No More Hidden Fees, No More Mistakes

Save Big on Fees Without the Headache of Switching

When you change merchant account providers, not only do you need to worry about changing related services, such as your accounting software, but the new provider’s goal is to cost just a little less than your last provider. A new merchant account provider makes money by keeping their fees as high as possible while just barely undercutting your current provider’s fees. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was rewarded by saving you as much money in fees as possible instead of just barely beating your current rate?

That’s Where We Come In

My name is Phillip Parker, creator of this website, and my team can get you the lowest possible rates with nearly any provider because we used to be on the other side of the negotiating table. We know where the floor is for merchant account fees because we’ve seen thousands of statements and saved businesses millions of dollars.

How It Works

We are professional merchant account fee negotiators. Call (512) 201-4077 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions at no charge whatsoever. Once you are ready, get a free statement review and report showing exactly how much you are overpaying for credit card processing. The call, statement review, and report are completely free. There are no costs or obligations unless you want to hire us to renegotiate your fees, and even then there is still no charge unless we save you money.

How Much You Will Save

We know the pricing tricks of nearly every provider and how to eliminate them. In an average negotiation, we get our clients substantially lower fees than what they can get by switching providers. In most negotiations, we lower processing costs for our clients by as much as 90%. We also get most of our clients refunds of past fee overages. That can mean thousands back into your pocket.

Defend Against Hidden Fee Hikes

Merchant account providers are notorious for sneaking new fees into your processing costs. They also love to slowly raise your processing fees in the hopes that you won’t notice. What good is it to switch providers or re-negotiate your rates if they are just going to raise your fees again? We can make sure that never happens by monitoring your statements with our proprietary fee detection software. If they try sneak a new fee in, we will make the call for you to get it removed. You can focus on running your business and enjoying your higher profit margins. We will be your ever-vigilant, fee-crushing watchdog. You will never overpay for credit card processing again.

How Much Our Services Cost

We will review your statement for free and show you how much your are being overcharged for free with no obligation whatsoever. If you wish you hire us to renegotiate and weed out all of your hidden fees, our rate is very fair and you will pay nothing unless we are able to save you money.  For more information, call (512) 201-4077 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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