Stripe Overview

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A Developer-Friendly Payment Processor

Founded in 2010, Stripe is a web application that allows merchants to accept credit card payments through their websites. The service ranks in the top three of our best merchant accounts for web developers, and its capabilities include recurring billing, accepting bitcoin, and facilitating payments on marketplace-style platforms. Stripe is similar to Braintree Payment Solutions in that it does not charge any setup fees, monthly fees or monthly minimum fees.

Is Stripe Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of merchants have had their payments frozen by Stripe. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

Headquartered in California

Interestingly, Stripe has also received investment capital from the founders of another competitor, PayPal. Stripe was founded by brothers John and Patrick Collison, and Patrick currently serves as the company’s CEO. Stripe’s headquarters can be found at 185 Berry Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, California 94107.

Stripe Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Stripe offers a month-to-month contract with no early termination fees. The company charges a flat transaction fee and provides the option for interchange-plus pricing.
  • Complaints & Service: Stripe has received more than 300 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Stripe currently has an “A+” rating and 375 complaints and 93 reviews in the past 3 years. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2013.
  • Sales & Marketing: Stripe does not hire independent sales representatives and has received only a few merchant complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Avoid Fund Holds With Stripe

Video Introduction to Stripe

Stripe Comparisons

Stripe vs. Paypal


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Products & Services Offered

  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Simple checkout buttons
  • Mobile app integration
  • Custom coupons
  • Recurring billing
  • Multi-currency support

Types of Businesses Served

  • Mobile
  • E-commerce
  • International
  • Marketplace

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Stripe Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

ACH & Bitcoin Rate 0.8% (Capped At $5)
Debit & Credit Rate 2.9% + $0.30
International Rate 3.9% + $0.30
Instant Payouts 1%
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee None
Equipment Lease Terms None

Simple, Fair Pricing

Stripe’s costs and fees are fairly straightforward. The company charges a flat per-transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30, regardless of card type, and adds a 1% fee charged to cards that are not issued by the US bank. Merchants using the platform’s instant payout feature can have funds transferred to their bank account immediately, albeit with a 1% fee. The company does not charge an early termination fee, a PCI compliance fee, or a fee for refunds or failed payments; however, there is a $15 Chargeback fee per incident (refunded if the chargeback is reversed). Overall, Stripe’s pricing and business model resemble those of the mobile credit card processing company Square, but for online businesses.

Interchange-Plus Pricing Available

According to the company’s website, Stripe also provides interchange-plus pricing to merchants. Merchants can contact Stripe for custom pricing plans if they process a high volume of transactions. These merchants can also receive a volume-based discount to their tiered rate structure.

Not All Merchants Welcome

Like Square, the company’s standard policies regarding fraud prevention and prohibited business activities appear to be cause for complaint among many merchants. Merchants report two specific problems in the complaints below this review and on other consumer protection websites. In one scenario, merchants apply for processing with Stripe and are informed that they are approved and ready to go. After processing one or more transactions, these merchants find that their payments have been frozen and their accounts canceled due to the fact that their sales are considered “high risk processing” by Stripe. These cancellations appear to take effect with little or no warning, and merchants report difficulty resolving the unprocessed payments in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

Forthcoming Pricing Changes

Effective April 1, 2020, Stripe will be implementing changes to its refund policy and currency conversion fee. After that date, Stripe will lower the fee that it charges to convert currencies. Stripe had previously attached a 2% fee for currency conversion for international transactions but that will soon be lowered to 1% Perhaps more notably, Stripe’s refund policy will also be adjusted. Moving forward, Stripe will no longer refund the transaction fee to merchants who refund customers for transactions.

Stripe Has Total Control Over Your Money

In the second case, merchants express confusion over their payments being held in a reserve account. This is a common fraud prevention practice that we don’t tend to penalize processors for, but it seems that Stripe does not effectively communicate its reserve policies to merchants or warn them when a cash reserve might be withheld. Merchants should be aware that Stripe reserves the right to “suspend Instant Payouts to you at any time, including (a) due to pending, anticipated, or excessive Disputes, Chargebacks, Refunds, or Reversals; (b) in the event of suspected or actual fraudulent, illegal or other malicious activity; or (c) where we are required by Law or court order,” according to its terms of service.

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Response from Stripe

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Stripe Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 300+
Live Customer Support No
Most Common Complaint Fund Holds

Fed Up With Stripe?

We recommend Fattmerchant as the top alternative to Stripe. While both services offer an API for developers, a month-to-month contract, and integrated mobile payment options, only Fattmerchant provides a lower per-transaction fee, a customer support phone line, next-day funding, and QuickBooks integration.

“Where’s My Money?”

Common issues include sudden cancelation of merchant accounts, reserves being withheld without notice, and difficulty reaching customer support in a timely fashion. This is a common practice among merchant account providers, but Stripe’s lack of live support compounds the issue. Complainants who have signed up with Stripe through Shopify also seem to have some trouble activating the “Authorize Only” fraud prevention setting, with both Stripe and Shopify blaming each other for this setting’s malfunction.

Very Popular, But the Backlash Is Real

Overall, Stripe still maintains a relatively low complaint volume considering its ease of sign-up and the size of its user base, but the trend since our last update is a negative one.

Stripe Lawsuits

On February 1, 2019, Boom Payments! sued Stripe for patent infringement in the matter Boom! Payments, Inc. v. Stripe, Inc. et al. The lawsuit alleges that Stripe infringed upon two patents awarded to Boom Payments! by the US Trademark and Patent Office to process millions of transactions through its platform.

Stripe Customer Support Options

As of this review, Stripe appears to offer 24×7 phone support in English for all Stripe users but does not publicly list a dedicated support phone number. This is a primary factor keeping it from being considered one of our top-rated providers. However, the company does provide a help section on its website, a community forum, and email support. We are currently able to locate over 300 negative Stripe reviews on this and other consumer protection websites, many of which express concern that Stripe is a scam or a ripoff. This represents a steady increase in complaints since our last review.

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Response from Stripe

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Stripe BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 187
Billing & Collection Complaints 160
Advertising & Sales Complaints 10
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 1
Delivery Complaints 17

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 350 Complaints Filed

Stripe has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since May 2013 and currently shows an “A+” rating on its profile. The company has had 375 complaints filed in the past 36 months, with 187 of those related to the product or service, 160 due to billing and collection, 17 having to do with delivery problems, 1 related to guarantee/warranty, and 10 related to advertising issues. 51 of these complaints were successfully resolved with BBB assistance, while 324 were answered but did not receive a final response from the merchant.

What Merchants Say

Stripe has also received 93 reviews on its profile, 88 of which are negative, making only 5 positive in tone. It should be noted that these reviews are not subject to verification by the BBB. The most recent review was written by a Stripe user who faced difficulties using the app after being declared a high risk merchant:

We belong to a website that offers the use of Stripe. We signed up, gave all of our critical information; social security number, bank account, etc and they said our customers are a high risk. We have had our website for over 24 years and do not have one customer complaint, return, or otherwise. They will not answer any of my emails and I have several times try to cancel my account and remove my information and NO ONE will return my email with any type of answer other than a form email. We represent several musicians that use this website portal and will tell everyone and anyone I see not to sign up for Stripe!!

High risk merchants face unique challenges. The best merchant accounts for high risk businesses are adept at dealing with those difficulties.

“C” Level Performance

Given the fact that Stripe has amassed 366 complaints in the short time, it has had a BBB profile, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C.”

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Response from Stripe

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

No-Nonsense Marketing

Stripe appears to rely primarily on its website and traditional advertising to market its services. The company specifically caters its advertising to web developers who would like to add a payment application to the websites they manage. Stripe appears to quote its rates transparently and truthfully in its official marketing materials.

Watch Out for Fund Holds

The Stripe website does not prominently list any explanations of its cash reserve and account cancellation policies, both of which appear to be responsible for numerous Stripe complaints on this site and elsewhere. It is our opinion that Stripe could do a better job of explaining the circumstances under which merchants might experience holds before these merchants sign up for the service, and we have slightly lowered the company’s score to reflect this. Any merchant who is potentially considering doing business with Stripe is encouraged to read the company’s fraud policy (excerpted below), which is similar to most other payment processor fund holding policies:

We may refuse, condition, or suspend any Transactions that we believe: (i) may violate this Agreement or other agreements you may have with Stripe; (ii) are unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal; or (iii) expose you, Stripe, or others to risks unacceptable to Stripe. If we suspect or know that you are using or have used the Services for unauthorized, fraudulent, or illegal purposes, we may share any information related to such activity with the appropriate financial institution, regulatory authority, or law enforcement agency consistent with our legal obligations. This information may include information about you, your Stripe Account, your Customers, and Transactions made through your use of the Services.

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Response from Stripe

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Stripe Marketing Example

Stripe Logo

Our Opinion of Stripe

Decent Overall Option for E-Commerce

Stripe rates as an average merchant services provider according to our standards. The company has seen a large increase in complaints since our last update, but its overall complaint volume remains low for its size. Stripe’s transparent pricing model and simplicity appear to satisfy the majority of its clients, but its reserve policy, cancellation policy, and customer support are responsible for most of the company’s complaints. Merchants are encouraged to carefully read Stripe’s terms of service and to compare it to other e-commerce merchant account providers.

We rely on your feedback about Stripe to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

Thank you for reading my review. I hope that it has helped you with your research.

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493 Reviews Leave Your Review for Stripe Below

  1. How can anyone say the customer service is good at Stripe? I had an issue that took two weeks and still didn’t get solved! A very simple issue at that. I lost thousands of dollars while the platform was down on my account. I had to switch vendors and have my tech team scramble to implement while we were waiting for Stripe to respond which by the way took on average 36-48 hours in between email responses. I can’t think of a worse experience than maybe AT&T or Comcast.

  2. DONNY MUNSEY says:

    Stripe is a scam please don’t fall into stripe scam they charge my client and got my own account frozen without allow me to payout and they’ll never refund my client now my client want his money or his work now no where to get fund to complete my client job i wrote them series of emails but no reply from this fraudsters and no phone calls no chat to talk to the customer support.

  3. DB says:

    Lessons Learnt, Hands Burnt – stay away.

    Lesson number 1 – Stripe is a faceless company – no chat works, no phone works, only email which is not well responded to.

    Lesson number 2 – They will open you account and even after all verification will randomly refund customers claiming Chargeback / fraud (and of course, refuse to provide any details)

    Lesson number 3 – they will notify you that they can no longer service your account due to high risk business (without any reason)

    Lesson number 4 – consider your funds in the account frozen and expect no reply to emails.

    Please find an alternative if you are a small business without muscle to go up against these guys, they are unscrupulous and cheats.

    You wont know it, as they do have a very good web interface and platform is neat, etc. but you will get axed when you least expect it.

    We fell for this trap and lost money, clients, reputation and are still contacting them to get $450 back if possible (our account is frozen and does not allow to even payout money in the account)

    Our emails are answered that we must check for any charge backs and this will be shown on dashboard, but there is nothing and no charge backs were ever raised. It was an expensive mistake to go with stripe.

    They claim 24×7 chat support, etc. but its not available. they only ask to send emails and the support is standoff-ish and horrible.

    Stay Away.

  4. Brayden Reed says:

    Stripe held $3800 from my account after claiming my account was ‘high risk’ due to one refund. I have emailed customer service repeatedly with no response. Their customer service is non existent. Monies are showing to be paid to me in July- if I don’t receive payment I will pursue legal action:

    1. Brian Clark says:


      There are ways to make Stripe release the hold they placed on your funds.

  5. Melissa says:

    TERRIBLE customer service. Be AWARE that they change policies all the time without updating you. This isn’t a company that you can trust. Go through Square or PayPal.

  6. Anonymous Writer says:

    I opened a Stripe account to get paid for the articles I write on Medium. However, right after I entered all my information as an individual, I instantly received an email saying that my account activation has been denied “due to high risk.” I sent an email asking for the reason, but the customer service person replied that my account poses high financial risk according to their Terms and Conditions (??) I read all the Terms and Conditions, and have not violated any clause at any moment in time. I also took the time to read about what they consider a “high-risk business” and my purpose does not fall into any of those categories. 
    I am just trying to get paid for a legitimate reason: my articles which are already published and being read on Medium! I am not a business dealing with drugs or laundering money or anything listed as high risk. 
    Anyway, the only response I got from Stripe was “…we have done a thorough review of your account, and we will be unable to reverse our decision. We are unable to provide any further details regarding the reason for your account’s closure in order to protect our processes.”  This is SO FRUSTRATING!!!
    The worst part is that Medium does not accept any other means to pay out to their writers, or provide other support. The Medium person was far less helpful and asked me to deal with Stripe on my own. So, I have no way to get paid. Absolute nonsense!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      Sorry to hear about that. There are plenty of merchant accounts that are adept at handling high risk merchants’ needs but the facet of how Medium supports Stripe is hard to work around. In the event you pursue other opportunities where you may be deemed as a high risk merchant, I hope those alternatives can help.

  7. I’ve spent 4 days talking with 7 different people at Stripe, Ship Early and my distributor trying to get funds released to my account. Nobody is competent at Stripe and able to resolve our issue. The app will give you an unidentified error and it’s really, really unidentifiable. Even to Stripe. I would suggest businesses get with a more stable and reputable company to handle their money than these amateurs.

  8. Stripe requested W8 form to be filled. After providing all information necessary still holding our funds after almost a month. This is not acceptable as they damaging our business by withholding our operational funds. We spend countless hour with their agents to no avail. BTW we’re their customer over 5 years!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  9. #stripe is holding my $6,602 they have verified my account then they frozed the account same day without any reason! They are #crooks #thefts and will take your #money without any explanation! They will also lock you from trying to call them and ask for your money! As soon as you get good ammount of money true that platform they will steal it and froze your account and will turn all the options for you to reach them!!! Stay away from those crooks!!!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  10. Doug says:

    I will never buy anything using Stripe again. I bought a mandolin online for $4100 that had been sold in the store a day earier but not yet removed from the shop’s website. The business used Stripe to process online payments. Stripe charged my account $4100 for the mandolin that wasn’t there. A day later the business issued a refund and Stripe sent me an email stating the refund was processed. However, seven days later Stripe still hasn’t actually sent the money back. Don’t believe Stripe about immediate processing of customer refunds. My bank said there is nothing to indicate a refund was initiated. Stripe is holding onto the money. Never again.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may be helpful: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  11. Hannah says:

    I was recently told I needed to update my bank account information on Stripe, because my previous account had been closed due to fraud and they did not have an up-to-date payment method for me. When my account failed to let me update this payment, I reached out to customer service at Stripe, where the worst customer service experience of my life began. I worked with three men named Duncan, Chris and Gary, NONE of which were helpful whatsoever. The first I spoke to, Duncan, told me that I needed to provide additional verification to ensure that I was the owner of the account as I said I was. Happy to do so, I provided several documents showing recent Stripe transactions to my account, multiple forms of photo I.D. He told me this wasn’t enough and that we would need to do a phone verification. They demanded bank statements for an account that, as I mentioned, was closed to due to fraud and I had no way of accessing. This was after I had provided an upwards of ten documents (total of 13) that clearly verified I was who I said I was and I was also the owner of this account/domain. They continued to ask for personal information, including bank account information I really wasn’t comfortable providing over email. The amount of documents I provided them already would’ve made it very easy for someone to steal my identity or information, had it fallen into the wrong hands. Duncan passed me onto Gary to help, who sent me a generic response that made it clear to me he did not even read the prior emails to familiarize himself with the issue at hand. When I responded to this generic email to clarify why this information wasn’t helpful to me and that I couldn’t access bank statements from a closed account, he never even responded. I sent him four different emails over a full week trying to get in touch and get his help, and he never ever contact me back. Nobody ever reached back out to me regarding this issue whatsoever, and there was no phone number listed on the website I could even call. I ended up resolving the matter by myself, without help from anyone at Stripe. I am absolutely appalled by this terrible customer experience. If I could rate it negative stars, I would.

  12. Angela Lima says:

    DO NOT USE STRIPE. They are a FRAUD !!!!!!

    I have a website on WIX and i choose Stripe as my gateway payment. I sold more than $900.00 in services and now they holding my money and telling that I need to prove that I’m the owner of my own business. I did what they asked me to do many times to prove I’m the owner and every time a different person ask me to do something different and they never pay me. It is about one month already.

    Wix also doesnt help me at all. I don’t know which one is worst!!!


  13. Suggestions. We used Xero for the past 4 months now. Do not use STRIPE for your integration payment. It has been a very bad experience for us to get the payout from them. Their communication is very minimum. STRIPE does not have a call center directly to the company, they hire third party at Philippines, and all they can do is record your conversation and pass it on to STRIPE. AND STRIPE does not even have the effort to contact or communicate back to their clients. All they do is SILENT. XERO need to review their partnership with this Company.For small company, this is a big hit, as we won’t be able to pay our Suppliers on time, meaning we will be recouping the interest rate and late payment fee.

  14. Suggestions. We used Xero for the past 4 months now. WARNING: do not use STRIPE for your integration payment. It has been a very bad experience for us to get the payout from them. Their communication is very minimum. STRIPE does not have a call center directly to the company, they hire third party at Philippines, and all they can do is record your conversation and pass it on to STRIPE. AND STRIPE does not even have the effort to contact or communicate back to their clients. All they do is SILENT. XERO need to review their partnership with this Company. I will be lodging compensation on this as it has reach 14 days of no payout, and i do not even know if this will drag even longer. For small company, this is a big hit, as we won’t be able to pay our Suppliers on time, meaning we will be recouping the interest rate and late payment fee.

    I set up Stripe as a payments solution for my online store and my brother and I made few transactions from our own cards to make sure that the cycle is smooth.
    After receiving few payments from customers we noticed that Stripe made auto refund for 9 transactions without prior notice to customers they already received their orders including including 3 payments I personally made 1 month ago. and i contacted stripe support and provided them with the conversation held between me and the customers and the evidence that they received their order.
    We contacted the support their feedback was those “charges were processed without consent of the cardholder”. i asked the “Whitney” (Worst Operator) Can you verify how Stripe made refund to “charges that were processed without consent of the cardholder” and those charges was made by me for testing purpose and i did approve the transaction?
    And all i get a robot answer as usual: “Stripe may need to reverse charges that were processed without consent of the cardholder”.
    HOW IS THAT LOGIC!!! I Made those payments for testing purpose and my name/email/phone number are available, and when i contacted my bank their feedback was those transaction were authorized by you!!!
    In addition, they still owe me funds that they refuse to transfer to my bank account, and every time i contact the Support they reply with 1 automated answer: “Stripe’s final response is firm here”.
    WORST CHOICE, STAY AWAY FROM STRIPE, don’t get in the trap as i did

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: Best e-Commerce Platforms.


  16. James says:

    Stripe has held funds for almost a year. Approx $3500 without an explanation. My company now uses a top rated processor without issue ever since Stripe shut us down. Over 20 politely fact written emails have been sent and months went by without response. When they did respond it was only to reverify our account which was approved. The next response was simply stating they would not re-open processing! No answer no deposit. Always from a different employee and never an answer. Our company sells to a national company with many locations so we have positive relationship with the parent company and the people who purchase as well access to the credit card company Bank of America in which the buyers used for purchase. No issues from anyone accept stripe and still no answers. Stripe simply sits on your money. We are still attempting to resolve and have produced all legal documents requested and continue to operate thankfully outside of them but it’s wrong how they operate. Nice and reassuring up front and extremely unprofessional and impossible contact if something triggers them to hold. Avoid them or be ready for legal action. We are and will likely spend more than they have held but it’s now more about stopping their unaccountable and questionable business practices.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to make a credit card company release your funds.


  17. leisco says:

    I was a newly costumer using their service, everything was great until one day i’ve received an email saying that i havent respect their rules, that i’ve use someone’s card without their consent. BUT how is it possible if i am selling products where people order and pay with their own card. I dont send any invoice !!! isn’t STRIPE suppose to insure security payment??GUESS NOT! I’ve tried by many ways to make my point to them, saying that i am loyal, that all my client who ordered on my website received their product. They didn’t have ANYTHING to explain to me except that they no longer can take payment for my website and that my website is a HIGH RISK of fraud! I am selling hair by the way!!! FINE i’ve accepted but i had a 525$ pending from their end. I was waiting to receive my last payments. Everyday i was checking to see when was i willing to receive my payment and the transfer date was kept on pushing back!! I’ve wrote several messages to them trying to reach to someone to ask for my money back. NEVER ANSWERED!!!! UNTIL i figured out that they decided to REIMBURSE the clients who have made their payment into my website. mean that the client got away with FREE products now. ALL THAT MONEY WAS MY INVESTMENT…now i’ve lost a part of it….I DO NOT recommended this crap. i will never refer someone to them!!! They stole from me and they are NOT RIGHT !!!

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to make a payment processor release your money.


  18. Ariel R Young says:

    No we didn’t my cousin set up a fundraiser for our family on Facebook, Facebook uses stripe for payment. We raised 1665 dollars on the fundraiser we were thrilled bc we lost everything in the fire and thought that would help with finding a place. But the first payment of 1,222 dollars that was supposed to be deposited in to the account was never deposited. We only received 482 dollars of the 1665 we were supposed to receive and when we contacted stripe they had no clue how it happened stating it was probably something with our bank. I have copies of my bank statements and my cousins bc they tried to say it was deposited to my cousin’s then tried saying it was deposited into mine. It was never deposited into either. Bc of this we had to live with my cousin and her family for over a month. We had a hard time getting any clothes for my children bc we had to spend my husband’s checks on food. We had and they deposited the other payments slowly and only 90 dollars or so sometimes only 20 dollars every other or ever couple of days. I want the 1,222 dollars I was supposed to get. It’s not fair that we were already suffering in the position we were in but for them to ot pay us the money other people donated to us is ridiculous.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article may help: How to Make a Payment Processor Release Your Funds.


  19. Harward Cheung says:

    ATTENTION. Stripe does NOT have the seller protection as PayPal does. The chargeback protection is a joke, which is not the seller protection. If the package is delivered, even signed by the buyer, the buyer can still claim an “item not received” case. And Stripe will charge you, the seller, the processing fee and you will lose the case, because the decision is done by the buyer’s credit card company. Stripe only forward “information”. There is No support or no help from the Stripe customer service. This is what they reply “Unfortunately, proving that the product was delivered is not enough in these cases, and you need specific evidence to show that the cardholder received it.” GOOD JOB. I pay the service fee, and my money is never undercover. I only received and lose two such cases. $500 were gone and the fraud took my items. Bye Stripe.

    1. Brian Clark says:


      This article should help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win.


  20. Miranda says:

    Payed for a Nintendo switch through this company and still have not received it!

  21. Mouad says:

    I will never recommend stripe to anyone.
    We are a small business with 0 chargeback for hundreds of transactions and stipe limited our account for 90 days, they say it’s because of the potential high risk of our business. We are selling kids toys, in which world is it considered as a high risk business
    We talked to their support to explain that we are not considered as a high risk business i. Stripe’s policies but they don’t mind, after making such decision, they can’t restore the account and if no customer opens a dispute they may release our money in 45 days.
    We are not the only company that got limited for no reason, there is a lot of connections who got the same problem in the same month.
    No recommending them to anyone.

  22. I’ve had my stripe account the same amount of time of website for storenvy 8years and now my store start getting high pay and then they shit down my account and hold 6,000$ in funds, please help. My loyal customers are gonna bash me. My goods are custom what can be done

  23. Bill says:

    Stripe customer support appears to be operated by robots overseas that have zero power or discretion to address customer complaints or processing issues. Obviously this policy starts at the top and let the small business owner beware as Stripe will get their fees regardless of whether a transaction is cancelled, reversed or rejected by the vendor or customer!

  24. Sherry says:

    We are disgusted with Stripe and will be leaving their service as soon as we are paid all of our money. Every time we get a customer payment, we literally are waiting 10 to 12 days to get paid for it. They are only supposed to hold your money in reserve for 7 days, and that’s only after your very first customer transaction. We would never encourage anyone to use their services.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  25. Jeffery Hill says:

    Shocking lack of concern for Fraud. Someone opened a merchant account in my name. Stripe does not care. They will not do anything.

    So someone out there, is charging stolen credit cards in my name and they don’t care. My business is as risk and consumers and facing fraudulent charges on their credit card and Stripe will not even talk to me.

    I think their actions are criminal.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  26. Starkmaids says:

    As a small business owner, I will not recommend Stripe and possibly will rank it as the worst payment gateway we used. We are still trying to remedy the situation, no respond from Stripe, other than an account revisit. Look we understand, they have terms we (i.e merchants) need to follow, we had some refunds, we run a cleaning business. When we sign up for Stripe, we ran some customer via an interface which appeared well in our business. This company that provides software also recommended and only integrated with Stripe. A few weeks later, and Stripe disrupts our business by stopping all payments, revoking access and closing our account with the exception of the data on there. We quickly moved our clientele to our credit card terminal and former SaaS. When we needed to refund two clients that canceled before all of this, Stripe wasn’t there for us, not even via email. No respond anywhere and BBB has several, if not very common robot like responses from Stripe. On BBB you would find things like; “Stripe identified strong signals that the Complainant’s account was in violation of the Stripe Terms of Service.”They also quote things like their ToS, Agreements and such, many articles are not revised witin Stripe Legal Terms, some cut into things like risky businesses and then they provide lists of industries not accepted or restricted, but they worked with many. Stripe just doesn’t quite provide a policy in place that would give enough trust to small businesses. They’ve been hurt in the past by the lack of vetting and fraud control, that now they’re skeptical of everyone. Listen, we run a small cleaning business, zero bad customer reviews to data! They said we had unauthorized transactions and then admitted we really were to risky for them. A cleaning company too risky for a payment processor when was such a thing true? My staff and I, are preventing two of our biggest clients from leaving us after the disruption, because they won’t take anything but a refund to their card, we don’t expect anything from Stripe. But we think that they should stick to software startups and even them, these companies are simply to scare of Stripe.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Cleaning Services


  27. Stripe scam ppl says:

    The worst company I ever had to deal with, support team that gives wrongful information, full of mistakes and not synchronize with each other.
    Stripe closed my account cause I login outside the USA, the company US LLC entity finished the form to get an account, the whole process was with their representatives, and everything was as they requested, they got all the forms.
    They approved the account!
    A few weeks later, after successful payment, they decided to close the account, with NO REASON.

    My advice for you guys, STAY AWAY.
    There are a lot I alternatives.
    Only after they will lose a huge amount of costumers/businesses – maybe they will check themselves and stop acting like a scam company.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  28. Ja Mason says:

    I’m actually a buyer for one of the fake/scam websites from shopify that using stripe for the payment site which I didn’t know that I was using their service. After I got scammed for $140 for a phone that I never received, I filed dispute for charge backs against, which by the way the site is closed already due to scam, Stripe protecting the charge back saying that I purchased a digital download and has been used ( they have no proof I made this purchased) also they describe as a medical service provider which doesn’t make sense of selling digital down load to me ( it’s not like they have video, audio or games in medical service ). Stripe also provide me with some kind a research on my info such as card #, ip address and cvv code on my card which all came out pass/true but on their merchant the address is fail because well it’s fake address, but then yet they still denied my charge backs and protecting the scammer.
    SO BUYER !!! Beware when you see your payment is being handle by STRIPE !!!!

  29. Emma says:

    Stripe is beyond awful to deal with. They have held my account hostage for over 2 weeks demanding personal information relative to a business account. They verity the account is back up and running only to find another person has initiated another verification process. AVOID this service at all costs.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  30. Glen Kraft says:

    I have nothing positive to say about Stripe Inc as a company or payment processor. I am not sure how they are continuously allowed to scam people out of thousands of dollars without any repercussion. I attempted to utilize their payment platform service as a payment gateway for my consulting company and was met with abstract and nonsensical responses to my inquiries as well as zero resolution in regards to the whereabouts of the payments I received via Stripe Inc. I can only hope that they are made to answer for their wrongdoing and make reparation to the many who have lost time, money, dignity, and most importantly their customer relationships. If you are considering using Stripe Inc for anything at all, I strongly urge you to READ ALL OF THE FINE PRINT, TERMS AND CONDITIONS, ETC, READ EVERYTHING before beginning a relationship/partnership with this company. They have written in so many underhanded, backdoor, blanket statements that no matter how right you are as a Stripe patron, you will be wrong or in violation of something. They have really gone above and beyond to ensure that they are always “justified” in their sneaky actions. I am not bitter, but lesson learned. Guess you could say I earned my ‘stripes’ with Stripe Inc.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  31. P Abramson says:

    Stripe processed a credit card charge despite it having been deleted, cancelled and made unchargeable by the issuer of my card within a few minutes of the charge (b/c of a typo which increased the charge by factor of 100). I needed to file a dispute, and Stripe was contacted by my card issuer rather than the merchant, and Stripe told the issuer that it had properly processed the charge and provided the card info. This Merchant provided no method to contact them, and the website where the charge was made produced no info on the charged amount until it was actually handled by Stripe, who provided no info until the charge was handled – i.e. no review of the charge before implementing. This is a fraud – by enabling the Merchant to use Stripe as a shield against addressing what was plainly an erroneous unintended charge and would have been voided by any ethical or responsible merchant.,

  32. Nick Smith says:

    We are shop owners and had two sales reversed by stripe for over £2500. We sent out parcels for Orders. But then then customers say the item is faulty. Stripe immediately reversed the payment even without checking with us first. We lost these 5 products and lost the money resulting in total of £4000 lost as we didn’t get the products back after the complaint was made. Stripe immediately takes a customers side and the retailer loses all this money. We have had enough of them and moving to new service. If you’re a retailer don’t use stripe they don’t care about you losing your products and losing your sale money.

    We are honest reputable company Smithers of Stamford. It’s just shocking that stripe automatically takes the customer side and refunds without even giving us time to submit proof. One order was 3 months ago we disputed and we’ve sent over proof of shipping with DPD. We still did not get this money back. Be very aware of stripe if your a shop . The service is fraudulent sometimes.

    Stripe say the customer is always right and don’t protect the retailer

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  33. Watch out! I signed on with Stripe so I could accept Euro payments for a conference we’re producing in Brussels. After 2 months, without warning, they cancelled the service claiming that they had reviewed our business and decided it was too high risk. I’ve been accepting credit cards for six years without problem. Going back to for now.

    This post will help: Best Multi-Currency Merchant Accounts



    As I am writing this, I am currently looking for other payment-processors for my Shopify-store. It is astonishing that a company as serious as Shopify would ever recommend or have Stripe as one of their main payment-processors.

    Stripe is an extremely unprofessional and unaccredited company. They have no customer-service phone line; and basically no phone of telecommunication. Most of their customer-service is automated (bots), and it is extremely difficult to find an actual representative (with experience) that is willing to investigate and help you with a particular case.

    Recently, I received a dispute for ‘fraudulent’ order. An order of over $550.00 that was paid, handled, and successfully processed almost 3 months ago! How is it possible, that after 3 long months, and after their own ‘fraud-analysis’ (which Stripe does on every order you receive) was cleared, suddenly the order is marked as fraudulent? Instead of helping you with the case, they make you submit evidence (which I did, and I submitted irrefutable evidence), yet they still make you wait about 1-month for a response; in which almost, 80% or more (regardless of how professional your business is) the customer’s bank will deny the dispute and you will lose your hard-earned money.

    What angers me the most, is that we emailed the customer, we shipped the order on time (perfect conditions, new item, boxed properly), and the customer never even communicated with us to let us know that there was something wrong with the order.

    Stripe is unprofessional (and I would even argue that some of their activity is illegal). They immediately put their hands on my bank, without any right, after over 2 months of an order, which was not fraudulent was the customer claimed (according to Stripe’s own fraud-analysis mechanism), plus the customer’s shipping/billing-address matched perfectly, and the address was a medical-center (we sell medical/dental related products).

    We will escalate this particular case with our bank, as we will not allow Stripe to illegally abuse their power and take our hard-earned money, especially then the customer has not even returned the product back to us. We will also eliminate Stripe immediately from our Shopify store.

    I would advise anyone that is professional, and that has been selling online for years, to look for a better and more professional payment-processor. Stripe is an absolute joke of a company.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  35. John says:

    Charged $342 for a refunded purchase. Similar to a review below, one of our transactions was incorrectly processed with an extra digit ($xx,xxx but should have been $x,xxx). We immediately refunded the full amount to customer, yet Stripe is charging a $342 transaction fee and will not give us a break on the fee.

    We are an early stage business and $342 represents our profit on this job. Stripe has raised upwards of $785 million, yet they can’t offer flexibility for customers that are attempting to get off the ground and that made an honest mistake.

    Poor business practice and a disappointing experience.

    This post will help: Best Payment Processors for Great Customer Service


  36. I have had a similar, if not exactly the same experience with this company. They have held over $1800 of money due me from services rendered to clients in health care, claiming that they can not support my business, as it is in violation of the terms of service. If that is the case, why did you accept the funds to begin with? Why did you approve the account in the first place? The fact that they’ve held this money *for over two years* is unfathomable, and while I have been tolerant and resisting the urge to sue, they haven’t left me a choice. What they HAVE done is leave me in a terrible position of having to take them to court. It is the only recourse I feel like I have left, having exhausted every other avenue of recovery. I can not warn more strongly against doing business with Stripe – they can and will change their mind about the status of your account, and they will steal your money, as they are trying to mine…CAVEAT EMPTOR!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  37. jair says:

    RUN AWAY FROM THEM! I’ve been having fraudulent transactions for the past months. I contacted Stripe to inquire about their fraud protection services and if there was anything other than my manual internal processes to avoid frauds. They responded that they have done everything on their side to avoid it and there was no further action from me to be taken. I’ve kept a closer look on every order and although Stripe judges transactions as safe many of them are not. I’ve researched and spoke with the Stripe rep which security measures they take and it turns out that they don’t do many of the standard checks. This has cost me 20K and now I get an email that I have 5 days to leave them and choose a different payment gateway as my risk level is too high. Also, 2 of those 5 days are Sat and Sun when everyone is closed and can’t help you with anything. It’s funny how we need to pay for their poor service.

    This post will help: Best High Risk Merchant Accounts


  38. Annika says:

    Charged us $374 in fees for a refunded purchase, human error caused one too many zeros when putting a card through. We refunded it to the customer immediately but we were still charged an insane fee for money we didn’t even make. Several phone calls and emails later and we just keep getting the same 2 lame (and conflicting) answers. “They changed the policy a years ago, if we had been there longer we wouldn’t be charged the fee”. And “there’s no way to avoid this fee because it cost them so much to process the charge”. If you are human and may ever possibly type something incorrectly, AVOID THIS COMPANY! Use SQUARE instead. Same price, much better customer service and no fee on refunded charges.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  39. Frustrasted Customer says:

    I started using Stripe a couple of months ago and everything has been great. It wasn’t until my business partner and I tried to switch the account we wanted to receive funds in. From there it went down hill. They wanted to verify something’s and we didn’t mind the verification thatvis a good thing but they dragged this process out for weeks. Everything they asked including me being the sole business owner had to turn it over in my partners name. I did just to collect funds from my business that had been made already by me. They held over $700 of my my money. The biggest thing for me is they did all communication through email. They never picked up the phone. There is no phone number on any of their sites or information. I asked repeatedly in the long threads of emails could someone call me and they refused multiple times. Finally, after they moved my funds back for my payout at least for the 10th time. I was going to call my lawyer for him to get involved and they sent an email saying someone was going to call me. I am beyond exhausted from this situation and I had to find another way to collect payments so they would hold anymore of my financials coming in. If you can don’t use this company.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  40. Yan Vigeant says:

    Do not do business with this company. It does not offer any kind of protection against fraud. If someone buys from you with fraudulent information or if a customer decides to initiate a dispute for no reason, you will 100% lose your money without any say in it.

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win


  41. Glen Dower says:

    Stripe is a SCAM.
    Your funds are held at their discretion…to prop up their cash flow.

    Oh why am I so culable

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


    1. Matt Constantino says:

      i am dealing with this exact situation with them multiple times ive been in conversations with their “tech support” been told what i need to do only to find out months later… “oh you’ll have to check back later in a few more months”. ill bet they make everyone wait their 7 day waiting period for funds that takes more than 10 days sometimes!! so frustrated with this company and their never ending in changing for rules!

      This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  42. Avi says:

    Be aware of stripe they seem like a big scam.
    stay away from Stripe, is a big scam big fraud company, they have a nice trick to keep their business with high credit score.
    they dont answer support unless its convenient to them, and they will hold your money for few months without any way of you controlling it.
    they are now holding 20,000 USD, saying my customer disputed 1000 usd deal 4 months ago, which never happened, my customer and his bank never made a dispute for this.
    for 2 weeks the havent replied to me, while i try to contact them endlessly. 
    they dont provide any proof of claimed dispute, and if they do answer my emails, the only say that they are transferring me to the appropriate person.
    they waited 4 months untill I had a nice amount of money coming in so they can hold it for no reason, they are horrible, they dont care for their customers, I need this money urgently for my daily use, for my family, and for my business.
    I wish there was something to do about this. 
    anyway I suggest anyone who thinks about using their services, stay the hell away from them, the experience is horrible.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  43. Andrew Minidis says:

    I’d rather sew my face to the carpet. Absolute garbage. They use other platforms to become your merchant services on the slick by engaging your client and encourages them to pay through They make it seem simple for the client to pay. But the user doesn’t get informed that the transaction takes 7-10 days for your first transaction. Until after his account has been activated
    In other words I worked and billed a client on 6-26 it’s now 7-3 and I’m not scheduled to have the money ( less the fee) until 7-8 or 9.
    To be fair this is a one time thing they say the next time it should only take two days I don’t like the word should and I can’t trust this company now after what they did with my first experience as I spent three hours on the phone trying to get the payment to go through
    And if I refund my clients payment at this point they still charge me the fee and it will take 14 days to refund her charge. So you’re screwed into using this swindling app once at least… and hopefully like me, never again.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Plumbers


  44. We have had the worst experience with Stripe than we have experienced with any other company.

    In April 2019, Stripe held payments from a customer only to return it without our knowledge. The customer refused to resubmit another payment at that time.
    However on June 6, 2019 the customer went into his email, found the old invoice and paid.

    To this date, June 25, 2019, Stripe still has not released the payment.
    Numerous emails and phone calls have not helped.

    We were asked to verify, our business website, This was done.
    We re then asked to send a copy of the invoice, This was done.
    We were then asked to send documentation of services that we provide,
    This was done.

    We were then asked to verify the owner of the company by uploading a government issued id, with personal information . This was also done.
    They are Still holding the payment without a legitimate reason.
    Had we known that this was a common practice of Stripe,, we would NEVER have signed up.
    n the meantime, they have colledted their fees but have not provided any service. My advice to ANY business that maybe considering Stripe is DO NOT. You will regret it.

    This post will help: Best Healthcare Merchant Accounts

  45. Ronald J Lepow says:

    I own a gourmet food, wine, and liquor store. I had an amazingly bad experience with Stripe. They sent me an email on April 12 telling me they were closing my account because I fall outside of their guidelines to avoid business with high risk accounts. After first claiming the problem was that I sold liquor, they apologized for the mistake since I don’t sell it online. Then they decided again that I was a bad risk because I sell cigars. Before all of this started, a customer bought a gift basket using Stripe. This was on April 10. I received confirmation of the customer’s payment from Stripe, and delivered the gift basket. Two days later they sent me the cancellation notice, refunded the money to the customer, and charged me back for the cost. Now they say it is my problem to go back to the customer for the money. Stay away from these disorganized, incompetent, unfair fools!

    This post will help: Best Online Tobacco Merchant Accounts


  46. Stripe is currently holding for about a month now for no reason. I just filed a complain with the New York Attorney General office

    I no longer use their services

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  47. We signed up for STRIPE last December and have processed over $82,000 in charges with no real problems. A few weeks ago we had a customer submit a chargeback for $275, which was a small part of an over $3000 charge. The issue was mainly confusion on the customer’s part and instead of reaching out to us intially, he just disputed part of the charge with his credit card. When we received notice, we reached out to the customer, clarified the issue and since we had more work to do, the customer asked if he could just pay us for the disputed amount when we came out. We agreed so we let the chargeback go through. Shortly thereafter, Stripe, without any notice whatsover started withholding 24% of each charge. By the time we realized it, they had withheld approximately $4000. When questioned, they were totally unsympathetic and claimed it was their right and they would not release the funds for 6 weeks. I’ve been in business for 18 years and have had probably 2 chargebacks during that time, one for $30 and this one for $275. No amount of communication has worked with Stripe. I even asked about cancelling my account to get my money and no matter what they will not release for 6 weeks and now they’ve sent email that indicates that they may extend the hold. I would urge any company to NOT DO BUSINESS with them.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Contractors


  48. Chevon Cooper-benjamin says:

    Stripe is full of crap. They stole our money saying we have to show them proof of being allowed to sell the items we currently sell. When we showed them proof they came up with another excuse to hold our money. Lori at the company stopped answering emails and no way of contacting them by phone. They are THEIVES! Warning to all, don’t mess with this company if you want to stay in business.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  49. Mare says:

    Awful. I signed up with them through GoDaddy a year ago and now, all of a sudden, they need a photo ID to verify my account. I told them I don’t have a current photo ID. After many emails back and forth I was told to provide them with a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and a current utility bill. Got another email from them after I provided that (thinking this company was a valid one) and was told that wasn’t good enough. If I didn’t have a valid photo ID could I provide someone else’s that works here. Seriously??? I’m going to ask an employee to verify my business? Why don’t these idiots check with the state that I’m registered with to verify that I’m legit? BTW, they are holding a $27.12 payment from me because of the lack of my photo ID. I am livid beyond belief with them and even madder at myself for providing personal info like that to this company. I don’t trust them at all and fully expect that I will be fighting a long time to get that payment into my checking account. I will be writing to the BBB and even, possibly, the Attorney General. Something is definitely wrong with this company.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  50. Marc says:

    We have been using stripe for some time now with over $500,000.00 in transactions to date. I noticed that other merchants had cheaper fees and I asked them if they were willing to decrease our fee. In one email they essentially said they would only consider it if we do over 100K per month and wished us the best going with another company. They do not care about any of their customers and I am glad we stopped using them.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  51. Danielle says:

    Everything was going well at first. My first payment was transferred to my account within a week. However, I never received my second payment which was paid on March 13. It is now May 23. I have been reaching out to their support team, but no one has helped me in any way. I just want my payment so I can be done with stripe. 0/10. Would not recommend.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  52. Steffany Hubbell says:

    I was using stripe and collect for stripe for POS, and the refunded half of my sales one day. The customers just got their money back immediately and I had no way to contact them to get the sale rang in again. Stripe says it isn’t their fault, there is almost no way to get in touch with collect for Stripe. They have a contact us button on the website, which I had to finally threaten them before I got a response. When I did they claimed they had been emailing me and it must have gone to spam, which it didn’t. After several weeks, and me harassing them, I finally got an email saying it was a faulty reader so they offered to send me a new reader. I don’t want a reader, I want my money back. They won’t offer me anything except to replace or refund the reader. I don’t want to use this company anymore, and I am just out the sales which were half of my sales for the day. TERRIBLE COMPANY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! DO NOT USE THEM, IT ISN’T WORTH IT!

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service


  53. They cancel for no reason and keep your money for 90 days. Worst ever.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  54. Lynne says:

    After multiple months of sales, I get an email from Stripe saying that my website is high risk and I need reseller authorization from the brands. Like I am going to be able to get an approval from Chanel, Hermes, or even Nike? All of my money with them, held indefinitely! I cannot believe the ethics of this company. Let me ask this, if my business was flagged, why did they accept all the customer transactions instead of just declining them! Shady!

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for High Risk


  55. John sikalss says:

    These guys worst ever pretty simple customer service not good luck with them

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts


  56. Ben rosenquist says:

    Worst company I have ever dealt with by FAR! They are still holding my money from a client of mine trying to order her product. They have no phone support so emails take forever to get responded to. They want me to send an itemized invoice so they can see what the transaction is for. I am not happy my client is not happy. They do not help you whatsoever when you do get a hold of them. Stay away!!!

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  57. Peter says:

    I too foolishly signed up for Stripe, as a client requested click to pay by email to pay me for the services I carried out for them.

    After a lengthy conversation with support via live chat about verifying my account: I did everything they recommended and my account was verified.

    That very same day, yesterday, I sent out a click to pay invoice to my client, and they paid it right away. After processing the payment, and deducting their fees, I get the following email form Stripe the same day:

    “Thanks for using Stripe!

    Unfortunately, it looks like your website, or a previous business you were associated with, is listed on MATCH or another terminated merchant file operated by the card networks. In this situation, we will not be able to continue accepting charges on your Stripe account.

    We completely understand how frustrating this situation can be. If you’d like to try to remove this block, you will need to reach out to your previous processors to check why your business was placed on this list and if removal from the list is possible. While we’d love to be able to directly help you sort this out, we unfortunately don’t have any additional information about why individual businesses are added.”

    Very strange as I don’t have a website, and being as though this is a brand new account, I’m not sure where “previous businesses I was associated with” has to do with it. Regarding other processors, I use Payoneer and Transferwise, and both accounts are in good standing

    I am a freelancer that bills clients once I have completed the work they hired me to do; I have no physical products, so callbacks would not be an issue, neither would risk.

    How could Stripe possibly know what previous clients I was associated with, as I have only ever billed one through Stripe?.

    As everyone is saying here, Stripe is nothing more than a legalised scam, and I guess they will keep onto my funds???

    I may try and do a refund to my client if thats possible, but they will probably make that impossible .

    Again, as is the case with everyone else here, live chat or calls are no longer available to me.

    All this after 1 day, and 1 legitimate transaction.

    I’m sure that if everyone here that has been scammed, contacted a law firm as a group, we could stop these thieves from stealing our money.

    To say I am disappointed is an understatement

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for TMF/MATCH Merchants


  58. neal cameron says:

    Hard to understand why this payment methodology exists. 12 days so far and still don’t have money from a credit card payment to an invoice and a 2% charge.

    And the whole thing happened without my knowledge through an accounting package. If not a con, then certainly a rort.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  59. Anonymous says:

    Don’t use this company, the dispute and fraud team are out to fraud you. There was a fraudulent charge and their response was that it was my duty to read over the site to make sure I wouldn’t get scammed. Now we have to pay the scam charge plus fees, for something they didn’t catch on time.

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win


  60. Woodward McKee says:

    I cannot stand these people. Among many, many issues I have there are thousands of dollars in hidden fees, pay special attention to “Connect” fees. To figure out what they are charging you requires downloading a custom file, creating a spreadsheet and applying a formula yourself. If you try to get support to explain their fees they will ask you what report you are looking at. Since it is one you created yourself (using their data) the support agent will say they can’t find it and ask for a screen grab. Then they will say that looks like it isn’t their data, if you can provide a screen grab of a stripe report they will gladly look into it. Eventually they’ll tell you how to build the report you already sent them.

    You will also lose any dispute the customer or bank decides not to pay, plus the processing fee, plus $15 per transaction, even if you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt you provided the service. Plan on spending $21 for a lot of returned $6 charges.

    No matter what they say it will be at least a week before you receive any payments in your account. “Two business days” means after 8pm two days later, which is actually three business days. Then at least two days to receive their uniquely slow ach deposit. That’s a week in English.

    Do not use them. They use every trick in the book to slow pay and overcharge and will use the very polite “non-answer answer” routine until you go away.

    These people are among the most infuriating people to deal with I have ever encountered and I strongly encourage anyone to look elsewhere for this service.

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win


  61. Jennifer says:

    I did a transaction with Stripe over 10 days ago. They’ve held my money and have asked for my LinkedIn profile, my Invoice to show I paid the manufacture for the product, and the front and back of my driver’s license. I own an LLC and gave them that info ahead of time, prior to them asking for everything else. I should never have been subjected to giving them anything but perhaps the paid invoice, but I gave them everything they asked for, and now, no response. I’ve emailed several times now, and still no response. They were initially being responsive, asking for more information, and each time I gave it to them, the next email was asking for something else. When I asked them for live support, they said there isn’t any. When I asked for the CEO, they said they couldn’t give that info out, and now, no response at all. They couldn’t even give their last name or email, just [email protected]. I reviewed the BBB and realized they have hundreds of complaints, just like mine. I have zero complaints filed against my company. This is class action lawsuit worthy.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  62. Kate Lauzon says:

    We launched a campaign on Fundly and on the day we opened with the radio show promoting the campaign we had an influx of donations. Stripe immediately shut down our campaign and said it was fraudulent. They refuse to do business with a grassroots organization. We didn’t even get a phone call. It was one email. The worst customer service ever.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service


  63. Jak G says:

    I used them to charge cards. One day I get a notification from them that they can’t put the funds into my bank account. Since my tax id doesn’t match to my name. So I called them up and asked them if they can try to match it again. They said they’re going to try and call me back.
    A few hours later I get a call from them saying that it still doesn’t match. I asked them if that’s the case they should please refund it to my customer. They said ok. Keep in mind that I never received the money in my bank account.
    Two days later I see Stripe taking money out of my account. I called them up to ask why they took out money from my bank account that they never put into my account. The representative said he’ll put me on hold to verify why it happened. After a few minutes, he comes back on the line and he says that he verified it and he’ll tell the supervisor to call me back to issue a refund.
    Guess what he never called me. So I called back numerous times and I received the same answer again and again. Passed a few days and still no call. Frustrated I call them again to ask what happened why the supervisor never called me back. The representative replies I don’t know who told you that but the supervisor never calls back. It went back and forth another few times on the telephone and they simply refused to give me my money back.
    Please for your own good. Stay away!!!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  64. Elle says:

    I had received payment through an invoice and immediately refunded it as it would take too long to transfer , they charged me 90$ for literally nothing .

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Online Invoicing


  65. Ryan Livingston says:

    Do not use this merchant processor. Froze our funds without even one chargeback and now can not even make contact with them and they have 9K of my business funds. May need to reach out to an attorney next but wow what a pain

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  66. Anthony says:

    Criminal company ! Will allow fraudulent cards to be process over and over again until approved us to then send the product and stripe to then remove the funds from our account and charge us a processing fee. Out of poacher for the sale of the product, we lose the item and then they hit us up with a processing fee for one last slap in the face after being fraudulently ripped off because they accepted the card

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for High Risk of Chargebacks


  67. kidus says:

    They made me wait for 15 days to receive my first payment. They said it would take 7 but they lied.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  68. Matty says:

    Upon setting up a new dropshipping website I decided to try out Stripe, because I planned to sell wholesale as well. This would have made it easy to keep this company financial records together. Some of the products I sell are lighters, so when I imported a vendors catalog in I was flagged for Marijuana… I attempted to reach out to customer services and 4 of their reps sent me the same copy/pasted email stating my account was terminated. I specifically told each person that it happened because I imported this vendors full catalog (I removed all of the products in question and even removed stripe from that website). However, they still categorized me and kept repeting — However while we’d truly love to help, unfortunately we aren’t able to provide our service to any cannabis related businesses at the moment. We need to work within some fairly strict limitations on the type of businesses we can work with, and this business type is sadly on the excluded list. While I understand that you’re not selling actual cannabis products, I’m afraid we sometimes need to be extremely conservative and have decided not to work with any business related to marijuana in any way. — Go somewhere else if you are planning on dropshipping as even importing a vendors catalog can get your account terminated instantly. No ability to talk to anyone. Horrible cusomer service and worst of all they don’t care about you.

    This post will help: Marijuana Merchant Accounts

    – Phillip

  69. Jill Adams says:

    BEWARE! UNPROFESSIONAL, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, STEALING FUNDS. I wish I had read more reviews before I signed on to use Stripe for my small business. I have used Stripe now for almost 3 years…2 years and 29 days too long. The first 2 years my business was growing. Now I am at full capacity and realize things are not adding up.

    The 1099 they sent me does not at all match bank deposits. There was approximately $6,000 missing. I got in touch with Stripe via email to investigate this discrepancy and kept receiving inconsistent responses from many different people. I requested how much I paid in fees in 2018 for tax purposes. Stripe’s response was “They cannot provide this.” First RED flag. I demanded to hear from a supervisor- to call me. NO supervisor called. Second RED flag.

    Finally someone emailed me and sent me on a wild goose chase to try and explain the missing charges and fees. ..which resulted in no explanation.

    Each time I contact stripe I receive a different person with a different explanation. Third RED flag.

    This company will not provide phone service when there are questions or problems…only email. Fourth RED flag.

    This company employees people who are not qualified in billing credit card knowledge.

    This company does not care one bit about a dissatisfied customer and has no desire to resolve customer’s problem.

    This company provides extremely poor customer service. They refuse to use the telephone for communication. They return customer’s email days and weeks later.

    This company refuses to provide information about their fees they charge customers for their service.

    This company returns emails that imply inappropriate statements such as “Roses are Red Violets are Blue” as if we are communicating with a second grader. Truth be known….we are. The performance I have seen from this company appears to be one ran by school age kids from their garage.

    I am currently in process of stopping all transactions with Stripe. I will be filing complaint with BBB as well as Federal Trade Commission and also be taking legal action to retrieve my missing $6,000.

    Anyone reading this review…STAY AWAY from this company. Hopefully on a Federal level they can read all the reviews and complaints and SHUT DOWN this company.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  70. alan tate says:

    I found them to be dly crooks . I cannot stress thus enough. Please stay well away from them especially if you are using Invoice Simple. They piggy back onto the invoice as a payment method without you knowing! They then tske the money then try to use the fact they have your money to force you to accept the terms and conditions of their account. I can back all this up with evidence. They even admitted thry should not of taken it!!! Then try it on with me. Total crooks as i am concerned! Please do not use them

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Electronic Invoicing

    – Phillip

    1. I work for Wacker Neuson, we are a global company with offices in most of the countries. We decided to give Stripe a go as an alternative payment processor. The first two payments from two clients went on without any kind of problems but after 3 days, Stripe sent us an email stating that one of the charge was fraudulent. Of course this is a big lie, there is no such thing. Now the account is blocked and God knows what will happen to the money. The way I see it, there are no humans there to look at the accounts, just a flawed system that does whatever it wants to do. The human factor is gone and all you get are automated responses that don’t have anything to do with the real problem. I am surprised about how bad this company really is. Any other company is glad to work with a company like Wacker Nueson but not Stripe, or may I say, Stripe A.I.

      This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Equipment Rental

      – Phillip

  71. Please stay away from Stripe. I am a small business and have been using Stripe for a couple of years. For no reason at all, Stripe decided to take money out of my account on three separate occasions over the past 40 days in excess of $4,150. Stripe will not explain why they are taking my money. Even my bank agrees they are wrong and has put a stop payment against Stripe from debiting my account. Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Stripe’s response is that my complaint is baseless. Complete rip off company. Stay far away.

    This post will help: Best Pet Supply Merchant Accounts

    – Phillip

  72. Ceo says:

    Our corporate company which is a also IPO traded.
    Did business with stripe for 3 days we did 2 transactions totaling $6,000
    Then we get a email stating they need all this info on our corporate company and invoices.
    We sent that plus all of our tax licences and business licenses.
    And our articles of incorporation.
    Now we cant get ahold of anyone there.
    We called them on 01/30/2019 and stated that if our company’s funds was not released we would pursue criminal Charges against the CEO,
    We was told by the rep. That their colleague was looking into it , please hold , then they hung up on us.

    FYI This company has been under a Federal investigation by the FBI cyber criminal investigations team in California for 3 years and is Currently under investigation by the FTC .
    If your company has had funds not released call the FBI field office in San Francisco, CA.
    They are aware of the situation and will take a report.
    Our company has now as of 01/02/2019 has now filed a multi million dollar lawsuit against Stripe.
    And have filed criminal Charges against the CEO of stripe that they are not a licensed financial institution or are they licensed to handle funds over the Internet.
    They are not Bonded or insured.
    They are also not a corporation.
    They are a LLC.
    They are not approved or insured by FDIC.
    If you would like to join the suit contact us at…..

    [REDACTED – ed.]

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors

    – Phillip

  73. Worst company ever, we did not even know when we got alerted by a victim and realized that our web site and business was used to open a fraudgelent account and charge credit cards of these innocent people, we immediately notified Stripe and did a lot to stop this person from hurting us and others including research without Stripe’s help, of course, and was able to work with the bank this person also opened an account with to close that account so at least he/she can not further damage others any more. However, after 6 months, Strip chose to ignore our reporting, leave the account open and then started to harass us saying our account is negative, etc. I probably sent more than 10 emails to them and got no where so decided the only way to help to protect my company and others is through writing this review. Worst worst experiences ever.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Manufacturers

    – Phillip

  74. Andre Solomon says:

    Stripe is a horrible company. Do not entangled your small business with them. I am a recent small business owner who just started literally a few months ago. After the few sales that we have acquired through e-commerce we find there is no fraud protection through this company. They will just process your payments in order to refund and receive their $15 cap. They hinder the small business owner from achieving. This has been the worst experience…!!!

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for New Businesses

    – Phillip

  75. Sergey says:

    looks like a scam company. no phone access at all. all request not answered or suggesting red their FAQ.
    holding money for no reason and no answers for request.
    STAY AWAY!!!!

    From The Editor
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  76. TY LI says:

    Not recommend use stripe this rubbish company,

    Maybe there is such a large-scale company that will not even provide the address and phone number. Everything is mysterious. The founder has established a scam.

    I can only say that they are a deceiving company. I have $2,000 in funds locked by them. Because I am a hotel tour booking business, I think it is risky to cancel all my transactions, but the money has not been returned.

    They can’t explain the problems, they don’t return to the credit card, and they don’t have payout to my bank account. I have sent more than 20 emails. They have more than 10 CS to follow up, but each one says it will be handed over to others Colleagues follow up

    I have been waiting for 2 months from October, there is still no news.

    From The Editor
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    1. Ashfaq Mohammad says:

      Take them to Small claim court

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  77. Candis Gillett says:

    I have used Stripe twice to pay my orthodontist. The process is NOT TRANSPARENT. Email addresses are required to complete payment, but no notification is sent of successful (or not) completion of transaction. The orthodontist’ staff says it takes about two weeks for payment to be posted to their account.
    I recommended they switch to PayPal.

    From The Editor
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  78. Madison Quinn says:

    Horrible company no customer service , no fraud protection for businesses

    From The Editor
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  79. Rigoberto Parada The Ojon Batana Company says:

    For six months I been waiting to get paid for a transaction of my Batana products and this is really unprofessional now that wells Fargo is involved maybe a good attorney can help all us folks get theit mine is only 100 but too much time for small business to wait for their funds. Can some help me?

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    1. Fed up says:

      I’m a small business owner too and I HATE STRIPE! What company doesn’t have a phone number? Even PayPal does! They keep pushing my “pay out” date further and further smh I hope I don’t have to get lawyers involved but I will

      This post will help: Best E-Commerce Merchant Accounts

      – Phillip

  80. Our account is under baseless review. They are equating us with remote india-based technical scam companies like iYogi.
    No charge-backs and no complaints. They are threatening to shut us down in 5 days. We have hundreds of customer entries and cards on file. This will take a month for proper migration to another system. Stay away. Worst customer service experience ever. Dishonest. Unprofessional. We will likely sue for damages in this baseless expedition.

    They claim to have phone support—another lie. Even when you’re logged in, you’re stuck with a submission form and no one gets back with you in a timely manner.

    Waste. Go to spot on!

    From The Editor
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  81. Qian Wang says:

    Like many others, I tried to use Stripe to process payments for my short term rental business. After one failed payment that was declined due to the customer having insufficient funds, instead of waiting for me to resolve it, Stripe decided to immediately lock out services on my account.

    I contacted Stripe support multiple times, explaining in detail what happened from my point of view, and each time they responded with a generic copy-and-paste that did not relate to any of my specifics, and insisted that my business was too “high risk” for them to provide services. I call shenanigans on that as I know for a fact numerous other short term rentals use Stripe and they’ve partnered with multiple channel managers.

    On my most recent communication with Stripe, I asked that even if they couldn’t restore services to my account, at least GIVE ME AN EXPLANATION why they’ve locked me out. But no, their response to that was word for word the same generic tripe they used previously, and completely ignored my requests. They couldn’t be bothered with my problem and decided it’s easier to cut me off.

    Your mileage may vary, and you may never run into the problems I did, and if so that’s great, but I would caution any new users that your experience with Stripe might come to a grinding halt at any moment with you none the wiser about what you did wrong.

    From The Editor
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  82. Rudy says:

    Big scam !! Watch out !!
    2 same sites, same products, other language, just on another domain, 1 was accepted, 1 was rejected because in violation of their conditions. They don’t even have plugins …..
    They let you test, which takes hours and then …….

    From The Editor
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  83. As a business owner, I cannot recommend Stripe services. I had a customer who signed a contract for an event with my business. He made several non refundable payments which included a $100 and $600 payment. After several months, he tried to cancel the event and get past payments. He was informed that the monies were not refundable. He contacted Stripe and claimed thst he did not make the charges. We provided contract and all information by email to Stripe to support that he did, and we had a contract and terms. For several weeks, we had no response from Stripe. No Stripe made any contact and I could not reach anybody. After almost 2 months, Stripe determined that we keep the $100 and that they would refund the $600 payment, and thus SIDED WITH FRAUD. How can this be the same person? It’s either he is doing business with us or not. Stripe is a company with a lazy investigation method, lazy attitude and policy that cost me $600.00 It is unfortunate I have to rely on Stripe to collect our payments but intend to find other ways. My recommendation to other business owners is to look elsewhere for electronic payment services especially if you do large payments. We have had payments of $7000. Can you imagine loosing that? Let me say that the small annual savings you get with Stripe is not worth loosing so much money. I intend to pursue this matter some more, perhaps in court.

    From The Editor
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  84. Trinity says:

    This has been the worst company experience that I have ever endured. This company is holding thousands of dollars for a consecutive amount of months. We have contacted stripe via email over 10 times, only receiving one semi helpful response, that still did not solve the issue of the funds that they are withholding from us. I was told I would get a helpful response within 24-48 hours. It has now been 120 hours and the funds are STILL ON HOLD. I have also called this company several times, receiving the same scripted response from their team. I asked to speak to manager and was given a horrible attitude and no help. They have now blocked their customer service reps from accessing our account, so they are unable to help us over the phone. DO NOT USE THE STRIPE PLATFORM!!! THEY WILL HOLD YOUR MONEY AND SEND YOU ON A GOOSE CHASE TO FURTHER HOLD YOUR FUNDS. If I could leave 0 stars, I would.

    From The Editor
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  85. Dewey Pruett says:

    Worst payment platform ever. They kept my money for 2 business days when Square pays overnight. They also don’t refund your fees paid when you refund a customer. This makes them a total ripoff. Why pay a lot, lose interest on your money and get ripped off every time you refund a payment? Avoid them… you can do better.

    From The Editor
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  86. Susan Brown says:

    I did not even know I was dealing with this company until all of a sudden each month I am getting a charges on my VISA that has been processed by them for a company that I have never even dealt with! Their customer service is really non-existent. Finally after going back and forth for 3 days with them and them blaming VISA – VISA has informed me that they will issue me a new card to stop these charges from going into my account. Until all of this happened I had never heard of the company and now that I know more about the company, its owners and how it is run I will make dam sure that any com[pany or business I deal with never uses them!

  87. I honestly wondered if my interactions with them were a prank.

    Stripe held onto $437 through several exchanges by telling me that I had broken their rules using Stripe to power a raffle. Meanwhile, they are the only payment option available on

    They were not rude to me during our interactions. More like, they kept telling me things and asking for things that were so unacceptable, I kept wondering if someone was playing a prank.

    If you want to use Stripe to power event registration / ticket purchasing, they do several insane things:
    1) They hold onto a percentage of your sales indefinitely for “dispute resolution” purposes
    2) They make you provide your contract with your event venue, and any contracts you have with other suppliers

    But they bury both of these things in the red tape, and they don’t have a “You can’t move forward unless you provide…” function. They wait until they have your money and then they make you jump through hoops.

    I closed my account after I got my final transfer and I’m happy to be gone.

    From The Editor
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  88. J Brumfield says:

    If you need your money fast DO NOT use this company, they held our money so they can make payroll.

    From The Editor
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  89. AJ says:

    STAY AWAY FROM STRIPE… You start processing with them then they hold your money Like another looser of company called Paypal.. CUSTOMER SUPPORT SUCKS WITH STRIPE… You Been Warned

    From The Editor
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  90. SAMUEL GETTMAN says:

    Horrible company to do business with. Very difficult to work with. Stay away, you will waste your time and money dealing with their complete incompetence.

    From The Editor
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  91. Timothy says:

    I only use stripe if I have to because my genbook appointment calendar is with them. I run a charge on Friday and I don’t see the money until the following Wednesday. This is totally unacceptable and there’s no reason for it.

    From The Editor
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  92. Yannis says:

    They just don’t care. I have been charged my one of their clients for something I never purchased and they simply dont give a s…t. Bye bye Stripe. Hello Braintree

    From The Editor
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  93. Stephanie B. says:

    They are holding my money hostage. I hate this company. They are behind compared to other platforms who allow instant payouts. It is adding a significant strain on my business. I will be looking for other alternatives.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

  94. Mark Pocock says:

    Do not use this company, it opened my website up to three scams, 1700$ worth. They are useless in customer service, ans fraud detection. Would give them negative 50 stars if I could.

    From The Editor
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  95. Tom LJ says:

    Ruined my business and bankrupted me. Avoid using Stripe at all costs.
    Used them successfully for a month before they decided to discontinue my account and withhold my funds for 90 days effectively crippling me and putting me in debt to my suppliers. They decided to do this because my business ” posed a risk of charge backs” although I had not received a single chargeback.
    there was nothing I could do about this. They are scum. Do not trust them.

  96. A prospective client was precluded from receiving a massage as she came in with two ailments that I do not massage nor treat / diagnose in any form. The client read and agreed to our terms of service at the time that signed off on our sick policy twice. She is unhappy that she did not take the sick policy seriously and she believes that she should not receive the fee for coming in sick even though she was fully aware that there is no charge to cancel if sick, but she dismissed this and came in putting my, my business and subsequent patients/clients at risk.
    Stripe emailed me advising me of the dispute that had zero reasons listed. Stripe immediately withdrew the fee amount plus dispute charges out of my business account before I had even 24 hours to respond yet in the email they sent, they stated that I had 14 days to respond. This is now an issue with accounting.
    I requested a call back for last Tuesday between 10:00 am and noon, yet the representative at Strip dismissed my availability and called me Monday when I was with clients.
    Very unprofessional business practices!

    From The Editor
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    1. Sam Blake says:

      Stripe is holding on to $229,668.33 which represents 100% of our processed transactions USD 87,963.39 of which was confirmed by their system to have been sent on 8/18/2018 but was canceled for a string of bogus reasons on 8/21/2018. I am quite sure that it’s not possible to cancel an ACH payment that has been “sent,” so I wonder why Stripe would knowingly deceive a merchant because no payment was “sent.” Stripe has not been candid in any way in our relationship and has no problem breaking the law to screw merchants over. Stripe has provided inaccurate promises that we have relied on to our determent. The legal doctrine of promissory estoppel exists, so situations like this don’t happen. We processed a lot of money with Stripe, and now they want to hold the funds for 90 days! They told us our skin cream product was ” pseudo-pharmacy” and in fact, it’s not. Our full ingredients list is readily available on our website as it has been from day one. We provided all the information requested, were never told that there were any issues with our product until processing $250,000.00 in sales, and Stripe deceived us by canceling payments made to us. We tried to initiate live chat to among other things discuss our volume and your payout schedule, but Stripe disabled the ability for us to use those tools while their system showed the first payment as being sent and in transit to us with a payout schedule for the remaining funds. Stripe is entirely to blame for this situation and continues to ignore direct questions on emails like why their system shows us being debited for 30k despite not having distributed any funds to us. Stripe has provided false information for all events. Stripe claimed our refund policy which is a straightforward RMA process seemed ‘inflexible’ This is industry wide utilized for e-commerce products. So, how is it inflexible? They make up things as they go along with their emails becoming progressively more disorganized as time goes on. Why did Stripe cancel our first payment that was confirmed to be sent? ‘contact our sales team next time you plan on doing volume’ does this make sense to anyone? Stripe should not allow merchants to process funds that require a mysterious sales team and disable the functionality for communicating with their live chat or phone support and expect them to know somehow how their Houdini operation works. It’s shady in SF at Stripe HQ, and they know exactly what they are doing and how difficult they are making it for merchants to communicate with them out the gates. Stripe is an evil company and has very sneaky policies and obviously should not have an A+ with the BBB. They are buddies with people that work at BBB because no company has hundreds of complaints, three positive reviews, yet has an A+ rating. Give me a break. Why did Stripe deny us access to support live chat as well phone at any point? Crickets…. If any other company did this they would be eaten alive by BBB but no they are a world-class organization (they are crooks, and VISA/MC are directly invested into them, so your best bet is to complain directly to Wells Fargo Bank and the FTC. Our chargeback ratio was 0.00125%, and yet they claim this ratio is ‘very high’ risk for Stripe. How does this justify holding 100% of our money for risk mitigation from day one of processing an entire $230,000.00??? All businesses and entrepreneurs – DO NOT do business with Stripe! They will keep your funds, and there is no phone number to speak with anyone, they are a fraud and misrepresent themselves as being available on the phone and live chat support but as soon as you have issues they disable the features pre-emptively knowing that users with funds held up likely will reach out for help through these mechanisms, but once you process with them they spit you out and keep the funds processed and send patronizing emails that sound friendly but are always written with a hint of ‘screw you’ to them. Save yourself heartache, get a merchant account with your local bank!!! DO NOT USE STRIPE – THEY WILL KEEP YOUR FUNDS – without any valid reason or response to your questions on support emails! DO NOT waste your time or money with Stripe they ignore questions, have no phone number and disable the live chat and phone requests from the interface whenever convenient for them and must have paid off someone at the BBB for an “A+” rating, bwahaha! Seriously, if you are a business, find another payment processor, preferably your local bank. At least if there is a problem you can physically go there and speak face-to-face with someone. I now have to chase down $230k.

      From The Editor
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  97. Omid says:

    STRIPE currently is holding over $200,000.00 (Yes, two hundred thousand!!) of our funds due to ‘high dispute percentage’. Not only is this a complete lie (we had one dispute as a result of human error) but they closed the account immediately and it’s taken over a month to receive a response from their support staff.

    After doing research, it seems that this is common practice by Stripe. IN ADDITION to holding 225k, they deposited a portion of that into our account and days later, it was gone. Stripe has no actual point of contact for clients who need support so we had to go to our bank to figure out what happened. Stripe claims it was returned by the bank and the bank (who we’ve been with for 10+ years) assures us that they did not return the deposits. Once we spoke to our bank manager, we got verification that the funds were in fact requested back by Stripe and sent to their bank in Toronto.

    This is HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars. Without minimizing others who have had the same happen, I hope anyone who reads this realizes Stripe absolutely does not care or act in their clients best interest, regardless if you are processing $2,000/week or $200,000/week.

    It’s been over a month since they closed our account and we’ve moved onto using another merchant. After one month and having not received any additional disputes, our account was in good standing. We requested a release of a portion (a compromise) of the 250K and were told no, Stripes policies are ‘firm’. Unfortunately, it does not seem that they are willing to hold any accountability for taking funds out of our account and we have retained a lawyer to pursue this further.

    Stay away from Stripe!

    From The Editor
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  98. Chey Davies says:

    I used stripe to receive payments through my webshop.

    I do not recommend using Stripe as your partner when offering your clients high value products as Stripe will be charging you fee’s, even in the face of fraudulent actitivies where YOU and your company are reliable for.

    Any potential fraudulent activities or dispute charges coming from bank issuers, will be deducted from YOUR revenue whilst Stripe still charges for the fee’s. DO NOT use Stripe for any business purposes as you are not protected against the above.

    For example:
    A potential fraudulent client is trying to purchase an item on your webshop, where he or she uses a card without authorization from it’s owner and the payment declines several times, even up to 6 times, and the 7th time goes through, which means, the amount which has been paid for on your website, goes straight to your Stripe account where Stripe charges you their fee’s. Although, the payments failed several times, Stripe still allows the same person to purchase the item. There is no such thing to prevent this, unless there’s a secured payment system behind this which clearly isn’t Stripe! You will always end up paying for the fee’s even though you are refunding the full amount to the bank account used on your website. This leaves you with no revenue, whilst still paying for the fee’s. Easy money earned by Stripe. A complete ripoff.

    From The Editor
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  99. John says:

    Stripe has held over $15000 in credit cards sales for almost a year and refuses to pay me the funds. All I get is a run around from support. I use 3 other processors and none have ever done anything like this. These people are outright thieves. Turned my case over to the state attorney generals office.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Processor Release Your Money

  100. The worst experience ever. Suddenly they closed the account without knowledge of what they are talking about but they don’t ask and just make the decision. They hold the funds even when the account was closed and every day change the date of deposit.
    No live support or assistance, horrible service, This business should be shot down.
    Do not sign up with them, you will regret it.

    From The Editor
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  101. Very bad service, surface try to pretend help you. but did nothing. We accidentally click on the button without confirmation, and it was charged $6600, and it was mistake, and I did refund immediately, but they refused to refund any cent back to us. it was charged $192 for this wrong button click which was no confirm at all. Please use other company with the fees refunded service. they were not helpful from customer service. very disappointed at all. not recommended.
    it said no refund fees, but you will paid the service fees when it charge and they did not refund it back to you. That’s why no refund fees.

    From The Editor
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  102. Wendy L Schmidt says:

    I DO NOT have a Stripe account and have gotten a lot of fraud emails. But, I can’t report them to Stripe because I need an account WHICH I DO NOT HAVE NOR WANT. What a screwy company. I will report the fraud somewhere else but there seems to be little recourse and these scammers have got my email.

  103. Jo-Anne says:

    Absolutely useless platform.

    Not only are the almost impossible to contact – no live chat or calling – they halt payments to your account without notifying you first and then send an email saying they need extra information before they will release funds to you, I’ve been with them for a year. I find they conduct themselves in a highly unprofessional manner with no regard for your business cash flow. Slow turn around of your money – takes up to 10 days to receive your payments.

    As a small business Stripe has done damage to the cash flow and running of my business!

    I will now be moving my business elsewhere.

    Read the user reviews not the paid reviews !!!

    From The Editor
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  104. Shamika Floss says:

    The worst experience ever. I should have noticed a red flag when I realized there was no live customer service support. But wishfully thinking, and at the guise of it being quick and easy We tried it. signed up and first payment posted and payed out. our client was so impressed with our service and speed at which we processed his order that he immediately did business with us again. Suddenly without warning our account was put on hold. we were sent an email.(Which went to spam) luckily i checked the spam folder. …then there it was… We . regretfully notify you that your account has been suspended. In the midst of this we almost lost our very second large account. My business was brand new. Without so much as a phone call. So I followed the prompts and finally got a live support person.She was just as confused as I was. She was obviously reading from a script. as she was trying to help me ‘Verify” my account. Mind you all of this was done at sign up So I thought. After about 2 hours and having spoke to a supervisor. the account was reinstated.But guess what. I was given a verbal guarantee that We wouldn’t go through this again. So we processed our second large payment. it was told to me that i would have to go through a very long hold period. but wouldn’t be frozen again. But sure as im typing this review our account was then suspended. even after verification. After a verbal guarantee by a supervisor. and without an explanation. I even sent an email asking for an explanation. But was never given one. This was a nightmare experience for me. and I am in the steel business. I deal with fabricators and contractors. There were other people that could have been affected by this. Square gets customers by what i call bully marketing. where once they get all your info you are trapped but not given an explanation if they wish to terminate. There is no live customer support which can severely hurt a small business.But what really hurt was how we were lured in in the first place. Mind you the first transaction went through without a hitch. Do not do business with stripe. There is a high probability that they will hurt you . in the end.

    From The Editor
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  105. Josh Brandon says:

    Stripe processing over $30MM for Porn Websites
    [REDACTED – ed.]

    Wondering if anyone on this forum cares about this considering many of you have your accounts shut down with Stripe for WAY LESS. Stripe is CURRENTLY processing millions of dollars per month for a trending porn site, is fronting as a social media network, but in reality is a pornographic marketplace, where amateurs and professional porn stars sell “selfie-style” porn content via a monthly subscription paywall.

    A hashtag search of ‘onlyfans’ on Instagram or Twitter reveals the NSFW community described above. This really gives you a good sense of what this community is about: [REDACTED – ed.]’s landing page presents their platform as a diverse ecosystem offering content from various categories of social media entertainers(singers, fitness trainers, photographers), but in reality, the only content being sold on is porn. They have over 1 million users buying and selling porn all supported by Stripes payment infrastructure. Onlyfans boasts about paying out more than $30MM to their “creators”, which based on their 20% commission business, means they must have processed at least $37MM? [REDACTED – ed.]
    Here are example pages on (NSFW) [REDACTED – ed.]

    Proof actually state in their Terms and Conditions ([REDACTED – ed.]) that they use Stripe as both their payments and payout processor. Payments URL and view source, you can see Stripe’s API being invoked.

    “For Research” I subscribed to a couple of the adult “Creators” and Stripe was listed on my Banking Statement w/ Merchant Info
    Stripe prohibits ANY porn/adult businesses/services per their Terms & Conditions.

    The following categories of businesses and business practices are prohibited from using the Stripe Service (“Prohibited Businesses”).Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media); sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, adult live chat features

    If Stripe is going to prohibit high risk businesses such as Gambling,illicit drug paraphernalia, pyramid schemes, shouldn’t Stripe aim to underwrite all of their supported businesses equally and with rigor. However, if they are making exceptions for pornography, shouldn’t the world know about this?

    Please feel free to email me back with any questions. Looking forward to some feedback.

    From The Editor
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  106. Cory says:

    Very crappy service … customer told their bank they didn’t authorize a payment 2 months after they made it and stripe took the money out of my account plus 15 dollars and keep the service charge they charged me … no protection for their clients … Just use western union

    From The Editor
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  107. Anthony Claxton says:

    Absolutely HORRID experience. I build custom computers for customers all over the US, and these scumbags have placed my funds on hold for 90-days TWICE now. TWICE! Because they think it is a “high-risk” market. Newsflash for you idiots: Most business endeavors require some risk in one form or another. Now I am unable to get my customer’s products to them in time and they must wait 3 months just because Stripe likes to reach into your pocket and play with your company’s revenue .Even when making disputes, you’re most likely going to lose them because these dimwits just don’t care about their users. Stripe takes a cut off the top of your customers’ money, puts those funds on hold, then you don’t see it ever again. So essentially, Stripe is 100% a scamming service.I mean just read the amount of negative reviews here. That should say it all. If you are a small business owner like myself, I HIGHLY suggest avoiding using Stripe’s garbage service at all costs. Use Square. It is a better application and service in every way, shape and form. Hands down.

    From The Editor
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    1. Yan Hazan says:

      Scam company, would not recommend using them, lost way too much money for their deal with the devil, if you have a business know that stripe not only not defending you they take money from your account and transfer it to scammers – scammers can just go to their bank say they never used your service and thats it they get their money back – i dont want to name other companies so you think im promoting someone but others will defend you.i have provided hard evidence including contracts invoices ID SSN you name it, always they find some excuse of ripping you offThey tell you every time they steal your money you can do things differently but you really cant just think that the scammers bank decide who wins is that a joke or what

      easy platform to ones who familiar with systems like that – i dont find any more pros when it come to strip

      stripe collaborate with scammers – they will withdraw money from your account without asking you they will not protect your account or you as their customer

  108. Szilvia Benko says:

    Ripoff company.
    Please do not do business with them, they don not take care of the small business owners at all.

  109. David says:

    Stripe helps people commit fraud. They allowed my secretary to steal over 2,400 dollars from me by allowing her to convince them that she was the original account holder when my account and banking information was what the account was set up under. What a SHAM of a company.

  110. D says:

    After a few weeks of payouts they informed me they asked me to provide some documents to them re authorisation. 5 hours later before I could oblige I got a wix message that my stripe account was closed and all my customers were refunded (a few thousand) (all the items were already shipped)
    Emailed and they said once the account is closed everyone gets refunded and I should contact the customers to try and get them to pay again.
    After embarrassingly contacting a few everyone stated they weren’t ever refunded.
    Contacted Stripe again to get more information for the customers and now stripe magically has NO RECORD of my account

    I am in the process of contacting my lawyer this is such a shocking scam please be careful and lawyer up before using them

    1. Paiton says:

      My boyfriend is having the same problem right now, please email me @ [email protected]
      We are trying to find someone who is doing a lawsuit against them so we can join on to it also. They owe my boyfriend $2,000….

      1. Traci says:

        If you’re in America, contact your Attorney General and file a complaint and link them to this. Because of their arbitration agreement, you will not be able to sue the same way. Look out for to come in October.

  111. Yan Hazan says:

    Scam company, would not recommend using them, lost way too much money fro their deal with the devil, if you have a business know that stripe not only not defending you they take money from your account and transfer it to scammers – scammers can just go to their bank say they never used your service and thats it they get their money back – i dont want to name other companies so you think im promoting someone but others will defend you.
    i have provided hard evidence including contracts invoices ID SSN you name it, always they find some excuse of ripping you off

    1. Szilvia Benko says:

      The same happened with me twice. It’s not enough that they credited back the money to the customer ( who took my service, was happy with it, i had proof etc.) they fined me too …
      IF anybody ready to sue them I am IN.

  112. Joe says:

    DO NOT USE STRIPE. The platform is made for fraudulent payments, they offer no help to fight fraud apart from a few rules you can put in place which hardly work. They will then close your account due to the disputes (ALL FRAUD) and hold all of your funds for 90 days.

    Appalling service if you can even call it that. Very damaging to small businesses!!!

  113. George says:

    Bad experience with Stripe. They refused to support my business and provide payment processing on my Squarespace website because I sell Tobacco Pipes. It’s on their “drug paraphernalia” list. Their explanation for refusing my business was basically “this is our choice”.

    My review for Squarespace is therefore unfavorable as well. Although I think Squarespace is great and have been happy with them overall, I question their decision to choose stripe as their only payment portal. I don’t understand why they would allow Stripe so much power over these important decisions. I likely will not be using Squarespace anymore because of my bad experience with Stripe.

    1. Mike says:

      Well, I just switched to Stripe after 15 months with Square. My online Store has been running for over 15 months with no charge backs or fraud charges. My first transaction with Strip, was supposed to hit my account after 7 days, the next charge with-in 2 business days. Well I had 3 charges within a day and now stripe sends me an email stating that since my business is considered a risk business, there will be a 7 day hold on my funds. FYI, we sell home furniture and 100% of our business is within the United States. I’m actually in the process now of going back to Square for my credit card processing..

  114. David Moore says:

    For some undisclosed reason, Stripe declined to accept my website development agency.

    They said my business is a;
    No-value-added services – Sale or resale of a service without added benefit to the buyer; resale of government offerings without authorization or added value; sites that we determine in our sole discretion to be unfair, deceptive, or predatory towards consumers

    We’re a website design shop and we’ve been in business for 10 years! I just don’t get it!

    When I asked for a specific reason, I was told:
    “The team, and I, have come to the decision that we cannot support your business.”

    It’s probably a blessing in disguise.

  115. Do not use Stripe. You can’t talk to these people by phone–only by email. When I emailed them about a problem it took them 3 days to respond. Then, when I couldn’t edit my new checking account number, I used their chat line. What a waste of time. What could have taken 3 minutes by phone, it took 20 minutes by chat. Even then, the problem wasn’t solved. The representative, Chase, said he had to email someone to solve the problem. He said I may or many not get a phone call back. He didn’t know when I would get an email. What nonsense. What poor, pathetic customer service.

    1. ANTHONY TAN says:

      how do we take further action against Stripe for holding our payouts?

  116. Nicole smith says:

    I would definitely say to avoid using stripe at all costs!
    My major issue with them right now is that they are holding my funds because they think the funds are fraudulent. I have told them over and over (and even sent an email from my client) saying the funds were legitimate.
    There is also no live support which is annoying. I’m basically yelling at my computer writing these emails.

    Like I said, avoid the headache and do not use them. I regret it immensely.

    1. Leslie says:

      This is the same thing that I am currently going through. Lord knows that I hate this company. They offer absolutely no assistance with any issues. My client ordered items on my website, Stripe decided that this purchase was fraudulent, withheld my funds, told me that I needed to refund the funds and then turned around and charged me a $43.43 processing fee. I’m not having that, I called my bank immediately and put a stop payment on that and closed that Stripe account. This mess is ridiculous.

  117. Linnaea Piccolo says:

    Stripe conducts some fairly unethical business practices. The accounts are not secured by password or PIN. Any Stripe employee can access an account by using the account holder’s email address. Stripe honors third party refund requests directly, without authorization from the account holder. Stripe posts refunds directly into the account holders’ dashboards, and then argues they have every right to debit accounts. Stripe dances around complaints with long winded explanations that never truly address the issue at hand. Complaints are handled by something like a call center of mostly unskilled employees whose only role is to blow off customer complaints. Stripe has no business handling peoples’ money because their business practices deviate from business and financial laws, rules and standards.

  118. Marco Salinas says:

    Their common sense customer service is HORRIBLE. Our tax info was updated on our dashboard but it was not showing done on their end. I was not able to process payments and had several hundreds of people on hold for a popular event not able to pay. We were losing revenue and momentum!

    After providing Strip with the tax info they needed, they told me that it would take 24hrs for their special department to respond (not resolve but respond). You would think that they could break protocol and fast track my issue to be resolved asap. I don’t feel like a customer with this company, just another number.

    Needless to say, we will be moving away from Stripe and giving someone else a shot at our high revenue for events like this and others that we do.

  119. Cathi says:

    My vacation rental management company switched to Stripe for payment processing and the result has been pure chaos and fraudulent holding of funds. Owners previously received deposits within a day or two following a reservation, but now payments are not showing up even a week out. No notifications are sent for deposits that are made. Sprite is holding funds intended for owners. This is criminal.

  120. R.Bakker says:

    VERY STRANGE COMPANY, I have started using Strip´s payment gateway and in the start was fine but now that we have started to receive above $1.000 payments we have not been able to move the funds elsewhere. I have sent them OVER 20 emails in many occasions and still did not get any REACTION. The last email i received from Stripe they said my account was good to go. But now i cannot get in touch with them and my money is stuck cannot transfer…CANNOT MAKE PAYOUTS!!!!

  121. bruce says:

    Tried unsuccessfully to use Stripe’s CC services, it might be good for small transactions, but our charges are between $2000 and $4000 and I tired for a week to get them to go through and it would not process, and it wasn’t the CC because I reverted back to my other proccesing system and they all went through just fine. Cancelled my Stripe account

    1. Leslie Harrison says:

      How did you go about canceling the account because I can’t find how to do that anywhere

  122. Megan Warren says:

    We have $2,931.60 locked on stripe for the last 90 days. I have sent 6 emails and no answer. Avoid these fraudsters at all costs!!! No phone number to call, the live help is gone. I will start posting this to ALL the internet forums and review websites. AVOID AT ALL COST! My name is Megan Warren and I work with How long can Stripe hold our money, I have read that for only 90 days, but it looks they can hold it for more time.

  123. larry sneed says:

    I did a transaction with a company that used Stripe. I never received the service I paid for $5,775 due to the fact that the merchant said Stripe refused to pay her, even after they had collected the money from my credit card, which I had to pay. Stripe has been a no show. No response, no attempt to resolve this. They stole $5,775 from me. Six months ago. I am now going to have to file suit against them. Sorry, sorry company.

  124. Mark Hocker says:

    If you value security and customer service then Stripe is most definitely not a company you should dealing with. A fraudulent Stripe account was opened in my organization’s name. It took more than a month before Stripe would even acknowledge that I had authority to even talk with them about the account. Then, once they would discuss the account, the frustrations really began. Stripe’s version of a conversation consists of email and chat with most of the responses being canned or vague. It is impossible to actually talk with an individual. I represent a charity. Our image and fundraising are extremely important to us. Someone established a fraudulent website and funneled the credit card payments through Stripe. Yet, after more than two months, I have not been able to even talk with someone at Stripe about resolving this situation. Again, if you value security and customer service then Stripe is probably not the company you should engage.

  125. Steve lachina says:

    By far the worst company I have ever dealt with my account got heck into on December 17 it is April 3 no payments have been processed into my account but stripes took it on to their selves for my Business to Pay back the money that was fraudulently charged into another account The other account attached to my Stripe account and processed stolen credit card information and through their account and now stripe is taking my
    payments to pay back the fraudulent account money that I did not receive and sent me a nice little letter stating they are not responsible for the company allowing someone to process payments on stolen credit cards and trying to get me to foot the bill I’m not too sure stripes not behind a lot of this but companies like this is why we pay for attorneys this company has no phone numbers only contact information is through emails you email them and 10-15 days later if they get around to it they’ll email you back stating they’re working on it so if you want your money tied up as long as mine has been by all means use Stripe if anyone has any questions feel free to call me at 850-890-9109 and I have BB&T my bank send you any documentation so you don’t make the same mistake I did

  126. Theresa says:

    I just deleted my Stripe account. I hope that this is the end.

    Sadly, many companies are withholding funds:

    Amazon self-publishing (Kindle) withholds your funds for a full 60 days.

    Walmart pays their sellers every two weeks.

    Groupon is doing some type of “graduation” crap where you reach thresholds, and your payouts are suspended for 30 days. In its marketplace page, Groupon still states “automatic payouts”.

    So, I guess this is a trend.

  127. Samantha says:

    Worst processor EVER! I would not waste your time or money on them. Their customer service and protection against fraudulent purchases is laughable. A recent dispute was opened TWICE. They didn’t do anything but “waive” one of the fees instead of helping me investigate why a dispute was able to be doubled. They don’t value their customers and for that reason, I’ll stick with Paypal Braintree. They don’t deserve my business or anyone else’s for that matter.

    1. Scott says:

      AMEN they are total dogs, their protection for the consumer is a joke

  128. Beware of Stripe’s policy in regards to refunds. This is a very unscrupulous company. I had a person place an $699 order in error. Stripe refunded the customer but kept the $20.57 processing charge. For all I know they have staff members placing bogus orders so they can reap the processing fees. STAY AWAY from this dishonest company. They are horrible. You can’t contact them by phone only by email or chat. I cancelled my account immediately upon learning of their fraudulent policy.

    1. The complany processed over $400 in customer payments then held payments stating that we would have to enroll in a pharmacy prescribing company before we could have funds deposited to our corporation. And guess the cost of that service? You got it: $400.

      We reversed charges to all clients and ran to Square Booking.

      And of course they have no customer services telephone

  129. Brian Phillips says:

    Run away from Stripe. If you haven’t been screwed by there charge back system yet it’s only a matter of time. Stripe allow scammers to purchase from your online business, then submit a charge back complaint allowing the customer to keep your product and charging your account the full amount plus a $15 fee. Stripe fails miserable when it comes to their obligation to protect merchants. RUN AWAY. I can only imagine they are in on this scam.

  130. Joan Powell says:

    This company sucks!!! no way of talking to some one on the phone and email is not answered!
    I would give them an “F” for a grade!

  131. Susan Simmons says:

    I don’t even know what Stripe is but I keep getting these emails from them talking about “my account” – which I don’t even have! Today I got an email saying something about not getting over $500 because somebody denied making the charge – or whatever. I just delete these email from Stripe because I figure it’s just a scam operation. Wish the government would shut them down. I’m sick of deleting their stupid emails. I don’t dare reply to the emails because I don’t trust anything on the internet that I don’t understand. I’d like to tell them to quit emailing me. But of course there is no “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. There ought to be a law against this crap.

  132. Sherry says:

    Horrible transfer time. Get a payment on Thursday and doesn’t get deposited until Monday!!! Use Square instead as they allow instant deposit and have lower fees.

  133. Michael says:

    Stripe has an incredibly high rate of fraudulent payments. Whenever a fraud is committed, they dump it on merchants and charge them absurd fees, followed by pathetic cop out excuses. In short, they do a poor job validating payments and dump the responsibility for it on merchants.

    I will definitely consider the option of joining a class action lawsuit. In the meantime. avoid them, terrible service.

    1. Leslie Harrison says:

      If a class action lawsuit does come up please inform me so that I can get in on that too. I had my first big sale for my small company and they withheld my payout, caused me to lose the sale, over drafted my account with these outrageous fees and then left me out to dry.

  134. Deanna V says:

    I have an issue with their turnaround time on payment processing. Stripe advertises “2 business days” and in my experience it’s been 7-10 business days. Their website says the FIRST payment takes 7 business days. We’ve been processing with them for 5 months and our service time has not shortened since day one. It STILL takes 7-10 business days from when our customer submits payment, to when the funds are deposited into our business account. Why does Stripe need to hold our money for that long? I could walk from my front door across town to deposit money in the bank faster than Stripe can process a payment. In this day & age, their process is unacceptable.

  135. Sandi says:

    Hi Roy,

    I apologize in advance if this response seems ignorant. I am just trying to figure out this issue.

    I understand everything you’ve noted below, however you are not giving me specifics as to why I am high risk.
    I have received 0 chargebacks or disputes for over a month now, the full life of my account with you thus far.

    The 90 day payout date from the time the first order was placed on January 23 2018 is April 23 2018, not May 5th.
    Will each payout from then be in separate payouts to my bank account, or will it be in one lump sum? According to you, it would be in one lump sum much later than they are due. That should not be the case, they should be paid out according to when they were received in +90days. Correct?
    In 45 days to re-eval will be: March 9th.

    I absolutely will not refund my customers as I have already shipped ALL orders as I have noted in email many times. Why in the world would I allow a customer to receive an item for free? What benefit would that be to me? Why would you suggest that?

    Stripe breached your end of our contract by not releasing payment to me starting on January 30th.
    I am requesting the name of your banking partners besides Sillicon Valley Bank Partners? If what you just said in email below that they require you to hold funds for 90 days, WHY ISN’T THIS TOLD TO the Merchants when opening an account?
    Please point out to me exactly where on your terms that it says all payments will be held for 90 days before processing a payout.

    I am not a fool, Stripe does have the ability to payout without holding as a reserve. Claiming there is “no way around it” is a cop-out. Stripe is the one “investigating” businesses, not Visa/Amex/Mastercard/Sillicon Valley and so forth.

    Your explanation of allowing payments to go through BEFORE checking into a business is absurd and unheard of. Stripe knows exactly what they are doing here. Illegally withholding funds without reason.

    Since my legal team is the State of Pennsylvania Department of Securites and Banking, they will not contact Stripe via email, they will contact via phone, fax and registered snail mail.
    Even though you have no phone listed, which is very odd, the State Department will locate the number.

    I have requested many times via email as to why you are holding funds and you have offered no explanation other than your general wording of my business being high risk. Prove that to me. Its your burden to prove that to me and my burden to seek my earned monies from you, which I am doing so but slightly losing patience.

    Roy, you have to admit, this is getting ridiculous. You have my bank account information. If there is a chargeback or dispute, Stripe pulls it from my account. There is no risk on your end as I intent to keep up my end of the contract and allow you to do so if needed.

    Looking forward to your reply. These should be easy questions to answer.

    PS. The hundreds and hundreds of complaints regarding Stripe online are severely if not exactly the same issue I am having. Whether or not you are making money, this is wrong and illegal.

    From: Stripe Support
    Reply-To: Stripe Support
    Date: Monday, February 5, 2018 at 12:28 PM
    Subject: Re: Payout date

    The following addresses are subscribed to this thread:

    Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for getting back to me. Please allow me to explain the situation with your funds and your account, please bear with me as this email will be a bit longer than normal.

    Just to clarify the situation, we normally allow our users to process a certain amount of charges before we reach out for more information or make a decision in regards to their account. The way our review process works is that instead of bombarding you with requests when you sign up with Stripe or making a hasty decision, we want to give you time to get to use Stripe and it also gives us time to see how you interact with your customers and gives us a clearer impression of how your business works.

    To provide some context, Stripe is required by law to complete what’s called a KYC (Know Your Customer) review for every business that signs up with us. This involves completing in depth reviews, including what you’re selling, how you intend to sell it, your own description of your products and services, your website, and a variety of other factors. We use all of this information to determine how risky a business is.

    We’re under strict regulations from our banking partners that dictate the exact level of risk for future disputes we’re allowed to support. During the in-depth review of your account and business, we came to the realization that your likelihood for future chargebacks exceeds the rate we’re legally able to support based on those regulations. I’m afraid we can’t offer much in the way of specifics regarding our review process for the sake of security, but please rest assured that we did a thorough review of your business and tried our hardest to continue working with you.

    Stripe’s financial partners state that we’re required to hold onto all remaining funds for the industry standard chargeback window of 90 days (5th of May 2018). That hold helps protect ourselves, our banking partners, and your customers from potential fraud or disputes. We simply have no way around these regulations and have to create a reserve. Once that period is over we’ll deposit all remaining funds into your bank account automatically. You have agreed to this reserve when you signed up for Stripe as this is part of our terms of service, Section C part 8, which you can find here:

    We would greatly prefer to transfer all funds to you as quickly as possible. We simply have no way around these regulations and have to create a reserve. That said, I would encourage you to write back in after 45 days (21st of March) and if there has been no chargeback activity, we may be able to release your reserve early.

    Alternatively, if the funds are required immediately, you do have the option to refund those charges to your customers and secure payment through an alternative means. It’s good to know that when you issue a refund through Stripe, we return all fees associated with the charge. I’ve added a link here to your payments if you’d like to issue any refunds:

    Should you wish to continue with official action, you can direct your legal team to submit any official legal notices in the following link:

    I know this isn’t the response you wanted, but hopefully, I have shed some light on this matter. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there’s any way I can be of help.

    All the best,

    On Feb 5, 09:01, wrote:

    Hi Roy,

    Thank you for your response.

    I understand you do not want to do business with me going forward, but why did you accept and process payments for me for 2 weeks, and it would have been longer had I not noticed the payout issue. I am very concerned because I have read hundreds of complaints of Stripe doing the same thing to other merchants, and in the end, ruining their businesses. Is this Stripes “M.O”?

    I have contacted the BBB, knowing that there will be no outcome from that side of things, but I have no choice but to contact the PA Department of Banking and Securities as well as the Attorney General.

    There is no excuse for NOT checking into a business BEFORE accepting thousands of dollars worth of payments for them. Absolutely no excuse.

    I have read your terms and policies from start to finish. Your list for known high risk items, none of my items I’m selling fall under those categories. I sell housewares, bikes, electronics which 99% are refurbished and other small items. I’ve given all info requested and have a wonderful track record with the site I have been selling on for years.

    As soon as I noticed the “payout” issue, I have switched payment processors and they also do not deal with “High Risk” clients, I am not high risk.

    I request that you at least release ½ of my due Payout and I will gladly await the remaining ½ for the 87 remaining days. If you cannot and refuse to release money that is due to me, by law, because I have shipped the items and have not been paid for them, then I will have to go forward and send off my messages off and see what they can do for me. I would not be pressing this issue if I had not shipped all the orders.

    I put my faith and trust in you guys, shipped all items because your system stated it was ok to ship as the payments passed your inspections, and now I ended up with $0 for items that I shipped.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    On Feb 5, 03:14, Stripe Support wrote:
    Hey Sandra,

    Thanks for contacting us here at Stripe. Please bear with me while I shed some light on our decision. I’m afraid we’re unable to reverse our decision.

    To be clear, I can assure you this decision was not based solely on the 23 charges you already processed through Stripe and I completely acknowledge that you haven’t received any chargebacks at this time. However, after a thorough review of your account and business, we came to the realization that your business has a high likelihood of receiving disputes in the future.

    Our banking partners analyze certain characteristics of your business to see if they match their own processing criteria. These criteria are created based on decades of risk management data surrounding certain business types. Because Stripe has to work with credit card networks and banking partners to allow us to process payments, we have to follow the restrictions these partners/networks place on us. If we didn’t follow these regulations, we wouldn’t be able to continue providing our services. It is for this reason that our hands are truly tied.

    I’m sorry that we can’t do better for you right now, and I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. If you have any other questions regarding Stripe, please don’t hesitate to write back, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.
    All the best,

  136. D says:

    Disappointed. Worst payment processor ever. I’m just wondering why people even compare it to paypal? It’s not even close. I’ve never heard before that when buyer returns item and receives full refund Stripe will still keep 2.9% from seller’s balance. And reasons don’t matter, changed mind return or fraudulent transaction, if you issue full refund to the buyer you won’t get 2.9% back. If you are a small business considering Stripe, please do yourself a favor don’t even think about them.

  137. Josh says:

    I was just notified from a company I was planning to order S9 Bitcoin Miners from that they are no loner able to take the order through their stripe and their funds have been seized for 45 day due to Stripe. I thought this was a free economy. I should be able to do what I want with my money and not have some third party tell me what I can and can’t do. Banking institutions are scared of blockchain and the freedom it represents. Poor management and customer support from Stripe on this issue when I tried to contact them direct letting them know I indeed authorized this purchase.

    Horrible company who hates progress and freedom!

  138. Katy says:

    Stripe was ok for me for a while, and processed my payments. Then out of the blue, they sent me an e-mail saying that I violated their terms of service for pornography…. I sell digital photo file sets of my modeling, and I have never once sold anything with nudity. I do cover part of the photo so people can’t download the description photo, but seriously?! This is ridiculous. I’ll stick with PayPal from now on. Also, I tried to ask Stripe to take my bank account information off, or delete my account,and they said they couldn’t, so they are pretty much holding my private information hostage when I don’t want them to have it any longer.

  139. Janice Fenton says:

    Stripe accepted and processed a foreign credit card that had been stolen. Then they allowed the card to pull out money plus fines without notification AFTER the product had shipped.. THEN they never refunded the commission they took from the original fraudulent transaction.

  140. Rocky says:

    We ran a pre-order sale for a limited units and we decided to use Celery pre-order services which is build on STRIPE platform.

    3 days into the sale, we received a strange email from STRIPE saying they wont support our sales.

    Ok, fine. There are 100’s of other better services. We will move out!

    But, by then we had received around $18,000 orders which is scheduled to be shipped in the first week of Feb 2018.

    We went to access our pre-order funds and there was a BIG SURPRISE waiting for us.

    Apparently STRIPE uses a special magic algorithm and their underwriters have concluded we are high risk clients and they want to hold our funds in reserve for 90 days.

    If the customers don’t seek refunds, they will release the funds on 4/4/2018!

    90 days, REALLY?? We have to complete manufacturing and ship the products in early Feb and we cannot even get to our funds.

    In a nut shell, our business and the good will worth $200,000 is totally ruined.

    How do i make them understand, if the customers don’t see their products shipped in time, they will obviously seek refunds.


    I am working with my lawyers to SUE this ridiculous company called STRIPE and make them feel the same trouble they bought us.

    After seeing so many complaints on this website, i am thinking to make this a class action and bring in all the hardworking people who got screwed by STRIPE and hold them by the collars and seek damages.

    The Golden time for Banks and their Authoritarian rule is over Guys!

    They cannot rule our lives anymore!

    I tried to buy but to my surprise STRIPE has bought it themselves and pointed it to their own website! see the irony!

    Please join us so we can hold these business wreckers responsible for their action.


    1. Josh says:

      sounds similar to our situation. They are nothing but a fraudulent company that should be investigated and shut down.

      I have a feeling they are near bankruptcy which is why they have to play those games with other peoples money.

    2. Matthew says:

      Hello i am another who has had an issue Hows that lawsuit working out?

    3. Leslie says:

      I would love to be included in a class action lawsuit against these thieves. The way they move is ridiculous and they need to be shut down immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the name of this company on American Greed sooner than later.

  141. Jackie Edey says:

    Legacy timepieces are just con artists. I might have only lost a small amount of money but they don’t reply to emails you send them. Stripe had the payment that showed up on my bank statement, they seemed very helpful but could refund my money and couldn’t tell me how I could get hold of this so called legacy timepieces company. I can’t see why stripe couldn’t email them and demand a refund for me. They were good with their support but no help to me. This legacy timepieces are still advertising. I hope nobody had their Christmas completely ruined like I did. I hope their warehouse/ factory if they have one burnt to the ground, and NOT covered by insurance.

  142. Sara Elle says:

    Stripe has been such a nightmare to deal with. I’ve been trying to deposit a payment for 3 weeks now and they cannot tell me why it keeps failing. I keep opening tickets and they keep closing them as though the problem is solved. Not what I need when running a business.

  143. Ed says:

    Stripe is the worst. They just decided on their own to stop sending me my funds until I signed up with a company called LegitScripts. LegitScripts deals with online Pharma Companies of which I am not. Of Course you cannot contact Stripe via telelphone. So its an email hell. I would not recommend using them because they do not have you back. If a credit card dispute comes in, they step aside and the credit card company wins. Then Stripe will charge you a fee. There are better options.

  144. Floyd says:

    I dont understand why they need to wait 7 days after receiving my companies invoice payments.
    Secondly the seven days is not reliable so do not count on using this money for anything in the seven days because they change it and it’s not consistent even on their own site, on the dashboard it will say for example: payment expexted.January 1(8days) but then if you going to payouts it’ll say expected December 31st.(7days)
    Thirdly the rates to high… when I was first looking into this they advertised a rate lower than I’m paying now. I signed up expecting that rate and then all the sudden the fee rates over 3%.
    I will not be using this Payment Processing Company in the new year I will use PayPal, they are more reliable.
    3 out of 5 for stripe.

  145. Maurice says:

    I am a app developer and came across Stripe many years ago and was initially very impressed with its tech. However they have since become a nightmare for app developers like me who spend time and money to create apps that work with Stripe and Promote Stripe (i.e. developed for mutual benefit). I received an email one day saying my account was to be closed because it was considered high risk for charge backs. However if they had properly reviewed the account they would have realised the business model has zero risk of this occurring.They failed to make a rational decision and review the account correctly, despite me requesting it be reviewed by upper management. Further, they gave me 7 days to switch to a new provider and this left my customer base with no app after this period finished. Thanks Stripe for your irrational decision making and not understanding your customers. You have left me out of pocket, left my customers with no payment app, destroyed years of goodwill with my customers and I genuinely regret the time I have dedicated to developing apps which promoted your company.

  146. jack johnson says:

    Horrible company to deal with.

    our account has “elevated risk” even though sending all compliance documentation and being in business for years.

    without warning. account closed and funds held for 90 days


  147. Lawabbidingcit says:

    I used a service app called Placer to make extra money on the side which recommended me this company. It has literally been 2 months after emailing back and fourth to get my funds and their reply is That they only take low risk clients. Which I replied and said Ok this is the last time we are doing business. They still won’t reply and give the money owed to me. I highly recommend you avoid this company.

  148. Steve says:

    Fraudulent charge on my card from this company. No contact information other than to send them an email with my full card number (not happening) for them to look into it. I don’t know who they are or what they do for certain but this is one shady company. Anyone that has no contact information except to email a full credit card number for them to look it up is beyond a fraud concern itself.

  149. David says:

    Just like so many here, I used Stripe perfectly fine until I received a fraudulent order. I was away at the time and didn’t see it, although it was a credit card order to Indonesia made by someone also in Indonesia, but a differnt island. The email address was clearly fake/temporary, and the phone number was fake, yet it passed their ‘fraud detection’.

    After all was resoved, stripe charges you $25US for getting scammed. It might seem unbelievalbe but it’s not. So not only do you lose any profit you would have made, if you shipped the goods you’ll lose whatever you spent on that, AND stripe takes a bit of your money too just to add insult to injury.

    I’ve made them hundres of dollars in sales and this is what I get. Will never ever use them again that’s for sure. I wrote to them voicing my compaints and heard nothing back.

  150. Rick Richards says:

    Found a charge with my bank from two days ago. I am not a business nor do I have a web site. Have notified bank of situation and ordered a replacement card to prevent additional charges. At this point, MUST CONSIDER THIS AS A SCAM.

  151. WOW! Bad customer service! They sent me an email stating my account would be closed in a few days due to the sale of pseudo Pharmaceuticals. Yet, my products are made by Allergan and are regulated by the FDA. I sent them documentation from Allergan and the FDA website stating such. It took them 4 business days to reply to my email. Their email did not answer my original request to identify which products violate their policy. They only sent me another link to their policy page. Oh…. And Theo assured me that there are real humans working at this company and that it is not a bunch of robots. Daria, since she’s the one that sent the original email and never responded back, sounds suspicious. Have not communicated with Ralph yet — he works with Theo.

    I’m probably going to go old-school here since they don’t seem to like to answer the phone. I’m going to write their CEO a letter! Also, you can add one to that BBB complaint list.

  152. Justin Vandevender says:

    The worst customer support ever!!!!! Will not answer emails nor do they have a phone number.. my business was charged $2,600 dollars with no way to stop it or contact them.. it’s been 2 days now..

  153. Walter Gerula says:

    Signed up for stripe through my Invoice2go app first transaction was no big deal we both got paid on the second transaction l have now been waiting 22 weeks for my money this company sucks now they want a bunch of information about my business I don’t think is necessary to give

  154. John VanderWerff says:

    O/5 review
    This site has charged me for a service I don’t use, and won’t ever use. It was supposed to be a PAY AS YOU USE service but I’ve been charged 22/11/2017VISA-Stripe GALWAY IEFRGN AMT-131.790000#3312787(Ref.112201034387)-$179.99 for nno service
    Don’t sign up for this service as it’s as good as a scam

  155. Ingrid says:

    We choose Stripe to process our online orders based on the recommendation of our developer. We used paypal through our previous website but when we moved our platform to Square Space, we were told that paypal was not an option. Stripe was supposed to have all kinds of security features to protect us from fraud. I’m finding this seriously lacking and the fact that no one really seems to address my concerns leaves me disappointed in Stripe. There is no phone # on their website and I am not getting any acceptable response to my emails through their contact us page. I keep getting the standard “how to protect yourself from fraud” canned responses.

    As a result of a dispute we discovered 7 fraudulent transactions over the course of 1 week. We acknowledged the initial disputed transaction was fraud after speaking with the card holder. I received notification that we would be charged a $15 fee for the fraudulent transaction and when I asked customer support about it I was basically told “too bad, so sad”. After identifying the additional fraudulent orders, I refunded each, to avoid the dispute fee. I find this policy unfair and punishes the vendor for trusting Stripe’s (non-existent) fraud protection. We are a small business and cannot afford the lost revenue, product and now fees. Why doesn’t Stripe protect the vendor? The cardholder gets their money back, but we get screwed for using Stripe as our transaction processor.

  156. Jacque says:

    Stripe is holding $32,000 of my payment funds without giving me a legitimate reason. I have signed credit card authorizations from all on my clients. They will not call me or respond to my emails in a timely fashion.

    Totally Unprofessional!

    1. Jeff Anderson says:

      Why we can not united together to sue and punish this bad company. We have so many business are impacted by this scammer company. We should initial class lawsuit to against them.

  157. K MacPherson says:

    Terrible customer service. We are locked out of our account and no one is replying to our emails. No phone support makes this seem super shady! We have not received deposits and now are freaking out. Very frustrated! Where is our $$$$!

  158. Marcus says:

    Simply said, avoid Stripe and go for other options.

    We had the worst experience ever, because Stripe just informed with an e-mail that they will close our account in 5 days due to “pseudo pharmaceuticals”. We have done legitimate business with nutritional supplements for over 20 years and have never faced anything like this.

    We have sent five separate e-mails to Stripe and they never even responded what we have done wrong, but only closed our account.

    What a bad experience with this company, probably the worst we have ever experienced with any company. We have provided Stripe a one star out of five, but would have provide Stripe zero stars, if that would have been the option here.

  159. Alfred Moore says:

    Did you hear about recent Stripe policy change with processing customer refunds? Now Stripe DOES NOT return original fees associated with refunded transactions, they keep it. When I read about it on, I could not believe my eyes. Stripe has created a golden opportunity for cyber criminals to demand ransom payments from owners of online businesses for not placing multiple orders and canceling them to make owners refund and lose money to Stripe on original transactions. There is absolutely nothing that can protect business owners against such type of attack! When someone places an order and pays for it with credit or debit card and later cancels the order and asks for refund, a business owner must issue refund or risk hassle with chargeback dispute. Refund issued, but original Stripe transaction fee not returned creates money loss. One refund creates small loss (depending on original transaction amount, of course). Many refunds will create significant money loss for online business owners, and here comes the ransom request.

  160. We purchased a new business. And the web service we used had stripe as a preferred credit card company. So we decided to try and use it. WHAT a nightmare! We have been asked to verify a dozen times, there is no way to get hold of support services or accounting, Strip has continually change our deposit dates. Guest have used our cabins, checked out and have been very satisfied. And Stripe is still holding our funds in their account and won’t deposit them to our account. When you log into stripes dashboard to check the funds, deposits are always a different date. If anyone knows where to go, or how to press charges against this ghost company, I would love to know. Hardships and headaches are all the comes from using Strip services.

    1. Peter says:

      Not even open for 1 week, processed 2 payments of approx £1500 each, received additional info request, provided invoice and business model, told “thanks” carry on processing, today process a further payment and receive, “we cannot support your service as is high risk” Internet Marketing?? Running Campaigns…This firm is a joke, we all write and rant here, but will get nowhere, they purely hold your money for 90 days as they state and just when and if you get it, your f**ked and your business is ruined…We told them £5-10k a week, and they can’t even handle £3k without stealing it. It’s literally theft. Image when paypal hold your £1 for 1 day, they have approx 120,000,000 millions transactions a day, that’s serious capital to play with on the market !!! F88king scumbag company…..BOTTOM LINE, WHO IS EVERYONE ELSE SWAPPING TO THAT PAYS OUT IN 2-3 DAYS..Izettle are great but they don’t do “card no present”

  161. Mohamed Shafeeq says:

    I have noticed that my credit card has been charged twice every month USD 19.00 & USD 29.00 for the past 2 months.

  162. Amanda says:

    I’m a small business owner and integrated Stripe as my payment processor on my website to book clients. The policy of NO REFUNDS was clearly listed on the checkout page where people enter their credit card information but Stripe didn’t help me (their customer) and allowed the credit card to refund the charge PLUS charged me a chargeback fee. There should be consequences when people decide to purchase a NON-REFUNDABLE ticket and then don’t show to the event and later decide they should be able to dispute the charge but Stripe just helped promote entitlement and proved that they do not care about small businesses. I help start-up new businesses and will most definitely be letting everyone know that Stripe should NOT be used as their processor.

    Also, they have NO phone customer service – the only way to get in contact with someone about an issue is through EMAIL. This is a red flag.

  163. They do not have any kind of insurance, so if your customer uses a fraudulent way of payment they won’t ever try to help you. That will be a lost for your business. That is totally unfair if you think in the amount that we paid Stripe for every transaction. I am absolutely dissapointed.

  164. James Lawrence says:

    On the dashboard, I read that Stripe was delaying our payout again and again.
    Personal ID has long been uploaded, business is verified. I’ve been sending this in several e-mails, I’ve also sent photos, and screenshots
    What is the real reason for the delay?

    Our company main profile is the courses planning. Our company would have started a “special license” course today, and because our course was not received the payment from Stripe (but paid already by our customers), we could not start the course.

    Our clients are outraged and many ask for the course.
    I think it’s unacceptable for a business to lose customers as a result of Stripe’s delay.
    After that, I request the Stripe for the immediate our payout.

    Today, I have explained to the Ministry of Education what happened with STRIPE, and why we did not start the special course today.

    Unfortunately, this deliberate damage is suspicious.

  165. Andrew Lacky says:

    Never use them if you want to see the money you have made. They will refuse payouts because your business is not fully established or is too high risk!

  166. Paris says:

    Extremely disappointed in switching to Stripe.
    Continually holding funds for 10 days. It’s bad business and why we will go back to our previous merchant where we get our money in 2 days or less. With Stripe there is no phone number either and email support takes a while.
    As of today we have stopped using Stripe and will never recommend them as a merchant provider.

  167. Karen Larence says:

    I just realized afternoticing that my cashflow was short, that stripe has not deposited any of my funds for almost 1.5 months. I have 26,000 in accounts receivale with them and they simply decided not to deposit my funds. Now I am trying to call them, but guess what? No customer service telephone number!!! Great!

  168. Troy says:

    Horrible!!! No way they should be able to deal with people’s money and not even have phone support! Also they pick random reasons or in my case no reason at all to place bogus 90 day holds on funds without even giving proper warning! Absolutely horrible business will never use again!

    1. Totally agree. This is a crap outfit who hold people’s money… play International stock markets for at least 7 days, then release your funds, less a commission charge.
      They have the audacity to make comparisons with Pay Pal?????
      Pay Pal have a solid reputation
      I’ve never heard of them…. and guess what……. NO TELEPHONE NUMBER. Shonky, non transparent, slick and creepy.
      INVOICE2GO have to give their customers an explanation. NOW.

  169. Michelle says:

    I don’t understand why Stripe still takes a transaction fee when the primary payment itself does not go through. I know my credit card doesn’t have issues, but Stripe still happily takes a cut of the money – twice. What a shit show.

  170. Wilson says:

    Do not use stripe and it co-operate with fraud buyer and stole the money by charge back. They charge back without refund the commission and extra $15 charge back fee. That is the way they make money.

    We begin to use stripe for a few month and normal our item is small order as the start up e-commerce store. Suddenly, huge order with thousands dollar amount come to our site. To our surprise, stripe do not flag the fraud buyer and approve the transaction. That is beginning of nightmare. We find the fraud abnormal order and cancel the order immediately. However, stripe do not cancel the transaction and charge the process fee and charge back after fraud buyer open the dispute.

    We have contacted with strip hundreds of times and stripe refuse to provide help on this case. also stripe refuse to provide any information about dispute. We have no way to contact with disputed bank and do any back except stay in the lost the case.

    Suppose should flag the fraud buyer and protect merchant seller. However, they do not, and even they hope more fraud scammer and they can make money on commission of thousands of dollars. Seller stay in bad situation and have no way to get any information from stripe. Stripe hides all the channel and information, and make money by commission of fraud transaction and charge back fee.

    Stripe is the trap and e-commerce store should away from for safe.

  171. JR says:

    Stripe continues to withhold funds that were paid in June, it’s now September and reaching out to their support team is like talking to a wall. They continually give me a different reason for why I cannot get a payout when I prove their previous reasoning wrong.

  172. Jeff owens says:

    Absolute rubbish… literally, scammers. Holding more than 15k of my money, after I have ordered product, shipped them all, the payout dates still push back every single day. This has put my credit cards in massive turmoil and caused me to put a halt on my businsss… fuck stripe. These guys are ridiculous. No phone support, terrible cut a copy
    Responses. Do yourself a favor, if u want to have your money stolen, use stripe. If not find another way to process b4 going down this terrible ride.

  173. Sam Hinchcliffe says:

    There must be some way of contacting these people.Does anyone know their address. I have had to close my new business down because they stole my money with no explanation. Ive only had three clients pay and none of them had made any disputes regarding the payments. They have got nearly £4000 of my money and have had it now for 109 days. The last email they sent me months ago was they were going to keep it for 90 days INCASE anybody charged back Well they haven’t and they have ignored every email I have sent them over this past week and I am talkin aroud three emails a day !! Surely they cant get away with this ?!?!?! When I log onto my dashboard there are no disputes and no charges deemed as high risk ?? They are thieves and liars .. Why are they not being arrested and shut down ??!

    1. mandy says:

      Lets do something together about stripe the told me to close my account that had 1500 in it and open a new one as the set up on my site was wrong and needed to be amended, I did this and guess what, 1500 never arrived in my account and they are saying they never had an account under the email address, with receipts from them for payments, honestly going out of my mind as the money keeps my child alive who is very ill, how can they do this!!
      Contact me on twitter, @vfitvfitter I have had enough of these companies.

      1. Johnson says:

        If someone can initial class Lawsuit to stripe. I would like to join to punish this scammer company

  174. Bernie says:

    We have no idea who this company is but they took $44.20 from our account in June and July. I have called the number associated with the entry on our account and left a message. No replies.
    My husband tried a home email business called ‘myinbox’, which is bogus, and this must somehow be connected to that site.

    1. Diane Pulsipher says:

      I have no idea how this company got me on their list. I am being charge $6.99 a month for something I do not want and do not remember signing up for.

  175. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR CARD PROCESSING. They will not assist in anyway with potential fraud issues. They will not make contact with the bank that is disputing the charges, nor will they pass on the info to the merchant. They claim they are just a bridge between the two. THEY WILL NOT ASSIST YOU in resolving such disputes. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SPEAK TO ANYONE, AT ANY TIME……

  176. Danielle says:

    This company is horrible. We are a small web development company in Florida, and they cancelled our account claiming it was “high risk” and categorized us as a multi-level marketing. Which we are not in any way shape or form. This is just very frustrating. They have NO support except through email, and they still all seem like canned responses. Don’t waste your time and energy setting this up for them to just shut you down.

  177. James Lusk says:

    I HATE stripe. It is pretty expensive. But the worst part is their service. There is no phone support. Every time I have an issue email is the only option. And, every time I email a request, they misunderstand and send me generic FAQ answers that I already know don’t work because I have looked. Typically, it takes 5 days to resolve issues waiting for email back and forth. The whole time, I am having to deal with issues it maybe causing my customers.

    Please see below for a sample of an issue I am having now. I have my statement descriptor set, but it is displaying as something else on customer statements.

    I spoke with one of our customers today and discovered that on their statement, our orders are showing up as ‘User Panel Payment’ on their credit card statements. At some point, I remember setting up my account to display as ‘COMPANY NAME OMITTED’. I have double checked this on my account, and updated it.

    Now, I am sure that it is happening because of an issue with stripe.js, which we will be looking into. However, the reason for writing this is because I wanted to set a ‘global default’ which would override this setting, no matter what was happening with stripe.js.

    Is this possible?

    thank you!

    STRIPE’S FAQ response I addressed in my original email:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting us, I’ll be happy to help you! I understand the importance of making sure your account statement descriptor is setup and I’d love to shed some light on this.

    You can set up or modify your statement descriptor directly from your Dashboard, so it’d be easier for your customers to recognize the charges. To do so, you just have to click on “Bussiness Settings” on the left side menu and then the “Business” tab on the new page.

    On that new page, scroll down and you’ll see the area called “Public information”. In there you have a blank next to “Statement descriptor” where you’ll be able to write the name or description you’d like your customers to see on their credit card statements. Here you have a direct link to that section:

    Hope this helps, but feel free to let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!


  178. Chan says:

    Stripe scam my money, I have an new account on stripe and I have around usd$8500, I update little information to my domain and they say the account change and I can’t get back money, but my account bank name user name is totally same, I have finish order and no any charge back or any dispute, they reject to give me money and didn’t reply my email too, it is a cheating company, no trust them

  179. Eric says:

    I’m sorry, but when someone goes out of there was to email you and try to pretend like they want to pay you money for services and then at the end, when you provide your payment method and they counter with ohno, please go and sign up for stripe??????? When people know the company and security is so terrible, people are getting lured into using it so they can be hacked….you know you are a sh****y company.

  180. Marcus says:

    Upon having zero issues with stripe, no disputes and had verified my account .my payments suddenly stopped being paid out and stripe then closed my account. No word of warning. No issues nothing. Just closed the door on us. I am extremly concerned atvhow they behave in this manner. Refusing to pay out ourcfunds and all goods have been delivered as we only take payment on deliver. No matter what i do stripe copy and paste a generic response and wont pay us out. What can i do as stripe have no contact phone number. Is this company a scam as will go to the police if needs be. We need our funds as we had already paid for stock and delivered all our orders.
    Stripe i am disgusted at your conduct and lack of communication.

  181. John Blanchard says:

    Stripe is AWFUL.
    They continually lied about the date the funds would be transferred.
    Then they asked for information that the didn’t ask for when opening the account, (only to hold the money so they can make more interest I’m guessing). If you want to lose business and look like a fool in front of your customers, use STRIPE!

  182. babloki says:

    Stripe Fucked me with 4times in 4states of EU
    they close account high risk and suggest another web which is for US only
    New Merchant do not use it at any cost
    they will rip you
    they are biggest scammers on internet no worrie one day all will be locked up

    Lost around 15K with tham
    but i swear i will hack you 30K double or nothing

    1. Mervette says:

      Hi there.

      Can i ask you what merchant provider you are working with for international charging. I would appreciate if you can suggest or refer me to a provider that supports international card charging?

      My email address is [email protected]


  183. Shaun J says:

    I Have Absolutely Had it with Stripe, and it appears I am not alone. I Have followed all of their guidelines, I have provided all of their proof on charge backs, and still they take the money and decide in the card holders favor. I can’t contact the card holders bank directly, no phone number for Stripe, no way to actually speak to anyone except email. I am already out $1,000’s of dollars in the last few months.
    I literally had someone file an inquiry charge. So I contacted them, and responded with all of the proof, including the communications between myself and the buyer. All of a sudden 1 month later, they decided to say that it was upgraded to Fraud, and took back $129.99 + a $15 fee. How could you even do that when the evidence was clear as day.
    I am starting to think I just need to use paypal, because this is starting to smell like a scam.

    1. Shaun J says:

      Update: I just talked to the customer that supposedly filed the charge back. They claim they never did. So that leads me to believe that STRIPE is stealing the money.

  184. I agree with most of the negative reviews here.
    I am an owner of a skin care line name ONSEN. You can find my products on

    Stipe have been holding our funds for the last 50 days, claiming that we use 2 ingredients in selected products the they do not approve to be used.
    After taking the time and effort to prove the our products are within the standards of the EU and UK FDA, they then told us the its actually their partners that sponsor the company that do not like the ingredients and they have to comply with that, even though its not according to the government rulings.

    Does that sound normal?
    We have been selling our products for the last 12 years with not even one single complain. We comply and produce our products only to codes and regulations, but they have determined to take the law to their hands. Oh Yeh and to hold our money for that.

    The only solution i was given was to restrict the sale of these selected products they “don’t like” from the UK.

    So now my account is finally under “a standard review” process which no one can tell us how long that will happen.

    Guys, we are a company that have been in business for the last 12 years, doing e-commerce internationally for more then 10…what is going on. ?

    On top of that they claim that they have notified me about this hold on May 8th. When we ask for a proof to show us the email stamp for that notifications they refused to present one and just mentioned that the email was sent to address 1 and 2 , while in fact there is no record for that in our system.

    I am going to activate our legal team to find out what can be done against such bullies, if not legally definitely we need to let people know about it before they sign up.


  185. Steven says:

    Stripe is in my opinion a fraudulent payment processor. They arbitrarily blogged my Store on Shopify (located in Canada) without giving me a good reason. I obeyed the rules, etc. But I think, they just didn’t like my shop. Shopify does not protect his customers (merchants) and they can shut down your business in one second. I read all the other negative reviews and can only agree. I regret having opened a shop at Shopify. Nobody told me upfront. They took my money. I will look for another platform (E-commerce) with a better attitude and pleasant reviews.

  186. Devin says:

    They are using their employees as scapegoats and fraudulently holding payments and closing accounts using their “bank” as an excuse. These people are so full of S*** it’s not even funny.
    They should be hung or burned at thew stake like the old days for stealing or “holding” probably millions, maybe even billions of dollars from people just trying to make a living selling online and THEIR CUSTOMERS

    They also offer no support and don’t even have a phone number to call

    Don’t believe a word they say on their website because it’s all BS
    They will not pay out in 2 days and then they will not even pay out at all!!!
    They have every excuse in the book to STEAL YOUR MONEY and even worse, you will send your customers their orders and be stuck with even LESS than they are holding!!!
    STAY AWAY!!!

    1. Michelle says:

      I am curious if there are any updates to your review/actions by I am going through the same thing right now with one customer claiming – through stripe – that the person is claiming fraud – I didn’t authorize the transaction. The kicker is this is 3 months ago after all the product (subscription boxes) have been sent. They all have been received and am currently in dispute status submitted my shipping tracking numbers, receipts, shipping info which matches their account, history of log ins and email communication too. Regardless money has been deducted from my account – so not only am I out of $450 of product but another $450 in “cash” for a total of $900. No warning, email, etc. saying anything about they are doing this or the case is closed ruling in the favor of the client, etc. Nothing. What’s the point in making a dispute claim and submitting lengthy proof showing your are in the right when they don’t care and “side with the customer” which I am pretty sure they are scamming and just keeping the money. I am seriously thinking of doing a case against these people as many of my subscription box owner friends say this is happening more in the past few money from them – same scenario. Would like more info if you wish. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

  187. Paul says:

    Just another of the many negative and upsetting comments about stripe wish I would never have signed up with stripe holding my customers money not paying me may cause me the entire job horrible horrible horrible service and no customer service with no phone number to talk to a human being what a joke!!!!!

  188. We opened an online ecommerce account through Wix and subscribed to Stripe as their trusted credit card processing partner. To my utter shock we are a victim of fraud and Stripe are supporting fraud with their shockingly flawed system. They process and collect payments made by customers therefore they decide if the payment is fraudulent. They then hold the funds for 7 days an obvious cosy deal with the banks, they then deposit the money into your account some 10 days later. You innocently send out the goods, only to discover a few days latter that the product was purchased through a stolen credit card and Stripe just take the money from your account and say ” hard luck poor businessman it’s your fault” how can it be our fault if you solely are responsible for the entire payment processing procedure. Support could not careless. Stripe are in bed with fraudsters and are thieves do not go anywhere near them and I want my money back. I have reported this to the authorities and will not let this go as we are innocent

  189. Curt Neuharth says:

    The Los Angeles Business news posted an article about stripe and everything that was in it-seems to be complaints that are being voiced here. But the below I copied from the article:
    Security is a huge concern for any business that accepts credit cards, especially online. One thing we particularly liked about Stripe is that it handles security so you don’t have to.
    First, Stripe processes transactions on its own network. This means no sensitive data actually touches your servers, so hackers won’t have access to your business’s or customers’ credit card information if you’re ever the victim of a cyberattack, Stripes rep told us.
    Stripe has automatically implemented several layers of protection specifically designed for Web-based financial transactions. For instance, Stripe’s client libraries and mobile API meet such industry standards as PCI-DSS requirements, so you’re always compliant. Stripe is also certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of security certification for the payment card industry. Two-factor authentication is also available to further protect and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

    –Not only did they not protect me and my information but they are not protection the people who are using credit cards through them. They said someone went into my account and changed all the information and they said it is my fault and will not pay me out for orders after that and they will not cancel my account so they are continually taking my money from orders.

  190. Curt Neuharth says:

    I have stripe for about 1 year and only had 5-6 transactions and they said that there was a fraudulent charge and they paid someone out $20000.00. They said that someone went to their website and changed all my information and even changed my bank account! They are now holding the money from the few orders from May and are applying it to the fraudulent charge they they paid out. I received no notice of the changes, I received not notice of the order. If they don’t have a better system than that they should be prosecuted by the law!! They are taking information from my customers and allow their system to get hacked? Has any one filed charged with the attorney general or police? I am filing changes and I am showing them all your comments. So I hope you do the same with your state attorney and police. It is illegal what they are doing.

    1. nikki says:

      I am having the same problem. Infact, I never heard a word from the customer that they even had an issues but then Stripe claimed that my customers were demanding their money back for items they received stating that they did not approve of the purchases. I prove these claims to be a lie but they seal refunded the people stating that their decision was finale. That the issues was between my customer, their bank and myself.

  191. LaToya says:

    This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. They are holding my funds for 90 days for no reason but they have taken their fees out immediately.

  192. Steven O Connor says:

    Set up with these guys. They don’t supply a payment app themselves which is very unusual. The reason they do this is so they can recommend a ” 3rd party app” to download. When you take a payment it will show up ” payment successful” . Only 3 mnths later after by chance I checked up my account & not all of the supposed “successful transactions” where successful. I have lost 100s of euro not to mention paying stripe 100s of euros in fees . After contacting them I was basically told tuff, not our problem. Contact the app. It’s nothing to do with us. I was told I should log onto my stripe account and double check every payment to make sure went through. So basically if u run a coffee shop and u sell a coffee & u take a payment and the machine says payment accepted they expect you to log on to your stripe account and check to make sure money actually went in. This is absolutely ridiculous, you can’t run a business like this . Anyone who uses stripe log onto your account. There could be a lot of failed transactions you do not know about. While it’s a handy app I recommend to Get a card terminal there way cheaper, reliable and insured. They don’t tell you transaction successfull when it’s not while unknown to the business owner customers are walking out of your shop without paying. Iv reported to the financial regulator. Hopefully they won’t get away with this. Pm me if want to know more and I show you evidence. Avoid this company

  193. sam mckenna says:

    This is just a big fraud site. They took over a 1000 from me and put holds for no reason what so ever and there zero fraud allegations against me and they just held my money took off the chat support and will not answer any emails i have sent. They will rob you blind and not answer your emails and just keep your money. This is the biggest scam site on the net. I am seeking legal advice about suing them and hopefully a they will get closed down and put in a jail. I cannot believe how they get away with this and rob their customers blind and have zero accountability. We need to start suing stripe and dragging them into as many differant courts as we can and do not let them escape the harsh justice they deserve. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT USING THEM DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT THEY WILL ROB YOU AND RUIN YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT HESITATION OR CAUSE.

    1. Rhonda says:

      I agree, I have sent then signed contract of every order processes and they are still cancelling my account and say they are going to refund my customers..but have yet to do so. We all need to get together and do a class action suit and call the FBI.

  194. E. Beck says:

    I wish I had read reviews prior to using Stripe and now I have lost money because they basically stole funds from me. I added it through Squarespace.come so I thought Stripe was a trusted resource. WRONG. They refuse to transfer money into my account after a payment transaction was made from a purchaser. They kept telling me it was the banks fault. Well I sat down with a few managers from my bank, went over their information and showed them the inner workings of Stripe, and there shouldn’t have been any reason why the transfers didn’t work. Stripe keeps charging me fees, and their customer services is a joke. They have no phone and only an unresponsive email. I tried refunding the money back to my clients, but then they charge me another fee and the refunds still gets kicked back into the Stripe system. Absolutely fraudulent, and they hold money that does not belong to them while making excuses. This is a highly unethical behavior and dangerous for small business.

  195. Jay says:

    One of the worse payment gateway specially build to support scammer. Stripe never close any charge dispute in sellers favour doesn’t matter how strong proof you provide to them.

    Stripe don’t have monthly fees but this how stripe cheat to clients.

  196. jay cotton says:

    stripe hold my 2400 GBP payment it says reported fraudulent. i told them to send me official letter for this report. i submited proof of delivery and ip log still they not release my payments. because now customer take services and doing claim for chargeback. all customer are doing such activity so we are not in fault

  197. We started using stripe a few months ago, and i am really disappointed with it. We have to wait a full 7 days from a payment, to process a payout, and then that payout can take 2/3 days. So all in all, we have to wait about 10 days for our funds. Paypal is instant!
    I know that Stripe is cheaper, but 10 days?

  198. Basically seems like a scum.
    We are “Golden Lion” Bed and Breakfast in Bouillon, Belgium, with hundreds of positive reviews at and expedia.
    We added Stripe after completing our website with WIX and connecting to “WIX hotels”.
    After proceeding one minor amount to our account, Stripe blocked the 200 Euro which w received from the customer online at own account, with an absurd notion that they need to “investigate our business”. After complaint I received knee jerk reaction that they cant provide any time-frame when the funds will be released

    I have found that this is similar to the problem which many other clients have with their Payment Gateway.

    It is logical that financial institution is running a check on its clients, however it would be also logical to run this check BEFORE setting the account, and not after receiving money.
    Investigating the client after his funds have came in, without either refunding the person who has sent the money or sending funds to us, sounds like a plain fraud.

    No respect for other peoples money is shocking from financial company.

    Nicholas, Golden lion, Bouillon

  199. W H Noles says:

    I have utilised ‘STRIPE’ due to the collection of credit card payments via ‘WAVE’ and it has been a debacle!!!

    For months now I have not been able to receive the thousands of dollars in credit card payment into my bank account! For the multiple emails sent between ‘STRIPE’, ‘WAVE’ and my bank the issue still has not been resolved!

    With no phone contact and the ability to talk to someone has been a bane; though for this company to hold onto my funds, earn interest and not make the payment has been exceedingly underhanded and purely unprofessional.

    There is no way in the world that I would recommend this organization to handle anyone’s finances!

    Look else where and be careful!!!

  200. Bob says:

    Stay clear of stripe, they will hold your funds without reason they don’t answer their email, there’s no phone number to contact either. I think they are stealing peoples money, all my sales were legit there won’t ever be a chargeback

  201. Kent says:

    I keep getting an email notice that a large dollar amount is going to be charged to my Stripe account and yet I have no account. This has happened numerous times, total fraud/scam.

  202. Sharon McLaughlin says:

    This company sucks. No phone # to call for help.
    I got a notice that someone is trying to use my acct. – fraud. I can’t even call them to get help.
    Bad bad company.

  203. Maria Munoz says:

    Maria Munoz

    This company has taken my business as a joke i have an e mail saying that they can no longer do business with us giving me 5 days to run charges while we migrate into another merchant, now they withholding the money i charge these 2 weeks and keep changing the date i doubt they need the money but i sure do as a small startup business they are ramming my business into the ground by not releasing our money and playing with the date please direct me to someone that can help me get my money or the little they are going to give me back while they steal the rest… !!! ALERT DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM THEM THEY APPROVED YOUR COMPANY TO HOLD ON TO YOUR MONEY FOR NO APPARENT REASON WARNING!!!

  204. Sam Thomas says:

    STRIPE is an overhyped company with no customer service. We had a legitimate customer charge that is processed on STRIPE and waiting transfer since Dec 20th, 2016. More than 5 months. STRIPE is neither allowing REFUND nor transfer money while siting on $2500 charged on the account. Hope there is a legal process to file a CLASS ACTION SUIT against STRIPE and make them responsible for this illegal act. They have no phone number and do not give any valid reason and just sitting on the money. Hope everyone acts quickly move out of STRIPE or choose an alternate payment gateway.

    1. I bad to pay payroll from my personal account because they put my account on reserve I have no complaints or chargebacks!!! stay the fuck away yall!!!

  205. BigJL71 says:

    I’ll stick with PayPal! I used stripe (unknowingly) because an online retailer used them. They took money from my card promptly but the retailer refunded over half my money due to missing items and I’m getting more than a little upset at the speed they are refunding my card(they haven’t yet, and it’s pissing me off more every minute!!! I won’t ever use them again and any retailer that does will not get business from me. Stripe Sucks!!!

  206. Daniel Mollohan says:

    Same problem. Their phone varification does not send a code. Google sends me a code on my phone twice a day with no problem, but Stripe says I am doing something wrong. They can’t tell me what I am doing wrong , of course, but they wont release my money. It’s been 11 days and I need that money. Their email responses take forever, and they don’t have a phone number? I told them that if they want to verify my phone number they could call me , and their reply, “I wish it was that easy.” Well, it is that easy. Don’t do business with this company!!!

  207. Jennifer says:

    They are the absolute worst. I was told that they were they new “Paypal” that is complete crap!! If there is a dispute and you have proof that the item has been delivered Paypal is there for you. Stripe allowed the bank pull money from my account after the customer was told by both me and USPS that their package was delivered and received by a person. Now I am out over $100 due to the inadequacy of Stripe protecting their sellers. I am trying to migrate asap towards Paypal. I hate stripe and I will be putting my words in dollars when I pull out of their ridiculous platform. Bottom line: Deal with Paypal– Stripe will allow shenanigans and fraud to run rampant and the seller is the one left with pulled funds.

    1. MG says:

      Fraud incident: I submitted the order, the shipping info and the receipt of delivery……this is a complete racket and i hold stripe as the responsible party for this catastrophe as thats who i deal with…..i am out of a $400 purchase plus fees and we are just a small shop….completely devastating. Stripe labels their email as ‘we have some bad news’…..its devastating news……i will broadcast my opinion about this event…..i did my part and stripe failed…..and just points the finger at the criminal who initiated this purchase and their bank…. a catastrophic event has just occurred and even with detailed support it failed……i feel that stripe is involved with this fleecing. Total shock.

  208. Susan says:

    TERRIBLE…not even a phone number. I suspect this is a scam/fake company!!

  209. Mervette says:

    I had a business account with stripe and they suddenly closed my account without any reason. They held my $2000 amount and it has been over 3 months,i have been trying to contact them. They don’t have phone # and they have removed live chat as well. They only option is to email them and every time i email them, i get this reply:

    “Thanks for contacting Stripe!

    This is just a quick note to let you know we’ve received your message, and will
    respond as soon as we can.


    They are least bothered about replying to their customer especially when they close your account without any reason and keep your money.

    If you are a legit company, contact me at my email address [email protected] (my stripe account id) and tell me when then hell will you release my money back to me.


    1. Diamond says:

      did you receive your funds?

  210. I have to admit that as bad as paypal is, stripe is even worse. At least after digging around for 30 minutes paypal would give a phone number as allow to place a call to discuss a problem. No such luck with stripe. My problems were several back to back claims of unauthorized transactions after orders were shipped. It looks to me that stripe fraud prevention filters don’t work.
    I am switching now to regular credit card processing company. I can’t deal with this incompetence and greed, which is the only way to describe stripe.

  211. I had a large payment posted to my e-commerce Stripe account go missing and trying to resolve this issue has been nothing short of a nightmare. Limited response with no sense urgency, lack of clarity and horrible response time.

  212. Mary says:

    Stripe is probably one of the worst companies out there. They take 24hr or sometimes never respond back to emailes regarding issues from unsuccessful payments made by customers, I have lost about 6-10 customers since January because of failed payments. They are currently holding $2500 of my money because someone else used a fake card. I did all the work for the “customer” and I provided all the evidence to stripe but they yet are taking their sweet time. I was advised the investigation time is 2-3 months?! It’s absolutly ridiculous. I would give them a better review if the past 3 months haven’t been this horrible. I would also be writing a review if this public complaint would get an response because clearly my emails aren’t.

  213. meghan says:

    HORRIBLE COMPANY! Business BEWARE! Almost every transaction was fraudulent and Stripe lost me over $1500!! They have ZERO Fraud Protection and there is no phone number for this company! I hope they get sued with a class action suit very soon!

  214. Jay says:

    Beware and do not use stripe. This company took money out if my bank account to wake up to see my balance was over $500.00 in the negative. For a small business owner like myself is devastating and didn’t even get a chance too contest the disputed charge they just automatically gave my customers money back and now they sat it could take up too 60 days too reverse it and get my money back? No customer service or phone number for customer support they are slow replying back too your email. Had too drip these idiot’s and move on from using there services since any body can dispute a charge and the company that is supposed to be working for me sides up with the consumer and I have to fight to get my money back. I understand disputed charges but think that it’s wrong for the small business man having his money taken from him like Stripe did to me and have to jump through all the hoops too get it back. In my case my customer was happy and kind of did the dispute by mistake but that should have been investigated before Stripe turned my bank account upside down. Now I can’t deposit any money or take credit card transactions or order supplies and materials that I need for my business. Stripe has the most screwed up policies so I definitely do not recommend this company to manage your hard earned work money as I give them a half Star 1star would be to high of a rating. They have screwed me.

  215. Tony says:

    Small Businesses beware !

    When there is a fraudulent charge against you, Stripe will do everything in their power not to PROTECT you and let you keep the hard earned money you make from a sale. Instead, they will take your money to repay the person who was a victim of fraud. Stripe does a very poor job at protecting their own clients from purchases made form fake credit cards. I had to learn the hard way. I lost my hard earned money from fraudulent cards which Stripe refuses to take responsibility for. I changed to PayPal Payments Pro right away (and oh yes, the have been protecting me in the exact same scenarios Stripe has not) !

    This is the first review I’ve ever written, but I felt I needed to because of the way I was treated by Stripe customer support.

    1. Tia says:

      Do you know why they are keeping me on a 7 day money hold they keep saying 7 day rolling their policy say after 7 days transaction will post in 2 days they will not release any of my payments until 7 days I think that’s fucking restarted I can even call them just a stupid live chat or email

      1. Estela Ramos says:

        Let me know if the refounded your money same here I just started with them and they have me on the seven day hold but now we on the 3rd change of date and it’s going over 10 days help what can I do to get my money back?

        1. Estela Ramos says:

          Bad company no communication whatsoever and holding my money with no excuse just playing with the transfer date I don’t recommend stay away…

        2. Susan says:

          BEWARE..they outright steal small business owners’s a scam of the worst proportion!!! These guys should be put in jail!

      2. DC TG says:

        Did any of you guys receive your Money back? My account payout just keeps rolling and doesnt seems like they will payout

    2. Jennifer says:

      Agree 100% I am trying to migrate to Paypal. The person even posted the items I sent to them and was sporting it on their facebook page. Meanwhile they said that they did not receive their item when I have USPS proof that they did. Stripe did nothing!! I hate Stripe!!

  216. Sam says:

    Add me to the list of small business owners that took the risk of using Stripe even after reading all of the terrible reviews.

    I’ve been using them for 3 months now and nothing but headaches. False charges, charge-backs, holding funds, no customer support…

    It is really amazing that this company is able to function this way and continues to get investors.


    Yes, you are tempted to use them, the same way I was. They “seem legit” and integration is easy. But they will kill your business.

    Unless you are a giant company like Uber and have the ability to fight with them – do NOT use STRIPE!

    You have been warned!

    1. georgia says:

      I have had problems with stripe from the very beginning, they have literally destroyed my business that took me 3 years to build. They have me in a very difficult situation now as no funds can be processed to me, all I got was a BS email saying the account was being closed, every single customer transaction which is not transferred is being reversed back to that customer, and the customer have their goods. I have had sleepless nights and had panic attacks over this as I now have no income to pay bills for my business. They do not care about any customer they care about the interest they get from holding payments and the fees they charge you. They do not reply. I should have new from day one when I noticed there was no contact number to call, that got alarm bells ringing.

      I am honestly at my wits end as to what I do next, I have no idea who to contact and have no form of contact with them as each reply is automated and response timeframe is 5-7 days ( that’s If I am lucky to get a response )

      I do not know how on earth this company has stayed open, I have been on near enough 42 forums so far with comments from people who were/are with them and have the same trouble, how are they still afloat, how are they allowed to do this? how are they allowed to ruin peoples businesses?

      Any help right now would be great as I am at an absolute loss, I honestly feel like calling a day on my business I have worked day and night on through blood sweat and tears.

    2. georgia says:

      Sam they have killed my business quite literally. they will not transfer any of my funds nor nothing.

  217. Linda Lassahn says:

    I purchased Trump coins in January in total amount $140. I Have yet to receive them and can’t get hold of anyone to help. I have already been charged. I want my coins. Can you help.

  218. Martina Light says:

    Don’t use stripe! I will never use stripe again. I used stripe over month ago to charge a credit card. I made a partial refund and I’m still waiting for my money!!! I made this charge over month ago and I still don’t have my money in my account. It says scheduling transfer…
    There is no phone number to call.
    I started using square instead and I have my money in my account in 2 days.

  219. William Clink says:

    I purchased Trump Coins in December I still have not received the coins and I called Stripes and they said there was nothing they can do, I am not alone if you go to Facebook and look at the site Trump Coins you will see hundreds on there with same complaint. Stripes has to be involved! They told me they have no record but I have the bank receipts that have there name on it.

  220. dave barnch says:

    the worst bunch of thieves on the planet. Everyone told me not to use them. i didnt listen. they keep your money for weeks, make up stories and have THE WORST customer service. run for your life.

  221. Jim says:

    My Stripe account all of a sudden is not allowing me to transfer the funds out of my stripe account. They have money that is charges from the week, cleared, well into the 5 figures. All I get is “cannot create transfer, send us an email” to which I did an hour ago with no response yet. They say, we’ll respond within 24 hours, or maybe even faster. This is going to be a domino effect of pains in my ass without that money, and I hadn’t noticed it until 4pm on a Friday. It may be worth while to pay additional fees to a bank to avoid this crap. I have yet to figure out what’s going on, but I’ll be really mad if I have to contact all of my customers to charge back their transactions and re-run them with a different service.

  222. Hannah says:

    I had one sale that was normal and successful. They emailed me saying my business was high risk and I have too many disputes and refunded transactions. Which was a lie, I only had one successful sale. They said I had 5 days before they stop accepting payments. They changed their policy that they will hold reserves for 90 days. Then 3 days later they changed my reserve from $0 to the full amount that was supposed to transfer the next day, $12.31. That’s just really really really bad business practice: To change a policy after the fact. This company is awful and it makes me sick cause the owners are billionaires!

  223. Carl says:

    I subcribe to stripe after anlo 4 days they told me i cant use their system cause a buyer have made a unautorize credit card payment . I cant because someone else ( a buyer ) use a autorize credit card .I v been punish because of some buyer made a fake credit card .What a bunch of company scrap this is im the seller and I cant use their payment system because of a stupid buyer .this is stupid its not my fault and im not responsable for the actions of someone else. This company is stupid . what a joke. Dont use their lame system cause youll see if someone make a unautorize payment you ll be ban like i was. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED . I suggest using Paypal .

  224. johnny says:

    STRIPE JUST Keeps changing the Transfer date Every day. from 1/30/17 to 2/1/17 to 2/2/17 has this happened to anyone else an have they got there money they won’t answer my emails i have customers waiting on produt it been 10 days now

    1. Marcus Rogers says:

      My company is dealing with this very thing now. It is killing my business. They’re holding over $15,000 for two weeks!

      1. nesrin says:

        Hi, did you ever get your money back???

      2. Sunny says:


        I have my money in the stripe wallet. It’s been an year now, is there a way I can get it back

    2. Chris says:

      They are pushing my transfer dates everyday! Has anyone ever got paid from this website ever???

      1. georgia says:

        This has happened to me I am at my wits end my business is about to go bust because they cannot transfer any of the money to keep it going. They then told me all transactions will be refunded back to customer so now I have to get every item off the customer back as they will have their money back. I honestly cannot believe this company is still going i just cant believe what i have been reading all over

  225. CEO says:

    Nell from Stripe got in touch to say Stripe could not support our business (we sell advertising space!) and is unresponsive when I requested a refund. I believe they’re holding up funds to shore up their woeful operation aka Ponzi scheme!

    Word of advice for Stripe:

    If you are unintentionally delaying the refund, then you need to re-evaluate how you run your customer relations departments otherwise you will find nobody will trust you with their business and money.

  226. Patrick says:

    They are scammer, they sell their service as payment gateway and even after using their shopping card plugins to do check for validity of purchaser any reported fraudulent transaction, they forced you to pay for them out from your own account. They the one checking it and approving it as valid previously. Avoid them at all cost. They will cause you nothing but grief and in the end lost of money and time.

  227. My experience with stripe

    the beginning.

    launched a company
    Went international
    Built an open payment gateway that had fraud protection
    the build

    we used both PayPal and stripe
    ​​​​​no charge back from PayPal. Fraud protect system works and was sufficient in acquired information to pass any inspection of transaction via ip. listed all transactions as fraudulent based on EIN numbers. We were 100 % legit. They took over 3000 in prior sales, 1200 of which came directly out of someone’s social security funds. Then they complained to the authorities about harassment after stealing this former us marines money because it threw him into a ptsd episode.
    They tried to return 515 dollars of that man’s money, which was returned to back to which immediately was immediately followed by his detaiNing
    That man spent 2 months in jail over harassment of his social security funds being garnished illegally as was made aware of the situation.
    There is now a nocontact order between that man and / ceo jon zeiger.

    they still have not returned his cash, nor followed up with proper research on the business transactions which were shown as legit.

    they even labeled donations from menial fundraisers from local friends as fraudulent.

    B È W A R E

    If you use this company, be prepared for being robbed, and them using the fbi, and local Authorities to cover up their own illegal activities.

    their game is simply to create a system that taxes the merchant literally out of business, by way of financing and product.

    we know this. Personally. Due to this experience our lives will never be the same. Thanks.

    we will be seeking damages.

    1. georgia says:

      Sylvia do you have an email i can contact you on ? this is happening with me now and i am at a loss as to what i do

      1. Sylvia Catzen says:

        we found that the best option was to report to the BBB and to file with an attorney over damages and to cease all communication with we are still open to negotiating our terms with stripe over the funds that they wrongfully took through their predatory Bank practices. I hope this helps and finds you well

  228. KICK COBAIN says:

    STRIPE JUST Keeps changing the Transfer date @ 12am eastern time Every day. from 1/6/17 to 1/9/17 to 1/10/17 to 1/11/17 & I checked it 1 hour ago & guess what it says now… 1/12/2017. I spoke via Email to Whitney & Brendan they both said it would transfer 1/11/2017. THEY BOTH LIED!
    I am facebook messaging both of the CEOs Patrick & John Collison. I Sent DMs via Twitter, I mentioned them in tweets, I sent Emails via HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS?! NEW BUSINESS is what keeps there ponzi scheme afloat I’m reporting them to my local news channel ABC 11 for investigation!

    1. johnny says:

      Have you ever received your money

    2. Chrisdoeboi says:

      They same thing is happening to me did you ever get your money

  229. Dana Dunford says:

    Their support team is very unprofessional and does not respond to urgent issues in a timely manner. We had our customer’s payments held up for 9 days (yes, 9 days), and Stripe kept saying “we’ll send you an email to let you know what is going on.” I never received an email. They also do not provide phone support, and we literally had no way to have our matter addressed in a timely manner. Next time, I’d look into Braintree as another option.

  230. Roger says:

    Still waiting on a pending direct deposit payment. It has been a week since payment has been held by Stripe. It appears to me Stripe is floating (holding) cash deposits as an intentional delay tactic for additional interest revenue. This is only company I know that floats EFT between banks for 5-7 days.

  231. Daniel Larranaga says:

    the worse company ever its the biggest scam ever i dont know how they could still be in business they do whatever they want with your money take from your account with no explanation freeze your money for months on end and not even tell you why

  232. Luciano says:

    Stay Way they are just like PayPal or Worst. You better stick to Australian Banks or a Australian Gateway Payment company based in Australia Stripe is a US company who has offices in Sydney they do have a ABN number in Australia and you can however file a case on the Financial Ombudsman Services against them just like you do against PayPal if they freeze your funds illegally. 4 Stars ???????? lol Can’t really trust on a company who has absolutely no customer service at all not even a phone number. I can’t believe how stupid I was when I decide to use this company on my website.They will freeze your funds just like PayPal for no concrete reason illegally and in a predatory way. Our company was just 3 months old and we were doing good sales as Parallel importers out no where and against their terms we were forced to provided authorization for selling the goods we are selling. Now I ask when do Stripe has any authority to ask us to do that ? There’s nothing in their terms and I did check that because moving from PayPal this was my main issue. Perhaps they don’t know the Australian Government policy was developed to allow parallel importation, so brands could not get away with huge price discrepancies between markets, and therefore consumers could enjoy prices comparable with overseas markets.Is completely unacceptable when they are not the trademark owner and when we have a clear disclaimer in place saying we are no authorize and we follow the ACCC guidelines of Parallel importation providing all warranty and support ourselves. We are in the process of closing our account and I am alerting anyone who uses this company to move way as quickly as possible.

    1. SHAKTI says:

      Oh i am so glad to read this Luciano in that I have lost funds to the ether in a two transactions between WAVE and STRIPE this week and neither party will help me fix it – it goes round and round in circles. I am literally at my desk on a thursday after wasting all week trying to get this matter resolved and in tears – I can’t afford to not receive this invoice payment and I am so upset that I have signed up for this service on my new website also. Stay away from WAVE also – no customer support of any value basically they are all completely incompetent. reading these reviews I can’t believe that no one else has warned me of this disgusting behaviour of this payment gateway frauds before. I have never had a problem with PayPal but as this is a NGO we have to use Stripe or a local Australian banks gateway which has more fees, but will be more secure so I am going to suck it up and shift to Westpacs merchant system. I pray filing the complaint and disputing the payments at payer end will resolve this.

      Thanks to everyone that has posted here and I am so saddened to read the earlier review about the ex serviceman it is deplorable. how can humans be so unkind to each other.

  233. Sheila says:

    Terrible company! They have been holding my money for 3 months now. Now they are telling me that another customer had a dispute. I don’t believe them at all. I know that no one is going to wait 3 months after they purchased something and then dispute a charge. People get statements monthly. If someone had had a problem, they would have done something before now. Besides, I know that NO ONE disputed anything. Why can’t all of us take out a class action suit against Stripe? Why are they getting away with doing all of these things against so many of us! They are withholding OUR money.

    1. StripeSucks says:

      We can tell you for a fact STRIPE SUCKS! They are the biggest con artists around! Do not trust Stripe under any circumstances. First regardless of what type of account you open (type of business) they will immediately tell you that you have to wait 7 days to get your money. Every single transaction you get you have to go into your Stripe account to make sure the billing credit card address is validated. Stripe Promotes Fraud! When you question Stripe to why they don’t validate credit card addresses you get every single excuse imaginable! The biggest fraud commited by buyers is non receipt of merchandise in which the merchant has to prove that they shipped it to the credit card address. Stripe purposely doesnt implement this because they want to charge you $15 for the chargeback fee and catch you sleeping if you dont check the account to make sure the address is a valid credit card address. IMPORTANTLY : Stripe will make any excuse possible for closing your account making another excuse saying your to high risk. Do not plan on opening a Stripe account if you plan on selling electronics, computer items or anything that is considered high risk goods, they will shut you down immediately. They will send out a BS email saying 10 seconds after a customer completed a transaction from you, that every single customer called them saying they didnt authorize the transaction. That is 100% BS lie, the buyer doesnt know you process through stripe nor would they immediately call Stripe to make that complain. They want to put the blame on someone else for closing your account. Every time you try to contact them, you get a worthless excuse every single time. Do not trust them, trust us!

    2. StripeSucks says:

      And we also have to state for sellers who had their stripe account locked, Stripe will deliberately remove the refund button on any purchases they place on hold. They do this so that you the merchant would incure a chargeback for non receipt of merchandise. They will say the money is going to be desposited into your account in 7 days, then when 2 days are left, they will immediately change it back to 7 every single time. Remember if any merchant company doesnt place the money into your physical possession you have no legal obligation to ship anything out. If there is a chargeback its clear the merchant processing company did not deposit the funds into your account and is illegally holding funds. Regardless of what a merchant processing company says, if your not legally paid for something you have no legal obligations to do anyting, sue the merchant processing company if you encure a chargeback when they dont deposit the funds into your account and in the reply state numeorus times for your processing company to provide documented proof they deposited the funds into the bank account you specified.

  234. daniel says:

    They put your account on hold with out notice they dont tell you what you did wrong or anything not sure why shopify uses them they hold your money make interest on the money 2 weeks later you will get some automated email response that you have a high risk or they suspect you processing charges with out owners consent. What a joke of a company they could give two shits about you.

  235. Ben says:

    Send out an invoice with all our payment methods, the customer sends payment from a button on our invoice to go email. And I have to accept 2.9% less from my payment. The worse still part is it’s going to take another seven days for me to get paid…not happy at all. Fuck u stripe. Legal con men is what u are

    1. Abed says:

      Did they ever pay you, by the way?

  236. Jerry says:

    STRIPE is a fraud . They let anyone sign up , and hold there funds until you give up . It’s the biggest scam on the internet. Do not open an account .

  237. They are bloody fraud and cheaters. I will definitely take them to court and make sure that they never be able to cheat anyone. They will raise false dispute and when as a company you ask them that show the copy of dispute they will never represent the same. Its a merely false company and you can also check why I am saying that by visiting their facebook page, over their they have disable the message functionality. I request you guys if you love your money then don’t trust this payment gateway. The one who is already cheated please mail me your scenario to make the case more stronger. My email id is [REDACTED – personal contact information].

    1. Phil Collins says:

      Worst service faced ever. They do not have a contact number and they just copy paste the email whatever your issue is. DO NOT go with it for any reason what so ever…Go with payment gateways who have a phone service

  238. AP says:

    This company does not want to speak to any of its customers they do not have a phone number to call! My customer had to email mail them about a charge dispute he never claimed, I ended up losing my customer.

  239. Name Not Important says:

    Do not currently have, never have had nor do I own a small business yet I get multiple daily emails congratulating me on a deposit and then threatening me that my account will be suspended if I don’t confirm my email address. I continuously send the emails to junk mail, why would I confirm my email if I don’t have an account? Sounds like a scam to me.

  240. Criss says:

    Oh well, their customer service improved. They reply to your emails… but to set up Stripe you need to be an engineer. I haven’t started making money with my business yet, but reading these comments doesn’t really make me feel comfy.

  241. Fahim says:

    Wait until you are hit with a chargeback. Stripe does nothing to defend you and they simply give your money away to credit card company for a product that was purchased by real customer and was delivered by UPS with tracking number and proof of delivery. All of which including customer communication via email was provided as proof to Stripe but they came back and said we have bad news, the dispute did not end in your favour. That is all….
    So as a merchant i lost hundreds of Dollars for this order that was shipped and and this scumbag just tried to see if he can get his money back and sure enough he did because i use Stripe.
    Stay away, can you imagine losing hundreds or even thousands of Dollars?
    I was burnt and this was the first chargeback experience i had and i simply lost it because Stripe didn’t do anything about it.
    Stay away from Stripe, the will not protect your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simple.

  242. S Karim says:

    Our company has been with Stripe for a little longer than a year, and for the most part everything was smooth. Recently they ‘misplaced’ a transfer, and our company funds were never successfully deposited in our account. I first contacted the bank, then gave it a few days grace and contacted Stripe. They responded within 24 hours to tell me that the transfer was successful to to please give it a few more days. I did so (including a day longer than recommended), and contacted them again. They sent me back a similarly worded response about the transfer being successful, with no real recourse but to tell me that they understand my frustration.

    It’s been nearly a week since the transfer should have happened, and more than 10 days since Stripe initially received the money from our customer. They have offered no real solution, so I’ve been forced to take action against them.

    We are also actively recruiting another processing company. It’s a bit sad that this company got support from Paypal, which has a much more solid reputation in terms of due diligence and resolutions. Stripe appears cavalier about its reputation and ability to perform its advertised services in a timely and effective manner.

    At this point I’m not sure if we’ll ever receive the money from Stripe, and I’ve taken steps to try and recoup the loss. This is a disgusting way to do business, and a great way to go OUT of business. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone.

  243. DarrenB says:

    WITHOLD FUNDS STRIPE ** Touch these at your peril. Do everything and everything to withold funds. ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT PRICEDURE. Ask yourself this, would you want a company to have your hard earned money who do not even have a customer service number? Told me my payment would be kept for 90 days. I had to refund the client and get them to pay again through a proper merchant. You simply cannot contact them other than lengthy time wise emails. Simple, pick abother company.

  244. Beth says:

    Hate this payment service!!! 5 days to get payment is to long for any small business. Love Square!!! Next day payments. Can’t wait for Squarespace to get rid of Stripe!

  245. Pete says:

    I have had more chargebacks using Stripe in the past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years using other payment gateways. Stripe are just not very good at protecting you from fraudulent transactions; the options you have as a seller to protect yourself from fraud are very limited (for example, they do not support 3D secure). Their fraud screening is very patchy – sometimes allowing obviously fraudulent transactions to go through, even though they have blocked many similar transactions.

    To make matters worse, Stripe do not fight on your behalf when it comes to chargebacks. I just do not feel that Stripe are “on my side”.

    Fraud protection is not a high priority for stripe. Indeed, chargebacks would seem highly profitable for them, with Stripe charging a substantial fee to cover the cost of processing each dispute.

    My advice would be to stay away from Stripe.

  246. Domo says:

    So I am a cam model starting up my own monthly subscription website selling my pictures, calendars, and social media sites. I have been using PayPal so far but resently they shut my account down do to “PayPal may not be used to send or receive
    payments for certain sexually oriented materials or services or for items
    that could be considered obscene.” Holding all of my funds. I was devistated because I still had to send out the products. Yes my material is definitely R Rated. What would be the best processor to use that will not care what I am selling. I’ve looked at KERPAY which states it can be used for any personal or business purpose. But they are back ended with STIPE and seems to be a new company with little to no reviews. Reading all of STRIPE reviews of people getting there funds with held definitely discouraging me from using them. And since BRAINTREE is back by PayPal another red flag for me. Is there any other good subscription based pay portals that are more lenient on so called “obscene material”? I have been having to keep up with all of the book keeping and payments myself manually and as my following grows it is getting a bit out of my control. I want a modem that will automatically deduct these monthly payments. Preferably without having to set up an account or profile. Please help me

    1. Justin Hale says:

      Snapchat has a way to send money I believe, so does Facebook. Not sure who the processors are for either tho. How people get around the “adult” restriction on paypal is they get creative in the descriptions of the items they sell and don’t associate anything adult with it, like a website url in the invoice that is adult. PayPal reviews all invoices and transactions, so that’s how they found out what you were up to. You can find plenty of processors that will give you a keypad terminal so you can do phone processing, where the terminal dials up every time, or even uses your home internet connection. Why not just do that? They don’t usually care what you are selling as long as it’s not illegal. Psychics use them all the time that aren’t on those big psychic lines with 100’s ready to take your call.

  247. Angie Richards says:

    Having successfully run business via three stripe accounts I am now locked out of all of them. I complete the photo puzzle every time and put in the correct access details but its always wrong. Customer service do not call. The emails are standard replies telling me to login first, which I cant. Then send me a new link to change my pw which expires in minutes. What is going on?

    1. I thought I was the only one… I too am locked out. My username and password has now been changed or locked. I cannot get in either. Their reset password does not even work and sends me no emails to reset my password.

  248. Kim says:

    Fees are acceptible but not when it comes to chargebacks. $15 for a chargeback fee is exorbitant and i doubt Stripe needs to do much to submit the evidence that we users provide. I’m almost convinced it is their way of squeezing more money from merchants who are unfortunate enough to end up in a dispute.

    Also, If the billing and shipping address of an order matches and all other checks pass, i don’t see why you should let the bank declare it as fraudulent. I submitted full proof evidence for the order but I still lost the case. If you are going to charge $15 for disputes, Stripe had better make sure that merchants are protected too.

    1. Stripe Sucks says:

      Stripe will do anything and everything to steal people’s money. Whether your a merchant or a buyer. Chargeback fees are common and regardless of who you deal with your going to get hit with chargeback fees from everyone regardless. The fact Stripe does nothing but make excuses and lies so they can justify stealing every cent they can from you. In fact Stripe has their system set up so that you’d purposely loose any chargeback for non receipt of merchandise. You hear every single lying excuse from them. Reality is that Stripe purposely designed their so called verification system as a scam. They will pass a credit card if the billing address doesnt match, and will allow the zip code and csv to pass. The fact that if any buyer disputes a transaction for non receipt of merchandise, the seller has to prove they sent it to the buyer’s credit card’s physical address. So why would a credit card processing company deliberately make a system that will allow a card to go through if the billing address fails verification, but at the same time they have it in the system to only block a payment if the csv and/or zip code doesnt match. The reason is chargeback fees. We questioned them 7 different times and each time we got nothing but lying pathetic excuse as an answer to why they will allow this type of chargebacks to occur if they do. Do not trust this company at all costs. Everything we have said about this company is true and its documented.

  249. Hector Correa says:

    Stripe is virtually dependent on WellsFargo and are doing false advertising, bait and switch to catch all as possible small and mid size business in quantity, after few transactions, months or a year they discard several business using some excuses based on TOS even if past records are good ones.

    They allow all prohibited business from big players and promote them, they try to find how to catch all business as possible and then they discard mid size and small accounts out when they like under the Terms of Service (TOS) excuses.

    Most of the business are in the list of ¨prohibited business¨ (Computer repairs and other banned services), (travel services), (Computer repairs and branded products using sellers in their marketplace) sells products that are in the prohibited business list but was supported by stripe.

    We sell over $ 1 million at stripe with good records but our growth was quickly from $20K a month to $200K a month in 1 year, we sell overseas and our chargback ratio is well belo 1%

    They reviewed our account for the increased volume and without any instance of proofing they conclude that we are doing ¨prohibited business¨ selling branded products. Even after we sent several emails with proff of purchase and agreements that proof we sell only original items they continue with same answer, finally they change and say ok but you are doing ¨Drop shipping¨ that is also false as we buy receive in our warehouse the products and then sell to final customers. Anything (excuses) where used to keep us out. Real reson is under investigation by us to sue them we find as a possible reason one or more of the following:
    1. simply discrimination.
    2. pressure from one brand that works with Stripe or WellsFargo and don´t like that brand in our eCommerce site.
    3. Avoiding a business that are selling cross border and maybe is non-proffitable for Stripe based on the fixed fee of 2.9% most cross border transactions are non-proffitable for Stripe.

    However with a large customer base on board attracted with easy application process Stripe can select what they want to continue serving and what they want to keep out. Hurting business and industry.

    Application on Stripe is easy even working with them for months or even years, but from time to time Stripe reduce their customer base based on unclear parameters, may be under covering other reasons (risks, customer support, pressure from other bigger stripe customers).

    Most of the time Stripe will send an email with a robot paragraph like this:

    It does seem that your business is in violation of our Terms of Service, section B.5 (“Prohibited Businesses”). Specifically, we are unable to accept payments for brand name goods resold without permission as mentioned here.

    That’s it, hope this will change but Stripe is now under pressure of Wells Fargo and Big brands that means not longer support start up business.

    The Monopoly of Credit Cards is a nightmare that need to be addressed by legal departments to avoid abuses in Fees, Business innovation and other important things for developing new business.

    In middle time companies like Stripe that started as a good intention company to support innovative business will fall in the bureaucracy and rules of Establishment and finally will do the same of any other big credit card processor in industry (protect big fishes from small ones).

    Good luck to Stripe customers and Stripe founders that works now like employees of Wells Fargo.

  250. Atlas says:

    Just an update, Stripe will make you go through every single BS for verification and then give you a BS response to keep your account closed. They will make you do 2 charges to your account to validate who you are and then give you their general BS to close the account, like they did with others saying that your too high risk. That’s a load of BS because we have had a stripe account using it once in a while for 1 year and about 50 transactions without a single dispute. They make you go through all this time wasting, just to get more information so they can use it against you with collections or whatsover.

    Anyone ever using stripe that they haven’t deposited funds into your bank account, remember your not legally paid for any products unless the funds are in your bank account. If you get a chargeback and stripe hasnt put the money in your bank account, you demand stripe to provide documentation they placed the funds into your bank account to make the transaction legal, or else you are not legally entitled to do anything. File a dispute with the Attorney Generals Office and the FTC against stripe.

    1. Atlas says:

      First and foremost let me add additional information regarding these scumbags at and the games they play. Put simply steals money from any source they can get their hands on. (1) they will approve you for an account. (2) then they will send you an email saying basically “sorry your high risk so now your going to 7 day hold (3) get a few transactions and then they send you another lying email saying “oh sorry your account is now closed because the people that just purchased an from you 10 seconds ago just contacted us and said they never authorized the transaction (4) you’ll go into your account and see the funds date – on the date of the funds are so called to be transfered into your bank account, they move the date up a day, then next day they do the same thing (5) when you had enough of Stripe’s BS, they purposely disable the refund button so you cant even send the money back to the customer because stripe steals everything.

      Remember your under no legal obligation to send any products out until your legally paid for it. If you get a chargeback because of stripes bs, reply back to the chargeback making a statement of proof that Stripe actually placed the funds into your bank account to legalize the sale, state that Stripe was the one that was the reason the chargeback was initiated, and the fact you tried to refund the buyer, but striped blocked you. File a law suit against Because this is exactly what happens. They hide behind an email system playing stupid on purpose, you contact them via phone, you just get a recording.

  251. Atlas says:

    STRIPE IS WORSE THAN PAYPAL. They love to send out automated messages that are outright lies. They make BS claims saying the customer that just bought the product not even 30 seconds ago didnt authorize the transaction and they closed the account. This is total BS because we had 2 charges for $10 and one for $1 for a test charge to see if the site was working fine. With in an hour of opening the account, after completing their BS verification, tax id and SSN, they gave me this bull crap letter saying :

    Our systems recently identified charges that appear to be unauthorized by the cardholder, meaning that the owner of the credit or debit card did not consent to these payments. This unfortunately means that we will no longer be able to accept payments for (OmIted)

    We’re sorry that we won’t be able to offer you service going forward, but our restrictions here are firm. If you believe that we’ve .

    This is just an excuse to close your account, after they give you BS they make you charge several things to your card and then reverse them. Not only do you have to wait 7 plus days to get your money, they love to give you the run around to promote charge backs. DO yourself a favor, stay away from these theives.

  252. My Uncle Mac says:

    I am a Certified Apple Repairs Engineer who is now independent and been running my own business buying and selling computers and all repairs. I had started to use a invoice system that used stripe and had one customer who had bought many products worth nearly £9000.Once the customer paid for the goods stripe had taken a very long time to process the payments saying its there “security checks” 14 days to be exact .. After 2 months from payment, purchases from the customer came back as fraudulent and i received alerts saying fraudulent cards have been used. Well it gives you a chance to give them the purchase and delivery info. Well i gave them all the details and address and tracking numbers that the products had been sent to with all tracking details, to say the product has been sent and recieved. After all the detailed info i gave it has come back unsuccessful and to say it had sided with the customer.. and fraudulent.and saying i owe £9000!! So many questions have been risen and one is why on earth do they say they are doing security checks in the 14 day period!!! why have they not seen the card address is the same as the delivery address?so all that time its just sat in there bank what for ? … . For all i know they could be lying about the fraud and just trying to charge back the money. Why would they not try and fight for the seller who has sent thousands of pounds of goods?? Or get the customers bank to get in touch for further investigation? They come across very dishonest and unprofessional. Very poor service and appears to be a major scam .

  253. Jerome Baumann says:

    Stripe canceled their service just after 4 sales, saying that someone used a card without the consent of the owner.

    I received just an email from their “support”.
    The email was so short and badly phrased that I thought it was a phishing.

    They directed me to paymentcloudinc, because they stated my business was a risk business.

    I sell normal products to normal people, no porno, nothing weird…

    Now they flagged me as risky business, for that issue where noone lost any money because I refunded the customer before sending the goods.
    So as a result the other processors refuse to work with me, like Braintree, without any further inquiry, because Stripe flagged me.

    So NO BIG TIME NO, I don’t recommend you to use Stripe EVER!
    I wrote a review on, and Stripe answered a very appalling answer : saying that by their term of use : they have the right to stop a service whenever they want, they have the right to stop the money transfer for whatever reason they want, you are not covered anyhow in case of fraud, and so on.

    So yes, working with Stripe is at your own risks, and they will be high.

  254. shambo says:

    I have been using Stripe for my online Shopify site. Two weeks ago, Shopify stopped paying out the money my customers were giving them. They gave no notice – and no explanation. Two weeks of constant online chats and emails provided no answers. Shopify said it was Stripes fault. Stripe said it was Shopify. After initiating legal action to get back the $52000 from Shopify, they suddenly ‘found’ the 52K. Apparently Stripe had frozen my account for ‘review’ without informing me and without admitting they had done so. We had done nothing wrong. This sort of action could break a small business (and nearly did.) Basically they will keep your money and deny they have it.

    1. Georgia says:

      They just did this with me today and looks like they have broke my business. I have cried non stop i could be sick my business was perfevt for 3 years untill i wen with stripe. No email no nothing they will not transfermy money but instead have reserved £23k for 3 months

  255. Jerome says:

    Stripe is the worst service I ever experienced.
    I sell normal items on shopify.
    After just 5 commands, they sent me a 2 lines email saying they stop their service because someone used a card without the consent of the owner…
    No more information and nothing on my dashboard no neither.
    They send me to paymentcloudinc which is an affiliated, unknown, gateway payment for risky business, which is not my case.
    But it is surely a clever scheme to make me pay sky high rates for a service I don’t need.
    Stripe are bad and unprofessional, they never answer to my questions about this issue.
    It is like the support service is just an empty shell with very few people sending automated emails.
    Lame, all the way.

  256. Jamal says:

    Terrible customer service. Stay away from these scammers. What a terrible experience with Stripe. I had a large transaction for used computers. Stripe reached out to me to ask for invoice. I sent the invoice and a credit card authorization that my client gave me.

    I got an email from them “While we hate to give you anything less than a great experience, it does seem that your business is in violation of our Terms of Service, section B.5 (“Prohibited Businesses”). Specifically, we are unable to accept payments for brand name goods resold without permission as mentioned here.

    I read the section they are referring to, and there is nothing to indicate that I am in violation. I sell used computers all the time via EBay and Amazon and I never had a problem. They gave me a bull excuse that it is not their fault but the banks “These regulations come from our banking partners, so we sadly have no flexibility with them.” I guess Amazon and EBay are not following these so called banking regulations (sarcasm).

    Now they are telling me they are holding the funds for 90 days. This is large sum and they are putting me out of business.

    I can’t get a hold of them as they don’t have a phone number and I emailed three times, nothing.

    I want to sue these guys.

    1. nesrin says:

      did you ever get your money?!?!? I need to know because I am considering refunding 50 orders back because stripe keep delaying the transfer to my bank account and now they are not responding to my emails?!!

  257. I moved to Stripe around 2 years ago and am very happy with them and now have 2 accounts for different business streams. We are in the UK and almost all our sales are software and other immediate delivery digital product. We get our money exactly one week after the sale happens and have never experienced any issues with funds being withheld.

    The service IS a bit technical and is aimed towards developers – it can be quick to set up but it is important that you understand the requirements and the processes of taking a payment through to receiving your money.

    I was previously with WorldPay and I find Stripe a lot better – transparent charging and no annual fees (has saved me a lot of money) and an API that I have used to set up processes so I can transfer all transactions to my accounts program – that has not been a trivial task overall but saves hours of clerical work down the line.

  258. Stay away from this company. They approved our account and we let it sit for over a week before using it for the first time. They promptly seized our money and said our website did not meet their requirements. Never told us WHY it did not meet their requirements. They demanded to see an invoice of the transaction. We provided an invoice and they sent us the same form letter demanding to see an invoice… as if they never looked at the one we sent. They DEMAND that we have a phone number and take calls from OUR customers yet they do not do it themselves… shady, shaky, FRAUD!!! For almost a week there was nothing wrong with our website until we stepped into their mouse trap.

  259. Alfie says:

    I started a new business selling women’s clothing for the summer.
    For the first few days I didn’t make any money until I started advertising on Facebook .. Then the money started coming in.
    I made around £5000 in sales in just under two weeks but then I received an email from stripe saying they won’t be able to accept payments on my behalf anymore.
    Then a day later they said my business model was RISKY and they will be holding ALL FUNDS for 90 days!!!!
    I emailed them asking why and they said its to prevent excessive charge backs ….
    I haven’t received one charge back .. So they are lying.
    What is so risky about selling women’s clothing online…. They are obviously holding my money in their account and making money/ using it to fund their business!
    The worst part is that I don’t have any money to send items off to my customers!
    So now they are basically forcing me to kill off my business by refunding all of my customers!

    I have not even received a penny from stripe yet!
    How do they expect me to ship items to customers,
    Pay suppliers and pay for my advertising and website costs when they are holding ALL my funds!!!

    I’m trying to find a number to call or an office address in London so I can actually talk with one of their employees face to face as they rarely reply to any of my emails and usually after 2-3 days…
    Why are they so afraid to talk over the phone…
    It’s like they know what they are doing is wrong bevause they don’t have anyone shouting at them over the phone they ain’t bothered!

    They have literally killed my new business within two weeks.

    Scumbags and cowards.

    1. Denise says:

      They are the worst ever. They said one of my customers claimed he did not authorize the payment. He found the item cheaper, but I had already shipped the item so could not refund. They told me they could not deal with me from this point forward and would be refunding all my money they have to customers. These customers have already received their items. They said to work it out with them-meaning the customers. Today they say they can’t give me my money because they cannot take my business. This was money already earned. Items shipped. 7 days BEFORE they decided to shut me down.

    2. nesrin says:

      Did you ever get the money????? I am having same problem

  260. Bita says:

    Absolutely horrible this is the second time this is happening with me with this company I’ve accepted to orders and communicated with Buyers online shipped both orders I change tracking number both orders arrive both buyers open dispute stating they didn’t authorize the charge and stripe gave them their money back this company is absolutely unreliable I will not use them this would have never ever happened with PayPal extremely unreliable company save your money don’t use the

  261. Ariana says:

    Unethical company, will refund payments without proper reasoning the support is useless. I wouldn’t recommend them for a business. Still haven’t received my transfer as well (the money I made). Will be closing my account with them soon.

  262. Crystyn Brown says:

    Please do not use this app!!! I signed up for a month to month account and sent an email to figure out how to to use the account. They then charged me the yearly amount without my consent and there is no number to call.

  263. Mark says:

    I can’t stand these people. They hold transactions for no reason and never even contact you about it. Their set up is easy, which is how they rope you into their scam, then they won’t release your money. And since there is no telephone support, you can’t even argue about it with anyone. They will email you back at their own convenience without any kind of commitment to action. Totally nebulous and shady.

  264. Yovette Drake says:

    Stripe has held my money for over 1 month even though I’ve signed up for daily distributions. My contact form has gone unanswered for more than 48 hours and there is no way to contact them by phone. Very concerning.

  265. Jennifer says:

    I opted for the Stripe payment option while using the Gogetfunding site – its a fundraising page which accepts donations. Unexpectedly the fundraising project cancelled and so I had to manually refund the donations noticing a really high admin cost going to Striipe. Additionally, they arranged a DD to my personal account which I never authorised.

    Pure headache

  266. Dillon Slaten says:

    i have been getting buyers on my web, when i signed up with stripe i mistakenly left out a letter in the email address. they will not help me what so ever absolutely disgraceful customer service still cant get in to receive my funds for my hard work. plus they have no interest in helping people for one they dont want to talk person to person so you can better explain your self for an honest mistake.

  267. Nuno Vieira says:

    Beware Stripe service. They retain funds as they want for more than 6 months and dont reply to emails. the transfers did not worked anymore… Avoid them, worse than paypal.

  268. Joseph says:

    Worst agreement I ever signed – We lose over $500/month – yes a month – from chargebacks for any reason that Stripe hand over your money to any bank in the whole world without protecting you 1%

    I looked for a review after I have been with them for over 2 years – to help someone looking avoid their business and save his money. You may ask yourself so why we still do business with them – the answer is cause they hold our clients data and we can’t take them back and also can’t force clients to re-enter their credit cards again.

    You will lose every dispute no matter for what reason no matter for how much.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STRIPE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. TAMIL says:

      What he said is completely accurate. They will hand every dollar over, You will lose EVERY dispute

  269. L Mitchell says:

    I stumbled across this page because I too have been greatly scammed by stripe over the past year in a half with not one but 2 of my businesses.
    After reading nearly every single comment on this thread I am totally disgusted and feel compelled to tell my story in hopes of preventing others from experiencing the same tragedy. I opened up my first online store with “Shopify” in March of 2015 and set up a Stripe account being that it was their default payment processing system. This was also encouraged by Shopify as the only way to avoid “transaction fees”. What a way to lure people in. Straight away in the beginning I get a sale of $300 of which charged back on me nearly 2 months post me shipping the products to the customer. Right away something felt fishy and I had this overwhelming feeling that Stripe and Shopify are partners in deliberately placing orders through random shops with the intent of collecting the money from the chargeback. Basically they are the ones placing orders themselves and lying about the entire situation to steal money from merchants. It makes no sense to me that I would get an order that high right away so soon especially when my products only range between $25-$35. Who buys that many of the same product from a new company they know very little about? Anyhow I was informed by a Shopify representative that their payment gateway was ran by a 3rd party company of which they had no information on and would not be able to put me in contact with. They claimed their automated system was the only mediator in dealing with this 3rd party company (Stripe). I was told I would have to wait up to 90 days to receive a response from their chargeback team as to whether or not I lost or won this dispute. So I submitted the requested verification that the order was in fact delivered to the customer through their automated system, and in the meantime I would be charged up front the $300+ plus a $15 chargeback fee which would automatically be debuted from my bank account. I tried negotiating with them to see if I could pay this amount in payments rather than them just taking it all so unexpectedly but they refused. So I immediately deactivated Shopify payments powered by Stripe and set up my PayPal account to continue accepting payments for the time being otherwise they would be confiscating every single payment for all future orders until they received the $300+. Mind you I’m a NEW business still at this point so there was no way I was going to allow them to garnish my future payments AND get away with my product. Anyhow, they inform me 90 days later that I lost the dispute and owed $300+. I completely ignored it reopened a brand new account and continued to accept payments and grow my business through Shopify payments (Stripe) and PayPal. A year later they end up closing down my new site and demanding that I pay off the balance from the previous account before they would reopen my store which was understandable as I did owe them money technically. So I then paid off the balance since at this point $300 wasn’t really too big of an issue. My store was reopened the next day and I received an email stating I STILLL would not be able to use Shopify Payments (Stripe) although I paid off the balance. I felt powerless and decided to just accept this L. I then open a 2nd store of which 6 months later they end up banning me from using Shopify Payments (Stripe) again with the claims of my products being too “risky” mind you I only sell SUNGLASSES and other FASHION ACCESSORIES like necklaces, hats, keychains, etc. -_- So at this point they end up holding my existing payouts/deposits preventing me from being able to operate my business, and then closing the Stripe account. The thing I am most upset about is that they completely lied about their reasoning for closing the account, but I am glad because now I can take legal action against them for not only the inconvenience but the false claims. The only downside to this is I am limited to using just PayPal for the time being until I can find a legitimate payment processor that’s not on such BS. It’s such a huge inconvenience because now I will be subject to paying transaction fees of 2.9% + like .30 more cents on both stores for every single transaction no matter what 3rd party gateway I switch to. I thinks it’s really sad and disgusting that they choose to take advantage of genuine people this way, but keep your head up people and remember God doesn’t like ugly. What goes around comes back around 10 times worse and large companies or people behind the scenes are not exempt from this universal law. It’s only a matter of time before people stop supporting their platform and they go bankrupt. Then they will have a taste of their own medicine. After the extensive research I’ve done on other situations as such with Stripe, I think it would be best to set up a merchant account with PayPal or your regular bank. I hear Well’s Fargo is a good option as well.

  270. Michele says:

    I was hacked twice through Stripe. Never again!

  271. Mitch says:

    I have read through many of the reviews posted and there seems to be a repeated theme with everyone, and now I add myself to the list. I opened up with Stripe and after several days, I get an email that I had several charges that were unauthorized and they were shutting me down. I explained that they were not unauthorized, they were two charges that I put through on my own personal credit cards for $1. each just to verify that the system was working. How ridiculous. Once I proved that they were my charges, they said they’d review the account, but followed up with another email stating that I would remain inoperable because the type of business was questionable and violated their bylaws with the banks. Through all of this I processed one charge, substantial, several thousand, and like many of you, the sale was on May 16 and it was scheduled for transfer Monday May 23. Then suddenly, the date changed on Sunday night to Tuesday May 24 Transfer, then of course on Monday night it changed to Wednesday, May 25, and a few hours ago, I checked and it’s now Thursday May 26. I get so frustrated that there are no phones, and I’ve emailed daily inquiring about my money transfer, of course to no avail. Hearing some of the other stories, I can’t say I’m encouraged that I will see it too soon, but it’s nearly $5K and of course I have to provide services to the client, and lay out for his purchase. Good luck to all of you. Truthfully, if this is the way Stripe conducts business and treats their clients, we may be better off being shut off and going elsewhere.

    1. Michelle says:

      They are holding my funds hostage as well. You should refund the customer, don’t do any work and open up an account through and process through them. They respect their merchants and don’t screw with our money.

  272. John says:

    Worst company ever who doesn’t even have their act straight. Don’t even know how they can be in this business. No customer service at all. So I signed up for an account with them. Spent money having a gateway developed around stripe for my website. Was still in the testing phase with their sandbox and then tried it live with one test payment. It didn’t go through. So it didn’t work or so I thought. A few days later they closed my account saying I violated their TOS. I looked at their TOS and I didn’t violate anything, so I contacted them. They were quite rude, but after a few emails after asking them to explain, it was discovered that they think I was doing a prohibited business. My business doesn’t even do that and doesn’t even use stripe. They apparently looked at another one of my website, and saw something that was on there and indiscriminately closed the account without looking further. The TOS says that we wouldn’t USE Stripe to accept payments for any prohibited business. First, that site didn’t USE stripe at all which they didn’t check. Second, that site doesn’t even Sell the item, it was an affiliate link to the seller, who doesn’t even use Stripe. Because of that, they closed the account, and the other site I have using stripe can’t use it anymore. I’ve wasted money all for nothing. I guess this can be a blessing in disguise as I don’t have to lose much more when customers start buying things like others have. Because, if I have a balance and then they decide to close my account, I’d be in worse off shape. STAY CLEAR OF STRIPE. They will close your account for NO REASON and you don’t have any recourse. You can’t contact them and they won’t care what you say at all. Save yourself the trouble and find another company to work with.

  273. Kevin P. says:

    After days of trying our technical development team gave up on Stripe. There were technical issues with Stripe simply losing customers and 2 straight days of calls into technical support, with no response at all.

    No response? Really? In today’s world – simply unacceptable. Other reviewers have said they feel like they have been scammed and I echo that.

  274. Lee Plaister says:

    AWFUL, stay clear.

    We used them and they sent us a message saying they were closing our account because we were “offering a money-related service” – we clearly aren’t we use it to process invoice payments from clients for professional services (we are FCA and MOJ regulated).

    We went into detail on our business model to explain that we didn’t offer “a money-related service” and they closed the account anyway stating “your business presents too high of a risk for fraud and disputes” – what a joke….we processed over £20k of business and didn’t have a single dispute, clawback or incidence of fraud.

    Save yourselves the hassle and go somewhere professional such as Barclaycard.

  275. Jo-Anna Silver-Sparta says:

    they are condescending & unprofessional. thinking that you have a product, but it will be successful without clients is typical of their attitude. you have to repeat everything 5 times, & then, listen to the boys insult you by saying you didn’t understand…when the download isn’t available or doesn’t one ever takes care of biz right away, or apologize for lack of clarity or efficacity-what a mess & a collection of pretentious people. not worth it-look elsewhere! jo-anna [REDACTED – personal contact information].

  276. scott dell says:

    POOR customer service. My first “successful” charge was $240 on 3/22/16. Since then, we have processed over $16,000. We have received $0. Repetitive support requests have gone unanswered even though they claim to respond within 24-48 hours. It has been OVER A WEEK with no response and no money. If someone knows of a reliable processor, please contact me at [REDACTED – personal contact information].

    1. charlene bizek says:

      Well do you have a transfer date???

  277. Worst company ever! still waiting on a payment dispute which happened over a month ago. AND NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER!

  278. Sandra Falcon says:

    I have been running a business through Storeenvy for more than a year no, however storeenvy made some changes forcing sellers to use stripe as a form of payment processing all card payments I chose to go with it then about a couple weeks ago I received a very vague email from Stripe letting me know that due to charge backs they will be deducting $1700 from my bank account directly!!!! the email did not say what kind of charge backs what accounts or any type of information I struggled that weekend attempting to get a hold of Customer Service and they don’t have a number so I called my bank and stopped any payments going in or out from stripe and also cancelled my account with Stripe. Today 03/20/16 I received another email from stripe stating that a payment of $3,500 will be in my bank account by February 03, 2016 lol I am so lost we are in March is this a joke Horrible experience DO NOT USE STRIPE.

  279. Ben says:

    I hate Stripe! The $15.00 fee for chargebacks is robbery. I have a $1.00 up-sell which sometimes means I have a customer who doesn’t recognize the charge and then calls their bank. This costs me the fee, plus $15 plus the $1.00

    Stripe = Scum

    1. patrick says:

      Depends on whether the chargeback was justified. If it was unjustified, you get the $15 back.

  280. Gerry says:

    Very poor company. I had researched various commerce sites to host my new business and settled on Shopify. After reviewing the cost of the credit processing for my high risk business, I regretfully signed up for stripe since shopify does not put a 2% additional charge on stripe. Everything was going fine until I processed more than 10 orders in a day. That was where things became a nightmare. Stripe sent me an email stating that I needed to send them all my manufacturer’s approvals before they can continue processing again with them and stated their terms and conditions. So I sent them over 150 manufacturer’s letters that they requested. Next day I was sent an email that stated. Thank you for providing us the information we requested unfortunately since you did not send us what we required. We regret to inform you that we turned off your account and will be happy to point you to another processor.

  281. Santok Singh says:

    They closed my account stating I have made fraudulent charges even though the customer was standing in front of me. Also, they are holding my $1820 since February 18th and now its March 8th. I have sent them several email with no response. The customer took the merchandise without paying us.

    What a horrible company it is. Does anyone know how to sue them?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


  282. Beth says:

    Something is fishy.

    I’d never even heard of this SCAM COMPANY until a few moments ago.

    They are trying to charge me nearly $1800.00 for something with NO EXPLANATION.


    Customer service? There is none. I have no idea who to approach about this.

    BAD. BAD. BAD.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  283. x666666 says:

    Stripe is horrible. One Month ago I mistyped the CVC of a manual payment, which was immediately rejected, therefore no chargeback. They shut down my account saying they identified charges which appear unauthorized and they will refund the payments of this week. No further informations.

    After patiently waiting a full month I was asking them last week when they plan to transfer the left funds on my account (showing as “Scheduling…”). No response at all.

    Actually holding $500 without notice, without reactions on emails sounds like stripe is FRAUD to me.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  284. Evelyn says:

    Scam, scam , scam
    How can you say you provide fraud protection when you allow hackers to access my account, change the bank information 2 times and process stolen credit card transactions every 50 seconds with out notifying anyone or locking down the account. Now 15k worth of charges have been processed via my STRIPE account, 9K of which has been deposited to a strange bank in Texas and 5K still in the STRIPE account. I have tried to refund the 5K back to the card holders and STRIPE has blocked refunding on the account. Now I will be stuck with refunding the charges once they dispute the transitions at the cost of $15 each.

    This entire scenarios has me and my business in a bad situation. Please stop the madness STRIPE has to be stopped. I have send 10+ emails in the past 2 days with no response other than the canned email … We will respond as soon as possible. As a small business owner this can not only financially ruin my business but all my business brand.

    STRIPE if you are reading this please respond to my emails so that 2 things can happen 1). The funds in the account can be returned to the card holders immediately 2). You can provide me bank information that the 9K was deposited into so that we can catch the hackers and prosecute to the fullest 3) shut down my account immediately after you refund the 5K to the innocent card holders

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  285. Dale Cross says:

    I do not own a business and do not have any reason for anyone to send me money. BUT I get several emails, 7 days a week, trying to get me to send my personal info so they can send me the money. Does anyone know how I can get them to stop emailing me? Thanks in advance

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    1. mike says:

      I have received three emails telling me I have to resolve something at my bank so they can withdraw funds. I have no idea who they are or what they want funds for. And nothing in their email connects me to a real company or person. Is this a complete scam?

      1. Kristy says:

        I received 3 emails like this as well and I have no idea what the company is or how it got my information. It’s worse because there is no number to call them.

    2. Joanna Caroll says:

      Dale, one possibility is if you signed on to an “affiliate program,” where you earn commissions by referring people to an on-site marketplace. You might have signed on to a program like that but most affiliate programs won’t ask for your taxpayer info (i.e., fed form W9) until payment is ready to be made. If you weren’t aware that Stripe is the processor of the payment for the program, you would be alarmed by its request for info. Think hard! I think you might actually be due money!

  286. Mike villacis says:

    Awful company. Closed my account without notice and they’re holding all my last week payments for 90 days! Over a couple thousand dollars! Again, without a warning. They don’t have a number where to contact the either! I’ve written them emails and no reply!

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  287. Ammar Bhutta says:

    They are fucking basterds. Since 12 days they closed my account and ask me to verify it, i verified it through my credit card but they dont activate account. moreover they are not transferring the the pending balance of 1000 USD to my bank account. They fraud, I am just waiting

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  288. L Myshrall says:

    I agree. Stripe is AWFUL. Just as everyone says, there is no fraud prevention. You lose your merchandise and your shipping costs, then they turn around and hit you with a chargeback fee. I bailed from Shopify because the only payment gateway option they have is Stripe and I’m dismantling my Godaddy sites for the same reason. I don’t know if it will help or not, but I filed a complaint against the last fraudulent chargeback with the FBI internet crimes unit, the IC3. Let’s see if they are as useless as Stripe. My advice? find an ecommerce platform that allows you to choose your merchant account processor and make sure it isn’t Stripe. Good Luck, Linda

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  289. anon says:

    Stripe? NO THANK YOU!
    It looks good and professional, but it is an illusion. No fraud detection, bad support, and the worst thing is, if somebody made a chargeback, they charge you $15 for it!!! LIke what? You loose the money for your product and also must pay $15 fees. F*CK THAT!

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  290. Gene Rivas says:

    For those of you who can’t reach Stripe and want to sue / call them, here’s what I found.

    Their office is at

    3180 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

    Tel: 1 636-922-9310


    We just started with Stripe, and its utter garbage. They can’t transfer funds, so we’re closing our account with a loss because they can’t get money to us. What a bunch of freaks. We are a huge media firm and we will not only sue them, but weI will also make this horsesh*t very public and run them out of business by the end of 2016. They have no idea what a sh*tstorm they just brewed up screwing with us.

    Their CEO better look for the unemployment line at the local welfare office.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    1. TD says:

      Hii. If you do a class action, I would like to be in on that. They screwed me over too.

  291. Kish says:

    We have been using stripe for more than a year. Reading the reviews have scared me but so far since we opened an account with them, we have had more than 20 transaction amounting to over 30K. So far no problems, they have been transferring the funds exactly after 7 days. Having said that, all our clients are B2B, only B2B, hence probably very minimal chargeback risks. The have been fine with us so far….

    1. CPO Admin says:

      Hi Kish,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  292. J Kim says:

    Simply Rip Off service with sugar coated brand.
    Been with their service and it was more harm than good – unhappy consumers due to their poor customer support, reject payment without appropriate reason, NO buyer/seller protection, always preferable to the credit card companies in terms of dispute.
    Never recommend STRIPE to any e-commerce businesses again.
    Their system simply can’t cope with the frauds.
    That’s why it’s simple.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  293. Miss Cinthea T Coleman says:

    We’ve been with Stripe for 2 weeks.
    Last Friday (Jan 15th) I got an email saying we were conducting fraudulent activities.
    We were freaked out for the long 3 day weekend.
    Then, Monday afternoon, we heard from the accuser, Silas Miller, saying, OOPS, I made a “misstep” and offered free processing for the next $1000.
    Yesterday, Jan 20th, I heard from Chip Rodriguez, also at Stripe Fraud Department.
    He said they were sorry for Silas and need confirmation of our “business model” which we provided when we applied and provided again.
    We sell antivirus software CDs manufactured in Texas, shipped only to the US. I’m in CA.
    Today, he says they’re holding our $3,000+ for 60 days due to the “elevated risk of the disputes”, won’t say the NATURE of the dispute(s) nor which of our customers, they’re referring to who have not contacted us with ANY complaints, problems or charge backs.
    My Attorney says to give them 24 hours and file charges against them for Consumer Fraud. As they’re not a US based company, I suppose it would be International in Scope.
    I believe they take our money and make money off the interest.
    They have no Legal Leg to stand on.
    Just back from the pawn shop.
    Miss Cinthea T Coleman
    Owner, Tech Global US

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  294. H. Postma says:

    Stripe is a scammer! They took the payments, and never transferred it to our bank account. They don’t respond to emails, they are just a bunch of thieves.
    Don’t do business with them!

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  295. MT says:

    I cancelled my membership with Stripe 3 years ago, thought that’s a done deal until they withdraw $600 from my bank account without notifying me this week!
    Thank goodness I check my bank statement regularly and caught this within the same day or I will likely not able to retrieve my money back (as my bank teller has pointed out).
    They are absolutely unprofessional and very dodgy, stay away from them and look for better alternatives!

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  296. Scott Rogers says:

    Stripe is unfortunately ruining my life my business, my employees, and Christmas for their kids.

    We have been running various websites for many years and have always used traditional merchant accounts. Unfortunately, we run many websites, and with traditional merchant accounts the processors want an account for each site and business. When you have 15 sites, having 15 merchant accounts in nearly impossible to manage and we found ourselves creating more problems trying to manage each one vs finding a processor like stripe that we could create sub accounts or something of the sort and be up and running with each new website we launched in hours or less. We were finally making progress and excited to begin using stripe. Money was flowing, deposits were coming, orders were being shipped, chargebacks were low and next to nothing. Refunds, were only our own transactions that we were testing our sites with.

    Things were good as all stories start out in the beginning. Unfortunately that lasted just a short while. We began to slowly receive notifications for each account one by one over time with each notification having different reasons. None of this made sense to us, we were shipping orders, refunds were low, sites were doing good, chargebacks were next to nothing, and everything was in place. The relationship should be perfect match and fit.

    Recently as each account was being shut down, they were starting to place holds, change deposits to 7 days, then no deposits, and a constant loop of scheduling transfers that never happened. You can’t reach them, explain, discuss, or anything. I have managed to get some email responses here and there with very little information flowing, we are left with no choice but to share our story and hopefully avoid this happening to others.

    We now have around $15,000 tied up with stripe. That is a lot of money, and we are 9 days away from Christmas, we have employees to pay this week, they have Christmas to buy for their kids, travels to see family, all to be destroyed over Stripe and their lack of willingness to work with their supporters. I was a big fan, loved their concept and ease to do business. I was like in my head, saying Finally a company that gets it and if for the small businesses out there. I love Stripe.

    That is all being erased with the stress and frustrations they have caused on our business and our personal lives. We need our cash flow and rely on it to operate. They never inquired to see if our orders were fulfilled, customers happy, or anything just shut us down with no information or reasons that we could maybe provide documents, information to satisfy their concerns. While I realize businesses like theirs have to manage risk, I respect that, but did they reach out, inquire, or anything? NO. Worst of all, CHRISTMAS IS RUINED for many!

    I also realize there is lots of fraud out there, they have to take preventative measures, but don’t hurt the good guys, or penalize the ones who run a legitimate operation.
    As we are respected in our industry already which is internet marketing, It is not difficult to prove that a company who by procedure does not communicate by telephone with people, and has more negative press than a presidential nominee already ( as we learned in doing diligence on this issue ) is engaged in unreasonable business practices and unfairness to its clients. We will show this. Sorry your “Hands are tied”. We were hoping for a more favorable response as my concern is for the survival of our small business and my staff and their families.

    This is December 16th today. We will not be able to pay our employees for Christmas without our money. We have been effectively shut down by Stripes actions. Our business will be entirely shut down until we can reapply, open new merchant accounts and go through the painstaking process of integrating the new processors etc to our websites. Stripe didn’t provide a shred of evidence of chargebacks, or what risk level they speak of. Please define how you qualify “Higher than normal risk”. Because form the outside, it looks like you are using MY employee’s paychecks, to fund their company. However; we can absolutely prove we have shipped and continue to ship products. We can absolutely prove any chargebacks or disputes are handled by our accounting staff, we can absolutely prove that the level or “risk” you assess, is probably not based on anything specific to our industry or actual performance.

    Stay clear of Stripe if you want to avoid things like the above, shame on me for taking a chance with a company that does not provide phone support or publish a phone number at all.

    Scott Rogers

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  297. Layana Peterson says:

    Hands down, the absolute worst company to deal with. They are extremely unorganized and under staffed. They required me to do a verification of my site and I completed it. To no evail, they continue to ignore you. Furthermore, you will never speak with the same person about your issue. I have spoken with Tanner W, Neera Pearson, Silas Miller and Polly Gerrick. These people have the unmedigated gall to question he authenticity of my organization and they have no phone number. I’ve sent 6 emails in the past 3 days and have received no correspondence. So tell me who’s the scammer. I pray that my words resignate with all those who read my review…FINALD ANOTHER MERCHANT. A smart man learns from his own mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. My attorney is in the process of reviewing the terms and conditions to see what can be done. But I will notify the world and we’re working on a news cover story for lack of communication with these merchants.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  298. We are a new merchant for Stripe , as they are integrated into a new on line event sales program called Gather. We love Gather and it is very user friendly and we expected the same quality of service and user friendly technology from their credit card processor Stripe. However, Stripe misrepresents themselves by telling merchants funds will be transferred in 2 days and does not advise of their “withholding of funds policy. I’m sure it is somewhere in the legal jargon.

    Stripe accepted 2 payments and transferred both payments to the bank separately. Then they requested an invoice for the first payment.
    Stripe contuined to accept our customers payments and did not communicate they were going to withhold funds.

    To date they are holding funds from 11.19.16 and are holding a total of $19,000 which states on the dashboard the funds are ready to be transferred.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  299. I have a complaint! I do not recall EVER signing up for this “service”, and yet, I am receiving emails from them, stating they have attempted to transfer funds from my bank account, been unsuccessful, and that I need to rectify the problem. I don’t think so! NO ONE gets permission to transfer funds out of my accounts, not even my husband.
    I think Stripe needs to rectify their own issues, and leave me alone!

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    1. Joanna Caroll says:

      Tera, my comment to you is the same as my comment to Dale (above).

      One possibility is if you signed on to an “affiliate program,” where you earn commissions by referring people to an on-site marketplace. You might have signed on to a program like that but most affiliate programs won’t ask for your taxpayer info (i.e., fed form W9) until payment is ready to be made. If you weren’t aware that Stripe is the processor of the payment for the program, you would be alarmed by its request for info.

  300. This is the worse experience I have ever had with processing payments. Stripe doesn’t have a number to speak with anyone. They hold every deposit for almost a full week when platforms like square and PayPal have programs to access you money quickly. I’m not sure if they are hold their customers money to draw the interest that you don’t see or the company is just poorly structured. They are doing a net 7 with your money and they are charging you to do it , iunbelievable. This type of company will kill a small business. If you can’t get access to needed funds in time you will loose a lot of money and business just like I’m doing right now. I would recommend another platforms like square or PayPal in which I was using before, until my website hosting company forced me to use Stripe.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  301. Mark says:

    Stripe’s fraud prevention is zero, they will process any credit card number regardless of the name used or address. Their vetting system is non existent at best. The merchant is charged back with no recourse. They have no phone support to avoid merchant complaints. Stay away from Stripe.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    1. Tahir says:

      I totally feel you. They sent us a chargeback after one month, we sent them back all the info about the customer along with email address and a phone number but to no use.

      We have lost the merchandise and the money on top of that they charged us a $15 dispute fee. Go figure that!

      They absolutely have no seller protection against credit card fraud.

      At least all payment that get processed by PayPal is protected by their seller protection. Stripe no more!

      Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  302. Eric says:

    We have been with Stripe for several years and Ibhave zero complaints. Indeed their email only support could use a phone upgrade, however, given the low is something we can live with and frankly rarely use anyways. I’ve noticed them taking a little longer in transferring funds, once cleared l, which got me looking around for alternatives. However, given my experience… I am staying put.

    1. Eric says:

      In follow up, I should mention we only do B2B and have zero retail running through Stripe. Thus, I can only reflect my views in that end of the spectrum. Sorry for everyone else’s issues but we have none here as far as B2b goes. Zero CBs over 3 maybe 4 years now.

  303. Pavel says:

    Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. I leave stripe this very minute,
    customer claimed they never got the package i provided proof of delivery and communication log, and had it ruled out in favor of customer. so i paid for goods for mailing expenses and i was charged for dispute fee. Thank you very much STRIPE for showing me how much you care . they dont even have people to speak to. i would give a zero rating if i could !!!

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  304. Not only do we no longer use Stripe for our new clients, we’ve recently begun a strategic effort to switch all our customers that we have [unfortunately] setup with Stripe. In the last 12-14 months we have implemented Stripe payment services for 173 clients who have processed an estimated $37,000,000 in that time. Of those 173 clients, 29 have complained that their accounts with Stripe were:
    – Terminated immediately with false claims of fraud (Stripe making the claim when the card holder never made such claim).
    – Terminating “soon” notice due to [most times] a single chargeback that was quickly resolved once the customer was contacted.
    – Terminated due to “excessive chargebacks” when in fact there were either none or less than 1%
    In general, Stripe takes no interest in building any kind of relationship with merchants. Stripe’s business model seems to be hitm’ and forgetm’ in the sense that as long as they can collect as many fees as possible without spending any time whatsoever dealing with the same, day to day things that every ecommerce merchant deals with, all is fine. However, as soon as anything steps away from charge-deposit-repeat, Stripe cuts you loose with little to no warning and often times with false claims made by Stripe themselves presumably to justify their actions.
    I have personally confirmed that many of the claims Stripe made to our clients regarding fraud were completely a work of fiction. This is something that really put me over the edge with Stripe. It’s one thing to enforce very strict guidelines but to make false claims of fraud is unconscionable.

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  305. Stripe Merchant says:

    Beware of using Stripe! It is impossible to win American Express disputes if you use Stripe as your processor – this is something I had to verify by directly calling American Express merchant services (1-800-528-5200). First you have to ask Stripe to give you their American Express ID number to do the verification but if you continue to press for this info and then use it on the call, you’ll be told that none of the payments going through Stripe can possibly ever win a dispute – this means that we merchants automatically lose every single time regardless of the situation!! This is unfair and I don’t know if it applies to Visa or Mastercard and other card transactions but this is important information to know about before using them!

    Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    1. Rob says:

      Yes, this certainly seems to be the case. Personally I don’t think that it is possible to win a dispute and that their “process” is simply a ruse to instill confidence when you have a chargeback dispute. In other words, utter bullshit.

  306. Marc Fuoco says:

    Do not use Stripe. I have a brand new online store and decided to use Stripe. Unfortunately, our 3 last transactions, which were verified by Stripe, were reversed because of a dispute, and they took over 5000$ from our account within a 24 hours notice. It is very important to tell people that once a complaint is done you the merchant cannot do anything!!!! They copy and paste an email (because you cannot get a hold of any human on the phone because they simply have no phone number to reach someone when its urgent!) stating you can contest! Yeah right! The process will take up to 3 monghs. And bottom line you the merchant will never see the color of your money again! Use stripe if you want to lose money, lose customers and go bankrupt!!!

  307. Donna Flor says:

    Don’t use STRIPE, bad customer service, they lies!

  308. Chris says:

    Do NOT do business with this company. HORRIBLE Cust service! Will close you’re account with NO explanation.

  309. Paul says:

    Ok , so – what is going on here?

    We have used Paypal for 5 years , not a single dime lost in disputed charges etc. We have for a significantly shorter time and within weeks of using them we receive “Disputes” for goods shipped with tracking. Then it was ok , and now recently disputes have arrived again.

    When Stripe email us about a “DISPUTE” – we respond with tracking details , at which point they take back all of the money + $25 dispute fee , and they keep all of the fees also?

    At this point it’s a waiting game and we’re told that our payment being returned to us is dependent UPON THE CARDHOLDER’S BANK?

    Excuse me if i’m wrong here , but surely the CARDHOLDER’S BANK is always going to favour their own customer which means you’ll lose out of pocket even when you’ve shipped the item with evidence provided etc.

    We received one dispute > provided evidence of shipment delivery >> STRIPE EMAIL US “YOU HAVE LOST THIS CASE”.
    We received another dispute > provided evidence of shipment delivery >> STRIPE EMAIL US “YOU HAVE LOST THIS CASE”.

    Is a company to be completely avoided or am I missing something here?

    1. Rob says:

      Exactly the same happens with us. They are useless and always side with the bank and thus the customer. In one case a customer even emailed me to say that they made a mistake and contacted their bank, but Stripe still did not resolve in our case. I have had 5 cases so far and not a single win. Over €700 out of pocket which includes their ridiculous “service fees” for disputes.

  310. Ryan Williams says:

    Aweful service. I would not recommend Stripe to anyone. In fact I’ll go out of my way to let people know how bad they are. They closed my account and LIED about why. They said “Our systems recently identified charges that appear to be unauthorized by the cardholder, meaning that the owner of the credit or debit card did not consent to these payments. This unfortunately means that we will no longer be able to accept payments for”

    LIE LIE LIE! I personally know every person (only two or three charges) I charged and spoke to each of them and they NEVER contacted anyone about the charge nor had anyone ever contacted them.


  311. Tiffany says:

    DO NOT use stripe for credit card services, anyone can buy from your store and dispute as fraudulent and they will grant the money to the buyer that you’ve shipped and confirmed delivery. They don’t care about texts, tracking #s, emails, NOTHING!!! Name on credit card matches billing/shipping info, they need to have who ever receives our product from the address ship back then grant money. F for your shitty services…

  312. Paul says:


    We use Paypal and Stripe for our online payments. Stripe definately have a better interace is more user friendly , however – Stripe appear to have no seller protection which means we use 3 fraud tools which we inspect before shipping any orders.

    We have been using Stripe for a while now and in the last week have received 3 “warning” disputes – from buyers claiming they have not received goods. We have uploaded their tracking numbers to Stripe and now they are waiting on the “banks” to make a decision as to whether or not we lose the money (on the goods we have already shipped).

    Is this the way Stripe operates , it’s a russian roulette situation. With Paypal, we provide tracking and we are safe from huge losses. With Stripe , it seems even after shipping goods with tracking – the “banks” can still make unfavourable decisions – putting businesses on the line.

    Your thoughts?

    We are using 3 fraud tools, for 3 transactions the fraud tool showed it was OK TO SHIP.

    So we ship the item , provide tracking – and now we have 3 “warning” disputes from

    Why does Stripe not have any seller protection like Paypal ?

    1. Rick says:

      Could you please tell us these fraud tools? Thank you

  313. Richard says:

    Stripe is integrated with our CRM platform. When it works, they are good. The API integration is good and their rates are much cheaper than Paypal.

    However, when asked to help with a Xero integration the wheels started to come off. They refuse to get on the phone and answer questions and make it incredibly difficult to contact them.

    They recently duplicated a pay out to our bank account. I tried to let them know, but could not reach any customer service team. I wanted to return the funds immediately, but instead they imposed a solution on us that has caused an accounting problem in out automated system. This refusal to communicate is not good when dealing with payment problems.

  314. M. Q says:

    this is the worst credit card company processor do not sign up orders placed have a great deal of fake addresses fraudulent. no seller protection worth the money trying. stripe closes seller’s accounts afterwards when you report fraud and punishes seller for fraud instead of the actual users who committed the fraud. do not sign up.

  315. Stephen C says:

    I ran a GoFundMe campaign… I did not get a choice to not use Stripe… It is just the payment system that GoFundMe offered. My campaign raised just under $7000…now 3 weeks after campaign has finished I am starting to get “fraudulent transaction”claims for some of the donations. Credit card holders claiming that they did not authorise the donation…. I understand that this happens. What I was not told, nor did I get a chance to negotiate was that for every chargeback I am charged a $30 fee on top of the original donation… So if someone “donated” $5 and it is then disputed, Stripe take $35 out of my bank account. It just seems a bit exorbitant.

  316. Ted says:

    Stripe did not disclose the fact that there is no seller’s protection. We lost more than $3200 from a credit card fraud. Stripe did not take actions to protect us and just send us an email stating that they will withdraw the money from our account. This happens two weeks after we shipped out the product to the criminal. Even worse is that Stripe charges a transaction fee about $80 dollars on top of the money we lost. The customer service sucks too. There is no phone number to call. When I complain about the situation, the customer service simple just replied “Stripe isn’t the right fit for everyone “ . 6 months ago when we communicate with their customer services. We were never told that “Stripe isn’t the right fit for everyone “. When we asked them to compare the difference between Stripe and Paypal, they did not tell us there is no seller’s protection. With our sells volume, the fee is about the same as paypal except there is no reserve. Now we have to spend time to monitor all transactions and manually reject all the suspicious transactions. We will move to Paypal. Warning!!! If you really want to use Stripe, you would need to have the capability to filter out frauds, don’t count on Stripe.

  317. Stripe is the worst. NO customer service. there is no number to call when you have an issue. You write them an email, and within 24 hours they will write you back, or not. I have written them on 2 separate occasions with no response. When I receive a payment on my website, I can’t access the money for 5 days even though they say it will be 2 days. Every day during that time, I would log on and see if I have money yet, EVERY time it says “funds available tomorrow”, I go and check the next day , and of course it tells me tomorrow. This goes on for a week. They give you no clue as to where your money is, why they are holding it, or when you will get it. Puts my business on hold when I can access the money my customers send. Company is garbage and won’t respond to customers.

  318. Stephen says:

    We run a hosting business and they gave us 14 days notice as they would be closing our account because our business was in violation of their Terms of Service, section B.5 (“Prohibited Businesses”) I cannot find any reference to hosting in there TOS.

    Its strange that wasn’t an issue when we signed up 2 years ago and have had over £120,000 in payments.

    The fraud checking that Stripe use is rubbish which means we needed to manually check new orders someone could use 20 different cards and then one works and they accept the payment, they need to start using 3Dsecure and Securecode.

    They are always very polite in there responses but they do take days to respond to emails and have no telephone support.

    I never had any issues with them paying us, even when they shut our account they still paid us what they owed.

    We are opening a merchant account, the fees are lower and the 3Dsecure,Securecode is included, I would advise any business doing more than 1000 transactions a month to move to a real merchant account.

  319. Dan Parra says:

    Wow seems like most of us are having the same problem with this bad business people . Here is my story , i been a stripe costumer for over 6 months now one day in my office i came to my computer and it asked me to verified myself to log in , after putting in my password my whole account was deleted! after few attempts on getting a hold of someone from stripe i was unable to use that account again. I re-open an account started taking payments next thing i know they are sending me an email saying i have 5 days to find another server 5 days! and that the money will be on hold for 90 days! what is the issue? long story short this people cost me over 50k and a lot of new business opportunities because they feel i am high risk of something. I asked myself am i being judge for being successful ? I manufacture stuff ship it over to my clients and now i have to wait 90 days to even see my money ? are you kidding me ? who is running this show? why should i not be in tittle to something its mine for product my company is making. This is total bs it really is i thought very high of stripe till now.

    1. Guilhem Fabre says:

      Hi, same thing happened to me, about 7k on hold till mid January, at least did you get your money after the 90 days on hold reserve? Please answer.

      1. Ron says:

        Yes, they are the worst. We sell equipment for bicycle racers. We shipped product all throughout the Summer busy season without being paid for a SINGLE credit card transaction through Stripe. The Paypal and debit transactions all went through OK, so it wasn’t obvious to us why there was so much money not coming in. We didn’t realize until too late that the problem was specific to Stripe. This was over 50% of our business. It appears we are going OUT OF BUSINESS.
        Since it’s past their 7-day policy, those transactions are no longer authorized. We are out of luck, according to Stripe. Stripe says we need to contact all of those customers (all over the world) and see if they will agree to let us run their credit cards again. Seriously?

  320. Jay says:

    Well here is an interesting twist to an already miserable experience with these scum bags. Last year I posted on this feed with the same complaint as most of the people here have experienced. They refunded all the money in my Stripe account to my clients and closed my account because the transactions couldn’t be verified. It was the biggest crock, I had to chase that money down from a bunch of new clients, install a new API into my website, new merchant accounts, a week with out taking new payments. It cost me a ton of money to fix, plus I lost out on new business. What a disaster.

    NOW almost a year later I get an email from STRIPE CONGRATULATING ME that I received a payment from my client. It was a legit email from STRIPE, I went back in forth with a customer service rep who told me I needed to log into my account and cancel the transaction. YOU IDIOTS, you closed my account a year ago!!

    This is just crazy… C-R-A-Z-Y. I contacted my client and sure enough there was a charge on her card. I told her to contact her bank and report fraudulent activity on STRIPE. I have no idea how this could happen… but it is disgusting!!

  321. Lane says:

    This is the worst company ever. It balances on the edge of estortion. I opened an account with only because if was offered on Weebly. Which I have no problem with Weebly. Then after accepting my account, and I had my first charge through them, for $ 1500.00, they sent me an email saying, they could no longer do business with me, I was too much risky, and they were going to hold my money for 60 days. What bull*&&+. Oh, I am sure its in some terms and conditions somewhere, or in a fine print. But, this is absolutely crazy. If they are going to accept accounts, they should do their due diligence before they approve an account. Not wait until the account has money in it, then decide they don’t want you as a customer. I don’t have a problem if they don’t want me as a client. The problem is, check it our first, and then approve or don’t approve an account. Plus, wonder what happens to that money that sits for 60 days? Do we get interest on it? I would never do business with them again, EVER. Now, to settle my issue, I was lucky, the client is a good guy, and I told him, he said just refund the money, and he would pay me in another way. So, I did. Hope that works. For those of you without that option, I feel for you. Someone should stop this.

  322. Bill says:

    I too wish I had read these reviews first..
    For those of you having no issues, great to hear.

    Anyone else thinking of using Stripe, stay away! I had the same experience as many above. Lost $12,000 and now my business is up in the air as we do not have the funds to restock.

    We do plan on filing a civil complaint.

  323. Richard says:

    I’ve had the same experience as most people! I just started my first web shop and the first order I received turns out to be paid with a stolen credit card. Stripe closes my account out of nowhere and charges me an extra fee. I normally don’t give bad reviews, but please make sure you don’t choose Stripe for processing credit card payments! Avoid!

    Hi Richard,

    I’m afraid I need to reach out to you with some bad news. After
    reviewing your information and website, we believe your business
    presents a level of risk for customer disputes that we will be
    unable to support. Specifically, your chargeback rate of 100.0%
    is much higher than the industry threshold of 1%.

    That said, we understand that there may be some work involved
    with moving your business away from Stripe, and we’re happy to
    help out with this process by giving you 5 days to switch to a
    new provider. After that, you won’t be able to accept additional
    charges on your account, but we will continue making transfers to
    your bank account until you receive all of your funds[1].

    Because the 1% chargeback rate threshold is determined by the
    credit card networks, I’m afraid that our hands are tied in this
    situation, and we will be unable to reopen your account. I’m
    sorry we won’t be able to help with your business, and we wish
    you the best of luck as you switch to a different payment



  324. TJ says:

    I am new to Stripe and discovered what a joke this company is after I received this email from them canceling their services to me for TEST CHARGES ON THEIR OWN TEST CARDS (!):


    We’ve noticed that you have processed charges that seem to be unauthorized–in order to make charges with credit and debit cards, the owner of the card must consent to the charge. Charges on your account do seem to lack this consent, which unfortunately means that we will no longer be able to offer service to [site].

    I’m sorry that your Stripe service will be ending so abruptly, but our hands are tied in this situation.

    Can you believe this??? They cancelled the account for USING THEIR OWN TEST MODE CARDS!!!

    What a bunch of amateurs. I struggled a week to integrate this payment system, and paid over $200 in plugins to support it, as everything failed, and then I get this ridiculous email.

    Never again. I don’t recommend Stripe to anyone. This reveals that the service is completely unreliable.

    1. Ron Currier says:

      Did you use test cards in live mode? If so, that was the problem. Banks go ballistic if you send them test card numbers more than once or twice (those numbers are standard across most card processors).

      1. TJ says:

        Not as far as I know. And Stripe never mentioned anything in the emails between us. I followed Stripe’s own suggestions step-by-step to set-up the account. So if any of that was wrong, then they need to change their own instructions. The set-up is actually not that simple to make it work. I had so many problems with it and it took over two weeks to finally get it to function, and they immediately cut me off and blocked the account before I even processed a single payment. $200 loss.

  325. Richard Light says:

    Just started using Stripe and received an email saying that they would not release our funds because they are not happy with our website. They should have told us this before we took payments of £4000. I received an email from them with no contact details other than a name and have emailed them 5 or 6 times with no response. DO NOT USE THEM.

    1. TRAVIS says:

      they never ever rely to your emails – they have left me with NO TAKINGS after refunding all my transactions and now I may have no way of getting payments for the stuff provided,

    2. Guilhem Fabre says:

      Hi, same thing happened to me. 7k blocked because of high risk transaction till Mid January. Did you at least get your money back after 90 days?

  326. Cherry Lawrence says:

    I’m using Stripe with Shopify for my online toys shop. No issue at this moment.

    I used to have increasing fraud and chargeback issue with Stripe. However, it has been reduced by using the free FraudLabs Pro module in Shopify.

  327. Brandie says:

    I had started a fundraiser for a very good friend of mine who lost her husband suddenly in a tragic car accident over memorial day weekend. The funds raised were supposed to assist her with funeral costs. In 3 days we raised $20,000 and I receive an email saying they were going to refund ALL the money we raised – no warning or attempt to correct any unknown issues. They froze the donation page and no on will return any email attempts. Total scam. I hope they can sleep knowing the stress they are causing this young widow and her child.

  328. Del Blanchard says:

    I raised 1500 british pounds on a go fund me site. Stripe then informed me they were closing my account because banks asked them to monitor useres and i processed payments that weren’t authorised. They refunded 1 donor 200 pounds and deposited 555 pounds into my bank account, leaving a mystery total of 648 to 860 pounds in limbo. I have contacted them at least 10 times now asking how to get the money transferred and I get responses like 200 pounds was refunded or I apologize for the inconvenience. No instructions how to correct the problems they are supposedly having or get the balance transferred into my account. It’s just the same bs over and over. I really think they are going to try and keep my balance.

    1. Del Blanchard says:

      It’s now July 17 and I still have no valid response from stripe. This is about 4 months of them holding 648 pounds with no answer from my many emails to them. They just ignore me. I think I am going to pursue this with the law now. Them and go fund me both.

  329. Vlad says:

    Very true, complete waste of money. Multiple fraudulent attempts by the same person that were denied 3 times within the same minute yet (people tried different cards until one worked) and when Stripe approves it. Week later the charge gets disputed, you have to provide evidence from your end that this was a transaction payed for the service and service was delivered, Stripe or Banks they deal with don’t provide you with any of their evidence whatsoever and simply tell you bank requested the money back due to fraud, and they CHARGE you $25 on each of those transaction. Seems like a great way for them to make money themselves, waste of time and money, definitely not recommending for any start-up that has a lot of transactions, Stripe has ZERO fraud detection capability and you will end up paying $25 for every fraudulent transactions every time. And you will always loose regardless of services or evidence you provide, the process is a complete black box.

    1. Darius C says:

      I would have to comment here that I would have to disagree with you and others. Stripe does keep record of cards that are marked as fraudulent which is why that one transaction possibly got denied due to fraud. They do have a system in place to detect possible fraudulent charges, and yes the business is liable for the chargeback charges (which is $15 unless stripe changed it), unless you provide proof that a product was delivered/service rendered, which generally is easy. I have had chargebacks before and after providing evidence, I won the case and had the money + the fee place back into my account.

    2. shiel k says:

      stripe is worst payment service. a buyer disputed a charge over a month ago the for fraudulant charge , stripe inform me that they will debit my checking account + 15$ severice fee first with out my authorization, and then I need to waste time to provide all related documents to fight for the money back. I provided all the delivery record, and close my checking immediately and inform my bank about the scam activity of stripe. Goodbye forever, Stripe!

      1. James Howard says:

        I had to close my bank account also.

        1. Laura says:

          By any chance do you think closing the bank account could have a negative effect on your credit score? I’m seriously considering doing that if I lose the dispute but I would hate for them to report me to collections.

        2. David says:

          Laura, “YES”! Close your checking account! You can close it and reopen a new checking account. And to answer your question on it impacting your personal credit? No. Only if your business is incorporated and has it’s own E.I.N. number and you are just the signer on business checking account. If your business is a sole proprieter can you personally be held liable. I have had to close my accounts before to avoid scammers like Stripe from taking money on charge backs from shady customers and it has not ever impacted my personal credit or bank however, again, my business was incorporated and my personal credit and information was segregated from my business. But unfortunitly, Stripe has moved from taking a new client and waiting for them to transact their customers credit card and then they send a letter stating that you the company did not have authorization to make the transaction and therefore they are refunding your customers and closing your account. The customers never receive a refund and Stripe keeps your money and your out all together to now making bogus statements that your customer did a charge back and therefore debiting your bank account leaving you without your product and money. The customer never gets the refund or knows nothing about it and again leaving you without product or money! I would close it and go with a half way reputable processor.

      2. Laura says:

        I just had the same thing happen to me. A buyer I sold to over 2 months ago just submitted a dispute saying they didn’t authorize the purchase. I submitted all the evidence I have (including emails) to Stripe and also put a stop payment for the chargeback that Stripe was charging me. This is clearly a case of buyer fraud and I refuse to get screwed over. I actually don’t think Stripe is a bad company, their customer service reps are really nice, but they have an extremely faulty system. They shouldn’t do a chargeback on the seller until the bank finishes their investigation. I imagine I will be getting an email or a call from them when they get denied by my bank. If they are willing to be patient with me I will return the favor, but I utterly refuse to give a penny back to a buyer that is trying to steal my item. This has taught me that I have to refuse all purchases even if they only seem somewhat suspicious. I also plan on dumping Stripe after this has been resolved. PayPal isn’t perfect but I haven’t had this kind of issue and I have been with them for 10 years.

        1. Marc Fuoco says:

          Have you any news? Did the payment pass into your account even if you put a hold on them?

  330. Lilie says:

    Stripe is definitely a SCAM. I mean how can you not have a live contact or phonr number for us to call? I used stripe as a paymen option for my storenvy, and I been selling some stuffs. 1 day I received an email saying that 1 of my order, the credit owner reported that they did not made the payment and their bank withraw my money (straight from my bank without telling me) plus an extra $20 whatever fee which I had no idea. So like usually I would contact stripe, guess what no contact phone number, so I emailed them and they replied to me the next day saying there is nothing they can do and I just have to wait and deal with the charges. 2 days later that same buyer come back make more purchases (wth), I dont want to get in more problem so i refunded the payment and got charged $7 for that order :( it didnt stopped there. While i was waiting for that case to be solve another case from another customer was opened (and that customer bought from me before with no problem) and again Stripe just withdraw my money with another $20 extra charge. So no more. I called my bank to block them.

    1. Windy says:

      Hi im going through the same thing did the block work?

      1. Laura says:

        I blocked Stripe from doing a chargeback on my account by setting up a stop payment through my bank. The bank guarantees that Stripe can not charge me. A stop payment might last anywhere from 6 months to a year but after that they could still try. It seems the only way to prevent them from taking money back for a scammer is to close your account altogether. Personally I’m considering this option.

        1. John says:

          Hi Laura,

          Saw you struggled with an issue I’m having now. How did the Stop Payment option workout for you?

          Eager to hear you out.


  331. Adolf says:

    Hey guys is stripe trying to they are holding my $5,000 because on my website I didn’t have enough info ? I updated the info on my website how they wanted me to and guess what? they aren’t replying and holding my $$

  332. Patrick says:

    Don’t ever expect them to respond to their own customer service email system. They have no interest in dealing with customers. No phone number. Will randomly not release money that customers send to you. For a company that just sits there and takes almost 3% of every transaction they process I think they can afford to hire one person to answer phone calls with questions regarding your account. But they choose not to. So I’m closing my account with them after a year and a half of this BS. Any other credit card processing company is BETTER.

  333. Eliza Pompei says:

    I am very sad that i did not come to read all your comments before signing with Stripe!
    WORST experience ever, NO phone number, and when you send them an email they never answer back!
    I sell furniture, so you know furniture are expensive. First of all, i have to deal with their 7 days roll process wich is very sad for a business health,
    and after that, a week after i ship products value of 3000$ they tell me that the payment was not authorized, so they just take from me 3000$ and i lost the goods! Very sad, i cannot lose hope and start to work harder, i sell goods 6000$ worth, and then SAME THING HAPPENS! they take from my account the money and then tell me that i am accepting fraudulant credit cards, and This guy names “Les” says that they close my account for that.

    I feel like i’ve been scammed both by buyers and by stripe, NO marchant protection, NO customer service, VERY LONG processment time, VERY expensive, I chose stripe as an alternative to Paypal, because of the reviews i saw… But now i choose Paypal over Stripe and their bullshit service.

    1. Bob3 says:

      The author of this column Phillip Parker has another article describing what recourse you have against scammers like Stripe. I have filed complaints with all federal agencies, especially the ones that deal with cybercrime. And these guys should spend some time in prison for failing to protect their customers.

      1. James howard says:

        I have also just used Stripe, and I just got an order which I have shipped and the customer received the order. Now I find out that I can’t transfer the money from stripe to my bank account. I have also sent emails after emails and they have not reply once. Now I am out of the product and money spent and nothing received.

  334. Bob3 says:

    Found Stripe through Weebly and have recently discovered what a nightmare they can be when accepting credit card payments. It seems that fraudsters tried over 90 times to order the same item from our site until one finally got through. How their system didn’t notice this is beyond belief. And the worst of it is that you don’t see attempts unless you drill down a couple of layers to see what was going on.

    I’ve been suckered by these sophomores in the industry. I’m more annoyed with myself as I should know better.

    1. David says:

      Hi Bob. Where did you find the additional article on stripe? I am also looking for legal action against Stripe. Which federal agencies did you file with? Maybe FTC? Attorney general? Anyways, i would love to see this company go down!!

      1. Bob3 says:

        David. I may have been wrong about Phillip Parker authoring an article. I’ve gone to the FTC and managed at one point to find a federal cybercrime form. There is the attorney route but you’ll need lots of docs. If you can get the Attorney General’s office in your state to take up the case then things can move. I’ve talked to one of the Asst. AG here in Honolulu and it takes research and time. Let us all know as will I.

  335. Ride Simple Inc says: is one of the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire 25 year career as a business owner! Searching for a better merchant processor other then, My secretary stumbled across Stripe. After reviewing on how great they make themselves out to be, She decided to try our company out with them. After a couple of days of no business we had a rush of customers that needed service. When the service was completed, We started transacting their credit card payments. The following evening we received an email from a gentleman by the name of Les. In his email from Stripe he indicates that because our customers did not authorize any charges for the services we completed that Stripe was cancelling our account. WOW! We were to say the least blown away at this because most merchant companies would at least give us the option to provide invoices, receipts with signature etc. Nope, not this company, they just accuse you of unauthorized transactions and then close out your account and refund our clients credit cards! This to me is theft of services because now we can not recover the funds owed to us by our customers. So we worked for free while stripe played GOD with our money. Our company does not belong to Stripe and Stripe had no right to do this!

    After reviewing Stripe on the BBB and other consumer alert sites, It became clear to me that this Merchant Company is a SCAM!! They hold your money for 7 days for no reason what so ever. Then when it comes time for them to transfer money into their clients bank account they continue to with hold their clients money and it basically takes legal action to get it out of them. If they do not like your process for recovering your money they place you on MATCH system and cancel your account leaving you with nothing to show for your hard work…

    This company needs to go out of business! We will sure campaign in pure joy in those efforts…….

  336. Jake says:

    This comments are quite comical. Switching to Stripe was the best thing I’ve ever done.

    First, your analysis is flawed. You’re comparing swiped pricing (SQUARE) to non-swiped. 2.9% if very good for a low volume, card not present business. Plus, if you’ve ever done business with First Data or traditional VISA/MC vendors there are all sorts of fees for international, business / debit cards, etc. SQUARE is not a good swipe rate at 2.75% (you can get much lower easily) and obviously you can’t do ANY card not present business with SQUARE, so you still need another solution for e commerce.

    STRIPE also only charges 2.9% on international transactions, which is a huge savings if you do international business. PAYPAL charges an extra 1% for international, plus some other fees. The salesmen at Paypal get all mad when you tell them you’re using stripe, because they know they can’t compete.

    The 7 days wasn’t an issue for me, although after 6 months they switched me to 3 days, which is fine. True they don’t have telephone, but they answer email fairly quickly. I’ve never had a chargeback or a missed payment, and almost all of my business is international. I actually lose money when someone send money via paypal, because paypal’s fee is higher for international payments.

    1. David says:

      Only someone from Stripe would post a positive rebuttle for them… Funny thing. Me and my customers still have not recieved a single refund from this company stripe and it has now been 2 weeks since stripe took it upon themselves to refund our company money… They are frauds, we have joined a legal action team in seeijing a law suit against Stripe..

  337. Mikel says:

    Well I wish I had done my research before using stripe with my bigcommerce store. I am officially out of $6870 As of today March 20 2015. I signed up and verified my account i had three orders come in that were successful and not fraudulent. all orders where verified and shipped and delivered. Stripe out of the blue sends me an email and tells me that my account was being closed. I send them an email and attach all information showing the orders where shipped and delivered and out of the Blue stripe refunded the customer. After they received the product. SO now I have to close my New business. We need to start a class action lawsuit. These people are destroying lives.

    1. Eric says:

      Stripe, Inc. is one of the worse and most unprofessional companies I have ever worked with in my entire life of doing business! It seems that everyone who has an issue with Stripe, Inc. has the same related conflict of Stripe, Inc cancelling accounts because of “so called” unauthorized charges when charges were in fact authorized! Once again your account is cancelled they refuse to answer you back via email and have no customer service number! Or better yet once the account with them is cancelled they withdraw money out of your personal business account and state that they will be refunding the clients/customers back, but it has been months now and my clients have not received a refund! This company is fraud and everyone who has dealt with these particular issues needs to get together and take legal action against them! We cannot allow Stripe, Inc. to continue to ruin people’s businesses and hold on to money that is not theirs without issuing refunds when they say that they will! This is known as fraud and something must be done! We need to get together and do something about this! If you have been screwed over by this company and want to do something about it please contact me via email at [REDACTED – personal information] look forward to hearing from anyone via to email who is dealing with similar issues pertaining to this company.

  338. Mithilesh says:

    I started with stripe on 7th march 2015 and on 17 march they send me email that they are not going to business with us as we sell controlled substance but they will continue my transfer but before sending this email they already disabled my transfers.

    Whats the hell is this ?
    I have remaining balance of 2500$.

    We sell bricks and hardwares.

    No one reply me as they mentioned within 24 hours.

    They are fraud, Never use stripe, because when you accept payment then they will hold your payment and also they have no policy that for how much time they will hold your payment.

    I really upset with Stripe service, They ruin my newly starting business.

    1. Ashanit says:

      Did you ever receive your money back. I had the same thing happen to me this weekend.

  339. Sam says:

    What an absolute joke. I ran one transaction for $150.00. I was informed that I would receive funds within 7 business days. 7 days? Are you kidding me. Square and PayPal do next day funding. This company is an absolute scam. Within 2 days after my transaction, I was informed that my account was shit down via email. There is no customer service what so ever. No phone number, and an email address in which you receive no response. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! If you are looking for a merchant processor that actually works and requires no startup fees, I would recommend Square or PayPal Here. I you want more advanced, of with First Data or I am sure any time now the FTC will shut down Stripe. You cannot run a company this way and survive in this world.

  340. Craig J says:

    I originally was lured into using Stripe and used them for 2 businesses I own. Over a year I processed over $180,00.00 without a charge back or a problem. Then one day I received and email from them stating”
    While we hate to give you anything less than a spectacular experience, it does seem that your business does not meet our current account requirements—we are currently only able to support accounts based[1] in the counties listed here [2].

    WTF?? ( I am not selling porn, just online classes and I gave you my address, contact info, ID and website with all details on it. At least MY website has a phone number unlike Stripe!)
    So I changed back to my old processor.
    4 months later I started a 3rd company and unfortunately decided to give Stripe another whirl.
    Soon as I had started processing they sent me an email saying they where extending the payout time from 2 days to 10 days. Ok, no big deal I can live with that. Then a week later they sent another email saying they are closing my account as I have previously had an account with them that was closed and I would have to wait 45 days to receive my funds. (This was on top of the 10 days I already had been waiting for them to pay me $2,500.00.
    Suffice to say I am still waiting for my money and get generic email replies.
    Stay away from any processor who does not have a phone number. Stripe sucks!

    1. Tommy says:

      I have been with Stripe a few years, I do think their rules are very tight and I more or less stay near their 1% charge back rule (I do simple web hosting), but have not been terminated yet, and most importantly they have never been dis-honest or took any money from me like some of the comments on here claim. The earlier comment by Craig J says they terminated his account because they do not do business with company’s outside the countries they list, I don’t understand what Stripe did wrong there… there are processors in Europe I would like to use but they do not do business in the USA so I guess I have to accept that .. right? They are internet based and they kinda only deal with API / automated type websites … I think if your looking to sell goods at the flea market or something for example and need to swipe cards you should look into, seeing all the bad comments and horror stories on here (which I have been following also for a few years), they do make me worry, I like Stripe and think their system is great and don’t want to loose them, I do get a lot more charge backs from Stripe vs PayPal, about 1 every few months and only about one per year with Paypal, they pay every 2 days and have not once been late, and like I said I have never had a problem with them taking my money or anything, in fact I think their fees are very low for the service I get from them. I can understand some of the reviewers frustration, but I don’t think your hurting Stripe much with the bad (and many times made up reviews), I think Stripe is on fire and doing very well. they should they had a great idea, but your just making people like me worry more than likely for nothing — you should be honest with your reviews, if your site is a scam and your customers claim fraud, it’s not Stripe’s fault, get back to work and build something people will want to pay for!

      1. Jake says:

        I’m pretty sure that “Tommy” works for them.I had an account with them and did nothing fraudulent whatsoever and they said I had unauthorized charges so they can’t do business with me.All my charges were legit and I have recordings of all my calls with clients to backup any type of situation that arises like this.So they transferred the money into my bank account only to take it right back out in an hour without my authorization.I asked my client if she disputed something, and she said no, she is happy with my services.Stripe has not responded to my emails or anything so I just contacted my bank today to get my money back.They try to close out your account and keep your remaining balance.I did nothing fraudulent at all and they totally screwed me over.I’m just going to use paypal from now on.Paypal is actually cheaper if you process more than a certain amount.They have the same 2.9 percent +.30 cents fees but after you bring in a certain amount with paypal then it lowers so in the long run paypal is way better.I was using paypal for a few years before trying out stripe and never had a dispute or anything bad with paypal the whole time but once I went with stripe I had these problems.This guy “Tommy” has to be a worker or something for them because how can you say they are cheaper?What a fool.They have no phone number to contact them so that should have raised a red flag right away for anyone.I have 1.5million followers on my twitter page and just tweeted for them to never use stripes services at all because they try to steal your money.I am going to go on all message boards and tell people not to do business with them because I don’t see them lasting either because on the BBB they have 92 complaints in the last few months.Screw Stripe and anyone who is stupid enough to stand behind them

      2. Philip B says:

        I think it’s funny that you can’t share a positive experience about Stripe without being accused of working for them. I’m pretty sure all the bad reviews here are from PayPal employees. That’s just as silly as all the “Stripe employee” comments. I don’t work for Stripe, Stripe works for me. They’re up front about all of their policies. You should do more research before signing up with a company that’s going to process your business’s credit payments. I was not at all taken by surprise by the 7 day payout or the email only customer service since they have it clearly displayed before signing on with them. And it’s not like you can never get them on the phone. If they can’t solve your issue through email, then they schedule a CS phone call. I’ve had no problems with their services, but it sounds like they’re simply not for all business types. I don’t process at a high volume and I don’t sell anything over $200. Average being about $30.

        I just cleared up an issue with my account yesterday. I emailed them on Memorial Day and they contacted me the very next day. We went back and forth for a couple days trying to solve it and couldn’t figure it out. So they scheduled a phone call and after verifying my identity, we figured out the issue and they got me logged back in to my account. If you’re not the type of company that can take a little extra time to solve problems, then Stripe is not for you. Along with the benefits of how they operate come vastly different security measures. Don’t blame them, just choose the right processor for you business type. You want to benefit from their simpler and cheaper function so you sign on completely ignoring the risks associated. As much as I like Stripe, if I started moving 1000s of dollars of product a day, I’d definitely switch to a different processor and just pay the monthly dues and lower transaction rates. Like you all should have done.

        1. Eric B says:

          The company has tons of complaints across the internet….If they’re all supposedly PayPal employees like you say, then that’s a lot of employees posting bad comments on their free time. Gee, how do they find time to actually get any work done at their offices? Maybe PayPal has a “Trash Stripe Department”? I doubt it.

          By the way, i’m not a Paypal/Square/whatever other competing company employee…i’m someone who has also had a bad experience similar to most of the people posting here despite not having done anything to warrant it.

          1. CPO Admin says:

            Hi Eric,

            Can you elaborate on your negative experience? A bit more detail might be helpful to other merchants.

  341. I Guess the Joke is On US says:

    Same thing- getting the you have 5 days until your account is closed blah blah blah Bulls*it with them- And on another account I haven’t even utilized- they said ‘We’ve noticed that you have processed charges that seem to be unauthorized–in order to make charges with credit and debit cards, the owner of the card must consent to the charge. Charges on your account do seem to lack this consent, which unfortunately means that we will no longer be able to offer service’

    There hasn’t even been a charge to that account made yet!

    It’s crazy- they are nothing but a fraud- they are also withholding funds that should have already been in the bank days ago before they pulled this stunt on me. I think it is safe to say ladies and gentlemen- we won’t see a penny.

    They are quite happy to be moving along with Bitcoin and kickstarter and ApplePay though aren’t they- dump on the small business now is what it seems. Sad thing that companies like Stripe get away with that.

    No communication
    No phone number ( guess that should have been a red flag)
    Doesn’t send funds
    Makes up erroneous stories on why they all of a sudden can’t process your business when you have been with them for over a yr with over 10K processed per month.
    Smells fishy to me….just saying….

    God luck to everyone – I sincerely hopes someone goes after them to protect other hard working businesses like ours.

  342. Mike D says:

    I received an email from Stripe last week telling me that I needed to update some information or I would no longer receive payment transfers. I responded to the email within 10 minutes with the required information. Since that time (6 days) I have received no transfers from Stripe. I have contacted the company on a daily basis through their email/messaging system and have never received a response.

    After searching the ‘net for a customer service telephone number I came across this website. Obviously, this company has some serious problems with their customer service. I have used Paypal for the past 7 years (over 40,000 transactions) and have never had a problem. I have found Paypal’s customer service to be great, although I rarely need it.

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to how I get my money? Is there any way to speak to an actual person at Stripe?


  343. Since these types of websites seem to exist for hearing complaints, I do want to say that after using Stripe for well over 2 years, I haven’t had a single problem with them and prefer them to PayPal. Unless it is a weekend or holiday, my money is being deposited within 24 hours to my bank account. No customer complaints either which over the course of years I have had plenty of times about PayPal to the point that unless I offered another payment option I would have lost that customers business.

    while you can count complaints to give a business a lousy score here, you aren’t being sure that you are getting reports from the happy and satisfied Stripe users. I think if you did you would see a much better representation of how people feel about Stripe.

    1. SARA says:

      Stripe is a rip off and they need to be taken to court! If there a lawyer interested in this scam online, we will want to add our company to the battle. STripe “STOLE” because this is the word fro what they are doing. Someone bought an item with a stolen credit card. They told told us to go ahead and ship. Afterwards and Thank GOD we didnt ship as it was a $10,000 dollar watch. There was a chargeback because the credit card was stolen. They have awful costumer support. no one answer questions. At the end Stripe stole $350 dollar from us saying this is their fee for the dispute charge back. WHAT FEE? the transaction didnt went on. If we didnt waited on the shipment we will have been without the watch and without the money.

      Are you with Stripe? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  344. Toni Thom says:

    My heart is sinking further and further as I read these comments. After 4 months of perfectly find business operations, using Stripe as our payment processor, out of no where they cancelled our account at 3:00pm on a Friday, telling us we had to find another payment processor in 5 days, which gave us until Tuesday. We emailed back requesting an explanation and told them we are more than willing to work with them in order to come in to compliance because, up until this point, we had really enjoyed working with them. No response. We worked all weekend and all day the following Monday to switch over our payment processor only to receive an email late Monday night letting us know they’ve changed their mind and have decided to allow us to stay. Hesitantly, we re-coded our website, once again, to use Stripe as our payment processor. Over the course of the next several days we received multiple emails from various Support persons at Stripe giving us completely conflicting information. One person said we were good to go, another said our attempts to be in compliance were essentially hopeless, and a third was instructing us on how to migrate our current client data over to our new processor. I finally started a while new Support ticket explaining the conflicting information and finally heard back from someone who confirmed we were in “good standing” and could conduct business as usual. Great. HOWEVER, they have not released our funds to us since January 30, 2015. We have no received a single transfer from Stripe since the beginning of this debacle. Two people have told me they are “looking in to it” and “will get back to me with answers” but we have not heard a single thing. We, like many of the people on here, are a small start up company, relying heavily on the funds we receive. I’m at a loss. They are so unresponsive, so disorganized, and so deceitful. They appear really helpful but completely leave you in the dark, instead. I am hoping they release our funds soon. It’s been almost a month!

  345. Alex says:

    I wish I looked this up to start with, joined free agent and they suggested that I join stripe so that people can pay through invoices, makes it easier for me as Im a carpenter and most people want to pay by card or cash but card is better so I don’t have to keep going to the bank to pay in money. Anyway I send the invoice through free agent then they click the link and pay. Had an email from stripe saying they can’t verify my website, 1. I joined to get paid through invoicing through free agent if they look they would realise this. 2. It’s taken them 4 days since the payment was made to decide to put my money on hold. I wonder how long it will take them to email me back.

    1. Jordan says:

      Alex, it took them a week to respond to me… only to tell me they were refunding all my money to the credit cards that were charged.
      I replied to that email five times and they never bothered to reply to me again. Closed my account and refunded the money. I had to manually contact my clients and ask them to re-submit payment through paypal. Even if they decide to unlock your account, I would get out as soon as I could. I went with Paypal, fees are ok… but most importantly it works and the customer service is phenomenal. I asked stripe for a phone number so I could call them, they told me they don’t handle customer service over the phone. This service is… well, not much of a service. Good luck to you!

    2. Have you heard back from Stripe? We are experiencing an unexplained funds hold as well. They have not released funds to us since January 30th. We emailed on February 11th and have yet to get an explanation.

      1. Alex says:

        Yeah, they emailed yesterday apologising and saying the funds will be in my account within 7days. I’ve asked them to close my account once the funds are with me and ive moved over to world pay

  346. jasmine says:

    This company sucks ive been waiting for over a month to get my money and all they make is excuses as to why the transfer didnt go through and then they urge you to contact your bank when the bank has nothing to do with it. Alot of peoples businesses have gone down the drain because of them and not to mention they ignore your emails and they randomly shut peoples accounts! its an awful company, I should have stuck to paypal.

  347. Eff says:

    I am fundraising through gofundme which uses Stripe to process payments. Mid way through my campaign, Stripe tell me that they are terminating my account because I pose a high risk. I have been given no explanation whatsoever about this supposed ‘high risk’ and I cannot use another provider on gofundme so will have to cancel my fundraising page. I am raising money to work with orphans in East Africa and this happens? I am totally shocked and sad about this.

    1. Simon Fielding says:

      They did exactly the same to me the other day and I’m desperately trying to open up some form of discussion with them. It’s absolute nonsense as we’re an online store selling massage products, nothing inherently risky about us at all.

      Not easy to discuss anything with them WHEN THEY HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER AND DON’T ANSWER EMAILS!!! What kind of company doesn’t have a phone number? The kind that know they’ll have lots of angry people ringing them.

      1. Guilhem Fabre says:

        Hi, same thing happened to me. 7k blocked because of high risk transaction till Mid January. Did you at least get your money back after 90 days?

  348. Jordan says:

    I am shocked, I received an email two weeks ago from STRIPE stating that they were refunding all processed funds to my customers because of (what appeared to be) unauthorized charges.

    There was a days notice between them draining my account, refunding the money to my subscribers, and closing my account.

    I provide an audio production service… nowhere in their terms does it state there is a problem with any such service. I scanned my STRIPE customer log and found nothing even remotely fraudulent.

    Now, I have lost my lease money, my general expense fund and any glimpse of a profit that there might have been.

    Now, in order to run my business I have to have my developer re-integrate a completely new credit card processing service….. and this is going to cost me.

    During the past two weeks I have made several attempts to contact them and resolve whatever issue they have.
    There is no phone number…. I have emailed four times in two weeks and have not heard back from them.

    THIS IS CRAZY – How can a company like this just shut you down over assumed business practices?
    If they would reply to my emails I could have navigated through my dashboard with them and shown them there is clearly no fraudulent activity happening.


  349. Jag says:

    I completely agree with Sierra. Sharing the same feeling. Stripe is killing lot of start up businesses. NEVER TRUST STRIPE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. STAY AWAY.

    Stripe my customers. Infarct, since it is a startup , all the customers are loyal and had long term tala tigons with them
    All of sudden stripe sent the below message and refunded all money. Scary thing, it’s unsure whether you customers really received refund.
    Stripe mail.

    Stripe provides a service between banks and our users. In order to provide service to our users we are urged by our banking partners to keep an eye on all accounts that sign up for our services. In the process of keeping an eye on your account, we’ve noticed that you’ve processed charges that seem to be unauthorized. In order to make charges with credit and debit cards the owner of the card must consent to the charge. Charges on your account do seem to lack this consent which unfortunately means that we will no longer be able to offer service to your website.

    To guard against currently pending charges that may be unauthorized by the cardholder we will be refunding all charges that have yet to reach your bank. If you’d like to recollect these funds you will need to reach out to your users and arrange an alternative form of payment.

    I do apologize that your Stripe service will be ending so abruptly but our hands are unfortunately tied.


    1. MCHart says:

      I had the exact same thing happen and it has cost both my clients and me time and money – I cannot say how disappointed I am in their abruptness and lack of customer service.

  350. N says:

    I’m a consumer who was warned by the retailer processing my payment through Stripe that although he does not save credit card information, Stripe does. Is that accurate and how can I prevent that from happening? I’d like to purchase the product.

  351. Roy says:

    Don’t have idea if Stripe are scammers or not …. but after I received 2 orders on my website and the payout were scheduled to be sent on July 9 , I received an email from Stripe saying : “we’ve noticed that you’ve processed charges that seem to be unauthorized. In order to make charges with credit and debit cards the owner of the card must consent to the charge” Anyone received the same email from them and after that the customers were refunded and stripe account closed ? Is really weird.

  352. C ranklin says:

    Has anyone been able to get a normal “bank” statement from Stripe like you receive from every other financial institution in the world? Why is this a foreign concept to provide a month end statement of activity? Am I missing something?

    Thank you

  353. Kieran says:


    We are currently having the exact same issue with Stripe. They are claiming our company has duplicate accounts, that have received high numbers of chargebacks. Well, that 100% is not the case. We have only ever created one account so I have no idea where they get this cock and bull information from.

    Luckily for us they cancelled our account after they’d sent us the clients money so apart from the fact that we are now unable to process with Stripe we haven’t lost any money.

    All I can say, is good riddance to Stripe. We’ll be happily taking our business to another provider.

    Be aware anyone considering using Stripe! They will lie and make things up just to be able to close your account. I’d be interested to see if they do actually refund those payments Sierra that they claimed to or whether they keep the fees etc.

  354. Jerome says:

    Stay away from this company, definitely a FRAUD company.

    They emailed which i pasted below, they have clearly allowed the my customers to get charged and now they are keeping my money and not receiving any response to any of my emails. If you are a starting business, never trust this company, or you will have a BIG BIG headache. Bunch of thieves!!!

    Hi Jerome,

    Thanks for using Stripe! We periodically review accounts and your account recently came up for review.

    In reviewing your account, it looks like the payments you’ve processed with us so far have been entered manually through manage. Stripe isn’t a virtual terminal, so this isn’t its intended use; we can better serve you and your customers when your customers give you their credit card information via your website, or perhaps through one of the invoicing applications that integrate with us:

    Given that you are manually keying in transactions at this time, we will need to review invoices for the payments accepted to date. Would you mind sending along this documentation at your earliest convenience?

    We will need to confirm this information before we can transfer payments to your bank account. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  355. Worst Customer service ever. No Phone number. Under no circumstances, you should use them. We were prompted to use them thru our on line store Big Commerce. Wost mistake EVER. They have accepted to credit card charges for a total of $1160.00 and for some reason, don’t have the ability to get our account set up.


  356. rick says:

    Refused to service our card business because they dont like weapons. We sell mace and pepper spray along with other self defense products. See e mail from them below…….

    Thanks for signing up with Stripe!

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to help out with payments for, as the site is in violation of our Terms of Service, section B.5 (“Prohibited Businesses”). Specifically, we are unable to accept payments for weapons — which includes pepper spray — as described here:

    These restrictions come from our banking partners, and so sadly we have no flexibility here. It’s frustrating for us to have to turn away businesses, but in this case our hands are tied.

    I’m sorry we won’t be able to help beyond this point; please let me know if you have any questions.


  357. Brian says:

    Do not I repeat do not sign up for Shopify Payments aka STRIPE. It is a scam as others are stating. Avoid at all costs. Use another credit card processor.

    I was using North American Bancard as my processor for 15 years prior to starting a small subsidiary website @ I never had 1 problem in 15 years with NAB. My credit card payments were always deposited in a timely manner, and the correct amount was deposited and I never had my money held or had any charge-back issues, not once.

    Well, after using STRIPE for 1 week, I have encountered 3 major problems that I never encountered with any prior processor going back to 1996.

    1) my 2nd sale for $1100 is being held for 60 days, they are stating it is fraudulent. I have provided them with information stating it is not…so far I have not received any timely response concerning this matter.

    2) my 2nd payout to my bank account was the incorrect payout amount, and was incorrectly itemized
    in my Shopify “dashboard” which shows you everything related to your hosted website including individual sales.

    3) my 3rd and 4th sale occurred on 2/21 and 2/22, the money was deposited on 2/28 = 6-7 days later. This is not acceptable. This could be a big reason on its own not to sign up for STRIPE.

    The customer service for Shopify and Stripe sucks to say the least. No one seems to know anything or is of any help. It’s always “someone else is working on it” or “so and so will get back to you” or “it’s been kicked up to another department for review” etc etc

    I have provided Shopify with detailed information on all of the above issues and have not received any positive response or a solution, as of today 3/2/14

    After 10 days I have deactivated STRIPE. I repeat to all who read this. Do not sign up for any of the 3 programs offered by Shopify and use STRIPE for your credit card processing. Pay the $79 for the Pro level and pay a 1% service fee or pay the $179 Unlimited fee and use another processor at 0% service fee, but do not sign up for STRIPE. I am saving you time, money and aggravation.

    After I signed up to use Shopify as web host in early January I started using Paypal Payments Pro to handle my processing and that worked flawless, not one problem, 5 Star rating. You receive your money instantly in your account. You do not have to wait 1 week to receive your money as with STRIPE. I am switching back to Paypal Payments Pro or another processor like NAB to handle all my credit card sales at my Shopify website.

  358. Joanie says:

    So far not too good. I glad I am testing my site before going live. There are server issues and no support.
    I wish I had taken the time to read reviews before I agreed to using Stripe for my web based business. Good thing is I can still change providers.

  359. Daniel Cooper says:

    Had 20,000 waiting in an account and stripe completely refunded all of my customers without even speaking to me! What kind of bs is that????

    NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE STRIPE!!!!!!! it’s a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  360. Olya says:

    This company is FRAUD. This is my letter to them, I hope you will understand everything from it:

    Stripe Team,

    First of all, I’m very disappointed in your customer service. You do not stand behind your customers. You are not replying in time. You were lying about the status of my account by saying that you want to transfer me the money back.

    Second,you closed out the dispute without even considering the documentation (Customer’s signature upon receiving my product). Nothing was explained to me.

    Third, I consider your company as a Fraud and I’m not allow you to deal with my financial institution & my funds. I don’t owe you any money.

    Forth, 80% of reviews that I have read about your company indicate that you are “fraud”. I’m going to post my reviews about your company and share my experience as well.

    If you are not agree I will take a legal action against your company. I can easily proof that I’m right. My customer did received my product, signed upon receiving my goods, etc.

    Thank you for understanding.

  361. Scott says:

    Very disappointed in Stripe’s customer service. They do not stand behind their customers but rather the consumer when it comes to disputed charges. They closed out the dispute without even considering the documentation (signature from UPS) Will be looking for a new gateway.

  362. Meredith says:

    I’ve had a merchant account for years, with not so much as a single problem. I’m now trying to consolidate all my processing under one umbrella that will work with my main site as well as Shopify. Our processor of choice is taking a while to get going, so I decided to try Stripe as a stop-gap. It was easy enough to install, and the customer service folks assured me via email that we could authorize-only. I did a test-run, charging my own card for a small sale, and unfortunately, just as Sierra said, the sale was captured. I talked to Shopify support, and they verified that my settings are correct, but told me that Stripe had something set on the backend that they could see set to capture, and he (the Shopify rep) was quite concerned. I emailed Stripe and asked for help, but have heard nothing back after three follow-up attempts. Indeed, this feels quite ominous to me. Having just gone through a “real” merchant account application, this was too easy, and while I should pass with flying colors, the fact that they’re capturing when they assured me they wouldn’t, and now basically “not answering the phone” is highly concerning. y new store isn’t open yet, and I think I’ll keep it that way until the real processor is up and running. This isn’t worth the risk.

    *****Before I even got to actually post this, I heard back from Stripe…. it seems they say that SHOPIFY does not support authorize only.. that’s right, they’re blaming the problem on Shopify. They told me:

    “I’m afraid that doing this via Shopify would not be possible, as it is not currently supported by that platform.

    It sounds like in your case you would want to go ahead and capture those funds before your work on the custom piece is completed, and then make sure that your customer is well informed of the timeframe that it will take for you to complete and ship the piece.”

    Yup, Stripe encouraged me to circumvent Visa/MC rules. I also quite plainly TOLD Stripe that I was on Shopify when I asked them about authorize only in the first place, so this is really interesting. I forward this entire email to my support guy at Shopify – he was not amused. Well, I won’t be using Stripe. Too bad, they were a nice interim solution.

  363. Sierra says:

    I am a single mother of 4 children that decided to use my last $2000 to start a business online. I am not able to get a job due to many factors, and I have a business with fantastic potential. Well, that all fell apart when I decided to try using Stripe, who took $450 of my $2000 and ruined my business before it could even get off the ground.

    I was reluctant to try Stripe payment processing because of all of the negative reviews I have read. Let me tell you, if you are considering opening an account with Stripe, please believe that they will most likely rip you off, lie to you about account status, and take your money. This is a new company in the financial world that clearly is trying to lure customers in with promises of instant approval, only to take your money and close your account with no warning. And if you are an honest business person who ships orders quickly like me, then you will also be out for the cost of the product you shipped to your customers.

    So here are the details of my story to back up my claims:
    March 1, 2013 –
    I sign up for Stripe and provide standard information. Confirm email address. Because of the bad reviews I have read I decide to wait a few days before implementing Stripe.

    March 4, 2013 –
    I send follow up email:
    Hello there,
    I signed up last week and I wanted to check to see if the account was fully active and ready to begin processing payments. Can you please tell me if I am fully approved? The account is under [email protected].

    Stripe response from same day (from Naomi):
    Your account is fully active from the time you activate it so you’re good to go with us :-)
    All the best,

    I reply the same day to double check because of the bad reviews I have read. I wanted to make certain that I could begin charging customers. I write:
    Thanks but I thought there was an underwriting process..? I just want to make sure there will not be any issues once we start charging out customers because I have read some bad reviews and it spooked me a little bit. Thanks for the quick response by the way!

    Stripe response same day (from Naomi):
    No problem :-)
    We reserve the right to review your account at any time, but you can take payments immediately once you activate your account:

    If you click the link you will also read Stripe claim:
    It takes just a few minutes to activate your account by providing some basic information about you and your business. Once you’ve activated your account, you can begin running real charges immediately.

    At this point I feel that enough time has gone by, with assurances from the staff that I can begin charging customers.
    March 5, 2013 – First succesful order charged using Stripe. I notice that Stripe automatically charges the customer instead of ‘Authorizing’ and then later capturing the funds. I am ‘by the book’ and am concerned so I again reach out to Stripe:

    I do have a question though because I see that the customer was charged right away. I double checked our shop setting in Shopify admin and we have the option checked to “Authorize Only”. We do not want to actually charge the customer until the product ships which is best practice. I do not see any settings in the Stripe admin to change this. Any ideas…?

    Stripe response:
    Stripe doesn’t actually allow authorizations so that setting in Shopify won’t work with us.

    Hmmm, okay this sounds kind of strange and phishy to me…. I wonder why….

    There would be two more orders to go through for a total of $450. I purchase the products from my suppliers to fulfill the orders. I am trusting at this point that I will see my money from Stripe in 7 days (as they promise).

    March 5 & 6, 2013 – All 3 orders were shipped to customers and are in various stages of delivery. Customers are provided tracking numbers, everything seems good, until…

    Received email from Stripe (from Lucy) –
    Unfortunately we won’t be able to help out with payments for, as our banking partners prohibit us from helping with payments associated with a business we’ve had to reject previously.
    Sadly we have no flexibility here. It’s frustrating for us to have to turn away businesses, but in this case our hands our tied.

    Weird. I think that maybe they accidentally sent me this email or just made a mistake.
    So I reply:
    I never applied before, what do you mean?

    Stripe reply (from Maria):
    Thanks for your email and I am sorry about this situation.
    Unfortunately, you account was associated with several we have previously had to reject in one or more ways. This might not be 100% accurate, but our banking partners require that we follow these security procedures. You will have to find another way in which to accept payments from your users.
    All the best, good luck on your business,

    I like the part where she says “This might not be 100% accurate” and how I am wished “All the best, good luck on your business”. I can’t help but think she is writing that in a sarcastic tone because she knows that luck is the only thing that can save me at this point.

    My response (to Maria) –
    What about the few charges that were made and the balance in the account? I have already paid for the goods and shipped the orders (I have tracking numbers if you need).

    Response (from Maria) –
    I am sorry for the trouble, but you will have to find alternative forms of payment from those customers. There is nothing we can do.
    All the best,

    Okay wonderful, so first you cancel my account after I made certain the account was okay to begin charging customers. I don’t have any alternative payment methods except if the customer mails me a check. I am sure they are going to get right on that (after they have already received their product). And wouldn’t that sound incredibly “scammy” for me to contact my customers and ask for a check? I give that about a 1:1000 chance of actually getting paid.

    My reply:
    What?! You mean you are keeping my money? You have got to be kidding me!!

    Response (from Maria) –
    Thank you for your email and sorry for the confusion.
    We are not keeping your money. We are refunding each payment to your customers.
    All the best, good luck on your business,

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to inform your clients in the first “our hands are tied” email to explain that the customers are being refunded? I mean, do I really need to inquire about this and dig up the information. At this point time is of the essence because if what Stripe says is true and they are refunding my customers, then I am now up against the clock to try and locate these shipments before they get delivered.

    They also do not acknowledge the fact that I have tracking numbers, nor do they seem to care. I still have no idea how I am going to handle this situation and my choices are to either have the product delivered and beg for a check to be sent in the mail, or try to stop the shipment before delivery, then make arrangements to ship the product back to the supplier. In this case, the customer will not receive their merchandise, and unlike Stripe, I care. So I guess my only option is to let the product deliver and hope to get paid.

    My response:
    “So will they have already seen the refund on their statement? Because obviously they are not going to pay me with any other method if the charges are still showing on their statements. Do you have proof that the refunds have happened.

    Your process is completely backwards and Stripe is causing unecessary problems. You should never tell someone that they are approved and good to start charging, wait until charges are made, and then cancel/refund orders when goods have already been shipped. Clearly it is an attempt to lure in honest business people with an ‘instant approval’ which really is not instant. I double checked before starting to charge customers with your company and was reassured.

    Don’t tell vendors they are approved if they are not. You really have no clue on your side how much havoc this creates.”

    Do I get a response? Nope.

    So, if any others have a similar experience then I recommend writing about it. I am leaving my contact information for an attorney who is investigating a class action lawsuit against Stripe. These business practices are detrimental to small businesses like myself. As I mentioned in the beginning, I had only a couple thousand dollars to try and get this business going. I feel like it coould have provided enough money for my entire family to get by. But now, I have had 25% of this money taken from me, and have also spent 2 days trying to rectify this mess. I don’t know if my business will make it now, because I need to pay my supplier for the goods before I ship products out.

    In my opinion the root cause of all of this is that Stripe is trying to gain business from Paypal. They are trying to streamline the setup proccess and make it faster than Paypal. In my case, Stripe is pre-integrated with Shopify and the setup process was very simple. But, this is a deceitful advertising and business practice that Stripe is doing. They are willing to wreak havoc after the fact and cancel customers if it means that they can quickly sign up thousands of unsuspecting new customers.

    My final email to Stripe:
    As I mentioned before I will be posting on the websites I mentioned and will certainly email you links once posted. I will also place comments on blogs with this same topic and attach myself to any civil or class action lawsuit (believe me it is coming if there isn’t one already). Shame on your company for poor business practices, you are truly showing that you are rookies in the world of financial business practices. As you can read, I am well spoken and will share my story with the world. I hope to pursuade as many people as I possibly can to not use your services and I truly hope that can translate into thousands of dollars in lost business for Stripe.

    Thank you,
    Stripe Enemy #1

    If Stripe were a responsible business, then they would take your application, process it for however long it takes (3-5 days maybe?) and then give you a response. But because they are greedy and sneaky, they tell you that your account is “fully active from the time you activate”. For me this was March 1, 2013. I am just thankful that I was smart enough to trust the other reviewers out there to not jump in so fast. If I had starying charging my customers right away, then Stripe would have taken all $2000 from me and I would be completely broke and shut down for good.
    If you are a lawyer who is considering legal action against Stripe, then please contact me at [email protected]. If this email address can not be posted, then reply to me in the comment section and I will find you.

  364. Tommy says:

    I should also mention that the system we use (WHMCS) also has a type of anti-fraud plugin (MaxMind which is free), it helps block fraud which is very common now a days, PayPal, for example, has fraud prevention built in and was built for E-Bay when they first started and best for shipping goods like you do Harry… Stripe seems to be geared toward web businesses such as web hosting providers, membership sites, etc. … While we have very few problems with PayPal fraud, customers can still open PayPal disputes which we almost always loose because they require a shipping confirmation but since we deal in digital goods there is no shipping label.

    It’s now been several months and Stripe is still doing great, no problems and payments still come in like clock work., always on the 6th day unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, in that case we get them on that Monday

  365. Tommy says:

    Stripe is great, clients never leave the website, does single and recurring, they claim to send out payments every 7 days but I always get my payments a day early, very simple and very fair fees. My Auto DJ is a SHOUTcast and Web Hosting provider, so we don’t deal in shipping goods Harry, but I am so sorry about what happened, I have had nightmares with other processors so I have been there many times but so far Stripe is working out great! When clients get their credit card statements the charge is listed as MYAUTODJ, with other processors such as PayPal (who we also love :), the charge on their CC bill is listed as PAYPAL, somethins the client can forget what it was for and open a dispute — not the case with Strip! We use WHMCS as our client & billing manager, and use the Stripe gateway, check out the order process, — works seamless!

  366. Harry Harbach says:

    First transaction on shopify. Payment received via stripe and I was told to ship. I validated my account and shipped my package. Then I received an email that stated that they could no longer do business with me because I’m reselling name brand electronics. Fair enough, I”m okay with that.

    Then a few minutes later I get a message that they wont be able to transfer my funds because the successful transaction was likely done with a stolen credit card.

    Okay…. well that’s interesting and there is insurance to protect the consumer so I assume I’ll be made whole as well. So I try emailing back to discuss with swipe….. nothing….. So, I go to their site and look for the customer service line….. nothing…. now I’m feeling like I’ve been scammed….

    So…. I send another email to their only contact information available… nothing….

    I would recommend going another route if your a small business.

  367. Shari Kunz says:

    We did not receive our scheduled transfer from today. To say the least, we are extremely concerned. This throws up red flags.

    1. Phillip Parker says:

      Hi Shari,

      I would appreciate it if you keep us updated on the progress of your situation.

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