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Company Overview

Venmo is a personal cash transfer service owned by Braintree Payments and PayPal. Launched in June 2012, the service enables users to make direct bank (ACH) transfers or card payments to one another using a mobile phone app. Bank and debit transfers are free through Venmo, but the service charges a per-transaction fee on credit card payments. Additionally, as of 2021, Venmo has added a feature that allows a buyer to flag a purchase as “goods and services,” which will allow the buyer to enroll in a purchase protection plan and which adds a charge of 1.9% to the seller’s end of the transaction. Venmo is similar in many ways to Square Cash or PayPal, but its easy-to-use app and free transfer service make it one of the best mobile apps for sending money to people. Venmo has also recently launched a feature that enables businesses to accept payment from Venmo users within those businesses’ mobile apps, and users can now pay with Venmo in places that have a PayPal button.

Additionally, it became news in 2022 that Venmo (along with other online payment processors) must report transactions to the IRS if someone sends over $600 a year. This may heavily affect those using Venmo for business.

Is Venmo Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of users have had their payments frozen by Venmo. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

Venmo Payment Processing

The process for sending funds through Venmo is simple. First, the user opens the app using either a biometric scan or PIN and enters the username, phone number, email address, or Twitter handle of the person they wish to pay or charge. The user then specifies the type of transaction via a Pay/Request button. Then, the user enters the amount to be paid or charged and provides a brief note describing the transfer (similar to the “Memo” line on a paper check). After the user initiates the payment, the money is sent, and confirmation is sent via email to both parties. As with its parent company PayPal, Venmo users will need to manually transfer the Venmo funds from the app to their personal bank accounts in order to withdraw them as cash.

Venmo is available for iPhone and Android, and the service may also be accessed through the company’s website.

Location & Ownership

Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail are listed as the co-founders of Venmo, whose headquarters are located at 159 W 25th St, Fl 9 New York City, NY 10001 while other sources list it at 95 Morton St, Fl 5, New York City, New York, 10014. It also lists 2211 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95131 as a headquarter location on its Better Business Bureau profile, though this appears to be a PayPal office. Dan Schulman is the president of Venmo.

Venmo Comparisons

Many merchants find themselves debating between Venmo and PayPal for their payment service needs. We welcome our readers to check out the PayPal vs Venmo section of our PayPal review.

Table of Contents

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Venmo Reviews and Complaints

Here's What Their Clients Say

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Fund Holds

Frozen Funds a Major Issue

We have found more than 1,000 negative Venmo reviews on various consumer protection websites, some of which accuse the company of being a scam. The vast majority of complaints are related to sudden, unexpected fund-holds placed on users’ Venmo accounts, typically as a result of payment activity that Venmo flagged as fraudulent. In many cases, it is clear that users did not understand that their funds could be held, or that they engaged in prohibited transactions in defiance of Venmo’s terms of use. While we don’t fault Venmo for taking steps to prevent fraud in its system, it does seem that users could be made more aware of why Venmo holds funds before they start using the service.

Other Venmo Complaints

To a smaller degree, other users claim that their payments were lost or delayed as a result of account setup errors or unauthorized use of their account. Venmo is intended primarily for personal use in its current form, so users should not try to conduct large-scale or regular business transactions through the personal app. Other complaints include annoyance with the app’s social media integration and isolated customer service issues. Venmo offers phone and email support to all users, but it is likely that these customer service lines are managed by either Braintree or PayPal.

Venmo Lawsuits and Fines

In March of 2018, Venmo settled an FTC complaint brought against them alleging that the company failed to disclose material information about the availability of consumers’ funds. In addition, the lawsuit challenges aspects of the company’s privacy and security practices. The proposed settlement requires Venmo to make clear disclosures about certain business practices.

In 2021, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau announced an investigation into Venmo’s collection practices. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The company has threatened to dispatch debt collectors on users who overdraw their accounts, even when those users are victims of scams.” We will update this review as the investigation’s findings are reported.

2022 saw a class-action suit for $58 million brought against Venmo backer Plaid. This suit was brought due to alleged information collection that went against the law.

Venmo Customer Service Options

The Venmo website lists dedicated phone and email contact information for customer support. Given the fact that the company is showing complaints regarding its customer service, especially with resolving fund-holds, we have given it a “B” in this section and must exclude it from our list of the top merchant account providers for customer service.

We have located a single Venmo customer service phone number:

(855) 812-4430 – Toll-Free Customer Service

Venmo also offers live chat and a customer support form on its website as well as a customer service email address at [email protected]

Venmo BBB Rating and Report

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

Product & Service Complaints
Billing & Collection Complaints
Advertising & Sales Complaints
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints
Delivery Complaints

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

More Than 2,700 Complaints

An accredited business with the BBB since 2016, Venmo has an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau and has received 2,768  total complaints in the past three years. This is a major uptick from the 1,279 at the time of a recent review and is cause for concern. 2,059 of the complaints were due to a problem with a product or service, 607 were billing or collections issues, 27 were due to advertising or sales problems, 5 were issues with a guarantee or warranty, and 71 were issues with delivery. Only 1,434 of these 2,769 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 1,335 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response. According to the details of most of these complaints, many of the complainants attempted to use Venmo for business transactions and found that their accounts were frozen as a result.

What Users Say

Venmo has also received 351 informal reviews from users, with only 2 reviews being positive in tone. Again, this is a large increase from the 172 reviews at the time of a recent post. One recent complaint comes from a user who had their funds held:

Venmo froze my acct with all my money in it That money is meant to pay the attorney and to travel to save my 4 year old from an abusive father. Venmo said it will take 4 to 5 business days to unfreeze the acct. Venmo’s incompetence and lack of caring may have a negative impact on my sons life. Highly recommend to not trust your money with them. Stay away. I would have given them negative stars but that is not an option

Customer service is an important component of any merchant account provider. However, Venmo primarily serves peer-to-peer monetary transactions. This review makes it difficult to gauge the quality of Venmo’s customer service for merchants.

A “C” Performance Overall

Although Venmo has seen a large increase in BBB complaints over the last year, it has also grown in popularity by a comparable amount. Furthermore, many complainants appear to be in violation of Venmo’s terms of agreement by their own admission. Even taking these factors into account, it is hard to ignore the negative trend on Venmo’s BBB page. In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C” for our purposes.

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Venmo Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Don't Fall Into An Expensive Trap. See Who The Worst Processors Are.

Cost Summary

Debit/Bank Transfer Rate
Credit Card Transfer Rate
Early Termination Fee
PCI Compliance Fee
Equipment Lease Terms

Debit Is Free, But Credit Costs 3%

Venmo is simple to install and use, and it allows users to send debit payments to one another for free (credit card payments cost 3%). It processes transactions within one business day, and it enables users to maintain a Venmo Balance if they’d prefer not to cash out their funds immediately after receiving them. Venmo is available to anyone, and its mobile app is compatible with most modern smartphones. The initial processing limit on Venmo payments for an unverified user is $299.99 per week, but this can be increased to $2,999.99 per week if the user provides either the last four digits of their SSN or an attached Facebook account. Overall, the app is exceedingly simple to use and free for most payment types, though it should again be noted that the new “goods and services” tag can result in a 1.9% fee on the receiver’s end.

Businesses Pay Braintree’s Rates

Venmo’s business pricing is the same as Braintree’s Discover-card pricing, which varies depending on the merchant’s business type. The company’s business program does not charge any monthly or annual fees, although its enterprise pricing could possibly include additional fees in some cases. Venmo for business is currently only available to merchants who have a mobile e-commerce website or a mobile app for iOS or Android and who wish to accept phone payments from Venmo users. This relatively advanced feature helps Venmo and Braintree compete with other payment processors for web developers.

Instant Transfers

While Venmo can take 1 to 3 business days to transfer money from its app to a bank account for free, the company also has an instant transfer option. This allows merchants and other users to instantaneously their funds. However, a 1% fee is attached to these transfers, with a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $10.

Only As Secure As You Make It

Although Venmo encrypts payments and processes them on its own secure servers, the app is technically only as secure as a user’s phone and Venmo PIN. As a precaution against theft, Venmo allows users to remotely deactivate their accounts on devices that they believe to be compromised. The app’s processing limits also restrict potential damages to either $299.99 or $2,999.99 for a fraudulent transaction.

Fund-Holds Are a Real Risk

Some users report issues with Venmo’s hold policies, claiming that the company holds uncommonly large transactions or shuts down accounts without sufficient explanation. Venmo users should be sure to read and understand all hold policies and prohibited uses for the app before sending large amounts through it.

We also encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Venmo Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Audit Your Current Statement To Find Its Hidden Fees

Processing statements are intentionally complicated so that they can overcharge you. Get clarity before you switch.

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers
Advertises Deceptive Rates
Discloses All Important Terms

Full Disclosure

Venmo currently markets itself through conventional advertising and via PayPal/Braintree’s vast network of users. The service does not charge its users to send debit payments or direct bank transfers, and it makes its 3% fee for credit card payments clear on its website. Venmo also explains on its website that business users will receive Braintree’s per-transaction pricing, which is competitive when compared to other top merchant accounts for e-commerce. Venmo’s pricing model leaves little room for misleading rate quotes or hidden fees, and there are no complaints about the way the company markets itself at this time.

This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Venmo Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

Simple and Free, But Not Perfect

Considering its low cost, easy installation, widespread compatibility, short transfer time, and generally positive reviews, Venmo is a clear frontrunner among peer-to-peer payment services. The service’s only potential security issues are limited to instances of device theft, and Venmo can remotely disable an account at a user’s request. Venmo has seen increased complaints related to fund-holds and frozen accounts, but many of these complaints appear to be filed by people who knowingly misused the app. Venmo is not intended as a way for businesses to accept in-person payments at this time, but the company is said to be investigating possibilities for launching a POS system for retail businesses.

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230 Responses

  • Darryl Bell

    Mr Soul's Art

    I live off of the art that I create and sell. While Venmo is freezing my account I’m about to be evicted, my refrigerator is empty, and I need to wash my clothes. Does Venmo give a f***? No.

    • Kimberly M Collins

      They froze my account too and I’ve never used it

    • Alison Kersey

      Exact same here!!! Froze for no reason…my daughter and I have not ate since breakfast yesterday!!!

  • Sylvia Franco

    United healthcare

    This app is not user friendly. I requested an immediate transfer did not happen immediately I tried to cancel it within 30 seconds it would not give me the option I’ve opened up 17 cases they send me an email so I can receive a robotic answer they’ve held my $1,000 hostage for over 7 days and it’s still in a pending status but they removed it from my bank within 24 hours

  • Corey Jackson

    This is the worse company to use. All I did was use the app the way I was supposed to and they froze my account. I think they are using the money to pay other customers back while holding your money up. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE VENMO

  • DJ

    Venmo… why do you enjoy holding my money for so long. False advertising on the “short” transfer times. 5 business days for a “cash transfer app”? Maybe you call call yourself piney express and wait for the horse to come with your transfer. It may be faster?

  • SeaRay Beltran

    PIRM Group International, LLC

    Venmo to me is nothing more than a worthy poor customer service app for backing. They don’t have their app sent where if one makes a mistake in sending too much money to be able to cancel it. Instead one needs to ask the person you sent the money to return back to extra money. However, if the other party does not to then you are SOL! Worst customer service with the poor app. Don’t use them go with Zelle or Cash app. Venmo is a sister company of PayPal. Got an issue with PayPal and BBB. Actually at Better Business Bureau. You can see all the complaints about venmo. STAY AWAY FROM VENMO!!!!

  • Patricia E DeCosta

    I transferred 150 from my checking to Venmo on the 13th.
    The 150 was debited on the 17th
    The hold they placed on my Venmo acct for the 150 was due to be released on the 20th.
    It is the 20th.
    It is Not released.
    I called & they said I have to wait until the computer decides to release my funds and it could take4 more days.
    This is so Wrong.
    I need my money

  • Sara

    The “supervisor ” has no clue what he is talking about refused to send me to a higher person is reading things that are not there. Do not use venmo. They sent me n incentive to use venmo again never got it. They fill u with bs.

  • Christina Ballard

    I’m trying to get into my acct and it keeps saying I’m entering the wrong password so I hit the reset password after getting it sent to my email I click on the link and it sends me right bk to the page I started from not letting me reset my password I surely hope my money is still their or I will ilr a complaint with the BBB AND ITS NOT A THRET ITS A PROMISE

  • Lisa Axonovitz

    Venmo is good until it isn’t. My Venmo account has been closed and I am not sure why. The company has absolutely no customer service whatsoever. I have sent 10 emails and I get generic responses.. This company stinks in correspondence.. I will go to the BBB for the mismanagement.. They still have my credit card and I want my money back. The solution for this ridiculous company is ZELLE. They are fair and upfront with you not like VENMO.

  • Mary E. Mount

    The worst thing ever.
    My friend paid me $250 through venmo.
    I did NOT have an account with them.
    To receive the $250 owed to me, I would have to give venmo my SS#, Driver’s license #, bank account# and more.
    I have all of their printed emails to back this .
    The money is still trapped in venmo, 8 months later.
    Don’t ever ever use venmo.
    It’s not free,
    that’s a lie.

  • Brenda W.

    Word of advise…DO NOT USE VENMO! I forgot my password due to not using Venmo in over a year. Tried to reset the password to no avail and after 3 days of frustration (numerous emails and speaking with an agent), I received no help to update my password since “no account was associated with the number or email listed”…I have given up and will not use Venmo. How could I have utilized Venmo a year ago and now the account is non-existent??? To “update” my account that they say is non-existent, I have to send them a copy of my Driver’s License (NOT A PHOTOCOPY) and a photo of myself holding the license. NOT GOING TO DO THAT! I asked if I could just create another Venmo account and they stated it was not possible since I already had (a non-existent) account. Unbelievable!!!

  • Alex W

    I have recently tried to sign up with venmo and all I can tell you is, don’t bother, choose someone else.
    Even after 4 weeks it was not working, got frozen for no reason, never got reply why. They keep asking for more confidential info.
    Worst part is that even if I want to get the account closed, they wouldn’t do it becasue they froze it for no reason, never had any money on the account. Never had a transaction done.
    Sound more like they just want to get a hold of my information.

  • Raphael-Raul

    Analyst at Amazon

    I had a fraudulent withdrawal of $900 dollar from my Venmo account.
    Venmo has not taken any responsibility.
    Now, Amazon is going to partner with them in 2022?
    It so happens I work at Amazon and will write a detailed complaint to headquarters about this,
    and suggest they should not proceed with this partnership.

  • Sunny

    I attempted to use Venmo, simply for a family member to pay me for dog sitting. Funds were sent to me but Venmo refused to verify my bank or DC in order to transfer the funds. It took speaking to them three times to finally just send the funds back, and close Venmo account. I would not give personal information to this company, just seems some red flags pop up. This was my first and last time to utilize this ap.

    • Ex Venmo user...😡

      Horrible customer support, after asking to speak with the agents supervisor, she stuck me on hold, as of writing this its been over 2hrs 3 min, that is freaking ridiculous, all because they try to say I cldnt send money due to a potential security risk, after I just received money yesterday, and was returning it to sender. This company has the WORST COUSTOMER SERVICE, I’ve ever have had to deal with ! I’ve deleted this app, along with my friends, and family! There’s allot better apps then this crappy, and sketchy as hell one for sures !!!

  • Sunny

    I attempted to use Venmo, simply for a family member to pay me for dog sitting. Funds were sent to me but Venmo refused to verify my bank or DC in order to transfer the funds. It took speaking to them three times to finally just send the funds back, and close Venmo account. I would not give personal information to this company, just seems some red flags pop up. This was my first and last time to utilize this app. Going to check out CashApp next.

  • Jenn A Ross

    Venmo just held my boyfriends money from his few wk old job since being cut from unemployment! And the reason given was just as you said, fraud suspicion. However, my BF has to send me a couple hundred bucks every few days because we live in a hotel and try to save money by buying discount gift cards. His bank card from unemployment wasn’t accepted by the online merchant and we began using my Venmo… when he started getting paid from work we just began having him send me the money and I would always take care of buying the cards . Now we have $0 and no way to pay bills or the hotel or even gas! We are so so screwed. I hate Venmo. It isn’t the first bad experience we’ve had but it’s certainly the worst! I’m crying while I write this, I just don’t even know what we’ll do. And it’s freezing outside.! Word to the wise… Do not keep any money in your Venmo account!!! They’re crooks!!!

  • Lannetta Jeffers


    They are holding 2,878 of my money since January 2021

  • Jason

    I collected money from a group of friends chipping in to buy flowers for my best friend’s funeral, and was deactivated! Really? WOW!

  • Claudine

    I transferred the money in my Venmo balance that a friend sent to me to my bank and i was given date when the fund will be in my bank account but unfortunately, my Venmo acct was frozen before the arrival and the transfer was refunded to my Venmo balance in which i can no longer operate because they’ve deactivated the acct already, I want my money back

  • Kristi

    Venmo or as in “venom”…has contributed to a huge emotional problem for myself and my son..who helps me all the time with money and food during the last couple of years with the virus problems over a lousy $50.00money transfer that I waited for for 4 days finally to find out transfer NEVER went through after giving out all personal bank info..the crush came today. Now I wait till my SS check gets hacked? .bank doesn’t care, Venmo doesn’t care..they emailed me another 48 hours to send me another email to wait another 48 hours… meanwhilemeanwhile…my son and I are having angry closure after 52 years and blocking each other thinking..thinking…this isolation might not be reparable over a 50$ gift of love…Venmo is going to hell.

  • Jessica Stevens

    I don't really have one

    Is anybody taking legal action? Im gonna go for class action law suit.

  • Ryan

    DO NOT USE VENMO! This is a horrible company. Don’t fall for the people saying it’s great and it’s free blah blah. They just have yet to have an actual problem. Venmo has probably the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered for a company this large. If they freeze your account or decide you violated the agreement. Which btw the do to people ALL the time. They will send you an email saying it’s shut down but you will get zero explanation as to how or what you violated. They will take and hold any money in your account for months if they decide to do this but probably the most absolute frustrating thing is your given no opportunity to correct any actions you may have unknowingly committed. Your not even allowed to know what they were. Once they have decided this your virtually given the silent treatment and treated like a criminal. PayPal is no better btw. If your a holder of both PayPal and Venmo then guess what. They will shut both accounts down if a friend wrote a goofy explanation on a transaction and made it sound like something it wasn’t. There are so many reasons to avoid this company. Personally I think they should be shut down and made an example of. AVOID Venmo and PayPal!!

  • Jenna

    Property Management

    I had someone send me $485 from Venmo for rental security deposit. 2 month later the sender backed out of the lease and claimed it is an unauthorized payment and Venmo took the money out from my account while they saw I had money in my account. The payment was an authorized payment. I filed complaint on BBB and their customer service but Venmo refuse to correct their mistake. I call Venmo thief because it stole money from my account without my authorization. They claimed they would verify with the receiver if there are dispute on the payment but in my case they did not. Venmo abused my trust. They are liars. They lied about they verified the sender did not authorized the payment, which is an authorized payment and they know it, and refuse to put the money back to my account. They abused my trust to keep money in the account and steal the money without my authorization. In order to prevent this kind of steal happen again I quickly transferred all money out, called my people sending me money and took of the bank link off. Can’t trust

  • Lowel Jason Roberts

    Jax fence pro

    I’m just a guy who puts up fence for a living, but I need to warn people about Venmo. They recently put me and my family through Hell. They Froze my Funds that I was depending on for no read on at all. A customer paid through their app. It was a nightmare. I spent 2 days sending g them “Verification” of. Myself. I had to send them bank account t statements, copies of my driver’s license, etc. Etc. Please use another app. Ive used cash app for years and never had a problem. Its a tually scary when someone just holds your money without regards to how much you might need them. Hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had with any company.

  • Vipul banker


    TERRIBLE service and a SCAM. CLOSE DOWN the company. They wont release my funds and have my account frozen. They asked for my Drivers License and my bank statement which I sent over – MISTAKE. No response despite several calls, they wont unfreeze my account despite several emails. BEWARE!

  • Diana

    Since Aug 21, 2021 I have NOT been able to use my AMEX attached to my VENMO account. VENMO can NOT give me an answer except to say keep trying and it may work or use your bank account. NO NO NO NO! It is not AMEX either. This is unacceptable! What is going on here? They wont let me speak to their security dept. either.

    I have uninstalled the app etc etc etc. They are like a broken record.

  • Rachid

    Don’t buy crypto with Venmo.
    My wife bought 200$ worth of bitcoin at 48.096 after receiving a receipt of transaction she actually charge her at 48360 plus all the fee.

    She is transferring all the money she has and close the account not worth going back and forth with this issue. It’s better to just move on

  • brenda bowman

    They froze my account for no reason. They have my money and I am getting nowhere. I hate venmo.

  • Autsawsin S.

    Broken phone caused so much frustration. I understand security, but using it as a guise to ignore customer contact is unbelievable. First time having to contact their support department. Unfortunately, was at the end of the business day for them, so finding an effective Venmo Rep was difficult. Finally, after several hours and several submissions to their messaging service, and getting nowhere, patience was pretty depleted. Nothing but irrelevant, automated emails from them. Probably, didn’t do a good job hiding my frustration upon finally getting a response from an actual person, must admit. My anger caused me even more of an inconvenience. Venmo deleted the bank info tied to my account and send the transfer to a bank account I closed in 2016. That was on Monday…still haven’t received the transfer. Or an actual person to respond to my inquiries. Having to deal with Venmo’s customer service has been a horrible experience. Once I receive the funds transfer, I intent to delete all my financial info and close my account on their platform permanently.

  • Regina G.


    Venmo is a FRAUD,
    DO NOT use them, They had on my PayPal account that if I open up an account with them that they will zand me $10 dollars. Once I opened my account with them, they sent the money to me but went back and took the money back which it wasn’t there at that time but they left my account in negative. I tried to email them, but they aren’t responding. SO. I am here trying to warn people of this mess ans to see where they have messed o er others with more money is very sickening to me. But. They will reap exactly what they are aoaing out. Praying for everyone that Venmo thought they got away with stealing their money. I even Pray that God will have Mercy on them for playing with God Children in Jesus Name🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Matt

    I would seriously warn against using Venmo. I attempted to send my girlfriend $600 through Venmo for bills and other expenses; Venmo said there was an error and that the transaction was declined (although it really was not). I then made a second attempt at sending the $600, which was successful, but BOTH attempts were charged from my bank account. Now, whereas my girlfriend received the second $600, the first $600 is STILL just missing, and Venmo has done NOTHING but play dumb. “Call your bank, call the number on the back of your debt card….” Meanwhile, I have spoken with my bank, at which point they assured me that Venmo did in fact process both transactions, and took my $600. Nonetheless, Venmo continues to insist that the first transaction was declined, despite my having sent them a screenshot of my bank statement showing two $600 charges to Venmo… $600 is a lot of money, particularly during these times, and the complete lack of concern from Venmo’s customer service department makes the experience all the more infuriating.

  • Jessica

    I transferred funds from Venmo to my bank account on July 29th I was told it would be in my account on July 30th here it is August 2nd and it isn’t in my account and the app says pending still can you say very inconvenient without a resolution

  • Danielle Jean

    My Venmo account was hacked on 7/17/21. Venmo handlers it quickly and prefiessionally, finalizing the disputed charges and returning my money by 7/29/2021.

    It is now 7/282/21 and they still have my account frozen. I have sent dozens of emails and called countless times with zero helpful response. Venmo support is accessible only through email. I have turned in my ID verifications and changed all my log in like they originally requested. I still have no access to my money and no one to speak to! I have filed a report with the BBB and numerous complaints to Venmo staff and support.

    I just want my money!!

  • Dale

    Thanks for your help

  • Heidi

    This service is so unreliable! I will never use it again.

  • Blanca

    Everyone I talk to is either EXTREMELY PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, NO help or painfully slow – as in “wait, what do you mean?”
    I don’t feel comfortable with, what seems like children, handling my money.

    So once this transaction I have pending is completed – I’m outta here.

    The WORST “customer service” I’ve ever dealt with.
    No one has a clue what’s going on.

  • Stephanie

    VENMO claims that a person cannot get their money back after paying you without the permission of the person who receives the funds (you). That is a complete lie. Venmo facilitated a $1200.00 refund by stealing these funds from my account without following its own policy and contacting me . Thus, the scammedr, with full support from Venmo, stole my goods and my money WITH VENMOS ASSISTANCE! I filed a complaint with this dishonest company and was told that “everyone gets one free refund by claiming payment was by mistake”. WTF? SO NOW WE CAN ALL MAKE 100 FAKE ACCOUNTS, PURCHASE GOODS AND CLAIM WE PAID BY MISTAKE TO STEAL THE MONEY BACK. LESSON: STEAL GOODS AND YOUR MONEY BACK. VENMO is a scam. Please don’t ever use it. I have filed a complaint with Venmo, the BBB, the police, and my state’s AG office and the State Comptroller’s office. Want to bet Venmo suffers no consequences?? Shame on Venmo and PayPal! screaming from. This dishonest company. Venmo is only concerned with getting fees..even from thieves.

  • Cheryl Goodman

    Huge problem with this company I opened an account to send my special needs grandson small amounts of money, always with a description of use. After a disagreement, he accesed this account in the middle of the night and sent himself 650 from my bank and left home. I called Venmo early in the morning and asked them to put a hold on his card because it wasn’t safe for him to have that much money. They froze my card instead. I filed a claim with my bank and venmo. Both were declined at first. 10 days ago I got emails from venmo that they had reimbursed my account for the money. When I check, it shows they pulled 650 from my grandsons acct leaving a negative -650 balance then they put the 650 into his account as an adjustment leaving a zero balance. My question is why did they create a negative balance in his account, then pay themselves, but act like they were reimbursing me. There were angry messages left by him with each request, that should have been a clue when they were researching the claim. Their reasoning, I had sent him money before.

  • Wendy Paul

    Been trying to get $40 that my sister sent for 2 weeks now. Venmo doesn’t recognize my bank and my bank doesn’t accept venmo which venmo said they did so now they have my money, froze my account again and I can’t even send it back to my sister! VERY VERY VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

  • Beverly Garrett

    Venmo sucks! They froze my account which resulted in freezing funds, which resulted in linked bank account overdraft. Then they tell me it’ll be DAYS before they even review, after I supplied my State ID.
    They deserve to go bankrupt

  • Heather dittman

    I f———- lost my identity to as- holes that came through Venmo. Absolutely no protection from fraud. Ended up talking to police my bank all my personal and business vendors. Still not done fixing. Dudes they stole my photo and drivers License snap shot. So that happened because Venmo does no protect us. The acct was frozen and then I called and then they got into iphone or something like that

  • Susan

    Absolutely horrible. Transferred funds for a move to my debit card but they never showed up. Venmo is blaming the bank, but the bank doesn’t have holds or flags on ACH’s. So, my money is missing!!!

  • cherokee Buck

    I am having an issue with Venmo as it has froze my account which holds an available balance of $5,667. I purchase bitcoin and sole because I got nervous and then they froze my account. so I sent them in a copy of my ID and social security card , a selfie, as well as bank statements of the outside funding source and then NOTHING. So I then spoke to customer service who explained NOTHING and stated they could not get a hold of the department that was handling my ‘CASE?” I asked for a phone number to speak in someone in the security Dept and was told they could only be reached through email. So i then called Pay Pal because all payments are processed through Pay Pal and they told me they could not let me speak to anyone in upper management as they are not reachable.

  • Melissa Agosto

    So far, it’s been 5 days and I still have not received my money. I will never use Venmo ever again

  • Guillermo Buquet

    Not ready for prime time. This is a Micky Mouse operation compared to real players. Try Zelle on your bank account if it’s on a mainstream bank.

  • cherokee Buck

    Venmo froze my account, which is holding over 3000.00 of my money because my Venmo card has my previous married last name instead of my current last name. I thought I’d give the crypto world a try so I bought cryptocurrency, however, I panicked and sold right away. The funds cleared from the funding account as well as the sale of the currency . So I sent in a copy of my driver’s; license, a copy of my social security card, a selfie [date and time stamped] a tax document, and two pictures of my check books which are imprinted on both the current address, my name, account info and bank . Still frozen and when I called they told me that it has been transferred to the escalation Department. So If asked for their contact info and was told that there is no contact info and they couldn’t tell me anything other than they did not know. So I tried PayPal and he told was told to contact venmo

  • Jenny T

    Problems, problems, problems. Tried to put more money INTO Venmo, and they put all the money in Venmo in my bank. Then couldn’t reverse it and was leaving for trip where I planned to use the Venmo. Tried putting the money back today….and can’t do it. They want me to verify my account with transaction amounts from a couple of years ago. Tried to do that and it won’t allow me to put in $70., it will only allow me to put in .70. This is just weird and dumb. Said I had two transactions around that time and I didn’t, I only had one. So again, couldn’t put $ in. Been declined a few times for no reason. It’s frustrating and many problems. When it works, it’s fine, but there are so many problems.

  • Thomas Souza

    Venmo SUCKS – customer service is the pits ratings are poor and trying to get anwers is ridiculous.
    Tried to send money it doesn’t work the answer is try tomorrow – try tomorrow it doesn’t work answer i don’t know whats wrong try later – try later nothing – next day nothing call and yeah we have a problem – so i ask how so we resolve – answer use another service…. r u freaking kidding me – tell your customer to go elsewhere what kind of business does this HORRIBLE SERVICE

  • Ashley

    My funds were made available but I’m not able to add my bank account to transfer them and when I try to talk to someone they won’t let me

  • robert troutman

    someone who had my phone number before me must of had a venmo account, Now i cant open an account I showed them my tmobile id 7 days ago , still no responce !!!! What more does a person have to do

  • Chelsea

    This is the worst finance company I have ever dealt with. For months I couldn’t access my account. No reset link was ever sent to me. Finally, I found a number for customer service. Spent 30 mins on the phone with a lady who made me jump through all these hoops to identify myself, including not only taking a picture of my driver’s license, but also me holding my driver’s license. I would have been fine with all of this, if this was the end of it, but it wasn’t. Not only did I have to provide my name, email, bank account number, driver’s license and photo of me holding my driver’s license before she would help me, she froze my account. After finally being able to log in, I am unable to access my funds now, because my account has been frozen. I chatted with an online account specialist who could not give me a reason as to why my account was frozen. She told me that she will send my “case” to an account specialist who will be contacting me in FIVE TO SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS! So for at least the next week, I am unable to access my funds. I have never experienced anything as frustrating as this. I would NEVER recommend Venmo to anyone. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I will be writing a ton of bad reviews, because I want people to know how horrible Venmo’s customer service is. No one should be prevented from accessing their money for months with no apology or resolution. If you’re considering signing up with Venmo DON’T DO IT!! Use PayPal instead!

  • Erica

    I am the victim of a scam and Venmo is claiming I owe them money. So far customer service has been worthless. They closed my account and say I owe them $800 for “covering” the fee. I contacted them as soon as I realized it was a scam (about an hour after sending funds), put a stop on the transfer with my bank, and about a week later started getting their collection emails stating they kindly covered the fee that I intentionally stopped! The scammer cancelled the funds request, so how do I know that Venmo actually sent these funds to this criminal? All sorts of issues with Venmo. I am interested in filing a class action suit against them – zero protection/concern against scammers and whatever their version of overdraft protection is that I didn’t consent to.

  • Lena

    Venmo is crap!!! They will freeze your account with no explanation. You can only contact through a chat and that is worthless. No one can help or explain. Everything is through their account specialists but good luck getting any information from them. Definitely will be switching to Zelle

  • Kelly

    Venmo doesn’t care about anything. 1st time user, accidentally paid wrong person $440.00. I immediately messaged the wrong recipient and contacted customer service. They will not do anything to fix this, not even contact the wrong recipient. This happened last night and by this morning the wrong recipient deleted her [email protected] My mistake and I understand that but they are relying on strangers being good people and do the right thing and showing they simply do not care about customers. Unfortunately in this day and age people are not always honest, especially if there is no link between them. We are barely getting by and this was bill money.

  • Sid Kemmis

    Worst app I’ve ever used. First transaction worked, second and third appeared not to work, but funds transferred. At fourth Vemmo froze my account. Contacted customer support who said they can’t help; another office would contact me in 5-7 business days. A week later an email requested more information than the FBI would require! Awful customer service and operations.

  • William purcell

    Froze my account requesting information but I do not have available money sent to me from a venmo customer will not return it to him either

  • Jonalyn C Gonzales

    Venmo owes me $1000 they will not release my refund

  • Dominic Sestito IV

    Venmo gives zero effort to help people scammed by other users. They are allowing other users to steal without any remorse for the complainant or reconciliation of the situation. They would rather be hands off then provide the proper customer service for their clients. Wouldn’t recommend until policies are changed

  • kristy m hoskins

    They still 1500 from me I lost my Wells Fargo card so o transfer 1600.00 froze my account July 28 2020 n I have not gotten my money

  • Tjv

    Do not I repeat DO NOT USE Venmo
    They have scammed 9500.00 I had pandemic unemployment direct deposited and they red flagged it and froze the account.


    Venmo has stolen $150.00 that i have sent my daughter and we have proof it is not in her account. DO NOT USE VENMO!! THEY STEAL MONEY AND IS COMMITTING FRAUD!!!!

    • Angela

      I had my card compromised someone spent $1000+ To wish with my card. Venmo is giving it back 100 at a time and 10 day intervals. Venmo is terrible customer service. And they are rude flat end chat don’t answer your questions they should be shut down. Angela c

  • Patty Robinson

    IF YOU HAVENT GOT OFF NOW, YOU BETTER SOON! VENMO IS THE WORST APP EVER CREATED! I had transactions going through or money to a profile that once was my daughters, until whoever took it over! over 1600 dollars was taken and sent to this profile without me knowing!!! It is not her profile since the name was changed to yourdaddy! this is after hackers were in my computer! around Dec 14 2020! i complained to vemno. They replied back and said they were investigating it. sent me 1600 $ temp funds or 1600 that belonged me! that my daughter never received!!!!! She cant even get in her account! in 3 days they told me that they couldn’t figure it out…a day later started taking the temp money back…the first transaction said 124.00 taken back by venmo. then it said 0.00 took back by venmo about 6 times. then sent me a email saying that i didn’t have enough in my account to cover their transaction. let me add i never touched the money. didn’t even have an account or card hooked up to it by then because all my accounts I had frozen. I put a stop to all my accounts and reorder new credit cards. So there is no way I could have gotten the funds. 124.00 out of 1600 said they had received and the rest??? where the hell could it have gone? IN THEIR POCKETS!!! now saying I owe them another 1400$ so all together I’m supposed to be out 3500$!!! what the hell is wrong with these people? I mean u cant even get them on the phone to talk to them. What a good company they are!!!! Plus let me add, I had 75$ sitting in the account.. or the venmo account for months. I only had a credit card on my account at the time so I couldn’t accept funds that were sent by my daughters sister in law with only having a credit card on there. So I just let it sit there. Not very smart on my part! Since venmo also took that! I swear ya’ll better remove them now because sooner or later you will owe them money or they will take what they think they are entitled too!! And its always all your fault for their mistakes! Like i said what a company THEY ARE! NEVER AGAIN SATAN!! I’m far from stupid on how this stuff works! I own a business and would never treat my customers the way I’ve been treated and many many other people I see! Sorry to all that have lost to venmo!

  • Theresa Gruetzmacher

    Horrible service!!!!

  • Annie

    I am super ticked they froze my account and said they covered transactions when funds weren’t available in my linked account! But if my account is frozen how did the balance I owe increase!? And in the middle of these “covered transactions” my rent payment went through and 2 amounts to Venmo for amounts they say I owe were also debited from the linked account!? No way I owe them $219! If they couldn’t get $ then deny the transaction. No one asked if I wanted their “overdraft protection”!!

  • Brianna

    Horrible service. I got scammed and they are now saying I owe them $500 to unfreeze my account? Complete BS!!

  • Rehan

    Venmo tremendously helped me out with a massive amount of fraudulent transactions that were done to my account. It took a little bit of time to resolve but was handled with ease once the account specialist, Shiloh had my file. Once she investigated and was able to determine the fraudulent transactions, she kindly helped me resolve each one. I’m sorry to see everyone’s negative response towards Venmo. It’s a convenient way for me to transact with my reselling business. Best of luck you all.

  • Becky

    For those of you having issues with Venmo: file a complaint with the FTC and BBB.!! Since December, I have had numerous withdrawal attempts – from Venmo – from two checking accounts and one credit card. I believe this totals out to be $2400. Yet, I have no idea where this money has gone. My Venmo account has been frozen, twice. The claim: I “owe” money on transactions. OK – if this were truly the case, why authorize the transaction in the first place…? Furthermore, please explain how $2400 in bank deductions simply disappeared.

    Thank you, Venmo. I now have TWO overdraft charges from an unauthorized bank withdrawal. While I appreciate your kind offer to reimburse me for ONE ((SARCASM)) – perhaps, explain why you’ve taken a s**t ton of money from me, and then some. This is a class action lawsuit in the making. Zelle is much more reliable.

  • Sarah

    Venmo allowed an unauthorized payment of $2100 to hit my bank, not once but twice after I reported it as fraud. They do not accept phone calls at this time. I received an email stating I owe them $2100 since my payments were returned and they took my money from previous Venmo transactions I had, sent it to the fraudulent account AND paid the fraudulent account so they can collect from me. Worst experience ever, and it’s not even over! Cancelling as soon as they give me back my money! What a total invasion of privacy.

    • Becky

      Sarah: this sounds similar to my experience. Reach out to your bank’s fraud department, BBB, and the FTC. You’ll get faster results. Dealing with these clowns is a waste of time – clearly, they deduct money and deposit it somewhere. Not our accounts. I’m trying to find $2400.

  • Marc

    I’ve had venmo for few years and it’s been great then boom my account is froze for verification issue when my Id was already uploaded and I’ve had it this whole time I had several hundreds in funds coming in didnt even know it was froze until a customer said they couldnt send payment. I lost over $800 in funds plus have to file for my stimulus on my taxes because everything was denied including my sons disability nobody knows where any of the other funds went and venmo took over 2 weeks to unfreeze and theres no support on finding my funds they left me with. Well get hold of all the people and places idk all of them and others said take weeks or months to find funds that 1 time ruined so much for me.

  • Just me

    They froze my account with money in it. I have for over a month emailed with their computer. I’ve emailed the CEO Dan Schiller [email protected] to no avail. They are basically holding my money hostage while they earn interest on it. I have asked them to put it back into the account it came out of, while not specifying the account. Just asking for a reverse transaction. They are corrupt in my opinion. Scammers bc they won’t resolve my issue. It’s a racket. Don’t do it. They remind me of COVID. BAD NEWS.

  • Nessa

    I transferred my money from Venmo to my checking account and guess what? it never came. It says it takes 3 business to go into your account. Thursday is the latest. But still no money. Like seriously? it’s Christmas eve tomorrow.



  • T Hester

    Frauded after being a customer for several years, and then dispute was denied.

    My Venmo card was used after I visited a gas station. I placed a claim after dealing with the headache of customer service (including them adding in a charge into the claim after I mentioned was mine several times). Apparently my claims were denied over a month after submission. This was mainly due to the card being close to the address on file, and Venmo thinking the card was in my possession. I originally thought the card was in my possession as I have a card that looks just like it. I realized that the card was not in my possession. Additionally, because the fraud happened close to my home – they listed that as one of the reasons my dispute was denied. That makes absolutely no sense. I need these reviewed again as I WILL NOT be paying for someone else’s transactions. You’ve also literally done no investigation as to why there are charges at places I do not and have never visited (the largest amount coming from a barber shop for men that I DO NOT USE as I am a woman). You also didn’t follow up with the merchant to see if they could look into camera’s etc to see how this was happening. This was a very low level investigation and as a customer, I do not appreciate that.

    I went to the BBB and the company again denied my dispute. What a ridiculous company. Police report to follow for a real investigation.

  • emma Cavitt

    Venmo has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I used to love Venmp and used my Venmo-card religiously. However, they easily overdraft your account. After dealing with multiple overdraft fees that I would blame myself for, this long by far takes the cake. When my bank gives an automatic refund it pulls the money from my account and I assumed it was put onto my card in that given amount…WRONG! Somehow I have no money in my bank account and Venmo is claiming I owe them 200+ dollars in a balance. They take any and all transactions sent to your account without warning and the best part is they give you no way to view that over the drawn balance on your Venmo card. Having to deal with the customer service is a pain in the ass because they just demand that you owe that amount and give you obscure transactions but demand a specific amount. total BS.

  • Tlou

    Venmo is the WORST! They have no customer service, and they can’t fix even the smallest issue. I sent my boyfriend $800 from the wrong payment method accidentally (a bank that I rarely use). I noticed immediately and tried to fix the issue.. there was nothing I could do. I had to tell that bank to stop payment because I was getting fees every time they tried to get the money. Support said they’d eventually stop and I’d be able to put in a second payment method once they stop payment went through (which sucks because you can never use that bank again on Venmo once you’ve put in stop payment).. I put $800 in my Venmo balance, and they took it from there. Problem solved. Or so I thought… then they FLAGGED THE WRONG BANK! My WF bank which is the primary bank, that had the money, that never had an issue.. can’t be used now. Customer service’s answer is “sorry, we can’t help. Use PayPal” Venmo is the most common used way to send money.. how is it that they can have zero support. How is it that they can’t easily just look at the account, and fix this?

  • Cheyenne

    I had money sent to me from my fiance and it was instantly red flagged and my money got put on hold and we have been trying everything to get our money back and they are making it IMPOSSIBLE to access my funds we need the money. We have a 2 year old and I have things I need to get to take care of him not to mention im pregnant to… we just want our money back this is ridiculous. Its deff the worst experience I’ve had with a app.

  • Donna Burke

    I had never heard of or had interest in Venmo. And I have never had contact with them of any type. I am happy with Zelle, which comes with my bank accounts. Venmo just began charging my credit card a monthly fee of $103, which my credit card company said would be reoccurring. They did not get my number legally as I never gave it to them and I am the only approved user. Filed fraud report with credit card company, They are removing the charge and sending me a new card to prevent more inappropriate charges from Venmo. Shows it is important to review your statements. I have an MBA and would be very suspicious of them for anything. 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Mike McMullen

    My Venmo payments went to the wrong person twice. Venmo policy requires me to report the problem within 60 days of being posted. I notified them 42 days and 28 days. Now Venmo is refusing to correct the errors and I’m out my money. I’ve been trying to get this corrected for over 2 weeks.

    Venmo says to contact the person to request the money be returned I did, they refused. Venmo will not honor the 60 policy and will not give me information on the recipient. Venmo is “sorry”.
    Venmo stole my money. Don’t use Venmo – ever

    • Sunita Karki

      Same thing happened to me. :(
      Venmo took my payment of 200 dollars 2x.

  • Kristy

    Venmo is a crack a joke again I transfer funds from my Wells Fargo account in my name to my venmo account and they froze it another time if it’s under investigation and they won’t release my funds it could take up to a hundred and eighty days what the heck is this a joke a game a gimmick to steal people’s money as I’m reading now I’m just screwed got a $1,500 and I’m a mother of four kids wow great job venmo youe deserve a F in you have your business closed down

  • Jenna

    I had a horrible experience with venmo. Simply because I was in new user even though my email had been verified a week prior the sender was allowed to cancel my payment it has been 16 days and I still have not received the payment for my item I am out $600. There has been no resolve from venmo. I will never use again and advise anyone who just simply wants to transfer money to use cash app or PayPal I’ve never had a problem with either one of these apps. I would give them zero Stars!

  • Bobby

    My name is Bobby, I used Venmo Aka “S***” they stole $2,000 Dollars from me,
    And till this day have never released my money!!! I have called and called and promises and unbelief of there agents.
    As they tell me they can’t do nothing “ Do Not Trust With Your Money”
    Because of this Money that was Stolen By Venmo me and my Brother-In-Law had a falling out since over 2 years and have not spoken since they are Jinx low Life Garbage First Class Scum of the Earth!!!

  • kenny drummond

    I tried to “instant transfer” to my linked debit card from my identity verified venmo account on 2 different occasions. Both times venmo declined my transaction. Transferring to my bank account was my only option (1 to 3 but more like 6 business days). I’m with venmo mostly for the “instant transfer” feature). I was advised by their representative that not only were they unable to override the decline but that they were not able to give me a reason for the declination on either occasion. I can’t believe that any business would operate/flourish with this “I don’t know” SOP. Seems shady to me. The last rep spouted some canned garbage about risk assessment. However, their “awesome system” should have seen that the funds had been in my daughters venmo account for 7 days prior to being sent. Funds were good. Banks hold funds for 7 days. I also told their rep that they should have a notice in their “Pay or Request area” that states that recipient will not be allowed the instant transfer option if funds are over a certain dollar amount (I was upset so I actually stated dollar amount at $1.99). I sent money back to my daughter. Hopefully she will be able to “instant transfer” to her account or she may have to go thru bank deposit process. Until then venmo has my $500.00 held hostage. 17.6 million dollars transferred? yes, I can see that. What I’m wondering is how many of those dollars got jacked up in their system.

  • Jessica Bradish

    For some reason a payment I tried to make was flagged by the system even though my bank has approved every payment I’ve ever sent. I contacted the company and was told they can’t tell me why it was flagged, and there’s nothing I can provide to show it was a legitimate payment. They also couldn’t tell me if any payment from that account would ever be approved again and suggested I set up a new checking account to use instead. Apparently the computer makes all decisions, no one knows why it makes them and no one can override them. Either they are lying to me or there is a fatal flaw in their system. Either way, I’m done with them.

  • j

    Request/incident #13809578…

    Used Venmo incident free for over two years. Then traveled overseas and couldn’t link my bank to transfer funds. Supposedly someone else linked that account (which I applaud and find amazing). However this rogue never withdrawls money… hmmmm

    I’m a simple guy. I have 1 bank account and 1 Venmo. If someone hacked me, why aren’t they stealing money? Also in order to prove it’s my account I need to show valid ID. I take a photo of my United States passport (as I’m traveling for months overseas). And the response I get is that it doesn’t show my name. WTF.

    Day 5 and still no resolution. Finally I just say refund the money and close the account (mind you… I’m fighting for control of the account). And POOF the rep, Kayden G, refunds the money (proving I’m the owner) but won’t close the account. WOW.

    STAY AWAY. The company has major issues and isn’t invested in solving customer issues if they arise.

  • Brandon

    They are horrible. They keep saying that my account needs further review when me and my bank has done everything they required. And I always get the same replies that I will receive an email within 1-3 days and still nothing and now they refuse to even refund the money from its original form. This company is bogus and someone needs to figure out a way to shut them down.

  • Eddie

    Venmo blows!! They along with paypal closed my account for no reason. They would not tell me why but only some bullsh** about violating the terms. It is absurd that these companies will not give you a reason. They all suck

  • Samaria solomon

    This app is the worse. Their app malfunctions and then they closed my account and no one would explain to me why. Customer service is extremely rude as well

  • Tina Ramsey

    Saturday my son sent me 100.00 for food
    I’m really struggling rt now, we both have venmo and used it many times before without problem but this time they froze my account. Wanted I’d proof of address and bank statement I got him all of it worth in 1 hour 5pm still nothing so this morning I’m still fighting it and instead of releasing my funds Perry in the accounts Department deleted and deactivated my account permanently and allowed me only the standard option to cash out with witch is 1 to 3 days but useally 3 to 5 my bank said. I haven’t ate since saturday. Why would they do it. No reason at all. PayPal should be proud of venmo I guess

    • Jess

      I was scamned by a user for NY iPhone 11 he sent me the funds once he got the phone but called venmo and said his account was hacked venmo blocked my account and refundedhis $$ I got no email or anything until the funds was in my bank account I figure something was wrong that when I called venmo and was told I violated the agreement and no longer can use venmo I couldn’t believe it they sided with him so he has my iPhone 11 and his funds back

  • Gregory J Curran

    Do NOT WASTE YOUR TIME – If I could give them ) or negative stars I would – At first it worked now it has my money in limbo and Plaid or whatever 3rd party Venmo works with will not support MULTIPLE banks including PNC BANK. Venmo has virtually NO Customer service and the illusion that they have someone or some kind of dept handling it (Its not open Sunday) WTF (YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR). PNC Bank Points to Venmo and says they have your money and they cant help. Venmo now wants me to pay to get my money out. WHAT A SCAM – No wonder they were hacked recently and MILLIONS of our personal info was put out on net – But they wont tell you that or you’ll never hear that happened. AVOID THIS P.O.S. app and company all together including PLAID or whatever or whoever these SCAMMERS use, Take it from a Google prefered contributor and Influencer. AVOID THEM try ZELLE or CASH APP and there are others as well out there that are FREE and actually have a customer service department that is open and will actually help you!

  • Fredi A Carter

    VENMO no longer recognized my sign in information. I try to reset password and the text sent to create a new password says that it has expired. Have contacted Venmo repeatedly and get little help other than to say that they have sent a temporary password, but I NEVER RECEIVE THAT PASSWORD! When i try to open a new account, I can’t because Venmo recognizes my email and phone number. This is the WORST APP! GRR!!!!

  • Jessica Joniec

    I will never use them again. They are holding my money hostage. And it’s my rent money. Now I’m completely screwed 😠😠

  • Rick Ackerman

    Venmo REALLY stinks. It rejected my correct password, and it rejected my correct cell phone number for purposes of sending a verification code. If this cloud app — designed, like all cloud apps, by millennial imbeciles — can’t even handle such simple task, then why risk using it? Using Facebook to sign in is not an answer — you might as well send you hard drive to Zuckerberg.and tell him to sell your personal data six ways of Sunday — and to promote crappy Venmo to everyone you know or have ever met..

  • Jonathan Berry

    I requested a transfer only to be told my account was frozen and they wanted to verify account ownership. So I sent copy of driver’s license and 4 different bank statements to prove ownership. Well I haven’t heard back from anyone at Venmo. I certainly won’t be using Venmo and will let as many people as I can know the experience I have had. Want a horrible business model. I wish I would have read the reviews online before I joined. Sad about all the things that they are putting people through. Venmo should be ashamed.

  • Remodeling Services

    Venmo is a scam. They got sued by the FTC last year for not disclosing funds availability, and they settled, however their behavior didn’t change. Now they show your funds available but blame it on computer glitches why you can’t use your money. They and PayPal ( parent company) have been known for this type of illegal activity. Don’t let them toy with you, let them know what they are.

  • Ken

    I find it virtually impossible to move funds from them to my bank account. Constant loop.

  • Beth

    I have used Venmo for over a year now only to send money between family members. My recent transaction to my daughter has been a nightmare. I sent a large amount to her which usually takes 2 minutes for her to receive this was 5 days ago she still hasn’t received the money. I have had over 15 calls emails to them and chat calls they can’t find my money. I went to my bank sent screenshots where money was deducted from my account to Venmo still nothing. I’m sick at my stomach I have no more money to send her. Please be careful if you use Venmo it’s not safe all I want is my money back. If I could call the founders of Venmo I would. I’m not giving up even if I have to hire a lawyer to fight this.

  • Nancy

    Venmo stated a security issue was found on every one of the credit cards put on the new Venmo account. This includes a brand new debit card. When asked what the security issue was, so it may be corrected, knowing there are no issues with credit cards used. The only answer given from customer service was disturbing, stating, “Our automated system is declining your cards and we cannot tell you what the security issue is because our system does not always tell us what the issue is.” In inquiring further, and even in a follow-up email, the same rhetoric was reiterated. One could not tell if it was just bad customer service or unfair business practices. I will continue to follow-up on this service, but initially for my first experience with them I found at least what appears to be lack of transparency in their business practices as well as bad costumer service.

  • Adrian Jones

    I barely used venmo and when I did, it was only because a friend insisted on sending me money via venmo.

    One day, I got a payment on my other account from a complete stranger who immediately freaked out, so I created a second venmo account in order to return the money to him. When I recently went to Venmo to try to delete the account, this triggered all kinds of red flags, both accounts were suspended, and I was asked to send all kinds of ID which I will not be doing.

    I questioned the suspensions, by asking why and my case was escalated and promptly permanently banned with no real explanation. I would not want to do business with a company that lacks transparency.

    There are so many ways to get payments online these days that you don’t need Venmo. I personally have been using Zelle and Paypal for payments from friends. Paypal owns Venmo, but I have never had an issue with Paypal – their support is top notch. I can’t say the same for Venmo. I’m just glad that I didn’t have any money in my account.

  • Amber

    Worst company ever in life… They transferred my funds to an incorrect account, and 7 days later my funds have not been returned, and Patrick and Alicia both managers refuse to ASSIST. Sebastian H my ” case rep” won’t do his job and locate the transfer from my bank wells Fargo ( which i was able to track and provide ALL transfer information to 4 reps) …

    Worst service ever!!!!!!!1

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money



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