Statement Cost Savings Analysis

I’ll Find The Savings You Deserve

Because I Know Where to Look

Do you find your statements confusing to read? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most business owners feel the same way as you do. The merchant account industry seems to have conspired to complicate pricing to such a degree that only the most knowledgeable among us know the true costs of taking card payments. They count on the fact that most business owners are not those people.

I’m tired of seeing hard working people getting taken advantage of by dishonest and unethical pricing schemes. Although taking card payments will never be free, you can get fair rates and fees by knowing which ones can be eliminated and which can be reduced to the bare minimum.


How It Works

I will review all of your rates and fees, identify all the available savings, and then generate a report detailing my findings. From there, you can either take this information to your current provider to demand changes to your pricing, or shop around to find providers that offer comparable costs.

All this for only a one-time cost of only $39! A fee that you will almost certainly recover in your first month of savings!

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