You May Be Entitled To Merchant Account Refunds

You May Have Been Overcharged on Debit Cards

Did you know that recent U.S. legislation known as “The Durbin Amendment” capped most debit card fees at just 0.05% and 5 cents? Unfortunately, the law did not require merchant account companies known as ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations) to pass the savings onto their clients. In other words, many didn’t pass the savings onto you. Instead, they simply increased their profit margin on debit card fees raking in millions of dollars that should have gone back to U.S. businesses. If you have taken debit cards for payment at your business, you may qualify for refunds of these fees.

That’s Where We Come In

My name is Phillip Parker, creator of this website, and former merchant account sales director. I left the industry to help businesses of all sizes recover excessive costs related to their payment acceptance services. My team and I have the knowledge, experience, data, and skill to get you large refunds.

How Much You Will Save

Our team consists of the most knowledgeable credit card processing analysts within the United States, most of whom came from within the card processing industry. We identify opportunities for refunds of previous excessive fees as well as reductions in future processing costs without disrupting current payment vendor relationships or internal operations. This means no new hardware costs, no new software integrations, and no retraining of staff.

Our 10+ years in operation have provided us with knowledge of how each provider hides fees, makes “mistakes,” and pads margins. We take this experience and use a three-step process to obtain substantial savings for our clients:

  1. Identify junk fees and excessive margins over the wholesale Interchange rates.
  2. Analyze each transaction and card-type to identify incorrect Interchange rates and transaction fees. For example, debit cards that are not incurring the correct fee as imposed by the Durbin Amendment.
  3. Compare fees against other clients in similar verticals and leverage the data to engage the service provider in a professional renegotiation of fees.

Defend Against Hidden Fee Hikes

Merchant account providers are notorious for sneaking new fees into processing costs and slowly raising margins in the hopes that it will go unnoticed. So, what good is it to switch providers or renegotiate rates if processors will surreptitiously raise them again? We ensure rates and fees never rise by monitoring our clients’ statements with proprietary analytic software and dedicated account managers. If they sneak in a new fee, we will make a call to obtain a refund and remove it from future processing costs. Our clients get to focus on running their businesses while we monitor and police payment processing costs in the background.

How Much Our Services Cost

Our analysis and report are free. If we identify opportunities for refunds or future savings, then we can be hired on a contingency basis wherein we only get paid if we deliver quantifiable savings to you based upon your actual hard processing costs.

For more information, call (512) 201-4077 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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