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The merchant services industry is notorious for its poor treatment of business owners.  If you have been wronged by a processor, or have found a great one, let your voice be heard here.

How to Write a Review

Below you will find a list of processors that have been reviewed on this website. Simply locate the provider that you want to review and click the link.  Don’t see your processor in the list below?  Let us know which company we need to add.


All reviews are screened before they are approved for posting.  To ensure that your review is posted, be sure to follow these simple rules:

  1. Only submit reviews in the comment section of the processor’s CardPaymentOptions review (the links below will take you there)
  2. Do not submit the exact same review that you have already posted on other websites
  3. Use professional language
  4. No personal attacks
  5. State the facts of your experience and avoid adding personal opinions, unnecessary information, or extraneous details
Pro-Tip: Looking for a particular company?  Press “Crtl” + “F” (“Command” + “F” on Mac) and then type the company’s name.

Don’t see your processor on this list? Tell us which company we need to review.