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Company Overview

North American Bancard, in operation since 1992, is a merchant account provider that has grown into one of the largest merchant services providers in the United States. This credit card processor is a large super ISO that specializes in providing credit card processing services supplied by First Data (now Fiserv) and Global Payments but manages its merchant customers directly with in-house customer support. The company also markets a mobile point-of-sale app and card reader called “PayAnywhere” and is the parent company of Electronic Payment Exchange, Humboldt Merchant Services, CDITech, Money Machine, Point & Pay, Velocity, and Argus Payments (now “Inovio“). In May 2017, North American Bancard acquired Total Merchant Services for an undisclosed sum. In September 2020, North American Bancard also acquired SALIDO, a leading hospitality technology provider. March 2022 saw the company acquire B2B payments firm Paytrace.

North American Bancard Payment Processing Services

North American Bancard processes all major debit and credit cards for any size of business. Among their extensive product and solution offerings are storefront web-based payments, EMV and NFC solutions, NAB PCI Plus security, Quickbooks merchant account integration, payment reports, touchless pay, discounts for cash payments, inventory and customer management, employee tools, loans, gift and loyalty programs, check processing, dispute management, and billing tools. In terms of payment options, they offer the Payanywhere family of card readers, smart terminals, smart POS, and pin pads; Igenico pin pads; e-commerce setups; the and USAePay payment gateways; and the NAB virtual terminal.

In-Store Payment Processing at North American Bancard

North American Bancard provides traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems designed for brick-and-mortar businesses. These POS systems accept a variety of payment types and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business.

Online Payment Solutions of North American Bancard

For businesses that operate online, North American Bancard provides secure e-commerce payment solutions. This includes a payment gateway that is designed to process online transactions securely and efficiently, thereby facilitating smooth online sales.

Mobile Payment Services by North American Bancard

For businesses that require mobility, North American Bancard offers a mobile payment service. This service enables businesses to accept payments through a mobile device, providing flexibility for transactions in various locations.

North American Bancard’s Security Measures

North American Bancard employs several security measures to safeguard transactions. They aim to protect businesses and their customers by reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and data breaches.

Software Integration at North American Bancard

North American Bancard’s services can be integrated with different business software systems. This feature facilitates easy management of sales data and provides businesses with valuable insights into their operations.

Location & Ownership

North American Bancard lists Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA, BMO Harris Bank N.A., Chicago, IL, Citizens Bank N.A., Providence, RI, The Bancorp Bank, Philadelphia, PA, and FFB Bank, Fresno, CA., as its acquiring banks. The company is headquartered at 250 Stephenson Highway, Troy, Michigan 48083. Marc Gardner is the president and CEO of North American Bancard.

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North American Bancard payment processing
North American Bancard offers a variety of standard payment processing services

North American Bancard Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Item Result
Total Online Complaints 200+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits Yes

Numerous Customer Complaints

We have found a moderate-to-high number of negative North American Bancard reviews, many of which are filed in the comment section of this NAB review. The company appears to make some effort to respond to and resolve public complaints; however, North American Bancard would fare much better in this review if it did a better job of preventing the problems that are causing the complaints in the first place. If you have a North American Bancard review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Common Complaint Themes

Many of the complainants report difficulty resolving problems and minimal cooperation from North American Bancard prior to filing a public report. The most commonly reported problems are agents using deceptive sales tactics, hidden and surprise fees in the North American Bancard rates, sudden rises in fees shortly after service begins, non-disclosure of the service length agreement, and the cost of the early termination fee. Nearly all of these problems can be traced back to agents who fail to verbally disclose important terms of the contract. These agents are either unaware of the terms or rely on merchants to read the fine print prior to account setup; however, we hold providers responsible for their agent’s actions since the provider enforces the terms and conditions of the contract and sets the policies by which agents can sell their services.

North American Bancard Lawsuits and Fines

In September 2002, the State of Arizona filed a complaint against a client that processed through North American Bancard, a Nevada corporation called CP Direct, Inc., alleging violations of the Arizona Racketeering Act. CP Direct ultimately admitted to defrauding tens of thousands of customers by falsely advertising penis enlargement supplements. As a result, the company was ordered to pay restitution of more than $4 million and to forfeit assets totaling over $45 million. In May 2004, the receiver for CP Direct, Lawrence J. Warfield, filed suit against Marc Gardner of North American Bancard alleging violations under the RICO Act, conversion, and unjust enrichment.

Specifically, Warfield’s complaint alleged that Global Payments, the backend processor for North American Bancard, placed CP Direct on its watch list in under a year of processing due to an excessive rate of chargebacks. The complaint further alleges that as a result of this, North American Bancard advised CP Direct to create a new company and reapply for processing under the untarnished name. According to Warfield, CP Direct continued to accept its customers’ credit card payments under the fictitious and fraudulently maintained name of “Nutritional Supplements, Inc.” at the direction of North American Bancard. Warfield further claimed that CP Direct was ordered to pay a monthly consulting fee of $250,000 (plus bonuses of $50,000 for every million dollars over $8 million in monthly sales) directly to Marc Gardner as a condition of North American Bancard processing payments for the company. According to Warfield’s complaint, these payments totaled over $700,000. In July 2006, Marc Gardner was scheduled to be deposed in the case, but Marc Gardner’s counsel terminated his deposition immediately after he was sworn in.

Unfortunately, we are unable to locate any third-party sources or legal documents that explain how this suit was ultimately resolved. However, the parties were known to have reached a settlement amount in April 2006. It is therefore likely that the suit was settled. If you have any knowledge of how this case was resolved, please share that information in the comment section below this review.

In 2016, a number of suits were brought against North American Bancard regarding alleged illegal contacting of numerous parties by phone and fax. Allegedly, North American Bancard violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 by autodialing phone numbers and sending out advertising faxes without consent of the receiver. Many of these suits have reached settlement, including a recent $2.2 million settlement over faxes to a Chicago chiropractor and others.

In April 2020, former employee Teresa Harwood filed suit against Marc Gardner of North American Bancard, alleging that Gardner had created an environment of sexism at the company that was hostile to women. The suit seems to be ongoing at the moment of this writing.

2021 saw a further settlement from North American Bancard in yet another alleged TCPA act violation.

There was a new suit filed in 2023 against NAB, but as of yet there is no public information on the case.

North American Bancard Customer Support Options

North American Bancard offers phone and email customer support to all of its clients and may also provide support for its subsidiaries’ merchant accounts.

North American Bancard Customer Service Numbers

  • (866) 485-8999 – Toll-Free General Customer Service
  • (877) 840-1952 – Sales
  • (866) 485-8999, ext 1200 – Tech Support

Other Support Options

North American Bancard Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Item Result
BBB Rating 1
TrustPilot Rating 1.4
ComplaintsBoard Rating N/A
Average Rating 1.2

BBB Rating Analysis for North American Bancard

North American Bancard has a low average customer review rating of 1.05/5 stars on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, based on 41 customer reviews. The company has received 113 customer complaints closed in the last 3 years, with 39 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Common themes in the reviews and complaints include issues with billing and collection, dissatisfaction with the product or service, and difficulties in communication with the company.

Negative Feedback

This is the biggest scam company. Run do not walk. Our customer used their credit card to make a purchase. North American Bancard kept the money. They wouldn’t pay us, nor would they do a chargeback to the customer. If I could give them a lower rating I would. – Review from October 25, 2023

Purchased credit card machine from North American Bancard on 2-24-21! Signed agreement and told by salesman you can cancel at any time without any charges! Used product for approximately 3 months and very dissatisfied! Tried contacting salesman and company several times with no response! Sent machine back to company! Now over one year later have been notified by collection agency of balance including late charges of $1175.00! Collection agent is so rude you can’t have discussions with him! We do not feel we owe for this product! – Complaint from July 8, 2022

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about North American Bancard on the BBB website.
Source: BBB

Trustpilot Rating Analysis

North American Bancard has an average customer review rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on 71 customer reviews. The distribution of ratings is as follows: 13% 5-star, 3% 4-star, 1% 3-star, 1% 2-star, and 82% 1-star. This suggests a predominantly negative perception among customers.

Negative Feedback

I am so happy I left them. They are the greediest credit card processing company out there. You have to watch them constantly. They are NOT to be trusted EVER. They manufacture things to debit your checking account. It is outrageous what they do. – Review from November 14, 2023

North American Bancard is by far the most disgusting and disrespectful company I have ever dealt with my entire life. I wish I have read these reviews before I got stuck with them. They opened and approved the application after their agent called us and promised us lower rates, two weeks later, they closed the account and held over $70,000 for 120 days for possible chargebacks. Worst of all of that, they charge our bank account for every chargeback while holding $70. Also, they don’t let us refund any customers or cancel any orders telling us that let the customers dispute the charges. Finally, they are charging us for two payment gateways and NMI gateway while we were using only NMI gateway. – Review from October 10, 2023

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about North American Bancard on the Trustpilot website.

Source: Trustpilot

ComplaintsBoard Rating Analysis

The page on ComplaintsBoard does not provide a consolidated rating or a specific number of customer reviews for North American Bancard. The main theme of the reviews is dissatisfaction with the company’s services. Customers express concerns about unexpected fees, poor customer service, and issues related to contract terms and billing.

Negative Feedback

I signed with NAB in March 2014 after a sales agent contacted me about lower rates. In June 2016, I noticed that NAB had not deposited any funds from my Discover Card transactions, amounting to about $31,000. Despite multiple attempts to contact them, there was no response. This experience has been extremely frustrating, and I advise others to be cautious in doing business with NAB. – Review from December 7, 2016

I have been dealing with this scam where they have been charging me $3.99 a month for several months. I only realized these charges after some time and discovered they were from North American Bancard. They claimed I signed up for their services four years ago but only started charging recently. I have filed complaints with various bureaus. Beware of this company’s deceptive practices.- Review from June 7, 2016

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about North American Bancard on the ComplaintsBoard website.

Source: ComplaintsBoard

North American Bancard Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Item Result
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

Variable Merchant Account Contract Terms

North American Bancard’s merchant account rates and fees vary from one merchant to the next based on a variety of factors, including each business; type, processing volume, and especially the agent setting up the account. The company states its standard contract rate begins at 1.69% while offering a pay-as-you-go rate of 2.69%. Despite this, the company lists their rates as being as low as 0.29% on their website. Business owners should be wary of company advertising deceptive rates as low as this. In addition to deceptive rates, merchant reviews reflect that the company charges an expensive monthly charge to lease point-of-sale equipment through them. It should be noted that most credit card terminals can be purchased for under $500. Non-cancellable, long-term leases mean a merchant can pay thousands for that same equipment making them a contract term to avoid.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, this processor also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. According to its website, the company offers 8 gateway options, including Authorize.Net and USAePay. Pricing will depend on which gateway a business utilizes. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Liquidated Damages Cancellation Fees

North American Bancard’s standard contract (available below) has a service agreement of 36 months with what appears to be a Liquidated Damages Early Termination Fee that is automatically debited from a client’s checking account upon cancellation of service. Essentially, clients who cancel service prior to the expiration of their contract will be expected to pay the remainder of any monthly fees that would have been assessed throughout the entire contract, with the minimum early termination fee costing $295. Due to this policy, clients have reported cancellation fees totaling thousands of dollars. Additionally, businesses may also be subject to additional fees if they lease equipment and cancel early. Because of policies like this, we encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Other North American Bancard Fees

Based upon client reports, North American Bancard also charges a variety of unexpected monthly fees as well as an annual PCI Compliance fee of at least $79 (may vary).  See the North American Bancard Terms and Conditions.

North American Bancard virtual terminal

North American Bancard offers a variety of e-commerce solutions including access to virtual terminals

North American Bancard Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Item Result
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

“Hiring Mill” Practices

This processor’s most frequently cited drawback appears to be its marketing practices. In particular, the company appears to function as a “hiring mill” that relies heavily upon recruiting independent agents and resellers. This marketing practice often results in problems for businesses and damage to a provider’s reputation because the sales practices of resellers are hard to control. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Misleading Sales Tactics

Numerous North American Bancard complaints suggest that its agents are poorly trained on the terms and conditions of the company’s merchant account contract and are encouraged to sell expensive accounts in exchange for large commissions. In fact, a large number of complaints report that agents misrepresented fees and policies in order to persuade them into signing up for services. It also appears that the company’s underwriting policies do a poor job of screening out businesses that are likely to have their funds frozen.

Cause for Concern

North American Bancard’s fees are listed on its website as rates “starting at just 0.29 percent, with no cancellation fees and a month-to-month agreement [and] free equipment.” We consider this language to be deceptive because a business owner signing up with this credit card processor is in no way guaranteed these terms. Additionally, there is an ongoing class-action lawsuit regarding the company’s false advertising of its PayAnywhere mobile credit card readers as “free,” when in fact the company charges undisclosed monthly fees for the use of the equipment. In light of these ongoing issues, the company keeps its “D” rating as of this update. If you suspect that North American Bancard is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden costs.

Our North American Bancard Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

North American Bancard appears to be suffering most of the damage to its reputation as a credit card processing provider due to its outside sales agents and marketing policies. The company seems to work to resolve some complaints once they become public but, as of this update, shows no signs of improving the areas causing dissatisfaction. The company could improve its rating as one of the worst merchant account providers on CPO by enacting more favorable sales and underwriting policies, removing its early termination fee, and greatly reducing future client complaints.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did North American Bancard Treat You?

230 Responses

  • Moe Elite

    Elite Royal Honey

    North American Bancard is by far the most disgusting and disrespectful company I have ever dealt with my entire life. I wish I have read these reviews before I got stuck with them. They opened and approved the application after their agent called us and promised us lower rates, two weeks later, they closed the account and held over $70,000 for 120 days for possible chargebacks. Worst of all of that, they charge our bank account for every chargeback while holding $70. Also, they don’t let us refund any customers or cancel any orders telling us that let the customers dispute the charges.
    Finally, they are charging us for two payment gateways and NMI gateway while we were using only NMI gateway.
    Anyone who got scammed by this company, please file a complaint with the CFPB and they will forward it to the FTC.

  • Lahoucine


    This company is a scam, it took me weeks to get approved, the asked for everything about my business and finally approved me, after 10 days the closed my account telling that they can not work with my business. Why did you approve me at first place? Now they held $8k, they said will review my request to get my money after 180 days.
    Don’t be stupid and work with them.

  • BEWARE OF THESE CON ARTISTS: This “bank” is the biggest joke and fraud business I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. After speaking to Regina Foster from Michigan multiple times I realized I was going to get no where with all of the excuses she kept giving me for not refunding any of my money for an account I NEVER used, opened and closed the same day in 2019 and have multiple proofs of. We will be seeking a lawyer and will never stop pursuing this until it is resolved. I will continue to warn people on multiple business platforms in regards to this.

  • Very bad experience. They promised to come to tow my car, but they didn’t. I waited them roughly 6 hours and had to cancel my order. They didn’t refund my money.

  • Hugh Burke jr

    Hugh D . Burke jr DDS, INC

    Worst company I ever dealt with. We sold the business June 2022 due to 2 lost of children. Cancel this in October as they still are charging us fees through our bank. Multiple calls has been done. Charged a ridiculous fees 4 times more in December 2022. We have not had business with them since last June of 2022. Today they still would not close the account had to speak to my husband as I put him on the phone today still would not closed the account . Said we own $105 to close after I paid it already . Fees are not what we agreed on. During Covid they hood over $12500 in their account did not pay us for two months and sure did not tell us about it. Rude supervisors. No customer service Recommend Evalon with Costco as Costco stand behind it. Much better service. Now I might have to close the business account as I have enough to do. I’m complaining to the goverment now. Hopefully they can straighten them out in hidden fees. Also will contact an attorney. I am not going to pay them as I do not own them a dime. Is called exportation from small business owner who has been struggling through Covid to top it off. Still struggling.

  • kamyar penhasi

    jean jacket clothing

    My contract is 4 pages. That I signed and initialed all 4 of them. The paper you sent me section 1.14 that you mentioned I have a 3 yr contract and my contract does not say anything about a 3 yr contract.

    If your company charges me $295 for cancellation you will get a big lawsuit. There is no initial and signature on those 14 pages that you sent me. I have the email from your company that there is no such thing as 3 yr contract.1.14 General Fees. Additional fees specific to each service offering are set forth in the Pricing Schedule section of the Merchant Application. If no per transaction fee is specified, AXP transactions will be subject to the same communications fee as VISA/Mastercard/Discover, specified on the Merchant Application. Different discount rates and other fees may apply to different types of Card transactions. For example, a “Qualified Discount Rate” will be charged on certain types of Card transactions, including without limitation, swiped cards on which the full magnetic stripe has been read; a higher “Mid-Qualified Discount Rate” will be charged on other types of Card transactions, including without limitation, keyed cards at retail locations or keyed cards with valid AVS response and order number for “card not present” transactions; and a higher “Non-Qualified Discount Rate” will be charged on other types of Card transactions, including without limitation, Business, Corporate, or Purchase cards (collectively, “Commercial Cards”), International, or Government cards, keyed cards where AVS is not present or missing any of the required data elements, batches not closed within one calendar day of transaction, all rewards cards as defined by the card issuers, and any PreAuthorized sale that is not processed/captured within 7 business days. Merchant is encouraged to review certain of these additional rates and fees as set forth on the Merchant Application. Certain Commercial Card transactions may benefit from lower interchange rates if certain information is passed to the Card Networks at the time of the Card transaction. Merchant may at any time opt to provide such additional information directly to the Servicers as part of the Card transaction and may recognize the entire interchange rate savings. In the event that Merchant fails to provide such additional information to the Card Networks, Merchant hereby authorizes and directs Servicers to provide such additional information to the applicable Card Networks, on Merchant’s behalf, in order to permit the qualification of such transactions for any available discounted interchange rate programs offered by the applicable Card Networks. The Servicers may provide a portion of these interchange rate reduction savings to Merchant, and Merchant can calculate such amount through a review of its monthly statement. A Merchant is billed a transaction fee each time communication is made with the host. This fee is assigned by the Agent or sales representative at the time Merchant submits its Merchant Application. Merchant is required to annually validate PCI DSS compliance, with the initial validation required to be completed within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the Agreement. After such date, Merchant may be charged a fee (based on the equipment Merchant uses) in accordance with Agent’s PCI Plus Program, which is subject to change at Agent’s sole discretion, to offset the costs associated with maintaining compliance with PCI DSS and other governmental and regulatory requirements. Merchant may also be required to pay an Early Termination Fee as fully set forth in Section 1.16 below. Furthermore, Merchant may also be assessed a fee in connection with enrollment into the Payments Hub, as fully set forth in Section 6.01. Additional charges that may occur from time to time include Chargeback fees, re-presentment fees and retrieval fees. A monthly minimum fee will be deducted unless Merchant has met its minimum processing volume. The standard delivery method for monthly statements is in an electronic, online version that will be generated each month and located on the Merchant Portal. SERVICERS MAY MODIFY ALL FEES PAYABLE BY MERCHANT UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING THOSE DETAILED IN THE MERCHANT APPLICATION AND ANY SEPARATE SCHEDULE OF FEES, OR INTRODUCE NEW FEES, IN EACH CASE BY PROVIDING NOTICE TO MERCHANT OF CHANGES TO SUCH FEES; provided, however, that a minimum of thirty (30) days advance notice will be provided to Merchant in the case of any fee increase or introduction of a new fee related to Mastercard and Maestro, and in such event Merchant will have the right to terminate Mastercard or Maestro acceptance under this Agreement within ninety (90) days of receiving notice of such fee increase or introduction of a new fee. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this termination right as to Mastercard acceptance will not apply to any fee increase made in accordance with a pre-determined fee schedule included in this Agreement.

  • Michael Matthews

    Hilltop Kitchen

    I wish we have never used this company, now they are calling us asking why we stopped using them. We couldn’t use the terminal for 3 days. The deposits weren’t correct, we lost thousands of dollars that weekend and we are still trying to send the equipment back.

  • Darlene Cook

    Do not walk – RUN – from NAB or any of their other names (, paymentshub)

    This/these company/ies are nothing but fraud top to bottom. We used in 2014 and 2015. Yep, you read that right – we haven’t used their services since 2015. But we have spent 5 months in 2022 sending them letter after letter advising them to finally cancel our accounts. We had to pay our bank to put a stop-pay on our accounts so that they couldn’t ACH us anymore. And this is all while DOING NO WORK FOR US. We have not used them in years! Round one was a notarized letter sent certified mail to cancel X specific merchant ID and any other merchant IDs associated with our business name or tax ID. 3 months later – they attempt to bill us again. I call them and this is for *different* merchant IDs! So they get re-sent the notarized letter and today they called someone’s cell phone who hasn’t worked for us since 2015 saying they were collecting a debt. You do not want any part of the hell we have been through with these crooks.

  • Travis G

    Sneakerz Cartelzz

    I am leaving this review for both TMS, North American Bancard (Owner of PaymentsHub) and their reselling partner Payment cloud because they have all proven to be in on the FRAUD and I’m %100 certain that their plans throughout the Pandemic is to frustrate small business owners.

    Therefore if you are looking for a new merchant account, Make sure you RUN as fast as you can away from PaymentCloud and their processing partners TMS (North American Bancard) They also own, so as soon as you see any of those names, DO NOT GO FURTHER, I REPEAT DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER, else you will live to regret that decision.

    I will be taking it upon myself for the next 90Days to leave a review daily for both companies because that is how much time i have waited after the 90days for my reserve funds held by TMS to be released, yet they are still holding on to it, Why….? I no longer have the same business address and since i lost my accomodation, TMS and PaymentCloud have refused to have my check sent to an alternate address after 4days of them first initially accepting to have my check sent to an alternate address which i provided them and waited for NOTHING.

    Mind you, they were supposed to put this funds in my Bank Account, but that itself is impossibble because when they signed me up for a merchant account, My bank wanted a pre-notification, and so deposits from TMS were returend. I requested to have my bank account changed with TMS/PaymentsHUB/PaymentsCloud, even filled out a form for the changes to be processed but TMS/PaymentsHUB/PaymentsCloud did not do nothing about it, They claimed i alone can change it from the PaymentsHub protal which i tired to do, but then again, their system will not send me a CODE to my phone for verification.

    More than 2weeks they did not do anything to make these changes, I was already being harassed by my customers, i had to ask that they request a chargeback via their banks which they did. Some got their funds withdrawn from my bank account.

    Fast forward, TMS/PaymentsHUB/PaymentsCloud Closed my account and gave a 90days period for chargebacks to be paid back which has noW become 180days on 23rd May 2022 and they are still HOLDING to my reserve funding for their own negligence to fix my Merchant account.

    Their Reviews on Yelp, google, reddit and other review pages will guide you accordingly, too bad i came across them late, would have never attempted it.

  • I work in the healthcare field. I have been a loyal customer to North American Bancard since March of 2012. I decided to close my account for personal reasons on January 31, 2022. A representative by the name of Mayra was the one who closed the account via telephone. I asked her if I needed to return the equipment back, she said no. Fast forward to May 3, 2022 (3 months later) I check my business account and notice a charge for the amount of $895. I call NAB and spoke to 3 different reps (Jack, Angel, Cece) at different times. Finally, getting an answer that apparently you were suppose to return the equipment back no later than 10 days after the account was closed. Had Mayra told me to do that in the first place I would have gladly done so in the first place. In speaking to Cece, she claims that she spoked to me early Feb about the equipment needing to be returned. However, I do not recall ever speaking to her and about returning any type of equipment. As we all know every conversation is recorded. So I asked her if we could pull up the recordings to our conversation on the phone that day in order to review and see if this was indeed correct. She stated she could not and that it was only for in house use. She and all the rest of the reps told me to get a hold of an agent Sandor S Krizsan (agent @Total Merchant Services) via phone. I probably called him about 30 times. He never picks up or returns my calls. I have attempted to give back the equipment but apparently they’re more concerned about the $895.

  • Mark Wright

    Wright's Auto Repair

    North American bancard are ripping people off ! they have hit me twice through lies and cheats to the amount of around 1700 to 1800 dollars and then they have the balls to send it to collections and say that I owe then 1700 dollars after they have literally stolen money from my bank account after they said this deal would never take money out it would only put it in when I use there machine which I never used and they took money out for fee’s they said they didn’t have! they are crooks and thieves! CROOKS AND THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!

    • Allan Dube

      Allan Dube

      We had an account NAB up to 2018. We closed our business and returned the equipment. We found a debt reported on our credit report in 2022 saying we owed them $350. We contacted the collection agency via certified letter disputing the claim. We heard nothing. We contacted NAB directly and was able to verify our act was closed and internal error caused the continued billing of monthly fees. We requested a screen shot of this info, which they did send. We sent it to the collection agency and still had no resolution. We contacted NAB again and was finally able to speak with someone who said the could clean it up, they said they would send an email to verify the account was cleaned. As of this review we still have not received any email and my credit score has gone fro an 800 to low 600s and they could Care less.
      Find another source for your merchant services needs.
      Allan Dube




  • Paula

    The Beauty N U

    This company is a joke. Charges fees and tells you that it is the person you joined with and they have to fix it. Then when you go to cancel they tell you they have all these other fees that you will have to pay before you can leave. Very unsatisfied never really wanted that company and wasn’t told that they charged fees for 36 months. The are a very untrust worthy company.

  • i’m in the same situation. Why don’t we start class action lawsuit again them?

  • Brian Anderson


    North American Bancard dba payment hub closed my account for now reason placed my name on a bad merchant list keeping me from getting a new processor and is holding about 30k of my money its been 5 months since they canceled my account and still have my money I see a lawsuit coming soon

  • Riki Johnson

    Finishline Tire and Lube

    I have funds held by y’all for 4 weeks and still no reply.Worst company ever I am a small tire shop and the have held 1800.00 for a month now I have called every week and still no depoisits

  • Somehow my business has made over 200K in the last two years but our bank account doesn’t show it.

    I’m paying 20k in year in processing fees and I feel like I’m being robbed.

    Bringing my accounts to a lawyer Monday morning.

  • Kody Phillips

    Kody Phillips

    PLEASE listen to these reviews. I have absolutely zero doubt that they’re 100% true. I HATE THIS COMPANY SO SO SO MUCH. I’ve been in business for YEARS. This was met backup processor because I plan on ramping up sales soon. So I used them for 3 days just to establish some trust, and I processed about $4,000. I HAVENT GOTTEN A SINGLE PENNY OF IT. They’re holding my funds for I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY. So I sent them every document under the sun. NOTHING. I call them LITERALLY every single day to check on the status of my account review and it makes me want to die. Absolute garbage company.

    So my customers have my inventory. North American Bancard has my money. The ONLY thing they’ve done for me is take $15 for BS fees. I would forfeit my $4,000 just for the opportunity to slap the owners in the face ONCE.
    IT’s worse than PayPal. I mean it. At least PayPal will shut your account down and give you your money in like 60 days or something.

    Just don’t work with these people.

  • Amadeo Cruz

    Tasty Berry

    I closed my small business in 2016, It is 2021. I already sent the equipment years ago. I paid one debt collector around 2017 and in theory it was the last payment.
    I just received another email from another debt collector when they had not provide me any service.
    I do not recommend them at all. Stat away!

  • Shannon

    Mojave Logistics

    North American Bancard is by far the worst company to use! They hold funds for 120 days and they take money from your checking account for no reason. After I called my bank they put a stop payment on them withdrawing. They told me until I let them take money out, they will not deposit my funds. They even asked to speak with my client to verify the transaction. They spoke with my client. How do you think that makes me look?

  • monica young

    I have tried for a month now to get these ppl to update my banking information. I uploaded the request I faxed the request only to get only one of my MID accounts updated. Ironically it was the account that had no funds from sales in it.. But the account that does have funds from sales on hold does not get updated. After calls, tickets put in for escalation I get an email telling me my bank is an LLC but my account with them is a sole proprietor so they cannot update my account. Which makes no since at all when my name is on my business banking account along with my business name.. and it’s the same banking they updated on the mother MID account! I had to shut my website down due to not being able to process orders! I’ve requested to closed both the accounts I just can’t bear one more thing with this company!!!

  • BEWARE OF THEIR RATES AND CANCELLATION PROCESS! After being a client for 3 years I noticed my rates had been increasing all the time. I decided to switch credit card processor and requested the cancellation of Bancard services. Due to a technicality in the sneaky cancellation process they have, they did not close my account and continue charging my bank account for 5 months! I ended losing about $600 between “basic fees”, “compliance fees” and “regulatory fees” of a service I stopped using in mid-September. I tried to appeal to their common sense, ethics, and honesty to no avail. Would never use their services. I must say their representatives were very courteous but firm in their decision not to give back any cent!

  • Keith Mcmahan

    Do not engage in any business with this company all the reviews that are posted are correct. The A rating is also a lie fir those that have experienced these nightmares are leaving if you are still doing business with NothAmerican Bank Card please listen to the reviews and leave quickly

  • Don Wensauer

    TOTAL, ABSOLUTE, COMPLETE RIPOFF. Their sales agent, Amie Hobock, told us that there would be no charges unless someone used it to pay their rent, in which case all charges would be charged to the tenant. NO ONE EVER DID, and in the few instances where we tried to use their equipment. IT NEVER WORKED. So we assumed we were not being charged. I figured that Ms. Hobock would eventually pick up the equipment. Now I know why. THEY LIED TO US when they said there were no charges to us. THESE CROOKS WERE SIPHONING OFF CHARGES FOR TWO MACHINES even though we had only one that NEVER WORKED. If you enjoy being ripped off by crooks and thieves, North American Bancard is for you!

  • My experience with this company was less than perfect, in fact it was the worst. They automatically debited 1790.00 from our checking account. Reason being we did not return the equipment for two processors. In fact we only had one. We terminated them in June 2020 after 4 years and was not inform to return the equipment. In November 2020, 5 months later they double billed us. I returned the machine and was inform that I would not receive money back even though we returned it. Now, they have the machine and my money.
    Customer service is deplorable——rude——and unprofessional. This company needs to be by the BBB and not giving and outstanding rating from the BBB.

  • Our experience with this provider has been abysmal. Two months ago we received a settlement report for over 1,000 transactions totaling over $50,000. We received none of the settlement and Nabancard has been unable to account for the money or the transactions. Every customer service interaction feels like a deflection from the issue as if they are stalling or trying to buy time. Meanwhile we’re stuck wondering if we’re going to get paid and if we or our customers have been the victims of a data breach. I find it hard to believe in 2020 that a credit card processor is unable to account for tens of thousands of dollars and the financial information for over 1000 transactions. Avoid at all costs.

  • This company is scandalous and misleading in all its business interactions. As a small business we started a merchant account only to realize they add on new fees every month and ACT auto debit new fees every month. Unlike other transparent and user friendly processors these sharks have additional “terms” that you have to go through multiple “links” and read 20 pages to understand that in the end they will rip you off! Read the fine print and you will realize this is. It a consumer friendly company.

  • Joan Kopietz

    I closed my account Nov 2018 and shipped their processor to OFallon Mo. as directed.
    This week, a year later, I get a collections phone call for $1250.. for not returning the equipment.
    Not able to locate the USPS receipt and a few phone calls to NBA , Collection agency and USPS I see the full picture.
    NBA is very unethical and maybe fraudulent. They wait a year because the USPS can no longer provide a proof of delivery. They then send it to collection to beat money out of you .
    When the OFallon post office called me and said this is a weekly event at their office and asked me to report it to USPS for an investigation. they are opportunity Crooks.
    Any one out there want to try a class action suit against them?

    • Trevor Minton

      I also cancelled my account back in April, I used UPS. Today they charged me $895 for the equipment I sent back to them claiming they didnt receive it. It’s been roughly 96 days since they should have received it. UPS only hold records for 90 days. Same S#!t if you ask me. How do we start a class action?

    • Robert Houston


    • Leesa Davis

      The exact same thing happened to me I sent back my machines and after 6 months they sent collections on me without sending me any notice from north American Bancard. The collections guy told me to just pay 2475.00 for my machines and it would be over so I did now two years later another collection company now wants me to pay up these guys are crooks.

    • David Murray

      Dave Murray Antiques

      I most certainly will participate in a lawsuit. They debited my bank account 7 months after closing my account for $1900. Stating the machines were not returned. My bank returned the money snd blocked the account to North American debits. Today 18 months after closing my account they tried again to debit $2000. which my bank blocked. It’s a total scam. Avoid North American Bankcard

  • 8 years i’ve been with this service and never a problem that took this long. 10 days an no analyst has looked at my bank statements yet, i continue to get the same excuse everyday i call for an update, on 11/13, 11/14 and 11/15. I was told on 11/14 an even assured i would have an update on 11/15. still nothing just the same excuses i cannot be in business with a company that continues to do this. i will post this complaint daily on every social media page, review site, blog, news, bbb, anything until i receive a phone call, an apology and my funds, I will not process another payment with you folks. -T. Shaw

  • I called a few times on ridiculous fees and was a few times told they’d be refunded, well it never happened.
    The machine will tell me communication error, but still take the Money from the customer but it’s not put in my account leaving me to pay it back, but it doesn’t ever go into my account so I wonder where it goes because it’s not given to me. But promise after promise it will be resolved.
    The machine takes five attempts to do anything and they tell me it’s faulty phone wiring or interference yet I use wireless phone system.
    Bad bad bad , they do not help and they do not keep their promises. Nothing ever gets done, and they’re apathetic.

  • Valerie Johnson

    They did not hold up their end of the deal by cancelling current merchant account and now I am stuck with an early cancellation fee because I don’t want to use them anymore? Crooked, crooked, crooked. Wouldn’t even consider negotiating with me. Wish I had never signed up.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • David A Humphries

    If you guys were a little bit more respectful. Maybe I would have resolved my account before it going to collections. Y’alls poor customer service is getting you nowhere

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service


  • A Sales Rep (known to me) came to my business initiating a sales pitch for a Credit Card processor. He promised no hidden fees or agenda. No contract was signed it was just month to month. period. after a few days of “trying” to use the machine – I realized this was not going to work for my fast pace business. It didn’t work half the time..ect. The rep came several times to work on the machine and offered to order me a new one. Then I noticed I was not getting the money deposited into my account from this processor. This began the beginning of June of 2019. I closed my account the middle of July and returned the machine. I’ve made many calls to inquire where my money was….and to this day have not received one penny that was processed thru this machine and company. Really? I’m a small business and this is just not right. I plan to report to every entity available for complaints. They processed thru Journey biz solutions and all I’ve got is a huge run around. Yes, the bank is North American Bancard. The processor for them is Journey biz solutions. Beware.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  • Mc Intyre Brian

    Yeah I’ve been with this company for 22 years and it’s coming to an end the lying that goes on is on believable

  • Mc Intyre Brian

    This company has lied this company has done awful things to me now they’re telling me that they credited me over $760 this year somewhere and loyalty points I don’t get what they’re talking about I believe I would like to request an internal investigation on my accounts

    This post will help: Best Payment Processors for Great Customer Service


  • This company is the worst I have ever dealt with,they are liers and fraud. Do not do not use their services.i got a chargeback and submitted all the documents in support of the charges.
    After I faxed the documents I followed up and response from cs was ok let me create a ticket and that’s it. Finally after a month and half I was told you didn’t reply to an email so case closed.
    I said I have proof of faxing documents and are on the payment hub website.
    Also told me visa/mc will charge me 500.00 fee. I said I have a legit transaction and not worried so process my case.the agent said yes you have a valid case. After one week called to follow up I was told nothing that can do case is complete. I lost almost 1200.00

    This post will help: How to Fight Chargebacks and Win


  • This place suck!!!! Please any body that is a first time business owner , stay away from the merchant! I had a guy named Willie to help with setting me up and it’s nothing like they said! I’ve sent back their POS and is still getting charged monthly for their services which I no longer use. I tried many many many countless time but no one ever answers!!!!
    Save your self any trouble and stay way from them!!!!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • I worked for one of NAB’s independent sales/marketing contractors – Sekure, aka First Choice – for a month. It’s a telemarketing hiring mill. They never told us we were contractors for NAB, they gave us a script and info that was riddled with lies and misleading statements. Company policy was that the only way we stopped calling businesses permanently was if you became abusive on the phone or threatened legal action. The only other way to stop our calls was to claim that the number was residential only, with no business.

    The basics of our script were this:
    1) We only spoke to the “decision-maker” (typical of telemarketing sales) and if we discerned that the person that answered the phone was not letting that happen, we said goodbye and called back in a week.
    2) We claimed to be independent, third-party analysts with no ties to any processor. We offered to analyse merchant statements, let multiple processors bid to do better, and come back to the merchant with the best possible deal. That was what we were told to say, and I assumed it was accurate until a higher-up at the company informed me otherwise while out for drinks. None of it was true. We sold for NAB only. No analysis was done. NAB always offered the same rate. We always claimed there was no cancellation fee. There was. The quoted rate was usually raised within months of agreeing to the contract, too (usually from 2-3% to 3-5%).

    So why did I work for this obviously despicable company? Because they hid all of this. The company name changes every couple years, and it’s registered in French (it’s based in Montreal) so it’s very difficult to find online. Once I discovered the truth, I quit without notice.

    Don’t work with this company. Tell the telemarketer the number they called is a residence. If you’ve already given them your business, may God have mercy on your soul.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Linda Biniasz

    I “requested” a cancellation on 6/5/2019.
    I received an email that my “request” for cancellation was completed o 6/17/2019.
    I returned equipment on 7/1/2019.
    Just viewed a charge of $111.87 thru our bank account.
    I am contacting my bank immediately to dispute this $111.87 fee.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Bruce Robins

    This company is a total SCAM. We closed our account with them verbally on the phone. They now claim that it was not closed because we did not sign a form that they say that was sent to us the same day. We never received the alleged form and they did not close the account and continued to charge us various service fees. Unfortunately we did not realize this until later. They were charging an account that was NEVER used for years. NO statements, NO calls, NO follow ups and not wanting to return funds that were charged after the closure. I will forever campaign to make consumers aware of their shady policies.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Mary Carter

    Worst service ever. We closed our account months ago due to terminal not working, and lack of support. While closing the account I ask the representative how to return the terminal. He stated the terminal is not reused, I could use it for a door stop if I wanted to. Now months later we receive a bill from a collection company. I have made several attempts to contact the with no success.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS. A scam of enormous proportions. All of their rates are a lie. Their avg % is 6% plus .19cent per transaction. I have their written statement on their set % which was 1.69, 2.69 or 3.69 depending on type of transaction. they have ripped us off hundreds of dollars per month.
    Their card swipers are a joke purposefully made not to work so that you have to key in the cc information. Filed a complaint with 0 results. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CLOWNS.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees In Your Monthly Bill


  • David Allen

    Read the fine print and watch your bank account!! This company has no morals or integrity and are happy to take your money each and every month without informing you; even when you’re not using there service.

    We signed on with them to try and save a very slight percentage over Square, but went back to Square almost immediately. We never completely closed the account and over the past 8 months they’ve taken ~$850 out of our bank account without a phone call, email, or otherwise. Their only comment was, “you have an online portal that you can sign on to that shows things like that”.

    Zero stars! – reporting them to the BBB also.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • NAB is in the business of shorting your settlements. This is a common practice. When you settle your batch at the end of night, you really need to pay attention to your deposits. I had several conversation with different merchants and 90% have all said the same thing. Their deposits are more often then not short. In other words if they settle ex. $1230.00 NAB will deposit $1218.00. When you call customer service they act like they do not know what the situation is or they give you miss information simply because they just do not understand their job and they are really not aware that NAB short changes you the merchant. Pass this on to as many merchants and sites available to you.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Batch Fee Definition

  • russell crooks

    On Sept 05, 2018 my business account was charged $399.00 USD. My account with NAB was closed in December of 2016. NAB nor your subs have returned my calls or refunded the unauthorized deduction. DBA Rusty Lamp Antiques LLC Grand Island, NE

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • thoams cleary

    OMG! What a horrible company. They stole $518 of my money, admitted it was a mistake and that they were WRONG but refused to refund the money. Also, because my account had been put into collections, they held ALL of my online transactions. his effectively put me out of business.

    They insisted that the only way to clear it up was to pay the amount that they admit was not owed.

    They are CROOKS.


    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    • the agent’s point of view

      Total Merchant Services, North American Bancard,LLC, Inovio Gateway services, Money Machine, CDITech ,Electronic Payment Exchange, Humboldt Merchant Services, PayAnywhere,LLC. Point & Pay, Rapid Capital Funding, Velocity.

      Lets talk about this disgusting company I have been a agent for them for over 8 years got a good profilo with them And was doing good till the new ownership came in And the nightmare begins.

      This company is the worst to do anything with,new accounts, terminal programming, gateway services ,cash program ,take back bonus agent support, Merchant support, closing accounts I don’t care what it is its like doing bushiness with a bunch of kids with bad attitudes the worst part is thy have no idea what there doing ,all my clients I switch out,Amen!The fees keep going up BUT you don’t get any more money thy have every excuse to not pay there agents if you have a family and build your profile keep a eye’s on your accounts before you lose everything like I almost did I was one step a head of theses thefts I do a deal a day so there best agent and the owner Marc Gardner choundent make my coffee if thy tryed. I have my own system now and the nightmare is over if your a agent working for this companys go to visa pay the 10.000 get regressed and live your life stress free I can’t see this company making it much longer the scams the lies I feel real bad for any agent or merchant with any of theses companys, money always being took out of merchants accounts if thy can’t get it from your clients thy just go to your account like your Joe bag of donuts the jerkoff’s reck life’s and destroy companies. take it from someone who has lived with the stress from this company, its not wouth your time or money there agent program is padded and not what thy say it is, you have to get in bed with all your merchants to keep geting paid or you have to worry about the compmay taking your do you what to be a agent now RUN and RUN fast

  • Toya Zambelli

    Everyone needs to call the BBB in Michigan, they will send you the paperwork to fill out on Marc Gardner’s Company!!!!! They owe my mother $50,000. Plus!!!! YES this is right. We have been dealing with them for a year now, blasted them on social media. ETC. Now we have an attorney. I’m also going to find out about a class action suit. I can’t wait to see him and his team face to face in a courtroom. Taking advantage of a 72 year old woman. We have every single terminal receipt that they owe my Mother. We’re done. I’m beginning to think something fishy is going on with the BBB’s rating🤔

  • Tonya Grenier

    This company is a joke and can’t resolve any issues like getting my $700.89 to my account! I will contact every single customer on these transactions and have them contact their bank to dispute since they got the funding but can’t seem to get the funding to the company it belongs to! I HAVE WASTED WEEKS WAITING FOR A RESPONSE FROM A SUPERVISOR, I’VE SUBMITTED MY BANK STATEMENTS PROVING THE MONEY HASN’T BEEN DEPOSITED INTO MY ACCOUNTS! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE CLOWNS!!!!!!!!

    • Julie Tang

      Be careful when you contact your customer to file a dispute because NorthAmerican Bancard will withdraw money from your account to refund your customer even if the money was not deposited into your account in the first place. I had to place a permanent stop payment with my bank to block NorthAmerican Bancard from withdrawing money from my account.

  • Dan Levesque

    Horrible. Don’t use this company unless you’re OK with getting ripped off by a big bank who doesn’t care what you think. Tried to close my account but my choices are either pay $525 or keep it open and pay $30/month for the next 18 months! I sold my website and don’t even have any more business! Rip offs!

  • Do not use. Continued to charge for service fees 2 months after our agreement ended. Had to fight charges with bank to get our money back. Stay away from them or Sekure Merchants

  • Steve Konill

    How is this company still in business? They should be shut down and charges brought upon its management!

    I too was hooked into signing up with North American Bancard through a third party broker called Viewpoint Partners. They promised there was no contract and no cancellation fees. After a few months of high credit card fees, I cancelled their service. They promptly tried to steal 750 dollars out of my checking account. Now I have to fight them tooth and nail even while providing email proof that I was lied to.
    This organization is the pathetic result of corporate greed in America today.
    Do not use them or VPP and hang up on anyone promising great rates and no contracts! It is a scam!

  • Do not do business with North American Bancard. You have been warned! They have the absolute worst customer service. My account representative, Kaleel John, is very difficult to get ahold of. Twice he told me, sorry I’ve been out of the office for the last week. Their credit card swiper, phone swipe, stopped working on my device after I did an update. They told me I would need to get a new device. My sales rep, Charlene, promised I would get a 2.49% rate on all credit cards processed, weather keyed in or swiped.. She never said anything about the additional charges some of the rewards cards would incur. They won’t tell you about the additional charges you’ll receive for trying to look up your statements online. Last month, my total processing fees were over 7%. Without all the additional fees, it would have been over 4% in merchant fees. This was much higher than what I was paying before. I immediately asked them to cancel my account. I was then asked to sign a letter saying that I wanted to close my account and agree to pay the $775 cancellation fee. I wasn’t happy! It’s either give them $775, or allow them to continue ripping me off for 3 more years. If you switch to using North American Bancard, you will lose. I can only hope that this review can help save someone from making the horrible decision I made. Stay away!

  • Do not do business with this company!!! NAB took over for CareCredit as my credit card processing company in December of 2017. That is when I nightmare started. NAB set up my terminal incorrectly and supposedly linking it to another merchant’s account. $9771.30 credit card collections from December 4, 2017 to January 8, 2018 were not deposited into my account. When I called to ask for my money, NAB said it would take 3 to 5 business days to get my money. Instead of reversing funds from the other merchant’s account, NAB charged my customers a second time to deposit $8046.80 into my account. After I demanded NAB to refund the money to my customers, NAB tried to withdraw money from my account for the refund. I had to put a stop payment with my bank to block the withdraw. Staring January 29, NAB simply stopped deposit my credit card collection into my account but they took $456.92 from my account claiming that was their service charge. I am still arguing with NAB to get the rest of my money. All I get from NAB is excuses in the beginning and now the people in charge don’t even reply to my email or phone calls anymore. I filed a complaint with BBB and another lady called me from NAB and told me the record shows that I got paid already. I told her NAB still owes me $2172.50. She said she will research some more and call me back but I have not heard from her either. Yesterday my customers called again saying there is a third charge on their credit card statement from my company. NAB is triple dipping into my customers’ credit card account. It is fraud! How can NAB charge my customers when I did not run their credit cards?

  • AR store Inc

    terrible service charging random fee has to sign paper to cancel, early termination fee. i suggest not to sign up with this company North american Bank card

  • My “account manager” Shlomi Levi scam me in $750.00
    He promise me upon signing up – no cancellation fee!
    And obviously I’ve been charged 750$ from my account after closing my last account. Be aware , don’t believe they words. Bunch of liars . See you in court!
    That’s what I get after 3 years of business with North American Bancard shame on you !!!

    • Catriona Sarah Savage

      CEO Marc’s other company, PayAnywhere, has very similar claims and complaints, one being from me! I found this page while looking into his scams. The PayAnywhere representative promised me there’d be no cancelation fee if I wasn’t satisfied, but when the devices wouldn’t work and I sent written notice to him to cancel, he tried to extort me to stay for the three years if I wanted any kind of help and specifically told me that “I don’t jump through hoops for merchants that want to leave us.” The company told me if I provided the written evidence of his false claims, they’d resolve it, but only offered $80 of $680 and still expect a cancellation fee of $800. This is a completely backward company. Almost a year later, the representative is still in my community, employed by PayAnywhere, and scamming small business people like myself with absolutely no remorse while he takes long vacations abroad. I say let’s all gather to form a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST PayAnywhere’s PARENT COMPANY, EPX. Please reply to my comment as I will be speaking to a lawyer about this in the next week and intent to open it up as a class action, hopefully then some of us can be compensated for losses that for me, would pay two months of my office rent! Makes a massive difference!

      This post will help: How to Report a Bad Credit Card Processor


  • Jillian Biltz

    I used them for my cc processing and have been charged over $600 without my permission AFTER I cancelled my account over a year ago. SCAM ARTISTS.

  • Hadassah Latchague

    Worst processing company you could ever choose. They make everything sound good in the beginning then hold all your money for no reason what so ever. If you are smart you would not go with this company. What a nightmare

  • Do not believe the person try to get you in business, they will tell you free terminal, free paper(which is charge monthly), and no contract, you can cancel anytime with no fee, my business closed up , n now stuck with collection creditor in my credit report because of didn’t finish 3 years of contract …. what a liar company.

  • please do not go through with this company,
    its worst company I ever had.
    employees are even worst,

  • This company is a scammer. Their representative came to my office and it seems that he was a just good talker. He showed me just three pages and asked me to sign without explaining what the document is about and did not mention any cancellation fee. I signed it without noticing what I am signing since my English is not perfect. After a few months, I realized they are charging me too much, therefore, I called several times but each time I was put on hold for a long time to speak to a representative. For a $ 1000 transaction, I was charged $220. After I called the company again to ask for the reason of the high charge, the answer was ” we do not know what kind of credit card you used” and I was not able to get a refund. For this reason, I decided to return the merchandise machine and send the cancellation notice. Now you are asking me a charge of $949 cancellation fee through a letter. I mentioned that in our contract there is no cancellation fee and if there is any, I was not notified of it at the signing the contract. Of course, I am not paying $949 for a non-explained charge. I received a call again that this fee will be put on my credit if I refuse to pay it. I will hire an attorney and will report it to BBB. I do not recommend this company to anyone!

  • Matthew Ranjbar

    this company is scammer the representative came to my office he was a just good talker he show me just three pages to sign and I sign just three pages after a few mount I released they are charging me too much I called several times but waiting time was unbelievable
    anyway I decide to return the merchandise machine and I send cancellation notice now they are sending me the letter to charge me $949 cancellation fee I ask them in our contract there is no cancellation fee they send me 40 pages I never see those pages and I never sign them they sign behalf of me any they are going to pot in my credit I have to hair an attorney to protect myself from the thief
    be careful.

  • This company is the worst ripoff ever. We have a small business and used this company for processing. We have been lied to, treated badly, had to close our bank account because they continued to take money out even after we cancelled our account with them. Now they are threatening us with a debt collector. Their representative, Andre( 866-476-0797 ext 1143) even had the audacity to tell me that he did not even know who set us up to process with his company. He was a complete jerk and very unprofessional. It would take eight pages to sum up all of the fraudulent activities that this company has been allowed to get by with.

  • Horrible company. Misrepresentation from their independent sales team is rampant. Have filed complaints with the BBB. CANCELED service and they still processed ACH Debits out of business account for 1 year plus. They took no responsibility for this and blamened salesperson. They even instructed me that it was not their problem and to pursue action against their own salesperson instead!!!!!

  • do not work with this company. they are slow, they will charge you for anything. terrible customer service. they dont even listen you to understand your problem.
    They charged me $1100 because I did not return terminals I used ( Which I did not know where and when to return). I sent them back its been 3 days they received terminals but still did note refund. . I am going to update.

  • This company authorized a fraudulent account that was set up with stolen identity information. Trying to rectify their mistakes has taken hours. They go out of their way to be uncooperative. Be aware if their poor and unprofessional business practices.

    • This has happened to me with this company as well. In order to rectify, they want you to provide more personal information. DO NOT do this, take steps with credit bureaus, FTC and local attorney general’s office.

  • Abraham Romo

    I have called to cancel this service multiple times in for a business I no longer have.
    They would not cancel because I did not sign a cancellation paper. They did not send me this paper. Finally today (years later) I realized that my old business account was over drawn and they were still charging me.
    When I called today they said they would cancel the account without me signing anything, and refund 3 months of payments. But they would not refund 3 years of payments taken from my account after I had called multiple times to cancel. They can see from their records that I have not used their service in over 4 years and they can also see that I have called multiple times in the past to cancel.
    Very frustrating.

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