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Transparent pricing structure US based merchants only
Month-to-month agreements Not for high-risk businesses
No setup fees Some sales tactic concerns
Excellent customer service Variable equipment quality
Cash discount program available Contractual details need scrutiny


In this review of VizyPay, we will provide a detailed overview of the company's credit card processing services. We will cover the range of services they offer, including point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile payment solutions, and e-commerce capabilities. The review will identify the types of businesses that might benefit from these services. Additionally, we will examine client and customer reviews to highlight common trends and potential concerns. The article will also address the company's pricing structure, contract terms, and specific services provided. By the end of this review, you will understand whether VizyPay meets your payment processing needs.

About VizyPay

Founded in 2017, VizyPay is a merchant account provider that serves most standard-risk business types. The company was a reseller of First Data (now Fiserv), including Clover point of sale products, but in 2021 it launched its own POS app called VizyPOS. This app pairs with PAX machines. The company also provides cash discount pricing plans in lieu of traditional merchant account pricing. In 2020 VizyPay acquired Echo Daily, a POS and payment solutions company.

VizyPay Products and Services

Payment Processing

VizyPay offers payment processing for all major debit and credit cards across various business types. Their services include POS systems, mobile payments, cash discount programs, and e-commerce solutions with virtual terminals.

Cash Discount Program

VizyPay's Cash Discount Program allows businesses to reduce or eliminate processing fees by offering discounts to customers who pay with cash. This initiative aims to encourage cash transactions, potentially leading to significant monthly savings on processing fees.

Point of Sale Systems

VizyPay provides Point of Sale (POS) system solutions that go beyond transaction processing. These systems integrate with business operations to streamline inventory management, sales tracking, and customer relationship management.

Online Payment Gateway

For businesses needing online payment options, VizyPay offers a secure and efficient online payment gateway. This service integrates with most e-commerce platforms, facilitating seamless online transactions.

Mobile Processing

VizyPay's mobile processing solutions enable businesses to accept payments anywhere using a card reader and a mobile application. This service is ideal for pop-up stores, trade shows, and other remote locations.

Reporting and Analytics

VizyPay provides detailed transaction reports and analytics to help businesses understand sales patterns, customer behaviors, and overall financial performance. This feature supports informed decision-making and strategic planning.

VizyPay Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A
Recent Lawsuits No

No Public Complaints

While there are only a few negative VizyPay reviews online, some recent comments below have labeled the company as a ripoff or scam. These concerns are notable, yet it seems that VizyPay generally maintains a proactive and responsive customer support team. We encourage you to share your experiences with VizyPay, whether positive or negative, in the comment section below to provide a comprehensive perspective on the company.

VizyPay Lawsuits and Fines

Our research indicates no current class-action lawsuits or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints filed against VizyPay. Clients seeking non-litigious methods for resolving their concerns with the company are advised to report them to the appropriate supervisory organizations.

VizyPay Customer Support Options

VizyPay’s website offers detailed customer support contact information, including general contact options. This level of customer service provision merits VizyPay an “A” rating in this category, aligning with the service quality of top-rated customer service processors known for their exceptional support.

VizyPay Customer Service Numbers

  • (855) 999-4142 – Toll-Free Support
  • (888) 899-0918 – Inside Sales

Other Support Options

VizyPay Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 2

Clean Complaint Record

VizyPay has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 7/6/2020. The company has not received any complaints in the past three years. It has received 3 positive informal reviews.

What Merchants Say

VizPay has received 2 informal reviews, 1 positive and 1 negative. Unlike complaints, reviews are not subject to verification by the BBB. The most recent negative review mentions issues with a card reader and customer service:

I am not happy at all with this company. I used it a month and did not find it helpful for my business. I best communicate via email due to the noise in my work area, it’s too difficult to keep my business running and talk on the phone. When I requested an email confirmation of my cancellation, they have now gone radio silent. The app is not good for my business, the card reader they provide is terrible, freezes up and is useless. When I requested a price on a better card reader, they refuse to email the pricing, I have to talk to a rep on the phone, even though I said I just can’t with the noise in my shop. Makes me wonder if they don’t have a set price and don’t want it in writing. The salesperson made promises he could not keep when setting up my app and my inventory. He said he would find out about email notifications for invoice payments then never came back or followed through. During Small Business Saturday, my card reader froze then the service rep insisted on solving it over the phone instead of emailing how to reset it. I had a store full of customers yet he wanted me to solve it right then. If they don’t understand my business, they aren’t getting mine. They are getting too big too fast and don’t know how to manage it. The sales rep also uses a scare tactic saying another popular point of sale system isn’t secure and I would be responsible if customer’s cards are hacked. I found this to be false.

An “A” Performance

Given the company’s clear complaint record, we agree with the BBB’s rating at this time. Readers should note, however, that there are good reasons to be skeptical of the BBB’s rating system.

VizyPay Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Interchange +
Equipment Leasing Yes

VizyPay Contract Terms and Pricing Overview

VizyPay offers month-to-month contracts with no early termination fees, catering to the needs of business owners who prefer flexibility and transparency. The company’s pricing model is interchange-plus, indicating that the fees consist of the interchange rate plus a small markup. For retail transactions, VizyPay charges the interchange rate plus 0.35% and $0.10 per transaction, alongside a monthly fee of $15. Additional fees include a $19.95 PCI non-compliance fee and a $50 account closure fee​“【oaicite:7】“​​“【oaicite:6】“​.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Services

VizyPay provides comprehensive virtual terminal and payment gateway services, crucial for e-commerce transactions. The pricing for these services is interchange plus 0.45% and $0.15 per transaction. Businesses utilizing these services may also incur gateway fees, technical support fees, and batch fees, ensuring that online transactions are processed smoothly​“【oaicite:5】“​.

VizyPay Dual Pricing Options

VizyPay offers a dual pricing scheme designed to help business owners manage credit card processing fees effectively. This approach allows businesses to offer different pricing based on the payment method, with one price for cash payments and a slightly higher price for credit card payments. This strategy is aimed at covering the processing fees associated with credit card transactions​“【oaicite:4】“​.

Equipment Options and Recommendations

VizyPay has transitioned to offering a variety of point-of-sale (POS) equipment options, including PAX and Clover systems, to suit different business needs. While VizyPay promotes the sale of equipment, they advise against leasing POS devices due to the long-term costs that can exceed the purchase price. It’s advisable for merchants to buy their equipment upfront to avoid unnecessary expenses​“【oaicite:3】“​​“【oaicite:2】“​.

Feedback and Company Standing

VizyPay maintains a strong reputation with little to no complaints regarding its contract terms, earning it high regard within the industry. The company’s commitment to transparency and customer support is evident through its straightforward pricing model and the variety of services offered to cater to the diverse needs of small business owners​“【oaicite:1】“​​“【oaicite:0】“​.

For business owners considering VizyPay for their credit card processing needs, it’s essential to review all contract details and ensure clarity on fees and service terms. VizyPay’s emphasis on flexibility, transparent pricing, and a range of POS options makes it a competitive choice for merchants looking to optimize their payment processing solutions.

VizyPay Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Possible
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

Inside/Outside Sales Team

VizyPay appears to rely on a combination of independently contracted sales agents and in-house staff to market its services. There is no evidence at this time that the company’s sales team is incentivized to deceive clients, however, there have been some recent sales complaints in the comments below. Currently there are very few such complaints, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Misleading Quotes

VizyPay does not list any misleading rate quotes or unrealistic guarantees in its official materials. In fact, it clearly discloses its interchange-plus rates for all business types, which is as transparent as pricing can get. If you suspect that VizyPay is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to eliminate hidden charges.

Our VizyPay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

According to all available information, VizyPay rates as a dependable credit card processing provider. The company is transparent about its pricing, which is competitive by industry standards. Even when dealing with companies that rate highly by our criteria, we urge readers to thoroughly examine the terms of any contract they are given. It is also advisable to compare VizyPay’s pricing and services with those offered by top-rated merchant account providers. By doing so, businesses can ensure they are making well-informed decisions that best meet their financial needs and operational goals, securing the most favorable and effective credit card processing solution.

Location & Ownership

VizyPay is headquartered at 2565 SE Encompass Dr. Suite 210 Waukee, IA 50263, and is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank NA, Concord, CA, and Pathward, N.A., Sioux Falls, SD. Austin Mac Nab is the CEO and founder of VizyPay.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did VizyPay Treat You?

8 User Reviews

  • Andy

    None of these statements are true. VizyPay is a wonderful company. They have unmatched support – their Agent program has a very aggressive Schedule A, they cherish their sales teams. You won’t find a more honest merchant service provider. I’ve been in the business for 10 years – I’m speaking from experience.

  • Doug Demiro

    A1 Moving and Supplies

    Vizypay is a scam, plain and simple. They falsely claim to be bigger and better than what they really are. Paid for awards, an immature and dishonest CEO and a convict VP. Do your homework before signing or working for Vizypay! You have been warned!

  • R Martin

    Archaic Design Inc

    sales rep lied and they got $1000 dollars from me never got a copy of contract rates were supposed to be $15 per month and the rest goes back to our customers 2% we ran a customer charge and it was 3.85% almost $400 the customer had to pay WTF? Rep had me sign a few papers it was under $20 a month if we hadnt any chages. i was with NAtional Bankcard and haVE EVERY EMAIL FROM THEM AND THEY ONLY CHARGED me $25 per month Vizypay has taken out illegaly $65-85 per month sales rep is no longer there been trying to get ahold of somebody and nothing till a few weeks ago. we didnt even have a login to do pci and got charged for that they sent me a contract for 50 per month. ???? WTF NB was charging only $25 i told rep that explicitly and the pages where there is pricing does not have my signatures or initials. i will be reporting them

  • Amber Johnson

    Thank you Peter! I was considering a Sales Rep job with these folks. So glad I did my homework before I applying. And thank you, for the historical research published here. I have had past dealing with both First Data, and Wells Fargo, and both left a bad taste in my mouth. (That was my first red flag). But when I saw Peter’s posting….well, let’s just say, the warning will be well heeded.
    Thanks again to you both.

  • Peter Bellanton

    Stay away from this company. They have false leading partner agreements and also are old Cpay directors from the Cpay that abandoned all of us. They are FIRST DATA ISO NOT DIRECT! They won’t pay you direct, they are not paying true residuals. They say it’s 50% split when it’s 50-50-50%.

    • Mike

      Yet the Vizypay program guide you can look up on here CLEARLY says it’s a 3 year term. They also offer leasing and this page review says there’s “no red flags??” Seems legit.

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