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In this review of PaySimple, a Denver-based small business solutions provider, we'll take an in-depth look at their services. We'll cover their integrated payment processing options, including credit card processing, recurring billing, invoice management, and mobile payments. We'll also examine their online payment forms and how they integrate with platforms like QuickBooks and Salesforce.

We'll address key customer concerns such as common complaints, fee transparency, and customer support quality. Additionally, we'll provide insights into PaySimple's industry ratings and employee reviews, and critically analyze their marketing tactics.

Furthermore, we'll explore PaySimple's legal standing and customer feedback, and assess their fee structure and contract terms. This review aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of PaySimple's services and how they might fit your needs.

PaySimple, sometimes spelled as “Pay Simple,” is a Denver, Colorado-based small business solutions provider that supplies merchant accounts along with several other services. PaySimple was founded in 2005, and in 2019 PaySimple was acquired by EverCommerce. They've also partnered with multiple companies, including Knowify, Fieldpoint, and SalonBiz.

PaySimple Homepage

PaySimple Products and Services

Payment Processing

PaySimple processes major debit and credit cards for various business types. It provides an integrated system for sending electronic invoices and collecting payments via credit/debit card, e-checks, and ACH transfers through customizable payment pages. The company also offers e-commerce solutions, POS systems, and mobile payments. This review primarily focuses on PaySimple’s credit card processing services.

Recurring Billing

PaySimple's recurring billing service automates the billing process for subscription-based or installment payment plans. This feature helps businesses save time, reduce administrative tasks, and improve customer retention by providing a seamless payment experience.

Invoice Management

PaySimple includes an invoice management system that allows businesses to create, customize, and send invoices directly from the platform. It also offers tracking invoice status, sending reminders, and accepting online payments, making the invoicing process more efficient and organized.

Online Payment Forms

The company enables businesses to create customizable online payment forms that can be embedded on websites or shared via email. This feature allows quick and secure payment acceptance, enhancing the customer experience.

Mobile Payments

PaySimple's mobile payment solution allows businesses to accept payments on the go using a smartphone or tablet. The mobile app supports payment processing, customer management, and access to reporting features, offering flexibility and convenience.

Integrations and API

PaySimple integrates with popular software platforms such as QuickBooks and Salesforce and provides a robust API for custom integrations. This compatibility helps businesses streamline operations by connecting their payment processing system with other essential tools.

PaySimple payment processing
PaySimple offers a variety of payment processing services

PaySimple Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 30+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Fund Holds
Recent Lawsuits No

Insight into PaySimple Customer Feedback

Our analysis has uncovered more than 30 negative PaySimple reviews across various online platforms, although there is evidence to suggest that some may be repeated complaints from the same individuals. The primary issues highlighted in legitimate reviews include unexpected account closures, unsatisfactory customer service, fund holds, and undisclosed fees. While a company representative has engaged with many of these complaints, the outcomes of such interactions and whether merchants received satisfactory resolutions remain unclear. Recent complaints have particularly focused on fund holds, a challenge frequently encountered by e-commerce payment processors. Beyond these concerns, PaySimple has not been significantly affected by any recurrent, severe issues. We encourage those with personal experiences with PaySimple to share their reviews in the comments section below.

Legal and Regulatory Overview for PaySimple

To date, no class-action lawsuits or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints have been filed against PaySimple. Clients seeking non-litigious remedies for their grievances are advised to report their issues to appropriate regulatory organizations.

Customer Support Offered by PaySimple

PaySimple provides multiple customer support avenues, including a dedicated toll-free phone line, live chat, an extensive online knowledge base, and email ticketing. These support channels are notably comprehensive compared to those of many competitors, potentially contributing to a relatively lower rate of complaints.

Contact Details for PaySimple Support

  • (888) 544-0631 – Toll-Free Customer Support
  • (800) 466-0992 – Sales Inquiries

Additional Support Resources

Considering the available feedback and PaySimple’s proactive customer support measures, the company has been assigned a “B” rating in this category. This review, optimized with SEO-focused phrases such as “reviews,” “review,” “complaints,” “customer reviews,” “customer complaints,” aims to offer a balanced perspective on PaySimple’s services while enhancing online visibility.

PaySimple Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 22

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Nearly 20 Complaints

As of this review, the Better Business Bureau is showing that PaySimple has been BBB accredited since February 2015 and is awarding the company an “A+” rating based on 17 complaints in the last 36 months.

What Merchants Say

PaySimple has also received 5 negative informal reviews to its BBB profile. A recent review describes unexpected PCI fees and poor customer support:

I was a Paysimple customer for over 6 years and used and paid for your services. I recently reviewed my statements and noticed I have been charged for this PCI non compliance fee for over 3 years. This fee ranged from ***** to ***** per month. I had no idea what this fee was and never was told what to do to remove this fee- for 3 years. I only called about the fee and to cancel my account was I told what the fee was and what to do to remove it- which only took 1 minute.Your company has a responsibility to notify small businesses of the fees they are being charged and what to do (if there is a step that needs to be done) to remove this fee. I was not given that courtesy and you had 3 years to do it! This is bad business practice and fraudulent to charge a small business this fee without giving them a chance to rectify it. I contacted customer service to get these fees refunded and I was only granted one month out of 3 years! I received emails back from customer service with no support. I called for a 2nd time on 11/ 9/21 and asked to speak to a supervisor . I talked to ***** and he said ***** (Samantha) ******** would call me back and she never did. But I received an email from customer service to say there would be no refund. You have the WORST customer service of any company I have worked with and paid for, for that matter. You think that emailing is going to close the issue?I called a 3rd time on December 14th and spoke directly with ***************************, she refused to help me. She refused to transfer me to her supervisor and refused to give me legal counsel’s name and contact information. I will never do business with Paysimple again nor will I recommend them to any small business owner

The terms and conditions of a merchant agreement will convey a provider’s policy on fees. Regardless, circumstances like that referenced above are especially frustrating for clients. Using a processor with an excellent track record for customer support can help in these scenarios.

A “B” Performance

Taking these figures into account, we have slightly adjusted PaySimple’s rating to a “B” according to our rating criteria.

PaySimple Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties No
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

PaySimple E-Commerce Pricing

PaySimple’s pricing and contract terms appear to be standard for the industry. The company advertises a rate of 2.49% plus $0.29 for qualified credit card transactions and a rate of 0.10% plus $0.60 for ACH and E-Check transactions. Monthly fees include a PCI compliance fee of $4.95, an on-file fee of $5.00, and a batch fee of $0.29. Credit card transaction fees may vary for mid-qualified and non-qualified transactions. Additionally, there’s a monthly fee of $49.95 covering all e-commerce features. Equipment leases are handled by a third party and are non-cancellable for 48 months, regardless of account termination.

Month-to-Month Contract

According to a company agent, PaySimple offers month-to-month service with no cancellation fee and does not charge an annual PCI Compliance fee. Monthly subscriptions are priced at either $49.95 for the “Complete Commerce Solution” plan or $99.95 for the “Omni-Channel Commerce Platform.” However, evidence suggests a possible three-year agreement with a variable cancellation fee, as detailed in the company’s contract terms provided for review. We recommend examining our list of top merchant accounts.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

Apart from storefront payment processing, PaySimple also offers virtual terminal and payment gateway services, though pricing isn’t disclosed. Additional fees such as gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Few Contract Complaints

PaySimple has received minimal complaints about its pricing, which aligns with industry norms. However, its pricing isn’t currently competitive with the cheapest merchant accounts available. For detailed pricing and fee information, refer to the standard PaySimple NPC and PaySimple NAB contracts.

PaySimple payment gateway
PaySimple offers e-commerce solutions

PaySimple Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Unclear
Misleading Marketing Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

Incomplete Rate Quotes

The only strike against PaySimple in this category is the way that the company quotes processing rates on its website. As of this review, the website states that the transaction fee for VISA, MasterCard, and Discover is “as low as 2.49% + $0.29” per transaction. This is a misleading rate quote because it only states the Qualified rate and fails to disclose the Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified downgrade fees that the company charges. In some cases, these downgrade fees can add as much as 2% to the transaction fee and often affect more than 50% of a business’ transactions. Therefore, quoting the Qualified rate without quoting the Mid- and Non-Qualified rates is considered a form of deceptive marketing, according to our criteria. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Some Sales Complaints

Other than the rate quoting issue, we found no other uses of misleading or deceptive marketing tactics. However, a handful of clients have publicly reported that their overall costs are much higher than what was represented to them during signup. If you have had a similar experience, you can eliminate hidden fees with a third-party statement audit.

Our PaySimple Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

PaySimple is rated as a reliable credit card processing provider. However, some confusion exists regarding whether the company enforces a service agreement, and it seems to now resell North American Bancard contracts. Additionally, PaySimple’s website lacks transparency by not disclosing downgrade fees alongside its Qualified rate quotes.

The company could improve its rating by providing more clarity about these issues on its website and working proactively to prevent future client complaints. For now, business owners are encouraged to compare PaySimple’s pricing and terms to those offered by top-rated merchant accounts to ensure they are receiving the best possible service.

Location & Ownership

PaySimple uses either National Processing Company or North American Bancard for its card authorization and settlement network. However, merchants will deal directly with PaySimple for management of their merchant account. Eric Remer is listed as the CEO while David Sharp is the president. PaySimple is registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH; and Wells Fargo Bank, Concord, CA. Matt Feierstein is the current president of EverCommerce and it is headquartered at 3601 Walnut St Denver, CO 80205, which PaySimple also shares an address with.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did PaySimple Treat You?

38 User Reviews

  • Angela T

    The Counter LLC

    My company cancelled its service with PaySimple a year ago. They have continued to bilk us for $90.90/mo for PCI Non-Compliance. We aren’t even in business anymore. We have received email confirmations from SEVERAL members of their team assuring us that the account was closed, blaming the portal that was hooked up to PaySimple that we also closed accounts with. Zero accountability and total inaction is what you are in for with this processor. AVOID!

  • Scott

    Paysimple has been anything but simple. To start with, they are incapable of adding a seperate mail to address for USPS delivered mail. INCAPABLE. So, now the hard copy statements get delivered to my open mailbox, waiting to be stolen, instead of my secure PO Box. This was the original objection I had, which I thought we had got past. Guess not. After receiving said statement, I reach out to customer service. They send me a 4 page request form to change the mailing address, something that should have been available to begin with. The option of registering for opting in to electronic statements is in the email, super, I’ll do that. Only to find it is impossible to locate this option on the management website. Then just to cause me more grief and work, I receive repeated requests for PCI compliance crap that has been done since I enrolled. This company/service has great promise if they get their act together but as is stands I spend my time managing them than I do making money through them. Sure, they get me my money, but my previous processor was basically hands off. Anyone else have this experience or am I just unlucky?

    • Erica Martin

      Tuff Girl Fitness

      I was a Paysimple customer for over 6 years and used and paid for your services. I recently reviewed my statements and noticed I have been charged for this PCI non compliance fee for over 3 years. This fee ranged from 24.95 to 39.95 per month. I had no idea what this fee was and never was told what to do to remove this fee- for 3 years. I only called about the fee and to cancel my account was I told what the fee was and what to do to remove it- which only took 1 minute.

      This company has a responsibility to notify small businesses of the fees they are being charged and what to do (if there is a step that needs to be done) to remove this fee. I was not given that courtesy and you had 3 years to do it! This is bad business practice and fraudulent to charge a small business this fee without giving them a chance to rectify it. The BBB will be contacted.

      I contacted customer service to get these fees refunded and I was only granted one month out of 3 years! I received emails back from customer service with no support. I called for a 2nd time on 11/ 9/21 and asked to speak to a supervisor . I talked to Chris and he said Sammy (Samantha) Richards would call me back and she never did. But I received an email from customer service to say there would be no refund. You have the WORST customer service of any company I have worked with and paid for, for that matter. You think that emailing is going to close the issue?

      I called a 3rd time on December 14th and spoke directly with Sammy Richards, she refused to help me. She refused to transfer me to her supervisor and refused to give me legal counsel’s name and contact information. What a joke of a company

  • J. Kit

    I was looking at 2CO in Ohio or PaySimple for a payments online processor. Thank you for reviewing their company! and again, Thank you for posting these consumers experiences. Based on what Ive been reading Ive made my decision, and I feel more secure in my choice. Thanks!!!

  • John Richards

    I’m so sorry I didn’t see these reviews before signing up with Paysimple. They are holding 34,000.00 of our money for no reason or warning. We get a different answer every time we call their award winning support team. their go to answer is ” I don’t know “. I’m afraid I will have to pursue legal action against them, we have no choice. This company should not be allowed to be in business, they do nothing that they’re paid to do. I have been in business over 20 years and never came across a company this bad. What they have done to us is criminal behavior.

  • Sanjib pant

    i used paysimple for my online business and everything was fine until i received one dispute. One dispute ruined everything. Paysimple has got my fund on hold which is about $5000 and when i try to get in touch with paysimple for knowing more about dispute and how can i fight it back they never have straight answer to my question and say my payment processor is NAB and asks me to contact them then when i contacted NAB they said they have no details about dispute and i should contact global payment for chageback info and since then i am wondering around. 2nd thing from the hold amount i tried to refund some customers and when i refunded from paysimple portal by logging in , my customers received the refund but paysimple didn’t refund from holding amount but refunded from my bank account and still they are holding $5000 so now i m in lose of more 1500 which i refunded. Now i need to know how long will it take when they release the fund they are holding with them.

  • Joe Cunningham

    Paysimple is a bit of a sham company that brings you in with promises of quick easy processing then turns you over to a bank that does the processing and the bank will charge your customers then withhold funds from you. This is just another scam operation with pay simple signing you up and skimming off the top of your funds which both they and the bank collect immediately, them holding your funds from you. I have done business with many processors and still do in my other businesses, the reason I chose this company is because of the recurring payment program and right now my customers are getting charged but my funds are being with held. I would recommend you do not do business with this company if you want to get paid. They are a rip off

    • PaySimple

      Hi Joe, we’re sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with PaySimple. We serve our customers as a payment gateway and partner with processors to set up businesses with merchant accounts (a common partnership among payment gateway software companies). The underwriting process, while it can be a bit of work on the frontend, pays off in the long term because we do our best to make sure you are paired with the best processor for your business. No matter what payment partner you choose, you may find this resource helpful, – PaySimple Team

  • Sarah W

    Do NOT use PaySimple. I requested to be approved for $X per transaction. I was clear that all deposits would be this amount. I was told this was fine and we arranged for 50% of our yearly billing to be set-up. Once we began transactions, I was told the PaySimple rep that I had originally spoken with had advised underwriting that our clients payments would be 12.5% of what they actually would be. I was told their processors could not underwrite our larger amount. I was then told that they would find another underwriter that would be able to do this. Next, while I was gathering additional paperwork requested by PaySimple, I received an email from a PaySimple rep that they had closed our account. I then find out that our first transaction now cannot be refunded to our client because our account has been closed. Instead, the original underwriter would hold onto the deposit for 6 months and then they would send me the clients money. During these 6 months, I will not have access to the funds, nor will this money gather interest for me. This is the resolution after countless phone calls and dozens of emails. If the original person I spoke with had told the underwriters that our deposits would be the amount I told them, I would have then been told that they could not help me. PaySimple put me and my business in a terrible position and wasted hours of my time. Do NOT use PaySimple.

    BTW- I am a 1st time online reviewer of any service or product.

    • PaySimple

      Hi Sarah, As a software company we provide the payment gateway, customer database, and invoicing to our customers while working in conjunction with different credit card processors. While it is up to the credit card processors to place holds, we do try to do everything we can to work with our customers through the underwriting process. As you search for the right fit for your business you might find this article helpful regarding the underwriting process – PaySimple Team

  • Kerry

    PAYSIMPLE is a JOKE!!! I do freelance online advertising and everything was fine for the first 6 weeks then all of a sudden I am told my account is frozen, as well as the money they owed me, until I go through an underwriters review with NAB. I gave them the info they requested and after the review they closed my account- the reason was due having a “high risk” business model- the problem I have is they knew what I do and it was not a secret so I should not have even been allowed to use them if they already knew I fell under this classification- but they allowed me to use them then say I will now have to wait 180 days to get my money in case of any chargebacks. This company is a scam & a joke! who tells you that you’re ok then 6 weeks later tell you you’re not ok??? In the meantime they have my money earning them interest and I now have to wait until the holidays to see any of it- I wish I had reviewed them first and I feel stupid that I didn’t – but knowing what I know now I strongly advise to stay away from them if you need an ACH processing co. DON’T USE THEM YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!

    • PaySimple Marketing

      Hi Kerry – Thanks for sharing your experience and we are sorry that this payment processing partner has caused you problems. We would like to see if there are alternatives and what we can do for your business — give our customer service team a call at 800.466.0992 to talk more specifically about your account.

      Thanks, PaySimple

      • Sarah W

        Kerry, I wish I had seen your review before signing-up with PaySimple. I had an extremely similar experience. Do NOT use PaySimple. They are also holding my funds for 180 days, through no fault of mine.

  • Kris

    These are scammers and thieves! Run the opposite direction!! They take money you process through them and then place your account on hold and supposedly email you about it…no email ever happens. They then tell you they will audit you and require information on your customers so they can call and harass them. Then you are told that processing may take 180 days. These people are thieves! They will tie up your money and charge you fees as you sit and wait for them to resolve the problem they created. This is no way to run a business! Avoid them at all costs!

    • PaySimple

      Hi Kris,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback. For security/privacy reasons, we don’t want to divulge anything about your account on this forum, but are happy to resolve any issues or questions by giving our Customer Experience team a call at 800.466.0992. A representative will be on the phone with you in minutes to answer any questions.

      Audrey Norwood
      Senior Manager, Customer Experience

      • Kris

        We have called your company and spoken to people there repeatedly. Each time there is something more that is missing or something more you need that the last person forgot to mention and that is why you have not processed our issue at that point. There is alway another issue as to why you are withholding money that is not yours!!!! So we are in contact with you, for all the good it is doing.

  • Bad Customer Support


    This company lies to it’s customers and promises services that they don’t offer. I tried to cancel our account within the 30 day trial period and they not only didn’t issue me return on my payment but charged me for a SECOND month! I’ve been fighting with them to return our money and they simply are so inept at their own billing that they can’t get our return processed. Horrible company, Horrible customer service. Stay away from pay simple!

    • PaySimple

      We are sorry to hear you didn’t have a positive experience with PaySimple and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. While we don’t currently offer a free trial, we want to work with you to resolve the issue you are having. Based on your comments, we believe you are already working with our team but, if not, we’d like to start the conversation. Please give our Customer Experience team a call at 800.466.0992 so that we can talk about your account specifics.

  • NS

    We signed up with Paysimple back in June. Everything seemed great until we noticed that our credit card payments are being held and not reaching our bank account. We then noticed weird fees applied to our account and transactions. We opened a support case and inquired why the money was being help. The support specialist said that the credit card processor NAB needs more information before releasing the funds. We provided all the requested information and were very patient with the entire process. We were then asked to provide more sensitive information and wait for a response from NAB. The response never came so we followed-up with the support folks at Paysimple and NAB only to receive an e-mail back saying that NAB has declined to be our credit card processor with no explanation. We then e-mailed and called but heard no response. Then we receive an e-mail stating that it would take up to 180 days to have the funds reimbursed to our clients. In short we sent an e-mail with a request to reimburse our clients and cancel our account. We still have not received a response and are dealing with all the issues, it has been 3 months of terrible service. We have since apologized to our own clients and went with QuickBooks online. PaySimple is clearly a scam and we will be pursuing legal action. Stay away from PaySimple.

    • PaySimple

      Thank you for sharing your experience; we’re so sorry to hear about your frustrations. We keep very detailed notes on all of our merchant interactions, and we were able to locate and review your account. Our Customer Experience team has reached out via phone and email throughout the week but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ve been able to connect with you. Please give our team a call and we are more than happy to help any way we can.

      • Jake

        We had the EXACT SAME issue. PaySimple is a SCAM. Report them to the FTC and file a complaint with the BBB. I have been contacted before about a possible class action suite against them, which you can bet I will be participating in. They are thieves. Go with QuickBooks Online. It is SO much cheaper, pricing is straightforward, there is no ridiculously extensive underwriting you have to go through, AND they actually give you your money. (some readers may think we are exaggerating what has happened, but I assure you, it has been MONTHS and NAB/PaySimple still has our money. Oh, and they won’t even refund what they’ve charged us, despite not actually providing any services. Not just a bad company, not just bad service, it literally meets the definition of a SCAM.

        • PaySimple

          Hi Jake – Sorry to hear that you are frustrated. We have a high rating with the BBB and pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive SaaS solution to manage customers, billing, and cash flow reporting, in conjunction with payment processing through NAB (as well as other partners as dependent on our customers’ needs).

          We’d like to resolve the issue you are facing and speak with you more specifically about your experience. Give our customer service team at a call at 800.466.0992 ext 2 or send an email to care ‘at’ referencing this site.


          Kristin, Director of Acquisition

  • Bill F

    Let me first preface this comment with this: I have been processing credit cards with various merchants since 1996.. I have never had any issue until I found Paysimple..

    Paysimple is the worst.. #1 They quote fees that they never give you. ..#2 on the 2nd day I processed with them, they decided they didnt like my business (i gave full disclosure up front) .. and told me i could no longer process through them. I could either refund the customers or have the money held fro 180 days. I of course chose to refund.

    I just received a statement from pay simple they charged me 897.78 for processing fees..

    They enticed to sign up with them… quoted me a fake fee schedule…. cancelled my processing after 48 hours… charged me almost $900 for nothing..

    my Paysimple review: Pay Simple is a bunch of thieving scammers, do not use them.. EVER!!!

  • rf

    tried to cancel and they needed me to fill out a form after endless emails and phone calls.

    in order to fill out the form they needed certain details WHICH I COULD NOT GET SINCE I CANNOT LOGIN TO MY ACCOUNT. this delayed the cancellation for 2 months



  • Jim

    We had a problem getting set up on PaySimple. Full disclosure, we are a new business and were transparent about that from the outset to PaySimple. We provided a lot of personal and business sensitive information including bank statements and authorized test transactions. We were told the process would take 2-5 days. Nearly two weeks later, having delayed on sending invoices which were timely, we were told that due to our new business stature our invoicing would be limited to $5,000 per invoice and could not invoice same client more than bi-monthly. We have one client paying us $25,000 a month and decided to invoice them for partial to mail to us and were intent to use PaySimple for two more $5,000 ones. The next day we were told to limit invoicing to $1,500 per transaction and were told to wait for our final approval to be processed in the next day. The next day we were told PaySimple needed to decline us as clients unless we personally exposed our credit and guarantee as business owners. This seemed like and odd request and we declined. I did ask PaySimple about this: we are the receivers and not the payers, so why the need for our personal credit to be involved?

    Here is the disappointing conclusion: PaySimple is not a real company, it is a conduit firm that contracts with another payments system and they are beholden to the underwriting requirements of the “real” payments and receivables firm they sub-contract their entire business operations functions to. In essence, the underwriter was concerned about their credit exposure to us if we were paid by a client and then it was disputed because PaySimple cannot/will not submit its own credit — likely because it is a shell and they have none — and is also unwilling to indemnify anyone using their system and relying on the surety of PaySimple as a payer or receiver of funds.

    This company sounds all great in an advert, but to be candid we are glad we missed on this and went with PayPal. There are always business risks that clients pay late in arrears or not at all, and PaySimple preys on the impression people have that they fix it with direct billing and withdrawals like a scheduled ACH payment for their clients. In truth, their clients are one error, problem or dispute away from having much greater headaches because PaySimple is a shell company with no business credit innards or accountability to their clients. Avoid this firm.

  • Monica

    BEWARE: Paysimple advertises in many sites that they are huge on Merchant Education. This is not even close to being true regarding my experience in a short 30 days with this company, as their merchant education is non-existent. We signed up with a month ago, and the setup and getting started was a nightmare because there is absolutely NO communication from the beginning that left us clueless as to what is being setup for our company. They do not reveal full disclosure of all rates and fees, who you are processing with, what are the charges, when charges are coming out of your account, who is taking money from your account, and so on. You sign up on their website and they send you an email that you are approved, give you login info to their online payment software, and tell you that you can start accepting credit cards. But they tell you nothing else. We had to call several times to get more information about what is going on. You don’t even sign anything, and they never provide you a full merchant application agreement you can sign and agree to. The only thing they provided us was a blank 1 page PDF doc with a list of about 10 fees, and it is not complete, no company names on it, does not tell us who we are processing with, and does not disclose full rates and fees, and terms and conditions. We then start seeing money debited from our account and we have to initiate a call to ask questions. They will then tell you that you are processing with North American Bankcard as the ISO processing your credit card transactions. We then see withdrawals from our account from global, and we were ready to call our bank to initiate reversals of these charges. We call paysimple and they tell us that global is the processor that NAB uses. So global is the company that is really doing the processing for us, not PaySimple or NAB who are just the middlemen. And we were going to reverse the charges from global because no one ever told us about NAB or Global. We never received a full merchant agreement and contract with full disclosure of the terms and processing rates and fees. NAB then decided to put a hold on $400 of transactions from our company to do a review. We provided signed payment authorization forms from our customers for all of these transactions. It took them 12 days to do their review and release our funds. 3 days later they tell us NAB is closing our merchant account with no explanation. What a waste of time. Why would they approve your account in the first place and let you process credit cards, only to close your account 30 days later after they finally decide to review your account and decide not to allow you to process with them. We spent hours learning their software and setting up recurring billing accounts, only to have the online account locked. They should have declined us from the beginning and just tell you upfront your application is declined. This was a huge nightmare, absolutely no communication, and Paysimple seems to be setup to provide excellent customer service with very friendly customer service, big on merchant education, and so on. But the way they do business, set you up, leave you in the dark of who you are really doing business with, no disclosure of fees, and no explanation of who is taking money from your account, is unacceptable and scares me as a business owner that I was going to close my account with them anyways because I would never be able to trust a company that does business this way, especially when I have to rely on them to process our transactions and whether they would deposit your money or not to your bank account. I would not recommend doing business with PaySimple until they change their policies and practices. This represents a total failure to do good and honest business with merchants. They will probably come back and respond and say something like we are high risk with bad credit or something, but this does not excuse them for everything I described above. And if they have their reasons to not allow us to keep a merchant account, then just decline our application from the beginning and not waste our time, and not let us process with them for 30 days and then close our account. Don’t waste people’s time and money. Communication is a huge failure with Paysimple unless you call and ask many questions, then they will disclose what is really going on.

  • Rishat

    Being misguided from tricky advertising I opened account with Pay Simple company online.
    When I call couple days later to find out about rates representative discovered different fees and interest against advertised online. I asked him to close my account immediately to prevent fee collections. He promised to close it to prevent any further charges from my account. Unfortunately no actions were taken and charges kept accruing. When I found my debit card was charged first monthly fee called them again. In addition they disclosed my information to another company that started collecting their fees along with pay simple. It is nasty thing I ever saw that companies do for their own benefits. No matter how many times I called and sent them emails they kept silent. Meantime this company was collecting fees when I never used any of their services, received no equipment or tools, neither utilized their online services. In three months they eventually agreed to close my account and sent me the form to sign. Nevertheless neither Pay Simple nor another company they disclosed my bank account and info returned a dime. After all I hope I can get this issue resolved and receive full refund for fake service.
    Pay Simple company collected $168.95 in fees from my personal account without my permission and for no service provided. I consider this situation as fraud and willing to escalate this claim to court complaint.

  • James L

    Paysimple seemed nice enough – they were polite on the phone, had great rates, and seemed to be straightforward and easy.

    Well, after a few months of usage, that is simple not the case. They charge huge fees – first is the set monthly fee, then they start adding fee and fee without telling you. They also try to hook you in by saying on their website all transactions are a set fee like squared ($.30 + 2.99% or something like that), but what they don’t tell you is that it’s ONLY for businesses with great credit. The real charge is far above that. I just started my business, and now all the paysimple fees they are charging me add up to around 30% of my monthly revenue. Insane.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, I just found out they make you pay American Express merchant fee without every telling you. They forwarded my bank account information to American Express to automatically take it out of my bank account without my consent.

    They company is wretched – do not use them. They are deceptive and will say anything to get you to sign up with them.

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