Best Merchant Accounts for WooCommerce

Best Merchant Accounts for WooCommerce Integration

Since businesses are having to rely more than ever on their online presence for sales, we’re seeing more new entries into the eCommerce world, and many of those new websites are using content management systems like Wordpress. WooCommerce was introduced in 2011 as a freemium Wordpress plugin to provide online storefronts and eCommerce functionality on the platform. Today, it’s the most popular electronic shopping cart software on the market. WooCommerce is estimated to be used on over 5 million online stores, nearly a third of the entire online eCommerce landscape.

There are also over 1,000 different plugins for WooCommerce, meaning business owners have a lot of options when it comes to integrations. The choice of themes is just as extensive, so it's easy to find one that fits your brand’s needs. Wordpress users with no experience building websites can install WooCommerce storefront, which acts as a base theme for your WP site, and then customize it with the easy layout choices.

WooCommerce Payment Options

It’s not just store customization and easy integration that has made WooCommerce so popular. They’ve also continued to release mostly free plugins that add additional functionality and services for different business types. WooCommerce Payments can be installed to give you in-person and local payment options with no additional monthly cost. WooCommerce Bookings is another popular add-on that allows users to set up reservations and equipment rental functionality through their online stores. WooCommerce Shipping lets merchants print USPS and DHL shipping labels right from their computers with built-in rebates on the shipping costs, and if your company needs recurring billing and subscription services, look no further than WooCommerce Subscription.

With so many free and easy-to-use plugins, it’s easy to see why WooCommerce has become such a major force in online merchant services. There’s even more plugin options for increased customization within your WooCommerce storefront to maximize your bottom line. While WooCommerce comes with built-in payment processing through companies like PayPal, it doesn't offer the most competitive transaction rates or great customer service. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of our best-rated payment processors who also have seamless WooCommerce integration.

Helcim has become one of CPO’s top-rated payment providers, and has consistently rated well since we first reviewed the company. With interchange-plus pricing, no long-term contracts or termination fees, and consistent positive customer service feedback, we feel very confident recommending Helcim for debit and credit processing.

In addition to Helcim’s solid reputation, they also offer seamless WooCommerce integration through their own open-source API called Helcim Commerce. The Helcim Payment Module can be installed through an easy addition of some HTML code to your website. That code can be propagated from their website along with an authentication token produced from your Helcim dashboard. With their javascript payment node, they can take full control of the payment process and that means you never have to touch complete credit card information. This helps reduce your security and PCI compliance scope.

Helcim's woocommerce integration info

Helcim also offers a Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Wordpress plugin. It doesn’t offer the same credit card tokenization of your customers' data and is only recommended for legacy websites that can’t support the Helcim.js module.

Another payment provider with great WooCommerce integration options is Host Merchant Services. The company is a highly-rated merchant services provider based in Newark, Delaware. Like many of our top-rated providers HMS features interchange-plus pricing, great reviews concerning customer service, and has no contracts or termination fees. The company also providers payment processing for some high-risk industries, making it more versatile than other debit and credit card processors.

Like many larger processors, Host Merchant Services features a customized plugin for WooCommerce integration. HMS also offers PCI compliant web hosting, a service not many payment providers offer. If you have existing hosting that has a current SSL certificate, you can still utilize Host’s WooCommerce shopping cart integration. It does require or Transaction Express to be used as the payment gateway. is owned by Visa, but this makes it one of the most functional and customizable payment gateways available.

Host Merchant Services has a great catalog of financial web services, and if you’re hosting through the company you can integrate all these moving parts from top to bottom. For some merchants this means incredible customization and automation for their online stores, and for others it means a relatively simple and secure shopping cart experience with little to no downtime.

Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, PaymentCloud is another one of CPO’s highest rated providers. PaymentCloud has been a very popular choice in recent years for companies that require high-risk payment processors with all the flexibility and functionality of tier one processors or other large financial service companies like Stripe or Paypal. With PaymentCloud it’s possible to easily integrate with WooCommerce through the payment gateway. PaymentCloud also happens to be a preferred payment gateway partner for

PaymentCloud’s support services are very customer-oriented, and setting up WooCommerce integrations for online stores is a guided step-by-step process with the merchant’s account rep. Their team can walk you through setup and training, and even handle some of the tech integration side. While PaymentCloud can easily utilize premade plugins for Authorize.Net, they can also custom tailor some of the payment systems to fit better in your shopping cart experience.

Stripe is another very highly-rated payment processor on The quick and easy setup process combined with no montly fees or contracts has led Stripe to become one of the major names in online debit and credit card processing. Although we do have some slight concerns about some customer service, Stripe has made itself into a great option for convenient and no-obligation merchant services. It still has a lot of functionality and easy integration options for a product that’s so quick to set up and start using.

Stripe is a verified WooCommerce Partner and the Stripe plugin for WooCommerce allows merchants to accept payments directly on their Wordpress store. It’s also available in over 35 countries and allows payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and even some local payment options. Data does not ever pass through your server thanks to Stripe Element’s use of input fields. The data may be entered on your website, but the data entry field is hosted on Stripe’s secure servers. This allows Stripe to easily provide API level PCI compliance without having to put customers through an extra store page.

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