SalesVu (salesvu.com) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) development company that has partnered with Mercury Payment Systems and Century Payments, two merchant account providers, to offer a mobile processing application for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android devices. According to a company representative, SalesVu has indefinitely suspended development and support for Android tablets, but the company will continue to develop for Android phones. Based in Austin, Texas, SalesVu was started in 2007 and appears to have launched its payment services application in 2011.

SalesVu includes a free app and card reader (additional readers cost $69.99 or $139 each) and the service appears to be intended as a competitor to the popular mobile credit processing services GoPaymentSquare, and Pay Anywhere. Upon closer inspection, however, SalesVu more closely resembles AppNinjas “Swipe” and Inner Fence due to partnership similarities and service offerings. SalesVu is located at 3925 W Braker Lane, Austin, Texas 78759, and Mercury Payment Systems is sponsored by HSBC Bank of Buffalo, New York, as its Acquiring Bank. Pascal Nicolas is the founder and CEO of SalesVu.

SalesVu Products and Services

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Recurring billing
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing integration
  • Customer relationship management


  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Professional services
  • Health & Fitness

Sales & Marketing

Key Points - Sales & Marketing

Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

SalesVu appears to rely on its website, traditional advertising, and its partnerships with Mercury Payment Systems and Century Payments to market its service. There is no indication at this time that the company employs independent sales agents, and we are currently unable to locate any complaints suggesting that the company’s sales team engages in deceptive advertising strategies. We have found one older complaint citing nondisclosure of fees and terms on the SalesVu pricing webpage, but this specific issue appears to have been corrected in the time since the complaint was filed. Overall, SalesVu appears to market its services transparently and non-aggressively.

SalesVu Marketing Example


Costs & Contract

Key Points - Costs & Contract

Swiped Rate 2.6% + $0.10 Or 2.6% + $0.25
Keyed-in Rate 2.6% + $0.10 Or 2.6% + $0.25
Early Termination Fee $495 Or None
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

Merchants are required to apply, and be approved, for either a Mercury Payment Systems or Century Payments merchant account in order to use the SalesVu service with integrated credit card processing. These two providers offer different pricing structures through SalesVu that are outlined under the “Credit Card Processing” tab on this page.

Mercury appears to have extended special rate pricing for U.S.-based SalesVu merchants depending on the size of a merchant’s average ticket. For merchants with an average ticket size over $25, the company offers a swiped (card-present) and keyed (card-not-present) rate of 2.6% plus $0.10 per transaction. For merchants with an average ticket size under $25, SalesVu offers a swiped rate and a keyed rate of 2.6% plus $0.25. These rates are especially competitive for card-not-present sales. American Express transactions will cost 2.89% (3.5% for food businesses) of the sale amount. The service is also available to Canadian businesses, but SalesVu states that the rates will vary by merchant.

One additional factor that stands out with SalesVu’s Mercury pricing is that Mercury Payment Systems has a $560 minimum monthly processing requirement with a $15 monthly minimum processing fee. Therefore, merchants who do not use the service during any given month will be charged $15 for that month. This also means that processing fees that do not total at least $15 in a month will be rounded up to $15. SalesVu states that Mercury will allow seasonal merchants to put their accounts on hold during the off-season.

As an alternative, Century Payments offers flat 2.75% processing fees through SalesVu for all transaction types, but this pricing plan is intended for merchants who process at least $10,000 in sales each month. For each month that a merchant does not process at least $10,000, a flat fee of $275 will be assessed. This plan also charges a $495 early termination fee and does not allow merchants to accept tips. Overall, SalesVu’s terms through Mercury appear to be more favorable.

It’s important to note that Mercury Payment Systems normally has a standard merchant account agreement which requires a three-year service agreement with a $295 early termination penalty and $150 annual PCI Compliance Fee, but a representative stated that these fees are waived for SalesVu/Mercury merchants. The company’s website does advertise that termination is free as long as 30 days’ notice is provided by the merchant. It also appears possible that the company can match a new merchant’s existing rates in some situations. Overall, these rates and fees are similar to those offered by SalesVu’s competitors, and we are unable to locate any complaints about the company’s contract terms at this time.


Complaints & Service

Key Points - Complaints & Service

Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A

At this time, we are able to locate only a handful of SalesVu complaints, and none of these complaints accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. One complainant accuses the company of misrepresenting its contract terms on its website, but the issue appears to have been fixed. Another complainant expresses discomfort with what they consider an invasive and lengthy signup process. Other complainants describe numerous technical issues and a lack of support for Android tablets.

The demanding signup requirements might actually be a strength of SalesVu, as the company’s relationships with Mercury Payment Systems and Century Payments demand that its customers receive approval for a merchant account before they can process payments. Although this can be seen as a barrier to signup, it’s a standard practice within the industry that helps to prevent withholding of funds. Square, for instance, does not require a similarly stringent process, and its clients frequently find themselves facing sizable, long-term payment holds as a result. This upfront commitment to fraud prevention helps to prevent account freezes before they occur and gives the processors some idea of a business’s risk for fraud from the start.

It’s likely that SalesVu defers to Mercury Payment Systems or Century Payments for actual merchant account issues, which could also cause complaints to be filed against those companies and not SalesVu in the event of a dispute. There is no evidence at this time that this is occurring, however. Merchants should note that they need to contact Mercury or Century directly to provide notification of their intent to cancel service. The company’s website lists email and phone customer support contact information.



SalesVu does not yet have a Better Business Bureau profile. Its processors, Mercury Payment Systems and Century Payments, are showing an “A+” and a “F,” respectively, at this time. Mercury’s rating is based on 73 complaints in the last three years, and Century’s is due to 12 complaints, but these figures may or may not be applicable to SalesVu’s score. In the absence of a BBB report specifically devoted to SalesVu, we will not factor a BBB rating into the company’s score at this time.

SalesVu Logo

SalesVu Bottom Line

SalesVu rates as a reliable payment processing service according to our standards. The company is showing very few complaints online and appears to offer competitive contract terms through Mercury Payment Systems. SalesVu is a very appealing mobile processing option for small and mid-sized businesses. Visit the SalesVu website for more information.

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  1. Would not work with these guys if you are a full service restaurant. Completely wasted my time and money – we were set to go, then they said the updates they had set to go were it going to happen. No refund. No explanation. Red flags from the beginning – but the reviews were good so I kept moving forward -again – do not work with these guys if you are a restaurant

    Are you with SalesVu? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  2. We used SalesVu with Mercury for about 3 years. Overall, things were okay. There was a rounding glitch with sales tax that we were kept being told would be fixed in the “next update” that never got fixed after three years. For low priced items, tax is rounded off at item level rather than order level. So at an order level, tax could be overstated by half a percent or so. I can’t overcharge and ended up having to reduce tax by 1% just to be sure not to overcharge. This additional 1% was pretty significant each month for three years. We lived with that though as the system was fairly reliable and once employees learned, not worth changing.
    However, our interactions with Mercury were very bad. Hold times were always very long and often we would get directed to just leave a number and wait for call back. One would think within an hour but call backs often came several days later. Top it all off, there was a $295 termination fee. We stopped using SalesVu for a couple months and then cancelled. We were told there was no cancellation fee. Apparently, we needed to wait a few more weeks before canceling. Be sure to read the fine print. I could almost live with this but they were very rude about it all. There is a reason why companies like Square are disrupting these antiquated merchant processors.

  3. SalesVu works ok most of the time. I have had problems, first of all the customer gets a “Recur” or “Recurring” memo on their credit card bill, this causes confusion and about 10 to 15 phone calls per month. SalesVu seems unable to fix this problem, they blame it on the banks, the banks blame it on SalesVu. Be prepared for confused customers calling about this error. Also, expect “Timed Out” errors when running cards, this will happen about once every 30 swipes. Problem is that sometimes a “Timed Out” actually charges the customers card with no record of the charge at SalesVu. so here’s my story, customer has a $650 purchase, I swipe card and get “Timed Out” tried it three more times, all “Timed out” finally customer gives me another card and I get an instant “Approved” problem was the customer was actually charged all four times, he bounced checks due to SalesVu’s error. When I contacted SalesVu they blame my internet connection. Windstream checked my internet connection and found no problems. So we have the finger pointing again. My advice is find another processor, SalesVu is too buggy.

    1. what device were you using for processing? I’ve recently asked them (again) about their android app, and they told me they are going to focus on the ipad/ ios devices for the foreseeable future. so this to me says that basically all the flaws with the android processor will continue until they start working on it again… whenever that may be. I’ve had syncing errors with the android app and with this latest info.. I feel that basically I have to go out and buy a whole new set of apple equipment. I’m not sure if their ios software is any better but i basically either have to find a new company or be forced to buy new equipment for peace of mind.

  4. I’ve been experimenting with salesvu for about 6 months. Here are some pros and cons:

    Pros: they reply pretty fast to customer support tickets. And try to help best they can

    Cons: their e-commerce solutions is inflexible, and at the same time primitive and mediocre compared to other companies like square, wix, weebly, jimdo, basically every other company has vastly superior e-commerce solution compared to salesvu. I can’t expound enough upon how amateurish their website builder is. It does not look professional at all.

    Cons: they might listen but not change anything. I’ve been giving them suggestions for improvements since about day one. These suggestions have not been unrealistic, it is suggestions that I see the competition already including, that is glaringly missing from salesvu.

    Cons: their android app is junk. Its like they just cobbled together something and shoved it out the door. Once again I emailed them and told them about the bugs and flaws. That was months ago. Did any of them get fixed? nope.

    In conclusion, If you need a company for cc processing that does not rely on android or building a website, this company is for you. If you use android devices, and need to build a website, there are much better, more professional options out there.

  5. I can’t thank enough salesvu for their am amazing POS system that exceeds my expectations and are all there for you when you have a question or suggestion, they really listen and make it better every update they do.

    Thanks Salesvu. I have a coffee shop in Chicago and can’t ask for better POS system for my coffee shop. If I ever open another business, Salesvu will be my pick.

    Highly recommend sales vu and the Credit card processing they work with. Reliable and great customer service.


    Sara Roberts
    The Coffee Alley

  6. SalesVu is far and away the best “Free” POS Cloud app out there. They listen to ideas (I gave them 5 back in July and all 5 were in the next release). I have been selling Point of Sale solutions for years, and know what makes software work for retailers. You could not get a better solution for your operations for less than $3000 per store. Unlike Square, you can actually export all your customers, upload to Constant Contact, and market to them. You can include your URL on the receipt. This is a very young app, and there are great things coming, including Android Support. I have never waited more than a few hours for response from Support either. Five Stars for value.

  7. While Sales Vu may be user friendly, there are factors which make it undesireable. I own a small business and pursued SalesVu for my mobile payment company due to their rates and ratings. However, I found them to be a very difficult and inflexible company to deal with. The application process was tedious and the amount of personal and private information that SalesVu wanted was unreasonable. I wasted more than an entire day of my time filling out applications, attaching additional statements and requirements, and in the end, the sales rep was in a hurry to get off of the phone.
    The next morning my business partner and I went online and took less than a half hour to be completely set up and ready to go with Square Up. If your time is worth something, and you want to retain your personal finance and IRS information for your own protection, you should avoid the brain damage of spending hours and hours trying to put together a deal with SalesVu.
    We are very satisfied and relieved to be using Square Up.

    1. I went through the same process … thing is … I have a very different take on it … they explained that they did thorough application process at the outset so that it helps them and ultimately us as business owners to avoid potential chargebacks and to see if they are going to be able to insure a quality business relationship …

      They helped me every step of the way … they called and/or emailed me back when I called or emailed them they also walked me through the entire application one question at a time etc. …

      other mobile payment systems dont take the information salesvu does at the beginning of a business relationships and thus run the chance of ruining later with surprises … like … i paid out 13 in fees for a payment of 99.00 bucks … I can tell you I didnt see that one coming … since I have in the last few years formed the habit of “reading any and all terms and conditions” …

      so I said all that to say this … Sales Vu is very professional … Very tedious … but its better to be thorough now then trying to explain WTH happened later

  8. If you have a small business and looking for a great iOS app that let you do everything from front end payment processing to back end products inventory, customers, pricing, report etc, than this is the best service app out there. I used Squareup before, although square let you do the payment processing for almost the same fee, but Salvesvu offer much better features. I just love this app. Ever since I found this app on iOS, it just make my business a lot easier. My customer love the signature feature of which they can sign with there finger. I found that salesvu customer service is much easier and less problem processing large amount payment. Squareup, everytime you handle a large amount lets said over $1000, they ask you for more documents to prove transaction legit etc. Salesvu, much easier. quick deposit to your bank.

    To sum it up, I just love it. A+++ app/service

  9. Hi George,

    The newest version of SalesVu is now out that supports receipt printing and cash drawer. It works great!

    – Jerry

  10. I like the “in the cloud” model of salesvu better than square, where you need to enter all of your items directly into the ipad, which can be cumbersome. I have been waiting to really try salesvu until they release an update that supports receipt printing and cash drawers, which seems to have been “a couple of weeks away” for about a month. I currently use Mercury Payments and I have calculated that I would save a significant amount of money by using their service through salesvu, which is perplexing,

    Both of these applications (square and salsvu) need work to deal with complex sales tax rules that most basic cash registers can handle. It way be a while before they are “mature” enough for use in my restaurant.

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