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CPO is a small business advocacy website that helps business owners find the best payment acceptance solutions for their particular needs. We’ve rated and reviewed hundreds of service providers so that you can save time, save money, and achieve peace of mind when accepting card payments.

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“Fee Sweep”
Rate Negotiating Guide

Knowledge truly is power when it comes to negotiating merchant account pricing. This guide can literally save you thousands of dollars over the life of your business. Never overpay for accepting credit and debit cards or get scammed into predatory contracts again. Get “Fee Sweep” today!

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Comprehensive Consultation

Wouldn’t it be nice to get answers to all of your questions with a quick phone call? We have nearly a decade of experience with the merchant account industry, we’ve reviewed hundreds of service providers, and we know how to negotiate the lowest rates and fees possible. Schedule a consultation with us today!
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Agent Accreditation

Do you sell merchant services? Are you committed to honest, transparent, and ethical sales practices? Join our Accredited Agent program and display to the world that you are one of the good guys. Getting accredited gives you an edge over the competition. Take the pledge today!
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