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Save Big on Fees Without the Headache

When you switch merchant service providers, the new provider’s goal is to cost just a little less than your last provider. They make more money by keeping their fees as high as possible while barely undercutting a competitor. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was rewarded by saving you the most money instead of just barely beating your current rate? My name is Phillip Parker, creator of, and we can get you the lowest possible rates with any provider because we used to be on the other side of the negotiating table.

How it Works

We are professional merchant account rate and fee negotiators. Send us two merchant account statements and we will generate a report showing exactly how much you are over paying for credit card processing. The analysis and report is completely free.

Our free report will help you understand how much you could be saving, but you will need a pro to negotiate the rates if you want the biggest savings. That’s where we come in. Hire us to call your provider and negotiate for you. We’ve seen thousands of merchant account statements and know the pricing tricks of nearly every provider. In an average negotiation, we get our clients lower rates than any new company would ever be willing to offer. In most negotiations, we lower processing costs for our clients by as much as 90%. We’ve even negotiated refunds of past fee overages for our clients.

Future Rate and Fee Monitoring

Merchant services providers are notorious for sneaking new fees into your processing costs. They also love to slowly raise your rates in the hopes that you won’t notice. What good would it be if we negotiated your rates only to have your provider re-raise them a few months later? We can make sure that never happens. We will renegotiate your service agreement so that they are prevented from adding new fees and monitor your statements for changes with our custom-built software. If they try sneak a new fee in, we will call to get it removed. You can focus on running your business and enjoying the extra money from your sales. We’ll be your ever-vigilant watchdog.

For more information, call (512) 201-4077 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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