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Based in Austin, TX, CardPaymentOptions.com is website dedicated to organizing a coalition of merchants and industry professionals who want to enact change in the merchant credit card processing industry. Our goal is to create awareness of current industry practices as well as push for standards by which all banks, processors, sales organizations and independent resellers must abide when marketing and servicing merchant accounts to small and large businesses. These standards include penalizing deceptive rate quoting and marketing tactics, imposing uniform rate packaging for bucketed pricing schemes, enforcing consistent rate and fee disclosure across providers through standardized documentation (similar to Truth in Lending forms of the mortgage industry), and eliminating unfavorable and unfair business practices including “retention” Early Termination Fees (aka; Retention ETFs), non-cancellable lease agreements, excessive PCI Compliance Fees, auto-renewing contracts, and Liquidated Damages clauses.

As part of our movement, we publish merchant account reviews and ratings to help small businesses find ethical merchant services providers. In addition to reviews, you will also find tips, advice, and relevant industry news articles as well as a free ebook entitled “Fee Sweep,” which teaches merchants how to eliminate unfavorable contract provisions, unnecessary fees, and inflated rate pricing schemes.

Annual Scholarship Award

At CardPaymentOptions.com we believe that education is the first step to success in any endeavor. We have created an annual scholarship to show help support those seeking success in life. Learn more about our scholarship opportunity here.

About Our Advertising Policy

You may have noticed that merchant account providers are allowed to advertise on CardPaymentOptions.com, a promotional program that is exclusive to providers that have scored well in our reviews. Advertising on CardPaymentOptions.com is a privilege awarded to providers that operate ethically, demonstrate merchant-friendly business practices, and offer excellent service and support. This privilege can be revoked at anytime should a provider fail maintain its service quality and satisfaction rating. We never accept bribes or payment of any kind in exchange for artificial reviews and ratings, and we also never respond favorably to threats. Although some perceive our advertising policy as a conflict of interest, we see it as a way for merchants to find the best merchant account providers while generating an income to support our operations. It is a win-win-win situation for all: merchants find great providers, great providers get customers, and we are able pay for the continued operation of this website.

Banner Ads
Banner and text ads on CPO are usually served by a third-party ad network such as Google Adsense which is difficult for us to filter. Due to this, ads may appear for providers that have scored poorly in our reviews. We strongly encourage you to research any provider found through a banner ad on CPO.