CPO Provider Fairness Programs

Is your company reviewed on CPO and/or receiving merchant complaints? We are happy to announce three new ‘fairness’ programs to help you manage your reputation on our website. For more information on these services, please see the sections below.

Add Your Voice Program

Would you like add your viewpoint to something that we are mentioning, expand on a topic, or add information promoting certain aspects or your services in our review? Now you can!

How it works

  1. Contact us for details and pricing.
  2. Choose which sections of the review that you would like to add your voice to.
  3. Once approved, we’ll add your response to the end of the section marked as in your own words.

User Complaint Resolution Program

Do you have complaints from customers in the comment section of your review on CPO? If you get them resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, we’ll remove them. What if the merchant remains dissatisfied? We’ll add your response to the end of the complaint so that you can communicate your side of the story. Resolving complaints can improve your CPO rating!

How it works

  1. Contact us for details and pricing.
  2. Select the complaints you wish to resolve.
  3. We’ll contact the merchant requesting permission to connect you directly to them for resolution.
  4. You work with the merchant to reach a satisfactory conclusion.
  5. If the merchant is satisfied, we’ll delete the complaint.
  6. If the merchant fails to respond to our request to connect you, we’ll delete the complaint.
  7. If the merchant remains dissatisfied, we’ll add your response to the complaint detailing your side of the story in your own words.

User Complaint Prevention Program

When users leave a complaint on your review it is moderated by us before we publish it. This is to ensure that anything published to review is useful or provides value to other readers. If you choose to participate in our Complaint Prevention Program, we’ll give you an opportunity to respond to the complaint before we publish it. If the complainant is satisfied with your resolution offer, the complaint will never be published. Preventing complaints can preserve your rating on CPO.

How it works

  1. Contact us for details and pricing.
  2. If a complaint is submitted, we’ll delay publishing and contact you.
  3. We’ll request permission from the customer to connect you directly.
  4. You resolve the complaint.
  5. We delete it without ever publishing it.
  6. If the customer refuses your resolution, we’ll publish it along your response detailing your side of the story.

Get Started

At CPO we understand that it is impossible to please everyone and that any business will have dissatisfied customers. Unlike most review websites, we want to give all parties an opportunity to voice their side of the story. Contact us today if you would like to get started.