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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Global market presence. Previous legal disputes.
Diverse service offerings. Mixed customer feedback.
Listed on NYSE (GPN). Complex contract terms.
Integrated software solutions. Potentially high termination fees.
Large-scale partnerships. Reseller variability.
Decades of industry experience. Recent complaint increase.


This article provides an in-depth examination of Global Payments Inc., one of the foremost organizations in the credit card processing and merchant account industry. We'll explore the company's expansive history since the 1960s, detailing its global reach, notable acquisitions, and significant partnerships, including a recent collaboration with Google. Additionally, this article will dissect the various services offered by Global Payments, from mobile solutions and POS systems to issuer solutions and industry-specific software. We'll delve into the customer perspective, scrutinizing common complaints, the impact of lawsuits, and the overall customer service experience. Finally, we'll scrutinize the contractual terms and fees associated with Global Payments, offering insights into the complexities and considerations businesses face when using the merchant services of this major industry player.

About Global Payments

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Global Payments Inc. is a significant entity in the credit card processing sector and has been operating for nearly six decades. The company maintains partnerships in over 30 countries and is one of the relatively few merchant account providers listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: GPN), included in the S&P 500 index.

The company offers a range of services necessary for setting up and managing merchant accounts, including providing processing hardware. Through its OpenEdge division, Global Payments also delivers integrated software solutions for merchant accounts. This division focuses on integrating payment processing capabilities with other business systems to streamline operations.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

In December 2015, Global Payments Inc. completed its acquisition of Heartland Payment Systems, a significant credit card processor in the United States. This move followed a lawsuit filed by Heartland against Mercury Payments, a Global Payments ISO, the previous year, where Heartland accused Mercury of false advertising and other tactics aimed at harming its reputation.

In 2020, Global Payments secured a substantial agreement with Wells Fargo to extend a range of processing and support services for the bank's commercial card portfolio. The following year, in 2021, the company entered into a partnership with Google, a development expected to significantly impact the processing industry. That same year, Global Payments expanded its portfolio by acquiring Zego, a company specializing in property management experience, for $925 million. The growth trajectory continued into 2022 when Global Payments acquired EVO Payments for $4 billion, marking another significant expansion in its operations.

Acquisition of TSYS

On May 28, 2019, Global Payments announced its acquisition of TSYS in a $21.5 billion all-stock deal. The acquisition had been speculated upon for some time in the months preceding its confirmation. TSYS is among the largest merchant service providers in the world, making Global Payment's acquisition of the company a seminal moment for the industry. The announcement follows a flurry of acquisitions among competitors as Fiserv announced its acquisition of First Data in January for $22 billion as well as its acquisition of Worldpay for approximately $35 billion.

Global Payments' Services

Global Payments processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. Their services include mobile solutions, POS systems, access to virtual terminals and payment gateways, prepaid programs, gift and loyalty options, marketing and analytics, payroll and HR, and business loans.

Payment Processing

Global Payments provides merchant accounts and merchant services to small, medium, and enterprise level businesses. The company enables businesses to except electronic payments from their customers such as credit cards, debit cards, and ACH transfers. Along with this service, Global Payments also offers the necessary hardware and solutions for accepting card payments, such as POS systems, payment terminals, and online payment gateways.

Issuer Solutions

The company offers issuer solutions that cater to both consumer and commercial needs. These solutions are designed to facilitate transactions between card issuers and merchants.

Industry-Specific Software

Global Payments provides specialized software tailored for various industries such as retail, restaurant, healthcare, financial services, education, and more. These software solutions aim to fit the specific business models and customer needs of these industries.

Business Tools

The company offers tools for business-to-business (B2B) transactions, including accounts payable and accounts receivable solutions. They also provide gift and loyalty programs, email marketing, and analytics.

Payroll and HR Solutions

Global Payments offers cloud-based payroll and HR tools for employers. They also provide solutions for employee payments, allowing for quick and digital payment methods.

Financial Institutions and Developers

The company caters to financial institutions and developers by offering configurable solutions that can be directly accessed or embedded into other products and platforms.

Global Payments Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints: 100+
Live Customer Support: Yes
Most Common Complaint: Poor Service
Recent Lawsuits: Yes

Global Payments Complaint Overview

Global Payments has a moderate volume of complaints, which is somewhat expected given its industry stature and longevity. Key issues in negative Global Payments reviews include fund holds, less-than-satisfactory customer service, and occasional hidden fees. Fund holds are often linked to suspicious transactions or exceeding a merchant’s processing limit. Despite these being relatively isolated incidents, there’s been a recent increase in complaints, particularly regarding undisclosed fees and customer service issues, suggesting a need for vigilance from potential clients.

Global Payments Lawsuit History

Since acquiring Heartland Payment Systems in 2015, Global Payments has faced multiple legal challenges:

  • Heartland’s pre-acquisition lawsuit against Mercury Payments for false advertisement and deceptive trade practices.
  • Insider trading charges against Heartland’s former CEO, leading to a $250,628 civil penalty.
  • Involvement in a 2015 CFPB complaint regarding a “phantom debt” collection scheme, which was later dismissed.
  • A 2019 class-action lawsuit regarding alleged fraudulent fees on student loan payments, resulting in a settlement.
  • A 2019 jury verdict awarding damages for breach of a merchant-service agreement.
  • An ongoing 2020 class-action lawsuit related to a customer data breach.
  • A 2022 lawsuit alleging “dark practices” in extracting membership fees.
  • Two 2023 class-action lawsuits, including one involving Active Network and alleged violations of California’s Automatic Renewal Law, and another alleging federal securities violations.
  • Further legal action in 2023 for alleged violations of the Securities Exchange Act.

Additional lawsuits and fines are associated with Heartland Payment Systems.

Clients seeking non-litigious solutions are encouraged to consider reporting issues to relevant supervisory organizations.

Customer Support at Global Payments

Global Payments provides various customer support options, including phone, email, and a website support form.

Contact Information for Global Payments

  • (800) 367-2638 – Toll-Free Customer Support
  • (770) 829-8755 – Media Inquiries
  • (770) 829-8234 – Investor Relations

Additional Support Channels

Global Payments Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating 1
Trustpilot 4.6
ComplaintsBoard Rating 1.3
Our Rating 2.5
Average Rating 2.35

BBB Rating Analysis for Global Payments

Global Payments based in Niles, IL, is not BBB accredited and holds a B- rating. It has an average customer review rating of 1/5 stars based on 50 customer reviews and 114 complaints closed in the last 3 years. Common themes include issues with product/service and billing disputes. Global Payments Canada, located in Etobicoke, ON, is BBB accredited since 5/4/2011 with an A+ rating. It has an average customer review rating of 1/5 stars based on 3 customer reviews and 25 complaints closed in the last 3 years. The common themes here are problems with product/service and customer service issues.

Negative Feedback for Global Payments

I have been trying to cancel my account with Global Payments for over a year. They continue to charge me monthly fees even though I have not processed a single transaction with them. Every time I call, they give me the runaround and promise to cancel the account, but the charges keep coming. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. – Review from John D., March 5, 2022

Global Payments has been a nightmare to deal with. Their customer service is non-existent. I’ve been overcharged for services I never used and trying to get a refund has been impossible. They don’t respond to emails or phone calls. I regret ever signing up with them. – Review from Sarah L., July 10, 2021

Source: BBB (Global Payments Inc.) and BBB (Global Payments Canada)

Trustpilot Rating Analysis for Global Payments Inc.

Global Payments Inc. is rated “Excellent” with a 4.6/5 score on Trustpilot, based on 3,273 customer reviews. A significant majority, 79%, of the reviews are 5-star, indicating high customer satisfaction. Common themes in the reviews include positive experiences with customer service, efficient setup, and reliable transaction processing. However, there are also some negative reviews, primarily focusing on issues with service and technical difficulties.

Negative Feedback

Rubbish ordered a mobile pay machine can’t use contactless had it for months and still haven’t got it sorted. Most complicated set up ever. I’ve used two other mobile pay companies and never had the hassle I’ve had with this one. Won’t be using it the only think it’s good for is the bin. When I have taken payments with people putting their PIN numbers in there’s no way to see easily what your card charges are for book keeping so another boring problem to add to the collection of irritations that you get when using this! The only positive is one poor guy who’s been as helpful as he can trying to sort it out, and that was after spending hours on the phone talking to their standard Customer service people that didn’t have a clue what to do and kept passing me round. I only got the other guy as I didn’t use the machine for months because initially I couldn’t even put a card in without inputting the number manually! – Review from Frankie, November 1, 2023

Have tried for hours to process a payment to Fontwell Racing re Black Friday deal. Processing payment powered by subsidiary of Global Payments. Card details entered; no means of moving on. – Review from Raymond Quested, November 24, 2023

Positive Feedback

Good experience with this company whom my business has been with for nearly 2 years. Special thanks to Sarita who has been amazing when renewing my contract. Thank you! – Review from Miss Tunay, December 7, 2023

Transitioning to global payments from Worldpay (who were full of Empty promises and never ending call menus) has been the easiest thing in the world thanks to our account manager James who has been nothing short of amazing. Not only are the rates better than Worldpay the service received is second to none. I would highly recommend this company to anyone thinking of switching providers or needing a provider for the first time. – Review from Nathan Hicks, December 4, 2023

Source: Trustpilot

ComplaintsBoard Rating Analysis for Global Payments

Global Payments has a 1.3-star rating on ComplaintsBoard, based on 12 customer reviews. The majority of the reviews are negative, with 11 out of 12 reviews rating the company with 1 star. Common themes in these reviews include dissatisfaction with customer service, billing issues, and difficulties in resolving disputes. Customers frequently express frustration over unexpected fees, poor communication, and challenges in canceling services or resolving account issues.

Negative Feedback

I loath this company. I’m too angry after spending 4 hours on hold and speaking to 8 people during the course of trying to resolve one issue…which is still unresolved! – Review from J. RUTHERFORD of Englewood, US

They destroyed my credit by passing a payment I had no idea I owed to a collection agency which I paid immediately. If they tried reaching out to me, they were calling the wrong number. As soon as I was reached out to by the collection agency I immediately paid and now it is having a severe impact on my credit score in a time where that is the last thing I need. – Review from K. Turner, Verified customer

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Global Payments on the ComplaintsBoard website.

Source: ComplaintsBoard

Global Payments Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 1.00% - 4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

Variable Global Payments Contract Terms

Client reviews indicate that rates for credit card transactions vary widely among businesses. The pricing and merchant account fees offered by Global Payments are influenced by factors such as business type, processing volume, and the reseller setting up the account. Understanding how processing fees are assessed is crucial for business owners. A sample Global Payments agreement from 2019 lists an early termination fee of $500 per location or Liquidated Damages, whichever is greater. However, it seems that entering into a month-to-month agreement can avoid the service length agreement and early termination fee. Some reviews mention undisclosed fees, such as a $299 annual maintenance fee, account holds, and challenges in closing accounts.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its in-store payment processing services, Global Payments advertises its virtual terminal and payment gateway services on its website without disclosing pricing. Typically, additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates, apply to these e-commerce services.

Negotiate Contract Pricing

Global Payments contracts we’ve reviewed typically last for three years, including automatic one-year renewals. Business owners are encouraged to negotiate pricing and contract terms aggressively, as this scenario often allows for highly flexible fees and terms. We also recommend checking out our list of the best merchant accounts, featuring providers that do not charge termination fees or other hidden charges.

Global Payments Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Through resellers
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

An Abundance of Resellers

The only strike against Global Payments in this section is how the company acquires new clients. Global Payments relies heavily on partnered independent sales organizations (ISOs) and independent sales agents (both are also called “resellers”) to market and sell its merchant accounts. Although this is a common marketing practice among larger processors, it can result in numerous client complaints because the resellers’ sales tactics are hard to control. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Misleading Rate Quotes

In this company’s case, it appears that most negative Global Payments reviews can be traced back to resellers; however, the overall number of Global Payments complaints is relatively low for a business of their size (though they have been increasing recently). Global Payments also does not promote any misleading “teaser” rates in its official marketing materials, but its issues with resellers contribute to keeping it from being considered a top merchant account provider.

Our Global Payments Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Despite its extensive scale and nearly six decades in business, Global Payments maintains a moderate complaint rate, primarily revolving around unexpected fund holds and customer service concerns. Recent trends show a slight uptick in negative feedback, with clients citing undisclosed fees and declining service quality, indicating areas where improvements are needed. The acquisition of Heartland Payment Systems appears to have influenced these issues, as customer dissatisfaction has grown.

In the legal realm, Global Payments has encountered significant challenges following the Heartland acquisition. Lawsuits related to deceptive trade practices, insider trading, and phantom debt collection schemes have brought attention to the company’s operations. Although some cases have been settled or dismissed, these legal hurdles emphasize the need for rigorous compliance and ethical practices in the credit card processing industry. Prospective clients must remain aware of this complex landscape to make informed decisions when considering Global Payments for their merchant services needs.

Location & Ownership

Global Payments Direct, Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA; and BMO Harris Bank N.A. The company’s headquarters are located at 3550 Lenox Road, Suite 3000. Atlanta, Georgia 30326. The company announced the departure of its former president and COO David Magnum in 2018. Cameron Bready is now CEO.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Global Payments Treat You?

112 User Reviews

  • Stephen Rogers

    P and H mobile wash LLC.

    Absolutely the worst. There bs fees and extra charges they do not tell you about. Is a complete rip off. Also not what was agreed on when I initially signed up. I feel like they are stealing my money.

  • Mark

    Total rip off with a new added fee monthly. Newest was called a Settlement Funding Fee. Says the fees are 2.9%, but with the add ons, it averages out to about 6%. I think the entire processing industry has been hijacked and is corrupt to the core.

  • Gina

    Rogers Motors Inc

    I love working with Global Payments. Ever since we signed up I get great Customer Service. I also have never had a company call me and follow up on an issue we had when it comes to Merchant processing. I am impressed

  • jason graham

    the dental spa

    We stopped using this service 3 years ago.. they have been charging us $150 a month, they would refund none of it… and they knew we haven’t been using it as they told us that… scam artists.

  • Angela Barnard

    The Jump House LLC

    I’m a mess right now! absolutely unbelievable!!!my company has been trying to get out bank verified for months with no success! We got all the Document that global payments has asked for! and they say that everything we have given them is not real! and they cannot and will not verify my bank account. so in all this I told them to close my account! well here is the big boom! They told us that if we close the account we will not receive any of our money which they are holding which is over a couple g! I’m at my wits end! I’m here to tell you! do not trust these people! they will take you for whatever they can get!I just hope I can find a way to get my hard earned money!!!

  • Kevin

    Revolve clothing exchange

    GLOBAL PAYMENTS is a ripoff. We have been using a payment system for 15 years, which was taken over by Global Payments. Rates have doubled to 12.4% on 20k of sales. We are paying 12.4% We had a rate review, and fees dropped to 9% (cancelled account this month). We replaced with a vendor at 3%.

    Lots of additional fees, predatory pricing on small businesses.

  • Rob F.

    Watch out for Global Payments. Do not do business with them ever. This is a terrible, dishonest company. They raise fees covertly and without explanation except in buried, fine statement print. When we needed a second terminal they had us return our original terminal, which we did, but they never stopped takling money from our account even when there were zero transactions going thru on our returned terminal. when asked why they didn’t stop charging us for it, the minimum monthly fees (there are many fees adding up to hundreds without a single transaction)they said that we never returned it. We hadn’t used it for over a year and they wouldn’t stop taking the rental and misc fees related to it, from our accounts. They offered us a compensation equaling 6 months worth of the stolen fees, but we wanted all of our stolen money back so we refused to sanction a partial theft.

  • Kathy Blake

    The Sports Nut

    We close our store every year for the winter. We were shocked when they took out $1086 for December statement. We haven’t had any sales since October 19, 2022.
    Last December the amount was $66 which covers the usual miscellaneous charges
    I have talked and email numerous times. The statement shows 4 different charges for “bank deposit fee” with no dates because there were no deposits. Also the statement is a different format
    In all the 15+ years we have been doing this – it is the first time something like this has happened.
    This is just not right.

  • Frederick Ferguson

    Salon Lyol

    Beware of Global Payments PCI non-compliance charges. I have a hair salon using Global Payments merchant services. We have a Global Payments provided merchant terminal in the shop and we have e-commerce with Squarespace integrated with Stripe and PayPal. We do not collect, store or process cardholder data. Beginning in July we noticed that Global Payments had tacked on two $150 PCI non-compliance fees without any notice or communication of any kind. When we attempted to use their PCI Protect EZ service to get PCI compliance certified we were told that we failed with no clear explanation or solution. This is a scam by Global Payments against its customers.

  • JB

    I have been on hold now for 30 minutes trying to get to Global\Xcharge customer support. I have been listening to their on hold message about providing a “World Class Client Experience” a quickly as possible. Seriously?! Now 32 minutes and counting. Global change your on hold message as this one is very misleading….34 minutes and counting!

  • Mike

    Mike and sons

    Do not do business with them, they withdraw money from your account for no reason. Even after closing account they keep withdrawing money, no way to get a refund, customer service keeps throwing you back and forth into dead ends. Stay away from them, they will take your hard earned money away from you. do yourselves a favour STAY AWAY from them.

    • Daryl Stastook

      Mountainview bulk foods and delivery

      Yes, I feel your pain Mike. I think they run out of money too as we are constantly waiting for them to deposite our money into our account, 2-3 times a month I have to call because we are waiting 4 days. We haven’t been paid from last Thursday 5 days ago.

  • Sue

    Tsys global payments

    I currently work for this company in midland ga. I cannot speak for other locations however the one I work for has exceedingly poor management that lies to its customers and employees. Even threats to withhold earned vacation, nitpicking for a few seconds over on calls while others allow a failed verification leading to account take over and identify theft. Overall I can’t blame the company due to the deceitful management however they work you long hours with short breaks and nitpick over small things while the major problems go unnoticed. Managers have encouraged agents to give bad customer service in the name of lowering handle time as well maybe directly possibly indirectly but it’s a result nonetheless expressed by many unhappy customers. Managers have told agents to give misinformation to customers regularly but take no accountability for the misinformation which sadly often leads to unhappy people willing to close their accounts and move to other banks. If something doesn’t change soon I fear that many clients will quickly withdraw from the company or choose another option for payment solutions

  • Denise

    Southampton Psychiatric

    Retracts funds from your payments. Customer service is awful. Have been told someone will get back to me about a dispute in settlement totals “shortly’. Two days later was told it takes 48-72 hours for a response. Letitia, Customer Review Specialist, reached out by email after I wrote a terrible review. Sent her two messages that still no one has contacted me. The fees they charge are high. I have never dealt with such incompetent customer support staff.

  • Jill

    ** DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Global payments.**
    If I could give a negative number, I would. We have had nothing but issues with them from the beginning. It should have been a huge warning sign when we were finding “mistakes” with fees in the contract versus what had been quoted to us. Fees not listed in the contract are constantly being added. These are not just nickle and dine fees. The added reoccurring monthly fees are hundreds per month. Then there are the quarterly added fees and the annual added fees. We were also incorrectly charged PCI noncompliance fees for over a year when we were in compliance. We have made numerous calls to try to find out what fees were, corrections that needed to be made, and follow-ups from credits due.

    When we initially signed with Global payments (also know as Open Edge), we were told and shown that we would save on average about $200 a month in fees. When doing a cost comparison, we found that in 2019 our overall credit card revenue went down from 2018 by 2.6%, but our fees went up 12.6%!!!

  • Shelley

    The absolute worst staff ever! my Debit machine isn’t working, they said it was my internet provider, I called Cogeco, my internet is fine because all my other devices are working perfectly, then they said it was my router and on their advice I bought a $180.00 dollar router, and still the debit machine isn’t working.

    But the worst thing is Global Payments thinks I should pay for something I don’t own $150.00 dollars for a technician to come out and fix their machine.

    And the other worst thing one of their Technician John that I last spoke with said I wasn’t allowed to talk with a manager, disgusting, and towards the end of the conversation I was in the middle of speaking and John just hung up on me. What a way to treat your clients. Global Payments you should be really proud of yourself, I gave you a 1 star because you without doubt deserve it.

  • Steve Katz

    Unethical & poor business practices. Large increases on monthly miscellaneous fees without proper notification. Huge rates on transactions. Unwarranted fees. Upon trying to cancel the service they charge a $875 fee per account, one per currency one per Visa/MC. This company has access to your deposit accounts and should not be trusted. Other services have lower or no monthly charges.

  • Sergio Chio

    Terrible customer service, incompetent staff, overpriced and hidden fees. Terminal cash/ disconnect every week. This company should be rate Z- not C- . I will switch as soon as my contract is over!

  • SH P

    [AVOID AVOID AVOID] Business located in Calgary – This company overcharged us about $9,500 in fees over 1 year and 3 months. Initially, you start out paying the average collective ~5% for processing credit cards (including monthly fees, and their thousand other fees). Then they increased it (by adding more fees) June 2018 to 8-9% of our sales. Apparently, they gave us “notice” through back page on our month statement that does not get mailed out (you can only access through website, and my parents are not tech savvy nor is their primary language English). AND THEN, they added MORE FEES AGAIN in March 2019 to collectively equal 10-12% of our total credit card sales. THIS IS ROBBERY. If you don’t refute within 3 months, it means you’ve accepted the rate. My parents only started taking notice when their bank account balance seriously began to dwindle then I came in to investigate. They have offered to lower the collective rates to about 40% of current 10-12% charge, but that’s still higher than other major merchant rates. We are going to change.

    WATCH OUT everyone. They’re scam artists, they tell you to go get a lawyer if you want to try to get your money back. Terrible. They will keep increasing your fees if you don’t take notice and they will singlehandedly BANKRUPT you. Also, there is a $700 cancellation charge because your contract “auto” renews, so even if you’ve been with the company for 6-7 years, and they havemade a fortune off you, they will still do this. Check their 2018 earnings result – RECORD HIGH – at the cost of their customers.

    • Jerry Frederiksen

      PWWL Centers, LLC

      Same problem here. They are charging us a fee called “NON QUALIFIED”. They tell us we are not processing the credit card properly which results in wrong credit card information on their end which must be corrected. Total BS! This is currently costing us approx. $1200 per month. I contacted them demanding my money back and was told my request would be reviewed and they would stop charging for the “NON QUALIFIED”. They did not stop so we are converting to a different cc processing company. This company is a total scam. Investors need to know this.

  • Guy Kordova

    We have been connected to Global Payments by intermediary company called RMS.

    Global payments charge £44.60 inc VAT just to be PCI compliant (if you have multiple accounts it will be more)

    And if you are unlucky and were non compliant for a month it is £150. Extortionate.

    Their customer service is non existent, they will take 45-60 minutes to answer the phone and will not hesitate to put the phone down on you if they dont like your tone.
    A very bad blast from the past – you’d think this level of service doesnt exist in 2019….

    I paid my way to disconnect any contact with them, and wouldnt recommend them to anyone.

    This post will help: Best UK Merchant Services Providers

    – Phillip

  • Kevin

    They don’t even deserve one star. HORRIBLE customer service. They put you on hold for hours and transfer you from one country to another to get to their “Correct” department. They increase their rates without notice. When we closed the account, they kept charging us monthly to suck every penny we got. Whenever we tell them that we already close the account, they say that this is the last charge, yeah right.
    Can’t get rid of them unless you change bank account. They are like parasites. Avoid at all cost.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service

  • Tom

    I am a veteran independent software engineer and developer who has integrated dozens of different payment systems into sites from small to huge. I have never seen anything as bad as Global Payments.

    The company seems to be a disorganized collection of acquired companies. We signed up for a GP test account, and as we get deeper into the online documentation, the actual payment service involved is a 2015 acquisition called RealEx Payments. As we started writing test code, we had a few questions. Several phone calls later, I am told that the only support channel is through an email address. Fine. I sent email, waited several days, and received an adequate response. During this delay, I discovered several more issues. Their documentation is incomplete, and often simply incorrect — what’s written does not match the real-world requirements or results at all. Worse yet, the API is full of gaping holes – basic functionality you would expect to find is absent. When you ask them about it, they just stop responding.

    I’ve dealt with many payment processors over the years, so this is not completely unheard of, just the first of many “red flags.” I end up calling Dublin Ireland, trying to track down the RealEx people, who are initially responsive and helpful in solving one problem (out of ten?). As the number of problems begins to increase, though, they refer me to someone at another company in the US, Heartland. This guy is nice enough, but I’m still not getting answers. Turns out, he is relaying my questions back to Dublin! So, I email them again. Almost a week later, I get a response that reads basically, “read the documentation and xxck off.” The message apparently being, “what you see is what you get, and we’re not going to help you.” Thanks.

    So, I’ve wasted FOUR WEEKS doing what should have taken 4 days. Now we’re pushing the whole thing back to the corporate client behind this project and we’ll see what happens. My recommendation is to avoid Global Payments at all costs. It is definitely not worth the trouble.

  • lynette

    I dealt with Rishon to get approval for my business this week. Rishon was very efficient and on the ball with getting back to me. He also got my approval completed within a very short period of time. No long waits and got his superiors to call within this time frame as well for security checks.
    after my approval, he still called to check if went okay. I am a happy client to have dealt with Rishon. I had many times done business with people that kept me waiting and not returning calls, but Rishon returned my calls immediately

  • lynette

    I got my business approved this week. I dealt with Rishon (from Toronto) branch.
    From the very first day I got on the phone with him, he was absolutely on the ball.
    I deal with many companies in Toronto, and the wait time to respond is extremely frustrating. Rishon got back to me immediately after checking with his superiors regarding some credentials required by me for my approval. He would also advise me when some one from the branch will be calling me to ask me some security questions.
    Its this kind of person that upholds the companies reputation as a leading organization. When you deal with slackers, your perception of the company deteriorates immediately. You view the company as not interested in your business. Rishon is very efficient and I highly appreciate this kind of business interaction. I was approved in a matter of days. I am a happy client for dealing with an enthusiastic, and business driven person like Rishon.

  • Toni

    I am a new business owner and got the cover from this company i have been open since May 1 and have been taking transactions on my register and i have not gotten paid one dime of that money. I have so upset this is money for my bills for my store and inventory and i have called and called and nothing no answers on what is going on this crazy. I feel like i am getting ripped off and they are going to keep my money.

  • Josh

    One of the most dishonest and expensive businesses I’ve ever dealt with. After being told there were no hidden or additional fees beyond the transaction fees, I’ve been hit with monthly fees that frequently exceed the amount that I took in. There’s never a reasonable explanation, and customer service is elusive after they get into you bank account. Paypal or Square is a much better choice. For me, the fees often work out to less, and I’m not constantly looking over my shoulder.

  • andrew

    Global payments are simply terrible. I used them for 3 years not only did their machines frequently go down losing us time and money tying to fix but their charging is completely opaque. I finally swirched to a decent company and closed my account giving the requisite one months notice. They charged me around £130 as an exit fee. Thanks. To add insult to injury they helpfully did not tell me that another merchant ID I had apparently mysteriously remained open despite the fact that I had handed back all my terminals. 2 months down the line I get charged another £70 to close that. Total exit fees amounted to amost £200. Total rip off.

  • Jennifer DeBrielle

    Worst customer service ever! As a small business owner I am utterly blown away at the unacceptable business practices of this company. I worked with their customer service rep to set up my account, and accept my first payment. While I was assured that the account would accept charges of a large amount ($7000+) only to be told a week later after providing all of the clients information, my business information, repeated daily emails and calls back and forth with their risk analysis team, that my account was “the wrong account type and could only accept payments of $300 per day” Although their bank accepted the funds from my customers bank, they stll refused to release the funds to me, I was told that I had to get another form of payment from my client and that “the clients funds will be refunded to their account in 7-10 days” This did not come across in a formal letter on company letterhead it came through via email in a very unprofessional manner. When I requested a formal notice 3 days ago I received yet another email stating the funds were returned and should show in the clients account in 7-10 days. again unacceptable. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE especially Gladys de Vera RISK ANALYST, NA RISK TEAM, GLOBAL PAYMENTS PROCESS CENTRE, INC.

  • Sohan

    One of the worse company I across with. I called them to cancel my merchant account and it was really hard to reach right person first than they kept me on waiting and waiting and waiting.
    Not good customer service at all and charge a lot .

  • linda

    Just beyond shocking service. Its been a struggle to get any response from the sales manager Joshua Ngan or Jackie Leung on even the most basic of requests. You often have to send 3 or 4 emails entitled ” please respond” over a couple of weeks before they get back to you. Absolutely not a company you want to waste your time with trying to set up a payment gate way. Beyond a joke bad.

  • Jean Nightingale

    Global Payments now charging for refunds, in effect charging for both original transaction and refund, so a double whammy since May 2017, poor show and not welcome with current uncertainty in uk markets

  • Martin

    Appalling lack of service. Whilst we’ve been paying for a card machine for over 3 weeks, it still isn’t working and I am currently on hold (for approaching 40 minutes) waiting for an answer about a third replacement pin terminal. There is simply no useful back up, it is typical of many faceless companies apparently operating successfully today. Call centres, no one taking any care or responsibility. I would recommend to try elsewhere.


    CALL STARTED 2.42 pm having waited 5 days to resurrect my card payment machine that for some unknown reason has gone down. Unacceptable standards of trading, i am writing this review whilst awaiting on the phone to contact anybody who will take action to get my payment system up and running,At present there is awaiting 25 calls before me.In the last 5 days i have made 9 calls each call has taken an average 36 mins to answer 5 hrs 40 min and still nothing has been resolved . Today is Tuesday my system crashed Thursday i have gone through a complete nightmare no systems running no card payments , no money in bank. I was promised return calls , not received and have waited 2 days 3 hours for a new machine that has not arrived. I am still holding the phone 19 calls away from speaking to somebody .If i ran my business in this manner i would be broke.i would not recommend global payments and urge potential customers to stay away , Its 29 mins since start of call still 15 waiting calls before i am answered it seems there huge profit comes before my business survival.The cost of my time and calls , loss of business will be reaching the £1000.00s
    Its simple train and employ, not rocket science. its telephone answering services, but they would rather we wait using up our time and profitability than invest in staff.NOW 9 CALLS AHEAD OF ME waited 39mins
    As i still have time let me tell you what the problem is . My ingenico machine stopped for some unknown reason communicating , despite several, over phone conversations and tests to no avail during this time i was told i would get call backs NOTHING, anyhow friday was promised a new machine on monday, waited NOTHING,called today 40 min wait told new machine would arrive between 12.50 and 1.50 NOTHING was promised a call back when machine had arrived NOTHING ,still on phone 3.30 6 calls to go.3.34 i am through to sharon they say Annabel has been trying to call me , they cant i have sat here for nearly an hour , they SAY i should have received my new machine i have not and have been here all day. Apparently its signed for by Gosia G absolute rubbish.
    Sharon has promised to investigate and phone me back again its 3.47
    4.17 no call back its evident i will not receive my machine today, at least 6 days no money.I can not believe the sheer incompetence 4.25 call back from sharn (trying hard) apparently machine was not for me but another customer in Ireland, and the tracking number administered to me was not mine nothing has been dispatched to me and i have sat in for 48 hours in total waiting for it. complete incompetence.
    Sharn has tried to get my existing machine working over telephone to no avail, 4.32 said will call ingenico and call me back.5.02 not expecting call back now. Tomorrow will be the 6th day without cash coming into my business.i am drained of energy.i will post this review to be continued.

  • Harley

    I have never left a review before, this is my first one… that’s how fed up i am with GP and it’s only been a month!! It took them 3 weeks to figure out how to correctly configure my account with my gateway provider. In that time, my customers were getting error codes when trying purchase things on my online store. That means i was missing out on money to pay my bills, on top of that, batches were not getting settled. My overall experience with GP has been a nightmare! i look forward to canceling my subscription.

  • nick lashgari

    very unreliable payment processing, at one time it took almost 3 months before they deposit the money in to my account, unreasonable fees and terrible customer service. I do NOT recommend this company to any one.

  • Sunny Art

    This is a disgusting company!!!!!

    Stay away from them!

    they always over charge you so you need to keep an eye on your bank account all the time, and i am horrified by their customer service!

    There was a customer made a payment through the phone for two rings which are over £25 K, and this guy provided his address so we type in the card machine which shows matched so the card machine cleared the transaction, and the guy’s driver came to pick up these rings.

    After two days the global payment contacted us and inform us that was a fraud, so they just recalled the money back without our explanation, and the staff simply just said if that was a phone transaction then they don’t take any responsibility so we need to face this £25k lost by ourselves.

    My question is, as an small business, how can we know if the transaction is fraud or not, Global Payment has this mobile phone payment service, as long as customer provide the correct card detail and address information to us, if the payment went through, then it’s fine to us, Global Payment should increase the security and inform us for any suspicious transaction, but not after two days.

    After this, they debit us £6000 straight away from our account, I was shocked when I noticed this, so I called my back to stop that, fortunately the bank took action and the £6000 came back to us.

    They said they will give us 10 days time to proof everything, but why they just debit us straight away without noticification?

    Later we also notices in the past 10 days payment from our customers didn’t came to our account, and we called global payment, and the staff said the money has been cleared, its our bank’s problem, they hold the money, so we called our bank, but our bank said there is no sign shows any money coming in, so we keep calling the global payment and finally a staff told us that they hold all the money because they need to recall the £6000!

    This is how they treat their customer, they never listen, they just do whatever they want! in order to avoid more loose we stopped to use them immediately.

    I m horrified by this company!

    Now I dont know how to resolve this mess! I have to leave them!

    If you still thinking of use global payment, then you will definitely regret, they are not helping your business to glew, eventually, they will cause closure of your business. Absolutely disaster !

    This is my worst experience in my life, and this was my first time loose so much money in the business. Thank you Gobal Payment! you really taught me a big lesson!

  • dev walker

    Absolutely the worst service. They charge huge charges and keep increasing them without you knowing. We had a chargeback that was a scam on the customers side and they just took 1200$ from our account without informing us and still battling to get back after 6 months. Any business out there needs to know customers has 18 months to complain about ANY service for any reason. and unless there is a signed document of satisfaction there is NO WAY to get your $$ back. Awful.

  • C. G.

    I am disgusted with Global Payments and have just cancelled my account. I will use Square, simple and no fee gouging. They just took 1200$ from our account as for a complete bogus chargeback. After 6 months of battle that our job was correct and the customer was lying (SCAM i think its called) they refused to return our money. Seniors working part-time and in business for 40 years. Disgusting service!!!!!

  • K. Promduan

    Global payment is a mess. I applied for card machine which take them to process 3 months to be middle of nowhere. Staff don’t completend of their job.Lack of common knowledge. What a waste of company to run unsuccessfull business. Company need to re evaluted themself on staff is totally company lost. Now I got other supplier which process only 2 week. Absolutely high efficiency. Good bye to global payment,loser.

  • Mario Fonnegra

    Terrible communication with the merchandise, never notify when the dispute for the cardholder starts, in this way, merchandise loses the dispute, and Global Payments charges you for chargesback and retrieval fees, no matter if you are a legitimate merchandise. Global Payments makes you lose if the customer initiates a dispute.

  • George Dovas

    This company reeks of bad management and antiquated business practice. I am in the process of cancelling my account due to extremely poor service and a lack of trust in their ethics. I would recommend you look elsewhere for a merchant account. Dealing with this company is a terrible experience.

  • Mario Vassiliades

    I have been trying to setup an account with global payment and it seriously feels like I am stuck in the 90’s trying to get a simple account process setup. Its unbelievable I do not recommend this company and I am currently in the process of closing the account as I have been waiting over a month to just change an address on the system. Which the customer support team got wrong in the first place…

  • J.L.S.

    These folks are deplorable. Chris just will not stop calling me, and I have asked him very nicely, at least 5 times to not call me again. I have explained that we do not want to do business with them. He said some rather rude things to me, and when I asked to speak to his supervisor about this, he said “that’s not going to happen”. If it smells like a scam, it probably is! They did not ask for any company information, just the owners name, home address and SS #. No way I am giving this out. Sure wish they would leave me alone.

  • Randall McLean

    So they were charging me $10/ month up till June 16 then jumped to $260/ month. I never used the system and only took it out for emergencies. I cancelled in Sept 16, signed back and they are still pulling $260/ month. Totally unethical. Now I have to get rid of this parasite.

  • Horun Meah

    Global payments give very poor service, they flog off customers with wrong information without checking, then we you try and explain they do not want to hear, i spoke with a guy called Archie, who just flogged me off with incorrect information, when you try and correct them with facts, they get all defensive. They need to understand we are trying to run a business and should work with us rather then combatting us all the time.

  • Harpal

    Global payments has to stop sending their call center to overseas. I’ve called 5 times and each time the person on the other end has been either cut off or had a hard time communicating with me. How can you use a merchant service, when the calls cannot be heard in your own country.

    I’ve had to call 5 times to receive new visa/mc slips. Am not happy with the poor level of customer service and support.

    Farming out your call center is a terrible way to have tech support.

    I will be looking to switch services in the near future.

  • Carol Barde

    Absolutely disgusted with this company. In order to continue using their business you must sign a 3 year contract. I am a small business owner and didn’t have any transactions for several months but was paying the monthly service fee. Out of the blue I got a whopping $260 fee for not using the service. I find this company has poor business practises. I will do my best to drop the contract and I am going to report them to the BBB.

  • Rhonda

    I’m actually being charged to replace a pinpad that is defective that they just gave me as a replacement of a faulty pinpad a week ago….I know right?!? You mean when a pinpad stops working and you get a new one that doesn’t even last a week you still have to pay for a new one? I guess. Nothing but problems with the service and no accountability from the company regarding defective and faulty pinpad’s.

  • Clayton Dubois

    Global Payments Mobile is the least user friendly application for accepting mobile payments. Creating and account is nightmarish, having tried more than a dozen times to do so. The application is create merchant account is buggy and does not recognize information input…Don’t waste your time on this one!

  • Jill

    Terrible. Terrible. Terrible Service. Will continue charging you– changing charges without any sort of customer service to answer. They can’t find accounts and randomly shut down or change processing information. Impossible to deal with and to shut down accounts with.

  • Steve

    I would Never do business with this Co. again! I should have read the comments above before getting on board with this Co. I guess leaving it up to my sales person was the first mistake. I changed Co., in doing so one would think putting this kind of money through their business account, someone would call to let you know something has happened or why did you leave. After catching the monthly charges late, I called to cancel and ask for a refund. With my notes I show the date I called and what was said. It was a verbal cancellation. My CPA caught them charging every month still. I called and Now have to fill out a form to cancel because they have no records of my cancel call. And I told them I’m still waiting for my refund. Over $1,700.00 worth of over paid charges. I’m told no refund because the signed copy was just received. How they can be even a B rated Co. is beyond me. This is why Large Co. doing business like this are despised!

  • Mark Stevenson

    This is the worst company in this business, I signed up wit, and they thought that I do not have a merchant service so they send my information to 3 companies, after the first I receive a welcome email from all the 3 companies, I immediately called all these companies to inform them that I never signed up with them, and they need to cancel my account, the 2 companies cancelled my account and send me a cancellation email. Global payment said that they cancel the account but they never send an email, then after a month they charge my account $52.00 so I called and told them that I never signed up and that I called and cancel it, they said ok, then they charge my account $500 cancellation fee. I called my bank to dispute the charge but because it was about 10 days when i called (with business account you need to dispute charges within 2 days which is stupid rule) so since then, I have been calling them again and again, and they refuse to refund the monies, so I told them that I need the service, so I signed to get the service back, then they refunded all the money, and after that immediately, I closed my account and give them the finger. This is an evil company, and all they care about is money, no customer service, no good service, no competitive prices, just pure greed. Stay away from them and do not sign any document, and do not do business with them even if it is free.

  • aln

    I have been using Global for my credit cards for 7 years, I have a small business and did not check their rates. I just found out that I have been paying close to 4%. I was furious, and had another vender come in and give me a quote, which was about 2.4%. That is a difference of about $2400 monthly in my office. I was furious, and called them as they had originally told me that they would update the rate yearly. They now told me that they would re-evalutate and give me my last month back. I switched. It took them a month to follow my instructions on the switch.

    Are you with Global Payments? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • redzep alili

    Wow, I am not alone
    Just like the previous reviewer , you can’t win a charge back dispute. The reason is simple, that is their cash cow, they charge you back for charge back ( $ 25.) They do not bother presenting your dispute to the card issuer. Either the fax is not clear or you did not respond on time, always the same. They do not use E mail so one can scan and E Mail. No next day deposit, extra minimum processing fee, extra PCI fee, and o customer service
    They suck. For those who have problems with them accessing their accounts, Close the bank account

    Are you with Global Payments? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Scott

    We have been processing through Global and Mercury Payment Systems for nearly 8 years. This year we have had a rash of unsupported Disputes filed. We have lost every one, even though we have supplied all signed receipts, filed rebuttals, and provided all documents that were requested. More than not, the reason why we have lost disputes that we have was because Global claims to have faxed us the info on chargeback but they have supplied no copy of a fax transmission, we never received the Notice, and when we noticed the deduction from our bank when our CPA did our monthly statement, and we responded immediately, we were told that we responded “Too late” (4-5 weeks later). Global cannot offer any documented proof that Notice was ever sent, they simply tell us that it is computer generated notice to our fax machine. Each and every one of the Disputes filed were customers that received medical/surgical services, took product, etc. One dispute was filed because the customer claims that our receptionist was “rude”. she then received services, paid by credit card, and then filed a dispute. We lost! One client took product, signed a non-transferable/non-refundable contract, then a week later had a change of heart and disputed the charges! We lost that one! The Merchant has 100% responsibility to document everything, respond in an incredibly short period, provide all that is requested, to fight for the payment that we have earned and worked for…….but Global has no responsibility to give us an appropriate time frame to respond, has no obligation to prove that they sent a Notice, and just like that, we are all paying these credit card companies, and loosing a ton of money! This is the most unfair system/company and we are seriously considering not accepting credit cards any longer! Surely we will leave Mercury/Global!!

    Are you with Global Payments? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Carole Curtis

    Absolutely terrible service. DO NOT USE.
    We were transferred by our credit card company from World Pay to Global Payments on October 21st.
    However, between that day and November 7th – NO credits from credit card payments have been paid into our account!!!!
    I have telephoned Global Payments 12 times and still nothing has been credited.

  • Karen Chambers

    It appears alot of Companies who accepted card payments on the 29th October did not have the funds transfered into their accounts on 30th October as there was an issue with Global Payments system. After spending an hour on the phone trying to rectify the matter I was told they had no real idea when the issue would be resolved & when the money would show in my account. HSBC whom I bank with are now saying although theres an issue they probably will not honor standing orders due out on 1st November so people like me may find things like their rent bouncing. All the advice I got was call back Monday, so I dare say I be trying to find the time to spend another hour on the phone.

  • Jan Simmons

    Contracted with Open Edge, a division of global payments in August of 2013. Rate was quoted as .01695 for our Car Wash facility ( 2 merchant accounts) and our Lube facility (1 merchant account). The merchant fees on the Lube center were calculated as contracted. The merchant fees on the Car Wash calculated to 3.6 effective rate. The Car Wash recurring charge merchant account effective rate is around 15% and although the fees are substantial on that account we do not object because the volume is small and none of the cards are swiped. When we contacted Open Edge we were advised that the accounts had been set up at different rates. We were also advised by Blaine with Open Edge that they were only willing to credit a portion of the fees on the Car Wash for the last six months as they believe we should have noticed they were overcharging us. We calculated the difference between 3.4% and 2% ( allowing for effective lube rate of .019) from May of 2014 through September of 2015 and came to an overcharge of $3004.00. Open Edge decided the only credit we are entitled to is $354.09. As a service provider ourselves, or code of ethics dictates that regardless of the length of time it would take our customer to notice an overcharge we would refund every penny over the agreed price. If you elect to use this company be sure to double check your statements, especially if you have more than one account with them. Also be prepared to spend days and numerous emails before anyone will even address the issue with you.

  • Man Kun Fong

    Don’t ever sign up with global payments! I am a new business owner, I sign a 3 yrs contract with GP. In the beginning they promise low rate and low fee. However that change in one year, they up both dramatically, and I didn’t read the fine prints of the notice of rate increase 3 months prior to the change, so I can’t do anything to make them adjust the rate as it was. The fees goes double and I have to sign up with other company to cut loss. I called and make sure they promise after 3 years the account will be closed. Yet, 3 years passed and still they keep on charging me 40 dollars a month. I am still trying to find ways to cut loose from them…

    If you are reading this and thinking what company to choose, just remember, anything but global payment!

  • K Kerr

    The credit card processing machine worked INTERMITTENTANTLY. So, as a hair salon owner, a staff member did hundreds of dollars of service for someone, but when they paid with a credit card…it was like playing Russian roulette! Sometime the machine accepted it and sometimes it didn’t. It kept saying that the machine need to be AUTOMATICALLY BATCH PROCESSED”….whatever that means. Not only were we not paid for services sometimes, we were made to look extremely unprofessional and shady. Shady because we had to attempt to process their card a few times. I would not recommend this processing machine to my worst enemy! Yes, it is that BAD! This company is still attempting to hold me hostage for a machine that has already cost me thousands of dollars in non-acceptance of funds for services done.

  • Melanie Walden

    Global Payments are incompetent, lying scammers. Please choose ANY other card processor over them.

    Last year, after several years of being quietly milked by GP, we were approached by a rep from another card processor. The deal they offered was substantially better than GP’s ripoff rates, so we decided to switch.

    We informed GP by telephone on October 12 2014 that we no longer required their services and asked for them to arrange collection of their terminal ASAP. We had been advised to do this by the other company’s rep, because of GP’s reputation for attempting to scam merchants out of a “lost or stolen terminal” charge. We were assured by GP that someone would contact us from their terminal supplier to arrange collection.

    A month later, we had heard nothing from them. At that time, I went into hospital and was away from my business until early January. On opening mail, I found that GP had written 2 days after I went into hospital, saying that they had been unable to contact me to arrange collection. They had also subsequently written informing me that I would be charged for non-return of the terminal. I immediately rang their customer services and explained that the mail had not been read, due to my hospitalisation. The Filipino call-centre agent assured me that I would not be charged.

    Later, I noticed that despite that assurance, my account had been raided by GP on December 24 for £288 “terminal charge”. There then followed numerous wasted hours speaking to barely understandable “customer service” agents in the Phillipines, being lied to, fobbed off and stonewalled. E-mail contact with someone called Martin, also of their alleged “Customer Service” department also got me nothing more than a lecture on not opening my mail promptly!

    In communication with Martin, it transpired that GP’s failure to contact me was due to their employees dialling the wrong number! Despite this, I was informed that I would have to wait until the terminal had been returned to stock with their supplier, Igenico.

    after much more wasted phone time, I eventually got them to collect the terminal on january 9th. following collection, which I got signed for, I again contacted Martin to demand an immediate refund, as their terminal was now in the hands of their courier. No, I’d have to wait until it was back in stock.

    today January 19th, I again phoned them and wasted yet more of my time talking to another filipino lady who had no clue and no authority. Eventually, after keeping me on hold for several minutes, she passed me to her supervisor, who told me that although Igenico had verbally confirmed receipt of the terminal, we couldn’t have our refund until they’d sent a written report. We demanded that someone in authority call us back.

    About an hour later, we were called by someone called Giam Orteg, who claimed to be a supervisor. He told us that Ingenico hadn’t received the terminal because of bad weather. We told him that either he, or the previous, female, supervisor was lying to us. we asked to be transferred to someone in management or for him to get someone in management to call us. He claimed to be unable to do this. Eventually, we got Igenico’s number from him.

    We called Igenico, where a charming lady in logistics, called Jane, was instantly able to tell us that, Yes, they’d received the terminal but it was amongst others awaiting scanning back into stock. We asked her to contact GP and confirm this fact, which she did.

    about an hour later, Mr Ortega rang to say that Igenico had called and that GP would “make an exception in this case” and process the refund. I asked how soon would the money be back in my account. He told me it would take up to 12 days! they intend to hold onto MY money, following THEIR mistake, for up to 12 days!

    To add insult to injury, no apology has been made by GP for their mistake, for their lies and mis-information, or for the stress caused to us at what is already a difficult time by their appalling excuse for a customer service.

    My advice to any small business looking for a card services firm is DO NOT USE GLOBAL PATMENTS!

  • Thomas Cooper

    I own a small retail business and recently switched processors via an independent sales rep. Global was not identified as the processor, but soon appeared on my bank transactions.

    While reviewing my November, 2014 statement, I noticed a $89.05 additional debit that I could not find a basis for. I contact the rep who informed me it was a “PIN Debit” issue. Not certain what this was exactly, I requested an explanation. They responded that it was simply a pin entered debit transaction. I informed them that this had not happened due to the fact we did not have that capability with my reader. They responded that Global had told them this was the issue. Upon requesting contact information for Global, I was told they would contact them instead of me. I started researching every transaction in November and discovered 3 AMEX charges that equaled the amount debited and notified the rep of this. My rep immediately responded that this was now a AMEX issue. (Apparently, when someone else does the work they and Global should have done, they are able to narrow the problem down to exactly what you discovered for them.) I was then informed that this was an AMEX initiated debit. Now I am informed I was not authorized to accept AMEX. I then told them I had not experienced any problems with AMEX prior to or after that specific date the 3 transactions were done and I had “Authorization Numbers” for those 3 that were disputed. 28 days later, the funds were put back into my account. If I had not put forth the effort to uncover this, they were perfectly content with keeping my money and had no interest in helping me recover it. They just made up lies thinking I was too dumb to know the difference.

    In my opinion, Global Payment Systems is single-focused on making a profit without any concerns for there customers. I will leave them as soon as I locate a processor that at the very least has a favorable customer service reputation. I advise everyone to avoid them.

  • Cindy

    What a scam they have. I canceled them over three years ago now and I just received a charge on $250!! I cannot believe that they still have access to my checking account still after three years?? After I contact them they tell me that it is because I didn’t return the terminal!! I owned the terminal outright before I even signed up with them. She tells me sorry once it charged your stuck. She sent me a copy of a contract that for one, wasn’t even signed, and second of all it wasn’t even the same contract that I signed, (yes I did find my copy after all). What a scam they have going on for them. I am still trying to get my money back!! So let me tell you, if you terminate them make sure you block them from your checking account because they will help themselves anytime they want to, even 3 1/2 years later!!! Global/Citadeleftinc. Beware

  • Shigeki

    This company is ripping consumer off overseas! In Spain, and I’m sure other countries, they are creating a default to charge in USD and add on a hefty service charge when consumers use their credit cards overseas. This is significantly higher than the fees charged by credit cards for translating foreign currencies into USD. The firm should be looked into by the consumer fraud agencies around the globe. They are taking an additional 2-4% of all overseas transactions beyond what the credit card user would normally have to pay! I would this is against tens of billions of dollars of spending, so a huge amount of money! Please look into this!

  • Tami

    This company charged our business twice a month (with steady increases) for 15-16 months, after we faxed and verbally requested the services be terminated. We chose to discontinue their services due to rapid increases in charges; and due to those fees being charged twice a month. The charges appeared as if different terminals were used. The names beside the debits appear differently on our statements.
    We were told the duplicated fees were being removed. And the reason we were charged double fees is because we offer services, and we sell parts. Therefore, “we have two businesses in one building”. Huh??? We are the sole owners, with one company name! Our business has been in this building for over thirty years. But, we have never heard of a policy such as that.
    The duplicated fees began on the second statement. We addressed, immediately. And, we were told it would be corrected. Plus, the charges would be removed. It stopped a month. Then it restarted. But, the initial charges were never removed.
    Now, more than a year later, they are determined to stick with the old excuse for duplicate charges without refund. In addition to those charges, they will not reimburse us for and the 16 months they continued to withdraw fees for a (non-active) closed account. The rep claimed they never received the termination form we faxed iSeptember 2012.
    She added, that “without seeing that form, they’re not allowed to stop an automatic contract renewal. Really? We initially signed up, over the phone. On that day, we were told there were “no contract” terms.
    Regrettably, we have been unable to find that form, thus far.
    Though, we remember signing and faxing the form. It now stands as “he said, she said”. I plan to check with our phone/internet company.
    I told the representative I was curious about the Double Standards. I’m curious how an account can be created over the phone with verbal permission. But, that can’t eliminate an account over the phone with an adamant request.
    Especially, since she clearly remembers remembers my husband calling and speaking with her in 2012, ADAMANTLY, repeating that we no longer want their services. She also admitted the account displayed no activity since September 2012. We’re considering an attorney.

    • Fred Radonic

      Global Payments inc, is a horrible company! Do not sign up with merchant services for your credit card processing needs. I signed up with them on a month to month base, after two years I decided to close my shop. They penalized me by deducting from my checking account 82.90 per month and again in January of 2016 180.60 DOLLARS. I called their representatives and demanded my money returned because I did not have a contract that would penalize me for stopping services as I was on a month to month. They apologized and gave me excuses after excuses about how I was on a 3 year contract…all lies! I had my rep call them and explaining to them he did not sign me up for a long term contract which would open me up for a penalty for breaking the contract and he told them i was on a month to month base with no penalty. They said they could refund me 40 bucks, which I never received. Do yourself a favor if you want to open a small business and need credit/debit machine, shop around. This company is huge and will steal your money.

      Are you with Global Payments? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

      • Fred Radonic

        I never received my 40 dollars ….they pretty much deducted 300 dollars from my personal checking account. You won’t get any straight answers from them. Every time you call you get a different person and get the run around and empty promises. Legalized corporate crooks….protected by high end lawyers….will never do business with them again.


    Global payments account was terminated by me in June 2013. i called,emailed, faxed and mailed every document requested by global payments necessary to close the account. Months later, I called emailed faxed and mailed documents again due to continued billing.

    Months later the billing continued and I emailed, called, etc. again!

    I was certain that eventually they would succeed in closing the account which finally occurred a year later in June 2014 with all the billing for an inactive account , no credit

    After many phone calls, global payments refunded six months of charges but refused to honor my request of a total refund!

    Global payments had a record of all the conversations, dating back one year,of my asking for termination of the continued billing of an obviously inactive closed account.
    Bad Business! Global Payment Sucks! Stay Away from Global Payments!

  • Jordan

    Global Payments raised my rates TWICE this year. The sales rep will sign you up by offering low rates. 2 months later, the rates will go up. I am paying 3 times MORE than I was with my previous processor. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE PEOPLE.

  • GlobalPayments BAD

    Global Payment is a very irresponsible company, they upgraded my account from physical terminal to virtual terminal and changed details but didn’t inform me that I need to re-enroll with the SecurityMetrics again. I only find that out after £50 been charged, and called them they say I have to ‘be aware of it’ myself…. How can I aware of that without they telling me or even put anything on any paperwork????

    They refuse to refund, and the security metrics company also told me I have both old and new accounts alive.

    So when you apply be aware of their bad quality service!

  • Jon

    Do not sign up with Global or any of their affiliates. The salesmen they use will tell you anything to get you signed up. They are worse than buy here pay here car salesmen! Then the monthly fees start kicking in. They even fee your for delivering an online statement. They also fee your for canceling an account EVEN WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF CONTRACT! I have never in my 20 yrs of business dealt with a more greedy dishonest company. We are going to remove Global from all 6 of our locations as soon as possible!

  • D Jackson

    Global Payments — an absolute joke. The number of mistakes they made in processing our application was outrageous. One careless mistake after another, and each mistake taking days to resolve. They requested the same information again and again, after it had already been provided. They sent sent multiple copies of letters we were never supposed to receive in the first place. After 2 months, the application is still ongoing.

    The are wholly incompetent and worst of all, unaccountable. They make a small percentage out of every transaction made by every business in their system and yet act like they are doing their customers favors by granting their services.

    A disgrace — and part of a banking system that is fundamentally, hopelessly flawed.

  • steve

    I have a seasonal garden business in Georgia and just started using Global last April. I was not told about all the hidden fees and I was not told that they had a seasonal program . In October , when or business started to slow down , the fees started to increase. In 3 months the fees went from $88 to $143. I’ve had it!! I think it’s time to notify the Attorney General— maybe a class action suit.

  • M ark K.

    NEVER EVER USE THEM!!!!! They have charged me after telling them to stop! I never used the service, and for months was charged odd amounts. I have no idea what this is anymore!!!!!

    $49.95 for 3 months, then $149.00 flat another month. Over $300 in charges to my account after I told them to p iss off.


  • Wild Bill

    Not sure if this is the appropriate location to post this, but I am writing due to issues I have with Global payment right now as a check writer. I have decent credit (not that it matters) do not write bad checks and always have money in my account (since I work 6 days a week leaving no time to spend it). I have had two checks declined in the last week due to Global payments. One from a grocery store and one from an auto parts store. I don’t have any debt in collections, have not received anything in the mail, on the compter or on my phone explaining what is going on despite having called their automated line and requesting a report on the declined checks. Not a big fan of Global.

  • AN

    Have always received very poor service from designated Account manager.
    Account manager does not respond to or even acknowledge emails. I have to call customer service and make a complaint which is passed through to supervisor who contacts and follows up with account manager.
    Mailing address of our busines was changed to an “unknown” and “unrelated” address where statements were sent for three months. This, to me, represents a breach of privacy. Still trying to find out how our account mailing address could have been changed. Finally, did my own internet search of address and found name of business where statements were being mailed in error. Also discount rate changed on past two statements although we have a 3 year contract and also charged for statement fee on last two statements which was waived on 3 year contract. Also, other new fees have just appeared on last two statements which we have never been charged for before.

    • Chris

      I have the exact same issue with Global Payments about sudden change of my business address to some unrelated address in September. I called customer service to inquire who did/authorize the change. They said they could not find any information or track down how the change happened. Based on my past experience with their call center reps, I doubt that they are competent enough to correct my address, it took them 20 min to ask verification questions to confirm my account (One would think that they run high security control, yet they don’t have record who made the change). So I called my designated account manager the next day to make sure the correction was taken care of. Over a month later, shocked to find out that the incorrect address still shows on my statement. I called customer service and asked to speak with a supervisor or manager for complaints. Was put on hold for 15mins before I can talk to a “manager”. Wasted another 20min to answer his verification questions.


  • mad mad

    NEVER NEVER go with global payment. Global payment is a horrible company to go with, the idiot that set us up did it all wrong so that we had such limitations on our funds that they release to us. Never had this problem with other companies, then when I was trying to cancel them, I got the run around call this # no you need to call customer service then you wait for a sale person to call, they never did so after trying to cancel this dysfunctional company I am still in the same boat waiting to get a call. It’s been a week and no one can really help you. NEVER NEVER GO WITH THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY they will give u the run around.

  • ulian

    Dreadful company, you best hope nothing goes wrong if you go with GlobalPay.

    Sadly I’ve had a problem for the past seven months with their card machines and besides replacing the units they seem unable to resolve the issue losing me thousands. Worst of all they don’t care, customer services don’t care, the account manager doesn’t care., even good old HSBC seems unable to do anything about it. Not a good result, having to use another Merchant service AT THE SAME TIME as these useless rip off merchants just so I don’t suffer downtime. Absurd.

  • Linda

    I am absolutely disgusted with Global payments, holding all funds for over a month because of a refund.
    Refund is 15,000. but you hold back 100,000.
    There is no excuse for this kind of business, why is the interest not paid to the merchant, for 30 days you hold money or longer. Our company does not receive the interest and all the customers terms are affected because of this.
    When calls are made good luck getting someone who understands you.
    Who owns this company and how can they be allowed to operate in Canada.

    As you can see no kind words for global, dealing with them the past seven years has been a nightmare.

  • Jane

    I have dealt with Global Payments for 2.5 years. I switched after I
    showed them my then current processors rates (very transparent, simply
    two tiers – personal cc’s and business cc’s). They assured me they
    could beat this. There was much upheaval in my life at the time with a
    dying parent, and I told the sales rep I was very stressed, but if they
    could promise me they’d save me money, they could have my business.

    And so, the thievery began…

    They have charged me at minimum $40/month in addition to the rates I’m already paying. Last month, $250+ was added to the almost $1000 in regular rate fees! They charged me for ecommerce check cards, rewards cards, statement fees (they had in their contract no statement fees), check key entered (I don’t take checks), another statement fee, and more! They are dishonest, and I’m leaving them.

    Run FAR away from this company’s deceptive business practices. Their contract is a farce, because it does not disclose these additional fees. When I call, they give me the total runaround draped in ‘concern’ but no satisfaction. Yuck.

    Advice? Seek a company with transparent fee schedules to process your cards. Use one that does not make you sign a contract.

  • M

    Would not recommend working with Global Payments, no paperwork is ever sent! Terrible service, cannot contact directly, very obscure and inconsistent on how things are paid and terms.


  • Tammy

    This is the VERY WORST company I have ever dealt with! they tell you one thing do another. When trying to cancell the caccount I was told on the phone 2 different times it was cancelled and nothing further to do. Then noticed money still being pulled from my account as I had told them they no longer had permission to do this. They said they would not and continued to do it. I talked to several people and then was finally told after 3 months of fighting with this company to stop that I had to talk to the lady that opened the account for me. But when I first called her she was one of the people that told me not to worry all was taken care of and then later atempts she did not answer nor return my calls for a long time. Now having to jump through hoops to get my 1099K. Very BAD COMPANY VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They do not know from person to person what they are supost to do everyone in the company always tells me something different.. go to a different company people!!!!

  • AA

    We signed a contract with Wholesale Merchant Services and received a bill from globalpayments. They are charging us every month event though we never signed a contract with global and we even don’t have their card-processing machine.

    They’ve been ignoring our repeated request of cancelling a contract.

    We’ve never signed a contract if we knew Wholesale was actually globalpayments.

  • Roger

    after 8 months of using Global credit processing with little to no problems, we are in the process of selling the business, so we need to cancel our contract.
    Global says read the terms Pay a cancellation fee $903. to not use there services,
    and dont forget to send back the card reader.
    We will never use them again, and would not recommend them to anyone
    shame on global

  • t jacob

    they are holding, without notice, 125 k of payments because of a W-9 discrepancy that does not exist, they have told us we will have our money in 3 days after they receive our w-9 which we faxed, and they told us it was the same Tax #, called back later and they said they never received it , i have been on hold for 20 minutes as i am writing this, does anyone have any advice?

  • Molly

    Global Payments is not going to be processing my credit cards payments any more. Last Wednesday I ran two charges through for the same amounts for the same client (one exhibitor and one sponsor for the conference) at nearly the same time.

    I had to manually input each one so there was a time lag between. I had tried one charge earlier than day for the total amount but it was denied–not due to insufficient credit on the card, just some communication error over the Web.

    Global Payments got the money from Bank of America for these two charges and then noticed the Authorization Number for each was the same. These numbers are generated automatically and I have no way of influencing this. GP tried to blame this on Volusion, but I have two separate order numbers and paperwork from Volusion. How the error occurred is not clear.

    But, GP refused to give me the money out of, I finally got them to admit, some wildhair fear that should they give me the money Bank of America, which had already authorized the charges as my client had pre-authorized the charge, would later realize the two numbers were the same and demand the money back! This despite verbal and written (via e-mail) assurances from BOA and my client to GP that this would not occur.

    So, today GP agreed to give me 50% of the fee and the client must wait at least two weeks to get the other 50% back. Needless to say, the client is not keen on writing me a check for that 50% until they have it back on their card.

    GP had frozen a week’s worth of credit card transaction payments while “reviewing the matter.” Supposedly, though, that has been unfrozen, yet I must still deal with getting the rest of the money out of the client. I would not be surprised the client decides to cancel the order.

    All through this, despite my calls to customer service and the company HQ, they would not put me through to a manager. So, I was left with Mark who did a class CYA move–and lost the company a customer in the process.

  • Roxana

    This company has the worst customer service ever. Every time we had problems and it was their fault the resolution time was more then a month. We lost a few good customers because of them. On one matter I spoke with 4 different agents and they all give me different information. We left messages and never received callbacks. Even talking with supervisors didn’t help much. If you are a small or medium company is not recommended to go with them.

  • Celeste Rich

    Don’t use Global Payment Solutions! I was led to them by my x-charge processor and they totally screwed me over! They totally are unresponsive to messages, you cannot get hold of an actual person without waiting on the line for 45 min or more, mostly you have to leave a message when you actually get through to the person supposed to help you.. Then, in my case, they double credited an $9K+ mistake to the buyer who was trying to make an end of year pmt on her cc, then tried to double debit MY account! When I stopped the double debit, they kept debteding my acct for small amts which totally sent my checking acct out of balance! They are incompetent! AND once again, I want to repeat, that when you DO have a problem at YEARS of using them, you cannot get hold of a real person to help you! RIPOFF!!!!!

  • Brian Reimer

    After having a nightmare experience with a different provider, I ran into a similar situation with Global – funds that failed to reach my bank account. Global was courteous, efficient and I had my problem corrected within a day. I am gunshy of switching to any other processor and thus far am very satisfied.

  • Global

    Global Payments no longer cares about the customer! Only care about the bottom dollar
    going to the shareholder. Long term employee’s are being laid off and the jobs
    are being outsourced to India , Manila and Hong Kong. Too many chief’s
    and not enough worker bees. Management is too busy hiring friends over in house
    employee’s . The VP’s and the Exec VP’s have a “Golden Parachute” and sucking
    the company dry. Stay far away from this company they are taking our jobs to
    India and laying off American workers. Many employee’s saw this coming
    when Global Payments hired Jeffery (snake) Sloan from Goldman Sachs to be the
    president of our company.
    (Less than three years after receiving $10 billion in bailout money from American taxpayers, Goldman Sachs informed its employees recently that it will fire 1,000 workers in the United States and elsewhere, shifting their jobs to the cheaper Singaporean labor market)
    read on ………..
    Yep Global Payments is going over sea’s and drowning your loyal employee’s.

    Shame on you Paul Garcia CEO for taking our jobs away to India. Shame on you!!!!

  • Simone

    This company is an ABSOLUTE MESS. if i ask them to make a refund to a client, theyd do it twice. If i charge my client, next day i find out theyve charged him TWICE. Customer service is sloppy, service of all kind with GP is sloppy. It seems to me this company is run from a daycare center!!

  • S. Chao

    I’m disappointed with Global Payments, been processing with them for about 9+ years.
    Without warning they froze my account and is holding almost $40,000 (yes $40K). Numerous of calls and emails was made to Global trying to get the issue resolve for the past 30+ days and still have not heard back. Because of Global Payments freezing my account and holding my money, my business is having financial difficulties. If this does not get resolve soon some of my employees are going to be out of work.

    I’m hoping someone at Global Payments is reading this that can help and get this resolve ASAP.

  • Dennis

    I’m so disappointed with their service, all the promise they made was a lie and kept charging me over the market rate, all the complaints I made no matter a formal letter or by phone call, those csr are all ignored and never responded to me. I end up goes to the others payment service company to fix it and of course they pay for the demage of the contract termination. What a nightmare service they provided.

    • Ronnie Colby

      GlobalPay is screwing us with one client. They caught what they claim to be a Russian cc scam with a couple who is a client of ours – he a retired Army officer, she active in her church and a lover of horses. Their CA-based bank found no evidence Russian fraud. Clients were never shown proof of any of this. They cancelled their cc transaction and paid us cash. We met them and know them to be good people. The way GlobalPay dealt with us, the clients, and the entire issue couldn’t have been less transparent. We received absolutely nothing in writing from them about this alleged $5000 fraudulent transaction. GP doubted everything we told them about our interaction with the client.

      GP’s ineptitude has now been shown to be even worse than this last episode. Same clients, new cc – GlobalPay has been holding a $13000 transaction for 10 days now and rudely and poorly placating us – again nothing in writing, no consideration of the fact that the clients are honest people who have received the materials we will build on their site, no return calls, and of course, worst of all, we lack this cash that we need for working capital. They are deaf to this issue. The client’s credit card is new and good – even the client’s bank vouched for the card and client. Still no deposit of funds into our account.

      We will be switching processors as soon as this is resolved. We are lucky not to have lost the client through all this – asking them about their card, their bank, if they’ve called their bank as GP requested, if their bank has called GP as requested, on and on. Unacceptable.

  • lopez

    I am SO disappointed with global payments. I have yet to receive any of my money. Each customer service representative that I have spoken with keeps giving me different stories. There customer service is not educated in their products or how the system really works. All they say is “we understand”, I don’t think that they do. They are not running a business or worried about paying bills for a company.

    I will NOT recommend this company, its productrs or services to anyone else.

  • meghan

    I am glad there is someone like Phillip Parker doing all the research for a new company to choose and obtain material for options in card processing. Thanks Mr. Parker!

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Meghan,

      Thank you very much for the kind words! I’m glad that you found the site helpful. Be sure to follow on Twitter or Facebook to get updated on new posts. In addition to merchant account reviews, I also do posts offering tips and advice on credit card processing.

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