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Sean Jones
Sean Jones

About Sean

After graduating from the University of West Florida, I began my career at Red Moss Media as an online advertising and marketing specialist. In 2003, I took a Support Analyst position with Best Software, Inc. Working directly with CPA firms, I helped them with best practices and supporting the firm software. I entered the payment industry in 2008 as an outside sales representative. In 2012, I took over the Sales Manager position which includes overseeing the marketing team, sales team, and supporting customers.

I believe the most important factor of the business should be customer service. Of course pricing is an important factor, however, too many times merchants are left wading through issues with minimal help. We implement a “4 rings and Resolve” practice where your call will be answered by a real person, with in 4 rings, and your issue resolved! Now that’s customer service!!

Products and Services Represented

  • Bankcard Processing International, LLC – our corporation
  • Priority Payment Systems Gulf Coast – Our DBA
  • Harris Bank/Cynergy – Our in house high risk division with corporate (Priority Payment Systems Inc)
  • First Data – The main payment processors network we are a part of (Wells Fargo is the acquiring bank)
  • TSYS – The secondary payment processor we are a network of
  • PowerPay
  • iPayment – Broker for higher risk merchants
  • InstaBill – Broker for our incredibly high risk merchants
  • Cross Check
  • Pay Alliance
  • eProcessing Network
  • USAePay
  • Revel Systems POS
  • Retail Technology Center – Our Retail Pro reselling partner
  • Future POS
  • ShopKeep
  • Premiere Wireless Standard
  • PC America
  • Advantage Mobile POS

CPO Accreditation Pledge

I, Sean Jones, hereby pledge to abide by the highest standard of ethics and transparency when interacting with my current and prospective merchant customers. I agree to fully understand the services, pricing and contracts that I market to prospective merchants; to promote interchange-plus pricing; to verbally disclose all provisions as they relate to pricing, terms of service, cancellation, and equipment cost; and to never sign merchants into multi-year, non-cancellable agreements or leases without their express knowledge and consent.

I understand that merchants expect openness, honesty, and integrity from me, and I acknowledge that my failure to meet these ethical obligations will result in the loss of my CPO Accreditation.

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