Cut Your Merchant Account Costs In Half Without Switching

We help businesses of all sizes recover excessive processing costs and permanently lower them without switching any of their merchant services providers, hardware, POS systems, or software. We do this by taking our insider knowledge of the credit and debit card processing industry combined with proprietary data and systems to identify down to the penny how much you are overpaying for accepting card payments. From there, we leverage our experience to help you renegotiate your rates and fees backed by the pricing we have obtained for previous clients in your industry and vertical. To ensure that new fees are never added or rates never unjustifiably raised, we monitor your statements monthly, flag any suspicious fees, and call on your behalf to remove them and obtain refunds.

You are probably overpaying for credit card processing. But how much can you really save? How do you know if a new provider is really offering the lowest fees? Changing providers can be pain in the neck and you might find yourself paying as much as you were with your last provider. What if you could permanently get the lowest processing costs without changing providers?

Well, now you can! Get a FREE statement review to determine exactly how much you can save. We can also assist you with strategies for lowering your fees with your current provider forever.

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Did you know that a merchant account contract is one of the most important documents you can sign for your business? Why? Because a bad processor can literally take you out of business.

Predatory fees can destroy your profit margins and switching providers can cost you thousands of dollars in penalties.

Never worry about getting ripped off again.
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Need help with a payments related story or want to feature CPO? Please feel free to reach out! I've been quoted in, and have provided insights for, publications including INC Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Computer World Magazine, and several others.

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The merchant services industry is plagued with sleazy sales agents that give the industry a bad reputation. If you believe in providing honest and transparent service to your prospective customers, you can differentiate yourself by gaining CPO Accreditation.

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