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Company Overview

Skrill, formerly operating under the name of Moneybookers USA, is an online payment and money transfer service headquartered in New York City and London. Launched in 2008 but originally incorporated in England in 2001, the company functions as an international PayPal-style service for U.S. and European users. This makes it popular among merchants who require multi-currency payment processing. Additionally, Skrill also allows auction payments via eBay and appears to provide merchant accounts.

In 2023, Skrill made a number of expansions. One such included an expanded focus on facilitating betting and esports payments. Skrill also expanded into Russia through a partnership with Yandex.Money.

2023 Move Away from Crypto

In 2023, Skrill stopped working with Binance, meaning Binance no longer processes the GBP (British pounds) until they get another processor. This is part of a larger move by Skrill to apparently move away from crypto, which in turn appears to be due to the UK cracking down on digital currency. This crackdown follows a 2023 trend in many major nations relating to the perceived volatility of cryptocurrency after the failure of FTX and Silicon Valley Bank.

Skrill Payment Processing

Like other online person-to-person payment companies, Skrill offers payment processing for all major credit and debit cards. Skrill payments can be sent through their app or their website. You can also hold funds in a Skrill digital wallet, and they even offer a physical Skrill card to use the money stored in your Skrill wallet.

Skrill Digital Wallet

Skrill provides a digital wallet, a type of online account into which users can deposit funds. This wallet can then be used to make payments online without the need to enter card or bank details directly on the website you are paying. It helps users streamline their online transactions and offers an additional layer of security.

International Money Transfers with Skrill

The company enables users to transfer money internationally. This service can be useful for people who need to send money abroad, such as expatriates, or for businesses that have international operations. The cost and speed of these transfers can depend on various factors, including the countries involved and the amount being transferred.

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Skrill offers a prepaid Mastercard, which is available in selected countries. Users can load funds onto the card from their Skrill digital wallet and then use the card to make purchases in-store or online at any location where Mastercard is accepted. It functions like a debit card, drawing funds from the balance in the digital wallet.

Cryptocurrency Services by Skrill

Skrill provides a service through which users can buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Users can carry out these transactions directly from their Skrill account, using the funds they have in their digital wallet. However, as noted above, the company appears to be moving away from crypto.

Skrill Payment Gateway

Skrill’s payment gateway enables businesses to accept online payments from customers. It supports various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, instant banking, and the Skrill digital wallet. The gateway includes features like fraud screening to help protect businesses from fraudulent transactions.

Is Skrill Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Hundreds of merchants have had their payments frozen by Skrill. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

Location & Ownership

Skrill/Moneybookers USA is owned by Paysafe Group and operates a London headquarters at Floor 27, 25 Canada Square, London E14 5LQ, United Kingdom, and a New York headquarters at 61 Broadway, Suite 1603, New York, New York 10006. Joel Leonoff is the president and CEO of Skrill.

Skrill Pros and Cons


  • International payments
  • Prepaid cards
  • Digital wallet


  • Many complaints
  • Reportedly holds funds often
  • Reports of poor customer service

Video Summary

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Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Offers pay-as-you-go pricing with no early termination fees and…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 450 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “A-” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 94 complaints and 15 reviews in regards to…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not hire independent sales agents but has received some complaints about its…
Skrill payment processing
Skrill offers online payment processing similarly to Square or Venmo

Skrill Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Recent Lawsuits

Frozen Funds and Slow Service

We are currently able to locate over 450 negative Skrill reviews on this and other websites, many of which accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. Most of the complaints cite frozen accounts, withheld funds, unauthorized and fraudulent charges, poor or unreachable customer service, and deceptive selling practices by Skrill users. Some of these complaints have been posted by personal users who use Skrill as a mobile app for sending money to people, but most of them were written by business owners. In general, clients are suspicious of lengthy and excessive fund withholding by Skrill, particularly in conjunction with the excessive identity verification process required by the company.

Skrill Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Skrill. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Skrill Customer Support Options

Skrill clients have access to phone and email support but many complaints have arisen regarding the company’s customer service quality. In addition, many business owners have reported that they were unable to reach anyone at Skrill for days on end. In many cases, client complaints received rebuttals from Skrill that confirmed that the clients were in violation of Skrill’s terms of use, but the manner in which Skrill communicated with these businesses appears to be a major source of frustration at this time. We cannot assign Skrill a favorable rating in this category given the large number of complaints that mention long-term fund-holds and zero communication from the company.

Skrill BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

BBB Reports

A Large Drop in Complaints

Skrill is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. As of the review, the company holds an “A-” rating with the BBB. The company’s profile is currently showing 94 complaints in the last 36 months. 23 of these 94 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 71 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Users Say

Skrill has also received 15 informal reviews, all negative in tone. The most recent review complains about held funds and poor customer service:

I’ve had the worst experience with this company over the last past 3 days. My account was restricted due to using an ATM. Now this is the 3rd day my account been restricted for being negative $3. How is that possible when you can only spend what’s available in my bank acct. I was told my account was restricted due to pending charges/deposits. I was told 3 credits were pending yesterday. I have over $500 that I cannot access due to the restriction. I have communicated with them over 20 times from yesterday til today. The credits posted to my account yesterday when I was told that I was still waiting which was a lie. I received three separate confirmation emails yesterday with each of those charges posting to my account. As of yesterday, the restriction should have been lifted as soon as those three credits posted. However, it was not. Today money was deposited in that account, that I have no access. even though the credits posted to my account yesterday. My account is currently in a restricted status. I have messaged them all day and called their customer service number which no one is ever available to help you get the same recording over and over again. The only recourse that you have is to talk with a robot and do a chat message with them which is no help. I finally got a response by someone by the name of ********* stating that they did verify all charges were posted and applied to my account. Now it’s sent up to another department to remove the restriction. However, I am still waiting. I really need my electricity bill which is due today. If I don’t pay it I will receive a reconnection fee and a disconnect of my electricity. I have children. I’ve begged and pleaded to them to release the restriction off my account. This is beyond ridiculous that I have to go through all of this for money that’s mine and their holding hostage.

Clients who experience an issue with withheld funds may be able to make their payment processor release their funds.

A “D” Performance Overall

Skrill’s delay in responding to its complaints is the main factor lowering the BBB’s score for Skrill, and considering the overall numbers for its profile, we are inclined to agree with  the BBB’s former rating of “D.”

Skrill Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
2.90% + $0.29
Equipment Leasing

Different Rates for Different Countries

Skrill offers a wide variety of payment options in various currencies, including digital wallets and online payment gateways for European clients, which makes it difficult to compare the company’s contract terms to industry averages. Rates vary between businesses based on their monthly sales volume. Businesses making up to $3,000 in sales are charged a rate of 2.90% plus $0.29. Businesses with sales between $3,000 and $10,000 are charged a rate of 2.80% plus $0.29. The next tier of sales over $10,000 but under $100,000 are charged a rate of 2.70% plus $0.29. Lastly, sales exceeding $100,000 a month are given a rate of 2.60% plus $0.29. Merchant accounts are also charged a fee of $0.49 for each refund and $20 for chargebacks.

Most Skrill complaints do not disclose any other rates and fees (such as an ETF or PCI Compliance Fee) within the company’s contract, focusing instead on problems with fund withholding and sudden cancellation.

Higher U.S. Fees Than Average

For U.S. users, Skrill charges a fee of 2.9% to load an account using a Visa or MasterCard card and a fee of 7.50% to load an account using a Paysafecard prepaid card. Users can load a Skrill account via ACH transfer for free. Withdrawing funds from a Skrill account costs $5.50, and sending money to another Skrill user costs 1.9% of the transaction (maximum charge of $20). There is also a monthly inactivity fee of $3.00 starting in the 13th month of inactivity. These costs are subject to change, so U.S. merchants are advised to check the company’s currently displayed pricing.

Troublesome Fraud Policies

Most negative Skrill reviews about Skrill generally express confusion about Skrill’s fraud prevention policies, trouble resolving fund-holds in a timely fashion, “hacked” accounts, and excessive identity verification procedures enforced by Skrill. We have seen complaints about this last point posted by both business owners and individual customers of Skrill, who all complain of having to provide photo verification, proof of address, and other sensitive personal information to Skrill in order to verify their identities. This verification process appears to go on for an excessive amount of time in some cases, leaving clients twisting in the wind without their withheld funds. This procedure, like the establishment of a cash reserve, is a reasonable policy for Skrill to have in place, but it appears that Skrill’s enforcement of it is poorly executed.

Not Recommended for High-Risk

Skrill’s mishandling of suspected fraud is an especially egregious issue for a company that openly markets its services to high-risk merchant types such as online gaming, Forex, and digital content. These businesses may be better off working with high-risk specialists. We also encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Skrill payment conversion rates

Skrill offers a useful rates tool to help customers know exactly how much money will be sent

Skrill Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

No Independent Sales Agents

Skrill appears to primarily market itself through its website and through traditional advertising. There is currently no evidence that the company partners with independent sales agents to market its services, and we are unable to locate any negative Skrill reviews that accuse the company’s sales team of deceptive advertising tactics. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Major Risk of Fund-Holds

One major complaint among clients has to do with nondisclosure or inadequate explanation of the company’s fraud prevention and fund withholding policies. While this issue is more directly related to Skrill’s contract terms and customer service, it does seem as if Skrill could limit the number of business owner complaints it receives by clearly describing its policies regarding high-risk business types. As it stands, Skrill’s official advertising materials do not appear to deter unqualified businesses from signing up for the service, which may be the cause of many complaints about sudden cancellation of service and withholding of funds.

Skrill Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

Skrill rates as a substandard credit card processing provider according to our criteria—in fact, it’s considered one of the worst processors on CPO. The company’s overall rating suffers from a high complaint volume that appears to be almost exclusively related to its fraud prevention policies. Customers report sudden freezes on accounts and withheld funds, but more importantly, they also claim to have great difficulty resolving these issues in a timely fashion through Skrill’s customer service department. These claims are supported by Skrill’s track record of inadequate responses through the BBB.

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Customer & Employee Reviews

What Others Are Saying About Skrill

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371 Responses

  • Elvis

    now skrill and nettler are useless to many people cause you cant use master Card

  • Alex

    The support of skrill is VERY incompetent and lazy. They are not able to understand the issues although I’ve explained to them the issue multiple times. And instead after some time they even stop replying. It is simply ridiculous support service. They have some problems with visa card verifications and/or are scamming their clients for fees which is really low


      They do that on purpose for not paying you nothing.

  • Petar

    Skrill is a COMPANY THAT COOKED MONEY and be careful not to open an account there !!! They first steal your identity (passport, identity card or any document), then they say that the verification failed and for the administrative costs they take (stolen) from your account 150 euros. Then they block your account !!! The greatest thieves in the world !!!

  • Sandeep Yadav

    If possible avoid SKRILL, they charge 7.5 % of your money if you withdraw your money.
    Also charge without your consent

    Poor customer service, slow response to emails

    Their exchange rates are also questionable.

    Complete rubbish

  • Tomas

    Do not use, I send a payment to my account and they say that not they have received it, I have sent transfer documents. They not do any offer to solve the problem. 3000$ are gone for me and I have no possible way to get them from skrill.

    Help your self do not use skrill, if you not will risk the complete sum you transfer.

  • alex

    Skrills sending spam emails. Everytime I add fresh email address to Skrills after short while I will start getting tons of emails about casino, poker and the like.

    I think is the time for me to close the account with Skrills the money phishing scam.

  • Dirk

    Very amateur company with appalling customer service. I tried to upload €230 through direct banking (so that it should appear instantly on my account) as I needed it at that moment. Due to some technical problems from their side in the payment process, the money did not show up in my account, but had disappeared from my bank account. As it didn’t show up in my account in the next hours, I made another upload transaction, again paying their upload fees, this time without problems.
    I had to send an e-mail and 2 days later they requested a proof from my bank to confirm the payment was done (I would say they should simply be able to see themselves if the funds arrived or not). Sent the proof and requested the money to be returned into my bank account as I already made a replacing transaction, I didn’t need it on my Skrill account anymore. They confirmed the transaction and it showed up on my Skrill account, but my request was denied, pointing to their “Terms of Agreement”. So, due to technical problems on their side, I had to pay twice the upload fee and another withdrawal fee to get my money back into my bank account. They did not show any responsibility or even apologized for the technical problems that caused my DIRECT banking upload to delay over 2 days.

  • Kl.a

    Very very very very bad service
    They blocked me 9300 eu without any reason
    They ask me to prove and verify my credit cards i have already send all the proff but nooo onee reapond to me
    I call them everyday but everyday the same song they told me that the departament is verifying my situation
    Do anyone tell me how to deal with them??

  • john

    when i opened my skrill account suddenly there was a transaction to [email protected] for $USD 60. i didnt make this transaction and this is the first time that it has happened to me. very confusing. any1 has the same experience as me?

  • Annelies

    The Skrill payment system is very sensitive for phising and scamming, Skrill is one of the biggest enablers of digital crime and money laundring. Instead of doing something about it, they support it and sponsor it, since they are making money from it. It’s not strange that they changed their bad name, Moneybookers, to Skrill, in order to erase their criminal past, but they have just started over…

    WARNING: Do not trust their platform, you are running the risk of losing all your money!

  • Leonard Jancorda

    They are scumbags. Support is very very poor. I still have $100 in them that I can’t get. They want to verify my location, I gave them my government IDs, and still don’t want to approve. They’re geolocation that supposedly verifies your location doesn’t work. Don’t ever use this company. It will just give you big headache and a will take your 100 dollar. Fucking scammers!

    • Shuka

      In order to test if I can WD money from skrill to my bank account in Turkey, I got deposit from my financial source 100 USD and WD made on the 13th September, and went through on the 14th September. After 8 business days still I have not received 100USD-7USD(cahrge)=93USD yet. I am waiting for this and they said, after 10 business days, they can start to investigate. My bank still not receiving the money. I am stuck. My test to use Skrill was failed, so I will not use Skrill anymore ever!

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: Best Multi-Currency Merchant Accounts

  • K Rollins

    after successfully wiring over $5000 every month, they suddenly held it over 2 weeks with no explanation, made us jump thru hoops to prove we sent the money, getting all kinds of letterhead from the sending bank, and then once we finally figured out what they wanted and sent it from exactly the right place with exactly the right #’s in the title and got a confirmation # to prove we had a case open (under another #) ONLY then did they release our money.

  • Clare

    Complete robber if making a payment to a personal email address. Can give no details out of seller in which to contact them. AVOID THIS APP. Very poor customer service also.

    • leigh kerr

      would any people who have been the subject of wrong doing by skrill be interested in taking a class action lawsuit against this company?my account has been frozen for several months now . i have tried many times to comply with the new rules but have been rejected at every turn.i am owed $1100audfrom skrill and i dont want to see them get away with it, or continue to cheat others

  • Ciro

    Skrill has the best security system in the world. Nobody will be able to steal your money because they already did. Worst payment provider ever. Be warned.

  • Slainte

    I used Skrill and MOneybookers on many occasions and i had relatively good experience despite the impossible fees. Two months ago i made withdrawal to a card which was closed but it was still active in my drop-down menu in Skrill. I talked with my bank and they said that the money will bounce to my card and should be back to Skrill in approx. 10 days. It is 2 months already no money in skrill. I talked with them several times on the phone and email. I provided documents regarding my closed bank account but since then nothing. They stopped answering my emails and i have not heard from them in the last 2 weeks. Terrible support, horrible experience!

  • Soo

    I had a balance of about 500 pounds in Skrill account. When I checked it a few months later, the money was all gone. It wasn’t hacking. Skrill took all the money due to all sorts of “fees” (e.g. inactivity fees, etc.), and pointed me to a hidden clause in the Terms and Conditions which I had not seen before.

    They intentionally make it difficult to withdraw your money from your account (you have to let it sit for a few months), and come up with various fees in the meantime. What a clever way of taking people’s money…


  • R

    No one should ask for social security number as linking to your existing bank account is enough for any transaction; PayPal is the most evil but they don’t ask for SS # as they know it is illegal … do not use skrill. It’s an invitation for foreign sellers for fraudulent behavior. They also can not protect your information from hackers.

  • Tamer Mohamed

    Very bad customer services no reply just automatic emails with case number.

  • Nicholas

    Has anyone tried using the Ombudsman for Skrill?

  • shiraj

    Skrill is scam and now I have proof.

    Fund transfer takes 2 working days and on the 3rd day max the funds must be credited if all data match.

    Obviously I provide proof that all data match in my transaction but as you see from the replies from skrill they are full of bullshit scam.

    I did a fund transfer from bank account with instructions given in Skrill webpage. included my Skrill Id and IBAN number in the fund transfer.

    after 5 working day since no funds, send an inquiry to skrill. kundly note there is no phone number to contact. Skrill sends automated replies and ask me to send bank account and fund transfer details.

    sent 4 images of screen shot of fund transfer.

    The personnel Valentine replies saying they cannot accept the screen shots.

    Now very simply over 4 weeks passed, USD 200 must be already in there bank account in sweeden stockholm.

    without asking me to send a scanned copy of my bank details, they can a specified USD 200 has arrived the the bank and also see in comments my Skrill ID.

  • D

    I have a small amount stuck also. I’ve sent them a request to resolve the problem and also tried to close my account. They have yet to respond.
    They changed the rules after I made a deposit and froze my account. Now they want to much personal info for my comfort. I just don’t trust them. They don’t make it easy for customers to resolve issues for a reason.
    Looks like I’ll have to eat my deposit and change my credit card number. I’ll also contact the vendor that I tried to send funds to and ask them to contact Skrill on my behalf… Obfuscation as they hold your funds and try to intimidate you into giving up sensitive personal info…. Bad people with bad intentions I would think.

  • Luța

    The worst service I have ever seen. STAY AWAY FROM THEM PEOPLE.
    It is not about patience, THEY STOLE MONEY. I have used several on-line companies and I have never had any problem with them.

    They pretend you give wrong bank account, not once twice in a row, they charge you with alleged fees, from I don’t know what international bank, they say, without any proof that your money get trough all those banks they say. I will terminate the account with them.

  • alex

    Added money to skill (they charge you to do this), could not complete payment through skrill. So I tried to get my money back out, skill wants my card details for this. Add card details… Skill wants to verify my card… verify card… still wont let me withdraw my money with my verified card. Have to add a bank account instead, withdrawing money to a bank account takes 2-5 days and charges me a fee.

    Thanks a lot you scam artists, you cost me £10 in fees and 2 hours of time to send you my money and find out you wont let me use it or get it back without paying you. Never using this service again.

  • Yuliya

    Hello everyone,

    I want to complain about Skrill verification process. I registered an account there back in 2014 from Ukraine. I didn’t have any problems with money withdrawal until they changed their policy. Now I am married with a new surname and new location and therefore I cannot withdraw the money to my new card and a bank account since they don’t change my details. I sent them the copies of documents hundred of times, called them, wrote complains and they play deaf and blind. Only returning with basic replies like send us the documents for verification! I have 600 dollars there and cannot do anything, any ideas what can I do? Thank you

  • vu manh quan

    hi everybody!
    now i have a problem with my acc skrill. I cannot use my visa electron card for deposit to my acc skrill. 3 weeks ago, i tried deposit from my card, but skill company dont accepted my card. And then ,i send a lot of emails to support of skrill, but nobody reponse my mail.
    i dont know why ?
    now who can tell me how do i use my acc skrill for deposit?
    thanks so much!

  • Mark

    Do not use it. Bad service. unclear what is needed for verification. Can’t use my account but they can withdraw an annual maintenance fee. Now unable to close my account. Keep getting unclear messages what to do. Now i need to send a copy of my ID but i don’t trust them anymore.

  • Ram Babu

    I use skrill for smaller transactions , didnt have problems yet, i hope not in future too, adding my 2 cents for the unfortunate ones, if your money is stuck with skrill then why dont you complaint to UK”s Financial ombudsman? they are the ones to reach when banks fail to help

  • Jack

    HORRIBLE practices!!!
    After they have accepted verification and having sent money 3 times all of a sudden they have blocked my account asking for more verification that is almost impossible to get so now I cannot even withdraw money back to the credit card I was using!
    They will NOT even give me my money back!!!!!
    Avoid them as the plague they are!

    • ROLF W

      WARNING! Avoid this company and the crooks who operate it. Thye have repeatedly debited my Master Card and Visa Card accounts. Fortunately, I discovered their nefarious practice and reported it, resulting in the cancellation of the credit cards in use. It took weeks to have the charges reversed.

      • Sharon Marerwa

        Hello where did you report the issue. I have a friend they are trying to scam $3000 imagine. The money didn’t get to his bank account and they are playing tricks. We want to open a lawsuit

  • Latifa Salama

    I had an old account on skrill, but it is not trusted. So, I opened a new account with a new email. When I finished registration, a message appeared saying: 1. We have detected a similar account profile in our system. You will be unable to deposit, withdraw or pay with your account until you contact customer support. If you have forgotten your original credentials for your active account, please retrieve your password below.

    So, I found it better to close the old account. So, I sent them an email asking them to close the account. Actually they closed it. Then, I tried to log in my new account, but I found problem accessing my account. So, I sent them an email asking for their support and help to solve this problem. They replied with a response ticket telling me that they closed my new account. I wonder whether it is a violation or fraudulent activity to close an old account and open a new one. This is really unfair. I really want a solution. Even when I try to open a new account, they tell me that there is a similar account profile in their system, though they closed my accounts. How it comes?

  • abdellatif

    Support never respond or take weeks to solve simple issues and totally rude company

  • aydin

    I recommend you not to order skrill prepaid card because its very bad service. my card has suddenly been blocked without reason. very worthless! I have ordered another new prepaid card from another company.

  • Kabelo Olyn

    poor service everything is just out of date nothing can be done without hassle

  • Oleg

    First of all, I was forced to use your service by seller from Alibaba, that was unable to return my money to PayPal.
    Second, I was able transfer back only $14, and then system stuck, and not allow me to do anything, and i were unable to find any way to contact anyone for help, I leave it alone till time I will be able to use it.
    None of reminders has been received, otherwise I will respond with question how to transfer funds if system not allow.
    Right now site looks different than in 2012 and I was able to find a way to send email, but my money already get stolen.
    Stolen because, no way to contact, no reminders, no any help.
    Thank you for “great” service.
    I will never use it again, and will not recommend it to anyone.

    • Elliot nyapisi

      I made a withdrawal on the 27 nth June even today I never got the money,BT a friend of mine had the same problem BT after a month his funds were returned to his skrill acc can I get help here plz that was ZAR 6 942.50

    • Oleg

      After bunch of complaints on different organizations, thanks to BBB that was able to get my money back. So, fight and fight for your staff and usually it works. Good luck!

  • Chaython Meredith

    I incurred 1400eur in exchange fees when loading my account. They converted all my eur to cad just for me to send money in eur and pay the exchange once again. Such a scam, why don’t they have multiple currency support!!!!!

  • Mehmet

    (Customer ID: 88298772)
    Believe it or not but i will go on telling my own story with that Skrill thing. I deposited 130$ for gaming reason. Then i regret and wanted to withdraw it back (here we go!). Wanted to withdraw in my brother’s account (-21.53$). They didn’t accept and sent it back (-21.53$). I got insane and tried to withdraw in my own account(21.53). Today is 12TH OF JULY AND GUESS WHAT ? I ORDERED TO WITHDRAW ON JUNE 22ND !!? I know, right ? Its neither in my skrill account nor my bank account. Sent ticket for like 10 times, same answers. They took more than half of my money and the rest is missing for 21 DAYS !!! I hope you don’t mess with them after reading this.

  • alice

    they are cheating with the fees. I got my new debitcard updated but when i tried to make a deposti to a netcasino, skrill said my card is not validated! and i have witness that it was validated! They just want money after money and that is all

  • Bill lee

    Skrill had been always OK, but it has stopped USD supporting since last September, so I have to convert USD to EUR before withdrawing. it will bring 3%+ of total my money losing.
    Really bad

  • sreenath

    My customer id : 91369305, Ticket Response (#08081699) it has been 6 days, and i have no update why skrill has blocked my account, and whenever i called support team, they simply says they dont have update and relevant team is working on it, and my account has blocked on 20th june, and skrill has withdrawn the amount of 47$ without my notice, how can you withdraw my hard earned money with my permission, do u think you can do whatever you want if you have controls…??????

    • aydin

      Skrill has blocked my card too without letting me know. I have quickly withdrawn 34 euro to my bank card. lucky! I decided not to use the card anymore. I have ordered another new prepaid card from another company.
      Skrill is worthless

  • AM

    when I wanted to withdraw my account skrill asked for my birthdate. I filled it, But Skrill – the worst, stupid system said it’s wrong. i’m absolutely sure that I entered correct birthdate
    (who didn’t know his birthday?)
    When I did contact skrill support, It said my issue was escalated.
    but THEY just close my account !!!!!
    you should help me resolve my issue NOT closing my account

    this is not fair,SKRILL previously assured me that they will solve the problem satisfactorily “we shall make every effort to offer a satisfactory resolution as soon aspossible.”
    and I think closing my account is not a satisfactory solution.

    they just reply me with an unjust decision without even explaining the reasons , which seems like a thief plan

    Now I’m completely devastated as I don’t know how to defend my rights, since Skrill confiscated my money and left me with no option at all.
    130$ gone. Really annoying me.

    • Steven Bingham

      Get in touch with the financial regulators in your country.

  • Chris


    Absolutely horrible company to deal with, DO NOT USE Skrill they have zero customer support / service and they will literally steal and lock your money. You can contact them for days and nothing is being done, i have to take legal steps to be able to get my money back that i deposited into my account. They do not respond to emails, phone calls and will just tell you that your case has been escalated or receive robot replies.

    • Ufuoma

      Hello, what legal step did you take cause my account is blocked and before then I had sent verifying documents. And letter my account ask for passport reset and was blocked. My 125pound is my skrill account can’t access it to even withdraw. Please tell me what to do . thanks

  • Yasemin Acikgun

    I have 2 skrill account, one in TRY the other in EUR. I requested one withdraw from my Skrill TRY account to my TRY bank account and one withdrawal from my Skrill EUR account to my EUR bank account on the same they. After 10 days the funds were still not in my accounts so contacted Skrill. They said to me that both funds are returned because the bank details I have provided were wrong. I know that this is not possible because I have withdrawn money to the same bank account from Skrill in the past plus I have checked and made sure that my bank details are correct before requesting the withdrawals.
    They also said that they returned the funds to my Skrill account but the amount they have returned was 24 TRY – initially, it was 132 TRY- and 300 EUR –
    initially, it was 402 EUR. I’ve re-entered my bank details and requested the remaining amount to my bank account but I’m sure they will not send it. I will let you know the outcome.
    I will never use Skrill again and I don’t recommend it to anybody.

    • J

      I have suffering the same fate as you do. I had a test transfer, meaning I have uploaded funds thru my credit card 125euro and made a withrawal to my bank accounts less 5.50 charge. All my documents were verified so no limits.

      I have optes bank transfer on July17 and up until now my money is not in my bank account! This is very strange! I sent an email and they responded that with a transaction ID indication it was processed last July17.

      I have a strong a feeling they never initiated the transfer, and they have stalled this and they will steal the money eventually.

      I am surprised no one has reported them and is still victimizing people, who will shut them off?

  • Iman

    do n’t use skrill, it s a waste of time, the customer service cannot solve any problem the only things they said is clean your cash or wait another 48 hours, i wait 72 hours to they resolve issue from my account and they cannot and ask for wait another 48 hours, it is better and cheaper to wire money. do not use it!!!

  • ahmed

    Stay AWAY THEY can take your Money at any times without telling you anything

  • Franck

    Terrible service. No way to upload money. My credit card is in good standing and they constantly denied my payments. Customer service is next to useless. Don’t work with Skrill. Choose other alternatives.

  • nuwan

    they stold my 10 000$ money . SCAM .. dont upload money there

  • ma

    they holding my money .. no reply to my E mails . scamm scam scam

    • nuwan_k

      they closed my account with 10 000$

      tottal scam dont deal with SKRILL

      We are sorry to inform you that during a recent audit of your Skrill account, we found reasonable grounds to discontinue our business relationship. Therefore your account has been closed. Please note that this decision is final.

      More information on the issue is available in the Terms and Conditions you accepted when you registered. The following articles apply:

      4. Opening Your Skrill Account

      [ … ]

      4.5. All information you provide during the signup process or any time thereafter must be accurate and truthful.

      [ … ]

      17. Termination and suspension

      [ … ]

      17.4. We may at any time suspend or terminate your Skrill Account without notice in case:

      17.4.1. you breach any condition of these Terms of Use or any other condition applicable to specific services covered by separate terms and conditions;

      17.4.2. you violate or we have reason to believe that you are in violation of any law or regulation that is applicable to your use of our services; or

      17.4.3. we have reason to believe that you are in any way involved in any fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorism financing or other criminal activity.

      Best regards,
      Skrill Account Security Team

      • Lutte Kikker

        What does it mean? That they can keep your money after they close your account? Or will this money returned later AFTER they close your account? It’s still not their money right? I can understand that they will hand the money over to police and justice but not to wire it on their own (i.e. Skrill) bank account. This way you can just lock any Skrill account with a lot of money on it (even if it’s just a legit person using it for himself) and gain massive profits as organisation!

        I just opened a Skrill account because some ebayer demanded it “for my and his safety” but now I don’t trust this payment method anymore (I want to use it because I need a new smartphone asap and found an affordable phone on ebay). If it means this payment method is fraudulous (i.e. Skrill) how is it possible that such a criminal organisation can work within the European Union??

  • Glorianna

    Too bad.
    Even the app on mobile is not working properly.

  • mark segal

    I have been using skrill for 15 years

    UPDATE – 2 more days go by, they still don’t care

    UPDATE – I yet again get the same email that I received from them 9 days ago saying it will take a few days for them to review and get back to me. They don’t care. BAD company

    I have been using skrill for 15 years, spent tens of thousands of Dollars with them – I made a payment which somehow was charged back by my bank. This put my Skrill account in a negative . Upon finding this out I made an immediate payment in order to bring my skrill account back into credit. Since then my account has been suspended and I have been trying to resolve this for nearly a week. Nobody cares, nobody replies. This is extremely disappointing and unacceptable to me so I decided to close my account andwithdraw my balance, can’t even do this now. My only crime is to cover a negative balance the second I found out about it. Thank You Skrill.
    Not that anyone at skrill seems gives a damn but here is my ticket number etc:
    TICKET RESPONSE (#07479025) [ REF:_00D206XZL._500D01Q2VCR:REF ]
    Will keep everyone updated here and make sure others know about the way skrill have treated me on the other sites that matter. I dont want anyone else to go through this nightmare.

  • Nicole

    Worst payment service EVER!! I didn’t use my account for a few months, I tried logging in and found that it was locked. I emailed Skrill, and they took several DAYS to reply. They always take several days to reply to my messages. They told me I had to verify my account by uploading my ID, license or passport photos; this was very inconvenient. Now I’m still having problems accessing MY hard earned money in my Skrill account. Withdrawals to bank accounts take weeks. Plus, they send a lot of spam to your email. And that’s not even all of the bad experiences I’ve had with Skrill. I am a freelancer living in the Americas and I found a much, much better and more convenient method to withdraw my money called Payoneer. If you are thinking about using Skrill, please do yourself a favor and don’t.

  • Supra

    Catastrophic… Not only did i not receive my wire transfer withdrawal due to their incompetence but these charlatans charge super high conversion fees and interest and then blame it on intermediary banks when addressed.Closed my account and never using Skrill again.

    • Stacie Highland

      how did you manage to close your account?

  • Ringo

    I made an account and successfully attached my credit and debit card. Then, when I wanted to withdraw my account they asked for my birthdate. I filled it but Skrill said it’s wrong. I tried another one, again, I’m wrong. Thinking I just made a mistake again, I again filled it (who in the heck didn’t know his birthday?) again I’m wrong and my account my frozen. It said I should contact them. When I did, they asked me to verify my account and have a scanned copy of my government-issued ID. I did it. However, it said that it can’t verify my account. I contacted them to just bring my money back to where it came, so I can have it again using another processor noting that I will just close my account since I can’t withdraw money and it is not accepting my IDs. It said my issue was escalated. Now, I’m trying to contact them but no avail. It just scammed me. $25 is already big in my country.

  • saher hegazy


    Skrill without any notice have put my money (USD4500) on hold at 8:00am on the 8th of April 2017, this is a breech of section 17.5.2 of the terms, I’ve communicated with them several times over the phone and through emails without any meaningful response. I’ve registered an official complaint with them to comply with sections 20.1, 20.2, and 20.3 of the terms and I got no response within the time frame they have set themselves hence I am filing my complaint here.

    I’ve used Skrill for months without any issues, I’m selling discounted gift cards and forex signals over some trading forums. Once my freelance business started to grow in volume I got an account suspension without any notice.

    I emailed Skrill about the issue and they replied asking me 3 questions about the nature of the account, the payments I received and 1 particular transaction I made. I answered all their questions, and I offered them all the assistance required. I also contacted the person who made this transaction with me (Purchasing Gift Cards) and they confirmed everything is fine and they will contact Skrill on my behalf.

    When I got no response from Skrill via email I started calling, in the past 48 hours I made at least 8 international calls without getting any useful information. All they say is that there’s a security check on my account, they can’t tell me when it will be over, or what’s happening.

    I’ve done nothing wrong, and I didn’t believe what is written about this company over the internet until I became one of their victims.

    They should be transparent about what they do with people’s money.

    • F Blurton

      On Saturday 8 April they froze my account, with over £1000 in it. I just think they’ve gone bust

    • Yanik

      Hi !
      Same thing for me. They frozed my account ( over 10.000$) the 8 or 7 March without any email i had to notice it by my self.
      It’s have been now 5 weeks… The phone support is useless I call them every day, they keep saying that my case is with the relevant team.
      They ask me question by email… I responded but getting any response from them takes weeks…
      Bad service !

    • Yanik

      Same thing for me, account frozen since last 8 March with over 10.000 $ in it.
      Support costumer is useless and don’t provide any solution .. It keeps only asking you to wait.
      Getting any response from the relevant département take weeks…
      Very frustrating ! Bad experience !

    • Nicole

      Yes, I still can’t even get my money out of my account and their call agents don’t even seem to understand English properly. Skrill should be shut down!

    • Stacie Highland

      Skrill will not release my money. I used them to transfer funds from an Istockphoto account. Meanwhile I realize that I can no longer withdraw the funds, can’t cancel the account and can’t add a bank account to withdraw the funds! So far they have taken 40 dollars from me and I am concerned here. I think they are scamming people of their money! I am ready for a class action lawsuit for sure! count me in.

  • saher hegazy

    Not Good.

    I’ve been using Skrill for a while an I never had issues until today. I am having a working capital of USD5000 in my account with Skrill and when I was attempting to make a USD1400 payment Skrill said I can’t contact support.

    I emailed support and they replied back asking questions like why am I receiving money, what do I do with the account, and what is my relationship with a person who sent me money earlier.

    I answered the questions, and I’ve earlier read and understood all of the Terms and Conditions and I violated none. I even informed Skrill that if there was an issue with this particular payment I am willing to assist them finding the person who made it and I don’t mind a charge back or whatever. I received no reply.

    I decided to place a call and it seemed that phone support has no access to the information earlier shared through email, after explaining everything again support said we will contact you, after an hour I received an email mentioning the issue may take a week to resolve.

    I placed another call and I was referring to my ticket number, this time the CS employee was a bit aggressive and refused to provide transparency regarding what’s happening, refused to accept putting some funds on hold and releasing some other so I can resume my work or provide anything that may be helpful, if fact all he kept saying was nothing is gonna happen until next week, no explanation, and no assistance. This is a sudden audit and all your funds are frozen.

    Is this a reliable service that respects it’s customers?

    • Yanik

      Same thing for me ….since 8 March
      Very bad service

    • Ash

      Hi, Im getting the same issue, they decline my withdrawal and are stating this is due to the sudden audit when my account has been fully verified. was your issue resolved?

  • Gareth Steele

    These scum bags took money from my account . Rang barclays and i was the 4th person that day to have money stolen by skrill

  • Brandon Lo

    Skrill’s customer service on email response is horrible. Haven’t heard back from them and have been waited for my money to be deposited to my account for 2 weeks now.

    • Nachiket

      57 euros, it has been over 35 days, I just wish I could punch the team in the face. Have not heard anything from them. PayPal is awesome.

  • DT

    Most Worst System ever!!!
    I lost 30 EUR
    no one answer on my Questions, no one respond on my mails. I just throw acc

  • David

    Very bad customer support. It takes about 13 to 14 days time just to get a reply back from Skrill.

    Skrill take users for granted.

    To me; Skrill is a payment processor that does not care about new and old clients and bad customer support will surely take down this company.

    I also found that Paysafe is the main website that offers Neteller and Skrill services. Few days ago, I was planning to use Neteller but now I think, it would be bad idea and I should now avoid both Skrill and Neteller at all cost.

  • kellen

    legit the worst company ive worked with in a long time.
    initially added $40 to the account had no trouble buying a few things then i go to add more money to buy more things and i get a card verification screen so i do that they take $2.72 from me and then lock the account for “security reasons” then i have to go through this verification process and they dont accept my documents so i send them more …and more…and more and none of the documents are sufficient enough to pass there verification process. and there secutity team doesnt reply for shit.. cant withdraw my funds nor get a reply so the only option i have is to close the account which there more than happy to do. the$15 wasnt even worth the headach lesson learned SKRILL IS SCAM

  • Lorraine

    one word SCAM!!!! There is no possible way of getting your money when you want it..especially if its by wire transfer

    • jouko

      Trying to withdraw to visa but verification of the card doesn’t seem to succeed. I believe they try not to give money back. Same reason might be that they don’t have any shopping options, as then they would have to give the money out… My vote goes fo SCAM

  • Bus

    I just hate Skrill! They are the only ones we can use in Turkey because Paypal stopped their services (which is a shame) and they are just so horrible! They do not warn you if you make something wrong (i.e when you want to withdraw money from them) and they recently cost me 85 Euros for doing NOTHING! I cannot update my user info (I got married so my lastname changed) on the platform so I had to send them a millon documents in order to have that changed and even though they said that the changes are finally done – THERE IS NOTHING CHANGED! I have been trying to withdraw my money from them for 2 months now! This is such nonsense. I HOPE Paypal comes back and saves us from these money-sucking nouse vampires!

  • Nirojan yogarajah

    very very poor customer service, everything moves slowly. totally not recommended

  • Lana

    We transfer $100 from our bank account to Skrill and the money NEVER show up on our account. This is a complete FRAUD.

    • Stephan

      I am really hesitant speaking too fast online but this is going too far. I transferred money from my bank account more than 14 days ago. Local laws require credit within one business day as the receiver’s bank is in the same country. However, I can understand that it takes more than that to process incoming transfers, and they actually advise of 3 to 5 business days. Emails are being responded with a nonsense non-relating canned response. The fact that emails are apparently not checked by humans and that there is no phone number to call is unbearable. I am in a loop. I constantly get the same nonsense template as a response.

      • Franc

        Hi, I’m Skrill user. I had done withdrawals and received credit within 1 or 2 days. But yeah, they have poor customer services.

  • John

    Didn’t use the service other paying for a service on a different website that uses skrill, website Long story short, the website was a scammer and never provide the service paid. I contacted skrill since I had to use skrill to pay for the service they wouldn’t do anything unlike paypal. I wasn’t aware of skrill and thought it was paypal. It seems like any site the uses skrill are scammers. Skrill says once paid they won’t do anything, they don’t have dispute resolution like paypal and once paid it’s paid even if the sites are scammers they won’t do anything. They are saying scammers are welcome to use their service and continue to scam people.

    Don’t use skrill or any other websites that use it’s service. If you by chance get a scammer, you’ve lost your money. Your only recourse is your credit card company. If you’re a business, don’t use it, you’ll be associated with being a scam company.

  • Geoff

    ID = 85698768

    I made a direct deposit payment to their Australian bank account with the correct reference number and details but they are saying that because I did not use my personal bank account, but my business bank account they cannot allocate the funds to my Skrill account.

    I have supplied proof of the funds transfer, dates, accounts etc, but because I sent the money from the wrong account they claim it doesn’t exist.

    Customer service is SHOCKING.
    “computer says “NO” is the typical response…

    Don’t bother using Skrill, there are better (more helpful) options out there

  • Brad

    Absolutely terrible to deal with and i wish i had read all the terrible reviews before i wasted the money to verify my account.

  • Luka

    I dont know why so much people here in comments hate skrill .

    For me, it is awesome company. I am using them over 3years and i love them. I cant remember any single issue, although i heard there were some problems.

    Well there is a problem i noticed that they increased transaction fee to 1% to 1.9%? Skrill why?

    beside that i like them!
    even better – you can order Skrill MasterCard and use it to withdraw cash at nearest ATM! This is great? Is anyone else this offering? i doubt.

    • Michael Stubbs

      Keep receiving notification that funds are in my Skrill account but can never get my money from them.

    • Robert


      I have just had an e-mail saying my account has been frozen (Quite remarkable as I do not have an account). It is identical to the e-mail I received stating the same for my Paypal account. Paypal have confirmed it is a Phishing e-mail. So beware if you get an e-mail stating someone has tried accessing your account, ignore it as it is scammers. I was trying to send it ti Skrill so they coukld investigate, but could not find an e-mail address to forward it to.

  • Robin

    Worst user experience ever, they take some money to very the account but then it’s impossible to very it, and of course they keep the money, don’t use this website!!

  • Roderick Henares

    Skrill is a SCAM

    I requested a transfer to my local bank account with reference #06640492 to the amount of $260. I confirmed with my local bank that they did not receive it yet Skrill claimed that they have sent it. It was also not reflected back to my account in Skrill. I disputed where Skrill considered my case to be resolved.

    They sent me a survey and I took it where I gave negative feedback about their service. After taking the survey, they blocked me from their website where I could no longer access it. My account still has $107.30 balance there and looks like Skrill is keeping it too.

    My account is in perfect order and yet they blocked me from it after scamming me with $260 claiming they transferred it when they did not. Second, they also kept my remaining $106.30 by blocking me from their website after the negative survey.

    All in all, I have been scammed to the total amount of $366.30 by Skrill.

    Take good care of your hard earned money, avoid Skrill at all cost. Its a scam website

  • Mike

    I don’t recommend them, in reality they are far from “simple” and customer service is extremly shitty, locked my account for “security reasons” without notice with just with 12$, asked for ID and when I sent it to them, terminated my account for “violation of terms” without any further explanation

  • Robert Lamb

    I have money locked into an account. Phone calls and e-mails just give nonsense responses. Just spend 5 mins researching this company to convince you to use an alternative. I wish I had checked them out first. How they are regulated by the FCA I cannot believe.

    • Phyllis

      do you possibly have the phone # for Skrill USA – they just ripped me off for $55.00 and @ Christmas time to boot!

  • Yasir

    it is the worst of all options, do not try to use i because it is very easy for hackers to break its security and make a transaction without letting you know about it. After that their customer service response is very low, they dont even have a number these days.

  • Tamara

    They are a bunch of scam artists. That’s the email I got from them today (Mind you, I never had an account, OR any dealings with them).

    “Dear Client
    On Tue Dec 13 00:04:38 CET 2016 USD 250 (USD 250.00) was transferred from your Skrill account (73116087) to=== MY aCCOUNT
    Transaction ID: ====
    Payment reference: –
    You can view your transaction history within the “All Transaction” section of your Skrill account.
    If you did not authorise this transaction, please contact the Skrill Help Team as soon as possible.
    Best Regards,

  • Joe

    Very bad and untrusted website…..i paid a fee of $2.06 and deposited $20 to get my account up and running and I still have no money in my skrill account. Its hard to use there was no section that I could find to upload my credentials. I have deactivated my account. And skrill will not answer my emails. Sounds like a scam to me.

  • Katrina barker

    I am having so much trouble trying to get my money from this Company they are holding $2000 of mine I have no idea how to get it from there into my bank account and no matter how many emails I send nobody seems to be able to help me or give me a straight answer


      HI. have you recovered your money? they are currently holding $1500 of mine and have no idea how to get it back.

      • Pete

        Contact the Financial Ombudsman and ask how to get your money back and let them inform the regulators about their fraudulent actions.

  • Anwar Subhi

    After sending a master card that should be available until 2018, they had decided to have an upgrade and cancel all the cards.

    The only notification they send was by email without having any approval of the user or notification that the user acknowledged this.

    On the phone they didn’t even wanted to discuss because I didn’t know my postal code. I don’t understand how that’s an authentication method while anyone knowing my address can have my postal code

    Oh … not to forget, not only that they closed my card ( that should be available until 2018 while we are in 2016 ) but they also charged for the new one … as it’s my fault they wanted to change the cards.

    Stay away of this company they have no principles.

  • Con

    I purchased goods from a retailer who used Skrills services. Skrill didn’t pass my payement to the retailer. I was left without my goods and Skrill refused me a refund. This saga is going on 8 weeks. I’ll be taking this case up with the regulator. Beware!

  • Vladimir C.

    Very unprofessional company. I received an email from them that I won’t be able to use Skrill MasterCard Prepaid card in my country anymore from 25.11.2016. That’s Friday. I got the email on 23.11.2016.On Wednesday. So two days before. No prior warning no nothing. Who does that? Switching to PayPal now (should have done that a long time ago). Don’t use Skrill even if your life depends on it.

  • Joan Acosta

    I was scamed by skrill, they waited until money arrived to the account, and then asked for papers that in my country doe snot exists or cant be issued, I lost 500 Dls .. Mexicans Be warned, They ask you the same papers over and over , they dont even read the emails, Calls dont work, they dont answer. Complete scam!

  • no customer anymore

    extreme high fees, no point to use, even paypal is cheaper…

  • Patricia Cruz

    AWFUL, just AWFUL! there’s no customer support in the USA. A call can take you hours to be answered and if you decide to call to Europe, you will have to pay for the call!
    A couple of weeks ago they changed the card, without notice me know, they just shipped a new one and cancelled mine! now, just logging into my account, I see a notice that next week I won’t be able to use my card anymore. The new card they sent me and that I already paid for a year’s service!
    How is this possible? don’t even know how they are allowed to do business! awful, totally awful!

  • Thomas greaney

    Twice over a year i have had issues total amount mussing from my account 424 euro…everythime they replied to me they asked for more and more info ive given them what they want but not good enough…always something else…but they have sent me a new card that i dont want….to all avoid at all cost skrill….

  • Simo

    I usually use small amount of money to test a new payment service no matter what reviews i find about it on the internet. and now i have used $8 only to try Skrill, it is stuck there, i can’t purchase anything nor withdraw my money but i can upload more funds to skrill account..yeah you do the math.
    Skrill are scammers…DO NOT USE IT!

  • Vick

    Whatever you do, stay away from SKRILL!!! This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with…it may work for our European Counterparts, but if you are from the US – don’t bother. I tried to send a $10 payment for the last 2 weeks – I have submitted every document they requested (enough to qualify for a house) and they still block it! Screw SKRILL and their support.

  • Grover

    I purchased a movie ticket on august using my skrill card but my transaction was unsuccessful, nevertheless skrill took the money from my account so I complaint to the retailer about this and they sent me a replay with proof of this issue, so I opened a case but Skrill doesn’t want to give me my money back and they closed the case and they emailed me asking me for proof but they always find a silly reason to accept this proof and Skrill just want not to give me my money back so it is very untrustable company to make bigger transactions. It is a shame, moneybookers was a much better company. An advice is not to make business with skrill anymore.

  • I.M. Pistoff

    Once again, SKRILL is not accessible, in spite of every service indicating that it’s UP; their website and connections to it are blank. I’m lucky to successfully log in on one in ten attempts; an equal percentage of those log-ins results in successful deposit. More and more useless every day.

  • ReBo

    Useless Supports
    Outrageous Bank Withdrawal fees
    Depositing money from bank account to skrill account takes twice as longer as they pretend to say
    It’s pretty much impossible to be accepted as bussines account

  • Toshiro

    Beware if you do any business with this company (

    I have more than 2600 dollars in my account and they won’t allow me to withdraw my own money!!!

    Every time I try to withdraw, they make a different excuse and cancel it!!

    • Scarface

      I am having same problem of not being able to withdraw my funds. Constantly getting “transaction declined” error message. When I try to withdraw using Skrill App on my phone I get “invalid birthdate” message ??? Customer service is no help. Very frustrating !!!!
      This problem has only occurred recently. Never had this issue before then.

  • DDS

    I have been “#1 in queue” for 20 minutes waiting for customer “service”. The agent was nice enough. But she must just feel battered by the end of a day working for Skrill. I have cleared funds in my account. All that I want to do is to pay a contractor that is also on Skrill. Their “automated system” blocks my payment for $50. And, the agent is unable to give me even the tiniest clue about why I am blocked. “Change browsers.” “Try again later.” I have been trying again later for three days. And, the agent tells me that there is no certainty that there is a solution since it is blocked by an arbitrary (it seems) automated system that no one can over-ride. I would give Skrill Management minus 5 stars if it were possible. This is the worst company to negotiate that I have experienced in several years.

  • Chris Hall

    Illegal withholding of my £300.00 GBP

    As the title suggests, I have now reported Skrill Ltd to the Financial Ombudsman for said offence. They have shut down my account since I notifed them that they had been reported for their underhand malpractice. Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

  • Daniel C

    This is a scam. I sent money from my Upwork account to Skrill. I tried to withdraw money to my bank account. Not only they never sent the money as they refuse to answer or provide solution to my problem. Even worse, they don’t even let me close my account! I’ve never seen anything like this before. This is a scam, guys. Please use Paypal or other sites, as this is not trusted. Fortunately I only lost a small amount ($30) because I was conservative. I could have lost much more than that. Remember to do research before committing money to websites. These are scammers. They change name after some time. Beware!

  • John Perez

    The site is useless, I can not even fathom somebody will take this guys serious. You open a ticket and they respond with a script, and all further attempts to contact them are useless. You can not open more tickets because they get closed automatically as duplicates. Call them and the guy who answers seems to be asleep and has no idea of anything. Beware of this site.

  • jairos mutata

    Skrill uses unreasonable account verification methods that are also very unreliable. their customer service reps are like robots. my account was frozen without notice, 2 weeks now still battling to recover $100. just imagine how much it has already cost me calling them.

    stay away from skrill these guys a crooks

  • Mr Annoyed as hell!

    I thought it was too good to be true to open a simple online bank account that I can use on regular basis for payment abroad. WRONG!! They have no time to reply back to any issues you have, once I uploaded some money to the account and then tried to ‘Send’ it. OMG! It’s hard work. They wanted ID, ok fine. I sent the ID. Then the account was verified. I thought cool that was simple but NO! I tried to Send the money but it keeps saying I need to follow the email instruction and send personal ID. WTF! I already have done this. I send several emails to ask Skrill about it… 4 days later I’m still waiting for reply back!! Guys warning don’t use this service.

  • Anonymous

    Skrill is absolutely the WORST payment site you can use out there, terrible customer service and terrible verification process. As soon as I can I will be closing my account with this website.

  • Tony

    Totally hopeless! Their verification process takes a long time and in some countries just doesn’t work. Then just as you’re “verified” and try to send money with the “verified” card, it wants to verify again! This again takes several days.
    When you then try to send a payment, it keeps saying the payment was declined whereas the bank authorised the payment but Skrill declined it. Turns out, guess what? Yes, I had to ‘verify’ again, this time with ID documents. Did that, sent a payment. Now, 2 weeks later… back to square one, payments being refused due to “internal security” and now I can’t make payments. Maybe I live in an area that has high cyber crime? No wait, I live in the UK and am an established Ltd company with all documentation up to date! Moving to another provider ASAP.

  • Tony Gulledge

    I use Skrill as an alternative to PayPal for European customers. My major complaint… I can not log on to the site or even pull up the site at times as I get an error 403 and it says access is denied. Apparently for no rhyme or reason… if someone can enlighten me as to why this happens I would very appreciative. Once I am finally able to pull up the site and log on… eventually I am able to complete transaction and transfer funds to my banking account minus the $4.95 fee of course.

  • omer janjooa

    pathetic service!!!!!!!

    20 minutes hold .. still no response and then no solution to the problem… my account is put on temporary hold for no reason and they are refusing to remove it… my money is stuck !!!!!!

  • Mereinur

    I registered in Skrill last month andI haven’t had any problems with replies to requests so far. However, they have been considering my documents for over two days and what is interesting is that they do not reply to my messages. I am beginning to doubt in the transparency of the Skrill services. What should I do?

  • Ardi

    I lost my money at Skrill.
    I withdraw at 11 july.. now 31 july.I not received my money.. I try to contact skrill..they tell me
    Please note that we noticed there was a mismatch between the names you registered on your Skrill account and the names displayed on your bank statement. Therefore, your withdrawal will most probably be returned back to your Skrill balance. However, since this depends entirely on the banks involved in the processing, therefore, we cannot give you an exact time frame.
    I lost USD$130… thank you Skrill.. I’ll reject all my client who use skrill as payment.. and I’ll tweet my case. So everyone know I’d Skrill not safe payment services.

  • Ahmed Salama

    Hi I am Ahmed from Egypt. Although i Highly doubt that anyone from SKRILL.COM will pay attention to what I am going to say or what’s happening Here, i opened a ticket 2 weeks ago about a withdrawal i made on june the 16th, which didn’t go through, and cash was taken from my Skrill account, I called them over and over, they asked me to send some documents which i did, then called over and over, emailed over and over, and all they have to say, the case is escalated and a satisfactory resolution will happen soon!
    I’ve never dealt with any Money Transfer Service that is this Bad, and with very low class customer service, i even think that all their customer service Reps are home based!!!! and trained on soft handling and no resolutions what so ever are being made through them with me or no one else!!!
    Now!! Can someone here tell me if they are Scammers?? or if there a higher authority department we can Contact about those who are missing with people’s Money??
    Can someone tell me if there is anyway to get my money back?!
    Thank you!!


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