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We Hate Spam Too!

Below is our Privacy Policy which covers how we may collect data from you when visiting our website and the circumstances under which such data will be shared. However, we want to be very clear about something: We hate spam as much as anyone and will never share your information without your consent or purposely make it available to people who want to spam you. Period.

How Your Information May Be Collected

Direct Collection

We only collect identifiable information from you when you directly supply it to us through the use of an online form, by leaving a comment on an article, sending us an email, calling us, or using another contact method.


Cookies may be installed on your system when visiting our website which are used for for our own tracking and analysis. We do this for such purposes as serving targeted ads based on your geographic location and for other internal marketing and web traffic research.  This is a common practice among most websites. We do not collect any personally identifiable information through the use of Cookies.

Information Never Shared

We never share data with outside unaffiliated parties that you do not consent to have shared. We may, however, share your information with partners or affiliates who facilitate a CPO service. This allows for a seamless experience on the CPO website. All affiliates and partners who receive information from CPO are bound to confidentiality agreements and are not permitted to market to you without your consent or share your information with any other parties.

Information That May Be Shared

How You Might Consent

We clearly state on any page that uses a form to collect share-able information that such information will be shared with another party. Such forms may be requests for quotes, provider match-up services, and consultation services. If you fill in one of these forms and submit the information, you will consent to us sharing your data with other parties so that they can supply you with the requested information or services.

Clicking Ads

Clicking ads on this website may direct you to a website that collects information via forms or cookies. Under such circumstances the advertiser may share the information collected from you with us  as defined in our agreements with the advertiser. This information is used for analysis of marketing and advertising efforts and is not shared with any other parties. Again, this is another common practice on the internet.

Questions or Concerns

If you would like to discuss our Privacy Policy, please contact us.