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According to public complaints filed against ElitePay Global, Andrew (“Andy”) Bentley is the former president of sales at ElitePay Global and the brother of Brian Bentley, who is the manager of International Payment Services. Alongside Brian and Adam Bentley, he served as an executive-level employee at PrimePay Global and ElitePay Global for the duration of their operations. There is also some evidence linking the Bentleys and other former ElitePay Global employees to Ironwood Payments and One For Merchants, two newer merchant account providers that came into existence around the time that ElitePay Global became inactive. Ironwood Payments has since demonstrated that it has severed ties with the Bentleys and terminated all former ElitePay Global employees from its staff. Andy Bentley is believed to reside in Providence, Utah.

Known Positions Held


  • Unknown

Legal Issues

  • International Payment Services (under the direction of Andrew Bentley) was the plaintiff in International Payment Services v., a lawsuit filed against this website alleging trademark infringement. International Payment Services lost via a Summary Judgement, resulting in a decisive victory for Details of the case are outlined in our ElitePay Global review.
  • International Payment Services formerly operated under the name PrimePay Global. In 2012, the company was sued by PrimePay for trademark infringement and lost, resulting in the switch to the ElitePay Global name.
  • International Payment Services is the plaintiff in an October 2016 lawsuit filed against Ironwood Payments in which International Payment Services accuses Ironwood Payments of failing to make a $4 million dollar payment as a condition of Ironwood's acquisition of ElitePay Global's payment processing portfolio. Details of the case and its outcome are outlined in our Ironwood Payments review.
  • Brian Bentley, Andrew Bentley, Adam Bentley, and International Payment Services are among the defendants in a December 2016 class action lawsuit filed by merchants in Illinois' Northern District Court. The lawsuit alleges that Ironwood Financial illegally recorded sales calls containing sensitive financial information without the consent of merchants. The outcome of the case is currently pending.

Other Notable Items

According to the Nevada Secretary of State's office, an Andrew Bentley is listed as an officer at the following registered business names:


It should also be noted that Andrew Bentley was listed as an officer of at least one other Nevada company (“3B Ventures”) alongside Brian Bentley, but that he has since been removed from this listing in official state records.

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