrong code. I definitely feel that I’m being messed around with.

    Fine, if they don’t help me, I can’t pay them what I owe them.

    Uhhh, you stated that no one would see my email address!!!!


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