How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors

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Filing a Complaint About Your Merchant Account Provider

When you have exhausted all options and your merchant account provider is unwilling to resolve your grievance, it can be a frustrating and enraging experience. However, there are steps you can take to get the outcome you desire. Some of the most common complaints business owners have about credit card processors are issues regarding funding holds (See: How to Get Your Credit Card Processor to Release Your Money), hidden and unexpected fees, cancellation fees, predatory equipment leases, and billing of fees even after a business has closed its merchant account. The approach that you use to resolve your issue will be the determining factor for getting what you want.

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Take These Steps Before Complaining About Your Credit Card Processor

Keep Track of Everything

Before you jump straight into reporting a merchant account provider, be sure to exhaust all of your options with the company itself. Take notes and record the names of people with whom you spoke, their titles, and what they told you. We also suggest recording the phone conversations, but keep in mind that many states require you to notify the other party that they are being recorded. Make sure you have copies of all of your agreements and of any written communications. Most consumer protection agencies will not get involved unless you have made a good faith effort to settle the disagreement directly and can show a record of what has occurred.

Keep in mind that you signed a contract. If you failed to read it before signing, this will work against your case. You will need to prove that you were intentionally misled or that something unlawful has occurred. If you signed your merchant account agreement without reading it fully, you may have to settle with your circumstances. But, does that mean you should give up? Not necessarily.

Do Your Homework

Often, disputes arise because of fees that the business owner did not expect. This problem frequently occurs because the sales agent did not verbally disclose all of the fees that the business owner will incur from the credit card processor. It is unethical for an agent to withhold important fee information during the setup of a merchant account. In fact, they often do this purposefully because disclosing all of the fees verbally could result in a lost sale.

The question then becomes, is it illegal for the agent to not disclose this information? Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not illegal unless you can prove that the agent lied about the fees. Even then, they are listed in your merchant account agreement and you would have to prove that these disclosures were somehow hidden from you. They say that even the faintest ink is stronger than the loudest voice in a court of law, so legal action will likely be a waste of your time if you can't prove that you were intentionally misled.

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What Not To Do Before You File Complaints

Don't Close Your Attached Checking Account

You may be thinking, “Is this guy crazy?!” But, the truth is, closing your attached checking account can cause even more problems. This is especially true if your issue is due to funding holds. Once you close you account, there is nowhere for your fee refunds or fund releases to be deposited. Additionally, if the processor detects that your checking account is no longer active, they may hold your funds for the maximum allowable timeframe. If you owe the processor legitimate fees that they can no longer withdraw, they may have grounds to put you into collections or even sue you. Closing your checking account should be a last resort used only for processors that are continuing to withdraw illegitimate charges.

Don't Be Rude To Customer Service Agents

You feel like you have been ripped off and you are mad as hell. You want retribution and you want your voice heard. As tempting as it is to shout at customer service representatives. Stay calm. Stay collected. Stay cool and speak to everyone with respect. It will get you much farther with the people who can help you and will increase your chances of getting what you want. At the end of the day, the person you are talking to doesn't have to help you get your money back, or waive a term you agreed to in your contract. However, if you are kind and patient, you may be able to charm your way into getting your problem solved.

Don't Lie

This seems obvious, but when it comes to complaining about credit card processors many people will say anything to get their money back. Lying compromises your integrity and will kill your momentum. If you made a mistake, own up to it. Often, accepting responsibility for you decisions and actions can garner sympathy from customer service agents.

Don't Attack

Whether you are speaking with a customer service representative, leaving comments on websites, or filing an official report, stick to the facts. Many websites, including this one, will not publish your complaint if it attacks or uses offensive language. You may want to call people “dumb” or “thieves,” but it will not help your case. The content of your complaint should detail your circumstances without injecting personal opinion, attacks, or unrelated information. This is especially true when filing official complaints with consumer protection agencies.

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Where to Complaint About Your Processor

As mentioned earlier, the options below should only be utilized if you have exhausted all of your avenues with the merchant account provider. It is also wise to make the provider aware of your intention to file complaints with the organizations in this list. You may be surprised how quickly they change their tune once they realize you are prepared to escalate your issue with third-parties. The methods listed below are primarily useful for U.S.-based merchants. If you are a non-U.S. business and know of methods for your country, please leave them in the comment section below.

Leave a Comment on Our Review of the Processor

Although this website is not an official agency, numerous merchant services providers monitor their user reviews and comments on this website. In many cases, the processor will reach out to us to resolve a complaint left by a dissatisfied client. If fact, we have help business owners recover nearly a million dollars in excessive fees and charges.

How to File a Complaint

  • Search for the processor using the search bar in the upper right.
  • Find the processor's review in the search results and click through to the review.
  • Scroll down to the comment section and leave your review.

If a processor want to resolve your complaint, we'll reach out to let you know.

File a Report with the Better Business Bureau

Despite the common belief that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a government agency (or non-profit), it is actually a privately held C-corporation. The BBB is not as powerful as most people think and cannot fine or shut down companies. Despite the BBB’s limited power, most providers care greatly about their BBB rating and will usually work harder to resolve complaints filed through the bureau.

Visit the Better Business Bureau website for more information.

Call or Write the Acquiring Bank

If the provider is unwilling to budge, you may want to try this next option. Nearly all merchant account providers are sponsored by an “Acquiring Bank” that underwrites the provider’s accounts. Not only is it difficult and expensive for a provider to become sponsored, their business depends on maintaining the sponsorship. Too many complaints filed directly with a provider’s Acquiring Bank could mean trouble. If the Acquiring Bank is willing to get involved in your case, the provider will most likely acquiesce to your demands.

To find a provider's acquiring bank, simply go to the provider's website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Most will list it in the footer looking something like “XYZ provider is a registered ISO/MSP of ABC Bank.” The acquiring bank should also stated in your merchant account agreement.

Call or Write Your State Attorney General

Your State’s Attorney General has a lot of power but will only get involved if they believe something unlawful is taking place. If you choose to file a complaint with your Attorney General, be ready to provide evidence that something unjust is happening with your case. You can find your State Attorney General by searching your state’s name and “Attorney General” in any major search engine.

File a Report with the Federal Trade Commission

If you believe your merchant account provider is engaging in financial scams, be sure to report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through the contact channels below:

FTC Complaint Assistant
1 (877) FTC-HELP

Write to Your Government Representatives

Some might argue that the biggest problem with the credit processing industry is a lack of government regulation. By writing your representatives in the Senate and House, you can bring awareness to government officials that can enact laws to protect merchants from predatory merchant account providers.

Write Your House Representative
Write Your Senate Representative

Write or Call the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C)

The NW3C has no actual authority to enforce any actions against a processor, but it assists law enforcement in the prevention of economic and cyber crimes. By informing the NW3C of a credit card processing or merchant account scam, you help make law enforcement aware of the offenders.

National White Collar Crime Center

File a Report with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

If an unscrupulous merchant account provider is conducting business through the Internet, you may want to consider also reporting it to the IC3. The IC3 is a partnership between the FBI and NW3C and forwards complaints to the appropriate state, federal, local or international law enforcement or regulatory agency. Keep in mind that this is for reporting of merchant providers that primarily market themselves online and are conducting illegal activities.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center

Frequently Asked Questions:
Reporting Credit Card Processors and Merchant Account Providers for Illegal or Unethical Practices

What qualifies as illegal or unethical practices by credit card processors and merchant account providers?

Illegal or unethical practices can encompass a wide range of issues, such as fraudulent activities, unauthorized charges, deceptive billing practices, fund holds without valid reasons, failure to deliver promised services, non-disclosure of fees, and violation of industry regulations or laws.

How can I identify if my credit card processor or merchant account provider is engaged in illegal or unethical practices?

Pay attention to warning signs like high pressure sales tactics, misleading rate and fee quotes, deceptive marketing, unexplained or unexpected charges, withheld funds without a valid reason, refusal to provide clear explanations, and unresponsiveness to customer inquiries or complaints. Review your statements regularly for discrepancies and consider getting a third-party statement audit.

Where should I report credit card processors and merchant account providers engaging in illegal or unethical practices?

– Leave a review on
– Federal Trade Commission (FTC): File a complaint with the FTC online at their official website.
– Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): Submit a complaint to the CFPB through their website.
– State Attorney General's Office: Contact your state's Attorney General's office to report the issue.
– Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC): If the issue involves a violation of PCI compliance standards, report it to the PCI SSC.

Can I seek legal advice or take legal action against the credit card processor or merchant account provider?

Yes, if you believe you have suffered financial harm or damages due to the provider's illegal or unethical practices, you should consult with a legal professional. They can advise you on potential legal actions, such as filing a lawsuit or seeking damages.

Are there any precautions to take when selecting a credit card processor or merchant account provider to avoid unethical practices?

Before signing up with a provider, conduct thorough research. Read reviews, check for complaints, investigate their compliance with industry standards, and review the terms and conditions of the contract carefully. Consider reaching out to existing customers to gather their feedback.


This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Should you need legal or other counsel, please contact an attorney or other professional advisor.

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    Carmi Motel

    Processing credit card company by the name of Leader Merchant Services. They are the worse processing company to do business with they tell you we will charge you 1.5% foe each transaction you process with them but they turn around and charge you 3.6% claiming that all the credit card are None Qualify cards, even though they tell you up front that the none qualify cards are Government issue credit card military issue credit card and outside the U S company that issue that credit card. They steal your money every day and when you confirm them with this facts they denied and refuse to refund the over charges they owe me more than $765.36 for the past eight months and they refuse to issue me a credit at all telling they would like to talk to me to lower the rates too late still no refund.

  • Suzzanne

    Merchant one

    I’ve been with merchant one for three years now and they won’t resolve my problem or help me! I’ve spent 10th of money, buying new phones and trying to resolve the problem myself and no one will help me! They just keep charging me and say they can’t do anything

  • Khanh

    Khanh huynh taxi

    Slice is a bad company all around. There sells rep lie to me just to get me to sign 48 months lease even tho I told him no lease and he said ok but just return the machine.They give me bad credit card machine that doesn’t work properly and I complain to them all the time.I got fed up and want to cancel my account and they hit me with $495 early termination fees and couple months charges with late fees. They threaten me with collection if I don’t pay. Sells rep never return my calls and left me hanging.

  • Mary Turner

    Thanks for this valuable information. Much appreciated! I have never used Cayan Merchant Services (Global Payment). I filled out an application many years ago to work with them but never heard back from them and went with another company. They have been debiting my account since 2018 every month. I have changed companies numerous times thinking it was the company I was using charging me excessive fees. A few months ago that I discovered it was Cayan. That took significant research! Cayan is refusing to return the money and said they will offer me a one-time settlement for 1 year of the fees stolen. ($2500 per year) It is frightening to know this kind of business tactic is legal and the banks won’t stop it.

  • David

    Baitmasters Outdoors

    Wholesale Payments waived one of my Early Termination fee but won’t return the 4 months of 45.00 they took out of my account.Sept Oct Nov and Dec 2022. No one will call they do everything by email. They also changed a date on the contract which this is a Breach of the Contract. NO ONE ever wanted to talk about that. I have all the eamils needed to if needed

  • Daniel L Beffa

    Dansha Farms

    About 2 months ago I was contacted by payprotec telling me they could save me money. I had been with First Data processing company for about 12 years and had no issues.
    Payprotec said that I was paying retail (through First Data) for credit card processing and that they would only charge me $1.00 per $100.00 of sales, instead of $8.00 per $100.00 dollars.
    It was a bit confusing changing the terminal processing from First Data to Payprotec. It was about $400.00 to get the payprotec terminal set up.
    After about a month I did not see any change in the cost, it even seemed more. Their statements were extremely complicated.
    Suddenly, I started to get scam sales and I contacted payprotec and I could see that my Fraud line Pro security was intervening and cancelling the fake orders. Payprotec also had velocity controls which would stop so many of the same attempted purchases. They agreed and we kept the terminal open.
    I got a couple of calls from people saying that their “Cash App” was getting hacked by Dansha Farms (my company) but it was stopped. These people told us that three companies were being attacked mine and two others. The cash app people were quite understanding and sympathetic.
    I contacted the Madison County Sheriff to advise them and to let the public know if they had cash app to change their password
    A few days later I received a phone call from Payprotec telling me that my gateway for credit card processing was permanently shut down.
    I contacted First Data that I was with for 12 plus years and they immediately reinstated me and opened my old terminal.
    Then I opened my bank account as I do every day and on 04-03-23 $3879.99 was removed from my account for processing fees. I was floored. I went to my bank, and they could do nothing. The bank said to stay with First Data as the bank uses them and they are quite reputable.
    I contacted Payprotec and spoke with one person after another. They said they would open a ticket and it would be 2 to 5 days to hear back from them. That never happened. I also contacted another from Payprotec and they said they would send in a credit request. Nothing happened. I have spent hour after hour with false promises after another.
    I went online to check on Payprotec and found many complaints with the Better business bureau and Rip off Report as well as many other reports of fraud.
    What happened to their velosity controls to stop this scam.
    I am very very suspicious as to their activities. It is my opinion that it is criminal.
    We need a class action lawsuit!

  • Vicky Ayala

    Robbed by cash app..

    Cash app claims that I switched my personal account to a business account on 12-22-2022 which is not true. When I asked them why had they been charging me for almost 4 months over $300 since August or September they said they couldn’t help me with anything more then the previous 7 days and refunded me $15 for cash app business account fees. The other almost 4 month’s of being charged fee’s for a business account that they claim I switched to in December is gone. I never switched from a personal account to a business account. They can clearly see that I was being charged for months before the alleged switch. I was told they were only giving me the past 7 days of fee’s. So cash app has stole and is trying to keep my money that they charged me in their ridiculous fees for a business account that I never signed up for. They can clearly see that the same people who I exchanged money with at the opening of my personal account is the same exact people that I exchange with today and all the time in between. There’s nothing business about my account.

  • Alex Azevedo

    USActory General Services LLC

    The way handle its communication is awful.
    They have no respect for their clients. They blocked my access without further warning and for no reason.
    I lost all my customer’s information.
    This is outrageous and unbelievable.

  • Paula

    Wild Salmon Seafood Market

    I am a merchant and since July 0f 2020 we have a myriad of credit card transactions “downgraded” resulting in delayed funding. After much research, we have determined that every card down graded is a “corporate” card. We have reported this problem to both our merchant service provider and Elavon our credit card processor. Both have not been able to resolve the issue and they have indicated the problem is with TYTS and only TYTS can resolve. The issue causes huge problems with account reconciliations as our daily batches are not fully funded. The problem began in July 2020 and continues to this day. We have exhausted all efforts is rectifying this issue with our local merchant processing company, Elavon and have even contacted TYTS who claims to have no knowledge of corporate cards being downgraded by their system with delayed funding to the merchant. We have been diligent in our efforts to correct this issue and have provided detailed proof of all corporate cards being downgraded and delayed funding. Elavon takes no responsibility, our local processor takes no responsibility and both blame TYTS for the issue. Are any other merchants experiencing this issue?

  • Marcie Miciak


    November 26, 2021: I am not a merchant. Someone obtained my Way2Go debit MasterCard information via a local gas pump skimmer and drained all my funds. These were unemployment funds uploaded onto this card by a processing company (Way2Go) located in San Antonio, TX. I immediately called (October 22, 2021) Way2Go and reported this issue with them. I have provided everything they have requested from me via overnight delivery which contained a tracking number so I would have the proof that their office picked up my mail. I can’t count the number of times I have called their Customer Service Representatives. They left me on hold one time for 12 hours. Sounds hard to believe, but I have no reason to make that up since that’s not my issue. That incident just simply made me aware of the fact that I wasn’t dealing with an honest, much less caring, payment processing company. To this day they have not reimbursed my fraudulent charges (over $11,000.00). This was every cent I owned. They are FDIC insured per the back of this card. I haven’t called their CS dept. in a while, because I read where they charge consumers $2.50 per CS call. Im not leaving these people alone. Its bad enough to have your card drained. Its worse when a payment processing company does not follow any of the rules and regulations regarding fraudulent charges. They honestly follow their own rules. Its a sad day when one has to deal with fraud “on the other side” of the deck of the cards.

  • Anna Palafox

    Good morning I am not a merchant that has this service but a customer who was ripped off by a merchant that uses this service. Even though it a large amount but still it’s the principle of things. I did try to reach out to say merchant for a refund through offerup but to no avail. Now I would like some info on how I c azad n retrieve say funds.

  • Jamie Ratliff

    I have been tied to Lease Finance Group since the early 80’s. We had a small construction company and everyone wanted us to take credit cards so we got a machine. Never used it. Payed for it every month for what seemed like a life time. They stopped the payments so our contract was up. We moved out of state for a couple of years and then moved back. We get a phone call asking us for their machine and a couple of thousand dollars. By this time, we had no idea where the machine ended up and why after all this time were they calling us? I told them I didn’t have the machine that I thought that we bought the machine with those high payments and they never said we had to return it, that it was ours to keep using after the contract was up. They never did Answere me. I told them that I wasn’t going to pay for the machine again. So I started getting phone calls every once in a while then they turned into getting a collection bill from them for $2442.38 for years now. I believe it is beyond the statute of limitations. I just throw them in the garbage. I opened the last one and they will accept 243.92 as full and final payment. It says they will further release me from lease obligations and cease any and all collection activity or lawsuits. How legal is this?

  • Lisa Martin

    I have been with Elavon for 20 years. In April, 2019, I requested that my account be closed because I had closed my business. In May, June, July and August, 2019, I had merchant fees withdrawn from my account. Each month, I spent hours on the phone and email two account managers demanding that my funds be returned. I finally received a refund in July and was told that my account was finally closed. I specifically asked if I needed to worry that any additional fees would be withdrawn from my account and I was assured that nothing more would be charged. On August 2, a $30 merchant fee was withdrawn from my account. I contacted Joshua Wallace at Elavon. He has been telling me for weeks that the refund was deposited into my account on August 6, 2019, and despite receiving a copy of my August transaction history from my bank, is telling me there is nothing more Elavon can do. I have filed complaints with the federal trade commission and Better Business Bureau. I can’t close my account because the refund had not yet been deposited, and I am very concerned that Elavon will take another merchant fee out of my account next month.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Maximo Romero

    First off. Thank you for this information.
    My credit card processor has not deposited my funds for over a month. They say they are unable to find these transactions and are unwilling to help me. They (WorldPay) recently purchased Securenet who I was using prior to the purchase. Now they (WorldPay) closed down Secure net. I was still using them and everything was still going through on the credit card terminal. I have all the authorization codes, transaction IDs, and receipts. The batches were not being settled. Where would these batches be or saved? The reports say the settlements failed. Is there something I can do? I read that they are obligated to deposit the funds if we have all that information. But they do not even want to talk to me. They keep transferring me around, hanging up on me, Leave me on hold for hours. I have been on the phone with them for 5 days straight during business hours. The transactions totaled over 10 thousand dollars. Any information or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much Phillip.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Jeannette Perry

    My son tried to withdraw his pay off his cash app card. The atm said he reached his daily limit, but he never used the card that day. He contacted customer support, then bam, all his money was gone!!! he is devastated and now will possibly be evicted because cash app stole his money….. how do I file a claim to get his money refunded??? anyone, please help
    [email protected]. Ive contacted customer support 3x and no response… if i have to sue i will..

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash App Customer Support Scams

  • Amy Toy

    I have worked with Square for many years. I was recently informed of two chargebacks…one from April 28, 2018 for $1,500.00 and July 4, 2018 for $900.00. I consulted my former business partner who worked with this particular client and was informed she is doing chargebacks worth thousands and thousands of dollars with him (he does marketing/advertising), her web developer and accountant. When I informed Square of this they still proceeded to attempt to take those monies out of my account without my authorization. I have submitted the paperwork to dispute these charges and was informed it take up to 90 days to resolve the dispute. I am not allowing to take these monies out of my bank account, so I closed down my bank account and opened up a new one. Now Square is harassing me for the monies since I dispute these charges are fraudulent from this particular individual. Please do not use Square! They do not protect their merchants and say the cardholder’s bank decision.

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win

  • Myriam E Santiago

    Hi we signed a Merchant Application and agreement with OnePayment to process our credit card sales for our business and within 8 hours we called to cancel the agreement because the card reader is unable to provide me with a Sales Tax Report and I’m unable to save in on my Clover POS because the clover is locked with Bank of America. My question is there a law that allows you certain number of days to cancel this type of agreement?

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

    – Phillip

  • Trish

    I had a payment systems representative (Corrine Jacoby) leave a business card at my previous business, saying their company (Riverside Payments) offered cheaper fees and w/ NO contract.She then stopped again as I was getting ready to leave town and long story short, she said the company required a signature to proceed with a proposal of the Monthly credit cards fees and rates.
    I currently had my own credit card terminal that processed both our credit cards and loyalty cards.
    I was reassured that at NO time, if I decided not to continue with their services, that I could cancel at ANY time without the worry of a binding contract, so she said I had nothing to lose and that it was something that their company took pride in because they would do what it took to accommodate their customers.
    We did the switch from Bank of America to Riverside payments, she requested a copy of my drivers lic, and a Voided check w/ my signature and then they downloaded their file to my current terminal and we were up and running.
    I left town that next morning, and got a call informing me that our loyalty cards were not going through our terminal.
    Enter Northern Leasing Company… I have text messages back n forth with Corrine at which time I was told our current terminal did not support the loyalty cards. She said she has to provide another terminal, I told her there had to be another way because I was NOT buying another terminal, she said I WOULD NOT be charged, I’d only have to pay a monthly fee to process loyalty cards…so then we had 2 terminals, one for credit cards and one for loyalty cards.
    Again, I was NOT in town and she said she would fill out the proper paperwork to get that up and running.
    For weeks after that, I never seen her nor did I have ANY paperwork, she kept saying she’d stop by to drop it off and kept making excuses until 1 day she finally blocked my calls and would not reply.
    I contacted Riverside payments to get in touch with her, asking for my documents and she apparently was not an employee anymore.
    Then the terminal that SHE said we needed, quit working, I called Riverside and the Tech I spoke to asked why I had 2 terminals? I said, because I was told by Corrine that my terminal didn’t support our loyalty cards…
    His response after a brief investigation, says, yes it down, we just have to download a different file.
    Low and Behold, the Tech, got MY current terminal that I owned, working and accepting BOTH credit cards and loyalty cards. I was told to return the other terminal because I didn’t need 2 terminals.
    I returned it with a return receipt signature required, and got an email confirming Northern Leasing Systems received it.
    They told me the final monthly payment due, which I mailed a check to the addrsss they gave, writing payment in full on the bottom.
    Then weeks later, I’m being harassed by a Ruben Garcia, after multiple vulgar and threatening conversations with him, he tells me I signed 5 year lease and I owed a ridiculous amount of money, I didn’t have a copy of those documents that he was referring to, he wouldn’t email them to me, so I had to contact Riverside to request a copy, it was only at that time that they emailed a copy of the documents and I had NEVER seen them prior.
    I then contacted Northern Leasing Systems and told them, I believed it to be fraud and misrepresented by the sales representative.
    They forwarded me to fraud department for my complaint.
    More time passed and Ruben kept calling saying, it didn’t matter what “Client Services’ told me, I had to only deal with him and regardless of what I said or submitted, I owed that money.
    At this point, by NO means was he a professional, constantly, verbally abusive, yelling at me so he could interrupt me and talk over me. I knew I WAS NOT going to be bullied, especially because I was the victim in this whole thing so I emailed the Company letting them know.
    Ruben nor the Company would respond to an email and I’ve exhausted ALL my attempts in resolving this matter, and I certainly DO NOT deserve to be treated like that.
    Currently Things had been quiet for about 8 months, until I received a ‘DEMAND LETTER” dated for July 10, 2018 with a balance due FROM Ruben Garcia
    So this morning I called to speak with him to get his email etc and explained why, and he exploded, the conversation was extremely upsetting, again with him being vulgar, yelling, not wanted to resolve it.
    After I told him, I was turning it over to Attorney General, he got more defensive and said “you know, get OFF my phone” HE then hung up on me
    So here we are, I’m not sure what do so I started researching the Company and there’s been endless claims of representatives fraud and forgeries of contracts.
    I’m LIVID, I DON’T want ANYONE else to be taken advantage of and I want to hold this Company accountable for their unethical practices.
    Thank you

  • Isaias

    Flagship Bank and I payment, approved a $4056 sale and never funded the money even though they gave me the approval, stating it was over my maximum. Then they charged me to refund the money to the customer. So in essence, they charged me for a sale they never funded and then for the return of the money.

  • Paula O'Brien

    Phil – just wanted to make you aware of yet another unhappy Flagship customer. Below, please find the email that was sent to them…..two days later….still no response.
    Good afternoon. Please let me start this email by saying that I realize that none of the issues that we are having are your fault…however, I feel that when signing up new customers – you should probably inform them of the holds that will be placed on their accounts. As you know, we have only processed two credit card transactions and both have been an issue. This is not a very good “start up” reputation for our business or yours! From the customer’s stand point – the transaction appears to have been processed without a problem… do we explain that our credit card company has put a hold on their money therefore they must wait to heat their home?

    We are a small business in a very small town and we changed all of our advertisements to list that we accept credit cards now. Unfortunately, we have lost a sale because we had to tell a customer who needed heat in their home that although we do accept credit cards – it could take up to a week for the transaction to be processed. Well, of course…time was of the essence so she decided to use another company. We cannot afford to have this type of reputation. We have been in business in this town for over 15 years, have developed a client base (heck, every time we go to the local gas station, at least 3 people say “hi Bill – how are ya?”) Many people do not understand the small town mentality but again, we have a reputation of being honest, fair, timely, well-known and caring about our customers.

    So…maybe we didn’t read the fine print….because we trusted in you and Flagship to help us through the process of utilizing your company. Never did we imagine that taking money from a customer and putting it into our account would require such extensive approvals and investigations….it simply does not make sense. Our past credit history should have nothing to do with the process. Our recommendations, reputation, length of licensing and service, are what should be considered. Nobody has to investigate us when a customer pays cash….because the customer trusts us. However, our credit card company that we chose has to investigate a transaction that somewhat invades the privacy of our customer by asking for details of the transaction?? I would think that if there was a necessary investigation – it would be from their credit card company. Technically, you are a third party asking for details of a transaction that is really not any of Flagship’s business. In all honesty….what if we sold “sex toys”….would our customers consider your investigations an invasion of privacy? I would think so!

    So, in summary – there we sat on a Saturday….not working…not providing heat to a young couple with a few kids and have lost a customer due to the practices of Flagship. I can only hope that our reputation in this town and surrounding areas does not suffer.

    Paula recommended Flagship as the company of choice because she utilized them in a past business where she worked….her recommendation was not based on the lowest rates…it was based on your reputation. Word of mouth, reputation and customer service far exceed rates in our opinion.
    Yesterday (March 28), nearly a week from the date of service – a deposit has been put into our account. Our customer contacted us to let us know that Flagship attempted to run their credit card multiple times resulting in a “decline” result. This quite honestly, was the last straw with Flagship! Attached is the Letter of Intent to Cancel Merchant Services Account between Bills Heating and Cooling and Flagship based on these horrible customer service experiences.

    Your Risk Management Department has treated us as if we were conducting illegal business practices. In total, we have spent in excess of 16 hours trying to rectify these situations resulting in multiple phone calls all while we were conducting business with other customers in order to maintain our business. Again, this is not in line with the reputation that we have worked so hard to achieve. Again, yesterday was the last straw….while I was working under a customer’s home…..I was contacted by Risk Management to again verify personal customer information. This resulted in my current customer questioning me as to the time spent that I billed them for.

    In closing, again – we realize that this is not your fault personally but you are our rep. with Flagship and you need to be kept aware of the issues. Our termination request is attached to this email.


    Hi Phillip, You are a good writer.

    I will pass your website along to others.

    I talked to Stripe today after filing a complaint about Paypal to the CFPB just the other day…

    Not that I have anything really bad about Stripe.

    The Co. Doesn’t have a phone—a sign of incredible insurmountable likely fraud to start with, but what the heck. But Paypal does and it was the same complaint.

    I think it is a good topic. I am going to check some of these companies out you have mentioned and to say to you if you are Not a certified consumer counselor you should get the certification for yourself and make more money.

    Instead of following the laws these companies seem to be implying they have the right to do do whatever they want as long as you don’t know what the laws are…or who regulates them…instead of working within the laws they are implying they have the right to information and to do what they request because they asked you for the information for you to do business with them. Implying is the key word here. I do not think the laws say what they are implying the laws say…which would be a definitive form of fraud and omission, as well as discrimination… and people should file complaints as much as they can. Congress is the problem. but fraud is. Fines don’t seem to make a difference to these big banks. You have to be careful.

    So after purchasing the Paypal Prepaid card , not associated with my online account I have had for years which I set up VIA voice call in person, I get a text notice I have to send in my id and ss card…for them to keep on file. A prepaid card. SAme thing they ahve been trying to get me to do with my Paypal account. They do not need to keep a copy of my Drivers License or My SS card. I think theya re harvesting this information to open acocunts and to sell to cartels and other foreigners.

    They say they ahve a right to do this. I say they have a right to contact my bank because my bank does have this information I gave in person. I would have been happy to provide my id at purchase also as I made the purchase in person. The Consumer Financial Bureau wanted to get in on this. Wells Fargo SAn Francisco is behind Stripe as the Bank, Bancorp is Paypals Prepaid in Texas BANK. Not sure if OCC is regulator but I will find out.

    The point is they want me to send my information thru a computer which is not secure on an email platform which is not secure, could not verify their email was secure, had no idea if their server was secure or any of that…for my private info to be kept in a”safe Place” they could not tell me about….and referred me to their policy pages. They got offended when I asked all this on chat and hung up on the chat….said I was being disrespectful.

    And I say WOW.

    I know you know more about it and I think it would be a great draw to your site…I know the FTC and consumer bureau will take action but the truth is…do they have the right to ask you for this information to be sent when as I believe, the law just states they
    are to verify your information. They said it was their policy to get to know you but on the other hand….you are linking thru your bank which has the information already.

    Whats the beef? You there in Austin?

    Please make it a good article!


  • Galvatec, Inc

    We have been with Worldpay for about three years. During that time we experienced some problems such as received payments three and some times five days after the transaction no big deal. We also strive to get to talk with an agent. But the event we just faced a month ago, got out of all proportions. Worldpay misplaced our deposits for the amount of $ 25,042.11. They don’t know what happened they only know the funds ended up in another account that does not belong to us. could not prove who change the information in our terminals, not even from whence the changes came from, which IP address etc.. They rested all the responsibility on our shoulders. When we didn’t do anything that might have caused the funds to be directed to another account that does not belong to us. We think and saw their system is so feeble and they did not wanted to take any responsibility on this dreadful event. Until now we have not recuperated our funds. It’s been over a month an a half and Worldpay denies any responsibility on their behalf. We have been left alone.
    We are extremely disappointed. Needles to say the painful and stressful days our company have been through and the financial effects this fraud caused. therefore we do not recommend this company at all

  • ANH

    I took over merchant service with App Star from my husband business that had been closed. The contract still had 1 year left. But then I changed bank account and tax ID, I informed them. They told me to fill out form and fax back to them (I did not want to sign new contract). Now when I saw they charged me PCI $124 gain in May/2016, (they had charged me the same amount in Dec/2015), and $35 for bank account changing, I called them then found out they put me in the new contract for another 3 year.
    If I signed a new contract with them, why they charged me $35 for changing bank account
    It is too fishy. Can anyone help me?
    My husband was actually trapped by them when he signed the contract. He did not know he had to pay $800 for falling out of it. That’s why I took over from him. Then now they started finding the way to trap me again.

  • Karamie

    I am so happy I ran across this article! I have been ripped off by merchant processors before so I made quadruple sure the one I signed up for in Nov. 2014 was month to month (Eliot Management Group). I discovered they put a $2k limit on our transactions and then 9 months later discovered we would never qualify for next-day funding due to our industry. I was beyond upset when I called customer service and found that they had locked us into a 3 year contract with a $495 termination fee, despite the paperwork the sales person that put a “$0” next to the early termination fee. I had already began my complaint to BBB and Yelp when I found this article. I used all advice given, submitted all my documentation including the four folks that we referred to them that continue to use their services and voila! We were let out of the contract without the early termination fee. I read through every word of that contract before I signed the dotted line and I thought I was duped again but thanks to you I was able to move on with a processor that fits our businesses needs! This felt so much better then yelling and screaming wasting energy. I would even consider using this company again if they fit our needs in the future. THANK YOU!

  • Craig Coons

    I want people to know there is a company called Stripe that is a totally rip-off. I have documented correspondence with them that they lied to me. They are holding my funds for 90 days without reason. I have contacted them numerous wanting to talk with them without a response. Then…I went on line to see if there were other complaints…..WOW….what do you thank I found. People need to know about companies like this before they make decisions on whom to use. Even better business has dropped their rating because of complaints. I should have know that when a company does not have a phone contact…there is a reason.

  • lance

    We had hopes pf opening a bakery. While investigating merchant accounts, we were talked into getting a credit cars machine. It was explained to the salesman that our business was not open and could be sometime before it was. Sales states no problem we will send machine when ready you call and we will get you operational with credit cards. To this day we have no business but are still being charged outrageous fees every month…what can we do?

  • Fred Lewin

    I opened an account with Retriever Medical on 1-25-11. I recently called them to see when my contract is up and was told it automaticly renewed for another 2 years this past January.I was told that they will match any offer.Another company told me they can save me 948.00 per year and no charge for the credit card machine. Retriever is charging me a monthly fee for an older machine that prints out the clients c.c. number on a 60 month lease. Retriever sent me an offer matching the new company. However they left 2-3 items off the quote. I emailed them with a question about these items which were not listed and they never responded to my email.They claim they will let you out of the lease if they are unable to match the new offer. Retriever is telling me I have to pay from 400.00 to 700.00 to get out of the cc processing with them but I have to continue to pay for the cc machine I am no longer using. Any advise`?

  • Ken

    The article indicates that a good way of finding the acquiring bank of a credit card processor is to find a notation about it on the processor’s web site. If the website doesn’t have that information on it, is there another way to find the name of the acquiring bank?

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Ken,

      If you have your merchant agreement, which you signed at the onset of services, it will identify the acquiring bank within its contents. If you don’t have it, you could call and ask them directly. If they dodge the question or refuse to answer, call and pose as merchant looking to acquire their services in order to get them to send you a new agreement. Best of luck to you!

  • Joe Byrum / Tang Soo Do 2000

    On 11/2/12 Our company was contacted by: ” Merchant Service’s Direct ” ( MSD) for our credit card processing business, we were promised lower monthly fees and that we did not have to commit to any length of time with their contract. Also the salesman that came to sign us up, he looked at our current contract with a different company and said that we were not in a contract with them and that we could stop using them with no fee’s attached, he was wrong, but he no longer works for Merchant Service’s Direct, so we can not speak to him. After filling out the application for MSD on 11/2/12 after not hearing from MSD for one month i called MSD, agent that i spoke to told me that we had cancelled our application with them, after i told her that we did not, she was to look into it and call me back. After another month of not getting a return call, i had to call again myself, i was told once again that we had called and cancelled, once again i told her that we had not ! So she promised me that she would look into it and call me back !. About one week later we received the new credit card processing machine from MSD, followed by an e-mail letting us know that our account was now open. I called the agent to tell her we did not want to use a company with the kind of customer service that we had seen so far ! and when i asked why it took 2 months ? and why No phone calls from MSD, were ever made to us?, the reply was that it was up to us (the customer) to follow up ! Then the agent said that if we cancel now, that we would have to pay a penalty fee of $350.00. the fact that we never ran any transactions with MSD, and never even plugged in their machine did not change anything.

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