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Company Overview

Worldpay is a very large direct processor with an international presence in 40 countries, with a primary focus on the U.K. and Europe. Founded in the UK in 1989 under the name “Streamline“, the company’s name was changed to Worldpay a few years later. In 2001, Worldpay began to offer U.S. merchant accounts in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after, the company was bought by The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and rebranded as RBS Worldpay. In 2010, RBS sold its controlling interest in the company and RBS Worldpay was rebranded back to just “Worldpay.”

Majority Stake Ownership of Worldpay

In 2017, Vantiv acquired Worldpay for $10 billion. The combined entity has since assumed Worldpay’s name and begun to consolidate its sub-brands into Worldpay. Less than two years later in March of 2019, Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. announced its agreement to purchase Worldpay for $35 billion. The Fidelity acquisition became finalized on July 31, 2019. 2023 saw an announcement that FIS would spin off Worldpay. Additionally, Worldpay put this note on their website: “As of 06th March 2023, Worldpay Online Payments Gateway (WPOP) has been decommissioned. After this date you will not be able to transact any MOTO, eCom and recurring payments.”

In late 2023, major fintech company FIS sold its majority stake in Worldpay to private equity firm GTCR in a huge $18.5 billion deal.

Article Summary

Before we dive in, here’s a short summary of what we’ll cover:

  • Worldpay’s various payment processing services.
  • As one of the world’s biggest processors, the company has received a huge number of complaints, including on this profile.
  • The Worldpay contract is very expensive for the industry, including some unwanted fees.
  • Worldpay has been named in a large number of concerning lawsuits.

Worldpay Payment Processing

Worldpay processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. For small and medium businesses, they offer POS systems, EMV terminals, the Authorize.Net payment gateway, digital and mobile wallets, FastAccess funding, extensive security features, gift card solutions, and data analysis and processing. For enterprise-level businesses, they also offer B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions. They claim to accept over 300 types of payments.

Collaboration for Public Transit Payments

Worldpay has collaborated with Masabi, a transit ticketing technology company. Together, they aim to deliver fare payment platforms for public transit.

Online Payment Service

Worldpay is an online payment service that allows users to transfer money. The service is accessible via mobile or desktop platforms.

3DS Flex for eCommerce

Worldpay offers a feature called 3DS Flex that aims to improve issuer approvals for transactions affected by PSD2. It also aims to reduce friction at checkout by supporting more authentication mechanisms.

Location & Ownership

Charles Drucker is listed as the president and CEO of the company and its corporate headquarters are located at 8500 Governors Hill Drive, Symmes Township, OH.

Video Summary

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Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Offers a multi-year contract with an early termination fee of up to…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 400 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Currently has an “A+” with the Better Business Bureau and is…
  • Sales & Marketing: Hires independent sales agents and has received a high number of complaints about…

WorldPay Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 400+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits Yes

High Complaint Total

There are hundreds of negative Worldpay reviews online, and many of these complaints accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. The most common types of complaints report unexpected fees and surprise over the heavy cancellation fee or auto-renewing contract (example here). There are also complaints regarding deceptive sales practices by agents, poor customer support, and fund-holds. Businesses who have had their funds held by Worldpay may be better served by a high-risk specialist. If you have your own Worldpay review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Active in Responding to Complaints

Company representatives have been active in responding to publicly filed complaints (including those in the comment section below this review), but it’s unknown whether the complainants ultimately receive satisfactory resolutions to their problems. It should be noted that many complaints may get attributed to Worldpay’s resellers instead of Worldpay itself and vice-versa. In general, the company has a moderate number of complaints that follow very consistent themes, which warrants a “C” rating.

WorldPay Lawsuits

WorldPay settled a suit regarding the alleged overcharging of nearly 200,000 merchants in 2017 for $52 million.

On May 1, 2019, investor’s rights law firm Halper Sadeh, LLC. announced that it had filed a class-action lawsuit against Worldpay. The suit alleges that Worldpay had offered its shareholders a misleading registration statement recommending that they vote in favor of the company’s sale to Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. The statement is purported to have misled shareholders about each company’s financial projections and the potential conflicts of interest relating to the firm entrusted with the financial analysis of the company. This complicates the agreed-upon $35 billion acquisition of the company by Fidelity which was announced in March of 2019.

The suit on behalf of the company’s shareholders comes less than a year after two other class-action suits against Worldpay. In the matters of Alghadeer Bakery and Market, Inc. v. Worldpay US, Inc. and Acebedo & Johnson, LLC et al v. Worldpay US, Inc., business owners allege that the company executed a “multi-part scheme” to knowingly misrepresent and omit fees. A settlement was reached, directing Worldpay to pay $15 million into a settlement fund to pay cash benefits to affected merchants.

We have uncovered evidence of three more lawsuits against Worldpay from 2020, two of which seem to involved clients’ money being allegedly held by Worldpay (see here and here) and one of which involves a former employee suing the company over race-related issues.

Worldpay Customer Support Options

Worldpay offers phone and email customer support to all of its clients and may also provide support for its subsidiaries’ client accounts.

Worldpay Customer Service Numbers

  • (866) 622-2390­ – Worldpay Contact Center
  • (888) 208-7231 – Customer Service & Technical Support
  • (866) 435-3636­ – Former Element Merchants
  • (800) 846-4472 – Former NPC Merchants/Worldpay Integrated Payments
  • (844) 843-6111 – eCommerce Merchant Support
  • (866) 622-2907 – Merchant Activation Team (MAT)
  • (800) 278-6888 – Worldpay EFT
  • (800) 422-0733 – Worldpay Credit

Other Support Options

These channels are evidently significantly lacking when compared to top merchant account providers for great customer service.

WorldPay Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary

BBB Rating 1
Trustpilot Rating 4.6
SiteJabber Rating 1.1
Average Rating 2.23

BBB Rating Analysis

Worldpay has an average customer review rating of 1/5 stars on BBB based on 35 customer reviews. The company has received 168 complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 60 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Common themes in the reviews and complaints include issues with billing, charges for inactive services, and difficulties in getting refunds or responses from the company.

Negative Feedback

We own a restaurant and processed with Vantiv from 2015 to June 2018. We just caught that they have been charging us hundreds of dollars every month since then to the tune of about 15,000. They are unwilling to work with us on any of the money back, claiming that it was our responsibility to cancel and that it auto renews every year despite zero processing occuring. I asked for the contract and they sent a new world pay document, that I have never seen, stating it automatically renews. They told me the last deposit was over 5 years ago but it is not their problem. Do NOT do business with them. Feel free to reach out to me before you make a horrible decision to process with them. They will steal from you every way they can, and I can prove it to you. Please reach out before considering processing with them.
– Complaint from November 6, 2023

Terrible company! I have been using them for years, and I recently found out that they have been charging my business $79 a month for a service that has been inactive for over 2 years. When I contacted the company they said there was nothing they could do, even though they confirmed that the account had no activity since Nov 2020. I just need my charges returned for a service that was NOT provided!!!!
– Review from August 28, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Worldpay on the BBB website.

Source: BBB

Trustpilot Rating Analysis

Worldpay has an average customer review rating of 4.6 stars on Trustpilot based on 6,080 customer reviews. The distribution of ratings is as follows: 64% 5-star, 4% 4-star, 1% 3-star, 2% 2-star, and 29% 1-star. This indicates a majority of positive feedback, with a significant portion of negative reviews as well.

Negative Feedback

Very slow to respond
After 17 days still waiting to hear if my application for new card readers has been accepted. Meanwhile our business is losing money as can only take cash.
Initial dealings with John O Neill excellent and told application would take 7-10 days to process. When i rang after 12 days it turned out they needed more info.
PLEASE HELP!! We cannot afford to lose money.
– Review from Nicola Edwards, November 03, 2023

I have been trying to sign up to Worldpay for over 2 months. I received 1 call where the agent said they would get back to me with an official offer, which I didn’t receive.
I then reached out again and spoke to someone who gave me the same conversation. 3 weeks later, no reply on both phone and email.
After eventually being able to sign up, I have now been ghosted again by my account manager for over 3 months.
– Review from M S, November 14, 2023

Positive Feedback

Great experience. I called Nikolas and had a response instantly with clear instructions on how to order and set up my account. I received the machine the same week and I had all the information that I needed to be able to set it up. My new card machine is great, easy to use and you receive your payments into you account the next day.
– Review from Beam Park, November 03, 2023

The advisor, Tony, was excellent. He couldn’t have been more helpful. He listened carefully and answered all my questions fully. He clearly outlined the steps I needed to take to resolve my problem and showed genuine insight. He is a real asset to his employer.
– Review from School, November 20, 2023

Source: Trustpilot

SiteJabber Rating Analysis

WorldPay has a rating of 1.1 stars on SiteJabber, based on 39 customer reviews. The majority of customers express dissatisfaction, frequently mentioning issues with customer service. WorldPay ranks 180th among payment processing sites. The common themes in the reviews include poor customer service, billing issues, and difficulty in canceling services.

Negative Feedback

I wish I could give them no stars. For the crazy amount of money they charge, WorldPay’s customer service is the worst. It seems like they are in the stone age when it comes to technology. My nonprofit changed bank accounts so we had to contact a lot of different vendors, and all went smooth until we contacted WorldPay. It took five phone calls and two emails, and the issue is still not resolved. Do not feed this beast.
– Review from February 27th, 2023

Scam, do not use this company. Terrible services, billed me for months without knowing. No services were used, and they did not ever contact me in any way due to my account being what I thought was closed. 10 months of fees and annual fees, only to be told they were not in the wrong. They had my contact and email info incorrect as to why I never heard from them. Save yourself the frustration and loss of your hard-earned money and shop elsewhere. Zero star.
– Review from March 16th, 2023

Positive Feedback

Was a bit worried about the payment process, bit all good. The website just looks strange somehow, nothing to worry about.
– Review from July 25th, 2023

Source: SiteJabber

WorldPay Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Key Points

Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

A Wide Range of Contract Terms

Worldpay advertises rates of 2.90% plus $0.30 for swiped transactions and 3.30% plus $0.30 for those that are keyed in. The company’s qualified rate is slightly lower at 2.70% plus $0.30. Based on a few reports, it appears that businesses are more likely to experience higher rates and longer service agreements by signing up directly with Worldpay instead of through a reseller. This is probably because the company gives resellers pricing and contract flexibility, which allows them to offer better deals to clients if they choose to do so.

Three-Year Standard Contract

Businesses considering a Worldpay merchant account should read the company’s contract carefully, as the standard service agreement is for three years with automatic one-year renewals if written notice is not given within 90 days of the service expiration. The contract includes an early termination fee of up to $295. Additionally, the company appears to charge a PCI Compliance fee of $15-$25 per month, which is above average for the industry. Clients are also reporting an annual fee of $69 for what looks like an IRS 1099 reporting fee. Worldpay leases point-of-sale equipment through its ISO’s at terms ranging from 12 months to 48 with a monthly charge for the equipment based on each business’ credit score. Businesses leasing equipment from Worldpay have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of their lease term. We encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, Worldpay also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services for B2B and B2C sales. However, pricing is not disclosed on either of those services. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Comparatively High Prices

The potentially high cancellation fee, auto-renewing contract, and high compliance fees greatly lower the company’s rating in this section and prevent it from being an affordable merchant account provider.

WorldPay ecommerce solutions

Some of the Worldpay e-commerce and in-person payment solutions

WorldPay Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

A Global Sales Force

Worldpay markets its services both directly with its own inside sales staff and indirectly using independent sales agents, resellers, and sub-ISOs. This is a common strategy for the industry and usually leads to a moderate amount of complaints. In this case, we are able to locate hundreds of negative Worldpay reviews that describe nondisclosure or misrepresentation of fees by sales agents. These complaints cite all varieties of unexpected charges, including undisclosed termination penalties, higher-than-quoted rates, and unexpected monthly costs. If you suspect that you are being charged undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a fee reduction analysis from an independent third party.

No Tricky Advertising

We found no uses of misleading advertising or rate quoting in the company’s official materials. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors. Given Worldpay’s complaint volume and the regularity with which these complaints have been posted, however, we have assigned the company a “C” rating in this section.

Our WorldPay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Worldpay is a very large credit card processing provider that processes payments around the world. It rates poorly according to our rating criteria due to junk fees, non-transparent rates, and numerous complaints regarding predatory and unethical policies. Business owners may want to read our article, “How to Select the Best Merchant Account” prior to signing up with any merchant account provider.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did WorldPay Treat You?

440 Responses

  • Dan Tudor

    WorldPay = Scammer Scum Bags! They ripped us off for about 900 in “PCI Compliance Fees” that are not disclosed. We are considering a class action lawsuit at the moment with our company as the lead plaintiff. This company needs to be sued. Please email me if you were a victim of WorldPay’s deceptive, unethical business practices. dantudor at tudorwines dot com

  • They penalized me like 500 percent … I have been in business for 5 years and have never gotten ripped off in my life like this company did to me … Charging me ridiculous fee … Luckily I checked my bank account … Faceless corporation

  • Nick Comment

    Recently opened an Account with Worldpay UK, need to facilitate the credit card payment for my overseas customers.
    Started of all well, send the first invoice out with the “Click and Pay” button attached.
    On Monday the client confirmed that he paid via the Worldpay link.
    5 days later I still have not received the money, call the Call Centre here in the UK . Have been send from pillar to post but still no money, client now getting upset as I can’t release goods if no payment received and showing!
    Again called the call centre was told I need to speak to the Worldpay Transaction Monitoring division, was put thru to them to hear it was an automated service telling me that they would get back to me within 48 Hours!
    The client confirmed that the money was taken off his card on the Tuesday, one day after the transaction. The original transaction was for $1300, he now tell me, 5 days later that they have now charged him an additional Foreign Currency Transaction fee of $170.00 !
    I have now cancelled my contract, which can take up to 8 weeks according to the website.
    I have also instructed my client to request for the Money back due to “Non Compliant Of Intermediate Bank” and excessive charges!
    Don’t know what else to do, cant have my client losing his money this way!
    How come all these companies online can take card payments and small SME’s struggle to get this right?

    • Legendsonmain

      I have been trying to reach customer service for 4hrs, They have cheated and stole money in fee;s that I never agreed to. never received contract to read only things to sign through e-mail. I am praying that some state attorney. Or do I go to my senator. They are part of wells fargo. lets get together and each call there state. World Pay I hope you get sued

  • ronald woodard

    the worst ripoff credit card co i have ever done business with, and i have used card companies for 35 years. my bank recommended them to me, but tomorrow i am seeing the president of the bank to ask them to stop it.

    • Kristina Kowalik

      Worst customer service and worst company I have ever dealt with. I wish I had seen all the negative reviews before applying. I started with them because my bank instructed them and their representative came and argued how much will be save. This is not true. Did not tell me about contract length or terms and now will not let me cancel without paying hundreds of dollars.So I asked for them to close my application they charge me $295.00. Lied about transaction rates. Then I found out they were still billing me, annual fee $169.99 and monthly fee $14.95 a month plus another monthly fee $9.95 . I was on hold for 1 hours 2 minutes before I could speak to someone about a refund or any help. Every time I call their customer service there is at least a 1 hour wait. They ignore the rude and obnoxious . I send two email they never answer. I can’t emphasise enough how stressful it is dealing with these people. They do not care about anything but taking your money and rising higher to the top. Stick with anyone else.

  • Worst Merchant Company!!!! Lots of hidden fees. I canceled the account with them before even start my new business because right after I signed with sales person, trying to contact him why over charge my other account and no response. And very next day they charge to my new business account $919.00 for equipment which I never get it!! I did went to my bank reporting Worldpay fraud. Please do not go with Worldpay for your merchany service.

  • Douglas Klass

    WorldPay has the WORST customer service of any company i have done business with in my 23 years as a business owner Who ever does the hiring, firing, and monitoring of the customer service calls should be terminated IMMEDIATELY. I have used Worldpay for over 3 years and i am in the process of switching to a new company because of the poor customer service and we process around $400,000 a year.

    All agent i have come across have been disrespectful and have no regard for your questions or concerns. They answer questions with short answers, snobbish, and you leave with the feeling that you are being talked down to. Their customer service reminds me of trying to flirt with a lady at a bar who isn’t interested. Its like everything you say repulses and irritates them. WorldPay should really consider outsourcing their customer service call center to a third world county where at least they are pleasant and trying to help you even though their ability to speak English is not great

    The only other gripe i had with Worldpay is the issue with me having to produce information to get my deposits. Now, i could understand if i were a new business with a new account but i have been with them for over 3 years with NO chargebacks. At least 3 times a month i will be waiting on a deposit, once that deposit is not received i call in to inquire to what is the problem. I will be told someone from risk will contact me soon, which takes about 2 days. Once the investigator calls they ask me to provide invoices and shipping information and i am told my funds will be on hold until this is received. I immediately email them this information and a day later i will receive a email stating my funds will not be release until the items are shown as delivered.

    Now, i understand the risk that processor take on, but i don’t understand why this has been happening for years and no one can give me an answer to why. I have over 2 year relationship with them but for some reason it keeps happening. NOW, the funds are always release once the items are delivered but most time its a 5-10 day process before you receive deposit and that not good for business.

  • Debra Green

    Was told no fee. Am paying 14.95 a month PLUS 169.00 yearly fee for a service I have never once used. When I tried to cancel was told there is a 299 cancellation fee. Was repeatedly lied to when signing for this. Didnt ask for it or want it, was told just try it out.

  • Joanne Gallina

    I am so disgusted. I signed up for this at the urging of a neighbor, threw the thing in a drawer and haven’t thought about it again until I was charged $169 yesterday. I called the company who promptly told me they can charge me whatever they want as long as they give me notice. I never received notice and they will not refund my money. There was no mention of yearly fees, no mention of any contract when I signed up. Only a percentage of what I take in. It was billed as much cheaper than Paypal. Paypal has never screwed me. I called the sales person who sold this who no longer works there, of course. Spoke to a different salesperson who said he will escalate it to his management team. When I mentioned an attorney and a possible class action with all of you, he said then there is nothing he can do. So that tells me I’m just screwed. Hopefully my bank will help me. I’ve filed fraudulent behavior with my account because lets face it. It is! If I’d received notice of a payment I would have notified them immediately to cancel my account. This is such BS to wake up to in a New year. Run, don’t walk! Avoid World Pay and Securenet like the Flu!

  • thomas conboy

    This is a review of World Pay, a credit card processing company. I give World Pay the lowest rating possible. World Pay is deceitful and will stick you with arbitrary and excessive fees that are not a part of your agreement.
    I am a merchant and I signed up for World Pay as my credit card processor through Cap Rock Services in 2015. At that time I was given a Customer Processing Agreement (CPA) to sign. This CPA made no reference to any other document.
    One year later, World Pay charged me a $129 Annual Fee. I called World Pay and told them that this $129 Annual Fee was not a part of the terms of the CPA and the $129 should be refunded. World Pay refused. I escalated this with World Pay and Cap Rock Services, who acted as an agent in this deal. I could make no progress with either.
    I finally decided to change credit card processing companies. World Pay then informed me that they were going to charge me a $199 Early Termination Fee. I asked them where in the CPA was there any mention of an Early Termination Fee. World Pay then said it was because I was terminating the agreement one year in to a three year term. I pointed out that no where in the CPA was there a mention of a three year term, an Annual Fee or an Early Termination Fee.
    I asked World Pay to send me a copy of the CPA, which they did along with another document entitled Terms and Conditions. This was the first time I ever saw a Terms and Conditions document which was never signed or dated. This document did mention the three year term and the Early Termination Fee, but I was never given this document at the time the agreement was made. I never agreed to these terms and never signed this document. I asked World Pay to produce a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions document and they did not because I never signed it.
    World Pay should refund both the $129 Annual Fee and the $199 Early Termination Fee. So far, World Pay has refused.

  • Words fail me to describe how APPALLING the WorldPay is. It has taken months and months to set up one, simple function. After hours of my life wasted on the phone I finally managed to get that one, simple system up in running. Now I have TWO accounts running simultaneously, both not being set up correctly. The incoming payments do not even show on the system (well, neither of them). There is huge amount of staff on the other side of the phone, but rarely they can actually answer simple queries. I have been charged fees for something I was assured I will NOT be charged for. Moreover, the payments made reached me with different amount to what has been paid in (yeah, less). When I queried it, they can’t even see the payment as they’ve set up two accounts for me and clearly getting lost in their own mess. I cannot stress how much I regret getting involved with WorldPay. Appalling, shocking, incompetent, messy, not intuitive and so confusing for something that can be so simple I am not surprised at all the agents are actually not clear on what is happening and why. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THE FAKE 5-STAR REVIEW YOU SEE ON THE ACTUAL WORLDPAY WEBSITE. DO NOT WASTE TIME, EFFORT AND ENERGY – GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I’ve just closed the account (yeah, both of them) and I am looking forward to the closure of my account and refund of £75.10. Most of all I am looking forward to NEVER dealing with WorldPay again. So, Worldpay, if you are reading this, please, no need to reply.

  • Casey coats

    Chargers for a moth that was not able to use anything because they discontinued the use of spotpay. Called customer support and said they can’t do anything about it. Very disappointed in the whole thing was asked if wanted to use a different card reader through them. But it would triple in monthly charges and increased per card. Sorry customer service!!! Do not recommend

  • Philip Marsden

    Quite literally the worst customer service and worst company I have ever dealt with. I wish I had seen all the negative reviews before applying. I applied to use them and was turned down because I can’t display a contact number on my site. So I asked for them to close my application and moved on and didn’t give them a second thought. Then I found out they were still billing me, first £60 set up fee and then £15 a month. They didn’t set up anything and I didn’t/couldn’t use them for a single transaction. I was on hold for 2 hours before I could speak to someone about a refund and was refused. They hide behind red tape and use of words like ‘active’ and ‘complete’ when declining your request for a refund. To my mind my account is not active or complete until I can take payments. To their mind it is – they kept on saying it, that was their defence! I couldn’t even use their service because I was declined but it was still ‘set up’, ‘active’ and ‘complete’ in their eyes – lying, disreputable, thieving charlatans. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Stick with paypal. Stick with anyone else. I can’t emphasise enough how stressful it is dealing with these people. They’re not interested in customer service, they just want your money.

  • Tony Masters

    Worst company ever. This is a terrible company to deal with. Hidden fee’s. Charges you for PCI compliance fee’s and then charges you fee’s for not being PCI complaint. Auto renews your contract without permission.RUN from this terrible company.

  • Robert james

    I’ve been with world pay for 9 months now, 6 months of which my account as been on hold, after numerous emails , phone calls, promises. They have decided too terminate my contract and withhold MY company’s funds indefinitely.
    I’ve been sending numerous emails, I’ve had 3 responses , everytime I’ve rang up, customer service they are so polite and want the business, but soon as you get put through too the monitoring team, it’s a different story, so rude, horrible to communicate with, full of promises and bull sxxt.
    They move the goal posts once you have complied with all there question, then they want more you produce the next load of evidence and they want more.

    World pay are a gang of con artists, please please do not sign up for these thiefs, they take your money and don’t provide the service,
    Disgrace is not the word, you’ll never win because of the size of the company, once you sign they have got you by the short and curlys.
    I wish world pay would get hacked and someone put them on hold for 6 month and thief all there funds like they have done too me.
    Thieving bxxtards


    World pay sucks!!!! held my funds $10,000.00 for 30 days!! then kept future transactions from being deposited because they misinterpreted our conversation after 7 freaking phone calls and hours on hold regarding relocating an OFFICE NOT CHANGING A BUSINESS’S!! SO INCOMPETENT!!! I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN….EVEN NOW IM ON THE PHONE WITH THEM THE WHOLE TIME I’M WRITING THIS REVIEW-STILL ON HOLD!!!!!!!!!

  • world pay is the worst service i have ever used, everyone there is rude

  • Hello everyone. Worldpay is real SCAM and big soap bubble in the market. I own a business and never experienced this kind of disrespect. They just play big shot game with their customers. Long story short. Be AWARE of Worldpay, they will destroy your business in less than one month. BIG SCAM!!!

  • Hello everyone, this is a STORY about – WORLDPAY- I own a business just like everyone here. I switch to WORLDPAY through my bank. Good referring right? I recently sign a 3 years contract to keep lowest rate. Now I want cancel these account, I understand that early termination will be apply, I checked on their policy’s charge for early cancellation is from $100 to max $500. But sadly they charged me $10,000 , !!!! No kidding- of course I didn’t agree to pay that, but they took $9600 out of my checking with out my knowledge or authorized !!!! I am fighting right now! It’s really mad right now, I just wanna share this so you guys aware of WORLDPAY.

    • Richard Major

      Worldpay is a living nightmare. I checked email late evening and found 57 fraudulent transactions, all for £0.01 and all from Sao Paulo in Brasil. It was a card-testing event, where someone has many people’s card info, tests a small transaction by hacking into my Worldpay account before hitting them with a big amount if the £0.01 goes through. I called Worldpay at 11pm. Guess what? “We are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls….” So I tried their website for an emergency phone number: no such thing. So I emailed them and the answer came a day later: “We will reply within 10 days…”
      Soon after I got an email saying they had received my request to close the account – I did not ask for it. They closed the account. I complained (they would answer in 5 days!) and was told money was owing. No again, payments made all the time by direct debit.
      Don’t use Worldpay

    • Hello everyone, I want to update what WORLDPAY do to me , after I cancelled the agreement, it’s supposed to be max $500. But sadly they charge me $ 9600.00 . They called me once , and I was agree to pay $500 , but not $9600.00 now they put my company on collection. The reason I’m update this , to hope everyone BE CAREFUL with WORLDPAY .

  • Worldpay has to be the most incompetent business that I have ever dealt with. You cant get a clear answer from anyone and each of them gives you a different and confusing answer. We started with them when we first opened. First we got a letter stating that our automatic payment kept getting denied so we updated our info with them even though the info had not changed, but thinking hey mistakes happen. next month the same thing and then again the next month. not a single one of our cards got processed through them because they didnt even complete the set up. so our POS provider had been processing our card transactions. So we told them to go ahead and cancel our account. They said they would but we would have an ETF of $195. So we said fine lets just be done with this. Havent heard anything from them for 2 months and today we get an email saying they are going to send us to collections and possibly take legal action due to an unpaid balance of $369. So I call and they continue to tell me they have contacted us repeatedly, which is a lie. So I am about to just pay them because we pay our debts and want to keep our credit in good standing. Well come to find out the reason that our ETF was never drafted from our account was that they again didn’t even have close to the right information. So then I start to put up a fight. Not once did we use their system, not once did they give us any equipment, and not once were they ever helpful other than to try and get us to pay more money to them. We cant even get them to put a manager or supervisor on the phone. All they do is pass you between departments. Ill say it again. the most incompetent, unethical businesses I have every dealt with.

  • STAY AWAY! They will lie to you on the phone and send you a contract with undisclosed terms and fees. Then charge you again when you try to unenroll. Their customer service is rude and unhelpful, all they care about is getting your money. Stick with Paypal…or ANYONE else. These people are scam artists.

  • Dawn Ouanesavanh

    Terrible!!!!! On 3 different occasions Worldpay charged our customers transactions 3-4 times without notification to us or an apology to our customers. It took 30 days to fix these problems causing damage to our good reputation. Then on a Saturday evening our busiest day of the week their systems failed completely costing us money and havoc for customers and staff. They further charged $15 per month for non-complicance with security policies and then $45 for that same service monthly. Upon changing companies they charged almost $3000 for early termination. Beware, they can fail to provide the service and security that warrrant your business and then charge you for their failures. Have an attorney review their agreement before signing. Buyer beware….

  • Strathmore Hotel

    Worldpay are the worst company to deal with if you have a problem, I have refunded a card and sent proof of postage on both accounts with proof of signature at Worldpay’s end. I still get the same answer by letter, they have not received it or they will look into it etc. Even with proof of refund they want to deduct my account !.
    I think they just pass the buck from one to another department no one ever gets back to you as promised. My experience is Bad with Worldpay. I would consider re joining when a contract was up.

  • Jamie Noriega

    I cannot warn you enough about this company. They are rude and do not care about their customers. They have extremely high fees and to cancel is $495 even when they break the agreement on their end. I warn everyone to please for your own sake avoid this company.

  • Need I say more? Worldpay processes etsy’s payments and they have us down for 25 full days and customers payments are being cancelled, refunded, and stuck in processing some as long as 10 days. So worldpay really is not recommended – I suggest Braintree.

    • Sad to think that a company would let it’s A+ standards in 2010 slip to a C in 6 short years. I, like Kelly, am an Etsy seller, and I have had to dis-able my direct checkout option and use PayPal solely as I can’t trust what is happening between Etsy and Worldpay. If there were full disclosure and “transparency” of what is happening, it would be more beneficial than being kept in the dark and still be expected to allow payments to be processed through Worldpay. Indeed, it is time to look into other credit card processing venues!

  • We have been with the company for over 5 year and hidden fees got to a point of being too high for our usage. So, we sent a cancellation request 90 days before auto renewal date (in writing and mailed). Months after our termination request we notices monthly charges so we called in to ask why. They told us they never received the request! Now our contract is auto-renewed for another year and to cancel we have to pay $495 in addition to monthly fees charged to our account for the past 4 months. But that is not what made me write this paragraph. Today, when I told the customer service rep that I had kept a copy of that letter, he actually accused me of faking the letter! I got really upset and asked the case to be escalated to their management. Let’s see what kind of customer abuse I get from his supervisor. Why are these guys still in business with high fees and bad customer service? I wish this forum was around back in 2011 and I had checked it.

  • Joanne Harris

    I have been with this company for over 27 years I just signed a new contract based on past customer service but it now is the wordst i am soooo sorry i signed MY TERMINAL BROKE THEY ARE SENDING A NEW ONE NO IDEA WHEN IT WILL BE SENT NO TRACKING NUMBER , no way to contact the department that is sending a replacement I BOUGHT THE TERMINAL NO ONE OFFERED INSURANCE. I used to love this company and referred it to many businesses NO I HATE THEM I WISH I COULD CANCEL MY CONTRACT!

  • I’m trying to pay for visas which directs me to Worldpay. I’m stuck at ‘Contacting World Pay’ for last 2 hours. Everytime i refresh and click on pay, am stcuk at the same ‘Contacting worldpay’ or server error.

  • Joanne Burslem

    Use streamline as provided by our bank for years.Eventually it has transformed into worldpay.We signed up for a virtual terminal, and know we are getting premium charges.I rang to ask what they were for?I was told it was because we had a virtual terminal, i replied that we paid for that monthly already.Oh in that case its becaus eyou have accepted payments with cards that werent supplied by a european bank, so they are more of a risk?? What?? is that some sort of made up joke? I will be cancelling worldpay as soon as possible.Also i am constantly bombarded by worldpay benefit club calls and emails which all seem a bit scam like to me.

  • I didn´t know about this company earlier. This was my first payment with them, I ordered two e-books and a free 10-day subscription trial was a bonus. I got a separate email from worldpay, telling me, that I will need to log into their site in order to cancel the transaction. The monthly fee for the subscription is EUR 13,87. They also wrote I would receive my password in a separate email.
    I cancelled the subscription within the 10 days from my account of the merchant´s webstore, and I didn´t receive any log in information from worldpay. Today I got an email from them about a transaction of EUR 13,87. I checked their website if I can log in, and see about this transaction, then I realized I cannot log in. I asked for a password reminder, according to the message my contact information was accepted, and I would receive the password reminder email. I didn´t receive anything.
    That email address which they have contacted me from, doesn´t receive emails. So for the first sight it looks like I have signed up for an infinite subscription, that I am not able to cancel. Ever.
    I found a contact formula on their website, I wrote my complaint there. I wonder if anyone would answer. I also contacted the merchant (which I was very satisfied with so far), even though they are not responsible for this. On my merchant account it also says, there is no active subscription, so there is really no permission for them to deduct that amount from mi VISA card.

  • Bonnie zheng

    Worldpay is the worst company that I deal with. They don’t honor their contract. they will keep increasing rate after you sign up. My contract is zero early termination fee but they still try to charge me 495 to cancel. I ended up going to my bank who they partner with and have the banker argue with them for half hour in order to cancel for free.

  • This company has been out of business for over 5 months, however they’re charging under iphone6accessory via worldpay and not shipping. Also 100s of death related to sildamax users in the U.S mentioned on the news.

  • Sean jones

    Im absolutely disgusted with world pay AVOID like the plague. When was sold was told by salesman will only be £25 a month, first payment was £45.00 and then so straw was a payment of £300 went in then was charged £93 i had to write email to cancel now they say i have to pay £315 termination and for treminal then i have to post it back, its a disgrace how they get awsy with it. :(

  • Mike Macdonald

    Very easy setup, but everything else is terrible.
    I used them as a merchant account to take online payments, they lost payments, would not help with a payment that they had lost, decided my business did not fit their ‘Risk Appetite’ and would not give details, and will not cancel my direct debit, or account even though I am unable to use their service. Complaint after complaint is not being followed up, not one single response to multiple calls and emails. Referring to financial authority now. Don’t use them!

  • Tom Beecher

    We have sold our business and shall be leaving our premises by the end of October.
    Our contract is due for renewal mid June and we have been informed by our bank (the Clydesdale) that World Pay are refusing to extend our contract to the end of October and are insisting on an 18 month contract with early closing penalties.
    Having used these people for a number of years I find this an absolutely dreadful way to treat their customers.

  • Jocelyn MacDonald

    I don’t use Worldpay and never would because they appear to me to be extremely disreputable. I contacted them because I was getting post from them for a previous occupier at my house. I kept forwarding the post to them saying he no longer lived there and nothing happened. Finally I called them and asked them to stop sending me post. They said the letters would keep coming to me and insisted they could not contact the previous occupier because of ‘privacy’. I work in the area of data protection and know this to be a nonsense. There is nothing in the Data Protection Act to stop a company contacting its own customers. When I asked to speak to the person’s manager they said I couldn’t. I was so angry I hung up on them, something I never do to anyone. I tracked the previous occupier down on Google and he said he had tried to unsuccessfully cancel his contract with Worldpay. It is interesting that Worldpay used the guise of ‘privacy’ to avoid contacting their customer to get his correct address, when they were quite happy for me, a complete stranger, to keep getting his mail, containing private information about him, for months if not years on end. It appears to me that it is not in Worldpay’s interests to get people’s correct addresses, because they can keep charging them money even when they have cancelled their contract and hope they don’t notice.

  • WorldPay might as well be called never pay. I do not know why Clarks are still using this Company everytime you try to pay it just crashes then you have to ring clarks & pay over phone. Then contact your bank to make sure money is mot taken out of your account. They are a joke I would not recommend them.

  • Christopher Gleason

    Worldpay is honestly the worst company that I have ever that to deal with. Their customer support is horrendous. They literally do the bare minimum not to get fired. Their customer service staff is not knowledgeable. Their management is abysmal. They put a risk hold on our account and never informed us. We found out a month later when we received our bank statement and they had not been making any deposits. They had however been withdrawing funds all along. We tried to get the issue addressed with them and it has been literally impossible to do. They way that they handle customers is borderline criminal.

  • Customer Service is ridiculous
    Its like a gamble to get a sane person on the line
    Transfers me to different department and they all sound as if they are annoyed from the moment they pick up

    When I called, its because I have a problem with the account/machine
    but it seems like I could never get a satisfying answer
    just transferring between departments and getting a vague answer
    that leaves me tired from repeating myself 2 to 3 times.

    Improve customer service.
    that is the only way of communicating between the client
    Hire people who are willing to work, not people that sits around
    transferring calls and picks up in a rude obnoxious behavior
    They are waste of seats and money

    Its a big company, make it seem at least professional
    not just by fancy designs and logos.

  • We took over an existing business in Oct 2015. It is a beauty salon that rents stations to service providers. Some of the providers use Worldpays terminal to do transactions. Somehow during our transition Worldpay was given our Tax ID number (unauthorized by us) and we have been declared to the IRS as receiving several thousands of dollars. None of which ever was received by our salon. World Pay will not correct the information given to the IRS and will not even let us talk to their tax form issuing department. Their customer service is terrible. I have wasted so much time trying to get results all to no avail. Perhaps lawsuit is due.

    I would warn anyone interested in worldpay to avoid them. I have found information regarding hidden fees, additional fees, etc. Many which seem ridiculous. People have chosen Worldpay to save a part of a percent, believe me, you will be better off to pay the 1/2 percent and find a reliable, reputable company.

    We never wanted to be involved with Worldpay and I have received nothing but grief from them.

  • Joan Smith

    Worldpay put on hold some payments because a customer had purchased several seats in a class with the same credit card (for multiple people). It hit their risk department. In the meantime, our customer realized they had signed up for the wrong class and wanted to cancel. We processed the refunds at the direction of the risk department and then expected to receive our receipts to offset the refunds we had made. The charges for processing the payments were taken out of our account. After a month, I contacted the customer who indicated they had both been charged and refunded even though we still did not have our money back. This was several thousand dollars! After attempting to contact them several times we finally received a refund over a month later. When contacted to find out what took so long they told us it was our responsibility to follow up – they were too big to keep track of all of this! These are people doing financial transactions and they are too big to keep track of the transactions? This is disturbing.

  • Dr. Manon Fielding

    I recently cancelled my Worldpay Service – in mid February – They told me I would have a $295 cancellation fee, even though I was no longer in business or taking credit card payments. Of course, I wasn’t happy with that, but it was in the contract, unfortunately, even though I believe it to be an unfair practice. What was not explained to me, however, was that because I had one transaction at the beginning of the month, I would be charged for an entire month of fees (50.41) even though I cancelled in mid-month and had only one transaction. Then after that they would charge the $295 cancellation fee. They would not apply credit a partial month, not credit that toward the cancellation fee, so more or less, I paid more like $350 to cancel.
    Neither of these practices although “legal” are fair business practices and I would never choose them again as a credit card processing company, especially when there are so many others with much less fees and cancel at any time policies.

  • We cancelled our contract with worldpay when they changed T&Cs at the end of 2015. Despite this giving us the option of terminating early without any fees they charged us for the terminal rent they missed out on!!! They also give different answers to the same question every time we call them, so we now call them at least 3 times – if we have 2 matching answers then that is hopefully correct…
    Worldpay also failed to anwer some emails and did not send a new quote when we threatened to leave. They promised better rates, but did not send any. When we cancelled “their alarmbells rang” and they tried to keep us happy be offering slightly reduced rates. Wea are now with Barclaycard who save us about 20% compared to worldpay

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • We have been with Worldpay for less than a year. I do not recommend Worldpay to any small business owner, or VAPE business. Main problems: charge many fees not listed on agreement, rate change once a year, equipment issue, poor customer service.
    Since we signed up, they’ve charged many fees that were not included in the initial signup contract, including PCI compliance fee (although it was listed as $0.00 on agreement), monthly special program fee (signed us up without asking), annual service fee ($179.00), additional monthly processing fee, etc. Some fees, like the annual service fee, are charged with 1 month notice on the billing statement. No email update or warning of any kind. The customer service at billing department said the agreement stated they can change rates and add fees at any time. However, that was not what we were told when we signed up. The sales representative does not assist with ANY issue once we signed the contract. All emails went to him and ended as please contact customer service.
    We used Worldpay only because we signed up with Revel systems. All of our equipment were provided by Revel, even though they all have worldpay label on them. Worldpay and the worldpay link terminal do not help with these equipment. Whenever we had issue, if Revel asked us to contact Worldpay, Worldpay directed us right back to Revel, even though the equipment is configured by both parties and they have a partnership. If you are using Revel systems, I strongly recommend that you go with another payment processing company to avoid these problems later.
    Our rate and fee schedules were great, until only a few months after our initial sign up. On top of all the fees showing up on the statement, the processing rate is subject to a change, ONCE A YEAR. This was confirmed by several different representatives, but was never told by the sales representative. The initial signup agreement does not mean anything, does not guarantee anything. Right now we have been using them for 10 months, they are going to increase our rate by over 100%. Our rate are going to be doubled and yet there was no email notification, no calls from anyone, not even the sales representative. As usual, it showed up on the small notification box on the statement. No explanation of what could be a factor. They offered us a 3-yr contract with termination fee of monthly processing fee x all remaining months. That means if you had to cancel the contract, you will pay whatever you are paying during normal business for the entire remainder of the contract. Even on the offer, there is no guarantee of the rates and fees.
    The sales representative had no clue that our rate was going up. He assumed it was due to risk, but the funny part is we have never had one chargeback the entire time. Where does the risk come from? No fraud, no chargeback, an increase in sales, does not help.
    Vape business
    If you are a Vape business, avoid them at all cost! As a high risk business, our funds can be held any time without a reason for up to 3-5 business days (not calendar days). If you use revel system, your funds are going to be held EVERY TIME you have a refund. The problem is that the refund is processed by Revel POS as a keyed transaction and worldpay does not allow any key transaction for high risk businesses. Seems like a problem between their system and equipment communication, yet our funds have to be held although we have never processed any transaction ever without the card being swiped. They refuse to work this issue out with us. After a year, there is not an answer from either Revel or Worldpay whether they are going to fix this issue.
    Customer Service
    Unlike Chase and other payment processing companies we’ve used, worldpay does not offer any kind of point of contact once you sign up. Sales representative DOES NOT HELP with ANY issue whatsoever once you sign up. If he says contact him for any issue later that is a LIE. Since we are dealing with general customer service, what we get is the standard runaround. There is a high possibility that the next person we speak with do not see a note from the previous rep. The customer service gives as many headache if not more than the cable company we all hate. Considering we are small businesses, wouldn’t you think we deserve just a little more personalized assistance?

    Overall worldpay is the type of payment processing you need to avoid. Most of the time you see small business owners complain about fees. Well worldpay is one of them that takes advantage of you with all of these little or large fees. You may saved some $ with the rate they offer, but the fee is how they get back at you, AND that rate WILL change once a year.

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Peter Archer

    My small business used WorldPay from early 2008, until recently (end of 2015).

    Their customer service is very poor, they take ages to respond to complaints, and are unhelpful.
    Eventually, they pulled the plug on my business, without warning, withdrawing service, and then they did not respond to repeated complaints regarding withdrawal of their service, for about two weeks, and only then when I contacted them through their Facebook Page. Their “excuse” was that they had decided to stop dealing with businesses based in New Zealand, and had (supposedly) avised me 3 months earlier by email, which is a lie, as I received no such notification from them! I suspect they pulled the plug because they deiced to ditch small businesses that were putting through less than a minimum threshhold of transactions.

    I could NOT recommend WorldPay to any small business. They suck!!! Stay well away from them!!!

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Lesley Cain-Metcalf

    Worldpay (UK) is NOT small business friendly. You are tied into a long contract and promised that it will be worthwhile.
    If your turnover is less that £80k DON’T DO IT!
    They are not worth it for small businesses and when you try to cancel, they don’t leave accurate notes on the account and then don’t listen to the complaint. You need to speak to then four or five times and ask the right questions to get any sense out of them. Even then, when they admit it’s not worth you having card machines, they make sure it drags on as long as possible to ensure they get at least another months charges out of you.
    My advice- go somewhere else, or just insist on cash. I have not lost any customers as a result. Especially if there are cash machines close by!

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Agree … I felt their contract and agreement is designed to Trick business owners … I feel they made no serious attempt in trying to save me money and I feel as though they played trickery and got me with ridiculous fees …. so obviously I quit doing business with them

      Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Through a long story of misunderstanding and selling of the business I discovered that we had a couple of years of monthly charges. Thousands of dollars. When I called to find out why we had statements (that could not be opened due to it being an inactive account) I was told that we were not in compliance and that there were fees for that on top of monthly fees. I explained that we had moved to another company years ago. Somehow the one terminal got missed being deactivated. Unfortunately the accountants thought we were still using the company. So it all got missed. It is finally deactivated I think. However they refuse to talk about any type of help or refund on the extreme fees.
    I would never use this company again. I would never recommend it to someone else. I have worked with other companies that are so much more business friendly. The world is difficult enough without being taken advantage of by a company like this. We all make errors or miss things. This just fell thru multiple cracks. Our business deals with many problems also and we always try to find a win win solution. I asked why I was never notified but why would they when they collect free money from you. I did talk to one lady a couple of days ago when I realized there were emails unable to be opened. She was nice and said it was just an inactive account and she would deactivate it. That there was nothing going on with it. However she did leave a message on the account. We are all feeling foolish that it got missed but it did. It was a very expensive error on several people. But World Pay sure made a nice profit. Bad business.

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Angry Client

    Worldpay is a scam! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM !! After getting charged extra fees, you will get charged for new things that you did not know you agreed to. Only to find out you are on a 3 yr contract that you did not agree to, they will say that they have a sign contract from you right in front of them that they would gladly send you. A contract that you know you didn’t sign. Then you find out that if you terminate before that contract, you will be charged a $495.00 early termination fee. Then you wait till after your contract is up and try to terminate and that will tell you that on the anniversary of your contract, it automatically renews for another year. To terminate you will have to pay the $495.00 termination fee! You only have 30 days from the time of your anniversary is up to terminate, miss that and your locked in for another year or $495.00 termination fee! Crooks! Not to mention how much money they make off of you, they have to use these low level tactics on the one person that they are supposed to be helping. STAY AWAY !! Find a better merchant processor. Very unsatisfied long time client with real life experience. I have read tons of complaints just like this one.

    If you too have had a bad experience with Worldpay, please help me help others ! Post your bad experience !!

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I came across this website after being slapped with the yearly PCI DSS charge by Worldpay.
    The reason I am upset about this charge is being that I have given my 1 month cancellation notice in November, and now being in January I received a statement with this PCI DSS charge which is for the whole coming year!
    I called Worldpay and asked for the reason of this charge as I have cancelled my account already.
    Their response was that it doesn’t matter because it is an annual charge that they charge everyone in every December whether you are terminating or not as the charge will be given to anyone who they still invoice in December!
    So after my notice in November, my termination is in 25th December, I have not used my terminal since October. I am still being charged this whole annual charge even though I will not be requiring all these scannings etc?
    I asked them is this a fair thing that they just slap this charge to customers who have terminated already? And their response was it doesn’t matter as its a yearly December charge! If you are still being invoiced you still have to pay.
    A big company who makes money out of us and no one is doing anything about it!
    Well, I will definitely not be using them in future and will let all my business friends know about them and their scamming ways!
    I hope this help any one who is thinking of using them. My advice is to skip them and find another company that doesn’t charge this annual PCI DSS charge. There are a lot of companies that give better rates and none of this charge.
    And by the way, they do not send you notice of asking if you want to renew your yearly contract. They automatically renew you, and when you want to terminate they slap you with an early termination fee for terminating before your yearly contract finishes!
    Please everyone, beware of the wolf!!!!

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • please can any one help me on what to do I have all so been wacked with all theses non compliance charges and I’m only 5 months in to my contract the sales rep lied to me and told me there was no charges and it free all winter this should not be allowed who can I complain to as the company do not want to no and have took hundreds off me and I’m a 6 bedroom guest house and can not afford this! I have only been open 1 year obviously being out of business for the past 4 month due to being in blackpool and it not being in season :(

      Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

      • Not sure whether your using Worldpay in the UK or US but in the UK to be PCI compliant you just need to fill in some questions online takes about 10 minutes.

        The website is once you fill in the questions you are PCI compliant for one year.

  • Randy Nieukirk

    WorldPay US wants a $169.99 Annual Compliance Fee – they want this fee every year and WorldPay raises it every year! Even though my contract said no annual fees. I am reporting this to the BBB. As you should do the same!

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Courtney Hill

    I have received very poor service from Worldpay/Cardsave which they have acknowledged. Now I want to move my business to another provider. I have 100 recurring payments with Worldpay/Cardsave and they are refusing to work with my new provider to migrate the details of these recurring payments.

    So effectively they are preventing me from leaving Worldpay/Cardsave. I would warn any business contemplating working with Worldpay/Cardsave to think very seriously. They are slow to reply to problems, have on occasions lost many of our transactions and when you want to leave, they prevent you from doing so.

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • This is a bad system for any business owner.
      They hold your money for days and then when u call them about it they all have a different story let see what story they give my lawyer when he call them about there contract and poor business.

      Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Never have I ever had such a rubbish communication experience with any company in my entire life.
    You phone them up, then they give you another , wrong, number to call.
    You asked them anything by email and they will answer to something completely different.
    Utter garbagge, complete waiste of time.

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I signed up for their services as a start up company. I have never processed through their system because my phone was incompatible with their swiper. Due to business inactivity I needed to cancel their services and was informed of a $495 cancellation fee. The “contract” auto-renews annually without any warning on the monthly statement. the only way to avoid this is to tell them you are not going to renew 90 days prior and then call in again 30 days prior. That is a lot of hoops to jump just to not do business with someone. It’s hard to consider over 10 years of business “early termination”. There are also admin fees, PCI compliance monthly fess and an annual PCI fee of $169.99. Too many fees for occasional credit card processing and no way out that I can afford. they should be required to give the business a 90 reminder their “contract” is about to renew! I will NEVER do business with them again if I can ever get out of this. I don’t recommend ANY SMALL business let Worldpay get its hooks into your bank account. There are other processors much more small business friendly.

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I’ve processed through this company since the early 90’s. Due to business inactivity I needed to cancel their services and was informed of a $495 cancellation fee. The “contract” auto-renews annually without any warning on the monthly statement. the only way to avoid this is to tell them you are not going to renew 90 days prior and then call in again 30 days prior. That is a lot of hoops to jump just to not do business with someone. It’s hard to consider over 10 years of business “early termination”. I even own my own terminal. There are also admin fees, PCI compliance monthly fess and an annual PCI fee of $169.99. Too many fees for occasional credit card processing and no way out that I can afford. they should be required to give the business a 90 reminder their “contract” is about to renew! I will NEVER do business with them again if I can ever get out of this. I don’t recommend ANY SMALL business let Worldpay get its hooks into your bank account. There are other processors much more small business friendly.

    Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.


    We closed our accounts on the 7th September however today (11/11) they have taken £168. We are currently speaking to the 4th ‘salesperson’ or as I’d like to say ‘con artist’. They have admitted this money has been taken in error and will they give it back with they heck. Passed round and round in circles by this scam company………We are desperate and no-one seems to care. We have just been told we need to put in for a charge back with our bank as they have ‘stolen’ the money by mistake and they can’t give it back!!!! They don’t even know why they have taken it


  • John Peterson

    The Worldpay saleswoman didn’t tell us that there was a £1000 early termination fee and didn’t mention that we had a 36 month contract. We’ve almost gone bust because of these criminals. When I asked if there were any other fees, the saleswoman said “Only the transaction costs”.


  • Monica Smith

    My monthly fee for my service when I signed the contract should have been $14.95/month. However, shortly after signing the contract and charges being taken out of my account, I noticed my monthly charges creeping up. I called customer service back in Jan 2015 and the rep agreed that my charges should have only been $14.95/month and adjusted my account accordingly. However, I called today because since Feb 2015 my monthly charges have been anywhere from $26.90 to $41.85/month. The customer service rep today refused to adjust my account and tried to justify why my monthly fee should be more than $14.95/month. Even for the billing month that I talked to the previous rep. I asked to speak with her manager. Needless to say I was never given a manager to talk with!!!! I then asked about terminating my service and she told me that amount that they would charge to do it and that if I waited until March 2016 my termination fee would decrease by $100. I wasted my valuable time and not to mention money to get bad customer service not to mention being overbilled!!!! I sent an email to WorldPay after my telephone conversation with them this morning. It will be interesting to see if they care enough about my business to respond!!

  • The absolute worst tech support. I HAVE BEEN ON HOLD FOR 40 MINUTES and still do not have a representative. Just a recording that keeps apologizing for the delay. Then they go on to tell you how easy it is to access information…. just don’t try to get a person this- is my 3rd incident of this nature. Someone should be held accountable at the upper management level.

    They are not transparent nor honest
    The contract is full of tricks
    The monthly fees varies and very hard to break it down.
    I have signed two contracts for two terminals,
    I tried to terminate one contract,, they charged me $780, and when i felt bad and decided to terminate the other contract, they did not care and they said: its fine then you will pay another $790.
    They care only until you sign.

  • Edroy wigfall

    Worldpay is robbing me has 1000 dollars of my money on hold for nithing. This mess with people lives. We all have bills to pay, its the worst thing i ever did

  • World Pay are complete crap, They auto renew your contract and then try to charge a leaving fee of £215 to leave even with notice and having a contract of over a year.

    Stay away from these conmen and the terminal always has errors

  • Worst experience I have had dealing with any company or service while operating my own businesses. Misleading and dishonest sales tactics, including many different or additional fees than communicated. Terrible client service and many unkempt promises. Very disappointed with worldpay and would never recommend to anyone.

  • Joe Perricone

    I was sent to collections for $100 due to an error with my ach account. Instead of calling me or emailing me to let me know and take payment, this company sent me to collections and ruined my credit. Why in the world would you want to destroy your customers over a mistake? Worldpay is garbage. Their service is terrible as well.

  • NEVER! Don’t sign contract with Worldpay, you won’t have any normal way to get out that swamp where they will get you with their payments and fees. They will push you to sign the contract without letting you enough time to read it, agent will sit next to you and push you to do it quicker as he have next appointment and on question about cancellation – answer was – no Problems, just call and will cancel it, without mentioning that it works only first 5 days! Agent didn’t explain me what fees I will get if I will decide to cancel after these 5 days, you don’t get that information clearly stated nowhere so you are on your own and all you will get is just – pay, pay and pay!!! after that you have to beg them to send an email to you to cancel contract and you will wait for it for long time if will receive any. Customer service don’t help at all, online account is awful and hard to understand, I even didn’t use that card machine as I didn’t open my business after 3 month of tryings, so the machine is new, I still need to return it them and pay around £300 for nothing! There is 0 understanding and don’t expect anything good with them!

  • I am beyond furious I have received the following treatment as those mentioned before. First of all when I applied for the account I received no notification at all as to whether or not the application had been successful, I only found out when I saw that a payment was taken from my account so I called to find out what had happened I was told that an email had been sent, but to the wrong address which should of set off alarm bells as my email address is the same as my name so I have no idea as to how it could have been mis spelled! the first sign of incompetence! but I decided to give them a chance. Then I was charged twice in the same month for PCI DSS again I was not informed this extra charge would be coming out of my account and therefore had not budgeted for it, which then sent my account over drawn which meant I would be charged by my bank. I called up to complain and was told by a Katie who had spoken to her manager that they agree it was a mistake on their part for not adequately informing and that they would refund the charges all I had to do was send evidence of the bank charges. So I thought great that’s sorted! I was wrong! once I had sent them email confirmation of the charges on my bank statements. NO one and I Mean NO one replied to me I called and spoke to a Helen Harker who said she would get this credited and nothing happened no reply nothing! I then spoke to a Andrew Grey who said the same thing and Nothing! I have now called up and spoke to a Kevin who tells me this was passed to the complaints team and they have rejected my claim. They’ve given me NO reason as to why it was rejected! and refused to speak with me! If I had never called up I wouldn’t even know! there was no phone call and NO email response, nothing! This is the worst customer service I have ever had! and they sell you on this benefits club nonsense which you don’t even get access to, even after you make a transaction(test)! I haven’t begun using their services and the experience has cost me a small fortune!! I have literally been paying them since February for nothing! I am looking for a new service provider so that as soon as my contract is up I am switching!!! if you are not already signed up with them save yourself the bother, the money and the stress! STAY AWAY ! they really should be shut down by the financial authorities they are robbing small business which will potentially ruin our economy! so like I said DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use Worldpay!

  • lauren Evans

    Really as unhelpful a Company as I have come across. Effective communication is almost impossible. They ignore emails and have you hanging on the phone for ages.
    I sold my business and the new owner was to take over my contract (as has happened before). The new owner was told that he couldnt take over my contract and had to open a new account with a new contract. Now Worldpay want to charge me £180.00 to terminate. They have said that I should have given them 30 days notice before the end of my contract and that I am now entered into another 18 month contract for a service I dont need. Beware!!!!

  • James Boyle

    World pay refunded a hacker £1500 from my business even though my bank refused the fraudulent transaction. I have never had a £1500 sale to have needed to refund £1500 to anyone. I have never done any refund on the terminal of any kind plus my shop was closed atthe time of the refund. Carl Turner customer relations at world pay is helping hackers rob world pay costomers. Avoid this company at all costs. This is now in the hands of the police fraud unit

  • gareth jones

    Disgusting service! i received 3 chargebacks (all successfully appealed against) in 6 months, and they decided to close down my account

    Before they done this however they totally cleared my bank account as ‘insurance’ and done it as an international transaction so it couldnt be reversed by my bank

    They are now holding my money for a further 180 days! what a joke, this has left me totally broke, but its in their terms and conditions so all is fine i suppose!

    • I have submitted a complaint to the financial ombusman about Worldpay and i am considering legal action. On 15th April 2015, I entered into a contract with WORLDPAY for the provision of payment processing services. Before I agreed to this contract, a representative of the company, made the following representations:

      1. In response to my question, ‘what are the total costs that will be incurred’, he stated that the only costs involved would be the transaction fee percentage.

      2. When he asked me how many terminals I required, I said that one would be sufficient, however he probed me on how many sales agents we had and when I said there were potentially three, he stated that the transaction rate would be the same if I took two additional card terminals.

      It has now come to my attention that these statements are not true, specifically:

      1. The written contract refers to an additional minimum service charge and additional terminal hire charge.

      2. The written contract states there is an additional minimum monthly service charge and terminal hire fee for each terminal.

      At no point did the representative state there was a monthly service charge and terminal hire fee.
      Nor did he provide me with a written copy of the contract.
      I was only given an opportunity to see an electronic copy of the contract via the IPad that he was holding and he did not show me the following information on his IPad:
      • Section 13, page 4 of 6, which refers to additional terminal hire charges (unsigned)
      • Additional Outlet 1 of 2, which refers to additional fees (unsigned)
      • Additional Outlet 2 of 2, which refers to additional fees (unsigned)

      A written copy of this contract was received only when it was specifically requested by me.

      The representations made were instrumental in inducing me to agree to the contract, and had I known that they were not true I would not have entered into this contract.

      In addition to the performance rendered under this contract failing to meet my expectations, of further concern WORLDPAY provided false signatures in the written contract for both myself and my colleague! Just shocking. When I wrote to WORLDPAY to express my concern and rescind the contract, they just ignored me and thought it had no relevance! For others of you in my position, please note the following law that may assist you

      The Misrepresentation
      Leading cases such as Derry v. Peek make it clear that there is a misrepresentation where a party to a contract makes a statement which is not true, and this false statement induces or causes the consumer to enter into the contract.
      This is the case even where the misrepresentation is made innocently.

      Rescinding the Contract
      Under the leading case of Derry v. Peek, where there is a misrepresentation, the consumer is entitled to rescind the contract. This means that he can return any goods or services provided under the contract and is entitled to be refunded any and all money which he has paid out under the contract.
      There is no defence to this.

      • good morning,
        I do have the same problem as you, on my contract they cross all fee (monthly recurring fee, per occurrence fee, per transaction fee), but they charge it anyway.
        my charge supposed to be 1.20% and 1.99% but they charge me 2.20% and 3.40% (they said it’s because visa and master-card raise their fee!
        so how can i do something against them, they are really bad for small business.
        can we file a consumer fraud class action lawsuit against them?
        I mean they are rate as C on BBB, THAT MEAN SOMETHING, BUT THEY CONTINUE DOING IT !!

        Are you with WorldPay? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

      • hello, i have similar problems with world pay. I terminated within 2 months as their software is not compatible with my website. I was asked to write to their loyalty team giving all account numbers which i did. There was an reccuring outstanding payment which i paid and thought all is over. Alas, after a gap of 12 months i got a debt collector letter demanding for £980. There was no request from worldpay and this was all too fishy to me. Called them and they said they cannot handle my case as it has been passed to the third party, who only have a demand for the money without any form of justification for it. YES worldpay is a dodgy company and the best way to avoid them is to KEEP AWAY !!!
        Has anyone been taken to court for this? as i am considering letting them do it and i’ll defend it myself??

    • It wouldbe very useful if you coukd advise on what grounds you won your appeal as i have a similar distressing chargeback that i am appealing on grounds of unfair terms, lack of care, skill and due diligence by worldpay etc but it would be helpful if i knew of a successful case as there doesnt seem to be many published on the net.


      Are you with Square? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Well where do I start. I’ve had problems with worldpay since early days problems with my account. Being charged extra for what I was told when I called as Ummm… we don’t know. Yeah! Really reassuring. Still don’t know why I was charged extra several times to this date. Then getting a fine for not sorting my PCI DSS out in time. Well I pay all of my bills quickly and efficiently as I always have. Called up and got told that we were sent 3 letters. We haven’t had one to date. I explained this several times on the phone as was made out to be a liar which after the 3rd time being told I lost my cool. I am disgusted that I was never contacted and then fined an then called a liar by this so called professional company. Strange how as soon as I had the bill I called immediately and sorted it out in 10 mins and my PCI DSS was done. Try actually notifying people. Phone call, letter, email ANYTHING!

    Also on another note I had a letter about a Month ago about an arrears that needed paying. Turns out instead of asking they threaten me with legal action immediately rather than ask for the money. As I had switched recently the money should have been taken and sorted as the date was arranged around payment dates. A fault on Worldpays part.

    I will be looking for a new worldwide payment processor and acquirer asap as I’m disgusted at the way this company deal with people. My advice is staying clear of them and go elsewhere. AVOID!

    • Richard Trammell

      I called WorldPay several months ago to cancel. I was told that my termination date was September 7th. I call August 31st to cancel and I was told that I have to pay $499 to cancel as I have to do so 90 days before termination date. Apparrently this is set up that way because they know you will forget, so that you are stuck with another year or you have to pay $499 to cancel. I’ve used them since 2011 and I am blown away by this practice. I will never recommend this company.

  • Horrendous company! Everything they tell you on the phone changes as soon as you hang up. Fees are always more, they say you have signed a contract when you haven’t. Emails make no sense….I could go on. Totally awful company. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Avoid like the plague!

  • I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND WORLDPAY TO ANYONE! I am based in the UK and have had a similar experience as the ones posted. I have been a customer of Streamline/Worldpay for 20 years and used a physical terminal. I had a meeting last year with an Area Sales Representative who offered me much lower rates and the first 100 transactions free of processing charges for transferring over to a virtual terminal subject to a set-up fee of £150, which of course at the time I thought I would recoup by paying lower processing fees. I wasn’t ready to sign there and then but I contacted the rep after a couple of months to proceed. However a different rep turned up to process my application and the lower rates and 100 free transactions have NOT been honoured and I too have been hammered with premium charges. The whole process has turned out to be pointless, time consuming, waste of money and it has cost me significantly more than what I was paying before, not to mention all the stress it’s caused. Have tried to complain but to no avail. Their customer service is useless and the bottom line policy seems to be, “you signed the agreement” despite the misrepresentation that got me to sign it. It’s double standards – one rule for them and another for the customer.
    I would agree, they do not care about customers. Once they’ve got you signed up, they do not want to listen to you. ABSOLUTE RIPOFF – DO NOT TRUST THEM. On top of that, their PCI Compliance process is far too complicated for small businesses and even after I had passed compliance, I was still getting notifications for “attention required”! It all seems to be an excuse to get more money out of you. They don’t explain that if you want to minimise or eliminate fraudulent use of cards to avoid chargebacks, you have to pay extra for the secure encryption service. Quite honestly, I was better off with the physical terminal.


    I tried to cancel my contract today because my business is closed. I was told I had to pay an early termination fee of $2000.00. I called a month ago to cancel and I was told I could leave the account open for the remainder of the contract but they failed to tell me that they would charge my closed bank account $150.00 each month anyway.

    If I had that kind of money, I would still be in business.

    • You are absolutely correct! This company is a BIG SCAM they’re all about taking MONEY from their clients! Processed payments a couple of weeks ago still hasn’t clear yet! asking for all types of documents (Bank statements, Tax Report, ETC.) Would you send your personal documents to a stranger? It feels like ROBBERY in order for you to get the money that they owe you, you need to provide your tax report and bank statement to them which I don’t have a clue until now why they need that! Have you tried to call their customer service? well they all sound like they just woke up from a bad hang over! Very BAD, RUDE, USELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Lesson learned!!! Google the company first and read their reviews before signing up. TAKE IT FROM ME IF YOU DON”T WANT ANY HEADACHES OR HEART FAILURE DON”T FALL FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!

  • Chirodoc48

    Avoid this company! The sales staff use bait and switch tactics to sign you on and will not disclose the numerous costs and obstacles of closing an account. They will lie and take money out of your account and its impossible to reach a customer service rep to rectify any type of problem. Please note that I will be posting a negative review regarding the sales staff at your company. I will also be posting a rip off report regarding the the sales tactics used by(Christopher Keeton) Transengen sales staff to open new accounts. he contacted me regarding my health care office process fees and indicated that I could save money by using their services that were directly tied into Office Ally. I told them that I was already using a processing company and my current contract was on a month to month basis. He indicated that I could use the processing services provided by Transengen (World Pay) to save money and if I didn’t like it stop at any time no problem and no early termination fees. The fees were higher each month so i decided to cancel. I contacted customer service representative at Transengen (Lisa) and learned that they were really World Pay. Lisa indicated that to close the account a early termination fee would be applied. I have to tell you that I’m really disappointed with the experience of using the Revenue Maximizer software (TERRIBLE SOFTWARE) and with the situation with Worldpay what a rip off. Also, on top of that World pay has been charging me $40 a month for six months for PCI non compliance. I never received any type of notice.

  • Kathy Wallmueller

    If you are thinking of using this company: DON’T.

    The person who set up my account and convinced me to go with this company left a week after I signed up. It took 2 months to get everything set up to where it worked correctly. He did not explain the monthly charges I would incur whether I used the account or not, and I had numerous problems processing with my iPhone and Android phones initially.

    I have been frustrated for 2 years and it’s been a nightmare dealing with them. I haven’t processed a card in the past year and a half through them and continue to be under contract. Last week, prior to my annual fee charges, I called to cancel services – they were closed, so I left a message. They are on the east coast time zone apparently and I am in Arizona. It’s hard for me to call during their work hours. No one returned my call, as usual, even though their message says they will. I said in the message that I want to deactivate my account. In addition to not calling back, they proceeded to charge me my upcoming annual fee of $171.89!!!! I called back today and was informed they cannot reverse the charges. They were “kind enough” to refund $50. Then charged me almost $100 to get out of my contract. I am a very small business that can ill afford to be charged for a year of services that I clearly won’t use and then charged for the privilege of NEVER using them again!!!!

    I have no problem paying the fee to get out of contract. I am furious over being charged the annual fee the first business day after I left a message to cancel. This seems unethical and is definitely a poor business practice. The person “assisting” me would not transfer me to a supervisor because there isn’t one available at this time of the day (1:30 PM their time). I asked to have a supervisor call me back and she said she would do that. I am not holding my breath for that call.

    You wonder why small businesses have switched to things like square? These practices and lack of customer service, coupled with ridiculous charges are my reason.

  • Robbie Pepper

    World Pay is ridiculous. The non-compliance fee kept getting charged after I completed the assessment, and then when I cancelled my service after 4 years they said I will be penalized for cancelling in the amount of $400. This company is a complete ripoff. DO NOT use World Pay!

  • ATTENTION!!! World Pay is going to charge us over $9,000 to end our contract early! This is not a joke or exaggeration! We are a small business and obviously cannot afford this. We recently had to buy a new POS system and it requires us to use a different processor. World Pay is not willing to work with us or be understanding of our situation whatsoever. We have been doing business with World Pay for over 10 years! Way to treat your long term customers World Pay!

  • lauretta foday

    I opened an account with World pay in December 2014 for processing payments at my shop . My customers wanted to be able to make payments over the telephone so I rang Worldpay stating that I would like to me a able to process payments over the phone. A sales rep told me that in order for me to be able to do so I will need to get a new account with a new terminal. I agreed to this and signed another contract. After signing, I then realised that in fact my first terminal can in fact take telephone payments and I did not need to have another terminal or set up a new account. I then contacted World pay to cancel the account only to be told that i have to pay a cancellation fee of £632. I did not even realise that I was signing a 3 year contract. I would like world pay to waive this charges as I believe the the sales representative mis-sold a totally unnecessary product to me. I have written requesting this but I am yet to receive a reply from them . I have only been running my business for 6 months and I cannot afford to pay these fees.

  • We are based in Ireland and use Worldpay UK – the service is dreadful – it takes ages for queries to be dealt with – we are hammered by “Premium Charges” for Swipe Cards and non EU cards – very inefficent and careless with instructions.

    We’ve been shopping around for a new provider and sadly they all seem to be of the same standard!

    If I can find a decent provider I will close my account in a flash.

  • Bob Parker

    We terminated our contract with WorldPay, for cause, last month, and last week they took an Early Termination Fee of $10,624.08 from our checking account. Our cause, was the addition of the “Monthly Security Encryption Package” fee of $14.99, which WorldPay added to our monthly fees, 4 months after signing a “Guaranteed Rate” contract which only allowed the addition of 3 party pass-thru fees, but no increases or additions by WorldPay. The Rate Guaranty clause is as follows:

    Guaranteed Rate</b?
    Our Guaranteed Rate commitment applies to: (a) the “plus” portion of the “cost plus” processing rates applicable to Visa,
    MasterCard, and Discover credit and signature debit transactions, i.e. the part of the fee charged by WorldPay, Ii>and (b) all
    other WorldPay fees that are not charged on a “pass through” basis (e.g., voice authorization fees, chargeback fees, etc.),
    excluding American Express rates transactions, which are not included in the Guaranteed Rate program.
    Fees of third
    parties that are charged on a pass through basis (such as interchange, assessment, authorization, risk, and transmission
    fees of the applicable payment networks) may be increased directly by the third party during the term of the Customer
    Processing Agreement, and we will continue to pass those costs through to you without additional mark-up. If the payment
    networks institute any new fees or charges during the term of the Guaranteed Rate offer, those new fees or charges will be
    passed through to you without additional mark-up. You will also be subject to any standard fees that are levied by WorldPay
    or the payment networks for non-compliance (e.g., failure to validate PCI compliance status). WorldPay reserves the right to
    change your rates in accordance with the “Estimated Averages” section of your existing Customer Processing Agreement,
    which permits us to change rates in the event you significantly alter your method of doing business or if the actual volume or
    average transaction size is materially different than the amount shown on your application. The processing rate offered
    assumes submission of transactions via a high speed method. An additional $.02 per transaction fee applies if transactions
    are submitted by dial or other slow transmission method.

    We disputed this charge when it was first added to our statement, and were told that it was a third-party pass-thru charge from the PCI Compliance Department. There is NO PCI Compliance Department, at least not a “third-party” one. It’s actually WorldPay’s PCI Compliance Dept. When we finally got confirmation of this, we sent them a certified letter, terminating our contract for breach by WorldPay. The breach being the addition of the $14.99/month “Security Encryption Package Fee”.

    The following is a paragraph from the PCI Security and Standards Council’s website ):

    Finally, there is an important differentiator that merchants should know about. The Council does NOT validate or enforce any organization’s compliance with its PCI Security Standards, nor does it impose penalties for non-compliance. These areas are governed by the payment brands and their partners. If you, as a merchant, have questions about requirements for compliance with any PCI Security Standard, deadlines for or reporting of compliance, only the payment brands can supply the answers, not the Council.

    Through the process of trying to have the contract breach resolved, we received this correspondence from a WorldPay supervisor:

    “I am well aware of the information you sent me as I have read over it frequently during my tenure here.
    What I have determined in investigating this is the following
    You are correct, your pci fee is not a pass through fee ( I addressed this on our last discussion)
    I located your original agreement and your more recent lowered rate agreements and they concur with what you advised
    – As discussed the PCI fees you encountered during 2014 were because of a system you no longer have that required 3rd party pci
    – Prior to 2014 you were not paying Worldpay PCI Fees since February 9,2009 (just as you stated)
    – In June of 2008 we sent you a letter advising we auto enrolled you in our security breach (now known as PCI) program, with an option to opt out
    – February of 2009 you called in and opted out and you had NO PCI/DATA BREACH PROTECTION
    – Opting out of having PCI / data breach compliance is no longer an option no matter what processor you are with as its mandated by visa and MasterCard in order to do business
    – When your rates were calculated the agent was unaware your PCI status was non-existent, but upon applying your new rates our system automatically loaded it onto your account, as it’s not something able to be left off anymore
    – There is a fee for this service, I went above and beyond to have this removed and was advised the absolute lowest this fee could be is $4.99
    – You still have the option of securing PCI outside of Worldpay, upon providing us a certificate of validation on a non-proprietary/non E2EE device we will remove the fees.”

    Bottom line: This was a breach of the terms of our contract, but WorldPay seemed to believe that didn’t matter. They took the money from our account using a different ID number than they had ever used before (we had put a stop on the ID they had been using from years). It was at the very least deceitful and unethical – at worst their actions could be considered criminal.

    We had been a WorldPay customer for over 10 years, and never had any issues, but after reading many of the posts here, and just going through the experience we’ve had, we would never recommend them to anyone, and in fact will make it a point to steer anyone who asks about CC processing away from them.

    • Bob Parker

      I’m still waiting for you to contact me, is this just a stock reply that’s used to make people think you care? How long does it take you to reach out and contact one of your disgruntled customers?

      • Bob Parker


        Nobody has reached out to me; I have made several phone calls to customer service at WorldPay, the most recent of which was to a supervisor named DelRoy McFarland. Although I have spoken to Mr McFarland, we do not agree on the issue of our Early Termination Fee, which appears to be in excess of $8000.00 for a contract which was breached by WorldPay – not us. So, I’m not satisfied with the outcome, and would like to know what part of my letter of termination was not clear. My review on the cardpaymentoptions website was pretty clear (I thought).

        The following is from our “Guaranteed Rates” contract:

        By committing to the new three year term, you understand that if your Customer Processing Agreement is terminated before the expiration of the new three year term for any reason other than breach by WorldPay, you will be required to pay WorldPay the amount that WorldPay would have received under the Customer Processing Agreement had such early termination not occurred (the “Early Termination Fee”).

        We have presented evidence that the contract was breached by WorldPay, when they added the “Monthly Security Encryption Fee” to our statement four months after the contract was signed. This was not a “third-party” pass-through fee, and is in fact a WorldPay fee, and as such is a violation of our Guaranteed Rate – which applies to: a) the “plus” portion of the “cost plus” processing rate applicable to Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and signature debit transactions, i.e. the part of the fee charged by WorldPay, and (b) all other WorldPay fees that are not charged on a “pass through” basis.

        The only other area of the contract which allowed for other fees was for non-compliance, which does not apply to this situation. The “Monthly Security Encryption Package”, which I was told was for PCI DSS, is widely known to be a “profit center” for the credit card processing industry. As I mentioned in my initial post, the PCI Security & Standards organization, DOES NOT CHARGE or implement fines or fees of any kind. This is up to MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex as well as the issuing banks. We were never told that we were not in compliance, the vx520 terminals that we were using are PCI 3.0 compliant, and we do not capture or store any customer card information. The only thing we store with regards to customers credit card information is the slip which the customer signs, and that only shows the last 4 digits of the card number, no expiration date or CVV code.

        I’ve been told by several WorldPay customer service representatives that EVERYONE, no matter who they process through, has to pay the “Monthly Security Encryption Fee”, because of the PCI DSS, but that’s also not true, as Chase Paymentech, has no such fee.

        After more than 10 years as a customer or WorldPay, I think we deserve more consideration than we’ve received to date. I would appreciate being contacted by someone who can speak knowledgeably about our contract, and our termination of service for cause.

      • Bob, we are being charged this fee as well. Can you give us an update on how or if your situation has been resolved with World Pay? Thanks

  • Ivy Berry

    We just closed one of the office and needed to terminate our Merchant Number. I called yesterday and got the run around and was put on hold for over an hour to connect to what they called Business Review. I was put on hold for an hour. Then I called back and the guy told me after all the waiting he said they would charge me $195 for early termination and he said if I waited until the next day when I could talk to the Business Review people, they would help me. Total hours spent on hold and waiting with no result…3 hours yesterday.

    This morning, I called to talk to the Business Review people. After telling me that our company has been with Worldpay for a long time and if we terminate we need to pay a early termination fee. How can that be? We have been with Worldpay since Nov 2006 and then this becomes a early termination? Of course, I will have to talk to the Business Review people. I was on hold for 45 minutes waiting. And I am still waiting. And now they said the business review group is in a meeting and they will schedule to call me back. That’s what they told me before and NOBODY called me back.

    I suggested I send them a formal termination letter…No, they won’t accept that. I just suggest we will have our lawyer send them a letter. And now they are putting me on hold for the Business Review people. Because they are the only one who can terminate an account. I am still waiting on the phone as I am typing this.

    I can’t spend my life on this phone, being put on hold…just to terminate an account.

    I asked to talk to the manager. A Mr. Williams came to the phone and told me they would charge me $195 for early termination…Yep, there is a thing as early termination. Here is how Worldpay auto renew every year with them. And if you terminate before that annual auto renewal date, you are charged the $195. Buyer beware.

    After 5 hours on the phone, Mr. William was willing to terminate our account for $95. NO more holding on the phone. I have a case number to go with it..


  • wolfs in a sheepskin. beware of scammers named Mike Batton and his wife Regan. regan is not affiliated with world pay but works as an agent getting contracts. than the contracts go to mike and ur on a hook for contract, even though regan says there is no contract… than when you decide to call back they will have no knowledge of who regan is and mike simply won’t reply back ever…. im currently filling a complaint against world pay with BBB.

  • House of Fortune

    On March 18, 2015, we cancelled our account as of the end of March 31, 2015. At 5 p.m on March 31st they stopped our service to process credit cards. That isn’t the end of the day. They didn’t call to say they were cancelling it earlier than the end of the day (12 Midnight to the majority of professional companies.) I had to call to reinstate, and, at that time, I was told there was a $195 charge for an early termination fee and a $50 charge for a monthly fee. That was it even after asking two times. That is all that was told to me during my conversation with Worldpay on the 31st. I even have a confirmation number for the conversation. However(!), this was not the case. I received a new statement this month for additional service charges – $123.20 more! From the beginning, this Company has given false information. I would not refer this Company to anyone to do business with.

  • Mary Beth Bryant

    Unfortunately my experience was that yes they do “reach out” with another rude rep that has no authorization to change or fix anything.
    Again WORLD PAY, my second invitation to you.
    Have someone call me that can work with me and not just give me flat fixed answers. My local WORLD PAY rep said even he did not have authorization to work with me.
    Again I take some responsibility for letting a renewal slip by without my full investigation of the fine print but since I have been with WORLD PAY numerous years one would think some negotiating to at least match what I have been offered elsewhere would be good customer service.

  • Today, I called for the second time (first time call was 4/7/15) to cancel my service, after being charged $352.40 in fees post-cancellation. Because I did not have my case # with me (I live 4 hours from the business and doubt that I even have it any longer, as this was 2 months ago), I’m told that even though it is clear that my last transaction was on 4/6/15, there was nothing that could be done.

    Additionally, I was told that Worldpay would be charging me an ETF of $472 as my contract automatically auto-renews (I signed this contract in 2009).

    When the rep, Katrice, asked if there was anything else she could do for me (very rude), I said I would be spreading the word to fellow business owners and on social media to stay away from WorldPay and will provide my examples, she said “I don’t care”.

    Literally, those were her words!

  • I had some trouble with these guys back in march they took money from me, i eventually got it back the guys email to me was:
    Dear Mr Taylor

    Thank you for your email, I have tried to call you today without success. I am sorry that you’ve found cause for complaint and will explain the situation in this email.

    Account set up
    When an application is being assessed, if a customer does not send in ID, we will attempt to verify you through public records. We have completed this successfully during the assessment of your application.

    Historically, Worldpay was part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which also includes Natwest. As a result, there is still an agreement in place to debit bank accounts with Natwest through the internal system. This is detailed in the terms of conditions for the account under clause 8.3. Whilst this will show as a ‘POS’ debit on your bank statement, I can confirm this is not a card transaction. I am sorry if this not clearly explained during the set up of the account and for the inconvenience that this has caused.

    Request for a refund
    I have arranged to refund the invoice of £149.26, as a gesture of goodwill, which is due to credit your bank account tomorrow. I have amended the set up fees for the account to be debited from the account next month. However, if you would rather not proceed with the account and have this closed, please let me know and I will arrange for it to be closed and the terminal to be collected.

    Further assistance
    If I can be of further help, please let me know by return email, or on my direct line, 0203 6643488, and I will be happy to assist.

    Best regards

    Then i woke up yesterday to see £440.40 gone out of my account when looking at this they was no reference just a line, i contacted the back they was puzzled, then they come back to me after waiting and said its the same id thing as the first transaction from world pay, WTF i canceled then so now they decided to take money again 3 months later anyway contacted fraud and hopefully it get sorted, this is unreal, what is the worse part is the way they take money its not a debit transaction no a card transaction and the bank informed me the only way to get a refund is through world pay there self

  • These guys are worse than the IRS! Everyone I get on the phone says something different. I went out of business a year ago and had used Worldpay for 3 years to that point but some how was still in a contract with them for another two years. They wanted $2700 to terminate the account. I didnt have it and asked if there was anything they could do to help me out, nothing? They said I could either pay it or the would debit my account for the minimum of around $43 a month. I didnt have the $2700 so I have been forced to let them debit me $43 a month for a year now. Then this year they closed my account claiming I changed my banking account and sent me to collections. I made sure they had my contact info a while back and they never bothered contacting me by phone email or mail they just sent me to collections. They debited my account for $95 claiming that as the termination fee and sent $43 to collections. If I changed my account number and thats why all of this happened then how did they debit my account for the termination fee? Ridiculous! no one knows whats going on. The guy on the phone then tells me that I should just send the terminal back and pay the $43 collection fee and its over. I told them if they are ruining my credit for no reason I am going to angry. He says to just go with it because if they reverse any of that I will owe them over $4000 for early termination. I was like what? It was $2700 and now its over $4000? Its just what ever amount they want I guess. I did $300,000.00 a year processing with thus company when in business and this is how they treat me? I am nervous that what they are claiming to be the end of this fiasco may not be the end. Trust me its worth paying a higher percentage rate to a company with no contract and a simple one rate format with no fees. I will never do business with this company again.

  • UnhappyCustomer

    Terrible company, bad customer service, no contact from them, and extra charges without having received anything about these extra charges in all this time.

    We have received a charge of over £1000 from Experto Credit saying we owe Worldpay that amount. Upon querying this with Worldpay we were told it was actually about £400 as the direct debit payments had been rejected each month. This was something we knew nothing about as nobody from Worldpay had contacted us about this, all the monthly invoices said the amount owed for that month only with nothing else to say that anything was unpaid, and we have never received any statement of accounts from them in 2 years. The few times I saw a refund in the bank I thought it was a customer refund and didn’t know it was anything to do with Worldpay otherwise I’d have queried it as it didn’t say Worldpay.

    Experto Credit still insist however we owe them over £1k and when we asked for the info they sent every invoice out and said work it out ourselves as they said it wasn’t their job to. I spent an afternoon having to put aside the office work to do what they should have done in going through every invoice they sent which matched every invoice from the past 2 years I’ve received from them, and I also checked them against the bank. Like the first person I spoke to at Worldpay a few weeks previously it came to no more than about £400.

    Because Experto were still pursuing the amount of over £1000 I rang Worldpay again, this time everyone I spoke to says that it is over £1k we owe and that we (unknown to ourselves) have another account with them. As I kept trying to explain, we only signed up to one account, and we have only been getting invoices for the one account. However they insist that we owe them for this supposed other account and that they will send the details out and will be pursuing us for the amount owed on the two accounts.

    I also have issues with them overcharging us non-compliance fees when we have been regularly getting emails to say we are compliant. When I asked about this, they said they changed to a different company for compliance and that we were sent a letter last year to say we had to redo the compliance. Again this is something we were never told about and never received any letter, and when I tried to explain this to the customer service rep, they insisted that a letter had been sent and when letters are sent their system automatically marks it as received! Hmm what proof do they have to say a customer received a letter, and why didn’t they contact us again when there was no response?

    Absolutely disgusted with the replies from customer service at both Worldpay and Experto Credit when complaining about these and trying to find out where the extra amount owed is coming from. They absolutely insist that what their system says is what we have to pay them, even though I have not received any other invoices from them in the past 2 years other than for the one account we signed up to, nor when Experto Credit sent us the bulk of invoices to “work out ourselves what we owe Worldpay” was there anything extra there in black and white to say we owed them anything more. And when complaining about the lack of contact from themselves they basically said it was our fault that we should have noticed ourselves and contacted them.


  • Martin Chambers

    Without a doubt one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with. Broke their own contract by freezing our account and not informing us.

    A supplier should never become a liability to your business and WorldPay very nearly put my business under by withholding £30,000 of our money without notice. Due to being a new account, card security measures were still being set up on our facility. In this time we were targetted by fraudulent transactions. WorldPay treated us as if we had organized them ourselves and we lost 2 days of business time proving we are a real business.

    After jumping through all their hoops, they decided to release only half of the held funds with no explanation given about why the other was still held and when they would released. They used extremely vague terms like “partially released on a fornightly basis” and “will be reviewed again late May/Early June” and still continue to hold it. No escalation procedures seem to be in place and all requests to speak to a manager are deferred. They also claim to not have a complaints department.

    Avoid them at all costs, the contract they provide is not worth the paper it is written on.

  • Mary Beth Bryant

    It seems my sister store Stay Tuned was automatically reinstated for a three year contract. The rates are ridiculous and the cancellation fee of $600 criminal. The customer service rep made no attempt to help me. Our store is only open 7 days a week for 3 months and 4 days for the other four. We are closed 6 months.
    I am extremely disappointed with this company and their customer service. We are not novice retailers. My stores have been around for 25 years. I thought the days of CC processing rip offs were over. Apparently not.

    • ron beebe

      Mary Beth, I actually had to go to my bank and close out my business account and open a completely new account to get free of them. once they get access to your funds, they will raid your account whenever they want for whatever they feel like. My advice is to not waste time trying to discuss or bargain with them as they will lie and stall; just cut off access to them and move on. They can try to say the will still come after you regarding the contract and that you technically can’t shut them out of your account… but they would have to open the contract to scrutiny to do that and I have never heard of the challenge being taken on their part.

    • Mary Beth Bryant

      Thanks Robbe. I will let you know how I make out.

    • Mary Beth Bryant

      Your Customer Service Rep did contact me but was not willing to talk about alternatives. Too bad since I have been with you for many many years. When the contract renewed last year I was in a very stressful situation and did not do my due diligence, granted. I did not read the extremely fine print and honestly was not aware of the numerous charges.
      Your customer service consultant was very helpful in reiterating the terms and threatening me with her standardized lingo. To bad I couldn’t talk with a human who was a bit more willing to discuss rather then repeat written threatening word.
      Tell me here WORLD PAY Are you willing to negotiate the $11.95 monthly fee, The $4.25 monthly fee, The $59 PCI fee, The $6.00×2 ($12.00) monthly debit fee, The $99.00 annual fee. I’ll take the higher the average charges per card I am already experiencing.
      I’m willing to take some of the responsibility. Are you willing to show good customer care and negotiate or are you cut and dry and full of threats like my past experience has been.

  • Amr Soliman

    I was in business last year in june and decided to sign up with world pay to accept credit card payments. I was only getting paid in cash and did not really have the need for it. My 2 friends that have referred me to world pay were supposed to receive an incentive amount of money for referrals but never did for my open account. I have been out of business for a few months and had decided to let the monthly payments of 20 dollars keep coming out of my bank rather than paying $500 to cancel the service that i have never used. My bill went up to almost 50 dollars a month for no reason. 4 months later i call world pay to resolve the issue or cancel the account. The agent on the phone with me was polite and offered me credit back to all the extra charges that i had to pay for no reason and will close the account for no additional charges since i have never used the service. The agent says “I have no supervisor on the floor so, the cancellation will be processed tomorrow and will receive a call to confirm. I hang up and wait for a call, never received. a week later i see the credit back so i figured it must have gone through. This month i get charged $60+ dollars out of nowhere. I call world pay and was told that the agent was never able to process the cancellation for the account and that i had to pay $200 to cancel my account. I get transferred to a supervisor. Very rude she says i should never have been able to receive credit back and i have to pay $200 to cancel the service. I refused to pay the amount that i was promised not to by the first agent. Supervisor says she will turn my account to collections. I said go ahead because i will make a stop for payments at my bank. This morning “next day” my account is charged $135. I intend to escalate this case as far as i can even if it has to be done in court. World pay never had my consent to charge my bank account any kind of money. My other two business owner friends that use world pay will cancel their horrible service with world pay as well.

  • Same experience as William. I am so upset. I’m a small business owner. Really feel taken advantage of. The customer no service person, Katrice, on the line would not let me make any kind of payment plan or alternate method of payment, “495$ direct debit because that what you agreed to in your contract. Read your contract. It’s year to year.” Only they never sent me a contract. Everything was completed through a clearinghouse. All I have is my copy of the original application from 2011. Terrible. Really awful and expensive experience.

  • Faye Mohorn

    This is by far this worst company I have ever had to deal with. I had a small business In Greensboro and was forced to close 12/28/2014 due to a big box retailer taking over the entire center. This has been a real nightmare for me and wanted to share with others in hopes that others will not have to endure the cost and mental anguish that I have had to endure.
    Not only did I lose my business in 2014 but I am trying to deal with the care giving of my husband who has late stages Alzheimers.
    I did business with Heartland Processing and never had any issues. One day, Catherine Mckinney who is no longer with this horrible company walked in and said she could offer a new terminal with the new chip which would provide additional security for my customers and could save me money. At the time she approached me, I was very honest with her and told her that I had a very sick husband and I would not be able to sign a years contract. She got on the phone and talked to her manager Gavin McKinis and explained my situation. No worries, They would give me a new terminal and would also give me a $295. referral fee in the event I was forced to close my business due to my husband’s ill health. I have a record of this deposit in my personal account. Catherine Mckinney sold me on the fact that I would not be out any money in the event I did have to close my business.
    When I called in December to inform that I was being forced to close my business due to losing my lease, I was told that
    I would be subjected to an early cancellation fee of $495.00 and $300.00 for the equipment that they could not take back.
    I also understood that I could continue paying the monthly service charges for the term of the year expiring in May 2015
    and also pay $300.00 and that would close my account. I reviewed my checking account today and they are taking over $104.00 montly and I have been out of business since 12/28/2014.
    I was also informed today that now it is $795.00 early cancellation fee. I feel this is very unfair and this company is very deceptive.

  • Lisa cooper

    This company have been the hardest people I’ve ever had to deal with! I work for myself and have done for 8 years and previously I was happily in a contract with another bank then a sales rep from world pay came into my salon and said he could do me a better deal….. I agreed to speak about it, he was a lovely man seemed very genuine, I trusted him. He told me;
    Better rates than I was on ( true)
    1 year contract (true)
    When I sign up I will receive a free Samsung Galaxy tablet to say thanks for joining up ( biggest load of lies ever!!!!)
    Yes I signed up, all very quickly done didn’t give me chance to read it but I signed the contract anyway,also the free Samsung don’t forget! Very vaguely commented on by him and he told me to sign somewhere on his iPad that said if you have any problems with the tablet you have to contact Samsung not us!?!? Also told me not to cancel previous bank until the week before they were due to take over as they would stop straight away! They didn’t, I had to give a months notice and also pay world pay in the same month!! I let that go as my own stupidity!! Then came the monthly bills, yes I was paying about 5 pound less a month but I had another dd going out for 9pound a month?? And in one month 3 lots of9 pound went out in the same month! I rang to question it,couldn’t get through but an automated message said if you’ve had duplicate payments go out of your bank don’t worry they were working on refunding the glitch. ( I never got a refund) so then I rang another day to question this 9 pound payment. It was for my “free” tablet as this enabled me to take payments on the phone! I pointed out i was a beauty salon no over the phone payments necessary as people need to come in to have treatments and anyway it was supposed to be a freebie, no sorry you pay a monthly fee, well I want to cancel it, ok just send an email to the cancellation dept and we will cancel it from today. May2014! Near enough one year later, a load more phone calls because I now have a debt recovery agency on my back for money I do not owe to world pay 256.00!!! Wtf!! I am considering legal action against this fraudulent company! So so unhappy with them, when I asked the debt recovery agency what it was for they said they couldn’t tell me! So I said give me there contact number please he said they won’t speak to you as they’ve passed the debt onto us. So I said your no help either, banging my head against a brick wall,will definitely be seeking legal advice!

  • Luciana Estrazulas

    My company used to be a customer of Worldpay(USA)for the past 2 years. Last month we decided to chang to another merchant due to better rates offered by that competitor. Since then, I had no major problems with Worldpay. On March 17th/2015, I called Worldpay to and asked to cancel the service and the man who answered the phone (I forgot to ask his name) told me to send a fax of the cancellation notice to a certain fax number and he also told me that there was a cancellation fee of $99. Ok, that’s what I did, I sent a fax of the cancellation notice to them on the same day(03/17/15 at 6:15pm). Today, April 7th/2015, I saw on my bank statement a charge for $170.61 as a Worldpay Monthly Charges. I called immediately to check what have happened as I did exactly what I was told (by the Worldpay representative) regarding this cancellation matter. The lady who answered the phone was full of the attitude since the beginning saying our account was never cancelled, that they have never received any fax and also she said I should have called to cancelled the account. Her name is Veronica and she was so unhelpful that I asked to talk with her supervisor to explain that I have done what I was instructed to do but she said that there was no available supervisor and if I wanted, I could give her my phone number and she would give to the supervisor, so he should call me back in 24 to 48 hours. I asked to talk with somebody else and she said there was nobody else I could talk to beside her. I doubt she will ever bring my contact information to her supervisor and that’s why I decided to write a review as this lady, Veronica, treated me so disrespectful in a way that she could work in any position, in any field but NOT as a customer service. She has no clue what is to help a customer and Worldpay should be more careful when hiring people for that position. It was a very unpleasant conversation and I wish nobody ever need to go through this unnecessary hassle.

  • myriam DUCROCQ

    After 5 years of business with Worldpay, it has been impossible to cancel my contract without paying $500 termination fee. I have spent a year on the phone with their agent and was told many different date as to close the account without paying ETF.
    Finally after numerous emails , i have given them 4 months notice with a certified letter. They have managed to get an extra 6th year out of me with their lies and misleadings.I have been charged $90 each month since my certified letter for I don’t know what.I have not used their service ( I am now using “Square” ) since January 2015.
    Tomorrow, I am going to block withdrawals on my bank account ( an extra fee …) from Worldpay as I feel that they will charge me indefinitely $90 every month if I don’t.
    I am open to every advice you may have. Thank you.

    • We have reported BBB about this issue and your tricky locking contract, you still haven’t made a decision to refund our money. This means you are not providing valuable service. You are here to only rip off. You will end up loosing business in huge volume.

    • ronald beebe

      Myriam, I actually had to go to my bank and close out my business account and open a completely new account to get free of them. once they get access to your funds, they will raid your account whenever they want for whatever they feel like. My advice is to not waste time trying to discuss or bargain with them as they will lie and stall; just cut off access to them and move on. They can try to say the will still come after you regarding the contract and that you technically can’t shut them out of your account… but they would have to open the contract to scrutiny to do that and I have never heard of the challenge being taken on their part.

  • So I was talking to world pay a few months ago. Then sent me details on so on, then for about two months every week I was getting emails saying we can’t proccess you account without your direct debit signature and ID, Then I get the card terminal through. I’m thinking to my self oh maybe they have wavered the fees (this being the resson I didn’t sign the direct debit or send my ID in) so I so I few test runs with my card and a friends for £0.10 it works. Then I have a thought wait a minute ive not have no confirmation nor have I sent them any signed documents or my ID, so I haven’t being using it the other day the took money from my account (im i right in saying they can’t take my from my accont without me signing the direct debit?) but regardless from the 20 emails that I never replied to saying to post and sign the direct debit for us to compleat your application, please send us ID so we can complete you application, they should be taking money from me at this stage as ive not agreed yet and it was there fault that they sent me the card terminal, but regardless they are trying to tell me, I now have to pay a cancelation fee. HOLD UP YOU TAKE MONEY FROM ME WHEN IVE NOT SIGNED THE DIRECT DEBIT OR SENDING MY ID IN (I could be anyone using fake details) THEN YOU TRYING TO SAY IF I CANCEL YOUR GOING TO CHARGE A CANCELATION FEE, GET OUT OF HERE!!!!

    The email was:
    This is just a reminder that in order to fully set up your account we require you to print, sign and return the Direct Debit Mandate to the following address :

    Customer Enablement
    Victory House, 5th Avenue
    Gateshead NE11 0EL

    I never did this. The other emails to do with ID:
    We’re processing your application but unfortunately there is an outstanding query we need you to action before we can proceed with your application.

    We contacted you in relation to outstanding certified ID but unfortunately we’ve not received a response from you.

    Resolving your query
    Your business is important to us and we’d like to get this matter resolved as soon as possible. You can contact us by replying to this email, or call 08457 61 62 63. We’re open 24/7 365 days a year, so always on hand when you need us.

    Now am I wrong in believing with out this information they have asked for they can’t procced with the application therefor they can’t take anymoney?? Please correct me if I’m wrong here

    So basically they have taken money from me without my concent, how is this any diffent to someone trying to sell you something on the street your a little intrested so you wait arround listening to his pitch. you take your wallet out trying to decide if you want to or not. Then decide no but then he steals the wallet and takes your money. Now this is no different to what they have done.

    Yes I was stupid enough to give my bank details but regardless I was under the impression from the emails and the phone call no money could be taken untill they have my ID and direct debit signed.


  • If there is less than 1 star, I would definitely choose ZERO star!!!!!.
    This is literally the worst company you can ever deal with!! They stole £5500 from our orders as a customer ordered something special make and then changed his mind after bringing it and then he made chargeback (of £1000) and simply worldpay froze £7700 of our sales and said they will release £2000 only of them!!!!!!!!
    Don’t deal with those guys, real scam and we have bee spending weeks trying to get our money back and giving them all evidence they asked for but simply they ignore us and dont ever get bothered to reply to emails. We are taking them to court

    • Martin Chambers

      Out of interest, has this progressed since your post? I am having the exact same problem with them, they were holding £30k and have since agreed to release £16k but are withholding the rest. I’m about ready to start the legal process with them so any tips would be most helpful.

  • David Chzaszcz

    My small business (1 person coffee cafe) signed a Merchant Services Processing contract with WorldPay (division of Citizens Bank) in June of 2014. The Sales person showed and documented in the sales material that I would only be occurring fees of ($22.49) along with my small percentage on each Credit or Debit transaction. A the next month I was hit with multiple undisclosed transaction fees of over $80.00, making my monthly fixed fees over $100 per month, with my actual variable individual Merchant Processing transaction fees being about $70, (total monthly fees now at $180.00 per month average) In December of 2014, I was hit with an undisclosed $129.00 annual fee, and now in January 2015, another additional $4.95 a month. Fixed fees are now 66% of total cost, but the sales agent for WorldPay, documented them as approximately less than 20%. Additionally, WorldPay never returned a copy of the contract despite a number of requests. In February a contract was finally returned to me showing only my signature, no signatures from WorldPay, including the sales agent, and all initialed pages were not my initials, forged and not the correct initials.

    Another fact the Sales Agent did not disclose is that there is a fixed $0.22 fee for each swipe in addition to the variable percentage.

    Despite several documented conversations with WorldPay Customer Service, only $50.00 was refunded a few weeks ago, but no World Pay Senior Management resolution calls from WorldPay were ever received despite consistent promises that management would call to help resolve.

    Another point, WorldPay uses my merchant account to pay each 3rd party vendor they employ on the routine processing and each subpartner (31 in my case), so they get the $0.22 for each one each month, plus the percent of the transaction. REAL DOUBLE DIPPING HERE!!!!!!

    Last, WorldPay will not return information on how to terminate the contract early, despite the contract warning if not terminated early properly, additional fees will be levied against my small one person business.

    From doing some competitive analysis, I am finding WorldPay is overcharging my small one person cafe over $1000.00 annually, and they are not providing documentation to help me cut my losses properly.


  • DMatthews

    Just found out that our WorldPay software was corrupted on the day our contract ended. Isn’t that a coincidence. Now they want to raise our rates in order to get new terminal for free. Can you say “RIPOFF”?

    • WorldPay reached out to me after posting this.

      While they of course acknowledged that it was still their position that I couldn’t exit the contract and must pay ETF’s, they offered to help me close the account without any fees. I did my best to ascertain there would not be any future or follow-up fees down the line. I was concerned because I’ve read in other reviews that even after closing an account, that fees could be charged months or even a year later.

      The representative confirmed there would be no more charges, and offered to report back to me one month later to confirm a new statement did not even generate. I took their offer, and just received that confirmation email this week from the original representative that reached out to me. It does appear my account is closed and this matter is resolved. I did close the associated bank account just as a precaution, and even informed WorldPay of this, so they can’t claim I didn’t inform them.

      I do suggest anyone having problems with WorldPay to go through the normal channels first (your local account representative, then phone calls, then letters). If those fail, as in my case, apparently posting a review here can force their hand to listen. Apparently the customer impact team who follows these reviews have more power than the supervisors I struggled with for weeks over the phone and in letters. While it is frustrating that it had to come to this in my case, I’m at least glad they worked with me at this point before I decided to take it to another level.

  • The following is based on my poor personal experience with WorldPay. Some of it is compounded with various reports on Better Business Bureau and online review sites. It totals about 6000 words, but I felt the need to share this story, so I am posting the full version here. I will frequently reference other parts of the post, so you may need to use the search function on your computer if you want to follow them.

    I believe the crux of the issue is that their standard process is to sign people up with promises of low fees. The contract the customer signs, indeed, starts as a pretty good merchant plan. WorldPay then proceeds to add fees which you cannot argue or contest, and leave you stuck in a contract with an early termination if you wish to walk-away. The common thread is that ALL customers start WITHOUT these fees (based on other complaints and my own). Only AFTER they have signed the contract with you are new fees added on. Every merchant seems to hear the same tune, around December of their first contract year, they learn about an annual fee. And several times a year they have their base rates and admin fees hike up. In the case of the fairly ambiguous annual fee which all customers eventually seem to succumb to, why isn’t this put on the original contract? Answer: to sign you up with a teaser agreement, only to find out you just signed a contract that allows them to amend it essentially without notice, and without the ability for you to refuse the changes (or at least exit with termination fees). I don’t think this is reasonable, and is in violation of consumer protection clauses and prior statute in states across the country. As one of their representative specifically (and reluctantly) admitted to me when questioned, this company could charge you a million dollars if it wanted, and there would be nothing you could do about it if you followed the contract to the letter. Of course she quickly stated “we would never do that though.”

    I. The WorldPay Contract

    The contract is very one sided. You can easily be given added charges and fees, which are NOT in your signed contract, and you are NOT given the chance to dispute or reject them if they are justified as originating from a third party. On close examination, it theoretically could allow WorldPay to charge any amount it wants as long as it relates it back to the “payment network.” This is an unconscionable slippery slope that puts consumers at massive risk, and I’m certain one would not consider this clause by any means “reasonable.” A consumer may wake one day and get notice of a 25%, 50%, or even 100% rate hike, with no recourse! WorldPay also believes it can charge you retroactively for up to a full year, even if you did not have service for that entire time period. Certainly there must be some form of consumer protection against these predatory practices? See more details below:

    [CHANGE OF TERMS] – from section 11.9 of contract

    1. They can change the terms of the contract and give 15 days’ notice. If you decline the changes, you can opt out, BUT ONLY of the specific change in question, not the whole contract. You must give them official notice (see NOTICE) within 15 days.
    2. A note about 15 days’ notice: They (inappropriately) seem to believe that if they give you notice for a charge, as long as that charge does not actually hit your account until after that time frame, they fulfill providing “notice.” This interpretation (which is not how the contract is written) allows them to charge you with 15 days’ notice for services that occurred at least up to ONE YEAR in the past, as evidenced in my conversation with a WorldPay supervisor on 2/16/2015.
    3. HOWEVER (this one is most important), if the change to the contract is as a result of changes made by the payment networks (ie Visa/Amex/etc) or government/third parties, then notice goes out the window. It becomes effective the earlier of either the date they state in their “notice” (which can be in the past), or the date the change takes place.
    4. Also, in the above type of third party change, you cannot opt out! You are stuck with terms you likely would never have agreed to, and if you decide to leave, there will be an early termination fee (see EARLY TERMINATION). They can essentially pin ANY of their added charges and amendments (which as evidenced in my case, they certainly will) to stemming from the payment networks (it is easy to justify this), and render you unable to do anything. They can literally state “we are charging you 1 million dollars as a result of changes in the payment network,” and leave you to foot the bill. I’ve confirmed this with a WorldPay associate (see 3/3/2015). The more likely case is, however, that they slowly add more fees on year after year after starting with a more “favorable” contract to lure you in.
    5. WorldPay will go as far as to use the above method to charge you for services that span time periods that pre-date when you signed your contract (see 1/8/2015 and 2/16/2015). Oddly, they agree that this money should be refunded, but only if you call to complain about it.


    With WorldPay, there unfortunately will generally always be an early termination fee (ETF) once you are finished with their services. This seems to make up a huge portion of their complaints online. While they seem to have reduced that fee for accounts created around 2012 or so, the fee still ranges from $95 to $295. However, whether you have been with the company for 10 months or 10 years, unless you fall within a specific window, you will be a subject to a fee. Why? Because each contract is for 3 years, and it auto-renews indefinitely. You cannot avoid this. The only time within the 3 year period you can cancel without an ETF is PRIOR to 90 days within the end of the three year period. This notice also has to be very clear, and in a certified letter to WorldPay (see NOTICE). What does this mean?

    1. If you didn’t want to pay an ETF, you would only ever be able to cancel in 3 year increments (ie 3, 6, 9, or 12 years).
    2. You would also need to know 90 days prior to that 3 year period ending that you wanted to cancel.
    3. You would also hopefully have carefully read the contract and understood the above points (ie auto-renewal, 90 day period to give notice of cancellation, and that it must be done in writing). Unless you are very savvy, it is easily possible to misunderstand this in the contract.
    4. Let us assume then that the average business may, on average, encounter an event that would leave them wanting to cancel their merchant account within the next 60 days. If such an event was chosen at random, this means the business will always have a roughly 5.6% chance of being able to cancel without an ETF. This would fall within the 32nd or 33rd month (60 days) of the 36 month contract.
    5. Because of this early termination fee, compounded with the fact that WorldPay can change your contract at any time (and they do frequently, as evidenced in my case and a multitude of online reviews), you cannot simply walk away. If WorldPay raises your rates (ie amends your contract – see CHANGE OF TERMS), you can call or write them letters all you want, but they will not let you walk away without paying the fee. Even if you were by chance lucky to notice the rate hike just prior to 90 days within the end of your contract term, you would still have to write them a letter put up with their service (ie monthly fees) for a few months.

    [NOTICE] – from section 11.6 of contract
    Despite them having ultimate “flexibility” in giving you notice, your obligation to give them is much more stringent:

    From them to you–
    1. Notice can be written, but also email, monthly generated reports, or likely anything they want based on the language in the contract.
    2. They can bend rule #1, and then decide to refuse to give you official follow-up notice in response to formal notice you’ve served them until you specifically request it (see 3/3/2015).
    3. They do NOT have to give you prior notice to changes in the contract that relate to changes in payment networks or third parties (similar to CHANGE OF TERMS). While they do need to notify you of the change at some point, it can be a retroactive notice (ie “billed in the rear” as a supervisor told me). In the case of the annual fee that they added, notice was given at the end of the year it was being billed for (see 2/16/2015).

    From you to them–
    1. Notice needs to be certified mail in writing.
    2. It isn’t clear in the contract, but it appears any letters must be sent to both WorldPay and RBS Citizens.
    3. If you want to cancel your contract without early termination, it must be within a 90 day window of your 1,095 day term, which recurs indefinitely.

    II. Customer service

    In my story outlined here, you can see how difficult it is to work with WorldPay.
    1. They take a while to correct errors on your account.
    2. Up to 2.5 hour hold time, and may be put on hold as many as 3 times in one call.
    3. You will be made false promises for a call-back as many as 3 times in an attempt to reach a supervisor over a full week period.
    4. Reps may lie to you, and in other cases are at best unfamiliar with the service and the contract.

    III. Other Complaints

    Looking at the Better Business Bureau, I see numerous complaints, albeit many settled, that fall in the same vein as those I outline here. The reviews listed on multiple websites seem to also echo this sentiment. Many complain about sudden rate hikes, added fees, poor customer service, and issues related to termination and the contract. One Better Business Bureau complaint (in which WorldPay settled) described the WorldPay agreement as an “adhesion contract,” which I believe to be true.

    IV. My Story

    In April 2014, I was using Merchant Warehouse for my merchant processing. Feeling upset about their annual compliance fee and tier system that never worked in my favor, I was beginning to consider jumping ship with them. Being a Citizens Bank customer, it was recommended that I switch to WorldPay after I voiced my complaints over my last processor (WordPay and Citizens bank share a close relationship). I was referred to a local senior account representative, who explained the benefits of WorldPay. She stated their fees are transparent, their tier structure does not penalize you, and best of all, there was no annual fee. She stated my current volume did not fall into her range (another representative would normally handle small accounts), but stated I planned on growing, that this was okay. I signed up and was happy.

    In the first month I noticed I was being charged more than I should be based on my contract. After calling my account representative, she stated she would promptly fix this and refund the money. This occurred again in my 2nd month, and I called again. My account representative stated she thought it was fixed, and would issue a refund for the two months. She did, and I was relatively happy with the service for a while. I would check the bills online, and as I only had one to three charges a month, it was relatively easy to see that the charges were fairly reasonable and made sense.

    In September, they started charging me a $2.00 “Fixed Acq Network Fee 1-3 sites” fee each month. This occurred in even in a month that had no charges (November). It was later explained that this was added to take American Express cards, and that it is charged even if I have no sales. Okay, I’m not complaining. The bill also stated a rate hike on debit cards due to a change in the payment networks. Again, I’m not complaining, as few of my transactions even involve debit cards.

    In January 2014, I noticed a huge charge in my business account that put me into overdraft territory, costing me fees. I immediately checked my account and saw it was from WorldPay for my December bill. A 129.99 annual fee. I poured through my contract, and didn’t see anything about the fee. I called my account manager for answers. She told me that there was a notice given on my November bill. I then asked about terminating the contract, but she relayed I would suffer early termination fees.

    Note about billing: Now with WorldPay, if you choose online billing, you don’t get what most companies give in terms of an online billing statement (ie a PDF file to read). You can “run reports” for a given month, and it displays in plain text on the screen your charges for the month. It looks worse than online banking from 2002 (when I started using online banking). There is no formatting to this text, so you cannot make important messages bold, different colors or even sizes. There also isn’t an account “inbox” where you can receive important messages. I did see a brief message on my November report (which isn’t available until December 3rd) stating that on my December statement I would be charged the annual fee:

    “Each year, Worldpay is required to conduct development and updates to its systems in
    order to maintain compliance with applicable Regulatory and Payment Network
    requirements. These changes are necessary in order to insure that we remain compliant
    and continue to provide you the same level of service you have come to expect. As a
    result we have had to implement an Annual Compliance Services Fee. You will notice
    this fee of $129.99 on your December statement.”

    I was a bit upset about this for a variety of reasons. First, the message telling me about the fee which was eventually charged on my December bill wasn’t available until December 3rd. Further, I didn’t feel a truly good faith effort was made to properly give me notice of the fee, as well as a proper description of the fee. I wasn’t sure if this annual fee was for the upcoming year or the previous year, and whether it was calendar year or from the date of billing. None of this was in the cryptic language presented in my online report for November. There was also no effort to mail a physical letter about this important change, let alone an email or other account based message inbox. Finally, I only joined WorldPay to avoid an annual fee, coming off the heels of my fee from Merchant Warehouse. My representative originally expressed that with WorldPay – “there are no hidden or annual fees,” which was why “we stand out.”

    Regardless, my account representative said she was sorry, and told me to route my complaint to the company’s main service line in Atlanta Georgia. I promptly called the company, and was given an approximately 30 minute hold time. I was also offered an option for a call back in 30 minutes instead. I opted for the call back. To my surprise, I got the call back in just a few minutes, and missed it while on another call. So I decided to call again and get back in line and began to hold, with an estimated 30 minute wait time again, skipping the call-back option this time. Oddly, while on hold, Worldpay called me again in reference to the original call back, and asked me to press 1 to accept. I took that call and was put on hold. Now I had Worldpay on TWO lines on my phone, both on hold. During this hold time, I set up my Bluetooth headseat, and went over to my bank to begin to rectify the damage of overdraft fees – while keeping both lines on hold in the background, bouncing back and forth between the two in case one picked up. I apologized while interacting at my bank for occasionally having to attend to my phone. 2.5 hours later, after returning home and trying to multi-task around the house while waiting, I gave up and hung up on WorldPay.

    I decided this time to call back and ask for tech-support, as I know that is a different call line. I asked for help from the gentleman, stating my previous hold time. He put me on hold and in a few minutes I was able to speak to an actual service representative.

    I spoke with this representative for about an hour. She initially offered to decrease my annual fee. She stated that since I wasn’t a customer for all of 2014, she could reduce my fee to a pro-rated amount. Now while I certainly consider this fairer, why do I even have to ask? If the annual fee is based on the prior year, and I wasn’t a customer the whole year, why do I have to call to get the additional funds back in the first place? I’m sure many customers don’t even call and just pay the fee and move on. This is unfortunate.

    Anyway, I discussed with the representative that I felt there were numerous issues with this fee. I stated that per the contract, I was not given proper notice, as I was informed in December and charged the fee for December. Also, the vague description of the fee did not adequately describe what term I was being billed for. Add to that several “matter of fact” errors on the contract of which were not entered by me (ie my SIC code), it could be argued that the contract was rendered void. She put me on hold to research the situation further, and returned stating she could refund half the fee, since I made many “good points.” I said I didn’t want to settle, and she said there was nothing more she could do. I asked to speak to a supervisor once it was clear I wouldn’t make headway. She put me on hold, was unable to find one, and said I would get a call by latest next Tuesday (1/13/15) of next week.

    I waited until Tuesday for my call with no avail. By Thursday (1/15/15), I called back at 11;45am, and stated I was waiting for a supervisor to call me. The representative put me on hold for 10 minutes, and said no supervisor was available but that they would call me back later that day. I asked for a specific time, and he said within the next hour or two.

    By 5pm, I called again to check on the call status. The woman stated she would see if a supervisor was available, was about to put me on hold. Prior to that, she asked to clarify the situation. I tried to run through what I had spoken about with the original representative on Thursday of the prior week. She asked “would you keep the service if the annual compliance fee went away?” I found that to be an interesting proposition, but didn’t want to accept. Mostly, because I knew the company would be able to do this again in the future (attempt to levy fees and raise rates), and also because of their repeated poor customer service with regards to breaking promise to call me back. So I continued on trying to get a hold of a supervisor.

    She put me on a brief hold, and came back with good news! I would get a call that evening from a supervisor: “they said you will definitely be getting a call back tonight, his name is S*****r.” I asked to confirm what time I would get the call, and she said it would be this evening.

    No call back from WorldPay that evening.

    The next day I called them again. I started as usual, saying I was supposed to be getting a call back from a supervisor to see if they could help me resolve my complaint, and that I never got the calls I was expecting over the last few days. The representative on the line this time was borderline rude. She attempted to explain why I’m wrong, how I’m not entitled to a refund, and that I had no standing to argue my contract. After dancing around with her for a while, I simply asked for a supervisor.

    She put me on hold for the first time in this call.

    She came back in 10 minutes and said one wasn’t available, but they would call me back. I stopped her and said this is unacceptable, there must be SOMEONE in management/supervision that can speak to me after continually breaking promises to call me back. Again, the representative danced with me and attempted to tell me I haven’t waited long enough, stating it normally takes 48 hours to return a call (despite the fact that I had already waited a week and was told multiple times I would be called back in a time-frame that later went expired).

    She put me on hold again, off to find a supervisor.

    She came back and said she was sorry, she couldn’t get a hold of a supervisor. She tried to repeat that I hadn’t waited long enough (24-48 hours), but I had to cut her off and tell her that was a lie and I’d explained multiple times I had waited a full week. I told her how unacceptable it was that I couldn’t at least speak to a supervisor to at least make my case, and she agreed.

    After a few minutes of almost pleading to talk to someone, she put me on hold for the third time.

    After being on the line for 38 minutes, I was finally able to speak to “S*****r,” whom was the individual I was originally promised would give me a call back the day before. He started by explaining they were having an unusual increase in call volume related to this annual fee (obviously! They could have prepared for this). In any case, it was my contention to S*****r that proper notice was not given in this scenario, as the notice for this annual fee was received several days into the month (12/3/15) of which it was being charged against (it was charged on the bill dated for service from 12/1/14 – 12/31/14). Because the fee description I was given was limited to just a few sentences, I was not able to determine what actual year the annual fee applied to, although common sense suggested it would be pro-active for the upcoming year. S*****r noted that this assumption was false, and that the fee was retroactive (“billed in the rear”), billed for the previous year of 2014 (of which I was not a customer the entire time). Of course I’m not sure how that could be the case, because then the notice would have been essentially a full year after the annual fee had begun its one year of coverage.

    Again, if what S*****r explained were true, that would mean that a notice was given to me about an annual fee nearly a full year after it was assessed, with a start date roughly four months prior to when I even signed a contract with WorldPay (4/17/14). To me, this certainly set off red flags and appeared as a breach of contract on WorldPay’s part. It would also be deceptive in that it would potentially automatically charge other customers for a full year as well, despite not having had service the full year (as in my case). I’m sure many WorldPay clients who did not speak out against this fee may have fallen into this scenario, and were charged unfairly for a full year in which their service did not span.

    If, however, they were proactive enough to complain like me, they would have been offered a pro-rated refund for the time they were not with the company, which is what I was originally offered by the first WorldPay representative on 1/8/2015. However, for those who did not speak up, they have been unfortunately charged an annual fee that potentially covered dates they did not have service. Because the description given to them about the fee was so minimal, your average client may suspect it was for the upcoming year as I did, and therefore never question it. This is, at best, a mistake by WorldPay that potentially extracts extra, undue funds from less observant clients, which is regretfully only corrected once they complain. At worst, this is an intentional attempt to extract additional funds from a subset of WorldPay customers. It is also unethical, unreasonable, and a breach of contract to add fees going back nearly a full year, and worse in cases that the fee’s annual coverage span pre-dated any contract with the company (which occurred in my case, as per S*****r’s description of that fees “rear” annual coverage).

    Regardless, while I contended these issues resulted in a breach of contract, if not a fully voided contract, I did reach a settlement with S*****r to remove and refund the annual fee on 1/16/2015. This was the same settlement offered to me the previous day by another associate (non-supervisor), which I had declined as I wanted to make my case to a supervisor first. I wanted to express how poor the customer service was, and also made a variety of requests that I felt would further rectify the situation based on my poor experience with the company. Despite this, S*****r would not budge beyond what I was offered from the associate I spoke to the day prior. He stated that allowing me to close my account without early termination (which was my ideal remedy here) would “not make good business sense.” He did offer an apology and promised to improve the way customer service is handled, which I hope and pray has since been improved.

    At this point I almost regret making that settlement. Since starting with WorldPay, I have been charged improper fees during my first several months (this was fixed months later), have had added an annual fee after I had been promised orally there wouldn’t be one (I also still contend proper notice wasn’t given here, as described), have had horrible customer services experiences (I could go into more detail, but suffice this post should cover the basics), and now will be given increased rates to top it all off. It would be unreasonable for me to remain with the company after these events. In fact, if I did, it would border negligence on my part, as I have now experienced and am aware of multiple problems with the company. I have come to expect poor service and frequent contract changes (in the form of rate hikes) of which I have no control over.

    [2/4/2015 – UPDATE:]
    Shortly after this initial experience, I found a surprise from WorldPay. Guess what it was? A rate increase!

    After my previous experience, I was keeping a close eye on my bill. I had also ceased to use the service starting in December in protest, and had switched to PayPal Here (where I should have been all along, my mistake). At the top of my January 2015 bill (which was available 2/4/2015), I saw the following:

    “Each year the payment networks announce changes to interchange and pricing. Whenever
    possible, we absorb costs to minimize the impact on our customers. However, with
    rising costs, it’s necessary that we adjust some of the fees charged for processing
    services. Effective March 1, 2015, your processing rates increased by 0.21% + $.05
    and your monthly administrative fee will increase by $4.95.

    Effective March 1, 2015 we will begin to pass the 0.30% fee assessed by American
    Express on all key entered transactions to you on your merchant processing statement.”

    I quickly decided to call WorldPay and ask about the nature and details of this fee. I wanted to assess if this fee indeed can be traced back to the payment network, as if not, I could write a letter and exit my contract without termination fees (see CHANGE OF TERMS).

    I called on 2/5/2015. The associate was unable to effectively explain to me where this fee came from (ie the payment networks or not), other than the fact that it is being applied to all accounts. I decided to write a letter of cancellation due to the change in the terms of my contract (as per section 11.9 in the contract).

    I followed the necessary steps outlined in my contract to give notice: any notice (which is what I was effectively giving to WorldPay) must be given in writing. The language is not clear as to whether I need to address the letter to both WorldPay and RBS Citizens, so I mailed it to both via certified mail. My letter included many of the points in this post, and I was careful to say I DO NOT endorse closing my account if it includes any fees (ie early termination fees). I mailed the letter on 2/6/2015, and it was received on 2/9/2015.

    On 3/2/2015, WorldPay finally called me back. I missed the call, and promptly called back the general line I was instructed to call. The woman I reached saw that I had an escalated issue and wanted that specific person to call me back. She checked if that person was available, but she was currently in “training.” She took my phone number, and said she would try to have this other woman call me back.

    On 3/3/2015, I received the call back. I confirmed that she was not a supervisor, but simply the associate whom reviewed my case. She apologized for missing my call yesterday, as she was in training. She stated to me that despite my letter, she could not close my account unless I pay the termination fee. No explanation as to why my letter and my notice were insufficient. No legal language, no lawyer notes, no written notice.

    I told her that this is a common complaint about the company (Better Business Bureau, online review sites), as customers are promised low rates and then given add-on fees. She came back and said “well we’ve had the annual fee in place for a while.” She repeated “we’ve had the annual fee in place for a few years now.” This was striking to me. Through my many conversations with WorldPay, I’ve heard different stories on this annual fee. Some state it is brand new, others that is been around for a long time. From the looks of it, the fee has been in place for a while (as she just confirmed). Many reviews by business owners state using WorldPay, going years back, say they were signed up without an annual fee, and it was added on later. I suspect WorldPay by default doesn’t tell you about the annual fee, then ADDS it once you are under contract. This is deceptive. As this associate was in training, perhaps she had slipped with this information.

    After she said this I laughed and said it couldn’t have been in place for a years, because I was initially promised there wouldn’t be one upon signing up, there wasn’t one in my contract, and it was only later added to my December 2014 bill with a notice saying it was a new fee. She backtracked a bit, and stated that it is within the terms and conditions of the contract for WorldPay to make changes if brought on upon by the payment networks. I essentially caught her lying here, and had to laugh and call her out. You could plead ignorance and say you don’t know how long the policy has been around, be she outright said it has existed for years, and then later changed her mind and said it was a recent change due to the payment network. Does this mean that every customer starts without an annual fee, and then finds out at the end of the year that the payment network is making this same change, thus adding the fee on? Perhaps that is precisely what they have been doing for years. Weird how customers only learn about this fee that has been “in place for years now” after they are under contract.

    I also complained and stated that, as per my contract, this decision needs to at least be given to me with proper notice (ie written letter or email, see NOTICE). I figured if I have to follow the letter of the contract, they must as well. She said no, that she could only provide me with a case number. I insisted, stating it was required per the contract. She repeated my request back to me as if I were crazy (ie you actually want me to write you a letter about this?), and I laughed and said yes – it is required that you give me notice about decisions on the account. She agreed to either have their law department write me a letter, or personally write one and have them look it over.

    I also began to complain about the fact that WorldPay was able to alter the contract with nearly infinite power (see CHANGE OF TERMS). I asked if they hypothetically could charge me a million dollars, and point it back to the payment network (leaving no recourse for the customer). She responded yes. She promptly followed up with saying they would never do that (which means nothing). I asked her if she believed that was fair or moral, and at first she obviously refused to respond. I then explained how this could be used to justify small but continual rate increases over time, of which the customer has no recourse, which would be seen as annoying and immoral by the customer. She agreed with me, stating “I could see where it could be.”

    She also stated that she saw I had already spoke with S*****r (a supervisor) about the issue, as she herself was not one. I clarified that I did speak to him, but not about this new issue (the 2015 rate hike), but rather the annual fee from 2014. She then said that she saw we talked about waiving the early termination fee at that time. Again, I explained that when we had that conversation, the situation was different. Now we were visiting termination again because of the new fee imposed in 2015 and in response to my letter. At this point, I started to say “could I speak to a supervisor,” but before I finished she started to tell me one wasn’t available. I laughed, knowing it wasn’t worth the effort to try to speak with one again based on my previous experience.

    I tried to close by asking her if, with all that we touched on in the conversation, if she would personally want to have a contract with the company (ie poor service, can raise rates at any time). She said “I’m really not gonna get my personal feeling involved with this.” I told her that the fact that she wouldn’t say “yes” to her own company, even in silence, speaks volumes. She quick responded “I definitely didn’t answer the question.” She essentially had to “plead the 5th” when confronted with the idea of using her own company’s services.

    Again, the company refuses to budge.

    • Puri Water


      I agree with your story. The contract is one sided. And In my case, we had sent a mail to not to continue on the contract. They didn’t even bother to respond back through emails. They never respond using emails, we had to call them over the phone. And the phone conversation is hard to prove anything. If someone can help collectively take action it will be good. Otherwise it really doesn’t even make sense to fight.

  • Puri Water

    WorldPay is a crook company. The auto renewal clause is a trap. No matter when you call and tell them not to renew your contract, they will continue to charge you ETF fees. It’s better not to consider WorldPay at all. There are plenty of other options to go through.

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