Help others decide by leaving a comment about your experience working in merchant services.

This is a new page and your comments will help others who are researching working for companies that sell merchant accounts and credit card processing services. How much money did you make selling merchant services? Which credit card processor did you work for? Were you an independent 1099 agent or a full W2 employee? Did you sell over-the-phone or in-person? How did you find leads and the businesses that you contacted? How competitive was it? Did the merchant account provider train you well? What else should we all know?

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  1. I can’t divulge the company at this time because they could just stop paying me anything at any time. They defaulted on our agreement and they could just stop any payments on a whim!

  2. Sorry they did that to you, Jay. Any new developments with what they owe you?

    Do you mind sharing the company you worked for? I’m thinking about getting into the industry….


  3. Check out the ISO you want to work for!
    I have sold for an ISO since 1999 (21 years) and up until 3 years ago all was going well.
    Since 2018 they did not pay me residuals for 5 months due to their financial difficulties and as of today still have not received over $10,000 in residuals owed me. No reports, no money! ISO defaulted on our agreement.
    My attorney says it would cost more than that to litigate.

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