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Eric B. McNamee
Eric B. McNamee

About Eric

I have over ten years of experience in financial services and customer management. I began my career in 2003 as a loan officer for Concord Mortgage where I quickly built a large pipeline of satisfied homeowners. In 2007 I expanded my career as an investment advisor for a Wall Street firm in NYC. Moving to Florida in 2011 I began working for Priority Payment Systems Gulf Coast as a lead generation rep and within six months became the manager for POS support and client services. I’ve always put my client’s best needs ahead of my own.

Working under Gary Matherne, our CEO I have gained vast knowledge about merchant services. I am fully trained as a support specialist for the Revel iPad POS as well as our in house system MX Merchant/MX IPOS. I learned from day one that offering Interchange Plus pricing to new businesses is the best way to retain happy clients and always ensure to fully disclose all fees associated with accepting payments. I put a lot of focus on structuring accounts correctly so my clients don’t have to worry about frozen funds, closed accounts without notice, unforeseen fees and support on their equipment. I drive my clients to only use compliant software and hardware and also guide them on how to setup their network to make sure their transaction data is fully protected.

At Priority I have learned that security on a merchant account is the most important aspect of accepting payments. So we setup a campaign to reach out to POS developers for a direct API integration with true P2PE (Point to Point encryption) which is the highest level of security a merchant can have when swiping a card. My goal has been, and will continue to be to offer a direct interface with developers we are partnered with. We also only offer EMV ready terminals so our merchants will not be required to upgrade their equipment in October 2015.

I do my best to address any and all complaints against my company through online forums, the BBB and direct calls to my office. I’m realistic when it comes to complaints because not all sales reps in any company have the client’s best interest in mind. By addressing these online concerns I have assisted some of my company’s clients that aren’t my own clients in order to resolve any issue they may have. I also provide full the full setup of any Revel POS account we have and provide in house support on the system. I have extensive experience with the Revel system and I put a lot of time into ensuring our Revel clients are setup correctly so the system meets their exact needs.

Products and Services Represented

  • Bankcard Processing International, LLC – our corporation
  • Priority Payment Systems Gulf Coast – Our DBA
  • Harris Bank/Cynergy – Our in house high risk division with corporate (Priority Payment Systems Inc)
  • First Data – The main payment processors network we are a part of (Wells Fargo is the acquiring bank)
  • TSYS – The secondary payment processor we are a network of
  • PowerPay – Broker for gun merchants (brick and mortar only, must also sell sporting goods or approval will not happen which we disclose)
  • iPayment – Broker for higher risk merchants
  • InstaBill – Broker for our incredibly high risk merchants
  • Cross Check
  • Pay Alliance
  • eProcessing Network
  • USAePay
  • Revel Systems POS
  • Retail Technology Center – Our Retail Pro reselling partner
  • Future POS
  • ShopKeep
  • Premiere Wireless Standard
  • PC America
  • Advantage Mobile POS

CPO Accreditation Pledge

I, Eric B. McNamee, hereby pledge to abide by the highest standard of ethics and transparency when interacting with my current and prospective merchant customers. I agree to fully understand the services, pricing and contracts that I market to prospective merchants; to promote interchange-plus pricing; to verbally disclose all provisions as they relate to pricing, terms of service, cancellation, and equipment cost; and to never sign merchants into multi-year, non-cancellable agreements or leases without their express knowledge and consent.

I understand that merchants expect openness, honesty, and integrity from me, and I acknowledge that my failure to meet these ethical obligations will result in the loss of my CPO Accreditation.

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  1. Priority Payment Systems out of Alpharetta Georgia is refusing to release $850.11 of credit card charges made on our point of sale at our antique store and tea room. When contacting the company I have been treated rudely, I have been threatened with collection agencies, I have not received help, and I have been hung up on. On 1/13/2020 I reported a fraudulent refund of $195.81 to PPS, they weren’t able to help me and they sent me to the credit card company. They refused to help and sent me to my bank. The bank stopped that payment and refunded the195.81. Since then there have been many other unauthorized refunds out of my account. The PPS account is currently closed and they tell me I cannot receive my funds unless I open a new account, but I do not want to have a PPS account any more.

  2. Kendra Moore says:

    I have worked with Eric since day one of opening my small store, he has always been quick to respond to any problems or questions I have had. He has gone above and beyond anything I ever expected and is a pleasure to work with.

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