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If you use WordPress to host your business' website, then you've likely looked into merchant accounts for WordPress websites. WordPress does not come with a built-in online store or payment processing solution, so the easiest way to accept payments on WordPress is by working with processors that offer easy integrations or by installing a WordPress payment plug-in. It may be possible to integrate a custom payment gateway from your existing merchant account provider into your WordPress website, but this can be an expensive and time-consuming approach that involves some security considerations on your end. While “Buy Now” buttons might be sufficient for single sale purchases, a fully functional shopping cart plugin may be the best option for larger inventories.

A number of payment processors have created WordPress plug-ins for business, but it can be hard to differentiate between good options and bad options. That's why we have created the following list of the best WordPress merchant accounts. The providers on this list all offer direct integration with WordPress via plugins and are known to have generally positive reviews and quality customer support. Each provider's pricing, contract terms, and features will be slightly different, so you are encouraged to research all of the options on this list to find the best fit for you.

Our Picks for the Best Wordpress Credit Card Processors and Plug-ins

#1 Helcim Payments

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By far, our favorite option for Wordpress credit card payment acceptance is Helcim. This processor offers virtually any option a Wordpress site owner would need to accept payments online. This includes simple “buy now” buttons with code that can simply be copied and pasted into pages and posts, to a fully functional hosted e-commerce platform with inventory management and numerous other features. Additionally, Helcim.js, a developer focused code library, makes custom development for more specific needs quick and easy. For Wordpress sites that use WooCommerce, Helcim also offers a dedicated Wordpress plug-in for direct integration with WooCommerce. This plug-in makes for a smooth and seamless experience all the way through checkout.

Helcim's Pricing and Support

Helcim offers some of the best pricing in the credit card processing industry. This processor offers “Interchange-plus” rates, which is the most transparent and least expensive rate and fees structure, with no monthly fees, no annual fees, and no junk fees of any kind. Helcim also has direct phone support and has held some of the highest satisfaction ratings of any processor since we first began monitoring the company over a decade ago. We feel confident that you will be happy with Helcim.

For all of the details regarding Helcim's Wordpress options, visit their website here or call (888) 506-7812.

#2 Square

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Square is a commendable option for those wishing to accept credit card payments on their WordPress websites, due largely to its streamlined features, easy-to-use plugins and simple pricing,.

Square stands out by providing a broad range of services. Beyond merely processing payments, it offers “buy now” buttons, inventory management, real-time analytics, invoice creation, customer directories, and even employee management. Like Helcim, this integrated system allows for a seamless and efficient workflow that extends beyond the checkout process, offering a comprehensive business solution.

Square is directly compatible with WordPress via a dedicated WooCommerce plug-ins, such as WooCommerce Square, WP EasyCart, and WPForms. These enable easy integration of Square’s payment system into your Wordpress website, no matter its complexity. With WooCommerce Square, for instance, syncing your online and offline inventory becomes a breeze, ensuring consistency across all your sales channels.

Pricing is another area where Square shines. Square offers a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per online transaction. While it may not be the absolute lowest on the market, it's predictably flat-rate, meaning you won't face surprise fees. Moreover, Square does not charge any monthly fees or PCI compliance fees.

A common complaint of many business owners is Square's customer support. This processors has millions of clients and has had trouble maintaining support channels that appear to be less satisfactory according to numerous user reviews. Other than this issue, we still believe that Square is a great option, especially for brand new business ventures.

The best way to get started with Square is to sign up through its website here.

#3 Stripe

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Stripe is also an excellent choice for integrating credit card payments on your WordPress website if you are working with a developer and desire a customized experience.

One of Stripe's primary strengths is its robust feature set. Stripe doesn’t just process payments; it's a fully-fledged payment platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers recurring billing, international payments, support for over 135 currencies, and robust fraud detection features. Moreover, its APIs are developer-friendly with get documentation for quick integrations.

When it comes to WordPress integration, Stripe offers a straightforward process via several well-supported plugins. These include WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway, WP Simple Pay, and Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin for WordPress by WP Simple Pay. These plugins allow you to quickly and easily set up Stripe on your WordPress site, offering secure payment options for your customers.

As for pricing, Stripe charges a similar flat fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction for online credit card payments, and does not impose any setup or monthly fees. However, optional services my require a monthly fee.

Like Square, Stripe's customer support reputation has suffered due to the service's popularity. To compensate, Stripe has an extensive online resource library with detailed documentation, guides, and tutorials. This helps users to troubleshoot issues independently, learn more about using the platform, and maximize their use of Stripe's powerful features. Stripe is a strong contender for managing credit card payments on your WordPress site.

The best way to sign up with Stripe is through the company's website.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a credit card processor for their WordPress site, owners should consider a variety of factors. The provider's feature set, integration with WordPress, pricing structure, and support system should all be scrutinized. Look for robust, flexible features that can accommodate your business's growth and change. Ensure that the provider offers seamless integration through plugins. A transparent, reasonable pricing structure is also crucial. Lastly, accessible, reliable customer support can make a big difference in managing your payment platform. We balanced these considerations to help you choose the most suitable credit card processing service for your WordPress site. Now go make some sales!

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