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Eliminate Hidden Processing Costs Forever

Getting offered a merchant “statement analysis” has become so common that it’s practically a cliché in the credit card processing industry. The problem with most of the analyses is that they are by someone who is trying to get you to switch your credit card processing services to their company. Their only goal is to show you a report with fees that are lower than your current costs. Low enough that you will switch, but not low enough to eat too much out of their own profit margins.

Cut Sales Commissions and Save Even More

Did you know that most sales people get paid a residual percentage of your processing rates? They have no incentive to actually help you understand your true costs as doing so would lower their commission on your account. They just want to give you the appearance that you will save money with them so that they can build their monthly income off of your processing fees. That’s where we are different.

We Don’t Sell Credit Card Processing Services

As an independent rate and fee auditor, our only mission is to give you a complete understanding of your credit card processing fees and how to reduce them to the to the lowest possible costs, permanently. We have no other incentive except to help you save as much money as possible. 

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What is a Merchant Account Cost Audit?

Put simply, we take a fine tooth comb and go through every transaction fee, monthly fee, and annual fee in your merchant account statement to expose where and how you are getting overcharged in processing fees. As independent consultants, our only goal is to analyze your statements and report back our findings. We are not a credit card processing company and we are not trying to sell you a merchant account. We will give you an unbiased view into your credit card processing costs so that you can negotiate the lowest possible rates and fees.

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Why Get an Audit

Credit card processing fees can be hidden from you in various ways. You may have heard such terms as: Tiered Pricing, Bucket Pricing, Interchange, Flat-Rate, Bill-Back, Level 1-3, and others. Do you know how these different pricing schemes affect your underlying processing costs? Do you know if you are on the correct rate structure for your business type? Are you certain that your transactions are getting charged at correct rates according to industry fee schedules? Are you benefitting from pricing regulations such as the Durbin Amendment? We can give you a clear insight into your fees and make recommendations for optimizing costs.

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How an Audit Works

We will evaluate your statement and email you a report of our findings. The report will include a breakdown of where you are getting overcharged, list any mistakes that may be occurring in your pricing, and our estimate of what you could be paying with the excess charges removed.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of transactions per statement. We are happy to provide a quote prior to running an analysis. Please fill out the form below for more information.

How Much Can I Save?

Our average client saves over $1,200 per year after a renegotiation of fees, but we have helped some businesses save over $300,000 per year. It all depends on your transaction volume and fee structure. We’ll also provide a free guide to help guide you in negotiating your processing costs, or we can be hired to do the negotiation for you.

Join The Waitlist

Due to high demand, and to maintain a high level of service, we only accept a limited number of statement audits each month. Please join our waitlist below if you would like to be contacted when we open our next round of audits.