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Company Overview

Founded in 2008, WePay is a merchant account alternative that first started as a competitor to services like Stripe. The company has been assimilated into the Chase Merchant Services brand. The company’s primary focus is providing online platforms with the ability to collect payments from customers and donors (for example, through websites like GoFundMe.com). WePay allows virtually any website to integrate an account to collect payments from participating users via ACH bank transfers and credit cards. The service has no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no service length requirement.

Is WePay Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of business owners have had their payments frozen by WePay. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

Shifting Its Focus Away From Small Business

Over the last few years, WePay has changed its branding to present itself as a white-label payment platform that can be integrated into an existing e-commerce store or utilized as the backend platform for an online marketplace or fundraising system. This makes it less of a peer-to-peer or business-to-consumer service and more of a backend software solution for payment-oriented businesses and startups. In fact, the company is considered one of the top payment processors for online marketplaces. This newly emphasized function makes the company less relevant for most types of small business owners. In October 2017, JPMorgan Chase acquired WePay.

WePay Payment Gateway

WePay offers credit and debit card processing through Chase bank with three different payment gateways for online businesses. The first is called Clear and is essentially a basic payment gateway plus risk management solutions, while the second is called Link and effectively is a gateway that goes straight to Chase’s processing and uses the Chase name. Both offer same-day deposits, digital wallets, card-present solutions, PCI compliance, card vaults, tokenization, and data reporting and analysis. The third option is called Core and is for very large payment facilitators.

Payment Processing

WePay’s payment processing service allows businesses to accept payments from multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. The platform supports various payment gateways and provides users with a seamless payment processing experience.

Virtual Terminal

WePay offers a virtual terminal service that enables businesses to accept payments over the phone or through email. The virtual terminal is an online payment processing platform that allows businesses to process payments from any device with an internet connection.

Mobile Payments

WePay’s mobile payment processing service enables businesses to accept payments through mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The platform supports both iOS and Android devices, and it offers a mobile SDK for app developers.

Recurring Payments

WePay’s recurring payment service enables businesses to set up recurring payments for their customers. This service is particularly useful for businesses that offer subscription-based services or products.

E-commerce Solutions

WePay provides e-commerce solutions that allow businesses to sell products and services online. The platform supports several e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

WePay Risk and Fraud Protection

Risk and fraud protection is another critical service provided by WePay. It utilizes advanced data analytics and machine learning to identify and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions, protecting businesses and their customers.

WePay API Integrations

API integrations provided by WePay allow businesses to incorporate the payment service directly into their applications or websites. This allows for a seamless customer experience, as customers can complete transactions without leaving the business platform.

Location & Ownership

WePay’s headquarters are located at 3223 Hanover St. Palo Alto, CA 94304. The company’s CEO is Bill Clerico.

Key Points

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  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 250 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 136 complaints and 57 reviews in the past 3 years in regards to…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not market directly to merchants and has not received any complaints about its…

Video Summary

WePay payment processing
WePay’s link payment processing option

WePay Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Item Result
Total Online Complaints 500+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Fund-Holds
Recent Lawsuits No

Fund-Holds a Major Issue

In the comment section of this review alone, we are currently able to find over 300 WePay reviews, many of which describe the company as a scam or a ripoff. We are also able to find nearly 200 complaints on other consumer protection websites. The common themes among nearly all of these complaints include the company’s reserve policy, its “prohibited activities” policy, and unreachable or unhelpful customer support. Many business owners describe waiting the full 30 days to receive substantial portions of large payments that had been held in reserve. If you have your own WePay review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Poor Communication

While we don’t tend to penalize processors for engaging in what is a common fraud prevention measure, it appears that there is very little warning or communication between WePay and clients in these cases. Similarly, businesses who have had their accounts canceled, and their pending payments returned, seem to only find out about these developments after contacting WePay to ask why they can’t find their money. Business owners commonly express frustration when dealing with WePay customer support, which is available by phone or by live chat, reporting a lack of meaningful assistance, and a policy of deflection.

Below-Average Performance

A company representative has been very active in responding to many of the complaints in the comment section of this review, but in the majority of cases, it does not appear as if the clients’ complaints can be resolved to their satisfaction. Generally speaking, most negative WePay reviews do not speak highly of the company’s customer service.

WePay Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against WePay. Dissatisfied business owners who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

WePay Customer Support Options

WePay solely provides ticket support through its website to all of its users with staff available between 9 am to 9 pm EST. Its website states that all requests will be responded to within 1 business day but its limited support options mean it does not rate as a top merchant account provider for great customer service.

WePay Customer Service Number

  • (855) 469-3729 – Support
WePay customer support options

WePay’s customer support is a main focus of the complaints against the company

WePay Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Item Result
BBB Rating 1.02
Trustpilot Rating 1.2
PissedConsumer Rating 1.1
Average Rating 1.11

BBB Rating Analysis

WePay has a low customer review rating of 1.02/5 stars on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, based on 66 customer reviews. The company has also received 169 complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 95 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Common themes in the reviews and complaints include issues with customer service, problems with product or service, and difficulties in processing payments.

Negative Feedback

This company is randomly holding our money after significantly long periods of time stating reasons of ‘compliance’ after a client has undergone micro-deposit verification and our accounts have remained constant for over a year. They asked me to send them my bank statements and take photos of me next to my ID. It’s all a smoke screen for how to hold our money for longer. This is happening to multiple owners of other **************** Franchisees causing massive delays in our deposits. I own **************** *********** and this is absurd. Zelle, PayPal, VenMo and tons of other financial institutions work with us to do on a daily basis.
– Complaint from October 24, 2023

Scam. Stay away. They hold money for no reason and have no phone support. ***** needs to get rid of this Chinese espionage of a company taking small business owners’ money.
– Review from November 17, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about WePay on the BBB website.

Source: Better Business Bureau

Trustpilot Rating Analysis

WePay has an average customer review rating of 1.2 stars on Trustpilot based on 774 customer reviews. Common themes in the reviews include complaints about funds being held for extended periods, poor customer service, and issues with account closures.

Negative Feedback

Businesses beware!!! For some reason, they are holding all transactions for all clients for 120 days. Been using them for over 2 years with no disputes or chargebacks, but for some reason started this October, they started holding all transactions for 120 days. Class Act in the works.
– Review from November 14, 2023

Chase/WePay is inducing consumers with their intentionally vague terms and conditions, closing accounts, and stealing money for up to 120 days to use in their Ponzi scheme. Their reason? “That’s proprietary information”. Just look at the hundreds of reviews of other people this has happened to. This scheming is ripe for a Class Action Lawsuit and I hope and pray this gets picked up.
– Review from October 12, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about WePay on the Trustpilot website.

Source: Trustpilot

PissedConsumer Rating Analysis

WePay has an average customer review rating of 1.1 stars on PissedConsumer based on 54 customer reviews. The majority of reviews are negative, with common themes including poor customer service, issues with payments and charges, and difficulties in communication with the company.

Negative Feedback

Will not release my funds. Demand info already provided. They say they will release funds, then retract. No way to easily contact them. No phone number. Absolutely the worst customer service. Meanwhile, they owe me over 6k. – Review from November 16, 2023

Absolutely horrible. Would not ever use again. Our small business Used WePay for only days to try it out. Had a chargeback request from a customer. First one in thousands of transactions/sales after 14 years in business. WePay asked to concede or challenge. I challenged as we have proof that goods and services were 100% delivered and used for duration of event. We provided full documentation limited to 5. They did not respond and have pulled monies from our account back to customer. We are justified as a business and now are looking at small claims court option as Chase WePay could not have properly read the documents and sides with client in the wrong. The lack of communication and proper evaluation is beyond frustrating and now very costly. We were never given a reason for the chargeback or the decision. I’ve reached out to Chase WePay on our ticket number and was told to reach out to another company, who does not have access to banking or the authority to manage transactions. VERY FRUSTRATING and incredibly unjust. – Review from September 5, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about WePay on the PissedConsumer website.

Source: PissedConsumer

WePay Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Item Result
Cancellation Penalties No
Monthly & Annual Fees No
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing No

Varying Terms Depending on the Platform

WePay no longer lists per-transaction fees on its website, but its most recently displayed pricing charged 2.9% + $0.25 for credit card payments valid for new U.S. businesses or 1% + $0.30 for direct payments from bank accounts. It is likely that it now customizes its pricing for each payment platform it works with. In addition to its flat processing rates, WePay’s website lists a $15 chargeback fee, which is standard for the industry. The company’s most contentious policies, however, are not clearly listed, and they have to do with reserves and prohibited activities.

WePay’s Former Hold Policy

As a fraud prevention measure, WePay has previously been known to enforce a standard withdrawal limit of $2,500 per business per seven days, with payments above that figure being placed in a rolling 30-day reserve. This means that a business that routinely does over $2,500 per week in business might be unable to access more than that amount in any given seven-day span, and it also means that a variable amount beyond the initial $2,500 could be withheld in a reserve for up to 30 days. This policy is no longer mentioned in WePay’s terms and conditions, but the company does reserve the right to impose transaction limits at its discretion.

WePay’s Current Hold Policy

The amount placed in reserve is based on a number of factors, including “the transaction history in your account as well as the information you provide in your profile, your industry, and how you’re using WePay,” according to language formerly found on the company’s website. Although processors commonly withhold funds in the credit card processing industry (Square makes extensive use of a similar policy), WePay does not appear to properly notify clients that their withdrawal limit is approaching or has been exceeded, and business owners express frustration with an inability to recover the funds they are expecting to receive.

Insufficient Screening

As outlined previously in this review, WePay does not appear to aggressively screen out clients who fall within its “prohibited” industries until well after they have signed up and processed with WePay. It appears to be standard policy for WePay to cancel these accounts without much warning and return payments to customers or donors. This policy, coupled with what appears to be very poor customer service, seems to be leaving businesses out in the cold for engaging in what they thought to be approved transactions. These businesses would generally be better served by high-risk specialists.

New Approach, Same Results

WePay claims that the marketplace-style websites it currently serves are now responsible for screening out prohibited businesses, which has helped reduce the number of businesses that are improperly approved for WePay accounts. While this policy may have had the effect of reducing the overall number of WePay complaints related to fund-holds and account cancellations, it still leaves open the possibility that WePay’s partner platforms could improperly approve businesses and ultimately put them in a position to experience cash flow interruptions. We also encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

WePay Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Item Result
Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing Unclear
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

No Deceptive Marketing

WePay primarily uses its website to market itself as a payment solution for online platforms. That said, the website formerly quoted two rates: 2.9% + $0.30 for credit card payments or 1% + $0.30 for direct payments from bank accounts. These rates appear to be accurately quoted and inclusive. The website now only quotes one rate: 2.9% + $0.25 for credit card payments valid for new U.S. businesses only. Additionally, the company does not appear to engage in any deceptive advertising strategies in its official materials. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

A History of Holding Funds

By far the most common complaints about WePay are older complaints filed when the company was marketing itself to all businesses. These complaints were related to its policies regarding reserves and high-risk merchant accounts. These issues could be characterized as either sales issues or service issues. To the extent that they were related to sales and marketing, it seems that the company’s application/setup process did not do an adequate job of screening out businesses that would ultimately have their account terminated after they had been allowed to process transactions. We were able to locate numerous WePay reviews by clients who were told by either the company’s website or one of its representatives that their business type qualified for processing through WePay, only to find out after processing large payments that their accounts had been canceled and their funds returned to customers. It seems that this common issue could have been more easily avoided if the process for signing up for a WePay account were a more thorough and guided one.

No Longer Selling Directly to Businesses

WePay claims that its current focus on crowdfunding platforms and marketplace websites has eliminated most complaints of this nature. The feedback we have received does not corroborate the company’s claim. Business owners can see a full list of WePay’s “Prohibited Activities” here. If your payment platform deals with one of these industries or is similar to one of the business types on this list, be aware that you may be subject to the sudden cancellation of your account even after fully completing the account setup process.

Our WePay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

WePay rates as an average credit card payment processing provider according to our rating system. The company appears to offer transparent rates and no hidden fees, but its fraud prevention and prohibited activities policies are the cause of numerous WePay complaints. Like Square, WePay’s terms are initially appealing, but its overall rating suffers from its poorly communicated fraud prevention policies and inadequate customer support. Developers who work for online marketplaces may want to look into WePay as an option for their online payment processing needs. All users are advised to be absolutely sure that their business type is not prohibited by WePay before setting up an account with the company.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did WePay Treat You?

340 Responses

  • I started a compaign for my friend who has a cancer and has no income. I signed up with wepay as normal process and provided all information required. Everything was fine, until one day, I got a message that account is closed and everybody received refunds. No explanation why. I would stay away from this company.

  • This company is horrible to deal with. They erroneously pulled $750 from our account. When we tried to get it replaced, they refused to give us a phone number to call so we could discuss the issue, and told us we had to wait a minimum of 45 days before our money was returned. The only thing worse than wrongfully taking a company’s money is not being willing to discuss it with them person to person.

  • Shawn Whisman

    While attempting to send funds to a friend’s gofundme campaign I had $5000 in contributions denied by WePay. They did not immediately refund the money to my account but would not release it to the campaign either. Notifications were sent out to my friend telling him he would not get the money. WePay’s customer support consists of idiotic anonymous emails requesting a facebook page to verify my identity. My advice, do not use gofundme or WePay for anything. It is not safe or convenient. Just mail them the money or send it through paypal, both services cost way less money and are far safer.

  • I received excellent service via the online chat. The representative stayed on during the entire time I was filling out verification pages and other information. He went step by step with me, reviewing the three fund raisers and what needed updating. Very happy user!

    • Hi Brenda,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

    • Wow! Really? How were you even able to talk to anyone online? I see nothing to indicate that can be done. All I see is an email option and they have completely failed to respond to my email. WePay is horrendous. But I smell a class action. I’m shutting down my campaign immediately and switching to a more reputable platform.

      • That was someone from we pay saying they chatted online to make we pay look good. They are a fraud and I still haven’t received my money for a GFM account I set up.

    • I also do not see a chat option, I’m guessing it was discontinued? Out of 5 customers who have tried to submit payment for an invoice 2 were unable to connect their bank and 1 payment was declined with no explanation days later. I’m still waiting for an email from customer service which is truly embarrassing because my customer called me to find out why their money was returned.

    • Nancy V Barager

      I started a gofundme fund for my niece..they will.not release the money nor will they return the money to the donors..you dont get to speak to a real person..this company is a scam.

    • How do you access the online chat? The only thing I am seeing is the request form. Thanks.

  • Do not use WePay. I have used PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net and WePay. WePay is just terrible. Their API docs are confusing, to say the least, but that’s not the worst part. I had 8 transactions, all at one time, randomly fail. This was after they were processed and some of the transactions were even debited from our customers. To make things worse, WePay decided to email our customers and let them know that their transactions were cancelled. Just terrible.

  • Robyn Lawson

    What an incredible mess these people are. They withheld donations for over a week before sending notices of payment to come, then 5 hours later sent another notice to say payment dispersal cancelled. This continued on for almost two weeks with promises daily that our donations would be released the next morning. The have cost our recipient extra money & time in his endeavors because he was unable to move forward without the funds already donated and long cleared for release.
    Could not get any help or restitution. They continued to blame ‘technical issues’ but took no blame for the delays nor offered any restitution. Still waiting for funds from July 5th. It is now late in the day July 12th.

  • Elizabeth Richards

    I had a $100 donation for my daughter and I’ve been fighting over email for 3 days to get it. They keep giving me the run around since I set up with old phone number and ut asks for a verification code and I’ve emailed them telling them the problem and they’re not helping me resolve it. And they have the money ut has not been returned to the person that donated it.

    • Dr J. D. M. [not safe to use name--with WePay involved]

      don’t hold your breath. they ROB and STEAL from everyone and ENCOURAGE chargebacks as their terms mention, they MAKE an extra FLAT $15 PER TRANSACTION that the fraudulent personnel disputes…kinda hard to fight for the REQUIREMENT of PAYMENT of DONATIONS and you kindaaaa don’t have a shipping number to show completion of buy.

  • Horrible website, they charge you without knowing and it is impossible to get a hold of them. Immoral business

  • WePay is the absolute worst. They take money straight out of your account for the mistakes of someone else, unauthorized! They refuse to return it to you, or be understanding in any way. They’ll send you an email telling you that they had already done so, not even giving you a chance to contest or ask why. $45.46 stolen by WePay from my personal bank account, and I’ll never see it again. I guess I do have one thing to thank WePay for… Thank you for showing me that I should have never done business with you or ever again, and now I can warn others against doing the same. I have nothing good to say about this company. Unfair and money-hungry… The absolute worst experience.

  • Judi A Blaze

    This is one of the most shoddy businesses I have ever encountered. I agree with all the bad reviews above ..can you believe how many there are…this organization is out for one thing; themselves. They are rude, unresponsive, and ridiculous. I am in awe that Go Fund me will do business with them. They really are giving themselves a bad rap by even associating with these people. Had I not harassed them, posted on face book ad otherwise insult them in every possible way, I am certain I would still not have my money. Don’t even believe they are an innocent company..they know what they are doing, they know they are trying to rip people off but hope no one will notice. I beg of you GFM to try another avenue for withdrawals. I’m sure if you read all of these hundreds of reviews, you would. I think we should all send notices to the Better Business Bureau, maybe then they will get the picture that they are the worst company in the world. They do not respond, they do nothing and if they do response, they have a quick and ready response they use all the time. Let’s as human beings, take them down. I have already exposed them on Facebook, but on ward and upward for. I agree….let’s fight these people. Although I will never do business with them or anyone who does business with them, they need to be taken down. NOW!

  • Terrible! Phone “service” directs one to website…website not functional!

  • The problem I have with WePay is a chargeback was accidentally issue by someone known. The person then asked their issuing bank to reinstate the WePay payment, which they indicated they would. WePay said they would still return the funds to the donating person and debit my bank account even though the issuing bank was paying. But they have not to this point debited my account in almost 3 weeks. And I cannot find out if they are going to do that or if the issuing bank did indeed go ahead with the payment.

    The first few emails I made to them were answered unsatisfactorily and now I can get no response. So I am setting here wondering if suddenly they are going to debit my account for $100 when I may not have the funds available. I just want to find out what is the status.

    • I’m going through the exact same thing, except that they had already taken the money out of my account and I did not authorize it. I informed my bank of the unauthorized transaction, so they reversed the transaction, but now WePay is demanding “their” money back. WePay is a JOKE.

    • I have had the exact same problem and from what I’m seeing, they have only issued $10 of the $25 back to my wepay account that they charged. And they haven’t as of yet transferred that money back to my bank account, but I am going to be disputing that money through my bank. The person who had the chargeback isn’t even the one who disputed it, her bank automatically did and she had to contact both her bank and Wepay to get it corrected. But now I’m just automatically out $15 like that because of her bank and wepay’s mistake? Their dispute process is ridiculous.

  • Timothy Hall

    I attempted to make a payment to a GoFundMe campaign for a friend to attend her sister’s funeral in Europe and contribute to funeral expenses. The WePay interface apparently was confusing in some way and I apparently clicked twice. WePay charged my credit card for the first one and initially credited it to the GoFundMe campaign, but then retracted it and sent me an error message. I have now spent three days attempting to resolve the error through their extremely awkward customer service email system, which is the only way that I can find to reach customer service. I have asked them multiple times to apply the one-time (not the double-clicked) value of the donation to the GoFundMe campaign. It does not show up on the campaign website, but it has most certainly been charged to my credit card. This has been going on for three days now and I continue to get cheery email replies several hours after I send them a query, without yet resolving the issue.

  • Amy Tyler

    Frustrated!!! Customer service is horrible. We have exchanged over 20 emails trying to access our funds. A simple phone call is all thats needed.

  • Robert Irvine

    I was going to donate to a charity, and decided to pay directly from my bank because why should a credit card company make 3% off of my nephew’s cancer? Then come to find out that wepay not only wants 1% just to get cash from my account, but they also wanted my login and password for my online Citibank account. Really? Guess I’ll have to go old school and write a check.

  • Robin Turell

    On or around March 7th we opened a gofundme account due to a horrific animal cruelty on our ranch. We wanted to get enough money toward a REWARD for capturing the culprit(s) that did this crime.

    We reached our goal and transferred our money into a bank account. We were forced to use WePay to handle this.

    On May 4th, 2016 we received an email that told us they were taking out money from this account because of a fraudulent credit card.
    I emailed to understand and did get a “scripted” email back explaining what a charge back was. This happened a few times,

    I had more questions, and asked them to call me, but apparently they will not, they will only reply on email. They asked me to email them and tell them exactly the problem ….. which I did. They have yet to contact me concerning this nor will they call me!

    I am very disappointed in how they are treating me. I DO KNOW how to correspond on email, but there are others my age, (58) that do not! Shame on their company!

  • dianne l lindsey

    I thought that if you started a crowx fund like gofundme or YourCaring that you have no option but to usr wepay. Am i wrongm

  • Email I sent to GoFundMe
    I got the address finally changed, but now it says it’s going to my bank acct, but there is no acct listed nor did I ever give them one. I just want my money. I don’t know what their problem is. I JUST reset my PW and am not doing it again. Everytime I’ve sent a PW reset request nothing happens and you guys have had to help. I’m sorry… but their business is a JOKE and they are retarded. I worked SO hard to raise the money I have and they are making things so difficult. I looked at all their “pending” and sent” payments and they in NO WAY add up to the request I sent. I’m going to lose out on money that is rightfully mine and they can just say they sent it and I’m screwed. 3 more checks are scheduled to go to the old address and that’s even more money lost if they don’t get fwd here. Can you help me MAKE them acct for the money? I feel powerless against them.

  • afraid to give you any more information about me

    I have never heard of this company before and they consist on taking 395.00 out of my account ..thanks alot 395.00

  • Julie Halatyn

    I signed up with WePay to process credit cards for my brand new business and in the first week of processing payments, my account was deemed high risk and I am unable to access the funds that I rightfully earned. Five days later, I have had no response from anyone at WePay after numerous attempts to remedy the situation. This is obviously one of the worst things that can happen to a brand new small business. Needless to say, I would strongly caution against using WePay

    • The same thing is happening to me. Since I was accepting payment for a transaction over $10,000 they insisted on deferring my funds until an unspecified date at request of their fraud department. After confirming all of my legitimate business information with support they said they would forward the information to fraud department… This is not a valid resolution, I need my rightfully earned money to continue running my business and I need answers to the problems that are occurring. It’s already been 1 week since accepting payment and there have not been any updates so I’m guessing I wont hear anything until Monday which is 2 days away. Buy a phone line so I can talk to a supervisor rather than dealing with multiple support people over many emails who clearly don’t care about my business or having me as a repeat customer. I will NEVER EVER use wepay again, and neither should anyone else. This company gains revenue from a percentage of my earnings and they can’t even supply me with a phone-line for support? Do NOT use wepay because I guarantee at some point you will have to call support and end up with the same HORRIBLE service. Just don’t do it…

  • john Snorkler

    Completely incompetent support staff. Don’t offer any meaningful feedback or support but rather point you to terms of service and support forms. Wouldn’t support our website despite supporting other similar platforms, then offered no reasoning as to why our account was closed. Stay away from wepay and go with Stripe.

    • Wepay is a solid scam. We had a gofundme campaign to raise funds to get us out of s bad situation and after the funds were raised we were told that our first payment was released and being sent to our bank account in2-5!days. We then receive a notice from wepay that they closed our account for propritory reasons. What a run around we got. This outfit is a bunch of crooks.

  • Unknowingly, I was using the WePay service with a MeetUp group. I first became aware when my bank statement showed an ‘unusual’ charge on my account. In challenging this charge, the bank representative noticed the WPY* on the statement and Googled the name. I was not happy as I do not ever use these kinds of services, especially PayPal, which may be a completely different company. When I recreated a payment using the MeetUp account, three card numbers flashed on the screen, all kept in their system, all mine, asking which card I wanted to use for the transaction! At no time does the statement or the system used make clear that WePay is being used and I never gave anyone permission to store my cards and reuse them again at the will of a MeetUp session. I was never given an agreement to read, rather, I came to this site to learn more about the company. The Merchant did not make it clear I was using WePay/PayPal on a different ‘purchase/payment’ and when I sent her a copy of this site, the merchant became furious, though the person claimed they were not angry.

    • In addition, the Merchant claimed she was charged back an unknown amount and charged/billed me an amount that appears to be $16.87. This was charged by the Merchant using PayPay. No actual proof of charges to her were provided or shared. I don’t believe I should have paid any charges without proof of the merchants cost, plus she acknowledged that a client was using WePay. A refund of those charges would be desirable from We Pay since they never explained their policies to me.

  • Katherine

    DO NOT use WePay! I run a very small business after having my first invoice paid ($555), I was informed that the arbitrary deferment amount of $500 had been set on my account and as a result, I could only withdraw funds in excess of that $500 after 7 days. We used Square before this and it was incredibly easy to use and our funds were transferred to our account in FULL, less than 24 hours after an invoice was paid. We found Wepay through Zipbooks because their site touted ACH processing (which Zipbooks doesn’t even have available ~ yet~) – let’s just say they were made for each other. TERRIBLE.

  • Nazy Jandaghi

    These people are committing Fraud and will take your money!

    Do not use them at any cost. I counted on them to transfer cash gifts to teachers and while they received my funds they never transferred it to the teachers. Now my credit card has been charged, I am stuck with the bill and none of it got transferred to the teachers!

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I used WePay because it was the payment processor of choice for Constant Contact. One of my clients disputed the charge because their admin did not recognize it coming from WePay. They figured it out the next day and removed the dispute with AMEX. AMEX never touched their funds and let them know immediately that the dispute had been resolved. That did not stop them from withdrawing the funds (almost $5,000!) from my bank account. They continue to reply to my requests that they return my money and say when they hear from AMEX they will let me know but it will take up to 45 days to resolve. I have emails from AMEX that the information WePay has given me is completely inaccurate. WePay has, in fact, been notified and that no funds were ever removed from their account. I highly urge others to find alternate means of processing money and have lodged a complaint with Constant Contact as well.

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • WePay refused to provide an answer to why my account was closed.

    A absolute refusal to provide an answer to why my account was closed is unreasonable. WePay are the payment processors for a crowdfunding site that I had a campaign on. There was something that went wrong with my account with them. I have no clue as to what. I didn’t do anything wrong that I could tell looking at their terms and conditions. They won’t work with me. It took forever to get a response back from them, and their response of:

    “we’re not able to process payments for your account. Our banks and processors hold us to a strict guideline on what we can and cannot process through our site. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you or your business with our services.
    With regard to any questions you might have as to why this might have happened, unfortunately, I have no information for you. Our review process is proprietary and, therefore, no information is given out in situations like these.”

    …simply isn’t good enough. I don’t think no answer for why my account was closed is a sufficient answer. I set this up as a fundraising opportunity through a crowdfunding site for my daughters mission trip to Puerto Rico, and even had some donations that now won’t see the light of day.

    I should have a least be given the opportunity to refute whatever reason they closed my account was. But I was refused the opportunity to do so.

    Even in their own website in the Terms of Service reference they can close your account for no reason>

    Quote: “29. Our Right to Terminate
    We may terminate this Agreement and close your WePay Account for any reason or NO REASON at any time upon notice to you. ”

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Danielle Bellavance

      Christina, I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM with them

      We set up a fundraiser on Crowrise two days ago (on Wed 3/30) wanting to raise $1500 to help a child in foster care. In less than a day we had raised $700, all from friends and family that I know. All went quiet yesterday after the last donation at about 9AM but I was busy all day so was not checking. Then at 5:42 I received and email from wepay saying that my site was experiencing a high rate of disputes and chargebacks:

      Hi Danielle,
      Unfortunately, we can no longer support your business and we’ll need to cancel any pending payments.

      Because your account is susceptible to a high chargeback or dispute rate, we have to put your remaining balance into reserves for a minimum of 30 days. If your balance goes negative, we’ll recover those funds from your bank account. For full details, you can read our Terms of Service.

      Thank you for understanding and we apologize that we couldn’t offer a better solution.

      WePay Team

      Not sure what that meant as there was no activity on my site after 9AM (which itself was weird). When I checked the crowdrise site I was down to $200. The Crowdwise chat person suggested I contact wepay, which I did by replying to the above mail. Their response was word for word what you got, Christina, about their being unable to support my business. Asolutely no information. When I expressed my frustration, they sent me the same thing AGAIN
      Hi there,

      I apologize, but we’re not able to process payments for your account. Our banks and processors hold us to a strict guideline on what we can and cannot process through our site. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you or your business with our services.

      Any donations that your campaign has received will be refunded. Please allow 3-7 business days for the funds to be returned to the originating account.

      With regard to any questions you might have as to why this might have happened, unfortunately I have no information for you. Our review process is proprietary and, therefore, no information is given out in situations like these.



      What is wrong with these people?
      I did find a phone number and plan to contact them today
      I suspect I will get absolutely no where with them

      • That is exactly the response that I received from them after a $3,000 donation was made to me. I asked them to clarify so maybe I could fix whatever issue it was and they couldn’t. I don’t even know if the donor ever received their money back or if we pay pocketed it.

  • A few days after I contributed $100 to a cause on GiveForward ), which used We Pay as its processor, we had an unauthorized transaction appear on our credit card account. Someone reloaded a Starbucks gift card online in the amount of $100. We had not previously had this problem with our card # being used, and while I cannot definitely say it was due to a security breach with my credit card info being processed through We Pay, I can say that it was a pretty big coincidence, and that incident combined with the We Pay reviews I have been reading has caused me to conclude that I cannot give to charity through either of those organizations again.

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Chris Funnell

    The company that used to be associated with the same phone # as WePay was/is Perfect Aqua, LLC. I returned some merchandise (Filters) for a water purification pitcher, because they sent them to me w/o notifying me in advance they would, but billed me $149.85, even though they were never requested by me. Their sales tactics are questionable, at best. They never mentioned until after I purchased their water purification pitcher, that to KEEP the pitcher would cost me $69.95, even if I didn’t want any more filters. (The pitcher comes with one filter) When I returned the filters, I was told I would have to return the pitcher to get my refund. I happily obliged and spent another $18.00 or so, to ship it back. I was told it would take 5-7 business days to get my refund. I shipped it on January 6th. I called them back a week later, to see if they had received the shipment. They had. That’s when they informed me it would take 5-7 business days to receive my refund. Approximately two weeks later, on this date (January 26th) I have yet to see a refund charged back to my account. Has ANYONE ever received a refund from any merchant dealing with Wepay?

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • 5-7 business days is far too long to process withdrawals in addition to taking almost 8& of the donations. Better off setting up a trust at a bank!
    Will never use Gofundme again now that I know the cons of it.

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I’m not a wepay customer, but in November some money was transferred into my account from wepay. As I wasn’t expecting the amount in question to be paid by any of my own customers, I contacted wepay for clarification as to who authorized the payment. They refused to give me an answer unless I gave them my bank account number and my name. Are you kidding? If their bank transfer info had simply identified the party making the payment, that would have been sufficient. Instead they identified themselves as the payor and won’t tell me who the real party behind the payment is. What crappy service. I will never use them if I need a service like this.

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Patrick Callahan

    Wepay.com took $252.00 from my visa gift card without permission or authorization from me and refuse to refund the money.

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.


    We were stuck with WePay by Constant Contact. They can’t process refunds.We can’t login to our account. We can’t get our money. Needless to say, they don’t have a telephone number. Constant Contact’s answer? We don’t support WePay — the only credit card processing they support.

    Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Gary Furuta

    WePay did not transfer my donation to iWalk 4 Kids. In fact, they have no record of my donation. I provided them with a copy of my credit card charge information and the iWalk 4 Kids website. Except for the initial email I sent, they have not responded to subsequent emails regarding a resolution to this. In essence, they are blowing me off. I just pasted a copy of this review on my FB page to warn my friends about them.

  • We used GoFundMe for help with attorney’s fees and these people keep spamming my email telling me to verify/confirm identity. I reply telling them I already have yet their transfers from WePay to my bank account keep “failing”. These overdue from when they were needed and after reading the replies here, it seems like I’m going to be taken for a ride. They say they need to refer me to a Trust and Safety Team review about 45 seconds after telling me that everything “checked out just fine”. I spoke with Alice on their Live Chat support and I spoke with Doris via email — yet, 8 days overdue now, I’m still getting spammed with emails and funds still have not been transferred to my account. What makes this especially bad is the fact that everyone that contributed was promised to be paid back next February and I’ll be held to repaying people who donated through WePay despite the fact the money never made it into my possession. A $100 donation was taken down to $91.80 for their fees and they tell me that they can’t even refund those donations to the contributors after the fact and that I should tell them to talk to GoFundMe (even though GoFundMe aren’t the ones handling the actual money). So basically, people are using this service, they’re sitting on your money until you finally say “screw this” and then they’re keeping the donations for themselves. How do businesses like this stay operating? How is this legal?

    • I am furious! Gofundme was a complete last resort. I was embarrassed enough by asking. I was thanking God when a friend donated me 300 for money I absolutely needed. I was upset it enough it left me to 276. The first week We pay kept denying my bank account information which was absolutely correct but I rewrote it anyway. I spoke by email who told me maybe get ahold of the donor. My donor told me the money was pending from his bank account.
      Another week goes by I am emailing again which says oh we found the error it should process when we reset our system. I then emailed asking how much longer it would take that i was displeased I that it is taking two weeks for me to get money I needed asap. I will never use we pay again! If I do not get my money I will demand they refund my donor.

      Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • I am having the same issue with confirming my identity. Sounds like it is time for a class action lawsuit.

      • Gerard S. catena

        I agree 100%. I didn’t even sign up with them and they got a hold of my processing account through software I use (Mhelp). I accidently clicked an advertising link they had popping all over my service software pages. Next thing I realize a bunch of transactions went into a holding account they (wepay) said I “inadvertently” setup can you believe this. I had to borrow money to make payroll. I’m going to setup a website to advertise what this horrid group is up to. They must be stopped. I’m meeting my lawyers on Monday to discuss this matter in detail for a formal lawsuit. I can be reached at [REDACTED – personal contact information] if anyone wants to join in or discuss this further. What really pisses me off as well is Constant Contact and Mhelp even partner with such a bad company with many BBB complaints.

        • Miss Furious

          WePay put me and my business through the ringer for no reason, without notice and kept money they are trying to collect from me – as well as refunded customers of mine that already received their goods. My site host (3dcart – shame on you too!) diverted me to setting up an account with them (under a different company’s name) and I did over 4 months of charge-back free transactions with them (never had a chargeback in my entire 7 years) before they closed my account and deemed my business ‘high risk’ and then refunded customers who had already had their orders shipped out or received! Let’s talk Gerard, Wepay is engaging in activities that are not only unethical but illegal and they should be held accountable via class action lawsuit and intervention by the FTC and Department of Consumer Affairs! These bastards are now trying to collect from me (by hitting my business account over and over) money they never even deposited into my account. Anyone that deals with Wepay is asking to be fleeced and the fact that 3dcart would be in bed with them is beyond me. Anyone interested in pursuing legal action feel free to contact me.

  • DO NOT use WePay!!! It’s a scam!! STICK WITH PAYPAL!!!
    It’s been SIX MONTHS and I still haven’t received any of the money donated to my account for my honeymoon through honeyfund. I’ve been emailing back and forth for months trying to get my money and keep having problems. Every time I got a reply back, I was told that I should receive my check within 7-10 business days. It has been well over weeks and I haven’t received anything. I had to email again and again and again to verify that my mailing address and all the other information on both sites were correct. I’ve talked to Jessica, Alice, Steven, and Michael. Every one of them told me the same thing, that I should receive my check soon.
    When I finally thought things were sorted out, they told me they wouldn’t send it unless I provided my social security number. I already didn’t trust them since they kept my money from me so I didn’t want to risk giving that away as everything about this site has been fishy. When I asked if there was any other way besides providing my SSN the woman never replied and deleted the email so I couldn’t message again.

  • Wepay lied about the charge backs and did not help dispute them when some wing nut decided five months after the fact that he would prefer not to donate. We have a donation site. It is explicitly clear what you get — nothing but the good feeling. How can you allow charge backs on nothing and then not allow it to be disputed -even though they claim there is a dispute process — horrible. Or their answer on the flip slide is to hold the funds for ever. It is a very bad setup and poorly thought out with the result of misery for all.

    David – from The One Innocent Man Gofundme page.

  • I used Wepay for a recent gofundme acct and other than concerns about providing so much personal info, I found the experience, seemless. Money was deposited in a timely manner and the one time I had to contact customer support, the rep was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. I have since closed my acct with Wepay as that the fundraiser is now complete, however, would use them again in the future.

  • Do not use we pay. I Did a go find me for my daughters cheer team last year and I’ve tried 4 times to Get the donations. I did everything we pay asked me to do and my bank still send the payments back to them. We pay is horrible. I Will only use PayPal from now on.

  • alan hoskins

    Just had chat with admin as you cannot call anyone in customer service it seems at We Pay. 5-days and no money showed in my account as their contract specified. They made me relist my bank information and then made up a story that I typed the wrong numbers in the first time, and therefore I would have to wait an additional 5-10 more days for the funds to be sent back to them and then resent to my account ! Lying. cheating, low down service. Are we forced to use these people when using Go Fund Me or Give Forward ?

  • Carolyn Salamon

    I have been trying to get our funds dispersed for 4 days straight and they keep having us repeat the same steps over and over with the same results and refuse to allow for a call – just slow response emails promising to fix but nothing is fixed. i am now believing this marriage of GoFundMe and WePay is a scam. I plan to contact the BB and Attorney General if not resolved tonight. They stink!

    • yeah they have been ignoring me like crazy!!!!!!
      i want my bank info deleted. and they need SIN card. thats messed up.
      they wont even delete my account for some reason. i think they are gunna steal money from my account!

    • Had a gofund me set up for my daughters memorial service by my step sister, after the campaign was ended the money was transferred smoothlyou, however 2 months later over 2000 dollars was deducted from my bank account but I did not have the funds available since I used them to pay for the funeral. When I went to buy my lunch at work my card was declined so I found out when I went to my online account that the money had been taken. I called the bank they said that it would kick back since the funds weren’t available so I immediately closed my account who gives a donation and then wants it back? I couldn’t even find where the so called person had donated. These people at wepay are thieves. The debit was unauthorized and I got no notice at all that they were taking money from my account. Go Fund me needs to wake up and use another company cause wepay will ruin their reputation.

  • Cathy Kuczynski

    I started a go fund me account. It only brought in 10 dollars . I decided it was a bad idea and went through wepay to get the 8.91. They sent me 3 checks for 8.91. I assumed it was because I had two more people donated 10 dollars. Pretty cool right? yeah until my bank said that there was a stop payment on two checks and the bank charged ME 24 dollars for that process!!!! NEVER again will I use wepay and I will spread my story about this unless they make good for it!

  • Julianna Fialkowski

    As a part of setting up a gofundme account to draw funds (I had to collect to fight a serious criminal accusation) I received a large donation of $280. Wepay was great about sending money to me, perhaps to great at that in fact. The donator who sent me this money has twice filed to have the money charged back, and wepay is happy to directly debit my empty bank account. I don’t understand this process, because this is a donations page. This very chargeback was already resolved once. Why should someone be willing to claim fraud against a donations page? And furthermore why could they attempt to do so multiple times on the same charge over a span of months? The original donation was given in April, and now I’m receiving debits against my account in July? Isn’t there some kind of responsibility on Wepay to make sure my account isn’t being debited willy-nilly anytime someone cries “boo I want my money back”? I feel extremely vulnerable having used this company to disburse my donations and now at this point I am seriously regretting giving them access to my accounts. Huge mistake.

    • did wepay debit the money from your bank account without your authorization? I am in the same situation where someone filed a chargeback on a donation and I was wondering if they could take the money directly from my bank, even if there is not enough to cover the funds.

      Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • My very first transaction with WePay was when I had a few hundred dollars transferred to me from a client (also family member) and after waiting a week WePay said my account was at high-risk for chargebacks and said I had to wait 60 days to get the money. Chargebacks happen when fraudulent transactions are made but I verified my identity with my social insurance number, business tax number and address. I’m not sure what else they could want. Plus it is a family member with the same last name and verified address at a local business that sent me the money, I was confused to where the issue was. I contacted support and the legal department but there was no response back. I am currently in discussion with a lawyer to see what steps I can take but it is going to be a long process. Hopefully my persistence and legal action will persuade them to change their policies so other people don’t get stuck in the same situation for no valid reason.

  • Katy Hayes

    Wepay has no more customer service number. Their “live chat” doesn’t send out the codes needed to reset passwords or retrieve money. They take forever to get anything done, but love to tell you how not being able to call them is so wonderful. They are currently holding several hundred dollars of my money, but can’t seem o figure out to send me a code so that I may access it. Bad customer service.

    • This is happening to me too, except I am out $1800 because they aren’t sending the code to reset my password. I’m furious.

  • S. Austin

    I have made three attempts to contact We Pay in the past two months. I just have a sales question, yet it appears that their sales department is too busy to respond. After reading the reviews on this site. Looks like I may have dodged a bullet.

  • I lost over $900 because of a chargeback and WePay did not protect me in any way. They immediately went into my bank account and removed over $900. The company using them, CustomMade, who offered no other choice for payment, agreed I fulfilled my contract and did not have to refund the customer. The customer never even returned the gold and diamond ring and they made me wait 45 days plus held back payments from UNRELATED SALES and in the end said SORRY we can’t get your money back. It is the worst experience of my shop’s history. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT USING WePay or CustomMade if you are a small business. WePay are Jerks and Sheisters and shame on CustomMade for making a deal with the Devil!

    • James squalls

      I was did worst than that. They let me set up may account and waited til I did transaction with them and sent an email stating high risk.
      Theirs was set up Thursday freedom book. I called and talk to them the acted like everything was fine. The first 449.99 I made. They sent an email saying money will be return to customers. I feel they are snakes in the grass. If I was a high risk we open an acct to me and why process any payment of my business that has been open since 2011. These people are scamming people taking there money and run there crooked ass business off customers they have fucked over. Please avoid and comment on ant problem you have had with them. Bibb should be heard by any one how has be robbed by these robber directly

      Are you with WePay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • we DON’T pay is more like it!! HORRIFIC experience. Lying, evading, stalling, NO customer service. CROOKS, SCAM,
    I started a fund raiser foe a girls camp that burned. With a few weeks before camp is to open they need the money ASAP to rebuild quickly. Poor little girls waiting to go to camp and we pay is holding the money they need. DISGUSTING!!! NEver again will I use a fundraiser that employs we pay.

  • MC Herzog

    I am experiencing WePay, only because I went to GoFundMe in a time of need. So far, it has been a nightmare. The authentication process for accounts is a maze, I got emails saying my account was verified and $ was being transferred, and after a week of waiting had to track down for myself that there was an error in account numbers. After correcting the account numbers, I figured it was fixed. But no, WePay decided to re-activate the erroneous account info and start using it again. They can’t track their own transactions accurately, customer service is rude and they are blaming my bank and leaving GoFundMe to attempt to act as go between. Money put into GoFundMe is now being held, and the campaign cannot go forward. It really makes PayPal look dreamy. I will never use WePay or GoFundMe again.

  • Penel j Smith

    I was advised by GoFundMe to open a WePay account. The WePay site is extremely confusing, and I have no idea of what to sign up for, or how to do it. I already have a PayPal account. It was easy to set up, and payments made to me have been easy to access.
    I use PayPal for my art business, and it seems like it would definitely be considered “High risk” by WePay.
    It also looks as if you can only ask for large amounts of money from WePay. My sales are small, and I am only asking for $500 in my GoFundMe account. It looks like I am ineligible for this, so I will stick with PayPal; even though GoFundMe says that it is too hard for supporters to use.
    To sum up, WePay seems way too complicated and hard to navigate for any regular person to use.

  • paul bosch

    We pay does cc processing for unknown entities but doesn’t seem to have any phone support. money came out of my account without anyone to verify why.

    • WePay Customer Delight Team

      Hi Paul, it looks like you emailed our team regarding this unknown transaction and we were able to send some details over to you. We didn’t hear back from you after, but if you need help with anything else, please let us know by replying back our emailing us at [email protected]. Thanks!

  • marie reshel

    I have been waiting for a $500 refund since March 9. Their customer service number is anything BUT customer service and has NO human being. Their on line support is the same. They lock you into a few pre asked questions. I want a full refund without the ring around the rosie phone and customer service garbage.,

    • WePay Customer Delight Team

      Hi Marie, we’re very sorry for the delay on getting this refund back to you. As mentioned in emails back to you, since your card was closed and switched credit card companies, our back-end processor had issues getting those funds back to you. Luckily we do have a solution though and have provided all of the details (some being sensitive, so not listed here) in an email reply back to you. When you get the chance, please reply back to that email so we can assist and get you the money back. Thank you!

  • Walter Taylor

    WEPAY is terrible! DO NOT use it! If you’re using a funding site like GoFundMe, they use WEPAY to handle the donations. Everything may seem fine until it is time to cash out…and that’s when the nightmare begins. WEPAY’s authentication process is convoluted and extremely difficult to navigate. When being directed to their website from somewhere else, they ask for your email address and password, but when you type it in, a notice comes back that “you have entered an incorrect phone number.” (…what?)

    That’s not all. If you access their site directly, they ask for your email and password. After you press enter, another page pops up, asking you to input a 6 digit code that was supposed to be sent to your cell phone. In my case that code never arrived, no matter what I did. I contacted customer support, who just referred me right back to those same old pages I was having difficulty with in the first place.

    With little to no customer support you are basically left bewildered and feeling like you have just been scammed. NOGO to WEPAY!

    • WePay Customer Delight Team

      Hi Walter, we are very sorry for the trouble you had getting your multi-factor authentication code set up with GoFundMe. Our team here was working with you to make sure you reached out to GoFundMe so they could reset that feature for you. We never heard back from you, but hope that everything is alright now. If there is anything else regarding your WePay account that we can help with, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you

  • Skip Yeager

    I Just signed up with GoFundMe to raise money for a Non-Profit Animal Rescue that I co-founded and run in Georgetown SC. I failed to investigate the payment processing since we had supporters suggest we use the platform. After our first donation I learned we had to have a WePay account which is where things went off the tracks. I found these reviews which made me doubt my decision to use GoFundMe, but since I wouldn’t be dealing directly with WePay may not be a problem. So I tried to do a transfer of the 1 donation and as feared it was going to be difficult. WePay requires the name on the bank account to match the name on the GoFundMe account which it didn’t. I am currently as I write this in contact with support to get the donation refunded and changing to account to the non-profit name so wepay will make the transfer.
    The support for gofundme is through zendesk.com I don’t know about wepay but since the other complaints implied the customer service responses seem ‘canned’ that may be because it’s a 3rd party.

    • Lurenzo Scotland

      Hey this same thing happened to me. I was trying to raise $500 for start up costs for my business and had my business name I eventually changed it as they told me a full week later that it would be unable to go through. I am currently waiting for them to send me the funds but they have no number and take very long to respond. Did you ever get back your money and what did you have to do?

  • Their customer service is a joke. There’s no phone number to call and, despite their claims stating “We’ve found that by modernizing our system, we are able to provide you with real-time service for any issue you might have.” my 4 requests for service have remained unresolved. The frustrating part is that I just have a very simple refund that needs to be issued. This could have been a 2 minute phone call, but now it’s a 3-week process of sending emails and waiting for responses. Thumbs down, WePay.

  • I tried to set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for a victim of violent crime. I made a few adjustments to hopefully make the campaign look professional and successful. I am not experienced in these as I am a first timer in such efforts. All of a sudden I was told they could no longer do service with me even before the campaign got off the ground with the $500 GoFundMe requires to make before the run it for the General public. GoFundMe people were easy to work with but I can’t say the same of WePay. They offered absolutely no explanation nor any resolution nor anyone I could talk to to find out their reasons for saying they could not do business with me. I gave a legitimate bank account in good standing and have absolutely no criminal history so I can’t figure out their rationalization. Not happy. This person we were fundraising for could not get the help we were trying to get for them.

  • Used wepay for the last year, no problem. Deposits happened in 2 days…then about 4 months ago deposits all of a sudden were happening next day, I was thrilled. BUT THEN this last month, two (not random like they say) payments in a row are marked “pending”! The customer service is horrible, they are holding on to my money for no damned reason other than to have a few days to make interest off of MY MONEY. I’m in the process now of removing wepay from all of my websites and client’s websites. Even Paypal is better than this and I’m not a fan of Paypal. Stripe is decent but takes two days to deposit. Square is the best for next day deposit, but don’t offer online processing yet, hoping they do soon! Here’s the chat from the second pending payment:

    Why is my payment say it’s pending??
    Jake joined the chat
    it appears as though your recent payment/donation has fallen into a normal state of review. sometimes, we manually review transactions to protect you from anything malicious or fraudulent. reviews typically take a few days to complete. once completed the funds will appear in your wepay account.
    I need that payment now, not a few days form now
    my business can’t run with delayed payments. Neither paypal or stripe takes this kind of time!
    im so sorry
    If this is how wepay is going to continue to run then I’ll be moving away. I’m not happy at all.
    but reviews are a normal part of our payment processing procedure
    no they weren’t before!
    they are random
    Before I was getting deposits next day
    i understand
    but reviews are normal and random
    As a web developer I have recommended wepay to several clients. But I know my clients will be furious with this too. I”ll be moving and my clients will be moving away from wepay
    ok, im sorry for the frustration this has caused
    but this is a normal part of our processing
    It did not use to be until the last month or so!
    this is an excuse to keep the money longer
    no other credit card processor does this
    i assure you it’s not. i will also point out that WePay’s focus is offering payment solutions for enterprise and platform sites
    we are not in the direct to merchant market
    you might find other payment processors who focus on your niche and are setup to serve you more effectively
    im just giving you honest information that will help you find a solution that fits you better
    That’s not the information your site gives….it states its for any processor, it comes off as an alternative to paypal….so perhaps you should quit marketing to direct and merchant market
    it doesn’t matter…how long will my “pending payment” take?
    t should be out of review within a few business days

  • http://www.wepay.com and http://www.youcaring.com are basically the same company and they are scams

    we need to contact the authorities because for all we know they are STEALING under the name of CHARGEBACK. I was trying to raise some funds for college. My tuition rates are outrageous so some friends said they would help me. One of them sent me some funds two amounts. WEPAY had it going to my account but then all of a sudden it was BACK in the account of WEPAY and this time locked. they said it was for CHARGEBACKS just in case I got some. I was like WHAT?? that’s Crazy.

    The 2nd amount went thru a long process and finally i wrote them daily and complained and asked them to call me but NOTHING. They try to make it seem like it’s YOUR fault or you’re the crook or the card is stolen.

    I asked what info they needed from my friend. My friend sent them the info and etc. but seriously we all probably need to file a police report in case these people try to steal our identity. Seriously they are frauds. it’s been 10 days and my friend has not recieved his money. I had them to close my account I told them I won’t ever use their service they are lowsy.

    Also they get upset if you ask too many questions. Ask them for a phone number yet they want your informatin. We need a lawyer and to sue these people under class action. how many people do we have on here and all the rest of the sites who haven’t gotten their money???

    they basically are crooks. they let you raise money. then they steal it and say it was a chargeback. I am going to close my bank accounts. One will be closed tomorrow..


    fax: 781.577.1017
    380 Portage Ave.
    Palo Alto Ca 94306

    Do not trust these people. also the phone number it just goes to messages.

  • I used Wepay.com without problems for about 6 months. My needs were very simple and was happy. Then the “enhancements” started to happen to the bill form and with every change they broke some functionality. And I don’t mean something stopped working or was crashing, but that the changes they were making changed the workflow and it slowly stopped been what I needed. Ok.. so not what I want anymore.. but at least it was still working.

    I had already started to plan to switch to another provider, but was in no rush. Then the email came… in about a month and a half they were shutting down all their forms and going strictly API. They could not even be bothered to give us their subscribers more time. If you used wepay like I did to bill clients on net30 giving us less than 2 months basically meant I could not use their service anymore.. What happened if a client took longer to pay and the forms were gone? So I basically had to scramble to find a replacement.

    I am unhappy I had so little time to find a replacement, but I am happy to not having to deal with this company anymore.

  • Horrid is a good word to sum it up. Im basically told that WePay will dictate the income of my business and I have no guarenteed course of action to change the extremely low limit put on my business.

    Everywhere it is advertised that after a payment is processed the funds are deposited into my account the next business day. Something that is completely untrue. WePay puts the money into a “pending” status for a number of days. In my case Thursday, Friday, Sarturday and finally released om Sunday. We all know no business occurs on Sunday so this is obviously a waiting period that is no where near the industry standard. I could go to PayPal, have my funds availble instantly on Thursday withdraw the funds and have them deposited by Friday, the latest Monday. After you hold my money hostage for a long time, then only 500 is released to my bank account which doesnt arrive Monday, it takes 2 business days and arrives Tuesday.

    When I realize my cash flow is being held hostage, I call the company to ask what recourse I have and im consistently hung up on no matter what option I choose in their ivr.

    After waiting more than the guarenteed 100 mins for a response from email support im told its due to the “trust level of my industry.”

    I fear WePay understands nothing about my industry because they would realize no company can survive on 500 a week when dealing with guarenteed credit card transactions.

    The only reason im given is it is an industry standard, which is a lie. No payment processor from PayPal to authorize.net holds funds for up to a week “incase of chargebacks”.

    WePay is cheap, uneducated and has zero connection to their customers.

  • Make me number 60 on the BBB list and 71 here. WePay is about the worst company I have ever dealt with. Anyone with a brain knows that one of the major characteristics of running a good business is Customer Service. These people know nothing about Customer Service. I’ve noticed many of the posts here refer to “Chat” sessions for support. Well, apparently, that’s gone by the wayside. My only option of support is email, in which they “promise” to get back to you within 100 minutes during business hours. I’m currently on a wait of around 27 hours with no response. Far cry from 100 minutes. I fell into the WePay trap and I blame myself for not researching them better so, I’m as pissed at myself as I am at them but, this does not extinguish what at entirely poor Customer Service department they have. As evidenced by Jackie’s responses above, their CS responses are generic, scripted, and do not begin to cover all that is eluded to in the request. I have customers as we speak that say they received confirmations that there payments went through, however, they have never shown up on my dashboard. Was told by the same CS Rep in a matter of 24 hours that payment was good to go and then next day said, it should be showing up on my dashboard but, couldn’t tell me why. Of course, as they’ve done to everyone and to support their business off the interest, my second incoming payment was held in reserve. NOTE TO EVERYONE: If you deal with WePay, your business is risky. That’s a guarantee. Running a lemonade stand is risky and your money will be put in reserve with no warning. Their legalese will get you but, there is a lot of holes in it. So, all this being said, I am done with WePay forever. Regardless of the small fraction of decent reviews you’ve seen in this post, which are probably from family or friends, DO NOT use this company. Jackie tells us they want to improve “processes and procedures”. Lest start with answering the damn phone. There is a way to improve your service. The majority of my complaints could have been addressed, done and over with a 5 minute phone call. The CS Reps are robots, at best. NOW, the response I have been waiting on for the better of two days revolves around closing my account. I’m fairly certain this is why I am getting no response. I cannot find anywhere on the WePay site to close my account and I believe this is tactical. All I want to do is confirm that my customer’s payment is not going to go through, close my account, have my money released to my bank, and be done with WePay. Is that too much too ask? Apparently it is. Do your jobs as business owners and business representatives and you wouldn’t have deal with message boards like this and the several others strewn with WePay complaints.

  • Do not use this dreadful company. Run don’t walk! After reading the reviews I had a horrible feeling so checked on a “pending” payment. It was for a rental unit and the guest was already there as I expected the payment to go through Friday. Like almost everyone else I was at first told it was coming today and then when I pressed them told they were “sorry” and were cancelling the payment and couldn’t process for me as a “high risk” business. Of course I told them ahead of time what the business was – property rentals and it was all fine and dandy. So basically if my guest was not an honest person (which thankfully she is and paid me on Paypal – of which I have had zero problems with in 7 years of doing business with them) she could have stayed at the unit for free and with no security deposit. She also took a leap of faith that the payment had not been processed – since Wepay sent an email that it had been! Wepay told me that they would send both of us an email showing the payment was cancelled and it never happened! Now they won’t respond to me in chat (which is the only way you can expect to “speak” to them as their number does not allow conversation with a real person)We don’t pay as it should be called is an absolute nightmare and I would strongly advise you not to ever use them!
    Here is my conversation with their non customer service rep – so can see how shady they are and the run around you too can expect on your way to losing potentially thousands. See for yourself how they talk out of two sides of their mouths and give misleading information:

    Hi, I need to get a pending payment resolved immediately.
    Chris: Hi there
    →I need to know if the hold up is on the payees end or on yours
    Chris: It’s just going through our standard processing on our end
    Chris: You’ll see it processed today
    →This is the situation – a guest is renting my property – and she is leaving Friday, xmas is one less day to process btw – and then on Friday I need to refund her the security deposit ($250) out of her payment.
    →I have read many nightmare stories about your service on the web and am really worried.
    →I have seen where you will reverse the payment for no reason and if that happens she stayed for free and plus i have no security on any damages.
    Chris: Our standard processing time is about 1-2 business days
    Chris: We won’t reverse a payment, but it can fail
    →That is your party line but I am finding out that isn’t true.
    →Look I need to know now if it failed or not.
    →I see that I have to build some type of trust to get paid???
    Chris: No, not at all
    →btw – your java script is void to even submit a business review of which my business has many.
    →so i can’t even submit that.
    Chris: In this case
    Chris: i would advise to find a new payment processor
    Chris: What you are processing for is considered high risk by our banks and processors
    Chris: So we may need to cancel the payment
    Chris: I’m very sorry
    →what are you talking about
    →it is not high risk
    →I just want to know it is processed like on paypal but what you are writing is exactly what ll the reviews warned about you.
    →Do i need to write to the BBB and Attorney General office just to get my payment or find out what happened to it?
    Chris: Well the payment hasn’t processed yet
    Chris: It’s still processing
    →then why are you saying it’s high risk
    Chris: BUt your industry is considered high risk by our banks and processors
    →obviously you are planning on cancelling it
    Chris: So we won’t be able to process for your company
    Chris: I’m very sorry
    →what is my business that is high risk? when did you come to that conclusion/
    Chris: What you are processing for is high risk
    Chris: any sort of vacation rentals
    Chris: timeshares
    Chris: Anything that industry is unfortunately a high risk industry
    Chris: I’m very sorry
    →it isnt a time share
    →why didnt’ you tell me this on friday
    →i am writing to the BBB immediately because no I am out all that money
    →and with a pending charge my gues certainly won’t pay me any other way
    Chris: We didn’t know what you were processing for on Friday
    Chris: I am very sorry again
    →what will the guest see or hear from her cc company? will it show pending if yes she won’t pay me another way!!
    →She is saying she has a payment confirmation from you! I need an offiicial email immediately that you haven’t and won’t be processing her payment
    Chris: You will receive one in 1 minute
    Chris: So will she
    →okay send me the copy of what she received too please

    • One of the issues is that Wepay is defacto labeling businesses as high risk that are not even included in their legal disclaimers. Property rentals is NOT excluded by them! They need to tell a business upon registration if their business is one they will process payments for or not. To not do so is terrible and wreaks havoc on small businesses because services or products are rendered or sent by the time they decide arbitrarily to not process payment. We clearly stated what our business was on the initial application and registration and got approved. I also checked the prohibited businesses prior as well of which we were not one. You can tell something isn’t right from the slimy responses – telling me that the payment is still processing in one breath and that my business is too high risk in the other. Btw, our guest has since discovered they that never even tried to process payment and didn’t even initiate it!

  • My company started in 1989 and has been listed on Dun and Bradstreet since 1991. Wow, I’ve been in business only 21 years longer than them. I am a registered US government contractor and have contracts with several agencies such as the US Army and the Naval Air Warfare Center. They declined payment because they said my business is at high risk for charge backs. In the last 24 year I have never had a charge back. These guy are a joke. Don’t waste your time and money with these fools. Use PAYPAL!

    • I have had a similar experience. There is no option for talking to a person on the phone – calls are routed to a 30 second recording, which reiterates information about reserves available on the site. Emailed support requests are responded to with useless information that is, again, available on the site. Payments are listed as scheduled, then modified at the last minute. My payments were listed as “pending”, then put into a schedule for payment that changed two days before the withdrawal date. It’s deliberately confusing and misleading – I have never had issues like this, not with Square, not with PayPal, not with Google Checkout. The worst part is the marketing – an opportunity for you to join up with WePay to fight the PayPal machine. In my experience WePay is so much worse – pretending to be the small guy fighting the good fight makes it somehow disgusting.

  • WePay prides itself as being different from Paypal and while Paypal certainly has a few issues of its own, WePay is very far behind. It also prides itself for its personalized customer service, but that is easily said when they only communicate to inform you that your account is being terminated. In the meantime, emails remain unanswered.

    This is my experience. I signed up with WePay and within a few minutes, I was good to go. I filled in some very basic information, such as name, phone, address and SS #/ EIN. I also uploaded a link with reviews from our clients.

    As for many other customers, WePay started processing payments for me and then one of them stayed in pending mode. I contacted customer support and Charlie informed me that our information couldn’t be verified and suggested to re-enter it, which we did. Then…. nothing. After several unanswered email, I was simply informed that my information couldn’t be verified and that therefore the payment had been cancelled and my account terminated.

    WePay did not even ask me for proof of ID and address. Their procedures seem very arbitrary and do not display proper due diligence, in a field in which it is absolutely paramount.

    My customer and myself were left hanging for 3 full days, after which I but also my client received an email from WePay in which they explained that they would not be processing any further payment for us. For a company which prides itself with customer support, this is an interesting one. Our client, very understandably, has now lost trust in service providers such as WePay and Paypal, but also, questions our honesty.

    It is appalling that WePay can so quickly damage a reputation which I have put so much work into building.

    I warn current customers and people considering WePay. My situation is far from isolated. Do not give them a chance to damage your business.

    • Denise Dixon

      They kept saying my customer did not verify they account with the two small deposit for a payment. I seen my customer verify the amounts and they said it was wrong. Did anybody have these problem and what was the deposits because I know the ones she enter was right because I seen it on her bank online screen.

  • BEWARE!!!!!
    WePay had an e-mail inquiry thru their website on a fundraiser I did from a third party. They proceeded to provide that party with the dates, amounts, bank name and last 4 digits of my account via screen shots without my permission nor authorization!!! I was totally shocked!!! Not only that, but the information the third party provided was not true and now I look like I the bad guy! All their sales rep had to say was I am sorry, I wanted to clarify our fees … that’s fine but sharing screen shots of the activity on my account as attachments was soooo wrong!. Now it looks like I am stealing money when they provided wrong information!

  • They are better than paypal but that is just an illustration of how evil paypal is.
    The customer service is horrible. They feed you the same BS over and over.
    Unprofessional and shady. Customer service is plain rude.

    Funds are supposed to take 1-2 day to go to your account.
    A first they will do it, then it gets longer and longer. They claim payments are being “reviewed”. Over and over again. It’s a load of crap, ust an excuse to not live up to their 1-2 day promise. Try 10 days average.

    Jackie seems to have got tired of constantly appologizing for wepay.

  • So, I used WePay to fundraise for our adoption. From when I opened my account until April 30, 2013 I raised over $7000. I did direct withdrawals to my bank account. Great. Then I raised more money from May 1 until mid July and now they have NO record of ANY of these accounts. I requested a check mid July for $6500, they said they would issue it, but I haven’t received it. They claim my account was closed May 1 and no $$ was raised May-June. What?

    Anyone else have this experience? How can these transactions “go missing??”

  • Kurt Winter

    Worst company I ever worked with. I have been their customer for more than 3 months. I have processed around 3k in payments. Yesterday I have recieved an email saying that my account cannot be verified.
    So I contacted support:

    Chris: Hey there

    →I have just received an email from you saying We could not verify the information you submitted to verify your account Kurt Winter.

    →My name is Kurt Winter

    →and my email is [email protected]

    →I just didnt get it. I have been your customer for a while

    Chris: let me see here


    Chris: ok

    Chris: Unfortunately we won’t be able to process payments for your account. Our banks and processors hold us to strict guidelines on what we can and can’t process for, and we won’t be able to offer you our services.

    Chris: I am really sorry for the inconvenience

    →well. I still got money on your account

    →And I need them as soon as possible


    ——- no response.
    Dont even try to open account with this scammers!

  • We pay has been a great company for my up and coming business. I would and will highly recommend Wepay to any one.
    Thnak you Wepay
    Marva-Set It Off!

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Marva,

      In order to authenticate your testimonial please reply to this comment with your business name, location and/or the URL of your website. Thanks!

  • Charles Tendell

    My previous review seems to have disappeared.
    Original review date:June 28th 2013. I was with wepay for 4 days. Transactions moved appropriately and we processed approximately $1,000 in transactions with them. After the first days we noticed the “reserve” Which means that once you reach a $500 limit they will hold everything after that for 7 days. We meet and exceed that mark daily. Not initially a problem but then they began to review the account. I provided personal information, business reviews, tax information, Accreditations etc. During the review process they continued to accept payments from my website but placed them all on a “Pending” status. Then at the end of the business day, conveniently, they closed my account supposedly refunding my clients and holding onto $256 dollars. Classifying my business as a “high risk” They made their money off of me and thats that. So I am filing formal complaints with the better business Bureau.

    I will also be filing civil litigation against this fraudulent company.

    update: July 15th 2013. i still have not come to a resolution with this fraudulent company, I have made several requests for WePay inc. to provide evidence of a dispute filed against my account not being resolved. And to date they have failed to cooperate.

  • missy Martin

    I think the wepay customer service rep’s are outstanding. They are all very friendly and always willing to help. I use instant chat to ask a question and I always get a quick response and if there is ever a glitch in the system they are very quick to response and correct it. Our funds do have a reserve limit but they have lowered them after being with them for three months. The only thing I would suggest is that the payments would always be consistent and show up within two days in the account if they are not on reserve but I’m confident they will work this out and meet that expectation. Keep up the good work wepay!

  • Hamid Mustafa

    Avoid WEPAY by all means. They are RIPOFF company. I read again and again all the bad reviews from people online regarding WEPAY.COM and I thought they cannot be this bad! to my surprise they are as bad as you read online regarding their business practice. I opened my account after assurance from online customer service that they are legitimate company. Biggest scam they run is they open your account right away and let you ship your order. Once your order is shipped than they block my payment and asked for supporting documents. Than they show that they release my money and than 30 min later they stop my payment. An hour later they unilaterally refund money to my customer…mind you customers that I have shipped product to and they already received it. Now I am out of payment and my merchandise both…. they should change their name from WEPAY.com to weripoff.com. DO NOT SIGN ON with them will rip you off!!!

  • Tony Nelson II

    We have a account with these scam artist I’m still trying to close the account they are the worst company I ever seen they can’t be compared to paypal at all they stole over 700.00 dollar from my company with there so call payment service >>>>>>DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS COMPANY IT IS A SCAM BIGG TIME PEOPLE

    • We apologize for the inconvenience this must cause. For the security of our users, we do our best to verify each account that’s accepting payments on WePay. Payments typically take up to one business day to process, and we send an email once they’re done. The information provided within the payment request, whether it be an invoice, campaign, event or store, is taken into consideration. We are always looking to improve our processes and procedures.

      Payments may not be processed if information doesn’t match for the payer or payee in some way. We see you’ve had communication with our agents, and they will follow-up about more specific account information privately. Payments that couldn’t be processed will be sent back to the payer and the payer is sent an email notification as confirmation.

  • zayad elsanduqa

    WEPAY is the worst Merchant account provider any company can do business with . I had an account with them for 2 Month processing my customer’s credit card . I sold a customer an IPHONE and charged the card , the charge kept saying Pending for 5 days with no answer or HELP from customer service ,Until the cancelled the charge and REFUNDED the money to the Customer , and cancelled the account , NOW IAM OUT $350.00 the price of the IPHONE , DON”T EVEN THING OF DOING BUSINESS WITH WEPAY SCAM >>>>>>>>>

    • We apologize for the trouble. We have some rules about what you can and can’t collect payments for on WePay, and unfortunately, iPhones and other smartphones fall into one of the groups for which we can’t process. It would be the section regarding items that require a resellers license. We apologize if this wasn’t clear upon sign up. You will be able to find our terms at the following link.

  • Douglas Weaver

    At first blush WePay looks great. The UI is slick and works well on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. However, that is the furthest they get in terms of providing a solid service. Here are my main two problems.

    1. The absolute worst customer service ever. I made three phone calls at different times, waited 10 minutes each time and was disconnected. They offer live chat but sometimes don’t respond and if they do are slow and often misunderstanding. Emails also garner no response.
    2. They place a mandatory 3-5 day hold on dispersing payments received, plus it takes 1-2 days to transfer. This means it can take a week after receiving payment before it is deposited into your account.

    Hopefully they can correct these issues and match their presentation. If so I would be willing to try them again. But for now Square remains king for mobile payments.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience this must cause. We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and service, and this will help us address any holes that we may currently have. We do strive to provide the best customer service, and if that isn’t delivered, then we will review these interactions to learn from them. We hope that you can give us another chance in the future and if there are any further concerns, please let us know.

  • I wish I knew why my experience has been so different from the others here. I posted in January about my positive experience using WePay, and since then it’s continued to be excellent for me. Here’s a screenshot from a fundraising campaign I did recently:


    The main thing I can suggest is that with WePay being so different from other payment processors, go over your intended uses with your account manager as thoroughly as possible when they call to verify your account. Let them know of anything unusual you might be able to anticipate about the people who will be paying you, if you’re aware of anything. For example, if you might have a number of people using the same IP address because they share an internet connection. Or a lot of people using prepaid debit cards or gift cards. I haven’t had any situations like this, but if I were a payment processor I can imagine a lot of scenarios where things that may be entirely legitimate need some extra scrutiny on their end. WePay is unique in how obsessively they strive to avoid chargebacks, and it comes with the downside of the service not being suitable for everyone. Perhaps more thorough training of their account managers on what to ask in the verification interview would head off many of the issues people here are having before they happen. And it sounds like their customer service needs work too.

    If you anyone reading this is thinking of giving WePay a shot despite the other experiences given here, try starting with just a couple of smaller transactions in your first few days of operation to see how smoothly it goes (or doesn’t) before opening to a large number of purchases or donations. Consider it like getting to know a potential love interest and seeing if you’d be a good fit for one another. A lot of times it won’t work out, and it’s best to find that out early on.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Michael,

      Please reply to this comment with your charity’s name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

      • I’m not a charity, I’m a business providing services for authors. WePay’s fundraising feature doesn’t require being a non-profit, only that you clearly state what you are raising the funds for and that it isn’t for anything prohibited in their terms. In the case above, it was to raise money for an event some of my authors put on. The event registration feature WePay offers wasn’t quite the right fit, as we didn’t need registration and the contributions were voluntary, so we did a donations page instead.

        I posted here in early January about my initial experiences with using WePay for invoicing, and subscribed to the comments to see if anyone with a similar profile to myself turns up with issues, so I can hopefully have a heads up before they happen to me. I only trust payment providers to a degree after my experience with Paypal, and would leave WePay in an instant if they did me wrong and post here why I left. Unlike larger providers like Paypal, there still aren’t a huge number of reviews out there, so I’m thankful for pages like yours where we can share our experiences. I joined WePay because their invoicing appealed to me, but proceeded cautiously after reading the reviews here, asking a lot of questions during my phone interview to ensure I understood what I could and couldn’t do, and they understood what I wanted from them.

        I don’t think WePay is a good fit for everyone, which is why I’ve made it clear I can’t provide a wholesale recommendation, and cautioned people not to jump in too quickly. Contrasting my own experience to others here, I can only guess that my particular use of the service fits with whatever WePay looks for in a client, and so far they’ve fit mine, minus not being able to use them for everything I’d like. From reading the other reviews, I think WePay needs to make it clearer what they expect and what customers can expect from them, so that the things happening to other reviewers don’t continue. And when things do happen, they need to resolve them better. As it is now, I have no clear answer why I’ve had a great experience and others have had horrible ones. Then again, I know people who’ve never had issues with Paypal, whereas I had a bad one that put me off ever using them again.

        Even though my experience has been positive, I’m disappointed that their terms forbid some of what I’d like to do. As I lamented in my comment from January, they don’t allow the sale of digital goods such as ebooks. Which is a shame, as I’d recommend them to my author clients if they did. It’s so easy to add WePay buy buttons to a website, but that doesn’t do my authors any good if they’re not allowed to sell ebooks with them. I’ll also be opening an ebook store of my own soon, and would’ve liked to integrate with WePay. Instead I’ll be using Stripe for that.

        I was a long-time Amazon Payments customer and liked them, but even though they allow the sale of digital goods, it seems more games-oriented, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling ebooks with them. I worry too much that they’d find some reason to shut my account down for competing against Kindle. I didn’t see anything suggesting such last time I reviewed the terms, but given how aggressive they are in the digital book market I’m still wary. Especially since I’ve found them using records of customer purchases from me (non-book items) in the past to fuel their recommendations engine on Amazon.com, pushing people to buy from them instead.

        Depending on my experience with Stripe, I may reevaluate whether to keep using WePay at all. At the moment, I can see an advantage in not having my eggs all in one basket, so I may stick with WePay for my existing invoicing, etc., and use Stripe for other projects. But if Stripe really impresses me, I’ll switch. The main downside to moving all my business over to Stripe is I’ll have to build some things to aid me in invoicing for my freelance work. I’m already creating a store though, so it wouldn’t be much more effort. After I have some real-world Stripe experience I’ll post my comments on your Stripe page too, if you’d like them. So far things have gone smoothly with sandbox testing, so I’m optimistic.

    • Thank you for your kind words and your continued support of WePay! We always strive to improve our processes, procedures and service, and your insights will be helpful in this goal. If you have any concerns, questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

      • Ronald Craig Fisher

        Hi Jackie, it’s Craig from today 9/19/16 I’m shocked to read all of these bad reviews as my experience today couldn’t have been any better ! I had an issue withdrawing because of an old phone number, or in my case…a nu that I don’t know where It came from and you guy’s fixed it in under 45 minutes and my money is supposed to be on it’s way. I’ll be 100% satisfied IF it gets here on time. So far, I have been very pleased with my dealings with your company. Thanks

        • Hi Ronald,

          Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  • Jesse Schonfeld

    I used the wepay service for exactly 2 transactions. They then, without warning, reversed both transactions and said i needed a resellers license! I do computer repair. What would i need a resellers license for? Their response?
    05:00 | I am sorry, but what you are processing for would require a reseller’s license per our terms, and we won’t be able to process for your company going forward
    05:00 | I am very sorry again
    He had no idea why HE made this call. Anyway, after this short experience i went with Intuit. They offer everything i need plus a free card swiper. All that and a company i’ve heard of.
    So try this company at your own risk! Just dont process any payments that you worry about them randomly reversing on you!

    • We apologize for the inconvenience. Upon further conversation and investigation of your account, we realized the payments were for technical support. We have some rules about what you can and can’t collect payments for on WePay, and unfortunately, technical support falls into one of the groups for which we can’t process. I apologize if this wasn’t clear upon sign up. You will be able to find our terms at the following link.

    • josh walton

      This sounds familiar as what is this very day is happening to us…we also processed only 2 transactions under only $16 that were from 2 of our clients that we know really well and they know us and they said:

      Jul 01 05:38 pm (PDT)

      Hi Joshua,

      Due to the nature of the payment activity, we can’t process payments for your account. There has been suspicious activity reported with the credit cards charged. At that point, we are required to refund any money to the original card holders in order to comply with the credit card company’s policy. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.



      WePay | Customer Support
      Phone: 855-GO-WEPAY (855-469-3729)
      [email protected] | wepay.com
      e could be verified. We have all the due diligence docs.

      Well which is it? That they could not verify aspect even after we provided everything or “the nature of payment activity” – on the first 2 transactions…really. We have everything in order and our product is Web Development – as on the list of their approved dropdown options…

  • I started a gofundme campaign to raise money so I could go visit my very ill mother who is in hospice. The gofundme page was successful but I haven’t seen a penny of the money. Apparently they use a service called WEPAY. Well, they don’t pay. They seem to have lost my money. When I spoke to their rep, they had no idea where my money was. So I’m still waiting for payment to my bank account my while my mom is in hospice. I am outraged beyond words. WEPAY is the worst financial service I’ve ever experienced. I should have used paypal – although I would have raised less money at least I would be able to use the donation to buy a plane ticket. Take my advice and steer clear of this scam company. I don’t know why they haven’t been shut down for illegal and unethical activities.

  • frank krogh

    WEPAY has put all my monies in reserve for 84 days. I was never told this might be done when I signed up for the service. It does me no good, if I can’t get my funds quickly.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience. Payments may be held in reserve if basic account verification isn’t complete. Once this is done, then we’ll be able to upon the reserves.

      To update your account verification, you may refer to the link below.

      To reference our reserves policy, you may review this link.

  • I joined WePay about 2 months ago as an alternative to PayPal interested in saving money on transaction fees. I continued to use Paypal until last week when I decided to invoice one of my clients on the WePay system to see how the process went. I invoiced my client $900 and the client (who normally cuts a check immediately upon being invoiced) made the online payment immediately. Then I waited until day 3 while the invoice sat in a pending status before it finally cleared. I immediately withdrew the money to my bank account. That was 3 days ago and I still do not have the money. Hopefully I will see the money in my bank account tomorrow which will be 7 days since it was sent. The fee was 2.9% plus $0.30 which is no cheaper than PayPal. So with PayPal I get immediate access to deposited monies when paid via my debit card and money into my bank account in 2 days for the same fee WePay charged me. And that is if I get the money tomorrow (we’ll see) a 7 day turn around. Why would anyone would use a service to get electronic payments which takes longer than snail mail takes to deliver a hard check with no fees. This was the absolute worst electronic transfer experience I have every had. I will be closing my WePay account as soon as I finally get my money on this one transaction and sticking with PayPal. The whole point of paying exorbitant transaction fees is to speed up the access to one’s money. WePay does not deliver this benefit.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience this must cause. For the security of our users, we do our best to verify each account that’s accepting payments on WePay. Payments typically take up to one business day to process, and we send an email once they’re done. The information provided within the payment request, whether it be an invoice, campaign, event or store, is taken into consideration. We are always looking to improve our processes and procedures, and we’re very sorry that your payments took longer than usual. We want to make sure that you get your payments as quickly as possible, and if you do not see the funds in your bank account yet, please let us know and we’ll track it down for you.

  • WePay is very misleading with their marketing. Only hours after setting up with WePay an account, they advised us they, (WePay) does not provide service to attorneys or any legal format because of what they claim is a “high charge back rate” we are not sure what kind of attorneys or legal formats they have been working with in the past, but our firm has been in business since 1980. In 33 years we have only had one (1) clients who requested a refund because they did not like the outcome of their legal issue, and we have had no chargebacks in 33 years. We where told that our firm “does not fit their profile at WePay because of the possible chargebacks in our industry”. ARE THEY JOKING? They wanted us to give them more information for their underwriters to review, but we stopped the application from going any further and advised them that “we” do not want to do business with WePay based on their attude towards “our business profile”. We wonder how long WePay will be around with a business operation like the one they have set-up and what does their customer base look like? The first thing you find out in business there is no 100% of anything. So if WePay is looking for a 100% format of no risk, we wish them luck in the real business world. Some of their investors may be asking for a their investments back in WePay as they go forward when they are pushed out of the market by other professional credit card processors…

    • We apologize for the inconvenience this must cause. We are always looking to improve our processes and procedures, and this feedback will be valuable in order for us to do so. If you continue to have any other comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • We had a bad experience with Wepay also, they completely just dropped us and said they cannot assume the risk even though we have had no charge backs to our account. We expressed concern that we were not in violation of their TOS and they confirmed that we weren’t. They would not elaborate on the reason accept that they just cannot assume the risk for our industry (parts sales and consulting), although we were not in-violation of their TOS, they jut plane dropped us and left orders pending (we did get our last processed orders). We told them that it probably is in our best interest to terminate them as a merchant company as well as their Tolerance for Risk seem woefully low. Also note: We did not receive any notice until a customer placed an order, not the time we would expect a reputable company to tell you they have dropped your company.

    Below is a pasted chat we had with them and our final comments (you decide):


    Sophie (WePay Support)
    Mar 19 12:30 pm (PDT)

    Location: USA (Cary, NC)
    On page:
    IP address:
    Talked with: Shehryar

    [email protected]
    12:02 | knock knock

    12:02 | Who’s there?

    [email protected]
    12:02 | lol
    12:03 | Was wondering if you guys have re reviewed our website yet? Seems there was some confusing about what we do

    12:03 | May I have your e-mail address so I can pull up your account?

    [email protected]
    12:03 | [email protected]

    12:04 | It looks like we did review it, but it looks like the decision couldn’t be overturned since it seems like you are operating an industry that is historically prone to disputes and chargebacks. Unfortunately, we can not take on that risk
    12:04 | I’m very sorry!

    [email protected]
    12:04 | what Industry?
    12:05 | We are not in violation of your TOS

    12:06 | I didn’t say you were, but it seems like based on the information submitted, we’ve determined we can not process payments for your accounts. I’m very sorry

    [email protected]
    12:06 | you guys are not being honest with me

    12:07 | I am being honest with you. I am telling we can not process payments for your account based on the information that you submitted into us. Perhaps you can clarify it again, what is it that you do exactly?

    [email protected]
    12:09 | We sell parts, made by us or reconditioned OEM parts, and consulting (with prior approval from you guys), Body SHop Repair manging Excel Workbook on Disc that we ship via USPS.
    12:09 | Not sure what the mix up is, we have another website but we use Square.com for that website. THe two websites serve different markets.

    12:10 | Right, that’s the information I see here as well. Unfortunately, our banks and processors have determined that we can not process payments for that type of industry at this time due to it historically being prone to disputes and chargebacks

    [email protected]
    12:10 | The website we use Square.com serves custom car services and has nothing to do with you guys.
    12:12 | Thats BS, because the items we sell, everyone sells and you wont specify wich items are in violation or specify anything else for that matter, you just copy and paste text. So are you in violation of the TOS we agreed too?
    12:12 | because a TOS goes both way!

    12:12 | I just did. I told you the specifics

    [email protected]
    12:12 | you guys are costing us customers and money as we speek
    12:12 | no specifics, you just saying no

    12:13 | We do reserve the right to not process payments for an account, I’m very sorry. This decision is final

    [email protected]
    12:13 | an account for the reason specified in your TOS or for any reason at all?
    12:14 | because the bolgisphere will certainly get a ear full from us…
    12:14 | JUst dropping someone for no appearent reason then your scared.
    12:15 | Send me the TOS we agreed to

    12:15 | http://www.wepay.com/legal
    12:16 | Please refer to section 36 that states we do reserve the right to not process for an account. As previously mentioned, we can not process payments for your particular industry because it is historically prone to disputes and chargebacks. We can not accept that risk.

    [email protected]
    12:26 | Ok, I figured there was a mis communication but it seems you guys just plain suck and given the level of Risk you can assume, I would also say you woefully under capitalized and will probably go chapter 13 anyway. So, if I were you as a paid employee, certainly update your resume as well. Given the under capitalization of your organization then we would be smart to stop doing business with you as well, also note, because this is my conversation also, we will be doing our own copy and pasting into any blog or message board willing to allow a user name and password. So yea, terminating our relationship with you is probably the best thing, I for one would rather not loose our funds because of your under capitalization and Risk Tolerances. Given the fact our business volume is currently less then $500 and you say you cannot assume the risk of a charge back only confirms our suspicions. So yes, we will be removing you guys and good riddens. Go to the bank, maybe get some operating capital why don’t ya, geez….

    12:28 | Bye, have a great day!

    • We apologize for the convenience this must cause. We have attempted to process payments for car customization merchants in the past. Unfortunately, this industry has been prone to chargebacks and disputes. While we would love to be able to continue providing our services to this industry, our banks and processors restrict our ability to do so. We wish you the best in your business and hope you find a better fit.

  • This is my live chat experience with WePay.com. I had a verified account with no problems for several months. One day I logged in to find over $300 worth of orders (that had already been sent out), had been RETURNED to the customers without any notice from me. My account was at just $50 dollars and all my other money was missing. I wrote in to ask what happened, and will let you decide for yourself if this is the kind of company that should handle your money.

    I have removed by business email below so this cannot be misconstrued as advertising my business.


    01:39 | I need help

    01:40 | hi there

    01:40 | the other day, i had a number of sales that had come through

    01:40 | okay!

    01:41 | those sales completely disappeared
    01:41 | & i had no warning
    01:42 | so my sales disappeared, & I contacted alex, who said they needed to verify my account, even though I already had verified it, and had gotten an email saying I had

    01:42 | may i have your email?

    01:42 | ====removed=====

    01:43 | thanks!
    01:43 | okay i see here that we were unable to verify your infroamtion
    01:43 | so ufortunatley we won’t be able to process payments for you

    01:43 | what information is needed still?
    01:43 | and why do I not get notified until AFTER the fact?
    01:44 | I have to contact you to find out my money has disappeared?!

    01:44 | i’m so sorry, it’s procesed through our review team
    01:44 | all i can see is that the transactions have failed and we will not be processing your payments

    01:44 | But why?
    01:44 | I’ve lost over $300 already
    01:44 | why on earth would you not tell someone about this?
    01:45 | hello?

    01:46 | still here
    01:46 | i’m very sorry but we are not going to process your payments

    01:46 | well i hear what you are saying but I do not know WHY.
    01:47 | and I also would like to know why I was not informed up front.
    01:47 | why I have to go through the process of logging in, seeing no money, & contacting We Pay

    01:47 | i’ll pass your feedback along in terms of the notification
    01:47 | and all i can see here is that our review team could not verify some information provided about your account
    01:47 | i’m not privy to which informaiton i apologize

    01:47 | well why wouldn’t they just ASK me instead of shutting it down?

    01:48 | you should have received an email to the effect that we could not verify your account
    01:48 | I did not receive such an email.

    01:49 | how do I at least get the $50 out of this ridiculous account

    01:49 | it looks like those funds will be available to you in March

    01:49 | WHAT???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    01:50 | it’s already cleared & done with!!!!
    01:50 | It’s $50
    01:50 | I lost over $300 using WePay
    01:50 | this is insane!
    01:50 | please help me Emma

    01:51 | i’m very sorry but your funds will be available in March

    01:51 | WHY
    01:52 | We Pay is not a bank. You cannot just hold funds for no reason

    01:52 | i’m very sorry but we can’t verify some information so we will hold onto the funs in a reserve

    01:53 | This is easy. Tell me what information you need to verify. Then send me my lousy $50. I know WePay cannot legally hold on to this money.

    01:54 | i’m sorry i cannot take this infromation via chat
    01:54 | youre more than welcome to call in
    01:54 | 855-469-3729

    If you have feedback about our tools or merchants or anything else, we’d love to hear that too! Let us know by emailing [email protected] for your feedback! And thank you for being a part of our effort to build a different kind of payments company.

    Sophie Monroe
    Director of Customer Support


    My phone call with them went the same way. No answers, just run around & pushing my questions away. I still don’t have my lousy $50 (since it’s not the arbitrary day they decided will be in March.) And I have a bunch of customers with my product, but no payment.

    To Recap:

    1. I completed all the info they asked for, & began to process orders with no issues or customer complaints.
    2. I logged in to find $300 worth of order money GONE & refunded to customers with no explanation or warning.
    3. Next I am told that in addition to this money being gone, We Pay will not process orders for me anymore.
    4. I ask WePay why & they give me NO answer.
    5. Next I am told that WePay is holding my remaining funds of $50 until March (which is about 3 months from when this happened.) I was never given a date in March, just told my funds would be available then.

    My advice? We Pay cares ZERO ZERO ZERO for customers and customer experience. Run, don’t walk, away.

    Thanks for your help & great service WePay!

  • I signed up for WePay despite TWO friends warning me about their own experience. I guess it was just easy to sign up for, & I needed a quick way to process payments online. So I signed up, made a few buttons on my site, and got all my information verified. You have to verify your business name, bank account info & other stuff which is fine.

    I had zero problems. No customer complaints, no disputes, nothing at all except happy customers. All my customers paid for was a small shipping fee or just $20 to re-order a product in case they needed a double order.

    Out of nowhere, I got an email stating “Your account can not be verified” which is untrue to begin with. My account has been FULLY verified in their “Trust Center” for months, with NO issues or additional questions from them.

    The email stated, “We could not verify the information you submitted to verify your account. You will be able to withdraw your available balance. However, all pending payments will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to use this account to accept payments.

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any question, please contact Customer Support, or refer to our Terms of Service.

    WePay Customer Support ”

    So now my customers cannot buy from my site or pay shipping. How do you not contact your customers with questions or let them know, “Hey there, we noticed an issue & would like to give you a chance to correct it, otherwise we’ll have to close your account.” Especially to a customer with no complaints?!

    This is the EXACT same scenario that happened to my 2 friends. They both opened an account, got verified, & began to process payments. Not high volume, nothing porn or crazy or illegal. No customer complaints. Yet out of the blue one day, WePay says “Thanks for letting us take a bunch of fees from you & your customers, now SCREW YOU” without any warning.

    I STRONGLY advise against WePay. The worst part is, when you contact “Customer Service” (laugh), they give you the same sentence over & over again & do not answer WHY your account was closed down.

    So not only do they not question you before they close you down or warn you before they close you down – they also will not tell you why they closed you down. All they say is, “We’re unable to continue to process payments for you any longer.” It’s like talking to a wall & absolutely the WORST way to treat customers, especially people whose livelihood is affected by their service dramatically.

    Hello??!!!! WePay.com owner??!!! You NEED to provide real & concrete answers to your customers before you decide to ruin their business! Or, better yet (work with me to imagine this now…) you could talk to your customers BEFORE you shut them down without warning! OMG! Can that kind of thing be done?!

    Not with WePay.com. I am the 3rd victim I know PERSONALLY, minus all you fine people. I am going to stick with Square Up now. I’ve had them the whole time & have had no problems with them. I can’t process web orders but I can take phone orders & send invoices & that will do for now.

    The owner of WePay.com should seriously be embarrassed about how customers are being handled and treated. WePay will fail, because they do not understand how to treat people, least of all business people. Which is kind of their target market. Good luck with that.

  • I’m beginning to believe that my money in my WePay account is lost. It’s been sitting for more than 4 weeks “in reserve”. I’ve opened 4 or 5 support tickets (#209651, #208621, #207420, #213082, #213469). Each time I get an e-mail a couple days later saying that the ticket has been “resolved”. I check back at my funds, and they’re still sitting in reserve. I’ve verified everything in the “TRUST CENTER” except for linking my Facebook account (which I refuse to do). I’ve e-mailed a picture of my government issued photo-ID. I’ve had numerous conversations with their customer service and each time they say, “they’ll look into it”, but nothing ever comes of it. STEER CLEAR OF THIS SERVICE!

    • Soon after posting this complaint, I was contacted by a Sales Manager at WePay. He was friendly and extremely apologetic. Apparently my account was stuck in some sort of limbo. They released my funds from reserve that day, and added an extra $50 as an apology. Although the process was a frustrating one, I have received my funds and I consider the matter completely resolved. After speaking with the WePay representative, I trust that if I were to use WePay again, the account verification issue has since been resolved, and that my funds would be more immediately available.

  • Found Wepay and was really happy I can finally get rid of Paypal,, BIG MISTAKE,, I registered, built a store advertised—this took several month’s of my time plus money I used to advertise on Facebook and Google,, I finally get my first sale,,,they tell me not to ship until payment clears,, 3-4 days later I get an email MY ACCOUNT is closed—No reason at all given–wasted time and money—Can’t get a straight answer from anyone

  • Cassandra Davis

    WePay is not a reliable, friendly or efficient way to deal with funds. They SAY they take only 3.9 percent from the collected total but they took out over 8 percent of one of our contributions, KEPT the fee and returned the donation to the donor saying they could not, first, verify the donors information THEN saying they could not verify OUR information. This went back and forth for over a week. We cancelled our account with them AND with their cohort, gofundme. I can only see that they process funds from certain people who are of a common ethnicity and try to rob and/or refuse the rest. What an awful experience! They need to be investigated and shut down!

    • We apologize for your experience. Donations made through our partner sites may incur a fee through that partner, which it looks like may have happened in this case. I’m so sorry if this wasn’t made more apparent upon sign-up.

      WePay prides itself on being a fair and diverse company. We do not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion or beliefs. There are conditions in our terms of service that state we will not process for or condone payments for anything that promotes hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime. You are welcome to review those terms at the link below.

      I apologize again that your experience was not up to the strict standards that WePay holds itself to. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

  • After reading the reviews here, I was reluctant to try WePay, but I wanted an easy way to both collect invoices from graphic design clients, as well as set up a small store to sell some things. I didn’t want to use Paypal, because of a problem I had with them double-dipping in my bank account (that took weeks to get resolved). I’ve been a long-time Amazon Payments user, which had the invoicing aspect covered since I took the time to build my own page for that a few years ago, but the prospect of coding a store wasn’t something I wanted to spend time on.

    The morning after setting up my account for my registered business, I received a call from WePay to verify my details and was assigned an account manager. After that I nervously sent a client an invoice, warning her that this was a new and untested payment system for me so we might have to go back to Amazon Payments. She paid, and the payment completed a few minutes later. Withdrew the money to my bank, and it cleared in about 4 days. Sent another invoice to another client not long after that, and payment also completed quickly. That one cleared to my bank sooner. Finally I set up my small store, where I had about a dozen customers in a few weeks, and in every case payment completed within a minute or two. Withdrawal for those funds also only took a few days.

    I haven’t needed customer service for anything, so I can’t speak to how well they handle that, but at least the collecting and withdrawing of funds has gone smoothly for me. In trying to figure out why my experience has been so different from what’s been posted here, the only thing I can think of is that perhaps being a verified business makes a difference. Considering they have advertised WePay as a way to easily collect anything from funds for a kid’s soccer trip to money for utilities from roommates, it sounds like they could use some improvement in how they handle personal accounts. As far as my business experiences goes however, I’m very satisfied. I only wish they’d allow sale of digital goods, as I’d like to be able to recommend the service to my author clients for selling ebooks. Too bad.

    • Thank you for your kind words! We have verification procedures in place that help us process payments faster, which your account manager likely went over with you. We do review these procedures regularly to make the experience for all users better, so we appreciate the feedback.

      We thank you for your continued support of WePay!

    • How did you use Amazon Payments to do Invoicing? I used their “pay now” buttons, but have not been able to figure out a way to do invoicing. I have searched through their help section on this and found nothing.

      • Hi Kitt,
        Sorry if I worded that part poorly. I had to build my own invoicing using their API to create dynamic pay now buttons. Nothing fancy, but it got the job done. Their libraries makes it pretty simple as far as the button part goes (See ), and then it’s just a matter of putting together a system to send an invoice with the button.

        Just recently though I came across this website, which seems to be the only invoicing service that supports Amazon Payments:

        From what I can tell they just charge a 99c flat fee for each payment received. Even though I’m using WePay for invoicing now, I might give this a try.

  • As a company, WePay is very unprofessional. This company does not operate transparently, nor do they communicate. I emailed them three times. Not once did I receive a response. The people that donated were primarily family members, with a few friends. I was one of the donors, along with the person managing the account.

    1) All of fall, I’ve been collecting money from family and friends for charitable cause.

    2) Early December. My bank account was set up and shown as verified

    3) Despite people donating money to WePay for the cause, no money was ever deposited in my verified bank account for several weeks. I, a donor myself, I know the money was immediately taken and processed from all donors.

    4) Dec 17. I talked to LiveChat to inquire about the issue. She asked whether my account was verified and I confirmed. She asked for my account ID presumably to double check the account’s verification. She said that she could not identify what the problem was and suggested I email [email protected]. I sent the email that night.

    5) Dec 27. 10 days later… no one replied to my email. I talk to LiveChat again. They said my funds are in reserve (which was not indicated to me in my previous LiveChat). They said I have to go to TrustCenter to answer more questions, which I do, including my SS# (which I now regret doing). I asked how long will it take for them to review this information, they said they will review that day and I will be notified by email. I never received an email and no changes were made on my WePay account.

    6) Dec 28 I contact LiveChat again. Now I’m told the money cannot be taken out for 12 weeks (again, no mention of this from any of my previous LiveChats). I’m told they will expedite the process. I send another email to [email protected] to ensure the process is being executed. They of course do not respond.

    7) Dec 28, in the evening…out of the blue, I get an email saying all of the money has been refunded back to the donors. I immediately call 1-855-GO-WEPAY support line. The person on the phone say it’s the donor’s bank issue… I ask how can that be? I was one of the donors and the money was taken out of my account months ago… he says he has no idea. Tells me I have to email [email protected] again. I say I don’t want to email again because no one has replied to my previous two emails, and that I need to talk to someone who knows what is going on. He says no one can help me except for them.

    8) Dec 28. I email [email protected] and I contact live chat again. LiveChat said my account has been closed and the decision is final. They refuse to answer any questions I have about the situation and ignore my attempts to understand the situation.

    Every time I talk to LiveChat, I get a different answer or new information that wasn’t (but should have been) brought up earlier. Their support phone line has no idea what’s going on. Their [email protected] folks do not return emails. I do not even get a pre-notification before something as drastic as ‘full refund of all donations’ gets executed.

    This company does not operate professionally, and I intend to make formal complaints with the FDIC, FTC and the BBB.

    • We apologize for the experience you have been having and we appreciate your patience. This is certainly not the level of service that we want to provide for our users, and we appreciate you taking the time to provide us feedback on your experience. We hope to be able to give some additional information regarding your account.

      There are three different verification steps: bank, personal and account. As you mentioned, your bank account was verified early December, though no funds were deposited because the other two verification steps were not completed. We apologize for the miscommunication when the agent asked whether your account was verified. You acknowledged your account was verified, when it was actually only your bank account that was verified, and this should have been clarified at that time. The agent did notice your personal and account information were not verified, and therefore asked you to email [email protected]. After speaking with a second agent, you were requested to go through our Trust Center to get your personal and account verified. We’re sorry that you weren’t sent to the Trust Center sooner and for the misunderstanding.

      On December 27th, you completed our Trust Center but hadn’t heard back from us. Once again, we apologize for that. The holiday set us back a day, and we understand that is not an excuse, but that is the reason as to why you did not receive an email later that day.

      On December 28th, your account was reviewed through the Trust Center and when we were contacted at 9am, you were informed you would not be able to withdraw for 12 weeks. This wasn’t explained to you previously, because at that time we did not have all the necessary information to verify your account, which prevented the ability to withdraw. Later that day, after attempting to verify your information, we were unsuccessful, and therefore would not be able to process payments for your account. Our Terms of Service state that if we cannot verify the information, our services may not be offered and so the money previously collected on your account was refunded. You may review those terms at the link below.

      We apologize that for all the different answers you were receiving whenever you contacted Support, but at each of those times, there was only so much information available. Once we received additional information, the account was reviewed again.

      We wish you the best in your endeavors.

    • I hope that you see this message. I am “missing” $6500 from WePay and they have “no record” of it. Did you ever file with the BBB?

  • Every single review website is saying the same thing about WePay, people are getting scammed, WePay is making businesses look bad infront of their customers. Someone from WePay responded on the forum of this one site just to do some PR Image Repairing, claiming that they had employees in their Risk Department flagged accounts left and right. Hmm employee of a company, we wonder who told them to do that. Could it be the mangement of WePay to tell Risk to flag every account….He then responds in quotes “its better”.

    We charged 2 amounts (small ones) and they reversed them 2 days later claiming the account wasnt verified. So we verified the account and charged the amounts on Monday, its now Wednesday and the payments are still pending. We gave them 1 small amount under $20 and have the feeling they are just waisting our time.

    The second WePay screws us over we’ll let you know. In addition, they claim to call your buyer/customers and start to ask all types of questions to get your customer thinking your trying to scam them. WePay’s actions scare the customer, the customer disputes the charge, and then WePay trys to stick you with a $35 chargeback fee. This could be the new avenue they are going into to make money.

    We Pay should just stick to processing transactions and only flag the account if the merchant cant back up they shipped the products and have valid tracking numbers. Otherwise if you (wepay) keep this up, you’ll be out of business in no time. Your reputation online is horrible.

    • Followup to WePay.Com comment, everything that people say about this payment service is true. Nothing but excuses they give you for holding funds and cancelling payments. We have steered clear away from this con artists. 3 small payments took 9 days to clear until they came up with an excuse to hold them furthere. We didnt trust them to begin with so thats why we only gave them such small payments to see what they would do. Low and behold it was true. When we told support to close our account immediately, they closed the account in mere seconds but never bothered to reverse the payments back to the people, hese stealing money from people!

    • We apologize for the inconvenience this must cause. For the security of our users, we do our best to verify each account that’s accepting payments on WePay. Payments typically take up to one business day to process, and we send an email once they’re done. The information provided within the payment request, whether it be an invoice, campaign, event or store, is taken into consideration. We are always looking to improve our processes and procedures, and it’s very rare that we reach out to payers.

      When a payment is placed, the funds will be removed and held in reserve by the bank to ensure the funds are available to complete the payment. Since these payments couldn’t be processed, we released the authorization on those funds, but it can take the card issuer/bank a few business days to post the release. At this time, the funds should be available on the payers’ cards.

  • Barbara Jeffers

    This is really sad. I set up an account with the web site “Ever Ribbon” asking for donations to help raise a reward to find the person that murdered my daughter just a month ago (Nov 5th, 2012). Although there is not a lot of donations, I can’t get the wepay thing to release the funds. I am heart broken over the loss of my daughter….no one will ever know how sad I am….and I can’t get this stupid site to release the funds so I can give them to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to go into the Silent Witness reward funds…. I don’t know what to do….

    • I’m truly sorry to hear about your daughter. Withdrawals typically take 1-2 business days to complete, as it takes some time for the receiving bank to post the funds. At this time, I do see the donations are currently in your possession, and I hope it helps in finding closure after this tragic event.

  • I have tried contacting wepay.com several times regarding withdraw of donatins; the telephone # that is provided is worth nothing. I can never talk to anyone I get an answering service, I’ve emailed and they seem to not understand the question. The problem is this; when you want to get the withdraw , their web site as that you enter your checking account, route # along with your pass word to get into your bank account. That is my problem! I am not giving anyone let alone some company that I know nothing about my password to get into my bank account. This is ridiculous, and when I asked by email why are they asking for this, the only answer I get is ” that is the only way they can pay me is by check”. they never answer the queston of why they need my password to my bank account.

    • I apologize for the confusion. The method of bank account verification you referenced is Instant Verification, which would involve inputting your online banking credentials. This information would be securely encrypted and sent to your bank to see if they match what the bank has on file. However, this is not the only method we offer, as we understand the hesitation that you’ve expressed. We offer two other methods of verification that would not involve this information. You may submit pictures of a government-issued photo ID and a voided check, or you can request microdeposits. As a final withdrawal method, we offer a paper check sent in the mail.

      I hope this helps to answer your concerns. The security of our customers is our top priority. You’re welcome to review our security measures here.

  • My customer pays on Tuesday, Wepay got the money but would not release to me until my customer confirmed his bank account. He confirmed his account and now 4 days later. Wepay is still holding the payment to me (pending) Too much of a delay with Wepay. Seems like they are using the money to flow the business and not paying right out to merchants. Very poor and slow service

    • I apologize about the delay in receiving your funds. WePay does have a confirmation process involved with using a bank account, as we do not want to be transferring the funds from the wrong account. Once a bank account is confirmed, it can take 1-2 business days for the payment to post from the payer’s bank account. Please bear in mind that holidays and weekends may cause a bit of a delay. The payment in question was made right before Thanksgiving, which most likely contributed to the wait.

  • MicroBikiniMassacre

    After using WePay for well over a year and collecting funds from lots of happy customers for tree seedlings I added a second store. This store sold bikinis (micro and micro mini bikinis, as well as tube dresses) that I create myself. There was no nudity pictured. Some tops and dresses were semi-translucent but would not be considered pornographic or obscene by any normal standards. You can see similar items being sold all over Ebay and Amazon. When the idiots at WePay saw my swims they immediately locked down my account. I assure you that it had nothing to do with anything else. These people are not dealing in reality… As much as I hate PayPal and Ebay and Visa/MasterCard, WePay has now earned a spot in that very special place in my heart as well. *#@% you WePay..*#@% you up your stupid ^$$es.

    • I truly apologize about the inconvenience this causes. We do not take account closures lightly, and we found this one to be a particularly difficult decision for us, as this customer has been a pleasure to work with. Our banks and processors have some rules about what you can and can’t collect payments for on WePay, and unfortunately, payments for this second business fell into one of the groups for which we can’t process. You will be able to find our terms at the following link.

      I sincerely wish you the best in your business endeavors.

  • Don’t use WePay.com – Payments held in “pending” limbo

    Like many of the other comments, my payments were held perpetually without explanation. It’s embarrassing for me as a professional company to be contacting customers about this, and at this point, I have already rendered my service and I don’t know if I will actually get paid. WePay.com doesn’t have their act together. I recommend going somewhere else.

    • I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Payments can take up to one business day to process, and we send an email once it’s complete. We do recommend, because of this delay, that goods and services be rendered after this notification is sent. I’m so sorry if this wasn’t made more apparent, and we do our best to get the funds available to you as soon as possible.

  • Karen Koppy

    I tried to pay for a conference through WePay (it was listed as the only option for online payment on the brochure). I attempted to “verify my account” and they asked for SS#, etc. After I had entered all the pertinent info, they said they still could not verify my account and wanted me to download my drivers’ licence or other legal document. I tried another approach with the entire website address given on the brochure, rather than just “wepay.com”. The appropriate item came up and I checked that I’d pay with a credit card. The first card number I entered came up “your credit card is expired”, which it definitely isn’t! Then I tried another card and the same thing happened. When I tried to call them, a recording said “the party you are trying to read is unavailable…..”. When I tried to chat online, the site was so screwed up that it didn’t work. Now I’m worried about giving them all my info. I should have known better, but the organization presenting the conference is a well-respected professional organization. I left a message for them to call me. It will be interesting to see what happens. This site is very unprofessional.

    • State and Federal regulations require us to verify the identities of all people using WePay to accept payments. We have always required social security numbers to remove money from the system, but we recently changed how and where we require it. We wanted to be more upfront about it and we wanted to collect additional info to ensure we’re doing a good job verifying users. You will only need to do this if you’re collecting payments on WePay. Since it sounds like you were only making a payment, this step does not need to be completed.

      Our site does require a four digit year for the expiration date, so if you were inputting a two digit year, that may have caused the expiration error to come up.

      I truly apologize for the inconvenience. If the site continues to give you trouble, please contact us directly. We’ll be happy to troubleshoot and do any necessary site updates and fixes. We thank you for this feedback.

  • David Velardo

    WE PAY is full of excuses as to why they hold on deposits (payments) made with credit cards and that should have cleared from point of transfer. They refuse to show which transactions are bank transfers and which are actually credit card payments. This service is not worth it. We highly recommend to stay away from it!

  • Updated Information :

    A- on BBB

    Basic Fees 2.9%+30c and 1.0%+30c Bank Account

  • Laura Lindsey

    WEPAY has been a total NIGHTMARE! They have held and KEPT my customer’s funds. Their customer service stinks and they have EMBARRASSED my company making us look unprofessional to our customers! They contacted my customers by email and made it hard for them to pay. NOT ONE SINGLE TRANSACTION went through or completed through WEPAY. We have over $700 held up at WEPAY. I do NOT recommend this company to anybody. I would rather take my chances dealing with the other demon PayPal than to go through WePay. Even though Paypal freezes your money, they do allow most of your transactions to go through. We Pay hasn’t allowed ANY of our transactions to go through. I will file a former complaint with the FDIC, FTC AND THE BBB. When I questioned them about their practices, they locked me out of my account so that I could not log in. After I threatened them to call the police if they didn’t release my client’s funds, they unlocked my account. Please do not use this service, you will be sorry, like me.

  • WePay Sucks! Before using them I asked if they do Fraud detection and they assure me that they do fraud detection just like PayPal of google Checkout – Turns out that about half of my web site orders were fradulent and resulted in chargebacks because WEPAY did no Fraud detection whatsoever. This cost my company about $700

    They should be honest with customers and just provide us the order info so we can do are own Fraud detection. WEPAY is BS – Plus there customer service is terrible and almost impossible to get a hold of anyone

    • Each payment that comes into WePay goes through a review process and fraud detection program, but the only information we can use to ensure legitimacy is what is provided at the time of payment. We do our best to catch any suspicious activity that comes into our system. We continuously review accounts and payments for any strange activity. I apologize that we may not have caught these particular payments and value this feedback so we can look into ways of improving our current systems and processes.

  • I started a wepay account for a former gymnast of mine (I am a coach) that lost his hand in a boating accident a couple of months before his 12th birthday. Most of my experience was okay or as expected. Then I noticed that they were charging double the percentage they advertised for payments made. I emailed several times for an explanation but NEVER got a response. I know I had a good email address because I had gotten a previous response from an account manager about a different question when setting up the account. The account manager directed me to email directly any other questions I had which I did. After no response from that account manager I emailed the general address again (as I had with my first question) again with no response.
    I will never use this site again and WOULD NOT reccomend it to others…

    • I apologize for any confusion and the trouble. It looks like the campaign was using custom forms, which was a pro feature that incurred a higher fee of 6% when enabled. A pop-up would appear to indicate this change in price. I’m so sorry if this wasn’t more apparent. At this time, we have made this pro feature a standard feature in our tools, so custom forms no longer incur a higher fee.

      • Gerard S. Catena

        Really “Jackie”. Maybe Jackie from wepay? First of all your company is horrid and you are going down. It’s horrid what you are doing to hundreds if not thousands of people both in business and the private sectors. I didn’t even sign up with your so called company you hi jacked my money through some “crafty” back door software games you and your cronies are playing. You a messing with people’s lives and ability to run their businesses. Do you have any clue the negative impact you are causing for many people who are just trying to survive and conduct their day to day business in the best possible manner. You are not this “innocent” company who are just dealing with a bunch of confused consumers. You are deceiving people. You are holding 5 days of my business receipts and I never even signed up with your company. There is no contract, no contact , no bank accounts nothing. What in the world are you people doing? I had to borrow money to make payroll because you hi-jacked my money! When I finally found out who you were through my own investigation I couldn’t believe my software company Mhelp even partnered with such a horrible company. Wait til there top brass hears from me on Monday it’s not going to be a good day for Mhelp. You want to “help me” oh how nice of you. You want me to sign up and finished my application because I “inadvertently” must of created an account? What are you people smoking over there. You tricked me, you setup an account without my knowledge and hi-jacked my funds. Now you want me to give what my personal information to you? My account information? Do you even read your reviews? How in the world could I trust such a company? But this is the catch 22 if I don’t give you all I can’t get my money isn’t that convenient. How horrible you people are. How in the world do you stay in business no less one of the fastest growing companies in America? If anyone wants to bury this group the legal way please contact me [REDACTED – personal contact information] and lets form a class action lawsuit against this scum. Oh and Mhelp and Constant Contact how dare you partner with such a group? Do you even investigate who you put on your sites? What the hell are you doing? This MUST stop. I’m 53 and I never sued anyone in my life but I’ve never been so mad about anything before. The talk has to turn into action. Lets group our funds and fight these people!

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