CPO Provider Fairness Programs

Complaint Resolution Program

Do you have complaints about your business practices in the comment section of our review for your company? You can get them resolved, or investigated for authenticity, through our Provider Fairness program. Resolving complaints can improve your CPO rating!

How It Works

  1. Select the complaints you wish to resolve.
  2. We'll contact the commenter requesting permission to connect you directly to them for resolution.
  3. You work with the commenter to reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  4. If the commenter is satisfied with your resolution, we'll delete the complaint.
  5. If the commenter fails to respond to our request to connect you, we'll delete the complaint.
  6. If the complaint is investigated by us and deemed as inauthentic or questionable in nature, we'll delete it.
  7. If the commenter remains dissatisfied with your resolution, we'll add your response to the complaint detailing your side of the story in your own words.

Get Started

At CPO we understand that it is impossible to please everyone and that any business will have dissatisfied customers. Unlike most review websites, we want to give all parties an opportunity to voice their side of the story. Submit your interest below to get started.