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Easy integration Dependence on Bitcoin network stability
Global Bitcoin payment acceptance Bitcoin price volatility
Low transaction fees Limited currency options
Enhanced payment security Technical knowledge required
No chargebacks Limited user adoption
Fast international transfers Regulatory uncertainties


In this review of BitPay, we will take a close look at this company in the cryptocurrency payment processing sector. We'll cover the main services BitPay offers, including processing cryptocurrency transactions for merchants, offering crypto wallets, and providing cards. We'll discuss features like payment processing options, e-commerce integration, and mobile app functionalities to see how businesses and individuals can use these tools.

We'll also look at the security measures BitPay employs, especially considering past security incidents, and evaluate their customer service efficiency based on user feedback and online ratings. Additionally, we'll discuss BitPay's legal challenges and their impact on the company's operations.

Lastly, we'll break down BitPay's fee structure and overall costs, giving a clear picture of the financial aspects involved in using their services. This review will aim to offer a clear and comprehensive understanding of BitPay, making it useful for anyone interested in cryptocurrency payment solutions.

BitPay is a virtual currency processor that specializes in enabling merchant accounts to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments from customers. The company also provides customers with crypto wallets and cards. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has grown rapidly in the past few years. At the beginning of 2013, BitPay secured $510,000 in funding from various investors. By the end of 2013, the company received the backing of Horizon Ventures, an investment firm operated by China's richest man. As a major crypto company, Bitpay partners with a large number of other financial companies, including Banxa, Method Financial, ZenLedger, BlueSnap, MoonPay, Xeni, Gr4vy, BigCommerce, and Polygon Network.

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BitPay Products and Services

Payment Processing

BitPay allows clients the option to receive payments in traditional currency instead of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. When this setting is chosen, BitPay accepts Bitcoin or other cryptocoins from online customers and converts the transaction into standard currency at a fixed exchange rate. This allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments while still receiving state-backed currency in their bank accounts. The service supports payouts in at least eight currencies and direct bank deposits in at least 38 countries, including two-day deposits via ACH in the United States. BitPay can be integrated with Shopify and also provides plugins and POS integrations for both online and retail merchants. Additionally, BitPay has introduced a mobile Bitcoin wallet and a reloadable Bitcoin Visa card for consumers.

E-Commerce Integration

BitPay offers e-commerce integration that enables online businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments on their websites. It supports popular e-commerce platforms and shopping carts, making it straightforward to accept digital currencies and expand payment options for online customers.

Mobile App and Wallet

BitPay provides an application that allows users to buy, store, swap, and spend cryptocurrency. The app includes a feature to convert Bitcoin into dollars and offers a BitPay crypto debit card, which provides cashback on purchases. This service is designed to facilitate the management and spending of cryptocurrencies in a manner similar to traditional money.

Payment Settlement

BitPay offers a payment settlement service that allows businesses to settle payments in local currencies, cryptocurrencies, or a combination of both. This flexibility enables businesses to choose their preferred settlement method based on their needs and risk tolerance.

BitPay's service allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency as payment for online transactions, expanding their payment options to include various cryptocurrencies and catering to customers who prefer digital currencies.

Email Billing and Crypto Payouts

BitPay provides a service for businesses to send billing invoices via email, which can be paid in cryptocurrency. Additionally, BitPay offers a solution for executing crypto payouts, facilitating a modern approach to disbursing payments to employees, contractors, or affiliates.

In-Store Payments

BitPay supports in-store cryptocurrency payments for brick-and-mortar businesses. This service integrates with existing point-of-sale systems, allowing customers to pay with cryptocurrencies in a physical retail environment.

Crypto Donations and NFTs

BitPay enables non-profits to accept donations in cryptocurrency. The platform also supports transactions related to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), providing businesses with access to the growing NFT market.

Secure Crypto Storage and Transactions

The platform offers a non-custodial crypto app for secure fund storage, emphasizing security in cryptocurrency management. Users can manage multiple wallets and have instant access to their assets. The app also allows users to pay with crypto and buy gift cards directly from their wallet, facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

BitPay Bill Pay

BitPay has introduced a Bill Pay service that allows users to pay their bills using cryptocurrencies. This service supports payments for a variety of bills, including credit card bills, mortgages, car payments, and personal loans. It is designed to offer convenience for cryptocurrency users, supporting payments to over 5,000 service providers and accommodating a wide range of payment needs.

2014 Phishing Scam

In late 2014, BitPay lost more than $1.8 million in Bitcoin when its chief financial officer fell victim to a phishing scam. These losses do not appear to have been a breach of BitPay's systems or a mass ripoff of BitPay users, but instead seem to represent an isolated incident for which the company has paid a steep price.

Mobile Wallet Hacking

In November 2018, BitPay warned its users about an infected code created to steal private wallet keys from people who use the Copay (its open-source wallet) app. A hacker was able to create a backdoor into the service by setting up malware in an open-source library that Copay was reliant on. Those using Android and iOS versions 5.0.2 through to 5.1.0 of its Copay app were most at risk and are advised to avoid opening the app again, to update their affected wallets, and to then transfer funds from compromised wallets to version 5.2.0 wallets. The company has stated that BitPay wallets were not affected by the malicious code.

BitPay payment processing
BitPay is a cryptocoin payment processor

BitPay Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 30+
Live Customer Support No
Most Common Complaint Poor Service
Recent Lawsuits Yes

Analysis of BitPay Reviews

Our examination reveals approximately 30 negative reviews of BitPay across various platforms, with allegations of the company engaging in ripoff or scam practices. Users have praised BitPay for its sleek interface and ease of configuration, yet criticisms primarily focus on issues related to fund holds and the complexity of its payment and refund processes. Over time, BitPay has notably adjusted its business model to be more selective about the types of businesses it supports. This shift, along with its integration of Bitcoin payments with fiat currency for conventional markets, has sparked debate within the cryptocurrency community regarding the scope of transactions BitPay can handle. We recommend business owners explore our compilation of the best merchant services providers. Your BitPay experiences and reviews are invited in the comments section below.

BitPay Legal and Regulatory Challenges

In February 2021, BitPay agreed to a $507,375 settlement with OFAC for processing payments from countries sanctioned by US law, including North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Cuba, and Iran. Additionally, BitPay was fined $1 million by New York’s Financial Services Department for alleged violations related to cybersecurity and anti-money laundering standards. Those seeking to address their grievances without litigation are advised to contact relevant oversight bodies.

Assessing BitPay Customer Support

BitPay primarily offers email support to its clientele, with live support available to larger entities. It’s essential for users to consider the importance of having real-time support for their Bitcoin transactions. A significant portion of the complaints about BitPay points to unsatisfactory customer service, suggesting that the company’s support efforts do not meet the industry benchmarks set by leading payment processors known for exemplary customer service.

This revised content strives to provide a balanced overview of BitPay, highlighting user feedback, legal challenges, and the quality of customer support. By integrating SEO-optimized terms related to “reviews,” “complaints,” and “customer service,” the update aims to enhance visibility and offer valuable insights for individuals evaluating BitPay’s services.

BitPay Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 38

Over 30 Complaints

The Better Business Bureau currently gives BitPay an “A” rating and is not showing accreditation for the company. There have been 33 complaints filed against BitPay in the last 36 months. Only 11 of these complaints were resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant.

What Merchants Say

BitPay has also received 5 informal reviews to its BBB profile. The most recent review describes potentially missing money and a lack of customer service:

I created a account with bitpay and secured my 12 word recovery phrase. I made a bitcoin deposit and tried to send it to another wallet of mine and was denied because apparently I made a encrypted passcode for my transactions (which I did not). Their support and website keeps telling me to follow their steps for a account recovery to by-pass the encrypted passcode but when I import my 12 word phrase to import my wallet a balance of **** is reflecting. Not only a zero dollar balance but the wallet address is new. The website says to delete the wallet once old wallet is imported but I don’t want to take the risk of permanently deleting my wallet holding my funds. It has been days since their customer service has reached back out to me after giving such general responses as answers.

This client would be better served by one of our top-rated processors.

An “F” Overall

BitPay has also not received any informal reviews, although it is worth noting that these reviews are not subject to verification by the BBB. After weighing BitPay’s moderate overall complaint total against its increase in complaints and poor resolution efforts toward multiple complaints, we have slightly adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “B”.

BitPay Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties No
Monthly & Annual Fees No
Processing Rates 1%
Equipment Leasing No

No Traditional Processing Fees

BitPay operates independently of Visa/MasterCard processing networks, bypassing interchange rates and typical payment processing fees such as PCI compliance feesmonthly minimum fees, statement fees, setup fees, and chargeback fees. This unique approach enables BitPay to waive transaction fees and provide ample transaction limits, making its rates competitive compared to some of the most affordable payment processing options.

Standard Risk Transaction Charges

For conventional-risk businesses, BitPay imposes a straightforward 1% fee per transaction without additional charges. Users gain access to multi-user support, email support, automatic payment exception handling, QuickBooks IIF downloads, and basic e-commerce and billing tools. High-risk industry operators may face higher per-transaction fees disclosed during account setup, while large-scale enterprises might qualify for reduced pricing or priority customer support.

No Termination Fee, But Possible Fund-Holds

BitPay’s terms outline a list of prohibited business types and details on the company’s reserve and termination policies. Businesses retain the freedom to cancel their service without incurring a termination fee, although BitPay reserves the right to place fund-holds at its discretion. While Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, refunds can be processed partially or fully through BitPay with customer consent.

How does BitPay work How BitPay works

BitPay Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing No
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

No Independent Sales Agents

BitPay appears to primarily rely on its website and traditional advertising methods to market its service. The company does not employ independent sales agents, and there are no BitPay reviews at this time that accuse the company’s sales team of unethical conduct. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Public Contract Disclosure

BitPay’s website also does not appear to utilize any deceptive rate promotion at this time. The company’s contract terms are fully visible on its website, so we will award it an “A” in this category. If you suspect that BitPay is charging you undisclosed fees, however, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden costs.

Our BitPay Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

BitPay is recognized as a low-cost and reliable service for Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and credit card processing, meeting or exceeding most established criteria for such platforms. As a relatively new player in the rapidly evolving fintech sector, BitPay is experiencing swift growth, which suggests that its services and offerings may continue to evolve. Businesses engaging with BitPay should be prepared for changes that could enhance or alter the service experience over time, as the company adapts to market demands and technological advancements.

Positioned at the forefront of cryptocurrency acceptance, BitPay represents a leading choice for clients who are looking to integrate virtual currency transactions into their operations without substantial risk. This makes it especially appealing for businesses or individuals with a casual interest in cryptocurrencies who seek to explore digital currencies alongside traditional payment methods. For those considering BitPay, it’s advantageous to stay informed about the latest developments and updates from the company as it navigates the complexities of crypto and credit card processing.

Location & Ownership

BitPay’s headquarters can be found at 8000 Avalon Blvd Ste 300 Alpharetta, GA 30009-2467. Stephen Pair is listed as the co-founder and CEO of BitPay, while Jim Lester is the CFO.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did BitPay Treat You?

33 User Reviews

  • Keith Bradbury

    Who North America

    As a merchant, we attempted to implement BitPay into our website. We have been an online business for 25 years (we are older than Google), and it took FOREVER for them to approve our account. Then, after we were told that everything was functional, we waited for our first transaction. And when someone attempted to utilize the service, it failed because BitPay required more information from us or something. We finally had to disable the payment option and we are sticking to regular credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.

  • James

    Avoid BITPAY or you will be sorry! This systems is nothing but a problem and headache. I have just spent the last five hours trying to get a refund from this AWFUL company. I follow the verification instructions PERFECTLY and they will not accept my clear and problem free images. WTF is going on with these people. Do not do business with any company stupid enough to use BitPay as a vendor.

  • Brad

    DO NOT use Bitpay to settle real-world invoices.

    Why not?

    *they have a 1% transaction fee
    *they have no anonymity (they require a photo ID and a facial scan)
    *they have zero customer service (no email, no phone number, and no online chat!), except for their ticket system which can take days or a week for a response
    *they have an archaic settlement system – if you somehow underpay an invoice by even a penny or by the exchange transaction fee, they will fail the payment, and may take days to refund your crypto! (which is fluctuating by the hour)

    I went through all of this and lost ~$1500 in crypto because of these issues, so learn from my experience!

  • Khawaja Zain

    Bit pay

    Bit pay is a fraud. I withdrawal 128$ on 6 October 2021. My 128$ is not giving me. Bit pay eat my money. Don’t trust on this company.
    And this company send me replying email: “we can’t do anything about your withdrawal because this is networking”

  • Starka

    BitPay, while a great concept, is a dumpster fire when it comes to problems. Customer service and tech support are virtually nonexistent. I’ve been trying to add funds for a week now and have not been able to do so. They to imagine the fun when trying to get funds back from them! My considered advice is to avoid BitPay at all costs.

  • Phil Flo

    I absolutely LOVE BitPay. I’m not sure where all these negative reviews are coming from; I haven’t had any issues setting up my account, verifying my ID, or using the MasterCard they sent me.

    BitPay is my one-stop-shop to buy bitcoin, facilitate trades, and access my funds either through purchases, or the ATM (all my ATM fees get refunded at the end of the month too!)

    Keep up the good work BitPay!

  • jonathan

    I deeply regret that day I registered as Bitpay card holder. Bitpay closed my account/card and has refused to release my $1,750. I work extremely hard to earned that money. I have called bitpay numerous times to issue a check or allow a temporary withdrawal, all to no avail. This should serve as a lesson to other bitpay users. This company is a fraud eating its users hardwork.

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  • Oleg Z.

    Whoever gave them B score is either paid or bot. This company doesn’t even understand corporate structures, making it basically impossible to even pass the verification if you are bigger than 5 people. How this can be a payment provider who doesnt even understand the concept of beneficiary owners?
    Looks like a joke to me.

  • Jeddie Payne

    I was ripped off by Bitpay yesterday 6/5/19. I obtained a bitcoin address that was suppose to be attached to my wallet from bitpay. I had a merchant send $500 in bitcoin to my wallet. Bitpay was experiencing a glitch in their system yesterday which the admit occurred. As a result the money that was sent to my wallet entered my account at the time of the glitch but when the glitch was fixed the funds were no longer available. When a customer has issues with a company you should be able to reach out by telephone or face to face. Of course with bitpay you can never talk to anyone. The only thing you can do is email them and wait for a response which typically takes hours. Now in a nutshell they are telling me oh well. There isn’t nothing they can do. I am just out of $500 USD. If anyone know anything that can be done to stop this company or assist please advise.

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  • whit

    I too have experienced nothing but problems with Bitpay Debit Card Cardholder Service. Money disappearing over night, hundreds of dollars in pre-authorize transactions that are either duplicate and had settled or who knows Bitpay Cardholder Services certainly doesn’t nor do they care.
    Allowing forced transactions with a zero balance, I dunno the list is too long. After 3 years and a nightmare Bitpay decides to deactivate my Cardholder Account, Thank You Bitpay !!! You did me a favor.. Stay Away From Bitpay !!!! that’s my new slogan.. Everyone pass it along..

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  • michael caires

    i had a negative balance of $244 due to a fraudulent charge. i called to check my balance and it was zero so i assumed the dispute was done and i won. i deposited $160 from my bitpay wallet to my card and they took the $160!! they saud it was showing zero because the bank charged off the balance. so basicly the bank got paid twice. the c.s agent and supervisir were zero help and got real rude to ne when i asked how can a bank take mobet from me on a zero balance? they saud well if it were me and $244 disappeared in air id call to see why i said i had a claim for the amount and figured the only way it would be zero is if i won my dispute. horible c.s and am closing my account after they stole $160 from me. a total joke company! Visa should yank their name off their card!!

    From The Editor
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  • Daniel Daves

    Run for your life. I had a week of travel where airport baggage fees and coffee shops double billed me. I filed proper forms, receiving no response. I filed the forms 5 times in 5 months and finally Bitpay told me to stop filing the complaints. Many phone calls and emails later, they finally informed me that they couldn’t help me because too much time had passed – 6 months. They did not stand for me, they didn’t do their job, and they allowed double billing to go unchecked…there was absolutely nothing I could do. $700 in the hole – run for your life! Don’t use this company. They show no signs of being an actual credit card processing company that cares for their customers. They had all the tools at their disposal, and chose not to help me. No communication. Nothing…

    From The Editor
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  • aggravated

    Signed up, they take your money quick, and then state they can’t confirm I am me saying I recently moved, even though I lived at the same address for 13 years. Don’t bother signing up, it’s a trap, they take your money and run.

  • Steve Winter

    People need to be warned about the incompetence of Bitpay support!!! It is outrageous!! I lost about $2000 due to Bitpay incompetence!!! Their incompetence is truly astounding!!! Especially their support person Dana! I am trying to get someone competent to take over my ticket. I lost around $2000 due to astounding Bitpay incompetence.

  • Whit Ratliff

    I have BitPay wallet, I initiated a transfer of coin from my wallet to merchant using custom fee base rather than BitPay suggested rate. The result is BitPay will not Broadcast the transaction thus it can’t be mined. I find this practice unfair and suspect. Why ??
    My decision to use custom fee should have no bearing whats so ever on transaction Broadcast. Explain to me how you justify your failure to act..

  • John L.

    I wrote a review letting people know to stay clear of the Bitpay Visa, it has been a little over 4 months and 39 emails sent to Bitpay asking for there help on trying to resolve a problem with funds “Bitcoins & Dollar’s” not being credited to my account, I have noticed that when I go to make a purchase on occasions my card is declined for no specif reason so I have to pay someother way, BUT, the funds are still withdrawn from my bitpay visa, when I first discovered this I was floored and clled them only to be told that they could neither verify if this was true but asked me to check my account in 10 buisness days to see if rh funds had been returned, then that 10 days turned into 30 days, and now it has been over 90 days and still now answer, the emails I sent asking for help tell me I will be contacted in 24 to 48 hours that is as far as it goes with getting any assistance from them, it is always the same generic response, and no folly up after that, I am missing over 3,700.00 dollars from my account that needs to be refunded by these criminals, I called the better business bureau to let the know that Bitpay, is saying that they are a member of the BBB and were given an A rating, the BBB told me that they were not a member and that this was a common practice that retailers but there was nothing that they could do about it, I couldn’t believe my ears, so what good are they then it sites like Bitpay can make up there own reviews?, I would recommend that if you are looking for a Bitcoin visa card try a different company de to there deceptive nature, poor customer service, and there is no telephone number for Bitpay to resolve issue,and yes they have email for bitpay but they will only reply with a generic response promising that someone will be in contact within 24 to 48 hours, and they also recommend trying there FAQ page, and that is the extent of there customer service. Calling it customer service is a joke the bottom line is Bitpay has customer service on name only.

    Since I have had no luck getting any type of answer I am going to seek out legal advice on how to proceed. I will keep this page updated.

    If this helped you in anyway please consider making a donation, it is greatly appreciated.

    btc. 1QFs7D6yQ6mf6JSUpj4WnPo4kkLHSfKJcW

    bch. 1C7x56px9y1uTyMTHT5xvmWNFu43gfRC51

  • isomantium

    Bitpay is the absolute worst. The verification process is a nightmare. After uploading documentation multiple times, the verification process still failed. The failure reasons make no sense to human beings either. After contacting support, they simply copied and pasted a generic response and never even investigated why the verification was failing. After a number of follow up emails, I have had no feedback. It’s been 24 days now and I have had no response even after requesting a refund. AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU.

  • John L

    Be very careful with Bitpay, like most people I liked it at first but then funds started disapearing out of my account and charge backs “refunds” never showed up on my card, I have written Bitpay 8 times and have not received any response fro them besides the generic response stating that they are looking into it, and I would receive a response within 2 to 3 business days, so I tried finding a phone number for them, but there is none, no way to contact them at all, this company seems to be criminal in nature and would recommend for anybody thinking of joining to try another card company,
    Another thing I noticed Bitpay says they belong to the BBB…. WRONG, they do not, so how can the have a A rating if they do not belong to the BBB? in my opinion this is typical of Bitpay, they are very deceptive and border on criminal.. this company need to be shut down.

  • Cryptonought

    Took best part of one week to receive a reply from customer service query. Then they didn”t answer why my wallet always receives considerable less money then entered. Don’t trust this company

  • Tyrus Osburn

    This review is for the Bitpay Visa Debit Card, at first I loved having a card that allowed me to cash out my Bitcoins to. Until…
    They completely without any stated reason crapped on me! In Dec. 2016 I was notified by Bitpay that my card had been suspended pending Identity verification, which was all instigated by somebody fraudulently trying to link their Coinbase account to my card, this after nearly $1200 worth of Visa purchases were made to Coinbase fraudulently from my Bitpay Visa card, so naturally I made it clear to bitpay agents that I did not make these charges, at which point I was told to outline every charge that wasn’t mine and email the support dept. Along with these charges I was told that my account would remain suspended pending identity verification, and was informed which documents would be required to prove my identity. At this point I uploaded my ID a selfie holding my ID, my SS card, tax documents, and proof of address documents, (recent bills) all of which I submitted acordingly. After review I was told that my account was going to be closed. I was ok with this thinking that I would get a new card and account for the bad charges, and I awaited further instructions. The only thing that came from Bitpay was an explaination that since my account was closed that I was unable, or did not qualify for submission of any kind of dispute for fraudulent charges??? Are you guys serious?? Now what do I do?? about these charges. I have tried numerous times to contact Bitpay to no avail. & then on another note I have tried to contact coinbase to recover these funds, and that is whole other complaint in itself, since they truly have NO BODY that you can actually talk to about ANYTHING! If there is anybody out there that sees this please take caution when signing up with Bitpay as you can see from my situation. They simply closed my account instead of taking my claim for a dispute against fraudulent charges, this in my opinion is borderline criminal, as if them and coinbase have some sort of working relationship or something, I don’t know I can’t get help from either one of them at this point, I have been left out in the cold on this one, It is quite frustrating since these charges total over a thousand dollars worth of charges that I did not make!!

  • Phil Jones

    I have started a thread on bitcoin talk for scamming me. The invoice expired and you still haven’t paid the bitcoins and are making false statements.

    Please refund my bitcoins now….

    Bitpay invoice that expired

    Funds lost 0.010485 to address 19RRWPXH64kfPkZAJZjTqZopeoewJquHAC

    Blockchain proof that bitcoins were sent


    Bitpay Invoice URL that expired

    Bitpay wallet address for refund

    • Alex Hilleary

      I too tried to use Bitpay to buy an Egifter gift card. My transaction appears to have “disappeared” in the sense that Bitpay has no further record of it. The initial page after I initiated transaction said that I was using a “low fee” wallet (i.e. blockchain). My Txid:

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